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Babies don’t fart in utero. That’s because for anyone, including babies, to pass gas, they need to ingest air. “It would seem that if babies can poop in the womb then they should be able to fart,”. It’s also worth pointing out that babies do start to pee in the womb, as early as month two.

This pee mixes with all the amniotic fluid that surrounds them, and (squeamish alert) is swallowed by baby again, only to be passed through over and over. So if you feel a bubbling or fluttering sensation in your womb, don’t be concerned. It’s only less funny when it’s your little brother and he farts at you in a small, enclosed space. Do babies fart in the womb?

No. They simply lack the ability and resources necessary to do it. Babies can not fart in the womb. This is so because your unborn baby is indeed surrounded by water and not of air, and because an ‘air’ is nothing but the gas that is produced during digestion and your child doesn’t digest food digestion since he/she gets all the nutrients from the placenta. Babies do not poop while in the womb.

They CAN But it is very dangerous. The poop can enter their lungs and its not a good thing. I’ve seen people posting a lot about babies pooping in the womb, and while its not impossible it’s very rare and like I said, dangerous. Haven’t you guys read any of your books?!This is an average chart and babies usually are at this weight in the womb.

At birth, the infant’s weight is around 2.8kg 3.6kg. If the baby is less than 2.5kg, it can be considered a low birth weight, and at this point, the health of your baby becomes more important. Do you wonder what the babies inside the womb can do?

Well, a baby can hear you inside the womb. They can also cry, move and drink their own pee. But, do they fart? Is it possible for a baby.

This article was originally published on April 11, 2017. It was updated on July 22, 2020 by Kirstie Landry. Farting is very common in infants and growing babies.And farting is a clear indication that the baby is feeling gassy.According to, babies who are between the age of 2 weeks to 4 months go through a phase where they become colicky, gassy, and. Interesting Facts about Babies in the Womb 1. Stress Affects Them Adversely. Can babies see in the womb?

Yes, they can feel all palpable tensions too. Anxiety reported by moms make foetuses use their left hands for touching their face. This clearly suggests that a mother’s emotions do impact a baby’s movements in surprising and subtle ways. While babies most often hold out on pooping until they’re born, they are certainly active urinators in the womb.

In fact, your baby’s pee activity goes into overdrive between 13 and 16 weeks.

List of related literature:

Some babies pass gas regularly throughout the day, blissfully unaware of it.

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It has been suggested that the purpose of these breathing movements in utero is to exercise and train the respiratory muscles for their function after birth.

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Weak abdominal muscles make newborns prone to reverse peristalsis.

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Infants quite commonly also use the abdominal muscles.

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Per unit of weight, the fetus, placenta, and uterus together consumed oxygen (and released carbon dioxide and heat) at a higher rate than the mother.

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Indeed many babies born with low cord gases are vigorous at birth.

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While there is no air to intake, hiccuping in the womb involves the same sort of muscular reactions as in an air-breathing child.

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The previous belief was that babies had gas or cramps in the abdomen (belly), but doctors now think that this is not always the case.

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Recently, some have reported the use of micromanometric techniques, with the use of sleeve sensors, in the evaluation of anal sphincters in the newborn,103 including very low-birth-weight babies.104

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It seems that humans have adapted to this by the fetus completing in utero development at a relatively early stage and being born at a much smaller proportion of the adult weight.

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  • I want to contact with you doctor. My sister is not feeling well she is pregnant..she has 5th month of pregnancy..plz pray for my sis nd her baby too ������

  • Wait really…your baby is pooping and you said “let’s call Daddy and…what let him hear a baby poop for the first time ever in the history of babies pooping…w(°o°)w

  • OMG I get it ; sugar and alcohol are the same thing as the body treats them the same way (excess sugar is fermented into alcohol in the body). And fructose is the silent killer as it is not seen by body’s cell receptors except the liver and so is a disguised poison! So the damage happens discreetly and cumulatively over time. Amazing lecture. Thank you for explaining this.

  • Side note, the worst shits were ALWAYS the ones that happened when my son was sitting in his Bumbo seat, like the one in the last video. They hold the baby so tight (because they have to, of course), that when the baby shits, there’s no place for the shit to go, except straight up his back. I’m talking about ALLLL the way to the shoulder blades. Yeah, those were two person diaper changes, right there, man. I still have flashbacks…

    **Cue hallucinations of helicopters, explosions, and men diving for cover, set to the backdrop of fart sounds and noxious green gas clouds**

    Yeah. I’ve seen some shit. Literally.

