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Prenatal vitamins are usually recommended during a woman’s pregnancy to prevent birth defects. The evidence on prenatal vitamins and decreased miscarriage risk has been mixed. Some studies have found a link and others have not. For example, a study from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill published in 2009 found that women who took vitamins before or during pregnancy had a 57 percent. The Daily Mail reported “Taking folate supplements on their own or multivitamins while expecting had a slight beneficial effect.

But the study isolated a particular risk of miscarriage among those. Riboflavin may be part of your prenatal vitamin supplement, but you can also find vitamin B2 in yogurt, milk, eggs and almonds. References. PubMed Central: Low Plasma Folate Increases Risk of Miscarriage, Says Study.

Medline Plus: Vitamin D. PubMed: Riboflavin Deficiency and Preeclampsia. Vitamin B-3 supplements could prevent miscarriages and congenital malformations in newborns by correcting a harmful deficiency, a landmark study suggests. Prenatal vitamins are often recommended for use before, during and even after a pregnancy. Once your pregnancy is over, you may continue to benefit from your prenatal if you are breastfeeding.

Without continual input from your doctor, you may be confused about when you can switch back to. Often, there’s nothing you can do to prevent a miscarriage. However, making healthy lifestyle choices is important for you and your baby. Take a daily prenatal vitamin or folic acid supplement, ideally beginning a few months before conception.

During pregnancy, limit caffeine and avoid drinking alcohol, smoking and using illicit drugs. B vitamins, which you’ll often hear referred to as the vitamin B complex, are particularly important aspects of your nutrition during pregnancy, especially vitamins B6, B9, and B12. These three specifically help minimize the risk of birth defects as well as relieve some symptoms of pregnancy. If a specific cause for a miscarriage is identified, your doctor can help you treat the condition to prevent a future pregnancy loss. Taking care. Beyond checking for folic acid and iron, look for a prenatal vitamin that contains calcium and vitamin D. They help promote the development of the baby’s teeth and bones.

It also might be beneficial to look for a prenatal vitamin that contains vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, B vitamins. Given that folic acid is established to prevent neural tube defects with possible reduction in miscarriage, it is regularly prescribed during early pregnancy. #2 Iron Iron is required to make hemoglobin in red blood cells that transport oxygen and prevent anemia. It is also associated with a lower risk of premature births and low weight babies³.

List of related literature:

Some vitamins can also help reduce the risk of miscarriage.

“It Starts with the Egg: How the Science of Egg Quality Can Help You Get Pregnant Naturally, Prevent Miscarriage, and Improve Your Odds in IVF (Second Edition)” by Rebecca Fett
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Vitamin supplementation for preventing miscarriage.

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Supplementation with a multivitamin (including B-complex, vitamin C, and vitamin E) but not vitamin A alone effectively reduces adverse pregnancy outcomes, such as fetal loss, low birth weight, and prematurity, while also improving maternal weight gain during pregnancy [19, 50].

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Vitamins, bed rest and progestogens have been suggested as ways to prevent miscarriage in women.

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Both prescription and nonprescription prenatal vitamins contain more than the recommended daily intake of folic acid and should be sufficient to prevent and treat folate deficiency.

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This study found higher levels of ascorbic acid in the follicular fluid and an increase in the pregnancy rate in those patients who received vitamin C supplementation.[78] In the absence of a true deficiency, supplementation with other vitamins or minerals does not appear to increase final fertility.

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Folic acid supplements during pregnancy and risk of miscarriage.

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There are reports of increased miscarriage rates in women who took vitamin supplements containing folic acid before and during early pregnancy.

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Vitamin E is an important lipophilic antioxidant, but supplementation of vitamin E (along with vitamin C) is not an effective strategy for preventing preeclampsia nor does it reduce risk of fetal or neonatal loss, SGA, or preterm delivery.

