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The older female patients were, the more likely they were to see male doctors. As for men, they favored male doctors from the post-college years through the golden years, and their same-gender preference increased with age too. The only age group where male and female patients both favored female doctors was patients 19 and younger.

While many women do have gender preference in their doctors or midwives, a study done by the American College of OB/GYNs (ACOG) says that most women don’t have a preference in a man or woman. That said, it remains a fact that women will continue to choose their doctors and other practitioners based on a variety. Patients’ gender preferences for medical care are a factor that we all know exists yet most physicians prefer to ignore it in daily practice hoping that modern medicine is gender neutral. Forty plus years ago when I started in medicine this wasn’t a consideration. Nearly all physicians were men and nurses were.

A near-equal number (44%) of women said that they had no preference between a male doctor or a female one. Almost a quarter of men (23%) said they prefer a male doctor, while only 6% of women agreed. The most common answer for men was “no preference,” with 58% choosing this answer. The gender identity question also includes options for people who have a non-binary gender identity (people who do not identify as male or female). In addition to collecting SO/GI data, asking patients to include the name they want their providers to use as well as the correct pronouns to use is also recommended by leading.

I have a strong preference toward male doctors, OBGYNs included. Purely from my own experiences, I just found the male ones to be more relaxed and sympathetic whereas women have come across as short tempered know-it-alls. However if you feel very strongly about needing it to be a female doctor then.

If gender bias (or lack thereof) were the most important factor in physician selection for patients seeking obstetric and gynecologic care, approximately 6% of patients would seek care only from men, 27%, only from women, and the remainder, who indicate no gender preference, would be divided randomly between providers of both sexes. Aspects of a patient’s history like sexual practices, gender-related surgery, identification, or plans for self-treatment, are all part of the larger picture of the patient’s life and health. Modern medicine is assumed to be gender neutral, that is providers, nurses and assistants are equally able to offer their services to all comers no matter the genders involved. It is a tenet.

Given masculinity is associated with gender bias (Kilianski, 2003), we theorize that this may prompt preference for male doctors if masculine men believe that women make less competent doctors (Studies 1 and 2).

List of related literature:

Conversely, even though the patient presents at the time as male, the patient may request the nurse to use female pronouns (she, her, hers) because the patient identifies with a female gender identity.

“Medical-Surgical Nursing: Patient-Centered Collaborative Care, Single Volume” by Donna D. Ignatavicius, M. Linda Workman, PhD, RN, FAAN
from Medical-Surgical Nursing: Patient-Centered Collaborative Care, Single Volume
by Donna D. Ignatavicius, M. Linda Workman, PhD, RN, FAAN
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2015

In an intriguing study on patients’ preferences of one gender physician over another, nearly 90% of patients had no gender preference regarding routine medical visits.

“Ethics & Issues In Contemporary Nursing E-Book” by Margaret A Burkhardt, Alvita K Nathaniel
from Ethics & Issues In Contemporary Nursing E-Book
by Margaret A Burkhardt, Alvita K Nathaniel
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Female and male doctors, however, tend to specialize in certain gender-typical disciplines.

“Gender Roles” by Janice W. Lee, Amie M. Ashcraft
from Gender Roles
by Janice W. Lee, Amie M. Ashcraft
Nova Biomedical Books, 2005

In those cases, doctors do treat gender as a biological given.

“Women, Science, and Technology: A Reader in Feminist Science Studies” by Mary Wyer, Mary Wyer, Donna Giesman, Mary Barbercheck, Hatice Ozturk, Marta Wayne, Donna Cookmeyer, Donna Giesman, Mary Barbercheck, Hatice Ozturk, Marta Wayne
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In major medical centers, the medical teams that are involved in assigning gender may include the original referring doctor, an obstetrician, a pediatric surgeon, a geneticist, and a pediatric endocrinologist.

“Encyclopedia of Disability” by Gary L Albrecht, Sharon L. Snyder, Thomson Gale (Firm), Jerome Bickenbach, David T. Mitchell, Sage Publications, Walton O. Schalick, III
from Encyclopedia of Disability
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As is true in the other health professions, patients may have gender preferences for nurses.

“Encyclopedia of Women's Health” by Sana Loue, Martha Sajatovic
from Encyclopedia of Women’s Health
by Sana Loue, Martha Sajatovic
Springer US, 2004

Everyone involved should be sensitive to patients’ preferences regarding the gender of the examining doctor.

“Medical Ethics Today: The BMA's Handbook of Ethics and Law” by British Medical Association
from Medical Ethics Today: The BMA’s Handbook of Ethics and Law
by British Medical Association
Wiley, 2012

Nor was their choice limited to regular male doctors.

“Disorderly Conduct: Visions of Gender in Victorian America” by Carroll Smith-Rosenberg
from Disorderly Conduct: Visions of Gender in Victorian America
by Carroll Smith-Rosenberg
Oxford University Press, 1986

In general, however, female patients prefer female doctors, and male patients often feel more comfortable with male doctors.

“Mosby's Pocket Guide to Cultural Health Assessment E-Book” by Carolyn D'Avanzo
from Mosby’s Pocket Guide to Cultural Health Assessment E-Book
by Carolyn D’Avanzo
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After an extensive examination of the child’s anatomy and an in-depth conversation about sexual anatomy and gender identity, the parents and physicians can then decide which gender assignment makes the most sense.

“Hermaphrodites and the Medical Invention of Sex” by Alice Domurat DREGER
from Hermaphrodites and the Medical Invention of Sex
by Alice Domurat DREGER
Harvard University Press, 1998

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  • What if a mother and family want a Male child and she is caring the one. Can she still face hard time with preference pressure and preterm delivery.

  • Put more text on the screen please. Some of us read many times faster than you speak, and skipping is how we cope with the entire universe being in slow-motion.

  • The thing is, this is not a “system”, it’s not “new”, and no-one is forcing it. People have just started to 1) acknowledge it and 2) accept it. Celebrate, even. The “use” gained from this kind of acceptance is astronomical for trans people (look at the datasuicide rate, murder rate, so, so much), and frankly heavily outweighs any mild discomfort on other people’s behalf, who don’t actually know what they’re scared of. The catagories never fit us properly, they were assumptions pushed on us based on our biological sex, so of course people are finally analysing gender for the spectrum it is, and acknowledging where they feel best on that spectrum.

