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Increased Risk for Reproductive Cancers in Nulliparous Women For decades, the scientific community has known nulliparous women have an increased risk for cancers of the reproductive system, including ovarian and uterine cancers. The increased risk was thought to be due to the fact that women with biological children have fewer ovulatory cycles. In observing health conditions in nuns over hundreds of years, researchers have found that nulliparous women also have a greater risk of breast cancer. Childbirth is known to lower breast cancer.

Increased Risk of Reproductive Cancers in Nulliparous Women Nulliparity is associated with an increased risk for certain reproductive malignancies such as breast, ovarian and uterine cancers. Evidence based on the data in nulliparous women concluded that the risk of nulliparty was related to the increased number of ovulatory cycles. Is it true that nulliparous women have more risk of having health problems? Unfortunately, it’s true.

They have higher risk of reproductive organ cancers and breast cancer than parous women who gave birth to children. It’s true that women may have plans to have children later in future but it’s important to consider age as well. It is suggested that in nulliparous women, the increased number of cycles between menarche and menopause expose to an increased risk of hormone-dependent cancers. The association between nulliparity and other benign gynecological disorders, like an increased risk of endometriosis, and uterine fibroids, is still under discussion.

Nulliparous women had a 44% increased risk of hip fractures independent of hip bone mineral density childbearing reduces hip fracture risk by means that may be independent of hip bone mineral density. (National Institute of Health, NCBI). Three possible explanations may account for an excess risk of adverse outcomes in nulliparous women. First, other factors associated with an increased risk for PTB and/or LBW, such as young maternal age, 15 a history of infertility, 19 or hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, 16 are more prevalent in nulliparous women.

Second, there may be something unique about first. 40 rows · Mar 15, 2014 · Possible side effects of levonorgestrel-releasing IUDs include. Preeclampsia is also more common among women who have histories of certain health conditions, such as migraines, 8 diabetes, 9 rheumatoid arthritis, 10 lupus, 11 scleroderma, 12 urinary tract infections, 13 gum disease, 14 polycystic ovary syndrome, 15 multiple sclerosis, gestational diabetes, and sickle cell disease.

16. Many of the leading threats to women’s health can be prevented — if you know how. The top causes of death among adult women in the U.S. include heart disease, cancer, chronic lower respiratory disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease and unintentional injuries, according to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

List of related literature:

The women must also be informed that the risk of miscarriage, premature labor and delivery, abnormal fetal position and placental abruption is increased during pregnancies with uterine fibroids [17].

“Hysterectomy: A Comprehensive Surgical Approach” by Ibrahim Alkatout, Liselotte Mettler
from Hysterectomy: A Comprehensive Surgical Approach
by Ibrahim Alkatout, Liselotte Mettler
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Women who are in poor physical condition prior to conception (i.e., underweight, having poor prepregnancy physical function, chronic hypertension, or smoking before pregnancy) have an increased risk for preterm delivery (Haas et al, 2005).

“Comprehensive Neonatal Care: An Interdisciplinary Approach” by Carole Kenner, Judy Wright Lott
from Comprehensive Neonatal Care: An Interdisciplinary Approach
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There are medical risks to the woman, including excessive bleeding, the chances of infection, and uterine injury, which can result in sterility.

“Biology Today: An Issues Approach” by Eli Minkoff, Pamela Baker
from Biology Today: An Issues Approach
by Eli Minkoff, Pamela Baker
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These risks include smoking, history of sexually transmitted disease, African American descent, vaginal bleeding, previous preterm delivery, lower socioeconomic status, presence of intrauterine infection, and pregnancy-related invasive procedures.

“Textbook of Diagnostic Sonography E-Book: 2-Volume Set” by Sandra L. Hagen-Ansert
from Textbook of Diagnostic Sonography E-Book: 2-Volume Set
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Women who have their first child between ages 30and 34 havethe same risk asnulliparous women; women olderthan35years have agreater risk than nulliparous women.

“The M.D. Anderson Surgical Oncology Handbook” by Barry W. Feig, Denise C. Ching
from The M.D. Anderson Surgical Oncology Handbook
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Although many risk factors are attributed to the chance of developing pregnancy-induced hypertension (PIH), most such patients are healthy nulliparous women with no obvious risk.

“Arias' Practical Guide to High-Risk Pregnancy and Delivery: A South Asian Perspective” by Fernando Arias, Amarnath G Bhide, Arulkumaran S, Kaizad Damania, Shirish N Daftary
from Arias’ Practical Guide to High-Risk Pregnancy and Delivery: A South Asian Perspective
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Other medical risks include diabetes, hypertension, mother being underweight before pregnancy, obesity, and a short time between pregnancies.

