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FULL DAY WITH GESTATIONAL DIABETES | Meals + Blood sugar testing

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What I ate Gestational Diabetes

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Bedtime Snack For Gestational Diabetes (for good blood sugar levels)

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What I ate | Gestational Diabetes | 34 Weeks Pregnant | Glucose Checks | Vegetarian

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A few options you can try include: 8  Carrots with hummus Celery sticks or apple slices with peanut butter 1/4 cup of cottage cheese with 1/2 cup of fresh fruit 1/4 cup of dried fruit and nut mix (avoid trail mixes with candy pieces) A hard-boiled egg 3 cups of light popcorn 5 whole-wheat crackers. Our healthy egg salad, low carb vegan tuna salad, and diabetic taco recipe (can be eaten at any temperature) are great make-ahead lunches that will help you meal plan for the week. Since the carb allowance for lunch with gestational diabetes is normally 30 to 40 carbs, each recipe includes the portion size and carb count.

Gestational Diabetes Recipes. Parmesan Eggplant Pasta. This lightened-up version of the classic eggplant pasta dish swaps out some of the cheese and uses protein-rich lentil pasta. Farro Salad with Arugula, Artichokes & Pistachios.

Breakfast Salad with Egg & Salsa Verde Vinaigrette. Grilled. In the meantime, until you see your nutritionist, check out common carb counts for each meal and learn more about the gestational diabetes diet. As for your glucose levels, almost always your doctor will want your fasting blood sugar to be 90 or below, your 1 hour post meal glucose at 130 or below, and your 2 hour post meal glucose at 120 or below. Green Beans and Wild Rice with Sesame Ginger Salmon Mix together rice vinegar, soy sauce, ginger, sesame oil, and onion powder to brush over the salmon before baking it.

Saute some zucchini and asparagus ribbons and cook rice for the rest of the family. Gestational diabetes meal plan and recipe ideas When planning each gestational diabetes-friendly meal, keep that balance in mind. “I typically recommend that each meal should contain some protein, healthy fat, carbohydrate and non-starchy vegetable,” Tracy suggests. Meal ideas for lunch and dinner can be: Turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread with sliced apple, fresh cauliflower and 1 cup of milk Vegetable salad with chicken, black beans, diced pear, shredded cheese and a small amount of salad dressing, along with whole grain crackers Fish tacos, pinto beans, salsa, diced mango and 1 cup of milk.

Chicken tamales. Chicken with braised pineapple. Chipotle spiced shrimp. Cinnamon French toast.

Citrus seared salmon. Corn tamales with avocado-tomatillo salsa. Cracked wheat chili.

Creamy beef enchiladas. Creamy cheesy macaroni. Take the time to plan before you shop, then stock your kitchen so everything you need for a quick meal is on hand. A great, additional resource is our cookbook, Quick & Healthy Recipes, Volume II, designed for busy people with little time to cook and health goals at the forefront. Meal and Snack Ideas for Gestational Diabetes Breakfast Ideas for Gestational Diabetes.

Breakfast was the hardest meal for me because so many breakfast foods are high in carbs. My biggest craving when I was pregnant with my first baby was anything that fell into that high carb, breakfast food.

List of related literature:

Diet recommendations are individualized during pregnancy in a woman with diabetes.

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To improve insulin sensitivity and reduce the risk of infant macrosomia, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends spreading snacks and meals across the day, a healthy diet, self­monitoring of glucose and urinary ketones, and exercise (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, 2001).

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Other challenge is to do long-term randomized trial to find out the most effective food pattern that is ideal for pregnancy with diabetes.

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Treatments for gestational diabetes and impaired glucose tolerance in pregnancy.

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Ask your doctor to recommend a registered dietician who has experience in gestational diabetes, contact your hospital for a referral, or speak to someone from your local chapter of the British Dietetic Association or the British Diabetic Association.

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Dietary therapy for gestational diabetes: how long is long enough?

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Calories are distributed over the course of the day as follows: 10% for breakfast, 30% for lunch, 30% for dinner, and 30% for snacks.47 Like for women with gestational diabetes, exercise may be beneficial for pregnant patients with type 2 diabetes.

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• Gestational diabetics truly compliant with their diets gain little or no weight during pregnancy and may

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Search the Internet for different recipes and their nutritional exchanges for diabetics.

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  • Nice video. But my wifes physician suggested that sugar level check for pregnent women is better to check after 1hour of food intake.