    To be honest, if you’ve never experienced gender dysphoria, you may voice your opinion, but it’s very Bold of you to assume that opinion is accurate… Especially if you don’t even try to get educated or listen to trans people.:)

  • I need to ask a question to sister Shivani that i shall be very thankful if she say something (in her opinion obviously) about transgender or homosexual people and also about their behavior or sexual preferences

  • Mam apki aaj ki conversation ka solution kya hai…kya kre mother agr sbse jyada usi ke mind me ye qusn aste ho to…plz help me…I really lv my baby…but ye ek stress bn rha h mere liye…plz plz reply

  • I feel like gender roles were established for a reason. I’m not saying women have to stay home or anything like that. But like. masculinity and femininity should be good things.There are two sexes for a reason.

  • Dr Drew’s daughter just wants to let everyone know she’s thinking about the non binary people and all those victims… the virtue signalling is strong with this one. I’m cringing every time she refutes science by starting her sentence with “I feel”

    She thinks the biggest problem with feminism is capitalism ruining it. This is what it looks like when someone’s brain has been marinating in nonsense woke orthodoxy for years.

    She was brought up in California as an overly priveleged white girl who has experienced zero adversity in her life, so this is hardly surprising.

  • Altering Language in favor of like the 1%
    And experimenting with children

  • How is gender a social cue? A modern person supposedly treats both genders the same. Cues about with sex we are informs us about sexual attraction. So gender is a social construct. We need to tolerant of people who don’t follow the construct we adhere to. So… Don’t target males in dresses. Don’t force people to confirm to an image u have of urself that doesn’t translate into a socially recognizable entity. So if u want to be addressed as they it’s a favor u can ask but not demand.

  • 1:23 Yes, men and women’s brains are in fact different, and guess what? Trans men have the brains of men, and trans women have the brains of women. Why? Because according to modern science, trans men are men, and trans women are women. It is infact Prager-U and other transphobic propagandists who are antiscientific. If you want proof that Prager-U dont give a damn about science, look no further than this video: McGuire says herself, that no amount of peer-reviewed scientific papers can change her view ( 1:28) so go figure… If you actually want to help trans people, and protect their dignity, listen to them. Listen to science. Stop listening to antiscientific, hypocritical propaganda.

    Beyond that he wastes a lot of time talking about feminine men and masculine women and being a member of a group.

  • I feel sad for Dr. Drew. He has to try to build up his lazy daughter on his shows so that she is able to get an actual paid gig and stop living off of his money.

  • I put a lot of time effort and love into harassing women and breaking them. I don’t like to be teased on the internet and am unable to accept any responsibility for harming others.
    K nice vid

  • Peterson is viewed as a legitimate psychology researcher with highly contestable views on sex and gender? He seems to take psychological personality and social etiquette (from a sociological perspective which he likely hardly understands) and declares that those produce sex = gender. I cannot think of a more poorly constructed argument that oversimplifies sex and gender.

  • Is still funny to watch them sht on men in the end.. Okay then. All the iq studies show that after 16 boys have an advantage. The variability claim was based on kids 9-16yo. Of course at a younger age girls will have an advantage. But those studies also show boys have an advantage after 16.

    So. Have fun with that reality.

  • Men and women have different brain structures. But, trans males have the same brain structure of a male and the same for a trans female. That is what I heard. I’m not sure if it’s true.
    Demi boy and girls aren’t an actual thing. It was apparently made from some game I believe.
    Yes, men and women are different in terms of physiology. Having mixed gender fights is not a good idea.
    Please don’t attack me, I’m here to learn.

  • How do people agree that actions are are created through social associations and agree that the actions of people is gender, yet do not see that gender is created through social associations: gender is not the biological construct we are born with, neither is one’s actions both are creations of society.

    It’s not dangerous to say there is no gender, but it is dangerous to enforce gender because you would be teaching people to treat each other differently. This displays that people are not equal in a personal and intellectual way.
    Someone with a penis pulls out a chair for someone who has a vergina why?
    People are trying to move on from stereotypes because they are dangerous don’t stop them because you disagree.
    Gender is a sexes veiw of how people should or should not act.

  • This infinite gender thing just made every one an individual again. I just want to know when I can pick my race, age, minimum wage, nose, etc…..

  • I guess if you can’t even talk about TG without getting your comment censored there must be something they are trying to hide in the research. The comment wasn’t hateful, transphobic or incorrect.

  • Jewish Talmud actually recognizes 6 Different Genders. Check them out. It helps things we deal with today make sense.
    1. Zachar/זָכָר: This term is derived from the word for a pointy sword and refers to a phallus. It is usually translated as “male” in English.

    2. Nekeivah/נְקֵבָה: This term is derived from the word for a crevice and probably refers to a vaginal opening. It is usually translated as “female” in English.

    3. Androgynos/אַנְדְּרוֹגִינוֹס: A person who has both “male” and “female” sexual characteristics. 149 references in Mishna and Talmud (1st-8th Centuries CE); 350 in classical midrash and Jewish law codes (2nd -16th Centuries CE).

    4. Tumtum/ טֻומְטוּם A person whose sexual characteristics are indeterminate or obscured. 181 references in Mishna and Talmud; 335 in classical midrash and Jewish law codes.

    5. Ay’lonit/איילונית: A person who is identified as “female” at birth but develops “male” characteristics at puberty and is infertile. 80 references in Mishna and Talmud; 40 in classical midrash and Jewish law codes.

    6. Saris/סריס: A person who is identified as “male” at birth but develops “female” characteristics as puberty and/or is lacking a penis. A saris can be “naturally” a saris (saris hamah), or become one through human intervention (saris adam). 156 references in mishna and Talmud; 379 in classical midrash and Jewish law codes.

  • There are more than 2 sexes let alone genders. Both are spectrums so there is no point in pointing out how many there are. Plus just because it s confusing does not mean it is bs. Human behavior did not evolve to be understandable or just evolved.

  • Here’s the thing. Sex and Gender aren’t the same thing, because sex is biological and gender is a social construct. However. This means that details about gender such as whether it’s a binary or not are decided by culture at large, not by the individual. If the mechanics of a society are built around a binary definition of gender, then by its very nature gender is binary. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

  • I wish I could have him help me come to terms with myself. Dysphoria is killing me. I dont think transitioning would help me but I want to die the way I am now. Each waking moment of my life is unbearable, at this point I’d be open to shock therapy. I wish to be evaluated because I think I have a plethora of other disorders that make my dysphoria so magnified.

  • I identify myself as a torpedo and I’ sexually attracted to cars. Is there any problem you insensitive, homophobic whatever? I like cars, and I was born from two major torpedos, please respect me.

