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There’s conflicting information out there about gonorrhea during pregnancy being linked to miscarriage. Many sources claim that an untreated infection can be linked to risk of miscarriage, and at least one study has found that having untreated gonorrhea can be linked to increased risk of a preterm birth. If you have gonorrhea during pregnancy, you may have a greater risk of miscarriage, infection of the amniotic sac and fluid, preterm premature rupture of membranes (PPROM), and preterm birth, although prompt treatment reduces the risk of these problems. Gonorrhea, if untreated, can lead to an increased risk in miscarriage and premature birth. In addition, gonorrhea can be passed from mother to newborn baby during vaginal delivery, which can lead to a severe eye infection if left untreated. If detected, gonorrhea is very easily treated in the infant.

If this happens, this could lead to the embryo implanting itself in the fallopian tube causing a tubal pregnancy, which is a serious complication that will result in a miscarriage and can be life. Gonorrhea is a common STD in the United States. Untreated gonococcal infection in pregnancy has been linked to miscarriages, premature birth and low birth weight, premature rupture of membranes, and chorioamnionitis.

6 Gonorrhea can also infect an infant during delivery as the infant passes through the birth canal. Can gonorrhea cause a miscarriage Answers. It is possible, but not usually, for gonorrhea to cause amiscarriage. Ask.

Login. HomeScienceMathHistoryLiteratureTechnologyHealthLawBusinessAll. As with other germs, you can get the bacteria that cause gonorrhea just from touching an infected area on another person.

If you come into contact with the penis, vagina, mouth, or anus of. In this condition, the cervical muscles are weaker and are not able to hold the fetus. It may occur as a result of a previous injury to the cervix such as after a surgery.

Due to the weakness of muscles, the cervix may open too early often during the second trimester of pregnancy resulting in miscarriage. It can increase the risk of having a preterm baby. Rarely, the new baby can get the infection during delivery and have a vaginal discharge after birth. Although there is no conclusive evidence that gonorrhea causes pregnancy loss, several studies have linked the sexually transmitted infection with miscarriage, preterm labor, and ectopic pregnancy (if it goes untreated long enough to cause PID).   Gonorrhea infection during birth can also cause life-threatening health problems for a baby. You can protect yourself against gonorrhea by using condoms during intercourse.

If you already have it, gonorrhea.

List of related literature:

Untreated gonorrhea may infect the uterus or fallopian tubes, causing scarring that may result in infertility.

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Chlamydia does not usually cause symptoms unless it spreads to the upper genital tract; such spread, however, may cause miscarriage (see PREGNANCY AND LABOUR) or ECTOPIC PREGNANCY.

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● If untreated, sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhoea and syphilis can have long-term serious ● health consequences and pregnant women may transmit the infection to the fetus, causing birth defects or stillbirth.

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Untreated gonorrhea may lead to pelvic inflammatory disease, which can cause infertility or ectopic pregnancy (Chapter 22).

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Chlamydia and gonorrhea can cause pelvic infections and other complications, including miscarriage.

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  • An old saying we used in our early days of nursing, 1970’s:
    Beware, beware of the toilet seat;
    For the spirochete can jump six feet ��������

  • Can a person get infected with Gonorrhoea or Chlymidia if an uncovered dildo is inserted in his anus?
    Assuming that this dildo was not shared during the act with other person but may be it was used one hour ago before this incident by some other person.
    So, basically, I just want to know for how long does the above mentioned STIs survive outside human body on a surface such as a dildo?

  • G’day Doc my son caught it & he had injection + 2 tablets you described late yesterday afternoon. He said he now doesn’t have any of the symptoms, i also said to him see that will make you put a raincoat ( condom ) on in future ��. Your explanations are very very thorough, keep up the great work & men always remember NO BALLOON NO PARTY ����. PS men are lucky now back in the day they used to use the umbrella to treat it, I’d say it would be more painful than the sti but thankfully I’ve never caught it

  • I had this last year but the only person that could have possibly given it to me, (I get tested after every partner) tested negative for it. Is there an explanation for this?

