How to handle a Nursery and Gifts Following a Miscarriage or Stillbirth



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Facing your nursery and shower gifts can come later, even much later if needed. Take the time to heal and don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are many support organizations for pregnancy loss as well, which provide both resources to help you cope, and caring ears who have faced what you have. Care Package Item #1: A nice, decorative box. A lost baby leaves behind little mementos – ultrasound photos, saved pregnancy tests, maybe even medical bracelets.

Similarly, funeral papers, dried flowers, and other mementos are nice to keep after a loved one’s funeral and it’s really nice to have a place to put them. Instead of a teardrop, another piece of jewelry that can be thoughtful for a woman after a miscarriage, is a necklace with their baby’s birth stone embedded in it. I. One extremely thoughtful gift for miscarriage is a miscarriage care package.

The upside to a miscarriage care package is that it shows how seriously you’re taking the loss. The downside is that it takes a bit of work to assemble a group of items. Supporting a friend through miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss can be difficult, especially if you don’t know where to start. But don’t be afraid to reach out to the grieving, as there are a number of beautiful Catholic resources and gifts suitable for commemorating a mother’s loss. Don’t throw things away.

Don’t make assumptions about what should be kept or cleared away at home. For example, don’t clear away baby equipment, clothes or toys. This may be something that the parents want to do at a later point, and having the things around may actually be a comfort and reminder of the baby. Care package and gift ideas for a friend after miscarriage: Journal. A journal is a thoughtful gift to help encourage your friend to explore her grief and get her complicated emotions on paper.

I like this one with a pen holder and lined pages. ($12.94) Organic chamomile tea. I absolutely love the simplicity of this very important gift that I bring everywhere with me. Such perfect gifts for a mother of miscarriage especially on bitter-sweet occasions like Mother’s Day.

2:: MY CHILDREN’S NAMES. My husband and I have made the decision to name four of our eight babies. They were healthy babies that made it to the. There are various types of miscarriage and pregnancy loss-related jewelry, ranging from angel necklaces to footprint earrings.

Something that incorporates this theme makes a thoughtful gift for any woman who is grieving the loss of her baby. Willow Tree Angel’s Embrace. Willow Tree are known for their beautiful sculptures and this one is no exception.

This is a touching gift for someone who has experienced the loss of a child.

List of related literature:

A meaningful collection of articles related to the baby, such as pictures of the baby, the birth certificate, a footprint, lock of hair, nursery bracelet, and cards received from friends can help make the loss real.

“Grief Counseling and Grief Therapy, 3rd Edition” by J. William Worden
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A meaningful collection of articles related to the baby, such as pictures of the baby, the birth certificate, a footprint, a lock of hair, a nursery bracelet, and cards received from friends can help make the loss real.

“Grief Counseling and Grief Therapy, Fourth Edition: A Handbook for the Mental Health Practitioner” by J. William Worden, PhD, ABPP
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Collecting mementos of the baby can be useful for families in the time after a loss.

“Health Assessment and Physical Examination” by Mary Ellen Zator Estes, Pauline Calleja, Karen Theobald, Theresa Harvey
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The bereaved parents should have the opportunity to make the decision about when, and by whom, the nursery and baby items are stored or given away.

“Maternity and Women's Health Care E-Book” by Deitra Leonard Lowdermilk, Shannon E. Perry, Mary Catherine Cashion, Kathryn Rhodes Alden
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Keep these mementos in a file in the nursery for future retrieval should the parents choose not to take the items at the time of the infant’s death.

“Core Curriculum for Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing E-Book” by AWHONN, M. Terese Verklan, Marlene Walden, Sharron Forest
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● Creating a memory box/book to hold the tokens of remembrance that they treasure of the baby’s life and death.

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Buy books for a child care centre that serves kids in need, or donate to an organization that helps disadvantaged expectant and new mums; plant a tree or a new flower bed in your garden or in a local park.

“What to Expect When You're Expecting 4th Edition” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
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Other rituals that are now commonly used in this type of loss include taking footprints of the baby and placing them on a card, providing parents with a “memory box” that contains items that were related to their baby, such as any clothing used, baby bracelets, footprints or handprints, and photos taken (if possible).

“Principles and Practice of Grief Counseling” by Howard R. Winokuer, PhD, Darcy L. Harris, PhD, FT
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The birth mother should be encouraged to take as much time as she would like with the infant, and hospital mementos such as keep-sake footprints, baby bands, and infant blankets should be given to the birth mother if she wishes.

