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Reasons Why Twins and Multiples Are Born Early Preterm Labor. Preterm labor is not uncommon in multiple pregnancies. Simply carrying multiple babies greatly increases Preeclampsia. Many moms of multiples will encounter hypertension (high blood pressure) issues during her pregnanc.

Why Twins Are Often Born Early There are a variety of reasons why twins are often born before they are full term at 39 weeks. The risk of preterm labor and premature birth are heightened when there is more than one baby in the womb. There are several reasons why so many twins are born prematurely.

One is that the mother goes into labour spontaneously. We still do not know what triggers labour, or why membranes rupture without warning, and it is therefore very difficult to prevent premature labour from occurring. Babies born before 37 weeks are premature, which puts them at risk of developing serious short and long-term health complications. There isn’t just one reason for the multiple birth explosion, there are a number of contributing factors to this phenomenon.

Causes of Multiple Births The natural rate of occurrence for twins. According to the CDC, the rate of twins was 32.6 twins per 1,000 total births in 2018. Many different things contribute to the number of twins born each year. Many different things contribute to. Fraternal twins — the most common kind of twins — occur when two separate eggs are fertilized by two different sperm.

Each twin has his or her own placenta and amniotic sac. The twins can be two girls, two boys, or a boy and a girl. Identical twins occur when a single fertilized egg splits and develops into.

Called (MZ), identical twins develop when one egg is fertilised by a single sperm and during the first two weeks after conception, the developing embryo splits into two. As a result, two genetically identical babies develop. Around one in three sets of twins is identical. Most twin pregnancies end with two healthy babies being born. Occasionally, unusual events happen during fertilization or at an early stage of a twin pregnancy that leads to unique twins.

It’s true that multiples are at risk of being preterm. More than half of twins are born early, with more than ten percent born very preterm, before 32 weeks. According to the March of Dimes, you are six times more.

If you’re pregnant with multiples, your babies are more likely to have health complications, including: Premature birth. Premature babies (born before 37 weeks of pregnancy) may have more health problems or need to stay in Birth defects. Birth defects are health conditions that are present at.

List of related literature:

Because twins are normally born slightly early.

“The Complete Sleep Guide For Contented Babies & Toddlers” by Gina Ford
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Twins are likely to be born about 3 weeks early, triplets and quadruplets even earlier.

“The Development of Children” by Michael Cole, Sheila R. Cole, Cynthia Lightfoot
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The advantage of using DZ twins instead of full siblings who are not twins is that twins are born at the same time.

“Human Diversity: The Biology of Gender, Race, and Class” by Charles Murray
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Higher order multiples are smaller and are born earlier.

“Expecting 411 (4th edition): The Insider's Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth” by Ari Brown, Michele Hakakha
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Why are twins often born early?

“Introduction to Maternity & Pediatric Nursing E-Book” by Gloria Leifer
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Twins are more often born prematurely (before thirty-seven weeks into the pregnancy) than nontwin births (44.5 percent versus 9.4 percent), making low birth weight and developmental difficulties more frequent in infant twins.

“Parenthood in America: An Encyclopedia” by Lawrence Balter, Robert B. McCall
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Twins born very early (before 32 weeks gestation) pose a greater parenting challenge than very early born singletons.

“Twin Mythconceptions: False Beliefs, Fables, and Facts about Twins” by Nancy L. Segal
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Prevention of prematurity in twins.

“Practical Guide to High Risk Pregnancy and Delivery E-Book” by Fernando Arias, Amarnath G Bhide, Arulkumaran S, Kaizad Damania, Shirish N Daftary
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Multiples (Twins, Triplets, and More) at Night Most babies want to be near their mothers at night, no matter how many siblings they have.

