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Taking care of yourself during your baby’s first months; Newborn basics. They call that first baby the “practice baby” for a reason – new parents usually learn as they go. While you can’t prepare for everything (just wait for your first public blowout), getting a few basics under your belt can be a tremendous help. Get a bassinet, a combination changing table-dresser for clothes, two sets of bed linens, and a baby bathtub.

Also buy infant clothing, bibs, receiving blankets, wipe. Latest in Preparing for Baby. 7 fun ideas for your gender reveal party. By Evonne Lack Podcasts for pregnant women. By Lily Jones 0:51 Real talk: 7 favorite baby shower gifts: Dr. Brown’s Ad content for Dr.

Brown’s 5 must-haves (and must-not) products for new babies in small spaces. By Shelley Gingrich Your pregnancy week by week. Preparing for Baby Time to start preparing for your baby’s arrival! Getting started now will help you feel more confident once labor starts. Here you’ll get shopping guides for you and Bab.

Shopping for Baby: The Top Nine Tips. Multiples: The Gear You’ll Need (and Won’t) Babyproofing the House: A Guide to Keeping Your Child Safe. Preparing Your Toddler for Room-Sharing. Double Strollers: A Buying Guide for Parents of Two. SHOW MORE.

If you are using disposable diapers: Two boxes of newborn-size diapers (it’s better not to buy too many in advance in case your baby is large or grows quickly) Changing pad. Baby ointment or other barrier cream to prevent rash. Disposable wipes or a couple dozen washcloths for cleaning baby. In case your baby gets sick or hurt, these first aid basics are good to have ready: Digital thermometer (rectal or under the arm). “An ear or forehead thermometer isn’t accurate on.

You can be a big help by getting the house and car ready for baby. Set up the nursery. Baby proof the house. Cook some meals and stock up the freezer.

Make it a point to spend one-on-one time with him now and plan to continue to do that once the baby comes, too. Make arrangements with a sitter or family member so he can stay in his own bed when you go into labor. And, when the baby is born, ask friends and family who’ll bring gifts to bring one for baby no.

1, too. There are a ton of to-dos when prepping for baby’s arrival, and shopping for all the baby essentials is not least among them. From setting up the nursery to gathering the gear for sleeping, eating and diapering, it’s easy to keep busy buying baby must-haves.

List of related literature:

The best way to prepare for a new baby is to build a

“Clutterfree with Kids: Change your thinking. Discover new habits. Free your home.” by Joshua Becker
from Clutterfree with Kids: Change your thinking. Discover new habits. Free your home.
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A lot of preparation goes into having a baby, especially the first baby—doctor visits, reading baby books, Lamaze classes, Babies-R-Us visits, baby showers, putting furniture together, painting, etc.

“Planting Missional Churches: Your Guide to Starting Churches that Multiply” by Ed Stetzer, Daniel Im
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During the first days and weeks after the birth, you’ll begin to master diapering, bathing, dressing, and comforting your baby.

“Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn: The Complete Guide” by Janet Walley, Penny Simkin, Ann Keppler, Janelle Durham, April Bolding
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Parenting Tip If you need to stay in bed right after the birth (as women with C-sections often do), make the bed a playpen and baby-care station by keeping toys, books, diapers, clothing, food, and items needed for breast-feeding within reach.

“Pregnancy Journal, 3rd Edition (ebook) *OP*: A Day-to-Day Guide to a Healthy and Happy Pregnancy” by A. Christine Harris, Greg Stadler
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Do take a baby­care class together at a local hospital or community centre (there are also classes for dads only), and read a child­care book or two before baby arrives to pick up some of the basics beforehand.

“What To Expect The 1st Year [rev Edition]” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
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Filling out a baby book together can be the perfect way to put into words just how ready you are for baby.

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Rather, parents should stress the activities that will take place when the baby arrives home, such as diapering, bottleor breast-feeding, bathing, and dressing.

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Gather all necessary equipment, supplies, and the baby’s clothes before you start the bath, and place everything you need within your reach.

“Mosby's Canadian Textbook for the Support Worker E-Book” by Sheila A Sorrentino, Leighann Remmert, MS RN, Mary J Wilk
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Buy a few basics for the baby, like nappies, and a few baby clothes, but don’t rush out and buy a complete wardrobe until after it is born and you know exactly what you need.

“Model Marriage” by Dag Heward-Mills
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Rather, parents should stress the activities that will take place when the baby arrives home, such as diapering, bottle feeding or breastfeeding, bathing, and dressing.

“Wong's Essentials of Pediatric Nursing9: Wong's Essentials of Pediatric Nursing” by Marilyn J. Hockenberry, David Wilson, Donna L. Wong
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  • This is actually the best newborn essentials video i’ve seen! I didn’t think I needed all that other stuff. I’ve been freaking out as most of my family live in another country so its been kind of tricky my friends all have soooo much stuff for their kids and i’m always thinking its not really all that necessary.

  • Your doing great momma!! A little thing I do is keep a small bag in both of our cars with 3 dippers, wipes, 1 or 2 full changes of clothes for the baby, 1or 2 shirts for me, and snacks. It has saved me so many times.
    Outfit ideas
    1) light jacket, onesie, pants, and socks. That way no matter the season your covered.
    If I could send you a picture of what I keep it in I would. It’s a see though small clutch bag I got at Walmart one summer. But seriously it has saved my day more times then I would like to admit. Always bring your dipper bag this is a back to it lol �� because poop happens literally

  • Honestly you only need slippers for walking around, if you got your own bathroom with a shower. As long as you’re not sharing a shower with someone who is sick, it should be clean and totally fine, so you don’t need to bring anything for the shower

  • Hi, just wondering where did you get your rocking chair? I will be a first time Mom and due in September! Your videos and recommendations are very helpful.