  • I’m gonna have to try the eggs with toast! That looked good.. I have a question. Has taking the medication helped you with your morning sugars? And do you feel ok with the medication? My numbers were bad in the a.m and then good and now no matter what I do my a.m. sugars are high. So I’m pretty sure the dr. Will have me get on some kind of medication.

  • Have you started doing the insulin shot right after you found out that you have gestational diabetes or how did you do it? After I did my glucose tolerance test, I’ve been asked by my doctor to go on a diet where to have 95mg/dL in the morning, 140 mg/dL an hour later after I had my meal and 120mg/dL after 2 hours and if my sugar was still high to go on insulin shots.

  • Hi Dancee. I’m 28 weeks. Facing restless syndrome at night…. my feet become tingly, numb, creepy crawly.. unable to sleep.. Is that something you’ve dealt with? Any tips?

  • Im so excited for you!!!!!!! Did you get my question about the IV in moms hand? If not I will ask again. So in like movies, tv shows, and even in commercials, how come mom has an IV in her hand and not her arm, like for surgery?? like what if you wanna switch hands with your partner during labor, and you cant cuz of the IV in moms hand?? just curious. Have a nice day. Stay safe.

  • Holy crap… I was diagnosed with postpartum preeclampsia after I delivered my baby, so I had to monitor my blood pressure 3x a day for 2 weeks after I came home from the hospital. And I thought that was rough…!! I can’t believe you had to do all of this!

  • Just got diagnosed today with GDM (I failed the 1 hour test so hard it was an automatic diagnosis)…..your video have helped me not completely panic! Thank you!!! Hope you are your little are doing well ��

  • I just found out I have GD and I feel like this video put me at ease in some way because it was very to the point but as detailed as I needed it to be if that makes sense lol. I’ve yet to go to the diet place and get my sugar levels checking thing…

  • Your breakfast looked delicious!!! I know that chicken rice is bad but it’s quick and easy. Always at my house. �� Your baby bump is adorable!! ��

  • Your video is so helpful! I’m kind of freaking out because I failed my one hour so I jumped on YouTube to mentally prepare myself and educate myself in case of the 3 hour test goes bad.

  • I had gd in the first pregnancy and ended up having pre-diabetes. I’m asian and have family history of Diabetes. However, I am trying my best to prepare my body for my second pregnancy. I want to start on a healthy diet and came across your video. It is really great guidance to try something at least and hopefully it works for me.
    I have a qn, I want to know if Materna increases BS levels and what is the best time to take Materna. Thank you.

  • Hi mam IAM Ayesha from India, IAM 8month pregnant and I daignosed by gestational diabetic,can u plssss help us which we can have in indain food, because we don’t know have this type of foods in India plsss

  • Hey there, you had commented on my video about the rice noodle dinner I recently made. I wanted to mention, that if you do end up trying it I would highly suggest that you avoid using the spinach. After eating that I ended up dealing with some serious gas pain and bloating for the next couple days. I never had that issue with that meal prior to pregnancy, but as it goes pregnancy makes it harder to digest things!

  • Thanks for sharing this I am 35 weeks today and have Gestational diabetes too. I am always looking for different meals and snack ideas! I wish you the best with your labor and delivery <3

  • I feel so sorry for you mama.. Im recently diagnosed and waiting for my appt to see a dietician. I’m praying I wouldnt have to do this much but your video was very positive and i loved it.. thank you

  • Thanks for sharing! I have to get on a GD diet. Not looking forward to it since I already have to take blood thinner shots twice a day and now check my sugar 4x a day. But I love seeing what others are eating to give me ideas.

  • Hi.. can you help me in my bedtime snacks i took 1 small apple with peanut butter my fasting number is 97. So can you suggest me what i have to add with this for reducing less tha number to 95

  • I am so afraid of the blood finger sticks. Omg waiting for the next doctor appointment where they are gonna decide how should i proceed and give me this device that looks so so scary omg

  • I wasn’t as adventurous as you when I had GD. I felt like I didn’t even want to think about the numbers so I just ate lots and lots of protein lol! Good for you though, now I’m hungry haha

  • This was very informative, I’m just starting out with meal planning and I’m hoping I’m doing it right. Now i noticed you would subtract the fiber from the carbs and then have a lower carb intake. Why is that? Should I be doing that too?