“Public/Community Health and Nursing Practice: Caring for Populations” by Christine L Savage
from Public/Community Health and Nursing Practice: Caring for Populations
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Factors such as smoking, alcohol, or drug use during pregnancy; inadequate prenatal care; race; low socioeconomic status; hypertension; old or young maternal age; diabetes; and genitourinary tract infections increase the risk of preterm LBW delivery.

“Newman and Carranza’s Clinical Periodontology for the Dental Hygienist E-Book” by Michael G. Newman, Gwendolyn Essex, Lory Laughter, Satheesh Elangovan
from Newman and Carranza’s Clinical Periodontology for the Dental Hygienist E-Book
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Smoking increases the risk of ectopic pregnancy, spontaneous abortion, low birth weight, prematurity, preterm premature rupture of membranes, pregnancy-induced hypertension, placental abruption and sudden infant death syndrome.

“Jarvis's Physical Examination and Health Assessment E-Book” by Helen Forbes, Elizabeth Watt
from Jarvis’s Physical Examination and Health Assessment E-Book
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Maternal disorders (discussed in Chapter 10) such as severe malnutrition, infection of the uterus, diabetes, hypertension, toxemia, premature separation of the placenta, and bacterial vaginosis are other risk factors.

“Human Reproductive Biology” by Richard E. Jones, Kristin H Lopez
from Human Reproductive Biology
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  • How This Works is A Channel Builds Reputation With Giving Proven And Novel Information For Long Periods of Time. And Once You Start Believing Them Without Fact Checking They Feed You The Crap They Always Wanted You To Absorb:) HF

  • Thank you for trying to spread awareness on endo!! While I believe a whole foods plant-based (WFPB) diet is the healthiest diet and will certainly help heal the body, I don’t think it can “cure” endo. Excision by a highly trained expert is the only proven effective way to treat or “cure” the disease, but following a WFPB diet can definitely speed up healing after surgery.

    If these studies were done by specialists trained in expert excision of the disease, and it was verified through biopsy that the disease was in fact reversing, they would be something to consider, but they were likely done by regular OBGYNs and therefore can’t be entirely trusted. Here’s why: Most OBGYNs can’t recognize all the symptoms of and forms of the disease (which is why it’s so under diagnosed) and unfortunately don’t even know how to treat it (drugs, hormones, laser ablation, and hysterectomy are all highly ineffective). If someone doesn’t even know what the disease looks like can they accurately determine if it’s going away? No. Proper treatment requires a surgeon with far more experience and specialized training than a typical OBGYN.

    Also, a decrease in pain does not necessarily mean the disease is going away, since pain doesn’t directly correspond to the severity of the disease. Endo can wreak havoc on other organs whether there’s pain or not. Endo should always be excised, both to manage pain, as well as to stop it from spreading and damaging other organs.

    My pain constantly fluxuated for 12 years while the disease worsened, and my symptoms actually became unbearable when I started eating a WFPB diet. I kept on the diet though since it’s benefited me in other ways and it helped me recover better from surgery, but it was excision surgery that “cured” my endo.

  • Also I had NONE of the typical symptoms of Endo but had it severely. Doctors put women on the pill to mask the endo symptoms so it’s often missed. Listen to your bodies girls!

  • Several years ago I had endometriosis so severe that it took two surgeries to remove everything! I was a carnivore at the time. Now that I’m plant-based, I wish I had known then what I know now! Thanks for getting the word out there! Maybe it will save some women having to go through I did…

  • Thank you so much for this video! We definitely need a new one from you, if you have time and are willing to do so, of course. Maybe there is some new research or updates?

  • I don’t have endometriosis, but eating vegan with some restrictions (no refined sugars, replacing things with the whole grain version of it, no processed foods, etc) has dramatically helped my PMDD.

  • This video is pure cucketry. Hahahaa “the mother has nothing to do with it” (drinks alcohol from 14-30+, eats junk food entire life)

  • Na, just eat healthy, exercise, stay away from alcohol, sugar and bad habits e.g. smoking. Reduce stress and bam, you’re good to go mates. Get you a younger wife also

  • I wasn’t diagnosed, but had horrible cramps and took maximum dosages of several painkillers, took homeopathic medicine for cramps everyday, and still had cramps bad enough to faint and be in pain 24/7 for about 4-5 days. Vegetarian diet didn’t help. Now as a vegan, I take much less painkillers and only on the first day, and don’t take anything everyday. It’s the dairy yo

  • You should put “endometriosis” in the title or description so that endo sufferers can find it. I’ve been watching your videos as well as endo related videos on YouTube for ages and only came across this video now.