  • Tip: if you think you might tear and need stitches(most people do), don’t shave/wax your crack. When it grows back and is that weird itchy phase it sucks with stitches down there. ��

  • i keep a bed side basket for my little babe and hes 5 mos & i still use it i keep aquaphor in it which i put on him every single night, a nose sucker, saline spray for his nose to clean it out & his baby lotion as well as everything you already had in there. youre going to be a great mom!! ❤️

  • When you go on your hospital tour they’ll tell you what to bring. We loved that baby lounger and had a similar baby bath, it’s perfect. You have enough swaddles. Use the hospital socks and discard when you’re done, hospital floors are gross. Don’t bring your own pillow, hospitals are gross. My daughter turns two this week so this is bringing me back!!

  • Nursing night gowns, robe and your own pillow is a must!! I didn’t bring shoes for the shower and it was fine lol. But pack more clothes for your baby than you think. I only packed about 4 or 5 outfits and he went through them super quick.

  • May I ask you about epidural anesthesia. If you had some side effects like headache, or not being able to hold urine, or any other? How long it lasted? I heard there are side effects but doctors dont like to tell you as it is easier for them to get to birth done with epidural

  • If you have a c-section then you will be there for a few days and they will make you walk a lot. You will definitely want slippers.

  • You’re like the only YTer I
    Kno that uses baby magic like me I thought people didn’t buy it cuz it was cheap lol. You just gained a new subscriber

  • I feel like all first time mamas do it, but you have waaaay too much stuff lol. Even soothers! we only had 4 of the same brand to avoid confusion lol

  • The j Cole version you got is safe, the unsafe version is the one that goes between baby and seat ☺️ “shower cap” style is safe as long as you unzip while on the car so baby doesn’t overheat

  • Could you please post a link to where you got all your baby furniture especially the changing table and dresser! I will be a first time mom in October and I love the look of the room��

  • So helpful and beautiful! Everything so organized and well put together makes me excited!
    Anyone want to help a new mom!?

  • bring extra pads!!! And slippers, but definitely don’t under pack, since you might stay a few days depending on the tests they do on the baby

  • Toiletries, loose outfit! They provide everything else! And honestly i never pack pjs i stayed in my gown the entire time just because i was sore and uncomfortable in regular clothes

  • Make sure before you go into labor to make padsicles���� take a pad and put some with hazel & aloe gel. Stick it back together. Put in the freezer until right after giving birth! For when you’re bleeding and then it helps w the burning! It’s a LIFESAVER

  • Aspyn,

    After you give birth you have three different types of discharge. You will need peri-pads or just absorbent pads that you use for a heavy menstrual cycle. The hospital will most likely provide them but if you have a certain brand you like I would bring them for comfort measures. i haven’t had a baby but I am an LPN and these things will just promote comfort.

    Best of luck!

  • Your daughter is so cute �� I have a two year old son and am due in six weeks with me second son. By the way I love how you put the rocking chair in your room!

  • on our first second and last baby we always had used furniture. My first born we changed her on the couch. I got a home made basinette from Mexico. I used cloth diapers and wash cloths instead of wipes and throw away diapers, it was cheaper. I breast fed and my sons were born during the glass in the baby food, so I made my own fresh food for them every day.

  • We definitely get summer babies. This is our fourth baby and first boy! We invested in the forever car seats and I have a boba wrap. We use swaddle blankets as receiving blankets or buro cloths. We just didn’t want extra stuff. I tried to keep it as minimal as possible. I did go with disposable diapers because of my hands (I have a disease where my hands don’t always work due to inflammation). Congrats on the baby!

  • I’m an L&D nurse and your list sounds good! The hospital will have all the basic you and baby need but I recommend getting depends instead of using pads. There tends to be a less leaking (gross I know) and then you don’t have to worry about ruining your undies.

  • For your binkies, I would consider not using the ones that aren’t one whole piece. There have been cases the part that the baby sucks on come off and causes baby to choke.

  • Youre taking straightener and curler to hospital? Or doing your hair right before? No judgement… genuinely interested if lots of ppl take makeup in hospital bag. Tnx!

  • This is going to sound very odd & a little funny but after delivery a good amount of babies you need to bring depends for at the hospital! Forget pads & their mesh underwear depends are the best easiest option. My last baby I was literally there 1 1/2 & didn’t shower I waited till I was home!!

  • I don’t think a pillow is necessary. If you need more or less or whatever, they can give you more pillows. I LOVED bringing my own little thrown blanket. Especially for pictures with my baby and it was extra snuggly if I cuddled with him in bed.

    In my opinion, 1-2 outfits is plenty. My son stayed in blankets and diapers until his going home outfit but even if I did dress him, he never made a mess anywhere (until we got home��) haha.

    Good luck!! ������

  • I would definitely recommend bringing a “binky” or pacifier if you plan to use one for your baby. Also, if you plan on nursing, I would also recommend using a “Boppy Pillow.” They are the best to help with nursing for new moms!

  • You don’t need to bring much at all. Comfy clothes. Bring shampoo because the hospital doesn’t always have any. Bring snacks because sometimes their food takes a while to be made. Bring sleepers for baby girl because the umbilical cord will still be healing.

  • how far is the hospital from your house? If it’s not far you can send Parker to get things after the baby is born if you decide you really want something.

  • Get cheap flip flops for the shower.. you’ll regret it if you do get athletes foot. It’s so easy to catch and it doesn’t matter how ‘well’ they clean the showers.