“Sweet Sleep: Nighttime and Naptime Strategies for the Breastfeeding Family” by La Leche League International, Diane Wiessinger, Diana West, Linda J. Smith, Teresa Pitman
from Sweet Sleep: Nighttime and Naptime Strategies for the Breastfeeding Family
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Triplets, for example, produce more stress in their parents, develop language more slowly, and form weaker social bonds than do equally small single babies or twins (Feldman & Eidelman, 2004).

“The Developing Person Through Childhood and Adolescence” by Kathleen Stassen Berger
from The Developing Person Through Childhood and Adolescence
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  • ok idk if i’m the only one that notice this but almost all the time they talk about premature baby’s they always seem to be born in the university of iowa kinda werid idk

    i notice this because me and my twin bro were born as premie at the u of i

  • Thank goodness they survived God bless them make them healthy ale them have the best family future and everyone bless these twins and their family

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  • So does it mean that in the case of monozygotic twins the number of chromosomes in zygote are doubled and then divide and then they grow independently ��…

  • Please pray for me I want twins
    I want relationship goals in my life with my babies and husband and obviously I want to whole family here
    Bless me for this till next year

  • How these baby girls had the twin to twin transfusion syndrome is not a good surprise to me. ����My mom had twins also, but they were boys and they did not make it back in 2011 or 2012. They had twin to twin transfusion syndrome. I miss my twin brothers, but it does surprise me because these girls have survived. I bless these girls with all my heart and how they survived! ����☺��

  • Hello mam aap ke beta beti huye mem mei baat baat puchna chati hu bche ki eyes green ya blue kya khye ki mere beby ki v eyes green ya blue ho please help me

  • Dr, since its either the woman produces two eggs or one egg divides, is concieving twins determined by a woman or a man can play a role too?..if a man plays a role,how?

  • I’m a fraternal twin �� Girl (myself) and boy (my brother). I think this is a wonderful thing, so much different than having a bigger or littler sibling.

  • Hold up… did you used to make videos about guinea pigs and rabbits and stuff??? I used to watch you all the time way back in the day and now this pops up on my recommended?

  • Plz awl pregnant ladies pray for me Allah also bless me with a long live healthy child Allah mujhy jald lambi umer wli sahetmand salamti wli aulad atta frmay ameen mery liye b sub dua zaror kry kisi ki dua qabool hojaye ameen

  • I was born very premature as well, still weighed a little over 5 lbs but my lungs collapsed the day after I was born and I spent several months in the hospital and was very sickly in the toddler years. But now everything’s great I’m an athlete and can do anything anyone else can. I hope the best for your beautiful babies!

  • 25 of August I ovulated then after 3 days of ovulation l had sex l thought that am in my first safedays but now am pregnant how comes

  • Plzzz pray for me too
    6 years of marriage and i still dont have any child ��
    Plz plz God place one merciful eye on me too ������ Ameen

  • Hello Dr, I’m Bianca Chidinma, I’m 44 this August 2020 have been married for 8 years now, but still trying to convince. I really wish to give birth to quadruplet

  • Where is my brothers attention he was born exactly at 20 weeks and doctors warned us he might not make it and now doctors don’t believe that he was born at 20 weeks and still alive at 5 wth Inside edition

  • Congratulations! My dads a triplet and I was scared I was gonna have them I went in and they pranked my partner and said what do u think 1 2 or 3?!? He freaked out until I said it’s one ����

  • My mum is a fraternal twin with my uncle. Does anyone know if there’s a higher chance that I’ll have twins? Or am I no more likely than anyone else?

  • 14 weeks pregnant with fraternal twins, I’m shocked and kind of nervous because I really want it to be a healthy pregnancy and I want to make sure my babies are healthy… it’s my first pregnancy as well!

  • So how is the twin gene created? Fantastic the mother inherited the trait but from the maternal line maybe? This video doesn’t do anything for me, honestly. And it isn’t the only.

  • I have hyperthyroidism doc and I am 30 yrs. old with regular period if I get pregnant is it risky for me and for the baby being pregnant with that kind of condition?