  • so what do you think the impact of a copper IUD might have on endometriosis? As this is one of the most effective non-hormonal pregnancy contraceptions and does so by thickening the lining of the uterus. Any studies on this? My googling skills aren’t as good as yours:D haha

  • how do you expect that grades are good or measure your intelligence? Grades do not measure your intelligence. They measure how obedient you are and how well you follow orders.

  • Okay, been watching many of your videos and this is my first week of going full vegan (have been vegetarian for 3 years now). I’ll let you know how it goes. Thank you!

  • I wish more people were encouraged to adopt because there are so many kids that are destined to never find homes due to the high rate of people choosing to have their own. Where I live, the right to abortion is being attacked, and doctors refusing to operate on a woman who wishes to not have kids is a problem as well. Adopting, right to abortion, and the right to pregnancy prevention methods would increase the overall quality of human life, as well as for the rest of the planet. Same goes for breeding pets, it’s a serious problem that’s not talked about enough.

  • I am not having kids not because i have time but because of the economic joke that i am working for no end with no future view of any economic progress. Global warming, industrial ecploutation. Corporate owned america.

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  • After switching to vegan, I’ve had regular and ideal levels and am about 40!
    Its spot on and pain free, I’ve never had a single problem after I switched to vegan

  • When I gave up dairy for six months, I went from an apple shaped body to a more hourglass shape, I went from having 6 inches difference between my waist and hips to having an 8 inch difference. An apple shaped body is often a symptom of estrogen dominance. I’m quitting dairy again due to some more health problems. Cheese tastes good but for your health it’s terrible stuff. I am not a big meat lover, I often go many weeks or months without eating any, so that’s not a concern for me.

  • here is study that shows age in fathers adds little risk to autism births where is your guys evidence?

  • I’ve been vegan with endometriosis for about 4 years now. My pain was manageable for pretty much the entire period of time. In the last 5 months there were 2 deaths in my family and my diet went to shit! I was still vegan but ate a lot of processed crap. My endo pain is excruciating. Now I’m back on a mostly raw vegan diet and I seriously hope it goes back to being manageable. I can’t take it anymore.

  • please plug your patreon more often. this is the first i’ve heard of it and i’ve watched a lot of your videos. you’re a hero. thank you for all you do.

  • We definitely need more awareness. I had a few trips to the ER because of horrible pain. I would throw up or pass out at times because the pain was so bad. Unfortunately because people often abuse the ER for drugs, I was probably seen as a drug seeker. 5 years of known infertility seeing fertility doctors still hadnt heard of this common disease. Got pregnant with an ectopic pregnancy. One Dr. Finally made the connection and treated it with surgery. I’ve since had 3 kids. Endometriosis grows back! Keep it at bay with a whole foods plant based diet. Unfortunately the only way to diagnose is through surgery. Keep a strict wfpbd and watch it reverse

  • There is also a high connection between Celiac Disease and Endometriosis. I have both. I also have an allergy to Casein (dairy protein). My doctor told me a lot of her patients with endometriosis also have undiagnosed Celiac or gluten sensitivity. Also, about 50% or Celiac patients also have an undiagnosed Casein allergy. I believe firmly that the omission of animal products AND Gluten has contributed significantly to my pain loss. Something to think about for those ladies still experiencing pain. Eating turmeric daily on my food has also helped with my inflammation to the point that my gyno said I “looked better than I have in years.” Thank you so much for raising awareness with your video!!

  • I love your videos because they are packed with good information while I am transitioning to veganism. Thank you for clearing up the whole “soy scare” for me! Keep educating people!

  • I had surgery 5 years ago to remove my endo and since then have transitioned to a vegan diet and I had a scan last week to tell me it hasn’t come back. I can also attest to the dairy bringing the pain back because when I slip up and eat dairy (getting better at not doing so) I notice pain straight away!

  • You guys forgot to mention that in most of these studies, it states that a majority of babies are born healthy regardless of the man’s age. The risks are increased but the odds aren’t stacked against you as long as you take care of yourself and don’t spiral into depressive habits. This has been true throughout history. Men shouldn’t be rushing to have babies and sacrifice their potential. Too many young loser dads with families who can’t give their children great living conditions and worse of all, have nothing of value to teach them. We don’t need more of these losers. Men, don’t fear and rush a kid. Your sperm may decrease but it does not cease. Not unlike women’s eggs. Maintain good health and you’ll be alright.

