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If you only have six weeks off, leaving work before or at your due date will run down the clock at a time when you might not yet have your baby. If you go two weeks overdue, that leaves you only four weeks with your baby. She may not be old enough to start daycare if you plan to go back to work, so you may wind up taking two weeks of unpaid leave. It is important you review your work’s maternity leave policy before making these tough decisions about time away from work.

Ultimately, choosing to stop working early is up to you and what is right for your family. Just keep in mind there may not be a medical reason for me to excuse you from work if your pregnancy is normal and healthy. There are also federal laws. Labor induction increases the risk that your uterine muscles won’t properly contract after you give birth (uterine atony), which can lead to serious bleeding after delivery.

Inducing labor is a serious decision. Work with your health care provider to make the best choice for you and your baby. Share; Tweet; May 01, 2020. My story is one reason why you shouldn’t work up until your due date. You don’t want to even come close to giving birth in a cubicle, with all of your coworkers gathered around.

Imagine your boss. How Is My Due Date Determined? Normally, your due date is 280 days (40 weeks or about 10 months also known as 10 lunar months) from the first day of your last period. With my first kid, I worked from home starting the week before my due date, just in case.

Yeah, I got bored. Yes, I was working, but I was. Others choose a “last day” in advance in order to have a break before their due date, or make arrangements to work from home in the final days. We asked the new moms on our message boards for their take on leaving the office, and here’s what they had to say: “I worked until the very end. My water started to leak while I was at work!”.

The second you see a positive pregnancy test result, it’s only natural to start doing the math to figure out the delivery date. After all, it’s handy to know how much time is left before. I was glad, I was so tired.

Ds was born on his due date via c-section. I’m 20 weeks now with my second and it looks like I’m having a scheduled c-section at 39 weeks, so I’ll work until that point. I don’t know how elementary teachers do it.

I’m not the kind of math teacher who sits all day, but I’m also not chasing 20-30 little kids either, lol. Don’t do what I did and work on your due date. First labours can be very, very long (35 hours in my case) and as you don’t know exactly what day baby is going to arrive, it’s best to play it safe and be well rested before the drama starts!!

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Explain that being allowed to set your own pace at work may make your pregnancy more comfortable (this kind of stress seems to increase the risk of backaches and other painful pregnancy side effects) and help you do a better job.

“What to Expect When You're Expecting 4th Edition” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
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Work at a due date level if possible.

“ASTD Handbook, 2nd Edition: The Definitive Reference for Training & Development” by Elaine Biech
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I coasted with absolutely no issues to my due date.

“Birth Matters: How What We Don't Know About Nature, Bodies, and Surgery Can Hurt Us” by Ina May Gaskin, Ani DiFranco
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If you don’t want to stop working entirely during the last few weeks of your pregnancy, why not see if your employer would be willing to have you work on a part-time basis?

“The Mother of All Pregnancy Books: An All-Canadian Guide to Conception, Birth and Everything in Between” by Ann Douglas
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You may need to work until a few days before your due date, you may be a soon-to-be single mom, or you may already have children to care for.

“Living Vegan For Dummies” by Alexandra Jamieson
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Either way, your employer can’t penalize you for taking time off to be with the baby.

“Be Prepared: A Practical Handbook for New Dads” by Gary Greenberg, Jeannie Hayden
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Deciding, while you’re still pregnant, whether you’ll stay home or go back to work (and when) after baby is born is like choosing between a job you’re familiar with and one you know nothing about.

“What To Expect The 1st Year [rev Edition]” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
from What To Expect The 1st Year [rev Edition]
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I started my leave two weeks before my due date, then I was almost two weeks late.

“The Passion Trap: How to Right an Unbalanced Relationship” by Dean C. Delis
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During your initial visit, you and your provider will calculate your due date and, ideally, begin to discuss your ideas, thoughts, hopes, and plans for your pregnancy.

“Our Bodies, Ourselves: Pregnancy and Birth” by Boston Women's Health Book Collective, Judy Norsigian
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Most healthy pregnant women can plan to continue working until a short time before their due date, although some find it easier to cut back on activities in the last month or So, especially if they are feeling fatigued.