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  • One of my bestfriends was supposed to have a twin but he died at birth. There is no name for him so we just call him Eddie. It suits him. RIP Eddie who never got their chance at life.

  • I love twins but am very sure dat only Allah da Almighty can bless me with such and with faith, I will conceive and be blessed with twins

  • 13 weeks fraternal Twin boy’s, I was told 4/21/20. I shouldn’t be shocked the dad is a fraternal twin and his twin is a man. This is so weird.

  • Identical twins don’t run in families. There is nothing genetic about identical twins. Women can inherit the ability to release multiple eggs at one time, leading to twins that are not identical and come from separate eggs.

  • Genes can completely skip generations so maybe you had great great great grandparents who were twins. Twins run on my bfs side and my uncle has a set of twin boys as well but we only popped out one little nugget lol. In my hometown there’s these 2 twins who both only had a singleton pregnancy, crazyyyy how things work

  • I may be short, but I’ll pull off the rest!! Having twins doesn’t run in my family, at least from what I know. I will also take certain medications to boost it even more.

  • “the national survival rate for babies born at 22 weeks is about 10%.” that’s probably because most of these babies aren’t even given help. most doctors place the marker of viability at about 23-25 weeks and therefore they consider 22 weeks “too premature to survive”. but it’s not. i say 22 weeks should be a new marker of viability, those babies deserve a chance.

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    Thank you hope you will answer me Soon

  • I’m praying for twins, Lord please bless me with to healthy beautiful boys. I am asking my angels and my husbands angels in heaven to bless us with their genes AMEN for our generation

  • The mother seeing the ultrasound: OMG it’s so beautiful!!!

    What everyone else sees:……………………..

  • My first ultrasound was exactly like this, we found two little shining gems!! I still have the video of me laughing out with happiness when the doctor comfired that we are having twins ��

  • omg youre eyes are so stunning!! my dad has the same color eyes, mine are very pale too but its like super pale green with a dark ring around my iris, when im angry theyre dark green/blue

  • Hello Doctor, how can I get Clomiphene? Where I live I need a prescription only by a fertility specialist/Reproductive Endocronologist. It’s very frustrating! I would like to get some without having to go so a fertility specialist! Thank you Dr!

  • omg, this is just so awesome, i have been married for many years now, without a child, luckily for me i came across [email protected] com i don’t know how they did it but i’m living happily again with my husband and two set of twin boys

  • At least they saw the twins. I didn’t find out I was having twins until I was 20 weeks!!! Also males can only pass the twin gene down. Basically women are the ones who “activate the gene”

  • Dr please i begging u sir help me me i have not seen my period for 2 months now i have not meet my becos is not around i don know what to do now i live in russian but i am black

  • I love this! I was extremely shocked to learn I was having twins also. First set in my family. They actually came 6 weeks early and on their dads birthday. They’ll be 3 in June

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  • It was published in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in June 2012. “Elective birth at 37 weeks of gestation versusstandard care for women with an uncomplicatedtwin pregna ncy at term: the Twins Timing ofBirth Randomised Trial”

  • When you say the egg carries all the good information while the sperm carries the genetic information, what does good information mean?

  • Why am i here XD I’m to young and i want one son XD

    I hope for you all that your dream comes true!
    (Btw asian women have a low chance for twins? I know a korean women with triplets and i know some with twins XD)

  • Im a twin momma. Its true wen u eat folic acid and yam in plenty. Before that you need to prepare yourself and ur partner for a healthy semen and egg. Twins happnz only when both are very healthy and stress free. God bless everyone.

  • True story. The first time my mother ever had sex she fell pregnant with triplets. She wasn’t married to my father and as we know not so long ago it was still frowned upon. Not to mention Afrikaans families are extremely conservative. Sadly one of us died. So now it’s me and my identical twin. It always amuses me to think what went through her mind, God is punishing her for having sex before marriage.

