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Late implantation, by itself, is unlikely to be a direct cause of miscarriage. Embryos with chromosomal abnormalities are more likely to miscarry. If an embryo has a chromosomal anomaly, the abnormal genetic material may also cause the embryo to implant later than usual.

That said, late implantation may be related to miscarriage. So, when does implantation occur and how is it related to ovulation? After an egg is fertilized, it still has to finish the journey down the fallopian tube and into the uterus, where it needs to implant in the uterine wall for the pregnancy to be viable.

This journey typically takes the 6 – 12 days after ovulation. When implantation happens later. Distinguishing implantation bleeding from the bleeding of an early miscarriage can be confusing. In general, bleeding associated with an impending miscarriage or chemical pregnancy (a nonviable pregnancy) may begin as spotting and then turn into a heavier flow with visible clots and a dark red color, similar to a heavy menstrual period. This is what it says; An implantation that late (13DPO) is possible, but it will not survive long and often ends as a very early miscarriage.

Women with implantation at 9dpo have a 15% chance of an early miscarriage, and the later it gets, the higher the chances. The 25 percent early loss, when added to the clinical miscarriages that occur later, means that at least one-third of all embryos fail. Today, the researchers reported they have found that the lost. A general estimate of miscarriage risk by week is as follows: Weeks 3–4. Implantation usually occurs around 3 weeks after a woman’s last period, and.

In some cases, implantation does not take place. According to doctors, this may be due to problems with the developing embryo. Abnormalities of the endometrial lining and hormonal imbalances may also lead to implantation failure symptoms. When implantation fails to occur and the fertilized egg travels into the uterus, a miscarriage occurs.

They are not good for implantation, as they can affect the ability of the uterus to extend protrusions of the uterine lining to dock with the embryo. One study found an 80% increased risk of early miscarriage with anti-inflammatory use around the time of conception. Anti-inflammatory medication is also not good for young embryos post-implantation. There are a number of factors that can cause a late miscarriage.

Most are related to some abnormality of the fetus’s development. They are usually genetic or structural issues, such as a. However, pregnancy can cause changes in your level of comfort and sexual desire.

Can sex during pregnancy cause a miscarriage? Having sex during pregnancy won’t provoke a miscarriage. Most miscarriages occur because the fetus isn’t developing normally.

List of related literature:

The identification of individual organisms has proven to be disappointing in the search for causes of early or late recurrent miscarriage, which suggests that pregnancy outcome may be determined by maternal or fetal response to infection rather than the infective organism itself.

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There is no miscarriage if a fertilised egg is lost prior to implantation.

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The most common cause of late miscarriage is a maternal factor involving premature dilation of the cervix, but fibroid tumors and uterine abnormalities are other maternal causes of late miscarriage.

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Clinically, patients may experience recurrent pregnancy loss in the first trimester (two or more pregnancy losses), and some patients undergoing IVF experience repeated implantation failure defined as three consecutive cycles with transfer of goodquality embryos without conception.

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The most common cause of bleeding in early pregnancy (before 20 weeks) is miscarriage, although hydatidiform and ectopic pregnancy may also present with bleeding.

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The risk of spontaneous early miscarriage markedly increases with late implantations (later than 9 days after ovulation).

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Miscarriage At least half of zygotes and preembryos undergo miscarriage (spontaneous abortion) before or right after implantation.

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A defect in corpus luteum function is associated not only with implantation failure but with miscarriage.

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If implantation of the blastocyst does not occur in the late luteal phase and hCG is not produced to maintain the corpus luteum, the endometrial glands begin to collapse and fragment.

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This is not always a sign of pending pregnancy loss, but it may be caused by a blighted ovum, friable cervix, ectopic pregnancy, perigestational hemorrhage, or cervical lesions.