  • All this talk about estrogen makes me think about that little pill so many of us women take every day.. Switching to the temperature method, combined with a vegan diet, are what made me feel better than ever. Look up natural cycles if you are interested in regaining control over your hormones / your body. That and of course veganism! ✌️

  • I moved and had to see a gyno right away since my pain was getting so bad. I took the earliest appointment possible, which was with a Male gyno.
    I told him the pain I was going through, how it was affecting me, how bad it was.
    He deadpan just looked at me and said…..
    “Well you have been dealing with it for years already, can’t you just keep dealing with it?”

  • All the endo diet forums say to avoid soy if you have endo because the isoflavones mimic estrogens. Does that have any validity in your opinion? I watched your man boobs video saying that plant estrogen doesn’t effect us the same way as our estrogen but wanted to double check, thanks. I never would’ve known I had endometriosis if it wasn’t for your video so thanks a billion!

  • pregnancy is like building a house…The foundation is the most important 1st step…. And this is another presentation proving/confirming that everyone needs vitamin D3 for healthy bodies, starting -BEFORE pregnancy and continuing until the baby is weened off of breast feeding… Why are the doctors failing to get this message out to every female……….Team eye doctor, Mark Sibley, M.D.

  • Interesting that the 1 in 10 or 10-15% is the exact same stats that they give for us women who have PCOS or “Painful Cramps of Satan” as one of my guy friends likes to call it. LOL

  • I hope more research gets done. So sad all of us suffering so bad! I have suffered since age 11 and survived using numerous birth control and eating pain killers. Then I went vegan and started eating mostly organic and for 4 and a half years I did not need one pain killer and was not experiencing the other horrible symptoms. Then is slowly starting regressing. Now it has never been as bad but a year later still organic and vegan I took painkillers twice today, left work 2 hours early and have not moved from my bed. Still I swear by vegan a diet..It changed my life!!! It may hurt but every month before I was green in the face, I’d get sick, I’d cry and shout why oh why is this happening to me.. My poor mom and teachers trying to look after me. Stupid dairy I blame to be the biggest culprit, then chemically made foods. May every one feel better soon by adopting a plant based diet saving animals while you fix yourself xx

  • Thank you so much Mic for being an excellent example of a man who is not afraid to speak about women’s issues. I sincerely appreciate this video so much, especially since this issue is so rarely talked about.

  • Just another anecdote:
    I have endometriosis and it was bad. I’ve never had a kid but I’ve heard from people who have experianced both endo and childbirth that endo pain is worse than childbirth and I believe it 100 percent. I used to have pain so bad that my body would force me to be in and out of sleep for 16-20 hours every day for the first two days of my period. Going vegan changed that. My period pain after going vegan was what I imagine normal period pain to be. I went vegan for ethical reasons and it was just a happy accident that it helped my endo so much but I’m so glad it did. I really wish that more people were aware of this illness and especially the fact that it can basically be cured. It’s makes me feel terrible that there are people out there in as much pain as I was who may never find this solution…

  • Thank you so much for covering this! It’s surprising how little people know about endometriosis and female related diseases. If only our society actually took the pain and discomfort of women seriously instead of just normalizing said pain. That’s what a male dominated society does for you. ��

    I was diagnosed with endometriosis almost a year ago, by ending up going to the emergency room due to a sudden excruciating pain in my lower left abdomen. They did an ultrasound and found a mass the size of an orange on my left ovary. Within a few months I had surgery to remove it, they found that it was an endomatroma, a mass full of congealed blood. They said I had to be on a depo provera shot so I would never have a period again, or else it all would grow back.

    Very fortunate to have had a female OB/GWN. She really listened to me and did not brush off my pain. My ovary turned out okay, so no organs were removed.

    My mom felt guilty because I was a vegetarian when I was about 8 years old, and she thought soy milk was the culprit… funny how she couldn’t be farther from the truth. I recently went vegan, with some of your videos giving me inspiration as I was always intimidated by the diet. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the diet might affect me.

    It’s just sad though that so many young girls and women just don’t even know, despite how common it is. As a teenager I suspected that I might have endometriosis, since my periods were so painful, but I was always told that “girls just have painful periods, live with it.”