    All kidding aside, those were absolutely the worst shits lmao.

  • The funniest babies are the ones giving a warning it seems with the fart making noises and expressions on their faces until the real thing comes up. Cute kids, good luck moms and dads on the clean.��

  • Fructose from fruits and vegetables are fine. Added sugar is what you need to avoid. The human body requires some amount of sugar.

  • A book in french Le Mal du Sucre came out a long time ago… warned against sugar which the author said was often derived from beets and then used as a cheap filler in processed foods. But it is habit forming and hard to quit… there are some natural products which help one get sugar out of their diet. Also some natural sweeteners like Stevia. I was recently in hospital for a hip replacement and learned from a doc that diabetes is really common now among seniors. Is it related to sugar consumption?

  • Okay. I got shown this video by someone who found it by just going from random video to random video (in other words, The YouTube Rabbit Hole) and now I’m just generally confused by YouTube.

  • Fantastic presentation. Only issue with it is not sure I buy the notion that fruits are ok because of the fiber. And I definitely don’t buy the notion that frankenfruits available now, not just in autumn but 24/7/365, are any better than high fructose corn syrup…

  • Please stop consuming sugar, all sorts of it
    Im in my early twenties, consumed a lot of sugar, i had high blood pressure, bad cholesterol values and my triglycerides were so high that after not eating or drinking before my blood test, the blood test came back saying i consumed sugar before the blood tests, and even then they were way too high
    Ive now cut it all out, i only drink water, and i feel a million times better.
    Please sugar is killing all of us, we need to lay it away. Its like a drug
    The first few days are somewhat rough, but then just the thought of sugar will make you gag after you stop

  • I laughed so hard when the baby farted at the beginning of the video and the dad says,”Oh My God.!” ������������ I was dieing laughing at the dad and the baby looking at the camera like what’s the matter dad.? I just farted is all. �������� Lol. Baby farts are so cute and funny. Why do we laugh at farts or toots some call them, cause they are hilarious. ��������

  • So, this just popped up again in my YT recommendations. I first saw this video about 10 years ago, watched it a few times, found it interesting but didn’t take the message to heart. And now I’m a decade older and 50+ pounds heavier.

    Don’t be me.

  • So are things like crackers and white rice ok then, since it’s glucose and not fructose? Paired with a meal obviously, not great to eat a meal of crackers.

  • Ha! This is why kids think farts are hysterically funny. Because from the day they’re born, every time they fart, we laugh. Because farts are hysterically funny.

  • Grüß Gott:) gutes Video! Thx!:)
    Hast du eigentlich schon dieses spezielle Aktivwasser von einem solchen Wasserionisator jemals getrunken?
    Dieses Wasser ist einfach geil!:)
    Es hilft einem echt produktiv zu sein…:D

  • Dont let the sugar corporation know any of this, the donut shops, soft drinks,bread, pastas even the patato ship companies. Of course they want you sick, ��!??? Everything is made for the spiritual parasites.

  • Has anybody seen the documentary involving the Nestle/ Coca-Cola in Mexico, Central & South America? I’ve looked all over the Internet for it and I cannot find it anymore. Has anyone else seen this documentary that was on Amazon prime a couple of years ago?What is the title?

  • Saying That “Taxing alcohol is to limit it’s use” is something I’d expect from the Mafia, Oh wait The Government is To Mafia as Sucrose is to Fructose “Both are The Devil” Diamond Cartels do same.
    Have something that really isn’t that rare… own all of it.. limits the ability to obtain it, make it addictive by nature or media…
    Make The Fortune.
    Rule Government by Money.
    Never change the Status Quo.
    Pass The System on to The Hidden Hand that Rules us all.
    The same Pack of Wolves Trying to sell depopulation…
    Who says “They want us to Live Long”?

  • I was diagnosed with Fatty liver last year and pre diabetic.
    Completely avoided sugar and fructose for a year including fruits.
    My prediabetes is gone and I had Fibro scan this week the result is beautiful. I also enjoyed good health that I lost for more than 20 years.
    Sugar is a poison. If you want to be healthy stop it.
    Check any food label high fructose corn syrup must be there.
    Well done sir.