  • The reason we aren’t trying to feminize men, is probably due to what would happen if we did that in the west and entities like Russia, China, the Muslim world didn’t.

  • Peterson is correct that sex correlates with gender but to operate based off assumptions from correlational data is widely considered to be reckless. So gendering attributes is generally correct, but with the sheer number of attributes that exist is statistically probable that you will not line up completely with your gender identity.

  • I’ll explain why:
    I am a trans woman, that means I was born male but identify as female. The first question you ask is why, and I’ll tell you, gender dysphoria. It physically hurts to have the body of a male, it sucks, and I hate it, it makes me depressed. I can fix it by transitioning. Those at PragerU and other people says I shouldn’t, and openly say they hate me for this. Therefore, trans people speak up in order to feel better and get people to listen, but it doesn’t work. Why? Because people won’t change, that’s why.

  • Every podcast that debra is on, she always has this look of death. That very specific Asian look of death pissed off, angry bitter

  • well well well…how the mighty have fallen…from doing shows with thousands of listeners….to 50? 80? listeners, some may still be in diapers lmao ��������������good job Dr Drew ❤️��also sweet old lady helping produce the show❤️��PS tell Christina P she’s looking great don’t lose a pound

  • It is ok for stephen hawking fight with Taylor Swift. So that mean Stephens beat Taylor Swift he wil go to behind the bar. And Taylor Swift beat Stephen Hawkeye she is ok.

  • Literally, I have come to think that when someone made the statement they are “non binary” this means that they are signaling to others that they express rage and bigotry(defined as intolerance of the differences in others) and offense at opposing view points to any belief they hold, not just those that pertain to sex…It was a very interesting podcast…great job

  • I am transgender and agree with almost everything he said. I just want to live my life in peace and blend into society, stop putting us on a platform, stop using our situation as a basis for non binary philosophy, take us out of politics, just let us be.

    Oh, lots of transgender women are beautiful though, you just don’t know they are transgender because they pass and are stealth. What you see as transgender is only those who don’t pass, so your lens is biased.

  • Well sports shouldn’t be gender segregated but they sure should be body frame segregated…and no one should hit anyone regardless of gender….if we are gonna judge strength then let’s judge strength not from gender but from strength, since that is the sure way to get it right.

  • Ah man, They never fail to cringe. ����
    Prager U = university for namesake and an alt-right, fascist propaganda machine for all sake.

  • Every authority I have heard so far are stuck in mud. It’s the blind leading the blind. It is egotistic pride that mucks things up. To me it is sickening. The egotist operates with 1/2 a brain. Will not listen to its other half that it has confined to its subconscious. To me it is gendered schizophrenia. I feel saddened by this part of the human condition.

  • I find that people mistake their personality for gender. And yes gender is the same thing as sex because that is how it has always been defined.

  • Every time one of this video is made we add 5 more genders just to piss conservatives off, you complain, great we got more genders now, you’re continuing to complain, thanks you’re adding so much diversity in our community.


  • I do not want to scroll down the comments, but I’m sure someone has made this critic: “yeah, like women do not want to have sex/casual sex”
    And, of course, THIS IS A STUPID COMMENT
    Because it isn’t in accordance with what the video said!
    The video said “to be more of a woman, a woman has to be more like a man, she HAS TO WANT CASUAL SEX”. This is the problem, that she HAS TO want it, even when she would not. The video is not saying women do not want casual sex, it says they do not want it so often like they should if they want to be “modern women”

  • reminds me of a scene from Life of Brian, where one of the lefty radicals in the Peoples Front of Judea demands his right to have babies.

  • Ok your first statement is invalid because if that happen between a male on male or woman on male there would be the same out come.

  • I know no one asked but I was about eight or nine at the time. I decided it would be a good idea to go down some stairs on my bike. Ended up hitting my private parts (I’m a girl-) on the metal bar that connects the handle bars to the bike seat and it was PAINFUL. It was so painful, i ended up being taken to hospital because i thought it might have been cut or something like that. I got there and i asked my mum if it was a man or woman that was going to be examining me. My mum assured me it was going to be a lady. Ended up getting examined by an older man and i was never more embarrassed in my entire life. I wouldn’t speak to my mum for a while after that:)

  • My 4 yo grandson LOVES to have his nails painted and plays with dolls. He also plays with trucks and in mud puddles and LOVES rough housing with his friends. HE IS A BOY/MALE! This is NOT “difficult” to discuss….it’s plain and simple….THERE ARE BOYS AND THERE ARE GIRLS. PERIOD! A BOY CAN NEVER BE A REAL GIRL AND A GIRL CAN NEVER BE A REAL BOY! Are there people born who’s gentiles are malformed? Yes, and they are RARE! Are there “mutations” in XX/XY…yes, there are…dare I call them “defects”…yes, I dare! They are NOT THE NORM!

  • Binary= relating to, composed of or involving two things
    Non binary= does not fall into either of the two (no more, no less) possible genders
    Either there are TWO genders, or non binary literaly cant be a real thing…so which one are the gender identity people lying about?��

  • Beginning to see Peterson as someone who constantly mentions research and data, but never mentions anything. I guess just accept his word because he is an authoritative. Lol Authoritive Fragility?

  • If you have a penis you are male if ur trans ur still male till it’s gone and the reverse is true i don’t get how people thing ignoring things makes them go away

  • End of genders? Hmmmmm
    I believe any masters obtained, should be taken away. Their is man and their is woman.
    The end. We can literally move on
    To change oneself does not change what is factually and scientifically proven. As any person who is going through struggle with their sex…just by you being alive with that issues, is proof gender exists. Or else how can or want to change it.
    And be factually correct. Any person who changes their sex, 99 percent commit suicide. Factually correct.
    Trauma and manipulation exisit.

  • Wait. So did the gynecologist never bothered to even mention the fact that she’s intersex. The whole thing is so messed up, at least she learn I guess

  • @dr drew, can we please talk about how s’abuse trauma that children experience that’s goes untreated psychologically leads to most, not all, of hom s’uality and t’ge*derism???

  • when i was seven i had a sesiure and i went to the hospital the doctor asked me the last thing i remebered and i thought he ment a i said ehhh….well…i peed the bed when i was 3… so that was fun…

  • The above arguments are why I struggle to understand gaming obsessives, with their avatars which (can) become everyday personalities, and Cosplay addicts where some lose all touch with a real personality due to constantly living in a make believe world. Along with gender fluidity, it all does my head in.