    Our society really needs to start paying attention to women and our wellbeing, and how animal products truly affect us without demonizing soy to distract from the problem. If I knew dairy had contributed to my endometriosis, I would have stuck with soy. But there was so much stigma against soy at the time; yet, no one suspected dairy?? Doesn’t make sense.

    Once again thank you for making videos to educate people on veganism and debunking all the myths and misinformation spread about it, I probably wouldn’t have done it without you.

  • So I should be autistic and have ADHD cause my dad was on his 40s.
    One study in Sweden. This is bs and needs more dat…. Squirrels!!!
    Was that my adhd acting up?

  • this study is bullshit. my co-worker is 65 and has a baby with his wife and their baby is perfectly fine. Bullshit studies from feminists.

  • So here’s the thing. Normally as a guy you would want to find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with without her boning the pool guy and getting divorced and her taking you for everything you have then paying alimony and child support for 18 years like a lot of people I know.

  • I don’t have Endo, but I did notice that after going vegan my periods were much lighter and shorter in duration. I was vegetarian for 13 years before going vegan and didn’t have pain, but I had long, heavy periods as a vegetarian.

  • Another thing to consider is that if you wait until your 40s to start having kids, there’s the possibility they’ll have to start being your caregivers once they graduate from college. I’m 25 and currently taking care of an elderly parent. I don’t recommend waiting until 40 to have kids. I understand circumstances are a factor for some and that some age slower than others, but still.

    Would you rather have your kids help take care of you BEFORE or AFTER they get their careers going and move out of the nest?

  • Support for increases in allergy/asthma by Vitamin D. 20:21
    Maternal vitamin D status during pregnancy and child outcomes Gale et al

    No indication of which vaccinations these children received. There is overwhelming evidence available that shows that the toxins from the vaccines are more likely to be responsible for the asthma/eczema, rather than excess Vitamin D.

  • I developed endometriosis symptoms on wfpb diet. I am not diagnosed yet, bc ultrasound did not show anything, and I don’t want to get laparascopy (side effects). I usually have painless periods, but now 4 months I AM SUFFERING like someone’s ripping the insides of my uterus! And I have this feeling in between those days too on some days. It makes me miserable. Where do I get excess estrogen? Or could it be bc I like hanging upsidedown during my periods on antigravity yoga classes? Or it’s just bc I look hotter now? (my jokes are worst than my pelvic pain…) I hate it, I hate it… inflamation sensation. God, the only thing I can do is wait and hope it goes away someday (hope it happens soon).

  • You’re pure gold for talking about this topic, being so well informed about the female body and generally caring.

    I lived with the pain of endometriosis for years, up to the point where I was begging my gyno to just take out my uterus at the age of nineteen. Now, four years later and after being diagnose with lactose intolerance last year, it took me quite a while to even realize that most of my endometriosis symptoms have been gone since I’ve started avoiding all dairy products.

  • I have endometriosis and I had to go to the doctors many times before I was probably tested and diagnosed. I was a teenager at the time and the doctor I was Insinuating that I was just looking for attention.
    Since going vegan I have been better.

  • Being vegan cured my excruciatingly painful periods. I’m uncomfortable and grouchy a day or two a month but when I still ate a standard American diet I had horrific pain and often stayed in bed for a day or two right before I went vegan. Even as a vegetarian I ate a gross amount of cheese. On my last period I walked ten miles one day and lifted myself through a window. I didnt feel spectacular but I was able to function on an athletic level.

  • Please do a video on PCOS! It also affects 1 in 10 women of childbearing age, but it’s a hormonal imbalance. PCOS stands for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and it’s symptoms involve hirsutism, irregular menstrual cycles, acne, thinning hair, weight gain, darkening of skin, and skin tags according to Some but not all women form cysts on their ovaries, and some but not all women have trouble getting pregnant because of it.

    They say the cause of PCOS is unknown but it has to do with high levels of androgens and insulin. They also say PCOS raises your risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, unhealthy cholesterol, sleep apnea, depression and anxiety, and endometrial cancer. You cannot cure it, only treat it so they say.

    I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was ten (although I got my first period when I was 8) and I got my period about once or twice every 3 years, just to guess. My doctor put me on birth control and I started to get my period again but also gained weight and got lots of acne, but this new year I went vegan and I lost 30lbs, get my period every month with no birth control, and my skin cleared up!

    I really want other women to hear this, especially since a lot of women don’t even know they have PCOS and sometimes don’t find out until they’re in their 30’s!