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  • Thank you for this! I used Maca Root to help treat my endometriosis and bring balance to the hormones that were feeding the disease (which causes infertility). I became pregnant after only 4 months of trying and do not want to stop taking it. We need more evidence based proof like your story to show the benefits of these natural remedies! Our Miracle Maca Baby is due July 2018!

  • I recently had a late miscarriage at 17.2 weeks after my waters broke. Looking to try again soon but its been a month and im still bleeding. How long should this last for??

  • I have 2 kids, after my youngest I had 4 miscarriages, it just doesn’t develop only yolksac and placenta
    now. And it usual happens between 8 to 12 weeks, now I’m im pregnant again hopefully my last. And I’m on my 24 weeks now. Thank God after 4 miscarriages this had heart beat where the 4 had non. Don’t give up mommy’s God won’t let you fail if it is not his will.

  • I live by the Maca Root as well. I remember having a miscarriage before I had my daughter. I stopped taking Maca Root. when I decided to continue with taken it to help to relax my nerves, I got pregnant half way through the bottle. Pregnancy was smooth.

  • The thyroid medication definitely played a part in this. Congratulations! I’m very happy for you.
    I recently had a miscarriage and I’m scared of trying again, but I want to.

  • I have had my 2nd miscarriage in 2 months. I have maca capsules. How many is best to take when ttc, and how many when pregnant. I cannot bear to lose another baby

  • Try vitex a natural supplement sold at gnc or Amazon but you have to take all the way thru second trimester from what I’ve read a lot of people have good outcomes from taking it I’m definitely going to try since I just had a chemical pregnancy.

  • So no one come at me please this is very hard for me to talk about but here we go…. I am having issues getting pregnant and I have been trying for about a year now and nothing has worked I have purchased the Pre-seed lubricant and am going to try it but I understand if you don’t have an answer for me but if someone like me is having an irregular mentrsrol cycle and do not know when I am ovulating. Do you think it would work the same?

  • MTHFR does play a huge role! Good for you in switching to folate! Folate is always better even with someone who doesn’t have MTHFR! Myself and my son both have ti and I suspect my husband too but he hasn’t been tested. Congrats girl!

  • I am fully convinced ultrasounds had an effect on my babies heart, (she died days after the ultrasound and abruptly quit moving after both ultrasounds) my advice is to avoid them especially early on in pregnancy. i avoid them all together now

  • Thanks for sharing! I was hoping to find out how you dealt with (if you even had this happen) people “tiptoeing” around you after you miscarried? After miscarrying, I feel like people don’t know what they can and cannot say around me. Which actually makes things worse. People will start to say something about babies, look at me, and then change the topic. My older sister is currently pregnant and when I walk in the room, I feel like everyone stops talking. I know they are just trying to protect me, but I need people to know that I am hopeful for the future and do not want to spend my time in the past forever.

  • What are natural options to these meds? Aspirin is for blood thinning for example and I know there are natural blood thinners. Thyroid could be helped with lugols iodine

  • Im going through my second miscarriage. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. You have given me some more hope and direction. I cant expess my gratitude for you sharing such a personal story to help those of us struggling with the same things. Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy i am praying for you and your precious family. Thank you i cant say it enough.. xoxo

  • Could you please share what your TSH was and your dose of medication? 25microgram? What was your TSH when you get pregnant? Thank you so much!

  • For anyone wanting to do their own research, 23 and Me will provide raw data that can be uploaded to a website Called promethease… their report will tell you if you have MTHFR and which mutation you have.

    Other dna testing companies may do the same but my experience was with 23 and Me. I ended up taking a prenatal with folate also because I have one version of the MTHFR gene

  • Insurance pays for fertility stuff? Lol �� really? No one talks about Donor/PGS tested eggs my doctor says these vitamins do not help to prevent miscarriageladies be careful and talk to your doctorsevery pregnancy is different

  • Just looking through the comments and I want to say that you need to test thyroid antibodies as well as thyroid function. Your tests may come back normal but you could have what’s called Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

  • Congrats! I’m surprised your doctor wasn’t willing to test to you for MTHFR. I’m willing to bet he also didn’t test for many other possible causes. There are SO many things that need to be tested for recurrent miscarriage. Whether or not it would’ve given you any answers is a mystery. Anyway… I’m glad you are having success regardless of not having any answers!

