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WHAT’S IN OUR HOSPITAL BAGS! First Time Mom + Baby’s Bag! ♡

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What You ACTUALLY NEED in Your Hospital Bag | Pregnant Doctor Mom

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What You ACTUALLY NEED In Your Hospital Bag For Labor & Delivery! + NEW MOM TIPS | Aleiya Evelyn

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When you’re getting ready to give birth, packing for the hospital stay can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Our hospital bag checklist can help ensure you remember what you need. Remember extra contacts and/or glasses, if you wear them.

Comfortable clothes. If you plan on breastfeeding after delivery, pack a nursing bra or tank in your bag. Pair your tank top with a soft, loose pant like joggers or lightweight sleep pants.

Another option is. You’ve meticulously gone through the hospital bag checklist for mom and baby—but don’t forget about packing a bag for your partner! Since you’ll both likely be spending a night or two (or more; hello c-section) in the maternity ward, gather up some overnight essentials—plus a few things to keep your partner occupied (labor can last for a good long while).

Comfortable Underwear. Another “must” in the hospital bag for mom is comfortable underwear (aka. granny panties). After birth, most hospitals will provide you with a mesh underwear that will aid in keeping your maxi pad in place.

However, the material isn’t the most comfortable. Be prepared with a handy Mom and baby hospital bag checklist, plus free PDF. Here’s what you need to pack for labor and delivery, (and WHEN to pack it). When it comes to what to bring with you on delivery day, it’s best to be prepared ahead of time. A basic pregnancy bag list for mom and baby will make it easy on you and give you one less.

Hospital Bag for Baby Again, the hospital provides a lot of freebies for baby, so you won’t need to pack as much as you think. The hospital will provide diapers, wipes, a gender neutral sleeping shirt, a gender neutral sock hat, receiving blankets, and formula and bottles if you are not nursing. Today, we’re sharing a Printable Hospital Bag Checklist that’s easy to follow and lists the essentials you’ll need for your hospital stay! Note: I wrote this at 35 weeks pregnant with our second baby and ended up going into labor at the end of that week (read Ollie’s birth story HERE!

So consider your hospital bag the first of many bags you’ll surely have to pack ahead of time. A couple of mommy friends and my OB told me that it’s best to have everything ready as early as 36-37 weeks into your pregnancy, or at least start packing some essentials once you. Hospital Bag for Mom: Labour and Delivery Hospital paperwork, ID, and insurance card. Have copies of your medical records handy, so that your doctors can easily review your medical history. Hospitals require your ID, any medical cards, and insurance documents up front, so make sure you have a copy of these readily available.

Essentials for the mom-to-be A picture ID (driver’s license or other ID), your insurance card, and the name and phone number of your baby’s doctor. Check with the hospital or birth center ahead of time regarding any paperwork you should bring. Ask if it would be helpful for you to bring a copy of your medical records.

List of related literature:

Useful items include a nursing apron (or any cover-up for mom while pumping in the NICU), an insulated lunch bag (filled with snacks), a file box with folders (for the mountain of medical paperwork), a notebook and folder (to track conversations and forms), and a chest freezer (for breastmilk).

“Merenstein & Gardner's Handbook of Neonatal Intensive Care E-Book: An Interprofessional Approach” by Sandra Lee Gardner, Brian S. Carter, Mary I Enzman-Hines, Susan Niermeyer
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Don’t worry that one reasonable-sized (meaning smaller than a steamer trunk) bag won’t hold everything you will need in the hospital, because you really only need something for you and the baby to wear home and a few toiletries.

“The Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy” by Vicki Iovine
from The Girlfriends’ Guide to Pregnancy
by Vicki Iovine
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A table of contents with subjects like “Items Needed for Hospital,” “Items Needed at Home: First Couple of Weeks,” “Baby Toiletries,” “Baby Medical Needs,” and “Safety Checklist.”

“Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns” by Lauren Weisberger
from Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns
by Lauren Weisberger
Simon & Schuster, 2014

Home Readiness for Special-Needs Infant Place for infant to sleep safely Car seat Heat, electricity, telephone, running water Normal baby supplies: diapers, clothing, bottles Formula, measuring cups and spoons, blender, pitcher Medications and syringes Equipment—monitor, oxygen, etc.

“Core Curriculum for Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing E-Book” by AWHONN, M. Terese Verklan, Marlene Walden, Sharron Forest
from Core Curriculum for Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing E-Book
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Arrangements in home for newborn: sleeping, bathing, formula preparation (if needed), layette items, and diapers 5.

“Maternal Child Nursing Care” by Shannon E. Perry, Marilyn J. Hockenberry, Deitra Leonard Lowdermilk, David Wilson
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Hospitals and birth centers will provide basic toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.), but many women prefer to pack their own—it’s the little things, after all, that often bring us the most comfort!

“The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth” by Genevieve Howland
from The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth
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• Keep items such as lotions, tissues, baby wipes, disposable diapers, and safety pins out of the infant’s reach.

“Leifer's Introduction to Maternity & Pediatric Nursing in Canada E-Book” by Gloria Leifer, Lisa Keenan-Lindsay
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These items may include pillows to help with comfortable positioning, a beverage, a cloth for burping her baby, her cell phone, tablet or laptop, remote control, reading material, breast pads, diapers, wipes, and a change of clothes for her baby.