“Foundations of Maternal-Newborn and Women's Health Nursing E-Book” by Sharon Smith Murray, Emily Slone McKinney
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In this case it may be helpful for her to grieve for the previous baby as well as the current one, so that she can let go and move on.

“Pregnancy and Childbirth E-Book: A holistic approach to massage and bodywork” by Suzanne Yates
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  • brynn you have a very special place in your mama and dadas heart and you keep protecting your sibling.Emma,Ruben and Asher you are a special give from god. One day you will get to met your siblings and you may not get to talk and play with them but they know your a special child. Emma is a gift from brynn and Emma is ment to be her.

  • Omgahhh I thought you reposted this, but turns out It was just in my suggestions! I cant believe how different this time around is… and dang this got me in my feels. Justin is so sad he couldnt be with you

  • I feel so bad for her. I lost a son when I was 15. I know what it feels like to lose a child. I hope that she is blessed with another child. remember Brynn is always watching over you.

  • Thank you SO much to those of you who have loved, believed, and hoped for us. One more thing we ask: please pray for the most BORING, BASIC, EASY, and QUICK pregnancy in the whole world!

  • watching this after the twins have been here for a while is so sad.
    Seeing a couple that really wants children struggle to have them sucks. It’s so unfair. I’m very happy life has worked out for these two.

  • So heartbreaking and so sorry for your loss. I read further on you had another child, that helps heal the heart, but of course the lost baby missed always but in your heart.

  • 2:20 you totally called Emma! Also you called the twins. So that hubby of yours better stick true to never second guessing your intuition!

  • This was the first video of yours I ever watched, and I’m so happy I subscribed and got to see the rest of your beautiful journey. Emma, Rueben, and Asher are so lucky to have you and Justin as their parents.

  • I’ve followed you and right now I’m crying, bitter sweet…. it’s Monday evening in Australia. Brynne is a big sister to Emma, Asher, & Ruben! I’m speechless

  • I lost a daughter to SIDS at 3 1/2 months old & another at 22 weeks pregnant.. This is your 1st video that I ever watched it’s how I found you guys… Fast forward to have everything a dream could give you you have a dream come true! I just watched you with Emma and the twins and your husband your life really is breathtakingly beautiful!!. To other mothers going through a loss you are not alone. You can share & reach out if you would like. I have a pretty good ear. I know coming home to that empty nursery is a feeling you can never explain to anyone that hasent gone through it. Your arms literally hurt ache for your baby. I just picked up her things her bottle she just drank her diaper I just changed and started bellowing.. Then when it happened the 2nd time you can’t imagine its possible.. you feel like God has forsaken you.. The only thing that helps is time. I’m 55 now I have 3 adult children and 3 grandsons. My eldest daughter would be 36 my 2nd daughter would be 29 and there’s not a day that goes by I haven’t thought of them & still mourn.. I know I’ll see them again then we will never be apart again. I’m so thankful for what I have now I just still try to be the best mom and grandmother I can be..they are my entire world! Your kids will always need your love and guidance no matter how old they are!

  • That void will never be filled, but it is not a real void because she is always there I your hearth… And she’ll watch over Emma, Asher and Reuben as a proud big sister, in sure ❤️

  • Please iam just watching this today 29th April 2020 after your beautiful twin boys and this encourage me to be strong because there is always sunshine after the storm.I believe I will soon carry my twins or triplets.

  • Awww I was curious and this was on my notifications so I just HAD to watch it. You guys are so cute and Rachelle your face just lit up with your beautiful smile and amazing news. Your dogs look so much younger too. I LOVE watching your vlogs, you guys have moved to one of my top favorite couples. I LOVE HOW sweet you are with each other and how family orientated you are. ❤️❤️

  • rewatching this since it popped up in my recommended, i know a lot of people have already made comments similar to this but you know how a healthy daughter and twin baby boys. We’re all so proud of how far your family has come and we love you all so very much

  • It’s so heartwarming to know that no, Brynn’s 3 syblings have her to watch over and protect them❤️ may she rest in peace and may your family stay happy and healthy ��

  • This is wonderful!!! You have the cutest things for her!!! I can’t wait until she’s born!!! She will be so beautiful just like Annabella!!! Love to you!

  • Watching this now that you have your sweet rainbow baby girl, and two babies on the way. Thank you for filming and posting this. I know it wasn’t easy for you. I’m waiting on my rainbow baby now. My heart aches for you, even now. ❤️ You are the definition of strength and faith.