  • I got my car seat stroller combo at Walmart on clearance for $89!! Was $179.99. I was so excited lol I have the same diaper purse lol

  • From a nursing student that just did labor & delivery rotation:

    bring comfy slippers/socks if you want – you might want to walk around the floor and wear something other than socks
    birth plan – good to have what you want written down, but things can change super quickly:)
    towels/pillows, etc – usually the hospital has alllllll of that stuff. Double check with your hospital staff when you go for the tour.
    -shower shoes: if you wear them in the shower when you travel, bring them. If not, don’t. Hospitals have germs BUT L&D rooms/postpartum rooms are kept very clean. This includes bathrooms.
    extra pillows – not necessary unless you love a specific pillow at home. Hospital will provide a lot of these things if you don’t have them. (double check with your hospital!)
    -extra tip: if you’re extra concerned, pack a laundry basket full of things you might want but don’t want to bring into the hospital and leave it in the car! ->fuzzy blanket, extra pillow, shower shoes, etc

    Good luck and blessings <3

  • No, you won’t need underwear as they provide that for you. Also, I didn’t bring a towel or shower shoes. Bring a few snacks for afterwards as hospital food sucks. If you own an Alexa bring that as you can listen to music as you are progressing through your labor. Don’t bring to many baby outfits as the baby usually just stays swaddled in blanket and diaper for the first couple of days. They poop a lot and often bay is super sleepy so keeping them not too warm is good because they will feed better. Definitely bring a nice nightgown and robe for pictures afterwards in the hospital, but nothing you won’t mind throwing away or change into something cheaper and comfier as there is a lot of bleeding afterwards. Extra camera battery incase battery dies and that is about it.

  • I sat in a bath all night during labor and so wearing shower shoes to take a shower in there the next day didnt seem necessary. I did use comfy socks to walk around the room though, and slippers. The hospital floor seemed dirtier than the shower floor. I was also glad to have an extra set of PJs / bathrobe to change into after I got a shower. And speakers for music were important for pushing! Also, snacks for you both

  • You’re like a super mom! This was the most helpful and informative video I have seen. I really needed this cause I have no clue what to get or what I will need! Thank you! ��

  • Parker’s face when Aspyn says “my due date” he is like ���� I feel like they still can’t believe they’re having a baby girl pretty soon and that is soooo cute��

  • Good luck! I had a boy then girl and a surprise (boy) for our third baby and was set up pretty much exactly the same as you.
    It’s amazing how much I had for our first and how little I needed by the time the third cam along lol.

  • Congratulations! I’m 33 weeks with a baby girl after 4 years of infertility and I’m binging on videos like this right now! I just went on my first baby and postpartum shopping spree yesterday and I’m getting so excited!! �� ��

  • I found out on May 15th I was pregnant. I was already so excited about your baby videos and had been watching religiously but I was extra excited knowing I was too. A week and one day later I experienced the worst heart break of my ENTIRE life. My angel is now in heaven and it has been a true struggle to watch your videos. But I have and I do so with a bitter sweet smile!! I’m so happy for you guys!! I’ve been watching since y’all were cute babies dating and taking college classes. I pray for your months to come and a happy healthy delivery and blessing!! Love you guys!!

  • My baby was in newborns for the first two months. I thought I’d be changing her clothes like 5 times a day but she never spit up really so I only needed to change her like twice a day. So I brought a crap ton of nb clothes that I thought I’d change her a lot

  • Bring your own pillow, you and parker need snacks because after you give birth youll be starving and parker will be hungry if you’re in labor for a long time.

  • I work with newborns in the mom/baby unit and my biggest piece of advice would be to bring just one outfit for the baby to go home in. While you’re in the hospital your baby will be getting so many tests done and getting their vitals checked constantly and we pretty much have to undress the baby each time if they are in an outfit. Your baby is totally fine to stay in just their diaper and a swaddle and it makes it easier on both you and the caregivers! We won’t let baby get cold! Also, bring slippers with a hard plastic bottom. Most hospitals don’t want you walking around unless you are wearing their socks with grips on the bottoms or shoes/shoe-like slippers (all for liability reasons). So so excited for you and Parker!

  • You have an overwhelming amount of clothes and stuff OMGOSH LOL! I would go crazy with so much! She’s definitely gonna be looking very cute though with all those outfits haha ��

  • Thank you, I enjoyed this video. I am newly engaged, my fiancé and I have been talking about having a baby for years but we decided to wait for “the right time”, which is God’s timing I guess. Watching these kinds of videos help me to prepare myself and know what to expect when that time does come.

    Follow me on my new IG @parkerkadie and watch me on my journey, growing as an individual, in a relationship, and soon as a family���� ❤

  • I think you did great and so relaxed with baby #3! I am pregnant and due in November with #2 and this gave me such great info. My last was almost 5 years ago. I’m so excited! Congratulations and Happy Mother’s Day!
    Also I would love to get more breastfeeding info. I gave up too early last time and am dedicated to breastfeeding with #2.

  • flip your diapers over that are in that basket! maybe its just me but i worry that dust or something will get into the diaper part that actually touches babys bum and it just makes it easier and looks better too!

  • I recommend not really bringing too many personal clothes in your hospital bag for yourself because the entire time i was there (5 days) i just wore the mesh underwear and the hospital gown. You’re gonna be bleeding a lot and its gonna be a pain to wash the stains out of your own clothes when you get home. Also i suggest bringing 3 outfits for baby and make sure to include something warm because the hospital is always cold!