“Counseling the Nursing Mother” by Judith Lauwers, Anna Swisher
from Counseling the Nursing Mother
by Judith Lauwers, Anna Swisher
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• Keep a bag packed with essentials: clothes, valuables, documents (e.g., passports, Social Security cards, medical records, bank cards, birth certificates), a list of phone contacts, a month’s supply of medications, and money.

“Essentials of Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing E-Book: A Communication Approach to Evidence-Based Care” by Elizabeth M. Varcarolis, Chyllia D Fosbre
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On various visits I noticed that the list included: fans, shoes, mattresses, cradles, blenders, water filters, eyeglasses, clothes, blankets, a wheelchair, a sewing machine, a nebulizer, a safety fence, and a carriage for a child with hydrocephalus.

“How to Change the World: Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas” by David Bornstein, Oxford University Press
from How to Change the World: Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas
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  • I’m actually right where you were when you posted this video (almost 38 weeks), and I too have GD and have been making a list of what I want to eat as soon as this kid is born. Counting the days!!

  • Omeprazole saves my life when it came to end of pregnancy heart burn with my first! You should check with ur doc if it could help you too! It’s something u can just pick up at the grocery/drug store ��

  • Don’t be nervous about breastfeeding! I was nervous too, but hospitals provide FREE lactation consultations in your recovery room. They will help you and your baby establish a correct latch and they also provide FREE in hospital pump use with the proper fitted flanges. All you have to do is ask for it! DEFINITELY take advantage of this service. I actually went back after going home for lactation help because it was so helpful and made me feel much more confident in feeding my baby. You can also rent a very good pump (better than the free insurance pumps) to take home with you for around $30/week. Hope this helps!

  • Hello, new and expecting parents! Can I use you as a resource for some market research? I have a short survey asking you about some decisions you are about to make or have made. Thank you in advance <3 <3

  • This was so helpful. Thank you so so much! I’m 31 weeks pregnant with my first so I’m trying to figure out what to pack for my hospital bag and not go overboard with a ton of items. I felt so lost but your videos are helping me navigate through it. THANKS AGAIN!

  • What a WODERFUL video! Me and my friends have always been buying Best Selling Baby Products from until recently someone mentioned that we could get Product Reviews from YouTube. It is extremely educational for new parents. This is a really great video for pARENTS AND bABIES!

  • My mom said she’d throw up from the acid reflux she had with me. I didn’t have one tiny little hair. �� I had horrible heartburn with my babies that had very little hair and had none with my babies had lots of hair.

  • I found Tucks cooling pads to be a godsend. I also loved gowns for my newbornsbrand new babies are so floppy!!!! Nursing pads were a must for me as well like 2-3 days after giving birth. You are going to be such a great mom!!!!

  • In my opinion your hospital bag is a bit much. I guess I could understand if your gonna have a c section cause they keep you like an extra day. But in a regular delivery they usually let you go home the same day if there’s no problems.

  • Nice tips. I’m 18w3d today and already watching what to pack. Lol. I’ve already bought baby’s stuff due to the coronavirus pandemic scare and we can’t predict what the outcome will be like. I’m also a doctor and I’m super excited ‘cos this is my first pregnancy. I’m a new subscriber. Will definitely continue watching your videos since you have the professional experience too.

  • New subscriber! Ok I hope you see this and reply can you pls do a vid about the ring of fire during giving birth? Like a full vid bout it?! I am more scared for that pain than anything!! Pls notice this and do this as a vid very very soon! Ilysm!!

  • Looool the lashes part got me hahahaah gotta stay cute 24/7. I agree with that face mask though better to have something to pamper yourself and relax before the pain hahaha. I’d rather be overly packed than underpacked and regret that I didn’t bring something

  • I’m 37 weeks, today is Friday and I’m being induced on Sunday & I still don’t have my bag packed. I have everything & even bought my own hospital gown, I just haven’t packed anything at all �� I guess I’m still in shock I’ll be having a baby in a couple of days.

  • High am I seem like my name is Farah but it’s not a girl named Farrah actually did my whole tablet for me okay but still don’t call me Farah you can call me Ariana chuchi or something like that.

  • When I started researching about Baby Information in general 3 months ago, I binged watched a lot of your videos Emily. My wife is now 39 weeks pregnant and we are super nervous and excited. Thank you so much for all your awesome videos! I really love how sweet you are, and your accent as well! Love all the videos with Matt!

  • 31 weeks pregnant now.. after i had first miscarriage last year.. i am now expecting a huge blessings.. im about to start buying things to pack..

  • Finally catching up on all your videos! My 1st born she turns 5 tomorrow!�� Watching this video is making me reminisce on how my whole hospital experience was! I miss it! Then my 2nd kid he turns 2 on April 30th. Time flies by so fast! But I wanna go back to the hospital so bad! �� I would give birth to both of them all over again! I hope you have the best experience like I did! I’m excited for you & Austin! Can’t wait to see her beautiful face!❤️

  • This is the first video of yours I watched, 2 years ago, expecting my 1st! And here I am again waiting on my 2nd….and a loyal follower!

  • For a first time mom like me this is a very helpful video �� I’m still in the last pace of my first trimester as of the moment, but I’m really excited to prepare the things that I would need soon for me and my firstborn �� wish me luck for a safe labour fellow mums!

