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Why We Finally Started IVF Treatment After 8 Years of Trying

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Things to Know Before Starting IVF

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Staying positive/hopeful during IVF

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Day in the Life | Going Through IVF

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Gift ideas for an infertility warrior this holiday season ��

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10 things NOT to say to someone going through IVF or infertility

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Your Essential IVF Must Haves: The Ten Things You Need for Recovery and Comfort

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If you have a friend or loved one going through IVF, one of the best things you can do is offer yourself as an outlet of support. “It is a beautiful thing when an IVF patient has a strong. Gift Idea #1: IVF Jewelry Whether you’re a friend, family member, co-worker, or spouse, giving someone a piece of IVF jewelry is one of the most popular IVF gifts available. Not only can these gifts be uplifting throughout the IVF journey, but they’re also a lasting reminder of the experience they endured. A cute bath set, essential oils, or even a spa gift card could be a great surprise for the friend who loves a good pamper sesh.

A bathtub tray or bath pillow could be a great addition to this gift idea as well. Infertility Gift, Fertility Wish, IVF Necklace, Infertility Jewelry, Gift for IVF, Infertility Necklace, in 14kt Gold Filled, Rose. When I was going through IVF I really would not have appreciated a gift but a couple of close friends and my SIL sent cards with a few words in which touched me deeply.

Well done on being such a great friend, she will really appreciate it. This. I went through some dark periods w/ my IF struggle and quite honestlya present specifically tied to “wowinfertility sucks” would actually probably hurt. The one caveat is if it was from someone who had been down the IF path too and actually really, really GOT what I was going through.

Baby Dust, Rainbow Baby Gift, Infertility Gift, Fertility Good Luck Charm, IVF Transfer Day Gift, Baby Dust in a Jar, Infertility Support When faced with infertility you would make a million wishes for it to be true. If you have a friend going through IVF right now, don’t forget to send her some love on Valentines Day! Remind her that you are here to encourage her, love her, and be a cheerleader alongside her during the ups and downs of the IVF process.

We’ve put together a list of gifts that we think would brighten your friend’s da. To be there for your friend during this invasive and exhausting time, it is important to know the specifics of IVF and what she is going through. t Choosing IVF, or In-Vitro Fertilization, is not. Help let your friend or loved one know that you’re there for her and understand what she’s going through with a thoughtful gift to ease the IVF process.

From presents to help her relax or to help.

List of related literature:

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is similar to GIFT.

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If a clinic is achieving good results with IVF, then it will generally not do GIFT.

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GIFT is the procedure whereby gametes (sperm and eggs) are placed in the fallopian tubes before the egg is fertilized.

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In some cases of totally unexplained infertility, where there has been repeated IUI and IVF failures, GIFT may also have a small place.

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For that reason, GIFT may be the only option for couples with personal, moral, ethical, or religious objections to conventional IVF.

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Gamete intrafallopian transfer (GIFT), a variation of IVF, is the treatment of choice for patients with ovarian failure.

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Additional ova may be inseminated and cryopreserved for IVF if GIFT is unsuccessful.

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GIFT is a more expensive and more invasive ART treatment than IVF, which is why it’s used much less frequently, but it allows fertilization to occur naturally inside your fallopian tube instead of in a Petri dish.

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GIFT utilizes the same ovarian stimulation and egg retrieval as IVF, but the eggs and sperm are transferred to the fallopian tubes immediately after egg retrieval, forgoing the need for IVF and culture medium.

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GIFT differs from IVF in that fertilization takes place in vivo, not in vitro.

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  • Greatly appreciate this video Dulce. You’ve motivated me to take the first step and go get checked out by a doctor. Being 28 years old going on 29 & married I know I’m not getting any younger. We’ve been trying for quite some time now, but to no avail. There’s nothing I’d love more in this life than to be a mom. As for all those supposed “Christians” Ha Ha Ha, they tend to be the biggest hypocrites! You continue being yourself and transparent with us please. Love Ya girly. and blessings to you an your growing family.