  • I got pregnant and had my first child when I was 18. I lived in an 1 bed 2 bath A Frame house. My sons crib was a pack n play. Since I raised both of my siblings since I was 7 years old I basically went off that. Everything I remember doing or using with them I did with my son. Of course the only thing I was super new to was breastfeeding. I only stalked up on breast pads because I leaked like crazy throughout most days. I used my sons receiving blankets for everything! Now I’m pregnant for the 5th time but so far this may be my second successful pregnancy. I’m 32 weeks and I basically kept most of my sons stuff to save money and bought new stuff as well. I’m also reusing the same breast pumps I still have. I plan on buying the Haakaa since I’ve seen really good reviews on it and hated always having to hold a bottle on my boob that wasn’t in use.

  • I just found you. You touched my heart ❤️. I love your energy. I am a mom of 5!!! I had 3 girls first and was super happy and 10 years later I desired a baby boy and tho h really hard… how much does this mean to me… how important is it…. come to find out I was really serious and the baby fever didn’t go away. I decided to remove my IUD and giving it a shot. Hoping and praying the Lord would send me a Son. God granted me that prayer and here came my son Jonas. 6 months later I realized my girls were 15 to 11 years apart from my newborn…. I decided to put it in Gods hands and wanted one more boy. 9 months later I have my last son ���������� I am complete. it is so hard to go into labor I labored long hours and I’m allergic to epidural. The reason why I’m sharing this is because I would like to let you know I will be praying for your labor and recovery to go well may you & baby be well. Having a baby is a huge blessing and such an exciting moment. I enjoy being a mom and I admire how creative your meal budgeting is, there how I found you lol I could use your tips. You have a new subscriber. Glad I found �� keep us posted. Bye I’m in Midland Texas so hope you do a meet and greet one day!!!!!

  • Wow! I really loved this video!
    I’m very impressed with your experience and knowing how to organize everything.
    I’m due in 5 weeks, and I’m pretty scared because I want to do everything just right, but I also don’t know anything either……yet!!! Lol!
    My husband also works nights at Amazon and would love me to join him, but I’m concerned about being a first time mom and our daughter for now.
    It’s all a bit much to take in at the moment, but I think I’ll eventually feel more comfortable and have a routine.

  • I feel like many moms say don’t over pack, I did! & I still do even for my daughters diaper bag. You do what you are comfortable with, don’t let any one stop you from doing so. I LOVE THIS VIDEO!!!! & I’m EXCITED for baby’s arrival!!! This new journey will not be rainbows & cupcakes but it will 10000% be worth it in the end!!! I love you Cammie ��

  • Nice video��..Hey im new to youtube just asking for support can u please go watch my videos and subscribe to my channel i would greatly appreciate it!��

  • Is it bad I’m only 15 years old but I’ve been planning my future since i was 7 andddddddd so I’m watching this just because why not I literally picked the name of my kid when i was 7 her name’s Everleigh but i also like the name’s Lilly and London�� then again i dont even have a baby and my husband ( in the future) still has to approve the names������‍♀️��

  • I am in Australia and a Pack n Play (porta cot in Aus) isn’t recommended for babies to sleep in long term. It’s weird how different standards are in different countries.

  • SAVE UPTO 41%. If you are looking for best baby products out there in the market. So, we can help you in this matter. LINK IS DOWN BELOW! Go get perfect items for you baby at low prices.

  • For postpartum kit: tucks medicated wipes, perineal spray (earth mamma makes a good one), the mamma washer by frida baby, pads for when your home (get a few different sizes and thickness), dermoplast spray(you’ll thank me)

    Also for the hospital: the socks are good because your feet may swell like mine did and your shoes won’t fit. Also bring an extension chord for your phone charger or a long chord, because the outlet is usually really far behind the Bed.

  • Pregnant with my 3rd as well due late Nov. early Dec. I’m having a girl(didn’t wanna know the gender, by the doctor accidentally said “she’s looking good”����‍♀️����‍♀️) but we are in a small room and this basically looks like my room and “co-sleep nursery”

  • Thank you for making this baby is going to be here soon and we don’t have an extra room so I’m trying to make space in our room so this was so nice to see I’m not alone:)

  • Thank you for this video! I am due in 10 weeks with my first baby and feeling a bit overwhelmed with what I was thinking I needed. Also a little breastfeeding advice is needed, no classes or anything is being offered due to this whole world conundrum going on so this was great a out my nesting at ease a bit!

  • My best advice is move the rocking chair into your bedroom or wherever baby will be doing the most sleeping, that saved me so much sleep. As well I bought so so so many outfits for when he was tiny (he came out almost 10 pounds) but he never got to wear most of it, it was mostly sleepers for the first two months, first because of his belly button healing and second, I had no energy to get him dressed (zipper sleepers are your best friend) good luck! <3

  • Put nipple cream and breast milk storage bags on the basket beside your bed. I found myself needing those a lot and never had them on hand.

  • I’ve been going to all the thrift stores in town since I got pregnant and buying up whatever cute baby clothes I could find. Due in 8 weeks and we already have a hamper full! There’s no reason to spend more than $2 on something they can only wear for a month.

  • Yes, buy used!!! But not used car seats guys! If it’s in any accidents or anything, it isn’t safe. Sadly, a lot of people don’t know this and they’ll try to sell them, but don’t buy used car seats! Do your research!