  • Thank you for this video this is my third baby 16 weeks and 5 days and I have gestational diabities again and have forgotten what worked for me 2 years ago �� so this video is very helpful

  • Hi lovely video. I have GD as well, but with insulin before meals and 1 late night before the snack before bed.(1 week on insulin and stlll a disaster) Just a consultation, but i noticed that your lunch and dinner have no carbs? The only carbs I could notice are for breakfast and snacks. Im trying to regulate my sugar levels ( still no success):( and I have surely more carbs prescribed for breakfast (48 g)??? and they are surely not doing me well.( i have 48g for breakfast, 60g for lunch, and 36g for dinner, with 3 x 12 g carbs for snacks). Now seeing your way of eating I can say that my doctor gave me way too much carbs and I will try your way of eating just because this way is not helping my sugar level to go down. I noticed when i have snacks ( max 12 g per snack) my sugar lvl are just fine. But when i have a full meal with a carb like prescribed its a disaster. Thank you so much for the video and the ideas. I hope I will find my ground with all this and have healthy sugar levels in the future.

  • Hi, what would you have with strawberries? I notice there is no milk or cream in the bedtime snacks. Would whipped cream with a bit of stevia pair well with the strawberries? thanks!

  • My goodness! Being pregnant is already uncomfortable. But having to chart so carefully and pricking yourself 7 times a day! But in the end it’s worth it when baby is healthy!!

  • I’ve been so stressed about my diagnosisthis channel and your calm demeanor are excellent. THANK YOU! I look forward to joining your fb group and binge watching all your videos! Keep it up!

  • Hello I am in 4th month of my pregnancy my doctor advise me not to eat sugar,rice,potatoes and refine flour. I can’t understand how can I maintain my dite please help me please send me proper dite chart please please please

  • Toasted Pb&J yummy! Never tried it toasted before. Definitely going to try it. I thought dinner looked tasty tbh ��. Love crackers and cheese! Hope all is going good ����

  • Awesome tips! These are great even for us postpartum mamas:) I’m about to grab a bedtime snack right now. Maybe I’ll have some Mary’s crackers and hummus ��

  • Thanks for posting this! I’m 36 weeks and 5 days and have been diagnosed with GD since 32 weeks. I am looking forward to seeing your different meal and snack ideas!

  • Thanks for this…I failed my 1hr, threw up 30 mins into my 3hr and instead of repeating the test they’re just making me go to the diabetic counselor which sucks, because I’ve monitoring my sugars on my own and I believe I would have passed the 3hr.

  • I want a pancake! I was wondering if i could maybe push the boundaries n walk it off.looks like maybe u can.and i was afraid to have rice

  • Why do you have to take insulin when your sugar is pretty much manageable? Or is it that way coz you have insulin to help you out. Coz in my case, i was told to monitor my blod sugar for 3 straight days to which meal it usually spikes, but with my diet I have been able to keep my blood below 120.

  • Thank you for this, I’m 29 weeks and was just diagnosed a couple hours ago. Thank you for this video. I have to make appointment with dietician and Maternal Fetal Medicine tomorrow ��. Do you start the 2hr timer at the beginning of your meal, or once you finish your meal? Also where did you buy the Simply Protein snack from? Thank you again

  • Thank you for showing your day-to-day. Just diagnosed with gestational diabetes and trying to figure a routine and meals to help me. Day 1 breakfast and lunch I tested just a little over 140 for my 1hr. So I just need to find a better balance.

  • I just found out I have gestational diabetes at 27 weeks. Yet to have the appointment with a nutritionist but I hope your meal plan works for me, everything looks great!

  • So what is considered a snack or lunch? Because sometimes I have cravings for a taco after eating my “lunch”or just because of the times?? And then would have 2 tacos for dinner with a fruit.

  • Thank you for this! I failed my 1 hour glucose, going in for my 3 hour tomorrow. I’ve been watching a ton of YouTube videos to keep myself educated just in case!

  • This is a great, comprehensive video on a GD diet, thank you! I wasn’t diagnosed but wanted to adapt a diet close to this one just so I could keep my weight in check during pregnancy. This was really useful. Cheers

  • Did your diabetes go away after delivery? How much did your baby weight? I’m 32 weeks pregnant and was diagnosed with GD… I refused insulin injections and instead started a low carb diet which has worked great for me, my blood glucose levels are perfect now!

  • Thank you for this video! I did exactly like you said, jumped right to YouTube!! Haha
    I just got diagnosed and am so nervous but you gave me some ideas for foods I can eat as well as how often to test. I’m hoping I don’t need insulin… I’m already getting shots for progesterone. I’m sick of needles!! ��

  • I want to thank you I have followed alot of your recommendations and in a week have gotten my sugar under control to where the OBGYN says no meds needed at this time:) namaste

  • Very informative. Thank you for giving the max values along with yours. Fasting glucose below 60 will usually result in hypoglycemia symptoms. Have you had that occur in between meals or after a meal? Could symptoms of hypoglycemia occur at a level higher than 60 after a meal? For someone newly diagnosed with gestational diabetes who jumps right into a well controlled diet I would imagine there is an adjustment period.