  • Happy belated birthday sweet angel! I too lost a baby last September and we are due with our rainbow daughter on August 29th!! God is so good to each of us and I know our babies are watching down on us! Good thoughts ❤️

  • I lost my daughter at 34 weeks exactly, at that point we were still in the process of putting her nursery together and when I was mentally ready my husband and I actually finished putting the nursery together instead of putting it all away. It actually helped a lot with closure and moving forward! Now I’m 25 weeks with my rainbow baby, another baby girl!❤️

  • Watching this brings back all the feelings I had when I was packing up my baby girl’s things after I lost her at 19 weeks. Watching you now with Emma and twins on the way, gives me hope for the little babe I’m currently 10 weeks pregnant with. Thank you for sharing your journey. It’s really helpful for those like me, who went through a similar experience.

  • Happy birthday beautiful baby fly high with all the rest of the amazing Angels!! I must say you too are so strong and the love that your clearly have for one another is beyond inspirational! You will be in my prays tonight!!!

    �� you guys!!! Keep your chins up!! ��

  • I’m actually crying while writing this, but I have a similar story to yours. My sister had preeclampsia which made her have to have her baby girl delivered by c section at only 27 weeks. We thought she would make it for the nine months that she lived, Harper was such a little fighter in the NICU and loosing her has forever changed my life as her aunt and my families lives. On days where I’m just a hot mess of emotions, many of my emotions and sadness is for my sister,brother in law, and four year old nephew. I know how miserable and heartbroken I am but then I think about how they are. On May fourth,2018 we had just celebrated what would have been Harper’s first birthday and that was insanely hard.Your story has touched me and you guys are in my hearts��thank you for being so brave

  • Almost 3 years later and she’s got a 1 year old and now she’s pregnant with twins, NEVER EVER give up hope. You are missed little miss brynn �� Rest In Peace baby girl

  • Sweet Rachelle, I hope you look back at this with love for your past self. I’m happy that you and your family have been blessed since this experience. You guys deserve it

  • My darling! I am sorry! Know that she is your daughter forever! Now she is your family’s most powerful guardian angel. Keep the stories alive. Give ultrasound photos to her siblings. She cannot unexist so keep singing her song.

  • Our granddaughter, also named Brynn, was born sleeping, and we held her,along with her mom and dad, and had to say goodbye before we had a chance to say welcome to the world.

  • I just came across this video randomly… and I’m so sorry! My heart breaks for you! But after looking through comments, it seems you were blessed with another baby girl! I’m SO HAPPY for you! ������

  • Oh god.. this is one of the saddest recommendations I’ve watched. I can’t think clearly now, my head hurts over crying. I’m so sorry! But luckily you have Emma now:)

  • YouTube: oh it’s a few days before your period and your already emotional well here you go get more emotional
    Me: damn it YouTube ������


  • My wife and I went through the same situation as you guys. IVF process is very unique but comes with its challenges. A lot of high and lows but in the end it worked out for us and you guys also! God bless you and your little family ❤️

  • I was born early and the doctors and nurses thought I had a low chance of survival. And I did survive. When my aunty saw me again in 2014 she burst into tears because of how much I grown. May god bless your souls and Brynn is in a good place and she loves you.

  • I also had a stillborn and this video is a lovely memory of your child. They should not be forgotten or hidden away from the world. They were a massive part of our worlds. xx

  • I am so very sorry for your loss. Play in Heaven little one till Mommy and Daddy see you again. May God relieve your pain and loss.

  • Ik this vid was post a year ago but I love going back and watching these vids I am so sorry for ur little baby girl I am sad don’t worry I have a aunt that baby past away don’t forget Bryan is always watching u guys she loves u and she is exited to meet u in heaven some day and all ur family will be together and u guys will experience it in heaven god bless u all����

  • I couldn’t sleep so I was skimming through YouTube and came across your video. I gave birth to my stillborn baby girl on May 13th. Thank you for sharing your princess with us. ❤️

  • I lost a baby boy last year on October 21, 2019 he was only two months.
    I still have his onesies two of them and wrapping blankets �� it hurts still.. I cry still… then I had a miscarriage in March.
    I didn’t know why I had to hurt so much.
    Now I’m pregnant with a son I’ll be 5 months �� I believe God has other plans.

  • Beautiful baby. You will be together again. Your baby is inJesus’ arms waiting so peacefully with so much joy for your reunion. Bless you all.

  • Thanks for making this video. I was just over 8 months pregnant when my son died and his body was born into this world 2 weeks after. This was 40 years ago. My daughter is now 31 years old and is the light of my life. Her brother looks over her is a special way. The way out of the pain is through. Thanks again for sharing!