  • I mean absolutely no harm in saying this because sleeping is so dangerous. I’m so glad that everything was OK with your first two but if you think about it like this you could cross the highway blindfolded twice safely and make it to the other sideBut would you risk doing it a third time please consider sleeping your baby only on its back in a bassinet next to you. Or, before the baby is born bake a cake and I said sleep with that cake next to you for seven days if after seven days the cake is perfect then you can sleep with your baby. I mean this out of nothing but care and concern but I work with moms that have lost their babies from rolling over on them pleasePlease take no offense I mean no harm

  • Loved your video since your experienced at this I was wondering what you suggest would be better a pack & play or a bassinet (bedside) would be better?

  • How long can you keep the baby in the pac n play? Age wise? Do you need to have a crib? Were having twins and they are our first and super clueless ��

  • Even though you have one of each, I don’t know how you restrained yourself from finding out the gender. I HAD to know. I’m 36w4d with baby girl #3. I’ve been nesting since week 34 lol. I’ve finally gotten everything we’ll need. I have a 2.5yo girl and 4yo boy in a 3 bedroom as well. I’m just reusing a bunch of stuff from my last two baby journeys. I know I’ll have a est 6 pound baby if she comes as scheduled at 39w so I did stock up on 2 cases of nb nappies. I have a huge case of size 1s. Finally got a 2pk of hakka knock offs and they stick very well and I got a little colostrum letdown with them. Definitely taking one to the hospital bc my milk came in late day 2 last time (after a 32w csection!). I bet those things will be hanging off my tits constantly those first couple of wks.

    I have one of those sponge bath inserts. I put it in the cheapo plastic infant tub to make it more comfy and less slippery.

  • I’m a first time mom due in October and I have been so overwhelmed looking at all the different videos of essentials and nursery tours and feeling like I’m not as good of a mom if I don’t have all that other expensive stuff. But this helped me so much with perspective, my baby just wants to be loved and cared for. He won’t notice if he has all this other crap ��❤️

  • I love this video currently pregnant with my second baby and you definitely don’t need to stress about all that extra/expensive stuff ��❤️

  • Copper pearl lol you had said copper and pearl but LOVE them! They have the cutest swaddle and matching hats! Was perfect for hospital pictures ��

  • I’m excited for you, Baby girl! You’re one of my favorites on YT. Best wishes and God bless you as you welcome this new addition❣️ to your family. ��

  • Great advice for first time Moms. I was overwhelmed with my first and everyone insisted I get what they liked. DON’T do that. Follow her advice.

  • ♡ so exciting, having my daughter was definitely the best experience of my life and everyday is another exciting adventure for us ♡

  • I am 38 weeks today, waiting for my little baby girl to arrive, I tought I went overnosrd witt her clothes but you defently got twice as me, lol congratulations

  • Abby, I’m so excited for you and your family, I love that you buy second hand and don’t need a whole bunch of gadgets and gear. So often you see moms with bag loads of stuff and it all looks so cumbersome. Good luck Abby, keeping my fingers crossed that little baba will arrive soon. xxxx

  • Snuggle me is not safe for unsupervised sleeping. Its safe for baby to nap in when supervised not for overnight sleeping it has warnings of this when purchasing online. These warnings should be taken seriously as death is a possible outcome. Not trying to undermine anyone it just scares me to see people buying snuggle me/dockatot instead of bassinets for their babies. Both come with a warning that it is only safe for supervised sleep

  • My first child I got lucky and received EVERYTHING second hand. Only thing was something I received from a church member, she gave me a carseat. When she saw me using it at church she pretty much wailed and screamed in agony.. little did I know, it belonged to her deceased son (non carseat related reason). I felt terrible, she ended up apologizing for scaring me (there was no need, she had every right to feel that way) but I felt bad, although it was all I had so I used it. She liked that I put everything to good use. Very sweet woman. Anyway, that’s my story.

  • Aspyn I suggest you go watch Beauty and the Beastons video on her birth bag she has 2 baby boys and just had a baby girl she knows exaclty what to take!

  • Well, I had my daughter 23 years ago so I’m absolutely no help in reminding you of anything you may have forgotten! Quite amazing to me what’s out there for newborns compared to what was available back then. You are definitely in nesting mode! If the baby has turned will they still have to do a C section?

  • A lot of good advice here especially with getting certain baby stuff used and being more minimalist, but the dock-a-tot and snuggle me pillows are NOT made for sleeping. They are a SIDS/suffocation risk! They are even banned in certain countries like Canada.

  • Oh my goodness! Thank you for this video. I’m 10 wks pregnant today with my 1st child (my husband’s 3rd) & I had barely ANY idea what I was going to need. I like the idea of the pack-N-play, it’s more versatile. As of now we don’t have a nursery & we’re going to have to move. We currently live in a 1bdrm senior apartment, & I don’t think we’ll be able to stay after baby is born. Thank you again for sharing! Blessings to you and your family!!! ��������

  • My daughter is Pregnant and she’s far away, She’s going to have to figure all this out on her own like my Wife and I did with her��

  • You remind me of me during my first pregnancy. I was so overwhelmed with where to put stuff for my first girl. Now that I’m pregnant with my 2nd girl…. I have minimized how much stuff I buy. I suggest buying the drawer organizers off amazon for the drawers on the changing table! Put her mittens, socks, pacifiers, bibs, burp clothes and other small things in there

  • Absolutely love this set up. I kept turning to my boyfriend and saying “Why didn’t we have this or do this?!” First time mom here. But you live and learn. I love these ideas for next baby.

  • This is the most helpful video I’ve seen! You definitely answered so many questions that other videos brought up lol. Thank you for making this video. I’ll definitely be saving it to rewatch again and again!!!

  • From a concerned Mom, I wouldn’t buy a carseat used. The one reason is, if it has been in an auto accident it’s considered damaged by NHTSA. Not eveyone will be honest about everything. I know about the NHTSA laws because my husband and I were rear ended by someone doing 40mph. We had to replace my daughter’s booster seat because of this. The other guy’s insurance paid for the replacement.