  • Lmao I can’t with you! You are so funny!!! I love your energy, and agree with your rant about moms being Debby downers sometimes! ��Also living for these videos as I’m expecting as well, and already thinking of starting to prep my hospital bag I have 7 weeks to go! I hope you have a smooth delivery!

  • I’m commenting so much! I love your attitude! If you want to bring it, bring it! If you don’t use it, who cares?! I feel like you’re a lot like me where you like to feel cute or pretty to feel good. There is nothing wrong with that! This is your life & your child’s childhood, enjoy it! Don’t you want the memories to be fantastic?! The only things I never thought about for my delivery & after care were the “cooling” pads. (For your private area) & the bottle to rinse down there after pottying. I saw on another video that you already have these & they did provide these at the hospital for me at least but, oh my goodness, I can not overstate how fantastic these are after birth! I mean, they are literally amazing. Good luck &, once again, congratulations.

  • With stretch marks thing if you get them, you get them. But having a dry tight tummy is not fun or cute. Use the shea butter anyway. Thank Brittney later, ok!

  • I Enjoyed this video! I’m currently pregnant with our first child (due in June). I’m currently packing my hospital bag. I will add shower slippers Thank you for sharing!

  • My husband and I are excited, first pregnancy and due in July I keep watching youtube videos of all sorts hey! Can’t wait to hold our boy

  • I really love watching you be honest i really can’t afford all those things because that’s all expensive and how i wish i could have all those things..i’m now on my 21 weeks of pregnancy..

  • Wow…. you got some haters in these comments. This was a really good video. I’m due in 3 weeks and I’m watching to see if I missed anything lol

  • I’m so over people and they’re negativity. I’m pregnant with twins and if I hear one more person tell me “you’re going to have your hands full” I’m snap on them ��

  • I would say a warm robe (though I never wore the one I brought) they keep hospitals pretty chilly! Also you will be SO GLAD you brought adult diapers. Best thing to bring ever! Also don’t bring a pump and don’t bring bottles! That’s something you really don’t have to worry about, they provide all that!

  • You are glowing Cammie! Absolutely beautiful as always. I can’t wait to meet sweet Graysan Lake!!!! She will be so beautiful just like her mommy!����

  • everyone and their mother reccomended the fridamom peribottle and i hated it! it leaked and sprayed water everywhere lol… the one the hospital provides is so much easier to use anyway

  • GAHHHHH. I’m 38 & 6. I’m scheduled to be induced tomorrow for an elective induction. I leave in the morning! Gotta be at the hospital at 3:30 AM! I’m terrified. First time mom. I love your videos and I’m happy that you posted this today �� I feel like I have to go through everything all over again. ��❤️

  • Hi Emily, I first watched this about 3.5 years ago when I was pregnant with my first. It was the first video I ever saw on your channel and from there I was hooked! I’m now due my second baby in 2 months and I came back to it to refresh my memory. Just wanted to say thanks so much x

  • Hey You Guys Im Keiijayyy and I’m Having A New/Expecting Mom Giveaway Very Soon, Subscribe To My Channel To Get A Notification When The Rules Have Been Posted! Thank Youuu������!

  • Hey sis, love the super helpful tips & how you get to the point. Wanted to ask what bag you recommend for the mamas? Backpack luggage or shoulder bag? & should this be mixed with babys essentials? I saw your video about babys backpack & i might just do that for him but what about me? Lol thanks sis take care:)

  • You definitely overpacked but how can you not?! I did the same with my girl. Soooo excited for you guys �� I love the things your mom got her, she totally knows your style ��

  • Thank you for the tips it’s the simplest and most practical video I have watched and a really big help for me as first time pregnant like me ��

  • I don’t understand the negative comments on this video, I personally thought it was very well done!�� I’m due in 6 weeks and found it very helpful. Loved that you didn’t bring a million things with you and you mentioned having the car seat installed at the fire station. Our police department does it where I live & it gives you peace of mind knowing it’s done correctly. ��

  • I had a mini fan that my nurse give me so that is very helpful!! Your gotta be such a great mom! I love you so much. I had heartburn my whole pregnancy and my son had hair!!

  • You can get different hoppy covers! I have a boy and girl and I just bought a different cover instead of buying a whole new pillow because they’re kind of expensive lol

  • I’ll be 30 weeks pregnant on Saturday with my first baby, my baby girl! And I’ll probably pack my bag for labour here soon just so I’m prepared in case baby girl wants to come early. I’m so excited for my daughter to be here, congratulations to all the mommas out there!

  • I’m 20. 1st baby (it’s a boy!) and I’m due oct 18 2020. This video helps a lot. I was ready to start packing 4 months early and I wanted to pack a lot. Lol thank you for this video now I know what I’ll really need

  • You mentioned that your milk didn’t come in until after 3 days what did you do till then? If you used formula and bottles didn’t this confuse the baby afterwards or cause any latching problems? I had alot of issues with my first because of this:( (note i’m having a C section this time as well)

  • OMG LOOK at that baby bump!!! You are so ready �� I pray you have a quick and healthy delivery. God bless you and your husband. Ive been a subcriber since your first straightening your hair video and you put me on to CHI, bed head, and hot combs. It is more than wonderful to see you grow to have your own salon and now a family. Much love from soflo. And dont forget some comfy after baby panties and period pads and the hospital should provide pregnacy pads for your down there region. After the baby you’ll feel kinda tender down there. If you dont have nipple covers you can cut linners in half and have the adhesive side on the inside of your bra and the open cut end facing up. Its a cheat code to those over priced breast shields and comes in clutch.��

  • Haha the heart burn= lots of hair is a total myth. I had terrible heart burn with both my babes and they were bald as bald can be! ����

  • Lol the first baby I didnt use any of the stuff. The fifth baby I was indulging in the “vacay” of being at the hospital �� and btw I luv the smell of the hospital soap. It reminds me of babies to this day.