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  • I’m day 9 of being late on my period (never been this late), I’m 37. Last night I did start to get bleeding it started with light pink this morning it switched between light pink and brown (starting and stopping) but now it’s switching back and forth between light pink and dark red. Could I still be pregnant? It’s not heavy, my periods are always super heavy.

  • Hi mam…I have symptoms of severe headache and back pain and milky white color discharge before two week of my periods day but now I get a period but still now severe headache present mam..please answer mam

  • Can someone give me an idea? My ovulation was about 4-5 days ago (also intercourse that day) then now I’m spotting. Pink. I’m only 11 days before my period. What does this mean I’m so confused. Should I be worried?

  • With my son, I had implantation bleeding which started Monday morning and was over by Wed morning. Then nothing till Friday which last a few hours that day light spotting. I have very irregular cycles in the past, its only become every month over the past 2 years. My husband and I are TTC #2. My period this cycle was due on the 8th of May. Normally it ranges from the 7th to the 9th. I wiped on mothers day with a little pink, my period at this point was a few days off. Then only used a pad for Monday/Tuesday. And spotting till Friday. I’ve had cramps, headache, nipples have gotten darker and sensitive. Had a metal taste in my mouth about 6 DPO. Ive taken tests, there all negative

  • I missed my period for 10 days and yesterday July 20th, I started getting light pink spotting. I tried 2 pregnancy test and they both came negative… I’m going to try one more time in a couple of days. I’m having lower abdominal pain and I feel that I may be pregnant but I am still unsure. I’m really hoping to see a positive soon!

  • What if theres heavy darkish brown blood for the 1st day and then goes light on day 2nd and 3rd. Occupanied by flu, fever, cough, weakness, shivering, stomach ache. I’m confused whether this is a symptom and take a test..

  • My girlfriend had a little bit of blood like spotting in her underwear a few days ago, she’s not due for her period for a week and a half.
    Also she randomly felt really sick at 4 in the morning and her nipples are more tender than usual. Plus she usually has really heavy periods but the last one she had a few weeks back was very very light..

    What’s the chances that in a week and a half her period isn’t going to show?

  • I was not planning on conceiving but last week(less than 2 weeks since my last period ended) I had on & off clotting & spotting for about 3 days. I am heartbroken bc I feel I miscarried before I could even get pregnant. I still have light cramping,the spotting ended,& I just wish I had a chance:(

  • Implantation spotting occurs when a fertilised egg nestles into the uterine lining. Menstruation normally occurs when the released egg at ovulation doesn’t get fertilised and together with the uterine lining, it exits the body.

    Although it’s not always easy to distinguish one from another, here are some differences between implantation bleeding and periods:


    Implantation bleeding is more likely to be a pinkish-brown. Menstrual bleeding, on the other hand, may be bright red at first, but it’ll darken as you progress through your menstrual cycle.


    Implantation is usually associated with light spotting. Spotting may also appear at the beginning of your period but it should become heavier from day to day.


    Implantation bleeding can last a few hours to 1-3 days while your period lasts 4-7 days.


    Implantation may be accompanied by light and temporary cramping. The pain that comes from your period is usually more intense and can last longer than implantation cramps.


    Blood clots are a natural part of the menstrual blood flow whereas implantation discharge doesn’t have clots.


    Implantation bleeding appears to be associated with light, occasional spots. Unlike implantation, a monthly period begins with light spotting and then gets progressively heavier for a day or two, ending with light bleeding (spotting).


    Implantation bleeding and menstrual bleeding don’t happen at the same time. Implantation bleeding happens earlier than your period. If your body follows a 28-day menstrual cycle, you won’t get your period until after day 28.

    If you’ve had embryo transfer as part of IVF (in-vitro fertilisation) treatment (an assisted conception method), you may be spotting lightly in the days following the transfer. Light bleeding can indicate that implantation is taking place. When the embryo is nestling into the uterine wall, it may agitate blood cells in your lining and cause a small amount of blood to be released from your body.