  • Jordan Peterson needs to address this issue fairly or not at all. Talk about the science behind sex, gender, transgender identity, etc., don’t just share your own opinions and biases. His view on gender being a set of rules that we follow and not a feeling is completely bizarre, backward, and flawed. As a clinical psychologist, I’d wish he’d address the issue with more humility, professionalism, scholarship, and compassion. Transpeople are being ostracized, assaulted, and killed in part due to rhetoric like this.

  • Lmao Dr. Soh is fraud! In fifty years you all will look very foolish peddling this bull shine. Anyone remember 6 months ago when Dr. Drew was playing plausible deniability as we were staring down the barrel of a pandemic? It’s as if Dr. Drew is a fraud too! WOW! God dang you flat-earth types are pathetic.

  • OMG, your voice is amazing! (Sorry, seen you for the first time, was just looking into Poppy and landed here.) Genius videos, both of you. And f*ck haters. Just keep the art going:)

  • okay jordan peterson, im so sorry i don’t fit into these rules and it makes you uncomfortable. i’ll just carry on living in a body i hate whilst it’s only a minor inconvenience to you. it seems that he is incapable of learning and being compassionate towards people outside the gender binary. i’d quite like to see him talk to a gender therapist

  • I would not be disappointed in my child if they were transgender…i would very much be disappointed if my child turned out like Paulina.

  • I once did an operation on a man. He was asleep for half and hour during the procedure. So, when the patient woke up, his skeleton was missing, and the doctor was never heard from again lol.

    Anyway, that is how I lost my medical licence.

  • I feel like TEDx is more Trans/Interested in gender than the average Trans-specific youtube channel, it’s like they approve any talks that use “gender” in the first sentence. (Not to say any of them are poor quality, they are all quite good, there’s just soo many of them.)

  • Gender: (WIKIPEDIA) “Gender is the range of characteristics pertaining to, and differentiating between, masculinity and femininity.”

  • 0.001% of people are born without an anus. Does that prove the anus is not a normal human organ? Of course not. Because that minuscule number of anomalies does not define a population. The reality is 99.5% of humans will match their physical anatomy with their gender performance. That 0.5% is statistically insignificant. People who suffer from gender identity disorder also suffer from other mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, substance abuse, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, personality disorders and autism. These problems do not resolve with gender reassignment. In fact hormones and body mutilation deal only very superficially with what is often a very deep psychosocial problem that doesn’t lend itself to quick technological fixes.

  • Dr Drew what you are doing is very important. I put you in the IDW any day. Noone has done this interview like you did. Curious truth seeking medical professional, a needle in a hay stack.

  • Damn this interview was so good until Pilinsky Jr went for gold in the virtue signaling Olympics. “I just keep thinking about the treatment of…” “I just feel like doctors should…”

    We get it. You are very much woke.

  • Simple like that! I guess that some people have free time to mess up with this bad information… Man is different from woman, period.

  • Deamn the intersex one. Just by a doctor talking about her in third person she found out that parts of her genitals were removed as a small chikd and no one ever told her…

  • For those of you struggling with #gender identity issues just know that #GodHasABetterWay regardless of whatever happened to you during your #Childhood. You can find wholeness through #Christ.

  • Drew keeps talking over Paulina and/or capping off her questions. Cheers to Dr. Soh for addressing Paulina in her answers. Drew, treat Paulina as a guest and not as your kid.

  • I like the part where Paulina, who starts by saying she isn’t an expert, decides to tell us the expert is wrong about the sex/gender binary. As if her opinion/feeling on the matter, devoid of expertise, means anything.

  • 1:05
    A demi-boy is a gender identity defined by feeling partially like a boy and partially like something else. I have a friend who identities this way. Google search, y’all…

  • I’m a mixed martial arts fighter myself and I (man) have trained with women before and there is an obvious understanding that it’s expected of me to go much easier with them. I pay more attention to protecting the women I train with from the full brunt of the techniques I employ than I do competing with them in the gym. It’s not just a matter of size either. A small man who is the same weight as a woman will still be significantly physically tougher in every way. I have seen some women beat some men in the gym. However in every case it was a very experienced skilled woman against a novice man with little physical ability.

  • Why is it so hard to talk about biology? It’s the most complex form of physics that exists (with the exception of psychology…).

  • Years ago I was working for an ophthalmologist as an assistant! I would call the persons name & take them back to the exam room. Then I would turn on the light box & have them read the letters.
    I would then tell the person that the doctor would be in shortly & left the room.
    That particular day the patient was an 85 year old woman. She pretty much could only see the big “E” at the top of the box.
    I would restock the contact lenses and wait in case the doctor needed my help.
    He came out of the other exam room & said he would see the man in 6 months.
    He then opened the exam room for the 85 year old woman! He was always reading the chart as he walked in.
    I heard him say, Mrs. Smith, I see you can’t read anything but the big….”
    I heard running!! He flung open the door & I got single word sentences!! His face was the color of a fire engine!!
    “Go!! Go!! In there!! Oh God!!! Go in there & get her!!”
    I opened the door and seated on the exam table was Mrs. Smith…wearing nothing but a smile!!
    I said, ” No, Mrs. Smith, we need to get you dressed before I have to call an ambulance for the doctor!!”
    She apparently thought she was at the OB/GYN!! She kept asking me if I knew her due date & then asked why the doctor left without checking on her baby!!
    She was one of 2 patients dropped off by a nursing home. The driver would leave to take the rest of them to the dentist or heart doctor etc.& then return to get them.
    The poor doctor was in the supply cabinet. I asked what he was looking for & he said bleach. He was going to wash his eyes out!!
    Thank goodness the 2 were done & the nursing home driver was there!
    We told him what happened & he said that she was flashing people in the next lane at traffic lights!!
    The other girl & I almost fell down laughing!!

  • As you are a Dr…The most shocking part of your entire video was you, as a doctor, endorsing a product, now read this carefully, to hydrate yourself, by adding to water. Now I am not stupid, I understand the “additives”. But really? As a doctor? Is was quite comical to watch and really discredited any credit I may have given you unfortunately.

  • all I can say to this video is: I disagree

    these types of people should really shut up and not say their opinion, I mean if you’ll be transphobic can you at least not share it and expect people to take you seriously?

  • Drew keeps saying the truth lies in the science, but we all educated people know that science isn’t always plausible, and the science is always curtailed to a political agenda as well. So Drew, please be thorough in your half truth opinions. I ll pick it apart every time, due to the importance of the platform you speak on. Everyone one should be bias on whether the information is from a doctor or any other opinion. I suggest everyone do your own due diligence and self educate yourself. Thanks Drew

  • You’re talking past each other on very critical points. Sounds like everybody’s always using a different vocabulary. The problem is the use of the word gender.