  • I also have an untold story of mine from the beginning of my marriage I got pregnant but after two months I had a miscarriage now after 3 years I have twin babies.. I think god almighty gave me back my baby….

  • My daughter Kadance was born silent on May 16. It was 2006. You will see your daughter again! She is not lost! You know where she is!

  • I have a 2 month old son, I just broke down it tears because I had a scare like that but praise god he was ok and I delivered at 40 weeks. God does everything for a reason. Look! Now they are blessed with 2 babies!

  • Brynn is there in heaven along with angry grandpa stephen hillenburg stan lee and many others who are loved by all and will always be remembered for who they are

  • Awh I’m so sorry for your loss my little sister was born stillborn 10 days from her due date. You are such a strong beautiful woman and mother. My mom had two miscarriages in between her 3rd and 4th child. Your daughter and my 2 little sisters are all up in heaven playing together. Happy Birthday Brynn

  • so sad………………………….. but you have one waiting for you………………………. she will take care of you.and wait.

  • I am really sorry Rachel sorry if I am late I miss you so much Brynn love ya all you are our little angel aren’t you princess ������������������������������������������������������������������

  • People who haven’t lost a child will never fully understand. Im very sorry for your loss. I lost my son in 2008 and still think of him everyday. I understand!!!��������������

  • I’m SOOO sorry that happend �������� I know it must be tough but shes in a better place looking down at you right now blessing you!!❤❤�� rest in peace angel ������������������

  • You are so strong mommy. Thank you for being so strong and sharing your story and using your space to advocate for other parents. ❤️ My kids and I prayed for your family tonight. I imagined him playing with my baby brother in heaven, running peacefully through the clouds with no pain.

  • It’s June 13th 2020 I’ve been following you all for several years and I just love you all so much. I watch all your videos. I’ve went back this morning watching your videos. I’m 18 weeks pregnant currently with a little boy I have a 9 year old daughter and watching this video I am balling my eyes out. I’m so happy for your family you all now have 3 precious babies❤️ being some who has also struggled with conceiving myself I so relate to your story and my hubby also was in the marines for 8 years so I can so relate to being a military couple. I just had to post and tell you how much this touched me. And I just cried tears of joy. Dang preggo hormones ��

  • This is easily one of my favorite pregnancy related videos on YouTube. I swear, Rachelle was born to be a mother!
    #PerfectMommy #PerfectFamily #EarthAngel

  • i love that you will be dressing her in her brothers clothes <3 Jarod is cute explaining items, refreshing to see and hear a fathers excitement...

  • I know this is old but I’m ugly crying because I know this feeling I lost my son at 20 weeks and then found put I was pregnant with twins after the loss and it’s such a scary but amazing feeling

  • You and your strength is inspiring. What a wonderful mother you were to your little boy for those 3 days and beyond. Cuddle cots are so important for the grieving process. Time is precious after a loss like yours, and it doesn’t steal the time away that is needed to bond, care and love on a baby that has already spread his/her wings. Jolie is going to be a very lucky girl with parents like you and Clarke. Xxxx

  • This was so beautiful, I cried with you ❤️ I alee see I lost my daughter and almost a year later I found out I’m pregnant again. When did you let your family know you were pregnant? I’m currently around 4-7 weeks pregnant and I’m so terrified to let my family know because we all wanted Athena to be alive and I don’t want to hurt my family again. So when should I let my family know?

  • I just lost my baby at 16 weeks I’ve been following you guys forever I’m so happy you have 3 beautiful babies now it gives me hope. I have one son already and im blessed for him but im heart broken over the loss.

  • You are so strong! Amazing parents, brynn and Emma couldn’t be more blessed and lucky to have you… honestly I would lay and cry for days but I love the strength you have! I send you all my love ❤

  • Came back to watch this in preparation for your results for baby #3 (and maybe #4). Now I’m laying down with my dog in tears. I’m hoping to see a video just like this in the near future.

  • I’m guessing your name is Rachel I’m sooooo sorry for your loss she will watch her sibilings and the family grow!! Much love -morgan


  • I’m watching this a year later, as you guys are trying for your next baby, and I am just sobbing. You guys turned out to be the BEST parents just like I knew you’d be. I love you 3 so much. I will continue to pray for you every single day.