  • Mam i am not burning when urination, and no discharge in penis. But my sperm is green color. Please help it chlamidia or gonorhea..? Thanks very much

  • This is Eric; I’m not a doctor. We can’t give individual medical advice over the Internet. See a doctor for medical advice that’s right for you.

  • i am 20 years old and i am feeling burning tip of my urethra from 3 days. firstly i felt burning urination but when i drank more water. Burning urination is no more.but tip is burning,sometimes it also stop and there is no any other thing. i am single and have no sexual relationship with anyone. what should i do?any idea

  • I’ve slept with so many girls off Tinder, always been good and wore a condom. A few days ago I slept with a new one and we were really drunk and agreed that I don’t wear a condom. Feel like I may have contracted it, I have a very mild itching sensation in my urethra and I noticed a couple drops of some white fluid come out of the tip of my dick about an hour ago. The 1 damn time I don’t wear a condom, I probably caught an std lol.

  • Can cefuroxime axetil 500mg can cure gonorrhea? If it can how many would i take each day? And how many days? 7days? Thanks if noticed ��

  • Pine oil/ Turpentine
    will clear
    Gonorrhea right up,
    by soaking a twin
    sheet with it.
    Then place the
    sheet over your body.
    Breath that in
    for a 10 mins.
    Twice a week.
    Until it clears up.
    Pine oil/Turpentine
    is a natural cure.

  • Dr. Bailey, I’ve been tested and came back negative but there is a constant sensation it doesn’t burn but it is something I constantly feel at the tip of my urethra. What could it be?

  • hello dr what about azithromycin 500mg, 3 scored tablet. 2 packets and a packet of levofloxacin tab 500mg 10 days 1tab/ day.Each packet of this drug has to be taken at the interval of one week. Can the combinations take care of the infection. Thanks for your response

  • Wait, so like my penis smells kind of fishy. But I’m a virgin. And have no stds running in my family, what do I do to make the smell go away ��

  • Ok doc I’m 18 and I had sex Monday July 14 but my pee didn’t start burning until like 5 days after but I don’t if it’s from unprotected sex because like 3 days after the sex I was putting lotion on my Penis and some got in my pee hole and it started burning every time since the lotion got in it also I think I’ve been having a Discharge or puss coming out so I don’t what it is can CVS run a test without my family knowing because I’m 18

  • i’m having discharge before peeing or pooping or whenever i try to have some force all the time. i don’t have any other symptoms like pain during urination and whatnot. is this normal?

  • Hello doctor, I got tested positive for Chlamydia. They gave me Azithromycin 4 tabs. And doxy for 14 days. 2 per day.
    Although my symptoms went away for few days. But now they soon came back. There is zero chance of me getting reinfected. Please help. What should I do?

  • I got tested positive for Gonorrhea last week and the main most irritating symptom is painful erections, like painful to the point where I can’t have them. Is that a common symptom of Gonorrhea?

  • Hi DOC
    Thanks for the information
    I am having great respect for you after this video
    My question is:
    Does pain in chest and body also a sign?

  • Gonorrhea is an Australasian word. A gonor is person who is socially isolated. A Rhea is a flightless bird with a small head and a big bum, that scratch’s a lot. Those aborigines were pretty creative when it came to naming things. They got the letraset long before the Poles did. They also invented the language “Guugu imuthirr” which people naturally speak when at the dentist.

  • But what if you have discharges right. But the symptoms are almost the same as Hemorrhoids than what do you do? Like do you ask for a test for hemorrhoids an it comes back an they can see what you have?

  • Give a like for awareness of video not for geting the illness…:))))
    Proud to be a virgin at 24.PS I never thoght I would say that in my life. And one thing: I AM ATHEIST!!!NOT CHRISTIAN!!!!

  • I already treated with doxyciline twice the first time includes the cetrafioxine injection last week. but somehow when i wear tight underwear my tip of penis somehow stick but the discharge is only too little. Sometimes its uncomfortable. What can i do?