“The New Harvard Guide to Women's Health” by Karen J. Carlson, Stephanie A. Eisenstat, Stephanie A. Eisenstat, M.D., Terra Diane Ziporyn, Alvin & Nancy Baird Library Fund, Harvard University. Press
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  • I am 32 weeks.. but my baby is measuring and weighing 34 weeks.. does it means that I am having early delivery ma’am plz reply…����

  • This was so informative and very reassuring. I am 29 years old and have just been diagnosed with igAn and my husband and I were trying to conceive and got a tad scared by our nephrologist that having children might no longer be a possibility. I am very thankful to have seen this presentation the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Thank you!!

  • This is so true. There were cameras outside the hearing office and also inside the waiting room. My ALJ here in Houston called an internist during my hearing for a severe case of cellulitis that I’ve had for two years. This doctor had never seen me before, but I had pictures that were very graphic. Thankfully, he found me disabled and the judge agreed. The judge actuallyasked to see my leg during the hearing and I gladly showed him, so that’s impossible to fake. LOL I’m a 60-year-old former legal secretary. Thanks for all your wonderfully informative videos, sir. You have been very helpful to so many people!!!

  • Your commentary on disability cases is right-on. I had to dress & coach my husband so that he could win his appeal for well-deserved disability. Most upsettingly, I also had to coach his attorney who did not prepare for his case until the day before.

    So, years later when it became my turn, I decided to get my disability immediately based on my application. I filled out the form completely & had my medical records in order to send with the application fully annotated.
    I waited six months only to find out the VA was not validating my claims. I got on them & My SSDI was approved a month later. I
    am leaving this comment so that everyone knows: your claim is based on you. Your lawyer is not a magician. Do it right the first time and you may not have to pat an attorney $8,000!

  • So if I hold a put option through expiration and I’m in the money, does it convert over as a short? Like if it keeps going down after expiration am I still making money?

  • what if my doctor does not want to fill out a RFC form and or is reluctant to support my disability claim i understand this is common what do i do

  • so i just bought a call, expire in like 2 years, if the stock went up 100% after 2 years and i hold the option through the expire date, what will happen? can you do a video on this?

  • I need some advice quick! I have a put option that expires this Friday out of the money. I can’t sell it because the option is selling at 5 cent increments, and its at 3 cents today. This is on Robinhood. Can somebody tell me what might happen on Friday?

  • I just had my obgyn appointment not that long ago, and she measured my fundus height. Now mind you I’m only 35 weeks and 4 days, and I’m already measuring 40 weeks/40cm. My husband is 6 feet, his weight at birth was over 9lb. I was only 7lb. I’m not diabetic or have any thing genetically wrong. My obgyn already schedule an ultrasound for me. With me 5 weeks away from my due date and measuring so big, should I be concerned?

  • what happens if my baby is extremely small? growth wise my baby is growing fine BUT the AC is dropping on the chart. it was on the 10th percentile now the third….

  • bs… I delivered my son 12 years ago @ 37 weeks pregnant 7lbs 12oz and he was perfectly fine. never sick and is an honor roll student now. only God knows our birth and death dates! science is just an hypothesis.

  • Hey folks, great to have you here and I hope you enjoy the video. This is such an important topic and it’s vital at the end of the interview process to ensure you’re making a wonderful, objective decision. Lemme know what you think and make sure to subscribe for new videos weekly on Live Office Hours on Thursdays!

  • I was seen by a consultive provided by SS. According to this evaluation, I am disabled but they denied it anyway. I continued with my TX for my mental issues and it has been three years already. I had my hearing three weeks ago. I am still weating for the answer.

  • I arrived 15 minutes early, they made me wait 90 minutes (spy on me much? Lol).
    I made the doc read my 4 MRIs before he laid a hand on me…Friendly old doc said ‘youre in pretty bad shape for a young guy’
    I said ‘well, make sure thats reflected in your report “…..I recorded the visit,

  • Hey Andy, I’ve been following your channel for a couple of months, trying your techniques, and I’ve had great success. Right now it’s 3.40 am, in New Zealand and I have two offers on the table. Both are excellent jobs, both with excellent total rem, and both have great advancement opportunities. This clip was very timely, I was able to run through your 8 questions, use them as a check list for due diligence. Most I had answered myself already, but I took great comfort in knowing I was on the right track.