  • Se contradice, primero dice que el genero es con lo que se nace y que no hay discución y despues dice que es una herramienta que usamos con la que convivimos en una sociedad.

  • The fact that you even have to make a video about this is sad.
    Of course, even PragerU wont make a video about marriage being between a man and a woman. It’s not PC anymore.

  • The whole idea of gender being social construct is bogus,the stereotypes made to seem 100Percent of the time when in reality it is only a little over half to one side is a social construct/belief by some silly people…

    Transgendersm is real and biological though,human brains are made to have bodies to be a certain level of feminine and masculine,sometimes they don’t match,sure you can be androgynous but that doesn’t make you genderless,it makes you androgynous,transgender people don’t fit the definition of a man or a woman and even though they might get close,they will always be, even at small levels (not visible by the eye) a mix of feminine traits and masculine traits,more than the mix in men or women.

    I have been transgender since the womb,I always felt my body and brain working to be more feminine,some parts didn’t match(thankfully not too many),this disallowing trans people to use the bathroom of their choice is a cruel thing based on a whole lot of stereotypes and needs to stop.

  • why the hell should it be a bad thing, that toys are no longer divided into male and female toys.
    there are things you can discuss, but going through a toy shop and let your kid choose what they want sounds kind of normal

  • No no you’re absolutely right, you’re born a man or a woman you can’t change that, but I think you missed two informations, don’t worry everyone makes mistakes it’s ok, some men and women are born in the wrong bodies, and some people are in between male and female, or are neither or even both for what I know, but yeah biological sex exists and nobody is trying to erase it or deny its existence, it’s just not binary as you people think.

  • Perhaps, the desire to define or construct one’s identity is a defense to the question, “who are you?” An authentic answer shows strong emotional control. Lack of emotional control, a sense of self, may lead to relying on your constructed identity. Unfortunately, a greater reliance on the constructed identity makes it harder to gain emotional control.

  • 1:27 i know that hapends to me all the time,yes that is normal bc when you get up fast blood from your brain quickly goes down and thats why you get dizzy

  • Patient here, whenever I have get a shot, I get all Bart Simpson on the nurses and drives them nuts:”are you done yet?,are you done yet?,are you done yet?

  • The one about Saudia Arabia…in Islam women can only have 4 people see their bodies (their private parts): their mom, their dad, their husband and finally a female doctor. That’s why the mom was mad. The reason some women cry out of shame is from the fact that women and men should be mainly seperated.

  • I guess he forgot to tell his boyfriend too, and that’s why he got beaten up.

    Would have the same reaction if I suddenly discover my partner has a dick.

  • The first entry is nOT how one should react to trans violence!!! She deadass said her boyfriend beat her up, and his biggest reaction is her penis??? Grow up

  • Son: “Mom, i feel dizzy every time I get up too fast”
    Mom: “oh no, we have to go to the doctor because there must be something wrong with your balls!”

  • 10:52 this poor man in Saudi Arabia did nothing wrong, and what he gets is:

    -An 18 year old girl who’s to be wedded off who also needs a virginity test
    -stigma in that country against male doctors examining female patients, especially in the gynecologist suite.
    -People making the assumption that breaking the hymen is a sign of promiscuity, and in trying to make sure that the patients did not mutually associate those 2 things, may get a malpractice suit, even though he was certifying some girls for virginity with a broken hymen.

    Very sad indeed.

  • I loved it…. Only one thing y cant medical science reveal gender so that unwelcoming thought wont come into picture…. Reason behind Supreme Court decision is betty bachav… But in metro cities educated parents dont differentiate or discriminate… Its just to build more clear thoughts to parents that whom they r welcoming

  • It is possible to find someone who will deny that the world is round. It is possible to find people who believe contrails are actually incideous chemtrails. Just because some guy, without presenting any evidence or scientific backing for his opinions, says that Non-binary is not real does not make it so. He clearly does not understand the difference between SEX and GENDER. There is a very large portion of the medical community who agree that gender exists outside the biological binary. So until Jorday Peterson here, presents compelling evidence to the contrary, this is simply another opinion. This narrow perspective is regressive and uninspired.

  • The assumption is that those “homophobic” parents who “push their children to transition” wouldn’t be transphobic. This is preposterous. Transphobia is much worse than homophobia in most countries of the world (with a couple of exceptions, like Iran). The mention of Iran sounds like an excuse because almost all cases discussed in the book are in the context of North America or Europe.

  • The pornography spin is radical feminist nonsense. Those girls have been told by radical feminist to say that it’s related to pornography when it has nothing to do with pornography. Nobody would say something so silly about being dominated in bed by a man.

  • Damn… As someone that is allergic to a lot of medicines(and had a few “unique injuries” in the past. Like the bone of my hand breaking in the inside but not the outside) it is not rare for me that some doctors bring their students to see my case(The one I mentioned about the bone. She called hhe students late at night). Thanks god I was never in such an awkward situation.

  • Dressing as a woman (as a man) does not give you the woman’s experience, you don’t bleed, you don’t fear being controlled and raped by a man,. And for that matter you are just dressing and carrying yourself in an image that was defined by men. A woman is not a person with tits in a dress with long hair and shaved legs!

  • I realized that I am a Saudi Arabian girl and I will probably marry a Saudi Arabian man who might ask me if I am a virgin (ofc I am) but the hymen can be broken from other things too like a bicycle seat (if u bicycle) and u can break ur hymen while swimming and other things too. I’ve already made up my mind that if when I marry and my husband asks me if I am a virgin or something along those lines I will say so what does that matter or something like that but I realize that they could do a test like that:( what if it turns out that my hymen has been broken even tho I’ve never had s*x

  • Yes! I’m so happy this video has the correct pronouns for transgender people! Aww this just warms my heart how people can be respectful:)

  • Gender and sex are univocal. It’s like an employer referring to their employees and their hired workers. Both terms refer to the same thing or category. Sex=gender!

  • Dear Manofallcreation the world is NOT round it will be a shock for you, why Greats from Holland

  • How about people with AIS? People with AIS do not fit in your typical binary categories. The SCIENCE is pretty clear on that. And we don’t get to make decisions about their well being and happiness. They do!