  • Awesome list! I definitely brought too much with my first & I was there for days. Wished I had my boppy pillow for sure. Hospital had a breast pump there & INS covered that completely so I took that home. I didn’t need a diaper bag at all. lol Like you said, a going home outfit and maybe blanket/swaddle is fine. Anything baby/nursing/post partum related they have there & you can take home: diaper cream, diapers, lanolin, what clothes/blankets baby used, mesh undies, large pads, that numbing spray for down there, the peri bottle, nursing pads, pacifier, the water cup & straw I used, etc. They really have toiletries there too if you forget something. Focus more on what you as a momma will want & make you more comfortable. ��

  • Now that London is born I have 2.5 year old and 5 month old! ��

    What You ACTUALLY NEED in Your Diaper Bag | Doctor Mom of 2

  • Do they not give you paracetamol and small pain killers(not strong ones like codine ect) in the hospital. I also wanted to mention as I wreakon the hospital would give you it but laxatives to help you go after birth exspecially if you’re getting an epidural as you’ll feel numb and might find it hard to go to the bathroom and if you can’t go you might have to get a catheter put in for like 24-36 hours where you can’t move from the bed but I also wanted to thank you as the lucusade tablets definitely sounds unreal and I’m 100% gonna pick them up as it didnt even pop into my head plus it’ll help when watching up during the night when breast-feeding or nappy changes ❤️

  • So exciting!! When did you pack your bag? I’m currently 32 weeks along but feel like I should already be getting everything together ��

  • 1 more week for me. This is my 3rd, first 2 are boys. This one is my girl. I like watching these videos, preparing myself again…. ����

  • I’m due October 31st!! I’m starting to get my hospital bag together and this video was everything! I’m so excited! Thank you soooo much������❤️

  • Are tougoing to stay there dor month ro take all of these thinhs seriously thats too much i already had two babies and im having a 3rd one i took my pyjamas and underwear and sleepers,my hairbrush and my make up and dor the baby just his clothes thay he will wear when he will come home

  • Hi! I’m a FTM and my baby girl is due 1/31. Your videos have been so helpful with what to pack for the hospital & also have helped me think of things idk I’d need (like a cover for the boppy lounger)!

  • This was a super helpful video. Thanks so much! Do you mind sharing the brand of the underwear. I’m trying to locate some good but comfy postpartum underwear.

  • It is best to bring your own stuff, most hospitals charge for the diapers, post partum and most other things, insurance does not cover this stuff because it does not see as a medical necessity!!! Check first to see if they charge and make sure you pack these things! Found out that we will be charged so I went ahead and asked that they refrain from providing anything, we will be bringing our own stuff.

  • Hi Emily, thank you for the video. I wanted to know how you manage with milk if breast milk doesn’t come for 3 days. I also do not get milk immediately after birth. With my first kid I used bottle for 2 days and it was very difficult to switch to breast feeding because of nipple confusion. This time I want to avoid that.

  • Do you and bring whatever makes you happy. Just one note they come in like every couple of hours to check blood pressure, temp and whatever else. If you deliver vaginally they also want to check that so the pajama shorts might be a pain to take off each time. That said if they make you happy, go for it.

  • Im watching at 30 weeks pregnant I need to pack bag!!! Begore I forget again lol ive been forgrtting alot cause there is so much to do.

  • Hi Jenny, I have been looking for a car seat for my first baby, do you have any suggestion for a fair/good car seat? There are many price ranges and types, so I have a tough time to pick one. Thank you!

  • Woow, this hospital giving out staff like manner…. im From Zimbabwe, based in Republic of Congo. Not DRC i hope you have the map with you. Anyway, if you dont bring your staff to the hospital. Nothing will be provided to you.. you will have the horror of your life.

    Thanks for the video its so haelpful

  • Our bumps look the same! I’m the same distance along. I’m so over being pregnant �� GET OUT PLEASE!

    Also I’m bringing a light robe. I got hot last time so I’m bringing a thinner one this time. You definitely have everything to make it as comfortable as possible to be there. Only thing I’m not bringing is diapers and wipes. I’ll use the hospitals.