    Early pregnancy signs may include:

    swollen breasts


    nausea/morning sickness

    mood swings

    sore/tender breasts


    lower back pain

  • Hello I’m new here.. little bit confused.. have 26 days cycle and had mild cramps then a string of dark brown discharge on 20th day of my cycle. I thought that periods going to be start but it’s stop and then nothing only light pain in my left side and now it’s also gone.. plz help me

  • I’m really worried right now
    I found out that I am pregnant last week and I been spotting for a whole week now pinkish to brown plus feel no symptoms I pray I didn’t have a missed miscarriage I’m 27 goin on 28 this year I’m so ready to start a family with my boyfriend plus give my parents a grandchild cause I’m the only child, i really want this ���� & I don’t have my ultrasound till next Thursday I pray my baby still in me

  • My period is 28 days like clockwork. This month it came 5 days earlier than expected which would be 11 days after ovulation for me. It started very light pink, and fluctuated between light pink and brown. It wasn’t as heavy as my normal period at all, not enough to fill a pad or tampon. I have been very emotional, crying every other day which is something I never do. Feeling nauseous throughout the day, stuffy nose and my teeth have been hurting but idk. I’m guessing I should take a test just to be sure but don’t want to be disappointed if it’s negative ��

  • So basically this was useless…so bleeding normal not normal cramping normal not normal back pain normal not normal wtf is NORMAL THEN…

  • OKAY! So I got off my mirena May 17th got my first period last month but this month I ovulated on July 3rd and I think I had implantation bleeding July 10th it started at 4:00am with light bleeding once only when I wiped then around 5:00pm darker red only when I wiped. With the recent removal of my mirena im not sure about anything anymore. The middle of my back has been hurting for at least a week in half, constipated, breakouts, bloating, cramps like in my Ovaries & I had a cold but only lasted one day…. I’m due for my period in 2-3 days. I’m praying I get a BFP SOON.

  • I have been having implantation spotting for 9 days now and tested positive for pregnancy test about two months ago I had a miscarriage is it normal to have spotting this long? Has anyone experience what I’m experiencing I’ve been so Nauseous and tired..

  • Mam..I m not having any pain in abdomen but from 5th week of pregnancy I was having very little brown discharge which is increasing and today I saw very small clots alongwith bleeding… suggest plz??

  • It is ok if you are 2 weeks implantation bleeding from dark brown, brown, pink, and red blood and have some white blood in it..???

  • I’ve been spotting light pink to mild red for 4 days. It started out very small, and has been very off and on. Not enough for a tampon or liner. My period was due today. I’ve been having mild back aches, I had mild abdominal cramping the second day of spotting, tummy feels like it’s pulling sometimes, I had leg cramps for 2 days (More of just an achy annoying feeling) last night I woke up just burning up and had to basically strip naked to cool off, I feel like I have been having hot flashes on and off, very mild nausea, not enough to really think it is a pregnancy symptom. I have felt bloated as well. If I am correct, today would put me at 13dpo. I tested this morning and got a BFN. I NEVER spot before a period. Before my period shows up (usually between a week to several days before) my boobs get really tender and I get poopy and have to use the restroom a lot. I am not experiencing any of these normal PMS symptoms. I am going to wait till my period is supposed to be over which would put me at 19dpo to try to test again if I don’t get my period. Been stressed and very nervous about this.

  • Today an 1hr ago i had a light pink clear with cramps and im 9days late on a period. I have taken pregnancy test all of them negative but i always fail those so this Tuesday ill be having my pregnancy blood test i had my first miscarriage 1month 3weeks ago and we trying to get pregnant again so idk if i just wait a little bit longer or get tested???

  • Hey guys I was off my period for ten days and then I started bleeding Monday and I only bled for two days and now I have light pink stuff after I only bleed for two days

  • I had my own ivf, but after 14 days of transfer the test is negative, what is the next stage please am 47yrs own now? please help me.