  • Think this through. Company and the market and ya organization are they a leader. Do they have plans to catch the leader? Is there a demand? Will there always be a need?Product and service is there a need and a demand? Can we get behind the product? Is the unit vital and is it a strategic mark in the company? Why is the position open? Did they vacate did they leave for a better job did they leave cuz the boss was a psycho? Favorite questions if I was to take this job what does success looks like in a year from now? How committed are they to your area? How much time do I get? Are they paying training? What is there time line? Is it reasonable? Risks? Risk profile risk plan. Risks we cannot control.

  • Hey Andy, I would love to have your advice on this. I recieved a job offer today and theu kept telling the job was going to be super stressful and hard. I don’t know if I should say yes because I have issues with stress. The interviewer also started yelling at his secretary in the middle of the interview. Huge red flag.. but i really need money right now.

  • the truth ssi is taken from your check congress uses it and has said on record that ssi is broke. the government doesn’t want you to live long to get ssi and nor do they really give a dam if u are hurt or what ever.. American goverment is crooks and will give to illegals ssi and food stamps and so on fast. but a American either gets denied or goes on for years.. i believe its a big con job..

  • lately, I watched several videos about job interviews, recruiting, career etc. They all sound about the same. Andy is the only one I found that actually has some legitimate insight and depth. This video is yet another example.

  • I went to the disability doctor the first time. I could not stand up straight and could barely walk. So he put me on the table and proceeded to push my left leg almost to my head and then he pushed it out to my side. The pain was unbearable. I expressed how much pain it caused. He did send me to have an MRI. After the MRI, it was determined that I needed surgery to fix the back issue at L5-S1. I did not have the money to pay for surgery. I had to wait to hear from the disability judge. I got a disk from the Social Security office with the doctor’s report from my visit. His remarks were 100% inaccurate. He stated that I had a normal gait with no stability issues. This was a complete lie. Said that I had minimum pain and basically was in fair condition. The results of the MRI showed spinal stenosis, degenerative issues and other problems as well. I had the Laser Spine Institute in Florida review my MRI and they determined that I needed surgery as well. When the meeting with the judge came around, he “looked” at the reports and said that he wanted me to see another disability doctor again. I was scheduled to see their doctor again. My lawyer said that it would be a different doctor. But it wasn’t. It was the same exact one who lied on the first report. He didn’t even stand up or ask me to sit on the examine table. He asked me why was I back to see him again. I told him I was following the judge’s request and that I was wondering the same thing. He never examined me at all. Didn’t ask any questions. He said that he would make some additional notes and send those in. Once I got a copy of that report, it was the exact same as the original. No new remarks or anything. The entire ordeal was a joke. The nurse even said that she remembered me from my first visit. Stating that she saw that I could barely stand or walk. The judge granted me a partial disability with the idea of getting surgery to “fix” my back and then re-evaluate my case. I had a new MRI done a couple of weeks ago. The new surgeon said that if my results were the same as the one in 2016, that I would not need surgery. He said that all I needed was injections. Then a couple of days later, I get a call that he wants me to do physical therapy. I completely disagree with the surgeon. When does a judge get the new information about the new MRI or doctor’s reports? Do they usually actually go back and review the new reports and cut off the disability payments? How does the re-evaluation process work?

  • What happens if you are holding an option, like an SPY S&P 500 Call option that expires this Wednesday on 3-25 and you hold onto it until the expiration day and all of the sudden after 3pm it turns profitable as stock prices start moving around wildy.

    Would you just have to let it expire in the money and be assigned? You couldn’t sell to close with only an hour left on it could you?

    And yes, I subscribed = >

  • Hi, thanks for the video. What happens if I don’t close my put Option Through the Expiration Date? My short Put strike price is 760 and the stock price is 930. In my profile, it shows a negative profit now and the expiration date is 17June.