    (Not to sound lame, but like this if you want Mic to do a video on PCOS, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, and a vegan diet.)

    Thanks Mic! Keep doing what you’re doing. ��

  • Hello Mic. Thanks for your powerful information. I have an interesting request. There is a medical condition that women are being diagnosed with more and more frequently and know one knows why. It’s called POF (Premature Ovarian Failure). No one knows why it’s happening nor why more and more women are being diagnosed with it at earlier ages. It’s directly related to a hormone inbalance (low low low estrogen, high progestin, high FSH, low AMH). Could it have been all the milk we drank in elementary school? Could it be cell phone usage or the fact that we carry them in our purses near our uterus? Many scientists and medical professionals have thier theories but no one can say for sure. Here’s whats distrubing, there is a trend in one of the largest online POF support groups: “the ketogenic cure”. If there were a cure or even a most effective treatment I believe it would be a vegan whole foods diet (thanks to your very informative videos). This condition might soon be the next “1 in 10 women” disease, but it’s much worse than endometriosis. It causes infertility, low libido,anxeity and depression and increases our likelyhood of developing heart disease, stroke, aenurism, osteoporosis, and alzhimers by like 10%. Mic, today is my first day as a vegan. I’ve been vegitarian off and on through out my life and a steady vegitarian the past 19 days. I believe going vegan will help bring my hormones back to normal numbers, and decrease my risk for all of these horrible diseases and more importantly (personally) restore my fertility. Can you do a video about your findings in regards to POF and how a vegan diet might cure it and essentially save humanity from extinction?

    Kind Regards,

  • I love this video. I have fibroids which is closely related to endometriosis. Estrogen and xenoestrogens are a real problem. Thank you thank you thank you!:)

  • It’s funny how a vegan would bring issues involving infertility as a vegan diet in a lot of cases will cause issues with fertility. This is most likely a counter argument for the affects of a vegan diet causing infertility, while disguising the issues of said diet.

  • Well a big issues is doctors don’t believe you when you tell them about the pain. My mother was diagnosed with endo and when I went to the doctor (s) to tell them “hey I believe I have my mother’s disease” they don’t want to listen. They just shoved me on bc and when that did nothing they just shrugged their shoulders. Now I’m suffering from the nasty side effects of stopping the pill (which they never told me about)

  • A man’s sexual prime is between the ages of 15 to 25. A woman’s is around 30 to 40. This is most likely due to our ancestry, in that 2k years ago, men died much sooner than women did because of the dangers of hunting, fighting ect. Men simply evolved to spread they’re seed much earlier in life to as many woman as they could to ensure the survival of our species. This evolution is now being entirely undermined by the implimentation of “law” where a group of people seem to think they have the right to tell men of many ages, when they can or cannot breed & have set in place a system by which “offenders” can be socially shunned for attempting to do so outside of the parameters that these disgruntled asswipes have set.

  • I would be interested to hear your thoughts on another female reproductive disorder PCOS or Polycystic ovarian syndrome. Which I’ve had for more than 20 years. Up until now I have been told a low carb high protein diet is the only way to improve the symptoms. I’ve been on a diet that encourages meat consumption more than anything else and while I did lose weight I just feel that something can’t be right about consuming that much meat.

  • Yep woman with endo here as well ����‍♀️ mine was unusual in that I don’t have associated pain (above the normal level) but had a strong family history.

  • It is dishonest to not differentiate between the estrogen mimikers found in commercial milk that are not found in chemical free raw milk.

  • Since I went vegan I’ve have much less pain than ever before. I looked for a long time for the reason and asked 2 doctors about it and they were confused and did not know why pain from down there is almost fully gone. But then realized that pretty much the only thing that time I had changed in my life was going vegan. I’m never going back. I have never been this pain free in my whole life. Thank you Mic for spreading information. You might be saving lives, no joke.

  • Quitting dairy and going plant-based solves so many problems. Say, you think the world would have Covid-19 if everyone was a vegan? Nope!

  • Thank you for talking about this. I found out I have it when I was diagnosed with early stage ovarian cancer three years ago. I’ve definitely cleaned up my diet and feel a lot better but still not �� maybe after more time!

  • All men must wait to have children because there will always be young girls ready and able to have healthy babies without down syndrome, mental defects, and other issues.