  • i work at Bed Bath and Beyond and Buy Buy Baby is our “sister store” and i can honestly say they’re an amazing company and their products are fantastic!! i hope you guys enjoy everything you’ve purchased! i’m so excited for up coming baby vlogs!

  • I bought a beautiful wooden bassinet for my baby who is 9 months old now. It was only $35 from an antique market. Very well taken care of. Best baby purchase I made and I plan on handing it down and keeping it in the family. Corn starch is great for diaper rashes. It took awhile to find that out but I haven’t gone back to desitin or Boudreau’s since. Thanks for sharing and I really enjoy your videos. Good luck with the baby.

  • Eek that is not a bassinet ����‍♀️ I know people have a lot of different opinions, but those snuggle me/dock a tot things are not safe for baby to sleep for long stretches of time or unattended. I love your simple approach though and I definitely plan to go the same route.

  • You are really prepared and organized. Can’t wait for you!!! It’s exciting to follow you and your baby. I look every morning now to see if you went into labor. I wish you the best!!! God is with you!!!

  • Funny question but how do you keep your linen so white on your bed? I want white bedding so bad but I’m so nervous it will get dirty fast!

  • I so agree with you about Baby Magic as the best smelling lotion! I used only Baby Magic on my kids as babies. They are now 22 and 20 years old. One other thing I always recommend to moms is Balmex with zinc bum cream. It is the only diaper rash cream I used after I found none of the others worked well. You’re a great preparer!

  • We are having a boy and I want to decorate and go all out for the nursery sooo bad but we are leaving Hawai’i soon and getting stationed elsewhere so it would be a waste of time.. ��

  • When i had my son i didn’t take a shower at all in the hospital. I couldn’t because i was in so much discomfort whenever i moved. They had me on bed rest for the entire time. So idk if you’re gonna wanna take a shower at the hospital or just wait until you get home but either one is fine. I brought shower shoes with just in case because otherwise you’ll just be barefoot walking around the showers so if i needed them i had them

  • New video sharing some things Parker and I have been doing to prepare for our baby!! Also I messed up the music somehow around 4 minutes, so ignore that ��Don’t forget to leave your hospital bag essentials in the comments if you have had a baby!!

  • Extra pacifiers in the baby basket! Definitely recommended having an area set up (if you plan on breastfeeding) with snacks, your pump, a comfy chair, extra pumping bottles and burp cloths! I spend a lot of time in my little breastfeeding area. Congrats! Can’t wait to see baby gray!

  • I didn’t use shower shoes even though I brought them because when I showered I sat on a bench. The doctors actually made me sit because they didn’t want me getting dizzy and/or sick from the lose of energy and blood.

  • Holy wow! I am watching this at 34 weeks pregnant and you have soooo many 0-3 month clothes!�� I have 10 onesies, 4 pairs of pants, and 6 sleepers!

  • In addition to my last comment lol buy light on your postpartum kit. I bought a ton of overnight heavy pads and honestly didn’t use them. I brought home extra pads from the hospital and the big pads i bought are still in my bathroom never to be used lol

  • Just found out in having my baby girl in ten days! She isn’t due until the middle of September, so I feel like I need to get super ready!!����

  • Thank you so much for this encouraging video!!! As a first time mom at 35 weeks now nesting can seem overwhelming especially in the process of moving but God won’t put more on us than we can bare. Excited to see my babygirl and now gracing myself if her nursery is not ready before she arrives as I hope it can be.

  • This is literally the most REALISTIC video!
    I’m going to have my 1st son in 8 weeks… just bought a used pac n play & set it up exactly like you! ��

  • I used the lounger pillow with my son since he was a preemie and it was absolutely awesome! If he got a cold, he could nap in it during the day and it held him up enough to encouragr him to move around. Worked great for tummy time too!

  • aspyn i recommend witch hazel or organic Aloe Vera to put on pads (put in freezer after) for after birth! it helps with the pain ������

  • Wow I just came across your vidoe right now and I love the part where u show that theres no need for everything. No need to be a consumerist. All the best. With your stomach shape, I think it’s going to be a girl. All the best

  • Love the rocking chair and love your house so beautiful. Cant wait for my little one to arrive I’m due October nervous but excited xx what did you find easier breastfeeding or bottle feeding xx congratulations on your little boy, your daughter is beautiful to xx

  • Snacks! Pillow for you and hubby, sounds extra but it’s worth it since sleeping at the hospital is uncomfortable. A personal fan is a good idea too! I couldn’t sit down while I was having contractions and having a fan blow in my face was a lifesaver ����

  • Throw about ten more sleepers in that basket by your bed. Blowout central �� Also a laundry stain spray is great so as soon as you remove stained clothes you can spray it down so it won’t settle in.

  • Just hit that subscribe button! Happy I found you and this video! I’m due in December with our first, husband and I are waiting to find out gender till birth too!!!! Yay! Love your easy organizing! This helped me and my list for sure.

  • You start breastfeeding when you’re at the hospital and when it’s your first time your nipples get very sore, so you definitely want to bring lanolin cream and cooling pads! These two products saved me during my hospital stay, especially since you mentioned you want to breastfeed. You want the initial experience to be as comfortable for you as possible!

  • Looooove the bassinet. I actually used for my first born the last couple of days the adult diapers for postpartum and it was life changing!!!! Good luck with everything!!!!