  • There are no words to ease your pain but I hope and pray you feel Brynn b/c I absolutely believe she will NEVER be to far to feel your unconditional love until you’re all together again. God bless and heal your beautiful hearts….hugs! ����

  • I still can’t watch this without balling like a baby even now she has Emma and twins I’m still so emotional my heart is so happy for your family four beautiful babies ❤️❤️❤️

  • Watching again cause I am so excited for the next announcement. This week needs to go faster. I am sure you guys are just anxious to hear. Praying for sticky dust!!! Grow babies

  • Watching this back over a year later with beautiful Emma here makes it all the times better. I am so happy for you and Justin and I pray that baby number 3 is a beautiful success story as well! Brynn is smiling so hard at you guys.

  • This is a beautiful story of your son Davin. Thank you for sharing❤️ We honor you as Davin’s Mom and we honor the memory of your sweet baby boy Davin����❤️

  • being pregnant with our rainbow baby and looking back on this video knowing that this is beautiful little Emma makes me cry so much ❤️ I‘m so happy for you ❤️ hope we will hold our baby boy soon too ��

  • My baby was born at 22 weeks. Her name was Danielle and she was stillborn. She would be 29 years old and there’s not A-day that goes by that I don’t think about her. I also lost a daughter Amber to SIDS who would be 36. Looking back at this loss knowing now you have 3 other babies makes me sad but also makes me so happy that you were able to have 3 beautiful healthy children. The pain never goes away you will always miss her she will always be just as important as the others..

  • When you first showed a face picture of your baby, I cried! What a beautiful baby boy! Here I am at 1am sobbing in my bed. What an amazing mommy! IStay strong mama ❤️

  • A very, very touching experience.. Given the times that we’re living in, I highly suggest to ‘never’ give ones family member to “any” hospital, nurse or doctor; rather bury or cremate where you can ‘ see’ their vessel at all times prior to their departure.
    In Divine Peace��

  • I haven’t been watching you all for that long but I’m so grateful I found you guys. The amount of strength and love you guys have is so inspiring and has helped me cope with my 2 babies that are in heaven now. Thank you for being my escape for just a short while and thank you for sharing your story ❤️

  • Sweetie, you are helping so many other mommies explaining this! MY heart breaks for you sweetie. PLEASE just know that you making this video is so powerful. You are so strong. Thank you for sharing your sweet baby boy with us! xoxoxoxo

  • Awww I feel so much for you while I’m watching this because you lost your sweet baby and here you are with your second pregnancy. You have been through so much Rachelle. I can not even begin to imagine the pain of losing your baby. Your so strong and your so beautiful. You and Justin are the sweetest couple and I just want good things to come your way because you are both so gracious and you don’t take life for granted like many young couples today. Now we are waiting for your 3rd transfer and Emma is an absolute delight. ❤️��❤️��

  • I’m balling my eyes out rn bbg I had 4 miscarriages all before 8 weeks I just had my rainbow baby last month Im sorry for your loss tho mama��❤️

  • For heavens name i wish my country had this!! i never even got to ay Good bye. i have 3 shitty photos of him and that is that. i have made my video after 9 years and posted it but i cant bare watch it again!!

  • I recently had my son through stillbirth during the COVID pandemic, so it was just me and the father with our son. I was bullied into giving my son back too soon. We lost him without notice due to an autoimmune disorder we were unaware that I had. I am so glad you were able to have this amount of time with your son, and I’m really glad you shared your story <3

  • I admire you so much, God has given you as much strength to deal with your son and his loss. Thankful you were willing to talk about Davin and share your experience and grieving process. Congrats on your rainbow baby and her arrival. God bless you and Clark and your continued growth with loss of your son.

  • Currently crying my eyes out with happiness at how beautiful this video is! I know its over a year old, but still congrats! What a beautiful journey!

  • You’re so strong, and I’m so sorry for his loss, but I’m very excited for the little miracle soon to arrive❤❤*Edit* I also wanted to say the way you’re honoring that beautiful boy brings a smile to my heart, what a selfless act during such a sad time. I feel like i would bury my head in the sand and never come out which could be considered selfish..and to have the ability to be so forward thinking for others having to experience this is nothing short of amazing and truly shows your remarkable character. I’m hoping I can help a little on this amazing journey!!

  • I kind of wanted to hold my daughter more. She was stillborn at 26 weeks from hydrops also. But like you said about your husband thinking the more time would be harder to let go. We only had one day with her and we had the burial the next day. I wish I would’ve done more with her.

  • Such a handsome man he’s so precious and god has an angel up there in heaven who you will meet one day! Sending prayers to you and your family for a safe and healthy delivery for your rainbow baby ������ ��❤️

  • Such a bittersweet amazing video thank you so kindly for sharing this…. my grandma had 2 stillborn babies one in 1977 and one in 1979 and too this day I do know how deeply the wounds sit with her….. I never knew my uncles names and my grandma does not talk about them but I wish she did!!! I do often dream about us 3 playing yoghurt but I never see there faces just 3 blonde kids running…..