  • I was diagnosed with endometriosis in July when they went in to remove a cyst and found endometriosis on every organ up to my diaphragm which only happens to 1-2% of endometriosis patients. I was in horrible pain and couldn’t move from the cramps. Since the surgery, I have gone vegan and notice a huge change! I have so much more energy and really think balancing out my hormones with a vegan diet made a huge difference.:)

  • For those of you saying you don’t want kids, you are weak. Imagine this, all the previous generations had kids only to make you, but you don’t want to pass on your genes. You are ending an entire family line by doing this, it’s even worse if you’re an only child.

  • actually women should be told more often, and i am a woman. where i live we are told to postpone having kids till we turn 30-40. I know a lot of women who struggle to get pregnant because they waited too long and some who wanted more but will have to settle with one.

  • My dad was 28 when I was born and my mom was 31, and I still ended up messed up. I have generalized anxiety and panic disorder, and have had a couple brief bouts of depression

  • lol the childs health depends on the mother not father its why someone like huge hefner was 70 yrs old becoming a father cause his girlfriend was in her 20s. Women have time clock for pregnancy not so much for a man..

  • I’ve had endometriosis for over 10 years and have been vegan for almost half of that time. Unfortunately it got so severe I had to get surgery. Diet and lifestyle are HUGE but i would absolutely recommend to anyone experiencing severe pelvic pain to visit a gynecologist. Eat good food and seek good healthcare.

  • As someone who has just turned 34 and almost died when my endometriosis tured aggressive and started eating holes in my intestines. I made what I thought was a good decision to finish my doctorates before having my wonderful son of 21 mounths, Marshall. As it turned out that gut pain was not to many energy drinks while up all night writing my dissertation and was enzymes and blood leaking into the body cavity. It is very unsettling to discover that you are not just a complainer about your special time of the month, you are lucky to still be alive. I am still dealing with the consequences of being misdiagnosed and I hate to say it, for almost a decade and coming off of every drug from b-12 to morphine. I went vegan almost 4 mounths ago after being told it could kill me, but I went anyways and am finally able to start detoxing thanks to my digestive system functioning again.

  • I don’t plan on having kid’s until I’m at least 32 trust me you want to be financially stable first I don’t want my kid’s to suffer I want them to succeed and do well and that will happen if I do well. if by the time I’m 32 I’m single I’m having two maybe three if I adopt one and raising them alone but atleast I know I’ll be there for them love them and pack their behind in my private jet to take them to my meetings so I can help check their home work and spend time with them. and waiting will allow you to save and build yourself up so your kid’s can have a better future plus time to travel.

  • After age 40 it’s even easy to get a heart attack, cancer or an autoimmune disease…etc. The best age to make babies are under age 35.

  • If you got bad genes you got bad genes it doesn’t matter the age. It’s all BS. Natural selection takes care of itself. They aren’t going to get men to rush to have babies early sorry ha who cares anyway kids are a waste of time and money and only serve to boost your own ego. News flash.. nobody cares if you have kids or not but YOU. ��. Society couldn’t give a rats ass. ����������������

  • This is the second women desiase I hear of that is massively undiagnosed and was barely-barely known just in the last century. That is fucked and I am sad

  • I found your videos after deciding to go vegan to help manage my symptoms of endometriosis. I was so excited to see this video in my recommended. I’m only a week into veganism, and I’m booked into surgery in 2 weeks to remove cysts and endometriosis so I won’t know how the diet has helped me for a while longer, but I’m so excited to see results. All I can say is thank you for bringing light to the disease. It ruins women’s lives.

  • Feminist propaganda. The only risks are older women over 40 having children. A man can have a child at 70 and be fine the risks are minimal.

  • Obviously forcing ANY animals human or nonhuman into existence, knowing they will die some day, and they did not give your their permission, is murder. Duh.

  • Thank you so much for talking about this. I am trying to cure endo and estrogen dominance with a vegan diet even though my doctor is very against it. She wants me to be doing AIP or paleo, which I have done, which didn’t help my a1c levels and raised my cholesterol. I’m seed and oil cycling along with following the eat to live dr. Fuhrman high nutrient low fat program. I’ve already lost weight and have had mood improvements. I know this is anecdotal but I wanted to share. Thanks again for your informative videos!

  • Waste your youth paying the bills for some stupid baby and its mother or not have a baby at all and enjoy your youth and life free of stress and troubles.

    I’d take the latter.

  • Instead of a honeymoon, I spent 10 days in hospital being told I had to have a hysterectomy & the most painful pelvic exams done by a sadist, in my life!
    I did, eventually, have the hysterectomy, but not until after we had our sons. Having children often helps. While it helped in the short run…
    Another dear friend had to quit college after losing her son to an incompetent cervix & horrible endometriosis. She came within a sliver of dying. It’s a terrible disease.