  • LGBT activists contradict themselves constantly. For example, the people who are gender-fluid say that sometimes they “feel like a girl” and so they dress in “girly” things (dresses, skirts, makeup, etc), and when they “feel like a boy” they dress in “boy” clothes. But then feminists and non-binary people say that there isnt anything that only boys can wear that girls can’t, and vice versa. Basically theyd like to blur the line between male and female clothes and make it so people can wear whatever they like, and not be viewed as any less of a man or any less of a woman. I agree with this sentiment. But if people are basing their whole “gender identity” on THE THINGS THEY WEAR, how can both of these things be true??
    That is just one aspect,but it can apply to other things like interests ( people identifying as a “demi-girl” or “demi-boy” just because they are interested in “boy things and girl things”). But building on this point, a main reason feminists have a distaste for clothes being limited to one gender or the other in the eyes of society is because of GENDER ROLES. The idea that girls have to dress a certain way can be stifling to some people, and they try to fight against this way of thinking. But then around the corner you’ve got gender fluid people who some days decide theyre a girl SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY ARE WEARING A SKIRT. They therefore define what a girl vs a boy is by buying into the GENDER ROLES that feminists HATE.The new gender movement and feminism movement almost directly contradict each other at every turn.

    the afterword: I know this argument is kind of dragged out and a bit of a mess, but I tried to make it as clear as possible. I would just like to say that I see problems with both of these movements, but at their core, they come from a good place. But as Peterson pointed out in the video, the “community” is not homogeneous. Its a case to case situation. Some people are struggling with confusing feelings due to puberty, some have insecurities and problems that they may blame on their gender, and (like Peterson mentioned,) the minority may actually have been born in the wrong body.

  • I think it was when she asked to play doctor and I had to apply the medicine directly to her with my “thermometer”

    I later found out she was not licenced or registered in any medical field, should I sue for malpractice?

  • Thanks for asking, a demi-boy is someone who doesnt fit the term nonbinary but isnt male either. Im glad you want to learn this stuff and totally arent painting a wrong picture of progressive people by putting words into our mouths:)

  • I totally agree with the idea that what defines a man and what defines a woman are broad. There are no clear things to define the two genders. Why do transgenders act like there are? “I never liked sports so….I can’t be a man”. Gee, I didn’t know that was what defined a man. There are different kinds of “men”: more masculine, more feminine, unique, those that fit the perfect stereotype, etc.. There are different kinds of women: girly-girls, tomboys, sterotypical, unique, more agressive, etc. A female brain and a male body(or vice versa) doesn’t make any sense. Accept yourself: A man/male or a woman/female.

  • More and more clinicians have identified severe problems within gender medicine which coalesce around the clinical and cultural invention of ‘the transgender child’. These problems are: an excessively affirmative attitude to the self-identifying transgender child; an inability to stand up to external trans lobby groups; the undermining of a coherent clinical model of child and adolescent development; and serious ethical and safeguarding issues. Clinicians recognise they need to resist the dominant narrative and seemingly intractable ‘truth’ of ‘the transgender child’.
    People are waking up to the harms of trans for children and young people, but transgender ideology is still marching into schools disguised as LGBT acceptance. Kids with perfectly normal unease or confusion about bodies and gender are getting dragged onto the transgender conveyer belt of affirmation, blockers, cross hormones, and surgery. LGB kids are passé. Transactivism is a form of bullying: if you’re not porn-culture straight, a proper ‘boy’s boy’ or ‘girly girl’, you must be defective, in need of fixing, by reclassification, drugs or a scalpel. My head is full of questions about why we are allowing this to happen. Is the explosion in the number of transgender-identifying young people a symptom of a society leaving little room for kids to be themselves outside of increasingly restrictive gender roles? How can we keep the conversation going to keep kids safe?
    The goal of the transgender activists is to try and get their numbers up in order to normalize their agenda. They care nothing about seeing people reach a healthy view of their biology and not needing to take drugs and have their genitals and breasts mutilated. Impressionable teens make easy targets. They are even unethically influencing autistic children to change genders. Activists would have the public believe that anyone who expresses a wish to be the other gender should be allowed and encouraged to do so. Credulous politicians have translated their demands into law. To date, however, there is no evidence that there is such a thing as a “true” trans, just as there is no marker that would identify a “false” trans. To accept the thinking and wishes of those with ASD at face value, without understanding why they feel the way they do, is not a kindness, and may in fact be extremely damaging.

    A high proportion of people who suffer from gender identity disorder also suffer from other mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, substance abuse, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, personality disorders and autism (see also here and here). In many of them these problems do not resolve with gender reassignment. In fact hormones and surgery deal only very superficially with what is often a very deep psychosocial problem that doesn’t lend itself to quick technological fixes.

  • Cultural conditioning is like a seasoned MMA fighter in their prime. Common sense, logic, and awareness are… unfortunately… like a dad who does a 20 minute walk on the weekends (if the weather is nice). Cultural conditioning will take their back and choke them into unconsciousness, after first breaking their noses and leaving them a bloody and comatose mess. It’s not even a close fight. This current trend which is turning into something that is enthusiastically and universally being conditioned into everyone, including children, is nothing more than dumb people who cannot help but be fooled by the power of suggestion, OR, mild mental illness. Children are especially predisposed towards being taken in by the power of suggestion. With them, it doesn’t even have to make any sense whatsoever. If it’s popular, or edgy, or advantageous socially…they’re all in. The explosion in the numbers shows this very damn clearly. A good number of the kids I grew up with would probably have jumped all over this stuff. But it wasn’t out there. These are sad times in regards to how weak and feeble people are, and how despite seeing themselves as advanced people living in advanced times, nothing has changed. Bizarre trends which eventually become normalized and then later culturally forced upon the masses, aint nothing new in the history of mankind.

  • It’s NOT okay for anyone to be punching others
    Regardless of gender
    But, if you come to a situation where you must defend yourself, that is an exception.

  • I went to the a “without appointment” clinical for a problem down there. The doctor was a woman on the older side, maybe 40-50 years old. When I showed her my ��, she kinda got the shy/horny look on her face like it was the first time in a very VERY long time she has seen a �� from someone in their twenties.
    Really boosted my ego to see a “strong woman” break character for 2-3 seconds!:)

  • That makes so much sense. You don’t want to get breast implants because you feel like it, you want them because they make you a woman. You adopt that role.

  • “I’m a woman. I’m Asian. I’m not sure why my voice doesn’t matter in this conversation.”
    It’s because your message does not fit the societal narrative. Therefore, factual or not, your voice doesn’t matter to those pushing the narrative.