  • Congratulations!! OMG! I can SOOOOOOO relate. 10 miscarriages in 5 years. I fully understand how you feel and hope nothing but the best! ����

  • Congratulation. I am just started taking aspirin as well. I had two miscarriages 20 wks in 2018 and at 6 wks in 2019, it has been hard. However my husband and I, we are excite to resume ttcing.

  • Underactive thyroid DOES have a lot to do with misscarriage. I suffer from hyperthyroidism and my endorcrinologist said there is a chance if your levels are too low or too high.

  • It could’ve definitely been because of the thyroid for me I have hypothyroidism I definitely need to be taking medication especially while pregnant or trying to get pregnant! If you don’t have it under control it can produce so much hormone which is dangerous… it’s always great to have your thyroid levels checked! ❤️

  • i got 3rd miscarriage my husband decide not to try again. for me i really want to having a baby again next year… now im in recovery heavy bleed yesterday im 8weeks and so sad:(

  • I definitely think the thyroid medicine has a lot to do with it. My sister couldn’t get pregnant as soon as she went on thyroid meds she got preggers:) Some doctors don’t take it much in to consideration but I think its a big issue if not looked at by the right doctor.

  • I have depression because this hormone problems after miscarriages. thank you so much please give us some photos about this pils.

  • The folate vs. folic acid is a very dangerous topic to be discussing based on your “own research”. I would like to see the peer-reviewed, published studies that you were looking at. Until then, you are creating false hope for women that are in a vulnerable position.

  • I am going through a miscarriage now☹️, I am looking into these vitamins my midwife said they looked good but also to supplement with vitamin C.

  • What does the Bible say of misscarriages? I’ve seen God opening and closing the womb, women having miracle babies in their later years, but never have I seen a mother misscarry.

  • Thank you for sharing your journey! Question: did you take baby aspirin before you were pregnant?
    Two months after my miscarriage, we are ttc. Currently on thyroid medication. Your video was helpful for things I can try differently. ��

  • Thank you ive suffered 3 misscarridges and i just want to give up drs have checked me and so far nothing wrong. I was on progesterone and still misscarridge not sure what else to do. I am 38 years old and have 3 kids already

  • Another reason women are having miscarriages is low iodine. Taking a sea kelp supplement can be very beneficial. Also, a higher fat lower carb diet. A lot of women are not consuming enough of the right kind of fat which our body needs to carry a growing baby. Our diets are so laden with junk and chemicals and it throws off our hormones and destroys our adrenals.

  • Hai thank you for your videos.. even I started taking them last month n now m preggo �� but my doctor gave me duphaston tablet 20 mg each day +multivitamin which is vitamin code and maca root 1500 mg per day ( personally taking by ma own ).. do u thing is it safe taking them all??

  • I have seen this video in 2018 aug while I was recovering from a miscarriage I ordered them in aug by gods greatest blessing and grace I conceived in Sept 2018 just wanted to give hope to others as well. Thank you mam for this video

  • I got these vitamins and have been taking it for a few weeks now. I just had my cycle and now my abdomen is extremely bloated and crampy (not period cramps). Did you notice any side effects?

  • I’ve had 3 miscarriages and I’m only 22. I never even thought that could happen to someone of my age, after my losses I’ve become aware of all the problems and how difficult it really is to become and be pregnant. It’s really opened my eyes. I’m heartbroken by it all and yet to meet with my specialist doctor but I’m positive and hopeful I’ll have a lovely baby one day. Wishing all the best to you!x

  • 2 miscarriages in, so glad to have found someone to relate to. Thank you for being vulnerable in the public eye. It has been a comfort.