  • I now understand why the idiot consulting doctor at the review said being romberg might be the cause of my balance problems dispute the neurosurgeons and physical therapists and ENT doctors specializing in balance problems saying otherwise. That idiot doctor made me go through a hearing because they tried to drop my ssi. I won the hearing.

  • I love how some people jump to the defense of these doctors but most of them are unprofessional. One admitted it on an early post that she does not care what happens and what she really meant was I am going in with a negative attitude. They literally negates any good advice you gave. I saw SSI Consult Monday and he literally ripped me apart for having two different types of inhalers. He would not let me explain that one was for a serious asthma attack if I ever had it again. The other was to try prevent me from having another one. This absolute bullshit and I have a second SSI CE Consult today.

  • I use Tastyworks (Web site) for a few months now and love it. but I don’t know how to convert a call that I bought to stock. the example I bought a call of AMD with a strike price of $80 for Sept 18. I want to own that call or convert to actual stock. how do I do that? tastytrade seems to want me to do a new limit order or purchase at the current market of $84.50.

  • I keep reading and hearing about this whole “breaking out a measuring tape to measure fundal height,” but my doctor has literally never done this. He keeps going off of what the ultrasound tech says, e.g. measuring 2-3 weeks ahead, and he seems to be leaning toward induction. I don’t want to be induced, especially since I haven’t had any complications so far. I’m currently 35 weeks.

  • Great video! Quick question.
    What happens if I allow to expire while above strike price but I am at a loss. (Is that even possible?)

  • Just did a SSA psych and physical eval I thought when doctors said “give your best effort” that was funnylike people give their “best” effort everyday at a 9-5 job?
    The doctor I saw for the physical eval was rather a senile old lady, and in my observance I seem to be her first SSA exam. She was checking things that have no real bearing on work functionality, but what-ever. In general, the tests didn’t test even the slightest endurance. I made sure to make mention of my issues.I do agree about being honest, but the physical tests seem to be lacking a test of endurance. Psch eval went without trouble, doc was pretty cool. Good luck folks 😉

  • Just a word of feedback. Most beginners to options can more easily grasp the concept of call options. Puts simply come off more confusing to us. I am tempted to turn off a video talking about shorting puts. Just one man’s opinion. Keep it simple especially for the beginners

  • Hi,

    Currently, I am long SNAP $19 Put (Exp 1/15/2021) and short SNAP $14 Put (Exp 5/1/2020). My buying power (cash) is less than $1,400. No cash collateral has been set aside to cover possible $14 Put assignment. I use Robinhood.

    If I am assigned on the $14 Put, I do not want to sacrifice (exercise) my $19 Put. Rather, I would like to long 100 SNAP shares and pay up with $1,400 cash. How much time will Robinhood allow me to deposit the cash if, at the time of assignment, my account does not have at least $1,400 of buying power? I understand that transfers may take a few days. If I deposit cash on the day of the assignment, will I be allowed to buy 100 SNAP shares for $1,400 using my own cash that will arrive in a few days?

  • When I got sick I went to two of “their” Drs and they both stated in their reports that I should not work anymore and they still denied me. I had to go to ALJ and the vocational expert did not say a thing. I got approved but every state is different and some are more difficult than others.

  • What Caught my attention. You’re shares aren’t delivered till Monday at market open?

    So your actual expiration is Monday. With a trading lockout window of 200pm till Monday at open.

    So unless you like buying high into weekend gapdowns you would almost never allow a short put to expire. There simply no way to control the risk.

  • Excellent demo! I am switching to Canvas in the Fall. This is an excellent feature that allows changing due dates for multiple assignments at once.Couldn’t do this with BlackBoard or Moodle. Thank you!

  • I remember when i first found out last december I went to a womens resource center and I was told i was 14 weeks pregnant. Then i found my current Midwife and they determined that i was actually 17.5 weeks pregnant.

  • What happens when short leg expires in the money but the long leg expires out of the money? Say a sold a put credit spread (sold $100 put, bought $90 put; $1,000 collateral). Then at expiration, underlying stock is at $99, and I am obligated to buy 100 shared at $100/share. Then after hours, the underlying stock drops to $80. Do I still have the protection from my long put (ability to sell 100 shares at $90/share)? When and how would I be able to close my long 100 shares? After hours? Next trading day? Would Robinhood let me have negative buying power until next trading day?