  • these kind of videos really are idiotmagnets, and considering that so much data is collected online, i wonder what kind of advertisement these people get, maybe guns, sportscars and muscle-, brainand penisenlargement stuff

  • Gender actually is a choice; sex is not. I was taught (incorrectly) at a young age that gender is a synonym of sex, and I had no reason to question that until recently…
    I’m not sure about the “demi-boy” identity or others Facebook has, but gender is mainly social, and sex is biological. The two can be different from one another.

  • Thnx a lot for this episode… I have a very light preference for baby boy… Bt if a baby girl comes to my world that is totally ok… Bt from now onwards I can understand that a little preference may also be rejection for a baby.. its very bad for the baby’s health

  • Why is his daughter on? She’s a writer. She has no expertise on the subject. It would be like inviting a journalist into a discussion between scientists

  • That guy in Saudi Arabia is the epitome of chaotic good. What an awful and backwards culture to be surrounded by where young girls are treated as property.

  • This video ignores so much research and facts, it pains me to watch how far people will go to resist something that literally does not effect them, or if it does, very little in comparison to who suffers by these ideas. There are many people out there who experience gender dysphoria, and using gender-neutral terminology and the like is a big help to them. If we go around ignoring people who are suffering in this manner by stating “facts” based of heavily biased “research”, it’s going to harm a lot ore people than if we just tried to understand transgender people and help them on their arduous journey. The average lifespan of trans women is 16-20 years of age, and it’s because of stubborn people like this that ignore science because of old values that no longer hold in today’s society. If transgender people wanted to harm women, they would not go through such a difficult process just to have a cheap laugh. I feel bad for even giving this video a view, but I believe posting this comment is a good reason. If you are confused about transgender people and what they go through, there are many resources you can look at, but please, look at it from multiple angles, unlike this video.

  • All mammals have two sexes…with obvious physical and behavioural differences…..due to EVOLUTION. Humans are no different. We are clever enough to dress up and ACT like the opposite sex, but we can’t BECOME the opposite sex. There are no genders….only two sexes.

  • I think half of it is people have confused behavior for identity. There are trans women and men and always have been, but this is a totally separate thing.

  • Hi! Can someone summarize Peterson opinion on „more than two gender..non binary“ etc. I can read better than understanding oral english

  • I think titanic is a modern artistic genius. I think he is severely underrated as a director and as an artist. I personally don’t understand many of the videos he makes but i feel its good that his unique mysterious videos spark conversations, which is what true art is supposed to do, it makes you think.

  • During residency, a patient had something strange in their X-ray and the other none of the other residents or the attending could figure out what it was from looking at the X-Rays so…. My brother(one of the residents) has to perform rectal exam on the woman after one of the other residents couldn’t find anything. So my brother walks in and tells her about the situation and asked if she might have anything in her rectum.

    The woman (an elderly woman) replies: “I dunno, could be…”

    So already in an awkward situation, he performed the exam and while he had his finger in her, she goes and let’s out a “ooh, that feels good….”

    Aaaand to top it all off, after he couldn’t find anything, ther other residents were sent in one by one to check as well….. Just to make sure….

  • The left is pushing the idea that there is no biological difference between men and women, and that children as young as 3 should be given hormone blockers and sex reassignment surgeries for older children. Yet get very upset when you tell them that they are in a cult.

  • I agree with this video, But they forgot to mention intersex/ being born with several variations in sex characteristics/ which is a real biological issue.

  • I’ll admit we really don’t have sufficient understanding of reality much less what goes on in the human Psyche statistical data are usually wrong either by bias or something scientifically unorthodox (not set right or effectively factors are either straight up missing or poorly understood).

    Okay My position I’m neutral on this. Sometimes we all need to stop looking at things with our lens belief me, it’s harder than it sounds.

  • He says that you can’t speak for a community and you can’t speak for other people but isn’t that what he’s doing in this interview. he’s talking about his ideas for a lot of other people

  • he said that if you don’t align yourself with a binary gender you will become completely alienated. which isn’t correct bcs there are many nb people living successful lives with they/them pronouns and not being treated like a man or a woman

  • 00:00 00:41 Take note transgender people that are not honest from the beginning…this is only a mild consequence. It could have been a lot worse.

    My point is that eventually the person you’re having an relationship with will find out especially for the 76% of you that keep themselves intact down there.

  • I am a man, I am 6’4″ and weigh 300lbs of corn fed southern bred muscle fiber.

    Many men are bigger than I am. Millions of men are stronger.

    However, I have only ever met one woman bigger or stronger than I am. My mother.

    If I were to identify as a woman, and begin to fight them or race against them, or compete in any sport against them the VAST majority of all women would be entirely dominated and severely hurt in the effort to keep up with me.

    As a man I would entirely refuse to compete or fight against a woman because it is the only morally equittable thing to do.

  • Major flaw in the theory as there are no basis for interactions, prior history or foundation if everything just a social construction as you go.

  • Honey-
    0:37 If a man hit a man and sent him to to hospital then he would go to prison
    0:46 no. Just no. Male and female are not the same.
    1:00 I’m done. 1 minute in and I already want to leave
    1:05 yes. Most of us d-
    ‘Me neither’

  • The transphobic blah blah blah coming out of this woman’s mouth makes no sense. Men can’t just say their woman, unless their woman. it’s simple. transgender woman or men are still woman or men and if you want argue with me go ahead i have facts and much more on my side. They’ve always been a man/woman they’ve just been trapped in the wrong body. People need to get that;
    Transgender woman *ARE* woman.
    Transgender men *ARE* Men.
    And NB pals are *NOT* Men *OR* Woman

  • ahhhhh
    So THIS is why I’m confused about gender
    “A set of agreed upon social rules”
    I have aspergers. These rules went straight over my head and as a result I’ve been acting from a place of personal expression this whole time.

  • Attraction not being the same as beauty and good looks,some ugly people of any sex are very attractive.It depends on who’s doing the looking and what they like.
    I am all for people who want the inner person to shine out and say this is who I am,but when they kick off and have tantrums over salutations which are easy mistakes to make,that does my head in.
    We can be called whatever we want,but if we look like a Mr, the same as many millions of others then we shouldn’t be annoyed if people get it wrong.

  • Dr Magnus Hirschfeld.
    Renowned sexologist.
    No-one ever asks what books were being burned in the 30s.
    A lot of sexologists are pro-paedophilia, and have done sickening experiments on children over the years.
    But I’m sure this comment will be deleted.

  • What?? Years ago women were fighting TO BE EQUAL! Now you don’t wanna be equal? Fine just erase tons of years of suffering and protesting! That’s no problem right??