  • I’m so happy for them. I was born only 26 weeks into my mom’s pregnancy because there were complications that I needed to be born right away. It was the most traumatic day my parents told me. I was in the NICU for a month before I could go home and sometimes they weren’t allowed to see me (idk why) but they were always scared to get a phone call that I didn’t make it. I was so small that I could fit into the palm of your hand. I weighed only 3 pounds. But I survived thanks to the hard working doctors and nurses.

  • Hello doctor please how can l treat pelvic inflammation.l have being taking antibiotics for two years and he is not working,the pain comes and go.please what should I do

  • How is it that all of us in one family have had only singles and one person only would have twins and going back years their are no twin birth. Is that something that is normal we are waiting for another set of twin the set we have is 71. So no one has had any since or before them. How is that possible

  • Glad to see so many rooting for these babies. In New York they could have been “aborted” under the law recently passed and celebrated by Democrats. Coming soon to a Planned Parenthood abortion mill near you.

  • Currently expecting fraternal twin boys! One has been hidden and finally showed himself last week at my 16 week checkup/ultrasound

  • Am 13 weeks pregnant ( twins),and my scan shows my both babies had 1week difference and it termed as monochorionic. Is it possible.

  • Im a twin Girl, Girl i dont know if we are identical
    My mum is a twin to a boy
    My grandad from my fathers side is a twin to a girl.
    Im pregnant for the 3rd time and my husband and my side of the family think twins. 6 week scan showed 1, in 2 weeks we’ll go for out 11 to 14 week scan so we shall see. I’ve heard stories of people now finding out until later tho sooo ��‍♀️����.

  • I have a fratenal twin we dont look the same we dont even look like broathers not the same height or weght, hair color eye color blood tipe etc

  • I pray to Allah SWT who is the creator of this universe to bless me and my husband with twins girl and boy ��❤️❤️ may Allah SWT keep
    Bond of love strong between every couple amd bless them ameen❤️❤️����

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  • Ya Allah bless me with twin baby boys pls say ameen, i have 2 daughters and they both want a little brother so i pray that may Allah bless me with twin boys ameen sum ameen

  • i was pregnant with identical twins but had a missed miscarriage at 16wks5days. I am trying again to see if i can get the twins again that was my third miscarriage

  • I have a great gradma who is identical twin
    And i have a fraternal twin!♡

    But hes in heaven now
    And im stack at quarantine��

  • My baby was born at 22 weeks doctors told me he only had a 5% chance to live he is a year now:-) this is him when he was born https://youtu.be/zc-XhT8ZD2k
    And this is him smiling https://youtu.be/RWBwyh4lJHQ
    GOD IS GOOD:-)

  • Thanks for updating us but my question is that my first period girl i had it in 6days at the end of the month and after 2 months I started my period at the beginning of month, ( the first week yet I start my period at the end of month from 23 to 29)another day I go continuously

  • I really don’t want twins but mom gave birth to two twin boys then my sister was supposed to be a twin and my Dad was supposed to be a twin and I am African-American but I really want to just start with one child for now by the way way too young to be thinking about having kids. Any tips to not have twins

  • so is it common for a twin ( my mom is a twin) to have twins? i’m wondering because me a and my sister are twins and i’ve been told that it skip a generation is that true?

  • I hate these intros �� nothing personal but a “oh hello” signifying you didnt know “we” were here or the camara is recording.. great video though so much information can you do a video on how identical identical twins are, identical twins are an fascinating the same body diffrent mind how could there opinions be so diffrent from each other

  • My brother was a prem baby, 11 weeks early. Him and my mum nearly died. He’s now a happy big and strong boy who’s nearly 3 years old:)

  • Please doctor I need your help which appreciation should I use for my period and ovulation I normally use flo is that ok please I need the best app thanks

  • Did you know that fraternal twins are the most common type of twin? At high school, I have two friends who are seniors are fraternal twins, they’re boy and girl. I have a friend of mine who joked about they’re identical I said they’re fraternal ������

  • It’s gonna be amazing when she can bring them home I’m guessing they will be able to leave in a couple months. In a couple months those babies will be 6 months old. But they will look like a new born

  • He had problems, like he had to be in a incubater, he walked funny, so he were a Plastic brace on his leg, he does physical therapy, speech therapy, an ot, he also had a feeding tube THROUGH his nose because it was hard to swallow for him

  • Thanks soo much Dr ireally need twins oooh God bless my womb iget…doctor ihave finish 5years without sex but ihave 3kids will iget twins

  • It’s cool that your Dr just did it for fun. Mine did it at my 1st appointment because she said that my belly didn’t feel or “look” quite right for the dates. We made the same discovery.

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  • What I think she should say in a normal situation you can never have a girl and a boy for a monozygotic twin. Because it is possible, to have a boy and a girl if the monozygotic twin start with an abnormal amount of sex chromosomes and nature tries to rescue. And for example an xy and an xo develop. I am no professional but I am sure this is possible if you just think a bit further.

  • i have a question.
    if they are basically a clone of each other. how can one of the twins have a birth defect like dwarfism and the other not?
    that seems strange to me.

  • My Missus is pregnant with an identical twin B/G, we had to carry out several test to confirm this.. The Doc says its the first time he is seeing this? How is this possible?

  • I cant believe di/di does not automatically mean fraternal… theres still a 30% chance of them being identical separate sacs and placentas shouldn’t determine this. Eggs can split earlier on, this is what people that THINK their fraternal twins their whole lives find out they are infact IDENTICAL. Now there is a panorama testing that can tell you if your twins are Identical twins or not, even if Di/Di.

  • My mom have 3 Triplets girls in ’91s’ we are all identical. LaTeshia, LaKesha and myself. But LaKesha was a stillborn in die in ’91’. LaTeshia and myself are still live. We been 29 this year.

  • Omg when I saw her eyes i was like damm! I didn’t know they made them like that looking like ice queen but your beautiful girl and I’m happy for your twins

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  • Prayers for your little micro preemies. I had a 25 week baby 17 years ago. She plays varsity softball and golf and graduates from high school next year ��.

  • My dad is a twin and of all grand children, I’m the one who resembles my late grandmother the most. Therefore, I’m so sure that I can conceive twins without any magic any time I wish.

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  • Even thou I have children already and not thinking of anymore…… If I am certain I am going to conceive and have twin then I will definately go again

  • But doctor like me in our family we have twins and me my self am a twin and we have triplet in our family but now can I get pregnancy of a twin

  • That’s how exactly happens to me 12 years ago. I find out I was pregnant before my next period time and everything was very quick so I thought I might having twins. When we went our doctor appointment she was looking ultrasound she said everything look good and told her are sure we are not having twins?Because I was having identical twins just like your video it was only one sac she didn’t see it until I asked her. I know my husband has couple people his family has twins later on 5 years later his brother has boy/girl twins to.

  • Hello Dr Uthuman, I have twins, but they are not very identical, but when I gave birth, am told I had only one placenta, so why are they not identical.
    Thank you, Dr. for the wonderful work you are doing.

  • After four years of childlessness…there is a man who helped my wife to concieve,his name is dr.mirror,Today am a father of two kids.if u ar interested reply dis comment let me Link u to him an he we do same for you

  • Thank you for your information. I have two questions. 1. Have you knowledge of the epi-no birth training method? 2. Is it possible to use witchcraft and kinesis to make the vagina go back to it’s original state or make the male penis larger?

  • my grand father had a twin pair my father had too
    now i wish to become the father of twins
    what things are important for men in this case
    while i am an asian and married to an asian girl ��

  • Dr what can I do to my husband he is week in sex,and we have 10yrs now with no child, if he do sex he only do one round & he can finish another 10days not in mood