  • Do you know if the doctor suggests induction of labour at 38-39 weeks even if you are not taking any insulin and blood sugars are well controlled?

  • For your lunch, dinner where ur allowed to have 45gms of carbs, how much carbs does your meals had? Cz i didnt see any breads or source of carbs

  • Hi I’m aware this video is quite old so I’m not sure if you will reply but if you could that will be great.
    I’m not pregnant however I have been having low blood sugar readings in the morning time, about 9-10am.
    I am vegan and have started having a morning snack at 10am which is smoothie made or soya milk, oats and a date. I also have a big ish breakfast either of 3 wheat biscuits with soya milk and strawberries or oats with yoghurt and strawberries. I’d normally have breakfast at 8:10am and then my snack at 10am. Do you know why my blood sugars dip at this time? Or can you recommend anything I could add to breakfast or morning snack to make my blood sugars more stable and better?
    I hope you are able to reply soon, thanks xx

  • Thanks for the video! Been researching as I’m just beginning the gestational diabetes life. I’m glad to have found your video because I’m having to take insulin for my fasting blood sugar to regulate. You’re the first video I could find that I related most to!

  • Instead of making this more understandable you are making it more confusing with all that math talk. I’ve seen some of your vids to gain more knowledge but they’re just too technical.

  • Thanks for this video! I haven’t been able to get my fasting numbers down and I definitely don’t want to check myself 7 times a day! 4 is enough ��

  • Very informative!! I’ve looked up videos about this and most are very numbers based and a lot of medical terms that are overwhelming.

  • If mother has GD or diabetic T2,what about the baby,does she also will be diabetic,how could mom cure her baby from this disease plz reply im worried:(

  • New subbie!!i enjoyed watching you prepare every meal. Thanks for showing some love on my channel. Great food idea and I’ve inky just discovered having pop corn as a snack. I’ve got more of a sweet tooth ������ but obviously now I don’t have a choice. Ohh we’re on this journey together, good luck and I’ll be following your every step ��

  • This was very helpful yet overwhelming to put in a routine where I work 12 hours/day. You were very good at explaining your meals and guidelines. Thank you so much!

  • Jessica, wow, this video is SUPER helpful! So full of awesome info! Thank you for sharing. I’ll be sure to share it with others!!

  • I just want to say I am sorry you had to go through this
    I got diagnosed again and I am bummed,I hate checking my sugars and my O.B has mentioned insulin which freaked me out.The things we do for our kids.Oh and you look beautiful pregnant.

  • Hey! I just got diagnosed with gestational diabetes and it’s seriously freaking me out. I wanted to know, how did you measure your carb and sugar intake for lunch and dinner? And also unpackaged snacks.

  • Wonderful video, very informative and loaded with great meal ideas. Thanks for sharing. I was diagnosed with GD with my first now with my third I have been sent back to the Clinic for monitoring even though I have no GD now I’m 14 weeks pregnant.

  • I’m 13 weeks and I got diagnosed with pre gestational diabetes. I track my sugar but I find that after fasting my sugar is severely high do you have any tips for that???? I don’t eat after 10 pm.

  • Hi Jo, Glad I found your video. You made it look like it’s pretty easy to control blood sugar.I got diagnosed with GDM today, I was wondering if you were allowed to drink Milk like Anmum? Or do you just drink plenty of water. I just turned 28weeks and really hoping to get my blood sugar down. I would have to remove my rice, bread and extra stuff and eat just like you.
    Thank u

  • I guess a year after but im watching lol
    I wish my dietician ask me to test like that �� i wonder is everyone is different. im currently pregnant and I test:
    1when I wake up
    2one hour after breakfast
    3one hour after lunch
    4one hour after dinner �� so overwhelming so far im doing great but im over it ��

  • Thank you for this video I really enjoyed it and it was very helpful..I am nearly 17 weeks with my third baby and found out yesterday I have gestational diabities again. But I think it’s a blessing in a way because it’s forcing me to eat very very healthy again and will be better for me and bub in the long run

  • Have you ever experienced +10 or +15 than the border in the blood sugar value in a day? Did the doctor suggest you to take insulin?

  • Oh my gosh did you do this every day?!
    This seems so annoying I forget to take my prenatals for days so imagine me trying to keep track of this schedule ��