  • Im Christian and i totally support IVF. Ignore people thanks for sharing your beautiful story. Thank God for science. Imagine if we or a loved one was going through cancer and science was our only choice. We wouldnt doubt it then. Why Judge when a beautiful live is gonna be born and loved.

  • Do you but it’s unnatural to do Ivf. Kids aren’t made to be conceived in a Petri dish. Do your reasearch on kids after ivf and see the difference in them versus natural conception. Also look at Tori Lynn on YouTube and her journey.

  • I’ve been watching your channel for a while, but I just found out this month that I am officially struggling with infertility. Thank you for this, it reminded me that we can be positive through the pain

  • At the age of 44, I was able to get over my big infertility concern. I was very thrilled during my period was delayed. I`m now about to go through maternity and parenthood. See much more about this wonderful method on Google. I remembered its name is Sofia Goρazna
    every good wish

  • you love being on your period??? I guess you are one of the lucky ones who do not experience period cramps…For the majority of women it is definitely no “beautiful thing”, It is painful and messy. But good to pe positive…

  • Thank you so much for speaking on your IVF journey. Congrats on your soon to be newborn. I am also 32 & been having troubles to conceive since I have history of uterus fibroids. I am looking to try IVF & can to also choose the gender. Can you make a video of the cost of your treatment and over the expensive. I know everyone will be different but that will help also recommendations on doctors. Once again thank you for sharing your story. ❤

  • The mini rant at 2:27… I felt that in my SOUL. Also… “You’re so young! You’ve got time!” I’m sick of hearing that. If you aren’t my gynecologist, stop presuming to know how my body works or how much time I have!!

  • Hi Dulce!! ❤️ Long time subscriber here!! My husband & I are also going through IVF right now in Hawaii & our first FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer) is this Friday!! We are so excited!!

    I start taking progesterone oil injections tomorrow until I’m 8 weeks pregnant. (These are the injections that go near your butt area)

    I made this YouTube Channel to document our IVF journey & hopefully connect with other women who are going through the same experience. I have a few videos if you want to check them out! I pray that everything goes smooth with your IVF prep & transfer. And hopefully all the meds & injections aren’t too hard on you. I’m looking forward to your next IVF update!

    Any other woman going through IVF or TTC and also have a YouTube Channel or Instagram? We can subscribe to each other and follow each other’s journey.

  • Thank you for sharing. I’m on day 5 of stims of our first ivf cycle…and suddenly very attached to my leggings! Best of luck to you ♥️

  • You just made my day!! I’m so happy you stomped on all those people that are bringing so many negative vibes to you.. you deserve to have a beautiful pregnancy and you will ❤️ Love from Oxnard

  • Thank you dulce for sharing ❤️ My husband and I have been struggling for over 6yrs on getting pregnant. We had a failed IUI and next step will be IVF. All my tests are normal and my tubes are open. Doctor diagnosed me with pcos. We never received answers for why i have unexplained infertility. Unfortunately, IVF is very expensive and insurance does not cover. I’m so heartbroken that I cannot afford it so my chances of trying to get pregnant are very slim �� so you are definitely blessed that you and your family had the opportunity to do it and are successful. I wish you both the best of luck and hope one day I can do the procedure as well.

  • So a scientist is going to create another kid in a test tube? Conception will happen in a petri dish.
    Screams a whole lot of ethical questions and concerns especially genetic tampering in the years to come…

  • Hey sweetie, you don’t listen to the haters. I’m a Christian, a Jesus follower, and I see NOTHING wrong with you using science to help conceive your new life growing inside of you. You’re completely right, we all use science to some degree or another. I am VERY happy for you and your family and Jesus ADORES you and has blessed you with your new baby. Much love.

  • These are SPOT ON! I’ve also want to add that when someone finds out how long we’ve been together/married (which will be 10 years in July!) They say… why don’t you have kids yet? Or you better start making babies soon! We’ve had to get creative with how to respond gracefully to these comments knowing they don’t come from a bad place. I even had one person tell me “hurry up you’re not getting any younger!” Ouch. I’m 30. That one was a punch to the gut.