  • Never easy on birthdays… Not going say gets easier it doesn’t but does hurt does less as years go by…never forget thou…the first year so hard thou….she forever be walking beside you ❤️

  • He is a beautiful ���� baby he’s very lucky to have wonderful loving parents! Hell always be alive in your heart and minds! Thank u for sharing and u are so brave praying ���� for a blessed delivery

  • What a touching story. I had 3 miscarriages 2 after my 1st daughter was born and 1 after my 2ndchild a son was born. The 2nd miscarriage was just like giving birth. I had back pain and cramping, slight bleeding I knew the inevitable was going to happen. I remember calling the Dr and he told me ok calm down your having a miscarriage. I asked if I could go to the hospital as I was scared and didn’t want to do this alone. My husband was with me but I was so scared. He told me you can go but I’m not going to be there just call me when it’s over. So yes I stayed home and lost that little baby. Called Dr back and he then said ok but it in a jar and call the office on Mon (it was sat night). My husband did what what asked and I totally freaked out. When I called on mon I was told not to eat as after I had an office visit I may need a D&C. I said no you left me all weekend and my mother came to help with my then 10 month old daughter and she needed to go to work. When I got to the office I brought in my lost baby and asked NOT TO SEE THAT DR. They complied and gave me my favorite Dr. So I’m trying to say there is a specially feeling a mother has when carrying a child. Even though I lost my baby early way to early to survive I support any mom and dad to do exactly as you did. It is devastating to loose a pregnancy. I was so depressed after my miscarriage that I had to see a psychiatrist. This miscarriage was more difficult than my other 2 because after I lost it the Dr actually asked me to tell him what it looked like. I told him no. I sat up most of the night and cried. I did finally look at my baby and I saw a baby. There was an umbilical cord tiny fingers and toes; it’s head and yes it was all red as it had no skin yet. I’m glad now these days you have the chance to meet your baby the baby you carried and gave life to but was not able to survive. That is your right that child is yours. Yes I’m also pleased there are you tube videos and support groups and social media. In my day there was NOTHING AND NOBODY. I still see my little unborn baby and yes it was traumatic but I’m glad I did see him/her. Sarah God Bless you for your strength and faith and such a loving husband. Your going to be a wonderful mommy to you beautiful baby girl. Best of luck. I have been following you for awhile now. Thank you for sharing your story ��������������

  • I’m so happy you two have Emma and pregnant with twins. I know Brynn is with you every single day. You and Justin are such amazing parents and you don’t take life for granted. So many people need to be the same way.

  • Cried so much!!! My daughter had a baby boy that passed after 2 days!!! My heart breaks my heart!!! I am praying for you and your husband and that. Special Rainbow Baby!!! Hugs from Texas

  • I have such an immensely soft spot for moms who’ve lost babies. I had my first 2 1/2 years ago and he was perfectly healthy and happy. I always had nerves throughout my pregnancy wondering when shit would hit the fan or something would be wrong, but I was extremely blessed. Watching stories like yours (and I watch a lot of them) just breaks my heart into pieces and reminds me just how much I am lucky to have had such a great experience and that I need to cherish it every single day. I’m amazed by your courage and think it’s great that you listened to your body and let yourself grieve the way you needed to as mommy and understood and acknowledged how your husband needed to grieve as daddy. Thank you so much for sharing your story and educating the ignorant, especially about the cuddle cot! I’m looking forward to seeing your sweet rainbow �� baby! ����

  • Awwww he’s so beautiful and precious! Those baby toes and baby fingers!!!! So sorry for the loss of your baby Davin and I’m so glad you got to have those days with him. What a blessing!!! Thank you for sharing him and your story and for the cuddle cot donations your working on,that will give more families that precious time. My ex husband was like Clark he just wanted to get it over with it was very uncomfortable for him as well and he couldn’t understand why i wanted pictures of my baby that passed. I’m so glad i took them and have them and I’m glad i didn’t let him talk Me out of that. Men are very different in their grief and that’s OK but definetly wish they knew how much this little things mean to mommies. Praying for a safe happy healthy delivery, mom and baby girl! ��

  • Thank you so much for sharing this. I have messaged you on instagram I hope you don’t mind I’ve been bawling watching this video. I have a similar experience to you x

  • You are so brave for sharing even a small part of this no doubt special and difficult day with us.
    So much love to you and yours ❤️❤️

  • I totally agree with you with the cancer/car accident thing…
    My Father died when I was only 20 from an unexpected sudden massive heart attack.
    To make things more difficult, my parents were actually out of town when this happened.
    Also, I had just seen my Father the day before, and so when this happened the next day, it was soooo extremely traumatic.
    My Father had never had a heart attack before and at the time we didn’t know he actually had very high cholesterol and Triglycerides (456 and 937, 7 months before he died).

