How Frequently Are Babies Switched at Birth


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Within the past decade, a few cases in which babies were apparently switched at birth for a time period before leaving a hospital in the United States – an alleged case in 2012, one documented. Unfortunately, there’s no real way for us to know the exact number of babies that are switched by accident at the hospital, no matter how briefly the switch occurs. Hospitals may not keep track of those statistics and if they do, they may be accessed internally only. Babies switched at birth are babies who, because of either error or malice, are interchanged with each other at birth or very soon thereafter, leading to the babies being unknowingly raised by parents who are not their biological parents.

The occurrence is not unknown but rarely discovered in real life, but is much more common as a plot device in novels and films, such as the TV series Switched at Birth. Answers are only speculative, but the statistics are startling. About 28,000 babies get switched in hospitals every year, temporarily or permanently, out of four million births, says Nicholas Web. Unfortunately, about 28,000 babies every year get switched at birth. Unlike a TV show or a movie, babies that are switched at birth is every parent’s nightmare, and every swapped child’s horror to find out.

These stories frighten every parent. These are the stories that we would not want to happen to us or. How Hospitals Make Sure Your Baby Isn’t Switched at Birth. By Chaunie Brusie, RN Asking Your Birth Center How Many People Can Be in a Delivery Room. Medically reviewed by Andrea Chisholm, MD Week 32 of Your Pregnancy.

Medically reviewed by Anita Sadaty, MD. Since earth’s population of humans is over 6 billion, and an incidence of one in 60,000 seems within reason, that means there could reasonably be 600,000 switched at birth people among the earth’s. Finally, our daughter was born, fat and happy. Reassured, we let her be taken to the nursery, and the next morning, though we expected to have her back at 6 a.m. to breastfeed, she returned at 8 a.m.

In tonight’s episode of ABC’s 20/20, Kimberly Mays, a woman who was switched at birth, is interviewed and talks about her life experience after discovering she was placed with the wrong family. Switched at birth, but it took 60 years to discover mistake The couples the children now live with are the “psychological” if not the “biological” parents of Girl M and Boy Z, the court ruled.

List of related literature:

Preventing Misidentification of a Newborn Fortunately it is a rare occurrence for newborns to be switched in the hospital and go home with the wrong parents, but it has happened.

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Other couples don’t switch until a year or so after the baby dies.

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For the more numerous DC twins, the situation is slightly more complicated mathematically since each has a one in four chance of being left-handed.

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In Florida, two female babies were switched at birth.

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They usually switch once every two weeks.

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The frequency is about 3.5 of every 1,000 births, and they account for a quarter or a third of all twins.

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from the moment our daughters were born on a gray morning in January 1995, both my wife and I knew which twin—Twin A or Twin B— was going to grow up to live the life of Carly, and which would become Taryn.

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States Penn, “The last few years of my practice show a dramatic drop in the rate of hospital transfers and Cesareans—in the last two years, out of 120 births there has been only one Cesarean.

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We typically change the cast every 2 months for children 2 years and younger, 3 months for those 3 years of age, and every 4 months

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• Number of days infant remained in hospital following birth.

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  • Why do you need to go to another country to give birth? It’s so much easier, your baby is automatically a U.S citizen instead of going through that applying for passport crap.

  • Both babies are so cute
    In Islam if you breastfeeding (a child that is not yours) it will be like your own child and they will be like brothers and sisters, and the love between you and that child will never end.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • What a moral dilemma. I feel like if I was in this situation, it’d be near impossible for me to give up the child I’d been raising, despite it not being mine. But it’d also find it impossible not to want my own baby. I’d want to keep both. Which obviously isn’t fair. So I’d at least ask that I still be in the child’s life. Get updates of them regularly, and see them every now and again. But even that would be extremely hard.

  • basically the dad thinks he’s gonna get an American citizenship since he’s British missionary with Mexican wife the baby is a crown subject of the British crown.

    why aren’t they in Britain or Mexico since the woman is from Mexico.

    he was a missionary then he saw her hurried up had relations with this woman & married her in Mexico then the British man went back to the USA on
    a visa missionary trip. she gave birth in Mexico in mean time some mysterious switch of birth.

    then went to America with her spousal visa &her switched baby with a visa on a British passport for visit into Dallas Texas since they both didn’t have right to aboad at the time they are both squatting

    couple months/month in she gets a DNA test the baby is clearly not hers.

    he gets a lawyer then lawyer contacts hospital.

    DNA test occurs.
    finds her baby
    then her baby has to register for a baby British Mexico passport/ also a visitor visa into the usa. He keeps using the name of God all he did was go to a land that new about God & snag another missionary then hurried to get married when he found out she was pregnant.

    Also they aren’t running from war he should settle in Britain & get a real Job instead of giving every missionary the missionary position.

    I hope this bastard gets rejected let him live in Mexico the foods great his kids a proud Spanish speaker Mexico isn’t lacking God they need barbwire fences & checks to keep this nasty British men like him out of Mexico away from Mexican woman maybe he has a fetish the bastard might have kids all over the world by now he’s been missionarying the world.

  • I’m so glad these mothers didn’t give in.  I think it helped that it was the second child for each of them. When it is your first child, you have more of a tendency to think the doctor must be right and doubt yourself, about many issues.  Thank god they listened to their own instincts!