  • Congrats on finally meeting beautiful mr. Ryan!���� just stumbled on this video, and just feeling so happy for you guys! Sending you so much love & positivity babe!��������������

  • Thank you for sharing! I have high hopes for our 3rd pregnancy (though obviously I’m scared as hell too) we also made the switch from folic acid to natural folate as we believe I have the mthfr gene, and I’ll be on baby aspirin and progesterone! You’re right it’s impossible to know if what you did made the difference but there’s no harm in trying them! Good luck with your entire pregnancy and birth!

  • Awesome Shelly! Thanks for sharing! I kind figured that you went on Thyroid medication, because your numbers weren’t within the perfect range. I’ve had my thyroid tested too and it was in the perfect range, so I think I’m good there. I switched to a prenatal too that has both folic acid and folate, just in case as well. 😉 I kind of feel like we’re on the same wavelength here. We are trying again this cycle. We’ll see how things go.

  • If active sperm and motility low.

    Then tribulus terrestris,L opti zinc, vitamin E’,selenium found in which type of food,plz reply Dr melanie

  • You need to be specific about what you are telling people, fish like tuna is to be avoided during pregnancy due to high mercury which is dangerous during pregnancy! chesse intake is to be limited aswell so stop lying to people do a research before sitting there and telling people if you eat this you will avoid miscarriage. There is no evidence that eating right stops miscarriage they happen to 1 in 4 pregnancies no one knows why. And if you are not a medical professional especially a fertility one put that in your disclaimer so people know it.

  • Why does butter cause an increase in miscarriages? Is it all butter or just unpasteurized butter? I thought pasteurized butter is safe.

  • I had a miscarriage 7 months ago and I just recently found out I was pregnant ���� again I have pocos so I’m very scared I pray to god this time around I can carry to full term.

  • Your experience gives me hope! ���� Often times, having a miscarriage feels isolating, especially when it seems like everyone else around you is getting pregnant. Thank you for sharing your story. And thanks for the prenatal vitamin recc.

    Now that you are with child, could you please make videos about exercising while pregnant? I had a really hard time finding those when I was pregnant and would love to know what you’re doing so that when I get pregnant again, I have videos to follow.

  • This is really interesting. I was taking Maca for a couple months and I did get pregnant. I had 3 prior miscarriages as well as two boys. I started to miscarry with my most recent miscarriage a couple weeks ago. I had stopped taking the Maca around Week 5 or so b/c it’s not really proven safe during pregnancy. When I started bleeding, I knew it was over, so I took my Maca, but then I didn’t bleed again for the rest of that day…really weird. It did resume the next morning, as I didn’t take another dose, but it makes me wonder if Maca has an effect on progesterone. Not very scientific but I found it interesting. With my 2nd child I took Vitex until I was out of the 1st trimester.

  • I have been trying for two years now and just discovered preseed so I’m really praying that this time is going to work. My husband had testicular cancer so we are praying that we can conceive

  • Hi, I have just found out that I’m pregnant. I have been having fertility drink with Maca powder for a few months now. Should I continue with the Maca powder or just swap to tablets? I take a teaspoon a day along with greens powder, acia powder, hemp seeds in almond milk. Thanks

  • Do you take the maca root during the pregnancy and before? I had a miscarriage and am trying again and want to try to help not have another miscarriage

  • Thank you so much Kerry your video motivated me to try again after losing 2 pregnancies this year. I just bought my first pouch of Maca gold.