  • I doubt you see this now, but I would get more newborn sleepers and such. I had an 8.5 lb baby and she was in newborn for about four weeks and if I had to guess you will probably have a smaller baby than I did bc you are much smaller than me. Anyway, the 0-3 stuff swallowed my girl for a while.

  • Suggestion: bring your own diapers and wipes! I see that you are using honest diapers, which are chlorine and latex free. The hospitals are not! Also, a great alternative to the honest wipes are water wipes which are 99 % water and 1 % aloe! Great for baby and mama. Honest wipes are all natural derivatives but still have so many ingredients your baby might be sensitive and react too! ✨

  • To all the Momma’s who think they aren’t doing as much as Cammie. You are doing perfect! I have three little girls and with my third I literally didn’t have a hospital bag until we were actually going and I packed right before we headed out the door! You all are doing amazing��

  • Due with my second in five weeks. My friend looked at me like I had five heads when I said I wasn’t doing a nursery and that I was using a pack and play… I learned and wasted so much money with my first. I have all my essentials and that is plenty.

  • The Ace Family had made “What’s in their Hospital bag” a while ago, and the video has a lot of great ideas for what to pack. She has also had a kid before so she knew what to pack. Love you!!! ❤️

  • Great video! I’m due in November with our first and I’m starting to think/buy stuff. I’m trying to be smart and realistic about what we need especially as we live in a small space and I kept thinking that I need a cot, when in actual fact a pack n play with the changer will do that job! Thanks for saving me ££££!

  • Hey girl, just a tip, when you put the diapers in the bin next to your bed turn them the other way! It’s super annoying in the middle of the night when you go to grab one and three come out! Just thought I’d share!

  • One thing I would recommend/advice, when your milk supply comes in be careful because it stains clothes. And another thing get ice pads for your vagina because it will be swollen and hurt after you pee for the first week or two. Ice pads were a lifesaver for me. <3 good luck

  • This was so interesting to me. I had my babies in the 1980’s. I didn’t use a third of that stuff and we were fine. I breastfed and we did use cloth diapers. Baby slept with me.

  • I had our baby 2 months early emergency c section with NO HOSPITAL bag packed and I’m telling you….they provide nearly everything! Bring whatever you need to feel comfortable but we showed up with nothing and were totally taken care of:) so don’t stress

  • If you plan on breastfeeding I would definitely recommend putting some extra nipple pads and your nipple cream in the basket on the nightstand as well!

  • You are beautiful and your home is beautiful! You seem like an amazing person. I know you have had your baby by now. I wish you nothing but happiness. I’ve been binging these kind of videos lately but not pregnant yet. I’ve been trying 9 years now with my husband. Yes, I have seen a doctor and know what we need to do now. Please pray I get pregnant very soon! Thank you and God bless to everyone!

  • As an infant teacher, I would recommend pampers instead of honest diapers just because honest diapers aren’t nearly absorbent as pampers or other diapers. Blowouts happen so often in honest!

  • I’m due in 5 weeks and this video was super helpful! The ending almost made me tear up for some reason but then againeverything does right now �� i love your videos!

  • When I had my baby a couple weeks ago, I had only brought like 2 outfits per size. A couple 0-3 mo and a a couple newborn. Plus his outfit to come home in. My baby was 6 lbs 6 oz! He was tiny. I also had to have an emergency c-section so we were there for three days unexpectedly (I hope you don’t have to have that too but it’s just what happened to me). I didn’t have enough clothes for him since the only thing that fit him well was newborn! He was swaddled a lot but we put clothes on him too. So I wished I’d had more onesies to put him in so he didn’t have to be little naked baby or in clothes that were huge on him ����

  • 40 weeks and a day here. No signs baby boy is coming anytime soon. But being my third baby I know hes gonna come fast when hes ready

  • Chapstick! Hospital bag for you and on your night stand for when u get home and nipple cream on night stand! And sleep nursing bras are awesome!

  • My daughter is 5 months old & we literally have so many of the same clothes for them lol �� but your pregnancy has literally flew by!! Also in your basket beside the bed we have always kept one of her bulb aspirators & a&d ointment!

  • I’m about to be a new first time mom and your videos helped me a lot, it’s simple and easy. It really put my mind to ease with what’s coming along.

  • The only things you need new is the carseat and the mattress. (Unless you know the person is clean and hasnt wrecked it). Besides that second hand is the way to go. Facebook marketplace is an awesome place to find things

  • I get not wanting to be an overpacker, but your fawn weekender bag is a good size that doesn’t look like you’re moving your whole house in, maybe start with the essentials and if you have extra room pick your favorite extra itemsthe point is for you to be comfortable and happy and having Parker leave at some point to go get stuff isn’t probably going to help your stress

  • Omg �� you r so ready, I didn’t even have all of that with my first but I think new moms r so far ahead then I was,,, I watch ur video all the time, I have a feeling u may be relocated because hubby new job in the military mum’s the word

  • I’ve been researching on YouTube preparation for a newborn and I have to this is the best video Ive seen yet! I absolutely love your setup, and thank you for your tips and recommendations! As a first time mum I’ll be following suitgreat video and great content! ����

  • This was soooo useful! I felt like a bad mom for going on a budget but it’s needed since he’s going to outgrow majority of these things.

  • I enjoy your video and love how simple you made everything. I also agree on buying things used. I got must of my stuff used and the others was gifted by my cousins from their babies. Some things I got It knew cause I had to move and were I am there is no thrift store around but I tried to get the cheapest and useful ones. Im first time mom with due date in October and trying to make things ease and simple. Thanks for sharing this videos it is so helpful.