  • I have been putting off IVF too out of fear because I’m so afraid of the affects of the hormones. The cost. The risk of all that money gone and not working. I’m not going to let that stop me though! Thank you for sharing your journey and I hope you continue to share for women like me!

  • This was a great video! Love the wieghted blanket idea! Finally ordered In Due Time! Recently miscarried at 10 weeks and remember you sharing how it helped you cope. Ready to start reading and healing. You have been amazing helping me through infertility and now loss. You are my positive voice through all of this and especially on those hard days. Thank you!!! Xoxo

  • You nailed it! These are so irritating. Thank you for making this I just wish people who weren’t going through infertility would read it and take notes!

  • You are such a sweet person. When I hear u talk you sound like such a nice and caring person. U are so brave in so many ways and thank you for sharing so much of ur life journey with us. May you and your baby have a safe and healthy delivery! God Bless You and ur growing family

  • When we went through IVF we kept it a big secret because we felt ashamed. No one in our family or friends needed to go through it. I’m very blessed to have my 2 oldest who were IVF baby and after all that struggles got out third who was naturally conceived.

  • Hey Kels! So I just found an awesome idea for a gift not in time for Xmas but for anytime. It is called My Missing Peace. It is a small stone/glass piece with the developmental ages of 5 weeks to 12 weeks for women that suffered an early loss to remember their little ones and have something tangible to keep. All unique. I just ordered one for my 6 week Bean we lost. I fought to get an ultrasound image and did not. So I know this will bring me closure and something to cherish. Wanted to share! You’ll have to check it out for pictures!

  • I love reading people’s stories in the comments. I too had infertility issues started from 2014. I went through 5 pregnancy. First baby at 13 weeks we found out she had anencephaly, second pregnancy was a molar pregnancy, third pregnancy was triplody. All 3 unfortunately did not make it. Fourth pregnancy as soon I found out I was pregnant my fiancé and I decided that I quit work and just relax my body and mind at home. Although I had complications with the pregnancy I also dealt with preeclampsia so I had to be monitored 3 times a week with NST. That’s how I got my first born healthy son 12/29/16. After I gave birth to him My blood pressure kept staying high so I had to be held in the hospital for 8 days. Fifth pregnancy went through the same thing preeclampsia with another healthy son born 07/10/18. I’m praying for you and your family. It will definitely be worth the wait!! ������

  • I just started IVF and had my hsg last week! I’ve been dealing with the crazy emotions of this whole thing but i’ve been watching your channel for years and im so happy i can watch your videos along side going through this. thank you so much for this video!

  • I would add “It will happen when it is meant to be.” Or “It’s God’s plan.” I’ve heard this a lot in the past 2 years on the message boards I visit. I’m not religious so telling me that it’s not God’s plan for me to have a child does nothing for me except make it clear that you don’t understand me, my husband, or our journey. “it will happen when it is meant to be” is also very hurtful. I know it is not meant to be taken as such, but It will happen when it is meant to be, on the flip side, means “it is not meant to be”.
    I also totally agree with you on the the “relax and it will happen naturally” bit. Nope, nada after 2 years. Even our doctor says it will not happen naturally so why would relaxing and leaving it up to fate help at all?

  • I get you! When our family friend’s did IVF they seemed a little nervous to tell me at first (we had gone to church together for years )

  • My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 9 years and we have heard all of these and more.The worst to me is the questions by strangers or new acquaintances Do you have kids? leads to well why not?< did you try this position? It usually ends with well you can always adopt. It makes me not want to meet people.

  • I ended up buying a couple pairs of maternity pants because of how bloated I got, now currently at 9wks and also glad I have those pants because the progesterone causes bloating as well.

  • I think we all can agree you’re an amazing woman and I can’t thank you enough for this video. While we aren’t buying for anyone who is TTC my husband and I both watched this and cried. We have had to put TTC on hold for medical reasons and we plan on getting some of these items to help us through ❤️

  • Kelsie, can you make a video discussing getting through a loss. Or several? I just had my 3rd miscarriage and would love to get your advice on making it through this. Help Kelsie ����