  • If your doc doesn’t give you progesterone supplement after your first miscarriage it’s time to change him. Where I’m from the obgyn give it immediately after 1st miscarriage. Also they are giving special injections instead of baby aspirin. If you have been tru miscarriage I would recommend to get a natural progesterone cream and use it from ovulation until doc’s appointment…

  • I took the Garden of Life vitamin code raw prenatal starting at 3 weeks pregnant 3 times a day, like stated & I had a miscarriage at 7 and a half weeks. Even when you try to be an healthy as you can, miscarriages can’t be prevented if they are going to happen

  • Thanks for the heads up, will be getting my thyroid checked. Regardless you’re giving me a lot of hope my doctor also did put me on progesterone this will be my first cycle trying it my levels also weren’t checked it’s just to try it out..I’m still waiting for positive LH strips and I’m also takin the low dose of aspirin. I have had 4 miscarriages in 1 year. Also on gummie prenatals because I can’t swallow horse pills. I think I have 1 more miscarriage in me before I give up. Hopefully my thyroid is okay and other things. ������

  • Im going to go get some of this stuff asap!! Im so scared of miscarrying my baby! Everything makes me nervous! The doctors couldnt detect a heartbeat fir a while it wasnt until i expelled my hemotoma that the baby isbfinally getting ixygen and nourishment so now i have to get the baby to a healthy size because she was behind since she wasnt getting the nutrients she needed from me!

  • I also suggest monitoring progesterone levels in early pregnancy, these in-home tests allow women to track levels at home

  • I just wanted to add one that we’re probably all aware of, Vitex. I have no idea if it works or not but I think it’s an important supplement for some women. I’ve had 2 miscarriages and today I just found out I am pregnant again after almost a year of trying. I have low AMH and my husband has a morphology issue—the fertility doc said it’s unlikely we’ll conceive naturally…Which could still be true (fingers crossed this baby sticks). I started Vitex a month ago…and I’ve also been on Levothyroxine for over a year for my Hashimoto’s thyroid issues. I could still miscarry this baby because I am only 3-4 weeks along. I just wonder if after a year of trying if Vitex helped??? Who knows. Much love to all of you!!! xo

  • How pitiable that a lot of women have different levels of alignment today but can’t find the right and outright cure. I never believed in herbal remedies until I ordered it as I got so frustrated, helpless and left without any more options. I suffered from PCOS and blocked fallopian tube and as a result of this could not conceive for 4 years. A wife to my husband’s friend introduced me to a traditional man Mr Richard who deals on native herbs which I ordered for, and after taking this native medication with a native fertility booster which the traditional doctor sent to me in less than a month, I went for check up and found out that I’m completely ok in my system,fallopian tubes were all opened. And in less than two months my ovary syndrome and weight was a thing of the past…am now 6 month pregnant.. So please I urge every woman who has been going through any Infertility issue to get in touch with this traditional doctor so maybe he can help you also just call him on WhatsApp on this contact +234 8129605087 so maybe he can be of help.. or reach him via email at [email protected]

  • I LOVE VITAMIN CODE!!!!!!!!!!!!! In the States, OB’s do not suggest using Maca DURING pregnancy, but can be used prior as a fertility supplement.

  • Thanks for your videos, I got pregnant from maca after mc. how many mg each tablet you take? I am taking 500 mg each pill 3 times a day so that’s 1500 mg total. how much did you take total first trimester?

  • Hello did you take a prenatal vitamin or just the conception vitamin? Also where on your arms did you apply the progesterone cream and did you continue through which trimester?
    Also after having your miscarriage how long did it take for you to conceive again?
    Ugh sorry so many questions thanks for sharing

  • I am personally so thankful for your channel! Its always been so hard to find someone to even begin to relate to. Ive had 8 MCs, 7 of them never made it past 6 weeks and the one that did; i lost. I too have been told time after time everything is normal. But After that 2nd trimester loss in march, i lost all hope. But coming across your channel reminds me, not to loose sight of the bigger dream. So, thank u.

    Wishing you all the best!