  • Thin robe from target girl like that nice Cotten material I’ve had 3 sons I wore a robe whole time with all of them after birth trust me grab one

  • Watching as I nibble a ginger biscuit in the early hours �� I’m a way off from birth but this is really useful for my racing mind ✨

  • Wow ur 37 weeks and u look great, I haven’t packed and I’m 37 weeks right now but because of covid19 we are all over the place.
    Hospital only will allow ur partner to be there and can’t leave the hospital but unfortunately my husband I told him I will deliver alone because my daughter is 7 and someone needs to be with her and I can’t find anyone to watch her only because I’m feeling paranoid about catching covid.
    I’m in Chicago and my family is in NJ, my sister was coming but all flights been cancelled.
    Oh well wish me best of luck thanks for video very helpful ❤️

  • I’m surprised how many things gives your hospital �� where I live they won’t give you anything �� you have to have everything yourself

  • This is the simplest and most practical list that I found so far without showing off any branded whatever things. The best! And you confirmed my idea about getting different sizes for baby.. Thank you so much!
    On my 20th week now and trying to get ready a few things at a time you never know when you get to rush over the hospital. ��

  • I am sooooo excited for you! I have a 14 and 16yo son and daughter. Kids are the best and it’s such a blessing to have them. It’s obviously hard being a parent but sooooooo worth it. Oh and Honey was so cute at the beginning. I think she’s going to love the baby.

  • Yass girl!! Just had my son in April and being minimalistic is key! Your body is sore and tired to even think about “being cute”. Having a decent shower was all I needed. I also had my baby in just swaddle. I never understood why people bring multiple outfits because nurses were coming in like every 3 hours checking him so I didn’t think dressing was necessary until we went home.

  • hello i am currently 5 months pregnant rn and i’m all about these videos! but by any chance can you tell me where you got your sweater that you’re wearing???!

  • Thank you for the informative video again Cammie �� Good luck the last few days of your pregnancy. Hope Gray arrives on time �� Wishing you the best

  • Ahhh can’t wait to see what baby gray will look like �� watching you and other pregos that are due soon are the only thing keeping me hype for my baby girl to get here in June �� 28 weeks over here ��‍♀️

  • This was the exact swift kick in the bum I needed to finally pack my hospital bag. So helpful and relieved I still have some time (35 weeks tomorrow) hopefully to order a few bits!

  • My son was pretty colicky the first few weeks after birth-when he wasn’t asleep or eating he was really uncomfortable and fussy. I tried going dairy free and he is doing so much betterjust a suggestion! Also the occasional dose of gripe water helps too
    Love watching your videosthey’re so relateable to my own experiences as a mom. My kiddos are around the same age as yours so yeah definitely can relate!

  • We are having our 6th baby in 3 weeks….I’ve been to several different hospitals…and a midwifery…and there are sooooo many things here I wouldn’t say “you really need” I love the video though…how long is the stay @ this hospital I wondee

  • Thank you SOO MUCH Jenny Le as I’ve pretty much packed my hospital bag I’ve only got a few bits and prices I can’t pack untill my water breaks but I completely forgot about the slippers as I hate the idea of having a shower in a public place without slippers exspecially in a hospital as you don’t know what someone had who was in their before you like if they had foot fungus

  • I packed 2 bags one for me and one for her. I over packed hers but just threw a few pairs of clothes,laptop and tolitries in mine. Idk what ill use yet

  • I didn’t use the Frida bottle at the hospital but I definitely used it at home! Loved it. I bought two to have one in each bathroom I use

  • Congratulations to you and your family you look absolutely stunning beautiful gorgeous what brand of diapers are you going to use love Pampers and love your crib

  • 39 weeks and 4 days…. long story short �� I haven’t packed anything at all… ����‍♀️ at least I know what to take and what not to take… definitely not lashes that’s for sure lol �� Tomorrow morning that’s what am doing… greetings from Chicago �� and god bless all of you mom’s out there just waiting patiently for baby to be born ����….

  • Totally recommend slippers. I think it’s gross when women walk around in the non-slip socks and then don’t take them off before getting back into bed ��.

  • Having my first baby and found out I’m 5 weeks pregnant�� I know it’s a little early to be watching a what to pack for the hospital but I wanna be ready for everything

  • I got the same robe and jammies and I was really excited about them. They’re so soft and I had used the same type of thing from target when I had my first child. However the top button fell off but the shirt the first time I wore it so I’m disappointed with that. I gotta sew it back on before I pack it and hope they stay on.

  • ahhhh, this got me so so so excited for you!! �� I love the pink pants and hat and my other vote is the swaddle �� I know whatever you choose it’ll be adorable and I can’t wait for the pictures ��

  • Your not gonna use 90% of the stuff you packed. But as a first time mother you gotta learn it the hard way just like the rest of us did. ��

  • I don’t have any kids or anything, but I have endometriosis and extremely heavy periods. If you bleed through something, don’t let it dry. Put it in cold water to keep it wet and then you can use hydrogen peroxide to remove blood. I do it all the time and it always works. Hope you see this!!

  • Cammie I would suggest bringing one preemie’s why they measured my kiddos to be big said I would have no problem with newborn size and all three of mine were skinny and newborn swallowed them whole! Just a suggestion bc I know Austin is tall so you may end up with a tall skinny little bundle of joy! Can’t wait to see her ♥️

  • I can’t tell you enough how helpful these videos are! Thanks so much. We’re delivering in 3 weeks and I really just want to pack what I’m actually going to use. Thanks girl!

  • Better go over pack than under pack! Don’t want to regret not bringing anything. And don’t forget to bring an extra bag to take home all the hospital goodies!!!! Lol

  • Your videos are so SO helpful in so many ways! I’m 19w+4d today with my first baby and you put my mind at ease! Also, I’m babysitting a toddler and have been able to learn from you and Riley! Especially what to feed a picky eater! �� YOU ROCK!