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  • When my son was born just ten months ago the nurses accidentally switchrd him. Well technically not really. Our baby went to do his circumcision and they brought back the wrong baby and since he was sleeping and i was tired i didnt bothrr him. Some twenty mins later anothrr nurse brought anothrr baby (my baby). Me and her looking all confused.checked thr foot tag and sure enough first baby belonged next door

  • being a parent would be difficult fo anyone, you spend 9 months before being born most mothers have a tie to their children. So the fact that they raised someone else shows the strength of the bond. It is understandable if they did want to switch back but its a mature decision to stay where you are, knowing the truth is all that is important. A parent can naturally have inbuilt resentment when their child biological or not goes off to find another parent. Even if its temporary, cutting the umbilical cord can be difficult so i admire these families.

  • Why would they switch the children on purpose. I can see a mistake but on purpose what would be the motive unless it was due to the skin color.

  • The TRUTH is mom and dad was disgusted and heartbroken when the nurse handed them the dark skinned baby making them believe that it was theirs. Knowing that she is kind of fair and her husband is white so they were expecting a light skinned eyes of colors child which caused them not to buy what they were seeing. That would explain the reason why she went to the media, fought the criminals and got the authorities involved I mean who wouldn’t. I highly doubt she and him felt love for the wrong child since racial acknowledgement was their number 1 priority and the main reason for their fought back besides of course the child not being there’s and it wouldn’t surprise me neither if they looked down on the child for his skin color but of course they have to portray to world that they are happy with child and smiling at the cameras but deep down themselves they were not happy at all.

  • He should go back to Britain & she should go to Britain to.

    He’s citizen of Britain who went on missionary trips then got a woman then they both bumped uglies. She was pregnant he hurried to marry her.

    Now The United Kingdom is a perfect place to raise his family or Mexico.

  • I mean hell yeah they should’ve payed. I mean if your employee was that drunk you’re still responsible for letting mistakes happen

  • So blessed they found their real baby…why this things happened… Neglect on their duty in handling the baby after delivery? So painful to give up the other baby…

  • the dad looks like an idiot. the mom almost as much. she just saw an anchor baby and a fool in the ugly dad. cute baby, can’t believe the ugly couple made him.

  • How could the family that is dark skin not see they had a white baby??when looking at pics of baby she took home he looks like a black child..nothing like them.shame on that hosp!!!

  • I’d like to see the immigration officer try to put that baby on a plane to El Salvador. What would they do with him? Put him on a plane on Hus own?

  • America stop removing babies from the mothers?? Unheard of in britain wouldnt happen they’re right bedside your bed on the ward to bond and Feed



  • It’s not right if u are from a nother Country and u have a Visa for some reason u have to go back to ur country it’s not right and people just needs to grow up and some laws should not be laws

  • Clearly her real baby was clicked when born and when the other baby came he was TOTALLY different! They even had a picture as a proof then why?

  • Boy, we sure need some serious immigration reform. When you force a pregnant mother to leave because of bureaucratic paperwork requirements you see how ridiculous the rules are. So glad they got their son back.

  • My penis was switched during surgery:'( whenever that person dose sex I enjoy but the problem is I don’t know where he is? Please ABC help me find my biological penis

  • This is no mistake, this is 100% a sick minded nurse/midwife or doctor and probably a nurse/midwife as they are the ones that handle the babies the most when cleaning and changing nappies/clothes this could never be an accident its not rocket science to take a baby from a mother and return it to her instead of a diversion to another mother, i hope both parents were heavely compinsated and all staff involved are dismissed from working with babies ever again and jailed, and the nurse telling her your baby will change colour she was the one obviously involved, so id put her sorry arse in prison asap, never let any one remove your baby from your sight when their born always insist to go with them or your husband/family and keep your eyes on your baby at all times in the baby unit ����������♥️��������

  • You know that is so sad,thank god I was awake when my 6 kids were born.This is how easy its done, I’m 411 small.2 different hospitals in Ohio, 2 times nurses tried to give me the wrong kids 45 wks early, were very big at birth.1 was 71half,19in, and last was 7 lbs 10half, 21in.The nurses insisted becauseI I was so small that these little tiny babies had to be mine not the big ones.Like i said thank god I was awake.After realizing their mistake, they begged me not to say anything.This was back in 60s and 70s.I heard this one nurse telling the other, that big baby belongs to the little woman and that teeny one belongs to the big one.Both were handed to me and I took off the blanket and said this is not my baby.I never knew what it was to have a little one, mine were ready to walk when they were born.

  • This is so depressing n heartbreaking it sound selfish but I wouldn’t want to let go the child I raised as mine but I would also want my biological daughter too to be with me

  • It is totally clear by the girls hair it was afro feature, yes mother clearly knew, or dad should suspected mother having an affair, they would got to the bottom of this sonner duhh. They not speaking because one family must got alot compensation when the other might not got much. They more to story here

  • So what of the Manon’s non biological father? Some father he turned out to be! So after weaseling out of child support and he’ll be back for payday. Disgraceful.

  • I’m 57,and i confirmed 3 years ago that the people claiming to be my mum an dad were not my parents.I was purposely switched at birth.
    They were always abusive and i feel i’m a emotional basketcase now.
    I am estranged from them and i fkn hate them and want revenge (compensation) but don’t know who to turn to.

  • I can see how this might seem like a big deal to them, and how they’d want to then keep in touch with the other family. However, what does getting money from the clinic or even going to court for it at all do to “fix” anything, if you could even say anything was wrong anyway? I seriously doubt gossip of an affair or not looking like one of the parents affected any of these people’s lives even 0.00001%. People are born not looking at all like one of the parents all the time, it isn’t a big deal. And even if people did gossip (I doubt that) then that’s pretty normal and they’d be gossiping about something else if this weren’t present. It’s an interesting twist to your life and I can’t see how it seriously challenges your identity or relationships with anybody.