  • Happy birthday Brynn you have such an amazing parents and family u will always be loved u are beautiful even if u are dead or alive you will always have her as a wonderful daughter miss u Brynn

  • I just watched packing up the nursery.. had me in tears.. I’m so so blessed and honoured to be mum to our perfect baby boy that’s now 15mnths old and I’ve never had a still born angel but I lost 7 babies then lost our baby boys twin also and It bought those feelings right back again to when I lost each perfect little angel and having to pack away their things. Youre amazing for getting through everything together and stronger at the end well done you two �� I have yellow calla lillies for my babies also it’s perfect x

  • I just started following you guys I found you by looking for other stillbirth stories I too am 23 and had 2 Stillbirths I also have my 3 year old rainbow baby girl tommorow will be my son’s 5th birthday in heaven, and my daughter’s 1st birthday in heaven was May 22, you guys are so inspiring on how open you guys are on hear I haven’t been able to talk much about my experiences but it helps to hear others, so thank you!

  • Omg, I came here randomly and ended up feeling emotionally destroyed. I’m not a mother but this video made me almost touch the essence of parenthood because you’re keeping her alive and loved all the time.

  • So cute! My condolences with Brynn! I know she would have been a great big sister to little girl! I can’t wait to see baby girl come! ����

  • A very happy birthday Brynn. Mommy and Daddy love you so much. Thank you for allowing us to share in this very touching moment. She is your angel watching over you both. <3

  • As I’m watching this video three years later as I too just lost my son at birth… I’m crying so much, I will keep your sweet girl in my prayers and I am so happy you got 3 more beautiful babies I pray to have an rainbow baby some day �� I miss my son everyday and it hurts it’s been exactly one month �� beautiful video I know you love her so much ❤️

  • I was crying before the end of the first minute. You guys are so strong and the mutual support is what will get you both through. Beautiful video. ❤️

  • such a moving video. you can physically see the pain in both their eyes, especially Justin’s, I miscarried my baby last June at 9 weeks and it’s painful everyday

  • The first video I watched of yours was when you found out you lost Brynn.. I can’t believe it’s been a whole year. I’m so happy for you both now that you have another baby on the way. ♥

  • I’m so deeply sorry for your loss! I’m currently going through my 5th miscarriage and can’t even imagine going through your pain. Knowing that you are having your rainbow baby soon gives me so much hope. You will forever have a beautiful guardian angel looking out for you and your family. Keeping you in my prayers momma. God bless you!!!

  • I litterally cried everytime you cried. Your very strong for being able to post this. Ive had 2 back to back miscarriages and the second one was twins…i couldnt imagine what you went through. Im so sorry…i just wanna give yoj a hug honestly ��

  • My daughter was still born full term in October last year. no indications, completely healthy. The cuddle cot or cold cot as we call it in the U.K. gave me 3 days and memories with her that I will cherish forever. I’m so sorry for your loss x

  • Happy Heavenly Birthday baby Brynn. Mommy and Daddy have a little sister for you to be an angel ���� to. You are already 1yr old making everyone in Heaven and on earth SMILE! Much love ❤️. (Beautifully put together)

  • thank you for sharing your heartbreak with us i know what losing a baby does to a family ive lost 2 babys 1 stillbirth and 1 after 5 days from birth I went on to have 4 wonderful children 30,28,26.21 I love them soooo much but I still miss my first son and first daughter they would be 32 & 31 now

  • Awe Rachelle and Justin, know that Brynn is watching over you and her baby sister. She was probably dancing and singing in the heavens above. Very touching vlog. Happy birthday Brynn.