  • 30 weeks and 1 day ����
    Quick question, I have a septum piercing (nose ring basically) do they have you take off all jewelry? The one i have in my nose is pretty hard to take off, i use needle nose pliers to take it off ��

  • Just had my baby 3 days ago. Dads, one thing to get for your wife is a postpartum kit with witch hazel cooling foam, cooling pad, disposable shorts, upside down peri bottle. Check out ‘Frida Mom’. My wife’s very sore and got her these to ease hemorrhoids and tear.. she’ll love you for it. I’m not a sponsor just want to bring awareness bc my wife’s aching so much.

  • Haha my dog is camera shy too! As soon as I whip out my phone he looks away!�� You seriously make me feel better about being pregnant one day. I get SO much anxiety thinking about it lol

  • I AGREE ABOUT STAYING POSITIVE!!!!! If people didn’t scare the living daylights out of me about having babies I would have
    1. Started younger.
    2. Not cried in a negative way when we were happily married and found out we were pregnant with our first.
    3. Not been embarrassed to tell people.
    4. Been excited throughout my pregnancy instead of scared.

    I love being a mom. I homeschool our 3 kids, hoping to have our 4th soon. YES there are hard days, just like anything else in life?!? All I can say is my life got a million times easier and more enjoyable the minute I became a mom and did not have to work anymore ������ (props to you mamas who are full time moms AND work part or full time now THAT is hard.)

  • Congratulations to you and your family you look absolutely stunning beautiful gorgeous what brand of diapers are you using love Pampers

  • The daisy swaddle would look really good next to the dusty rose robe! Wouldn’t exactly match but the colors would still look good together

  • I’m an antepartum nurse and still binge watching all your baby tip videos cause they’re so interesting���� glad I came across your channel! New sub!

  • I love your baby girl’s name! Very unique �� For a first time mom you seem so calm and prepared! Wishing you a safe and easy delivery with a happy, healthy baby ☺️

  • I just bought that pillow yesterday at target! Thank you for the video..I am due in July and really don’t want to overpack or miss something essential!

  • Watched this video as a first time mom from Jordan. As I have been searching youtube around for a practical and non exaggerating / scary list of what to pack, I want you to know how helpful and practical your list was. Although I did freak out on the heavy after birth bleeding and no idea if I will be having a natural birth ( hopefully ) or a c-section. four years into this video and it still applies. thanks

  • Your skin is your largest organ and the first line of defense for illness. Moisturizing with Shea butter can only do good as long as you are not allergic to Shea nuts. Stay healthy! ������

  • Don’t bring a pump they’ll have a hospital grade pump at the hospital if you need one and they’ll give you a brand new set of pump parts. Also they should provide diapers and wipes.

  • I’m due Aug 1st 2020, I do feel that I packed too much, but I need it all lol, I still need flip flops for the shower and if I could fit a towel that would be nice. I also packed some snacks, toothbrush toothpaste.

  • I can answer questions on breastfeeding if you have any questions!!! I just had my son 7months ago and I breastfed!!! After you feed in the middle of the night they recommend you go to the bathroom it’s supposed to help contract your uterus back to it’s normal size!

  • Finally packing my bag since I’m 37 weeks today. Super helpful video. Just adding hand sanitizing wipes given the added bonus of birthing during a pandemic lol.

  • what?? I didn’t know you were pregnant. Congratulations!!! That baby is going to be so beautiful! Soak in every moment (the good and bad) that first year goes by SO QUICK

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  • Oh my goodness! My daughter is thirteen years old but you make me want to be pregnant & have a baby again! What a fabulous time of life! Once again, congratulations!

  • what i actually need in a hospital bag is not lashesh and all that cosmetics lol. proprs to all the ladies keeping their face looking flawles while delivering birth tho!:)

  • Chapstick/lip gloss
    Adjustable sandals
    Bottled water (For you and hubby)
    Dark color robe (In case you leak)
    Dark color nightgown/t-shirt (^)

    Newborns tend to have pee and poop blowout so that bag might not be the best thing to wash her clothes in.

    After having her wear a bra 24/7 so your chest stays tight. Also buy some support/control girdle or skirt. The skirt will be great the first few weeks and after those two weeks you can bring it up to the bottom of your chest for stomach compression.

    That headband will be a hair saver. When I had my 3rd baby she was my biggest at almost nine pounds. It was my longest labor. I would move my head back and forth during labor. My hair was all knotted up. The headband would have helped me so much.

    Keep your feet elevated now and after to reduce the swelling in your feet. It may seem weird but I would go to bed and my feet up the wall for ten mins. It was so soothing for me. You may also want to pick up some water pills. My 4th and 5th babies are twin boys…. they are almost 19 now. My feet were elephant size or maybe the Pillsbury dough boy feet. They hurt so freaking bad. Good luck with yours.

  • Watching this while am having a sleepless night… My back is aching and am waiting for my big miracle in 5 weeks time. Praying for all babies born during this Corona pandemic. God’s going to protect us and our babies ❤️

  • So helpful. Thank you. 31 weeks today with our first little man and was very confused about the different clothing to take. This explains things so clearly. X

  • Go to the fire department to instal your car seat! This girl is all about her and her videos she has posted, can’t even click in a car seat! Don’t get me started on her man…..