  • I believe this man used a poor analogy. From what i could tell he used a social construct of a handshake as a means to justify the absense of gender theory. A better analogy is that there are only 2 faces to every coin trying to prove their is a 3rd doesn’t make a difference. Alothough there is a rim by defult your going to land on one of the two sides.

  • Paulina is the definition of the problem we have with truth today. “I’m not an expert but I’m going to tell an expert why they are wrong because my feelings tell me what I am thinking is right.”

  • THIS…THIS is why South Park made the “Board Girls” episode! Just because a kid or adult identifies as a member of the opposite gender DOES NOT necessarily mean that they should (or are able to) compete at the same physical level! There are some obvious exceptions to this notion, but those usually pertain to the context of each respective situation.

  • Well he isn’t wrong in the sense that you will have trouble if you ain’t choosin one part of the coin even if you are transgender because what about relationships it works with polarity so one always chooses the more masculine the other more feminine side to play out but then again there are so many trans making the transition back to their original gender so they put themselves thru dat shit 2 times
    That’s why they create such a confusion in society because with clarity you would make better choices

  • People who struggle to  accept their birth-given sex (male or female) experience on some level “gender dysphoria” depending on how much they are struggling.   There are many groups who want to help. Just as there are opposing groups who want to ‘normalize’ the malady. Mental instability in any form is the inability to cope with some aspects of reality.  The people supporting gender fluidity most likely have the same condition, haven’t wanted or been able to overcome the condition, and find comfort in trying to increase the number of people struggling with the same condition (similar to  “the blind leading the blind.”)

  • Yeah Saudi Arabia is a pretty messed up country. My brother in law is an ultra religious Muslim and he was in tears talking about how women are treated worse than animals over there. For those of you who don’t know, the Prophet Muhammad wasn’t Saudi Arabian (LoL). He was a mix between Adnani (Caucasian looking Arabs) and Jewish blood (his grandma Salma bint Amr). The place that he was from (Mecca) was secluded from the rest of Arab society for over 4,000 years. That being said, the culture of Meccan people use to be different during his time because all of them were from a clan known as the Quraish.
    Most Saudi Arabians are either Khaleeji Arabs (like the Saudi Royal Family), mixed Afro-Arabs, or Yemeni Arabs.

  • I wonder why everybody says that sex and gender are different? Not because of the historical or linguistic facts but because english is (at least to my knowledge/experience) the only extant language that has two words for the difference between men and women and surely the only one to define those two words in this way. In my language for example it is only the word “Geschlecht”. Some people probably decided to differ those two words a bit so there is a use for the second one. If you want to be precise, the word “sex” comes from the latin word “sexus” which means the same as in english: The range of physical, mental and behavioral characteristics distinguishing between masculinity and femininity. The word “gender” comes from the latin word “genus” (genitiv: genere) which means the same as in english or it can also refer to biological sex of people or animals and it comes from the word “gignere” which means to generate, produce or bring forth. So if anything it would make more sense to use it the other way round. Still none of those two words were intended to express a livestyle or infinite changeable identification choices. ��

  • I don’t understand what these guys are trying to argue. They essentially agree with the sociologist view of gender, but just say it’s impractical.
    I don’t really care about practicality. If I don’t buy a gift on Christmas for someone despite the established convention that I am supposed to, then it’s up to the other person to adapt to me. It’s not up to be to conform to their culture. It’s not about anyone trying to control the other person. If they can’t accept my anti-Christmas ways, that’s fine. I’m not going to force them to. We can go our separate ways. I won’t be an asshole to them as long as they aren’t an asshole to me.
    Is that a good analogy? I am new to these ideas and still trying to understand

  • How did they let someone so disgustingly untruthful speak from authority at TED? Take one look at the credibility of ANY of the stuff this Karen was citing?

  • You answered the problem. The general population needs to learn the set of rules in relation to trans identity. Every rule created by man had to be learned at some point.

  • just be yourself, you’re not ‘meant’ to pull out a chair for a ‘lady’ (you meant woman), she can pull out her own chair, get over yourself.

  • Hello is that yer answer Trans people aspire to invisibility? These are the only two choices?: Invisibility or (in Your Face) Visibility? Rather two dimensional of you while describing Human life no less “Sentience” of all Life. I agree with the statement that humans as far as they are social want acceptance. But the rest is only weakly valid if valid at all. Get back to me after your operation(s) and then I will take your hearsay | Anecdotal Guesses a little more seriously. Heck even if you were capable of being brave we enough to dress as a woman for a few days With all due respect ; That would be a heck of a lesson | Demonstration | Insightful. Thanks

  • So god damn frustrating that doctors and scientists have to tip-toe around their research because someone listening might get offended. That’s not how science works.

  • While I am undecided on this issue, and I lean towards accepting non-binary people, there are other issues that I disagree with, like having the millions of genders or inventing new personal pronouns. Just ‘they’ need suffice, imo. But clearly, there is more understanding to be done on this issue, and not just for me.

  • I have a male friend who is gay a female friend who is bi and/or pan sexual and I myself am asexual. It is an interesting circle we’ve become.

  • Wow! Very informative Ashley! I am now convinced that you and all the viewers of this channel should maybe seek education at a real university or collage. Maybe then I’d stop seeing videos that disagree with peer-reviewed studies, as if the people who produce this garbage channel have even read a credible study in their lives.
    Seriously PragerU, stick to complaining about “happy holidays” or profiting off the fracking industry. I’ll save you all a seat in hell:)

  • Oh men Peterson. I was really liking you till you said that biology and expression are inseparable. How can you based on research deny the subjecting feelings of may people. That in itself is violence against them
    🙁 You are not the one who strongly identifies as a woman. How can you speak for people who feel that way? It’s arrogant, righteous and close minded to say the least.

  • we literally exist at such a time for human civilization thats its genuinely scary to speak true facts, fuck that take me back 400 years.

  • It’s funny because they say gender and sex are unrelated, but then they identify as the gender opposite to their sex and do everything in their power to modify their bodies to resemble the opposite sex. So, which is it, sunshine?

  • Gender=sex
    Everything else is: Brain Chemistry
    Just like Depression, Body Dysmorphia, Psychosis
    To base your gender on feelings, mood, appearance is ludicrous.

  • In this sense Peterson is looking at the data and saying “This cannot be”. Like when the Church first heard the Earth revolves around the Sun and they said “This cannot be”. A Cis Male telling Transgender people how they feel. A little bit insulting, quite frankly.