  • Now I don’t feel too bad about kicking my in-laws out of their room so we can have a “room”. All I have to spare is a shelf and a corner in the room for the bassinet to go in.

  • Haven’t even went for my first appointment and I’ve been looking at things I need and feel the urge to start buying but I’m waiting for my baby shower. I’m so excited��

  • I’m only 6 weeks but I want as much knowledge as possible before bub gets here! Feel free, for anyone with advise, to message me on Snapchat
    Sammilove666 is my Snapchat.
    Please, any advise is helpful

  • Get a donut pillow to sit on in the car and in chairs, I mean a perineal pillows because they will slice open your vagina and stitch it back up. They had to cut me all the way to my ass. It fucking hurt to go #2. You just can’t sit right. Not trying to be gross just realistic. I was 21 now I’m 25.

    Forget their underwear. You will bleed 4-10 weeks and you need to keep your numbing spray and your water bottle for down there to squirt and clean. Most essential. Make yourself comfortable. The baby will sleep a lot but in short stints. Be as comfortable as you need to be all there for the baby

    Also get a babysitter for the dogs for a few days and slowly introduce.

  • In a lot of hospitals you are not allowed to be barefoot or wear socks without grips on the bottom. So either bring slipper socks (ones with grippies) or slippers. I think slippers are the better option because then you won’t be bringing the germs from the hospital floor into your hospital bed…and it will be easier for you to get your own slippers on and off by yourself.

  • Such great ideas here! My baby is due in 2 weeks, going to clear out my nightstand so I have somewhere to be able to grab nappies and muslins from. Glad I found this video

  • Honestly the natural detergent will probably be better for her than dreft will! I loved this list though, I’m having a girl in July and very excited! I found this helpful ☺️

  • Honest question, not judging her or anyone. But how a person with not that much money can be able to have a newborn when you can’t buy 90% of that stuff? Seriously. I’m struggling cause I wanted to be organized like her and have all the stuff me and my baby need. But I can’t afford all this. What can I do???

  • I absolutely love your video. I’m a first time mom and I had a set up very similar to yours and i feel like a lot of family members would tell me how “extra” i was being. Nooo! I’m being realistic. I’m so glad i did! I ended up having a c section and couldn’t move up and down the stairs every day. Having my set up this way helped sooooooo much.

  • Be patient, you’ve got this. If something feels wrong, don’t do it.. You’ll be fine. The bond between sometimes is there at the beginning. But if not, she will learn to love you as much as you love her. You’ll be a great mom. You just need alittle practice! ����

  • Buying a used car seat can be dangerous. �� You don’t know what condition it’s in or how it’s been used. That being said, I’m really impressed with how organized you are! Thank you for the tips for other future moms!

  • First time mom, and this video helped me so much! I took a lot of things off my registry because it was a little excessive… but thank you so much this help a lot!!❤️

  • Make sure you ask for the postpartum waist band!!!!! They only usually give them to women who have c sections but they help so much for natural births from what I’ve heard. I had A c section.
    I was only in a maternity bra the mesh panties they provide and a robe. I could wear much of anything although.

  • im almost 32 weeks and cant wait to film my prepping for newborn with a toddler in the home video. My son will be 17 months old when we have my daughter on may 1st. I have to have a csection so we know what day she will be here unless she decides to come sooner.

  • Oooh you’ll have to let us know how the Dreft stain remover works. I currently use these all natural bars that I rub on the stain. They are amazing but it would be nice to have some kind of spray on option as well. ��

  • Best of luck with the wonderful joy of labor. I wish I would have known these kinds of things when I had my daughter. BTW Happy mother’s day

  • Newborn clothes all depends how big your baby is lol..mine is 9 and a half weeks and she is still in newborn clothes..I was told that I was going to have a late 8lb baby at my 33 week scan but ended up having to have a scan at 37 weeks and she had stopped growing and was born 6lb 7oz and is only now in the late 8lbs lol.. I was given a baby bath which was handy for her first bath, because we could bathe her in our living room by our fire but I actually haven’t used the bath since, I just take her in the shower with me.. For the hospital I planned to take my own pillow but ended up forgetting it and after an almost 24 hour labour (I had been awake over 36 hours) I was exhausted and I could have been given any pillow and been comfy! I didnt take my own towels, I figured things were going to be a bit messy and was easier for them to launder towels rather than waiting till I got home and doing it myself! As for pads, I had to have an episiotomy so found the big surf board pads comfier and they were kind of a bit of cushioning to sit on with my stitches.. witch hazel on pads I found super soothing and I had some colloidal silver in a spray bottle that I would spray on after I had been to the toilet or after showering which I also found soothing especially when my stitches were really sore! The hospital we were in used the old fashioned cloth diapers which my daughter was really good at soaking through so found that we ran out of outfits pretty fast (one night we went through 4 onesies in just over an hour lol) so we needed quite a few outfits as we we in for 5 days.. Also make sure you take snacks..these were my life saver in hospital! Also coconut oil for you and baby! Can be used as a nipple cream and I used mine as a moisturiser for baby as the air conditioning made her skin crack really badly! Coconut oil is also fantastic if using cloth wipes, cleans poop off sooooo easily! It has been my life saver! Anyway good luck with your birth! Cant wait for your little one to come along!:)

  • I put my baby in cute onesies in the hospital. My favourite part of every morning is dressing my baby and choosing her outfit! Baby clothes are just so cute!

  • If you have a cost co or sams membership definitely check to see if they have baby wipes. Buying in bulk is key when you have kids because it gets expensive

  • Can’t believe your already getting ready for baby’s arrival! You should do the baby momma dance video and pre pregnancy clothes try on challenge video before you pop!