  • I’ll keep your tips in mind for the next May ������ Love your videos, I am a first time mom and I am so anxious about this whole process ��

  • I was wondering I’ve tried my hardest to only put essentials and a few snacks, a small amount of make up & mini versions of toiletries but no matter how hard I’ve tried I’ve ended up packing a medium size suitcase with most of my stuff like clothes, a towel and dressing gown aswell as essentials for postpartum before I leave the hospital and my diaper bag for the baby but I found I want to bring the grown up diapers but I’m bringing two packs as ones for night and the others for day time. I’ll be going in for three days compared to the normal 2days but what size should the hospital bag be?? Like I’m kinda worried my suitcase will be too big

  • Be prepared and bring your own stuff to avoid being billed for stuff you already have. It’s actually a smart move to prepare your own post birth essentials, bring diapers, bring your own breast pump, it is not free to use theirs!!!! Asperin freaking cost $20 at most hospitals. If you can avoid it, go natural, those meds cost thousands of $$$. If you are healthy enough it is cheaper to just go through a birthing center.

  • I just want the frida mom postpartum kit like the big one and of course the nipple balm and I’m getting some slippers for sure. I’m doing my hospital bag next week for sure and I’m so excited. Thanks for this video����������

  • What do you mean by your milk doesn’t come on until day 3? What do you do before then? I’m a mom but I bottle fed and I’m thinking about breast feeding my next but have no idea about any of it or the lingo xx

  • I just wanna say, breastfeeding is so hard for pretty much every one the first few weeks. But power thru that part and it’s all worth it!!!!! I HATED it at first and it made me feel like a horrible mom for feeling that way. My son had a hard time latching, he was tired, lost quite a bit of weight and we had to use a nipple shield the first couple weeks. But we powered through and I was determined to make it work. And BEYOND grateful I did. now I am breastfeeding my 6th month old and I LOVE it. We have such a special bond and snuggling while nursing is so special. I know not everyone CAN breastfeed, but if u can it’s so worth it!!! You’ve got this Momma!!! Oh and I had such BAD heartburn almost throughout my whole pregnancy and nothing helped. My baby came out bald. �������� but he’s a boy. So that’s different.

  • Thanks love ❤️!!! This video was so helpful & really keeping it real! Not like others that do the most. Just saying but I’m due in 5 weeks!!

  • Hi! I loved your video, is very helpful.. Excuse me.. Where did you bought the baby car with wheels?? I saw on internet, but I don’t know if that place is secure enough to get it online

  • Man say i felt you on the heart burn. I been having it for 6months straight and I said the exact same thing. And tums did quit working for me. Now I got 5 weeks left and my other doctor finally prescribed me with pepcid. And i feel so much better. I swear he better come out with a head full of hair

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    We need your opinion for something exciting we’re working on in the baby space / mum space. We’re super focused on creating lifestyle products that make the everyday much more pleasant as we’re on-the-go.
    Could you please fill in our survey. It shouldn’t take too long. Appreciate if you can pass it around to other mums with children <5 yrs

  • Girl, the hospital �� staff is going to be like she don’t need our raggedy little new mom kit, she got the deluxe kit and she’s ready to slay motherhood ����

  • I am a gramma of 6 beautiful grandchildren and I love watching these video’s because it brings me back to when I had my girls! Sweetie you should of seen our diaper bags back then you would have died they were boxey hard and ugly we didn’t have all this great stuff but atleast my girls did! Love your channel! Im catching up on your video’s so you have already had your beautiful Angel she’s beautiful God Bless her you and your husband are such a sweet couple CONGRATULATIONS!! Big hugs and lots of ��…Camille, from Florida

  • Best of luck Cammie!!!! It’s so cute to see how OVER PACKED you are. Not judging….. I did it too! Speaking from a NICU rn, babies skin is quite sensitive, so please wash everything first ( I saw the tags still on your black pjs), Gray will thank you for that ��. Maybe you planned on it, but thought I’d put my 2 cents in. Can’t wait to see pictures of the Beauty. Enjoy the amazing time in your life!!!

  • Your pregnancy DEFINITELY flew by so fast! It feels like I was just telling my fiancé y’all are pregnant! I keep him updated on all the people I watch ��

  • I think I asked but never saw you answer do you use the Lillebaby airflow or the regular Lillebaby carrier? I live in a desert climate so I got the airflow, I wondered if you have the air style how you like it?

  • Great video! I noticed, the baby clothes and yours weren’t washed. I hope you washed before you bringing to hospital though:) 36 weeks preggy and packing my hospital bag! Hoping for a natural delivery ��

  • Awesome hospital bag!! Wish that I would have packed mine like that!! I LOVE those plastic thermal cups (like your pink one) from Walmart! I drink hot tea and use with ice. They work great for both!!! You have already have had your baby as I write this. I was looking for a video of you and her coming home from the hospital or something (I know you said you would not be sharing Gray, and I don’t blame you, but…..hee hee). Anyhow, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! Glad all went well and she is healthy and safe!!!!

  • I had my first baby last year and I breastfed her! I knew it would be hard…and it was! It took me about 2 months before my daughter and I really got the hang of it! I was seeing a lactation consultant about once a week and I cannot stress how incredibly helpful that was!!!!! Highly recommend if you are having any trouble with breastfeeding! Also, there are soothing gel pads that I used in the hospital and they really helped ease some of the discomfort between nursing sessions! You got this!!!!