  • I had a very hard time getting pregnant with my first and I finally got pregnant because of Iodoral, it’s a iodine iodide supplement. My second child I got pregnant 4 months after the birth of my first. Easy case. 3 years later I got pregnant and stupidly took thyroid pill because I was soooo exhausted. Few hours after taking that ONE tiny pill, I started bleeding and lost the baby. I was about 4 months gone. Since that time I have gone through terrible guilt shame regret remorse etc, I went through some inner healing with the Lords help. I had a inner soul healing session with Dr. Mulitze, which helped me feel happy again. It’s your video that lead me to buy conception and progesterone cream, which I’ve been taking for a month and it’s only been a few days but I’m feeling pregnancy symptoms, thinking I’ve conceived, and hoping that this pregnancy stays with me to full term. I just wanted to tell my story because it might be helpful and your video really helped me in hard times. Thank you! I hope to tell my story too one day on my channel.:)

  • I had 2 back to back miscarriages and now pouring through my blood work I can see my TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) was at 2.8 and 2.7 for both, and current it is at 1.6 (which seems to be the baseline) a lot of women have underactive thyroid issues which also increase miscarriage risk, so i would suggest full blood work analysis and checking if everything is within the true normal. Thank you for the video! and it is really a helpful guide for women like me just looking for answers. The progesterone treatment is something my doctors completely ignored even though i requested as apparently in Canada they do not prescribe it for low risk pregnancies. So yes, now I am taking matters into my own hands next time around!

  • Hi. I have 3 children from a past relationship. They ages 22..19 and 14. I got married to a new guy after the kids dad walked out to go be with a younger woman with 3 children lol lol. Before me n hubby were married I fell pregnant with his child. I miscarried this pregnancy which I have never had this problem before from my past relationship. Then me n hubby married n two yrs into marriage I got pregnant and miscarried. This was twins. There twins on both our families sides. I miscarried again. This was very hard to lose two babies. It was so hard. Very emotionally draining. Then just the other week I found out i pregnant again. N have miscarried again. What is happening. Never had this before. I am 46 yrs old. Obviously I want my husbands child with him. This has been very hard. I have lost 4 babies with my husband. Is it my age. I conceived fine even tho my cycle is not regular

  • omg Your baby is soo sweet, sugar cant stop watching….:) Thanks for your advice I start taking Vitamine Code, I had my natural missed miscarriage on December after one week since I learned my baby heartbeats stopped. Praying for my rainbow in 2018

  • i have 2 miscarriages. on 2nd miscarriage i used progesterone didnt help. for me i have no hormonal problems still i loose baby. i hope my 3rd pregnancy will be successful.

  • What’s the difference between progesterone cream and oral progesterone supplements? My doctor proscribed me the progesterone supplements but all I hear is people taking about the cream. Is the cream better?

  • Thank you! I’m definitely using the progesterone cream and of course i’d be Trusting in the Lord that this baby will be born at full term ��

  • I started having my second miscarriage today and 3 chemicals in the past, I’m seeing a doctor soon. I’m so upset and angry, it might not be me though, I suspect it may be my partner.

  • Amen! Researching is absolutely necessary for evrything having to do with your health. I’m truly sorry about your loss, and at the same time I want to say congratulations to you and your husband. God always leads us to what we need! God bless you �� Thank you so much for this video and the priceless info!

  • I’ve also had 4 miscarriages and am currently on week 4 day 6 praying it sticks and I also made one change to folate instead of folic acid. Thanks for sharing. Gives me more peace of mind.

  • Thank you soooo much for this video. I to am going thru my third miscarriage and I will be having test done to try and figure out why but if all else fails I will be trying the progesterone shots and folate.

  • any tips to prevent still birth, sorry Cassandra, that’s why I haven’t been on the live chats I hope to return soon. I lost my baby at 20 weeks, they said the heart rate was at 140 three days before it happened and when the heart was undetectable 3 days later they forced me into labor. We are still waiting for results but I heard that having anything come back is unlikely. And would you try again if you were me (I am thinking again in 2 years but that will put me at age 40) thanks in advance I will pray for you and wish you all the best with your current pregnancy:)