  • I am so happy you did this video. I just recently went vegan (a week ago). I have suffered from this since I was 12 years old. I’ve had 3 surgeries so far to remove scar tissue. I have had pain that sent me to the emergency room, made me throw up, and even made me pass out. I am a professional track runner and still have to take days off from training due to pain and fatigue. Thank you so much for this video, not enough light is shed on this idea. I’m definitely sharing this video.

  • NO! Don’t have kids. A woman can FALSELY accuse you of violence, or molesting, and then you lose all your money, your job, and go to jail. Duh… Happens all the time. Don’t make babies.

  • they didnot control for the age of the mothers in the study…worthless study…if 50 year old men were producing autistic kids with 20 year old women, then that’s something to think about

  • Better to not have children at all. Hopefully this is true that way it’s a defensive mechanism to prevent men from having children and paying child support

  • I have any of these problems, but i just want to say that i am the only vegan in my family, my periods are painless, quick et light, while my sister and my mother have heavy and exhausting periods.

  • Yet another excellent reminder of Hippocrates sage mantra of good health, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Kudos and Cheers

  • ok my mum had 3 kids one at 35 one at 37 and one at 46 so yeah its not actually true plus its a myth from middle history france also the age that will actually produce the healthiest baby is 15 years old for women but i strongly recommend not having a child at this age one of my friends has a baby and she is 17 she has made it all work fantastically but it is definitely not for everyone

  • Well I’m 33 now, I have 2 years left to make a healthy baby and no partners in sight. Oh well, I guess my bloodline will just have to end with me.

  • 1:39 the age of the mother has nothing to do with it?? Older women are more likely to give birth to babies with Down Syndrome, why did I even subscribe to this channel…

  • I only heard the stupid rumor that older men have uglier babies. That didnt deter me from wanting to date men of an older age (if that indeed became an option).

    Actually, my friend just had the cutest, most adorable baby by a 45 yr old man. While this seems to prove the rumor to be just that, a rumor, we still have to wait till the kid grows up 😉 jk she’ll be beautiful.

  • Unfortunately I was diagnosed with endometriosis and I was already vegetarian for 10 years. I didn’t have much dairy at all cause I’m lactose intolerant. Twenty years whole food plant based and still suffer from endo:(

  • I have endometriosis and used to be in crippling pain 2 weeks out of the month, along with other symptoms that I won’t mention because I don’t want to be graphic. Around 3 and half years ago I started eating around 70% plant based diet and I’m currently around a 95% plant based diet. My pain went from lasting 2 weeks to 1 day a month. The more plant based and whole foods I stick to the less intense of pain I have or none at all.

  • The biggest reason that endo is under diagnosed: it takes a major surgery to determine if the euterine lining is present outside of the euterous. While extreme pelvic pain is a major symptom, it can be hard to justify exploratory surgery. According to my obgyn I most likely have endo, however with or without the surgery my treatment plan would be the same, so there is little to no point. Just thought I would add this because it wasn’t mentioned in the video

  • Think of the potential child first. All things aside, if you are old when you breed then you will be that much older as your kid goes though their life stages. It is not fair to expect someone who just graduated college to have to deal with aged parents.


  • It should be a law where only people with 100k incomes can have kids. Too many poor people just making babies like it’s okay to bring them into your hard life.

  • My father was 49 when my parents had me. I’m convinced I might be borderline autistic because I have some serious social anxiety and sometimes I say things that might be offensive without realizing it first, but I’m probably just a little outspoken. Anyways that’s not the reason I think men should have kids earlier. He passed away when I was 12. He would be in his 70’s now and I’m only in my early 20’s. My mom is still relatively young and healthy. They could have grown old together, but my father was already too old to do that…I also have SERIOUS ADHD. I don’t know if there is a correlation there..

  • I am vegan since almost forever, before that I was a vegetarian. I am an endowarrior, the pain is absolutely horrible. Hysterectomy is not a cure for endo. I feel endo-pain and fatigue 25 days of a month. I don’t eat animals because I am not a horrible person or just ignorant. My vegan life doesn’t make my endo better, just my soul and conscience.

  • So 1 in 68 children are born on the autism spectrum. So you go from less than a 1.5 percent likelihood to less than 4.5 percent. Still not very likely…

  • Sex is like one of those ultra rare occasions that are VERY HARD TO COME ACROSS. Yep, I am never having kids and I don’t want kids or sex.