  • LANSINOH ���� GEL ���� SOOTHING ���� PADS ���� girl they will save you! My number 1 fave for breastfeeding, especially in the first 1-2 weeks!

  • I have had 3 kids, and I wish I would’ve done this with my first two. LADIES!! If you go to have a child naturally, you NEED depends diapers. Yes, that sounds crazy, but I promise you I used them with my last baby that I had a month ago and they worked wonders, I never leaked through them!!

  • The fan was a game changer!!! I just had my 2nd baby beginning of March and the fan literally helped! With my first pregnancy I was drenched in sweat! This time I wasn’t ������

  • When is you do date.. My is Feb 2 2020 and I also have gestational diabetes:(
    My doctor said my baby is measuring a bit smaller.. Is it normal with the diabetes?

  • So so so helpful!! Thank you. I didnt get a chance to pack for my first baby, because my baby came SO fast and unexpected. So this is so helpful!!!

  • I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work in posting these videos. A lot of “newborn” videos that I’ve found on youtube are for babies in the 10-12 week range. I know it must be so hard to keep posting with a younger baby, but your videos have been so, so helpful in letting me know what to expect in those first days and weeks after the hospital.

  • Good to know the US supplies gowns for you. With my delivery in Switzerland I ended up delivering in my nursing bra and that’s it. I’m guessing that’s probably why I was freezing my ass off after I delivered. I was shivering so hard it was hard for my daughter to latch properly. I ended up a bair hugger blanket and 10 blankets ontop of the heated blanket.

  • I’m 38 weeks pregnant and I just packed my bag and posted my “what’s in my hospital bag” today too! (it’s my second baby too so I learned a lot my first time!)love the gray and yellow blanket-so adorable!

  • She wants to take make up and lashes maybe because once she has the baby she wants to take cute photos with the baby ����‍♀️����‍♀️����‍♀️����‍♀️����‍♀️����‍♀️����‍♀️����‍♀️ y’all are so judgmental if you don’t like it don’t watch it just leave ������

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  • You look so good! And super curious about how you do your lashes? I will be delivery in Feb and I am trying to figure out a solution for my short lashes!!

  • Thank you so much. This video helped me so much!!! I’m 35 weeks and just trying to get ready… simple and basic… other youtubers taking the whole house lol

  • Love it! It seems crazy that a year ago you were going through Austin’s deployment and now you’re going to meet your baby girl!!! Regardless of what you take her announcement pictures in you need pics of her in that swaddle/hat with her first and middle name on itit’s so freaking cute!

  • Nipple shields are great to bring! I needed them because my nipples were a little inverted and baby wasn’t able to latch unless I used a shield!

  • Just wanted to say thank you for still finding the tine to make these videos. I don’t know how you do it with a new born and an active 2 year old, I’m a new mama and feel like I can’t do anything with just one.

  • I’m 24&5 today but that’s off I can feel it�� Thank you every time for your videos! Curious. Do I put these things on a registry or it’s on me? I have such things as “private” on my Amazon registry but should I?

  • When I was pregnant I started packing from 12 weeks pregnant things like nappies,wipes, white baby sleep suit and vest and at 20 weeks I found gender and then according to gender I more sleep suited and vests and then going home outfit and blanket and leggings for me and tops and underwear bath stuff for me ect so I was always organised

  • Oh my goodness Miss Brittany! I’ve missed your content! You look gorgeous! Lots of love and congratulations to you and your sweet family!

  • 37 wks pregnant! W baby # 3 Haven’t started packing anything lol but I’ve been looking for that LV dupe and I can’t find it. The link says “sorry” lol

  • My dew date is 7 th of August… this video is very helpful… thank you so much… praying for all baby’s born during this Corona pandemic.

  • I’m 30 weeks and 5 days and I don’t have nothing ready yet lol Im not too sure as what’s safe to bring since this covid19 going on.. wish me luck❤️��

  • LV Dupe

  • Awww so cute I just had a baby and I didn’t take anything I got there and I didn’t know I was pregnant until an hour before he was born

  • Omg I have the same travel cup!!! I love it so much and I have it in white too!!!! Good luck girl you got this!!!!! Can’t wait!!!������

  • I was definitely overthinking what I needed to pack because I’m a first time mom and my baby should arrive within 3 weeks but this video is definitely very helpful ��

  • Also yesss, so many people are so negative about pregnancy/being a mom. It’s like OKAY, why can’t you just be supportive? Especially hate when people are like “enjoy sleep while you can, you’re never gonna sleep again, blah blah blah” �� Like okay, that’s why I have mom friends that still manage to get decent sleep

  • For some reason smells BOTHERED me when I was in labor and post pardom a couple days, TMI but I actually had morning sickness feeling right after birth, so whatever helped you in first trimester maybe think about bringing…I brought mint lotion (the anti stress from bed bath and body works) and used it

  • When I had my daughter I was in the hospital for 2 days. I would recommend only 1 nursing bra and 1 nursing tank top, I didn’t even want anything other than my button up pajama shirt. For baby I would recommend 1 swaddle, 1 outfit for pictures, 1 burp blanket, and the sleep sacks and don’t bring the onesies. Skin to skin is soo important those first couple days that baby gray will probably just be in a diaper for a majority of the time!!