  • Can I get medicine discreetly need to know asap. Man I was a 31 old virgin a month ago messed with this chick and caught it on first go. Never again. Fk! I’m pissed off with myself. Need to go to hospital in the morning.

  • Hi Dr.Sam, is Gonorrhea and Chlamydia the same? And what is the total cost of the whole process?(getting tested, doctor’s consultant, treatment)?
    And do you have an email account where I can ask you question personally?

  • Hey Sam thinks for the info. They gave me Rocephin 250mg and 1 gram of Zithromax at the hospital. And what kind of accent is that u have? lol

  • learnt a lot. but for studies sake is it possible or are the chances of nonsexually active teenages or adults or a virgin having Gonorrhea symptoms?

  • Syphilis is called “the great deceiver” because its symptoms can be so varied. Nothing can rule it out for sure other than being tested by a doctor. See a doctor and follow their instructions.

  • @Dr Sam Bailey. I was tested positive for Gonorrhea and I was given levofloxacin 750mg for one week I took them all as directed by the doctor but all the minor symptoms such as abdominal pain,Genital itching,and nausea went away but I still had pains in my penis when I urinate and I’ve realized there is always a little bit of urine that comes out after urinating what might be the cause for this?

  • would it be fair to say a smooth circular rash on the penis 5 days after exposure that left after a month, with no other possible symptoms what so ever since, from the event being nearly a year ago, would rule it out? I realise you could not give specific feedback without siggesting doctor, but typically, does it ‘require’ in almost all cases, rashes on the hands and palms, or the other symptoms described?

  • so I was freaking out just about 5 minutes ago till I received a call from my doctor, I had the same symptoms and it turned out it just a kidney infection When I visit the hospital the doctor gave me a shot and 4 pills of antibiotic, if you are having these symptoms you should go straight to your doctor so you’ll feel better mentally what I did I just went straight to the emergency room $400 fuck it

  • Six with min??
    Couldn’t t figure out what it meant
    So I checked out the NZ guide to NZ ENGLISH
    IT MEANS…..don t blush… it means..SEX WITH MEN…

  • Im Male and had sex with someone with a condom. The next day my penis has a warm/burning sensation. Shaft and towards the bottom under my sack area. It’s been 5 days and still have a warm/burning feeling. It does feel like it goes away some times but will come back. Or it’s very mild. I don’t have any other symptoms besides that. No discharge and no burning when I pee. Any idea what it could be? Could it be an allergic reaction? Maybe to the condom or lube used? If so how long does it usually last? Thank you.

  • Dear doctor circle my problem is k mere 15 days se uterus k andar chota sa dana ho gya hai or thodi si sweeling ho gyi hai or usme pus hsi saath mei lucoreya jaisa bahut thick white psni nikal RHA hai maine gyne ko check karwaya hai infection k medicine lene k baad sweeling kam HK gyi hai lekjn white pani nikali ja rha hai doctor ne koi tab uterus k andar rakhne ko bola tha jisse white pani na nikle Lenin abhi bhi white pani nikal RHA hai kya ye medicine se theek ho jaega k usko cheera dekar nikalna padega doctor ne us Dane ko rasoli bataya hai

  • Hey doctor.i think i have oral hpv.i know there is no treatment but what to do to boost my immune system to fight hpv ( i have hpv cause i have warts in throat and anus

  • I did not know maybe I have gonorrhea for long until I saw this ��I have been treating this yellow yeast infection with antibiotics but it don’t go away it go like one week then it hit me again i always feel lower abdominal pain during sex I have been with itching on my virginal like all the time..oral sex is not good at all ����������this is what caused me all this..

  • Thanks for the very useful information,Dr! I got tested for syphilis 21 days after exposure with blood sample.the result is negative but I develop rash on my palm and feet at 34 days.Could you suggest how conclusive was my test and what is the best time-frame for testing syphilis?
    Thanks in advance!