  • Happy Birthday Brynn! You were only here for such a short time but you have touched so many through your beautiful parents. You will live on through your Mum and Dad. Love and prayers ♥♥♥♥♥

  • I lost my daughter, Savannah Lynn, when I was seven months pregnant. We found out about the same way. She will be three this August, and Im now 6 weeks pregnant with her little sibling. Losing a child is the hardest thing to go through, I dont know if I could handle it again. Happy Birthday to your little girl

  • First of all, thank u so much for sharing such a personal moment in your lives with all of us. Happy birthday bbgirl! You couldn’t have chosen better parents. Secondly, the both of you are so incredibly strong, wise for being so young, and the best for each other. The way Justin is helping you heal is amazing Rachelle. Any woman would kill for a man like him.. Hold on to that one honey. And finally, I cannot wait to watch your family grow in this adventure we call life.
    Before you know it you are going to holding your second bbgirl and I cannot wait to meet her….. love ya’ll ������������������

  • Rewatching this from a year ago… And crying because I know that your beautiful Emma was just announced at this point in your life! She was promised by God Himself and His gift is the most glorious of blessings! God is good, all the time [email protected]

  • I have to tell you, I don’t know how your strength is so effortless. You’re unbelievably and undeniably one of the strongest people I’ve ever seen. That is something I truly admire about you. Your sweet angel is probably so happy in Heaven, smiling down at you while you cherish her and always carry on her memory. You are so amazing. I can’t believe it has already been a whole year. You are amazing. Both of you guys. Planting those flowers, omg, I couldn’t help but cry my eyes out. Your heart is so big and beautiful. I just had to tell you how amazing of a person you are. God bless you!♡

  • So beautiful, Brynn is such a blessed baby girl she has amazing parents. She is so excited in heaven for her birth, and her early arrival in heave, being celebrated by so many that love her. Happy. Heaven. Home. Brynn. Love you sweet girl.

  • Hugs! So sorry for your loss. I just want to thank you for sharing your story with us! Watching your videos has been incredibly helpful. We lost our beautiful twins Finley & Skye last July. They were fertility treatment babies also, after 3.5yrs infertility. It’s been so incredibly hard to get by, and 7 treatments later we haven’t been able to conceive again, and will likely pass their birthday without our rainbow. It’s such a soul crushing journey that I’m so sorry y’all have experienced too.

    Happy Birthday Brynn, you are clearly incredibly loved and remembered always! ❤️

  • While her voice is breaking it really touches my heart… I had a stillborn at 9 months about 6 years ago and I still choke speaking about my baby…. rip to all baby angels ♥️

  • Happy Birthday Brynn!

    I’ve never experienced the loss of a child but watching ya’ll go through this is heartbreaking and inspiring at the same time. ❤

  • Happy birthday Brynn! You are so loved. Rachelle and Justin, I am so glad you guys got Beau. He’s seriously the perfect ray of sunshine for your family. Look at him being silly. All the times he cheers you up without even trying. Hope your heart feels a little lighter on this hard day. Next year today Emma will be in your arms celebrating her big sister’s birthday with you <3 Much love to you!

  • Im absolutely bawling for you. I just found your page and im currently im my wait after having a transfer. Its the scariest time of my life and your video just gave me so much hope.

  • NEVER need to talk in advance about your pregnancy to the whole world. Keep this sacrament until birth. Happiness loves silence.

  • What a beautiful name. Actually it was my great aunt’s name. Swannie. You don’t much hear that name anymore. Truly beautiful. Sorry for your loss. God Bless..

  • Rachelle and Justin y’all are so strong. Happy birthday big sister Brynn. You’re an angle who will always watch over your little sister Emma. You’re so loved Brynn. Rest In Peace baby girl. Stay strong Rachelle and Justin. Love you guys.

  • Beautiful! Happy birthday beautiful baby girl! I’m sure your up there celebrating with my angel babies Ella and Aria ❤️❤️

    You guys are amazing parents. I lost my girls in July 2017 and watching your videos has helped me. I hate to know others know this pain. But make me feel a little sane when I know I’m not alone.

  • My Daughter just lost her baby after 9 weeks of pregnancy, we cried our hearts out and very sad that his happened to her just 5 days shy on her birthday on 8 January. I am very happy for Rachelle and Justin that everything went well for them.. I wish them all the best and they definitely deserve the happiness.

  • The Haakaa is amazing Blanca. It really comes in handy when you have an oversupply the first couple of months so you don’t waste the milk. I have a 7 month old and still use it, I absolutely love it for breast feeding ����.

  • Lots of cute baby stuff! I love llamas too.�� Rory had that llama pacifier and it was her favorite so when she got off the paci I bought her the matching stuffed animal blanket and now she sleeps with it ��

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  • Wonderful haul for your new baby girl, I’m pretty sure I recognise your Haakaa breast pump from my country New Zealand. Your moms knitting is gorgeous

  • Your mom did great knitting baby items. When my son was born many years ago I got knitted and handmade baby quilts from friends and family. Sadly not many people do that anymore. I saved all of mine for when he has children of his own. And I think 2 days from when I post this Arya will be here. ��