  • Assignment isn’t the end of the world, just turn around and sell a covered call. Even if you took an initial loss you can recover the situation.

  • According the second option you mentioned, who said if you buy the stock at 43 that it’s ever gonna get to 44 and you’ll come out breakeven? Secondly, in both scenarios (assign and buy back the put) do you leave with a -100$ loss??

  • I personally will be recording my session. To make sure the fakes are known and seen first hand. I have found in life not to trust anyone. Especially people who have authority over you. Anyone who has Authority or could make a difference in your life good bad or indifferent should be recorded. They may not like it. But it is a true reminder to people that. The water in my world goes both ways. You mess with my life I will ruin yours. But not until you have forgotten me. When you have no idea why this is happening to me. That is where I shine in this world. The world has to choices. Let me stay in my hole in the ground where everything is safe and secure. Or force me out like a bear and hope for the best. I have found the world makes the wrong choice every time.

  • I knew my lmp. But the us measured 2 wks behind..
    Now baby is 37 wks 7 pounds measure at 39 wks. Which is when my due date would be according to lmp. But they aren’t saying that. Dr still wants scheduled csection one wk before other due date…

    What do you think?

  • I am getting the following error when I try to specify the course:
    Unknown CourseYour input looks like it should be a course, but Canvas does not return any information about it.

    Any suggestions?

  • Question, say I have a call option for apple 205 strike price option was 2.66. A day before expiration share was 203.40, option was 22 cents, if it expires in the money. Do you keep the 1800 you paid for 13 contracts or did it loose value with the option?

  • Hey I hope you answer so I have a contract that expires in 4 days and no one wants to buy my contract I keep on trying to sell it. Btw I’m in Robinhood so my question is what’s gonna happen after it expires

  • the SSA cannot impose their judgement on a claimants tobacco use the goverment and the judge cannot play doctor just follow the law. however i suspect if the disability is cigarette related then i can see being denied

  • I don’t why this is difficult for so many experts out there. But I trying to figure out do I need to buy the stocks if I’m in the money (or profit) to actually make a profit or they just credit my account with whatever the money I had above the strike price? Every one says right and obligation bs. No new option trader wants to hear those two words so many times. Just tell people what we have to do before or after expiration date in plain simple words.

  • Question:
    Although unethical, would the average attorney intentionally “sand bag” your case in the reconsideration phase deliberately extending the process so that they could bring in a larger paycheck when you win in front of the judge?

  • Wtf, I’m measuring 2 weeks ahead and my doctor brushed it off saying it’s fine. That it’s either a lot of fluid or a bigger baby. He didn’t dive into see if it’s other problems causing this so I thought I was fine. This video made me feel worse.

  • I feel I will die before SSA is willing to help me and it’s just wrong… I’ve lost hope and I will never have a life worth living, liberty, and happiness…

  • This is very useful. I have stage 4 IgA and GFR at 16%. I’m very blessed to have a beautiful 4 yo girl and she’s the best gift that I could ever ask for. I got pregnant again but many doctors advised me that it’s too much risk and abortion was the best option. Due to lack of knowledge around my health I made that decision and I’m forever regret and guilty of that choice. I’m 31 and if I ever bless with another child I’ll fight this through.

  • @Andrew LaCivita I have a potential job offer at the moment. Let me spell it out for you and perhaps you could give some advice?

    So it’s with a company called Sparta Global who offer both business and web development courses for free and set you up with interviews with various clients that they provide a trained workforce for. For the duration of the training I will be unpaid, but during the training and 3 months after it ends the company will be working to set me up with interviews. If I do get an assignment then I’ll sign a fixed 2 year contract with Sparta Global as a consultant and will have to be geographically flexible.

    There isn’t a guarantee of a job by the end of it but the way I reasoned it was that Sparta makes their money specifically by placing their graduates with clients. They wouldn’t be able to keep the lights on, much less be rapidly expanding if they weren’t successful.

    What’s your take on this?

  • Has anyone else ever had a therapist lie about your results to the judge? Maybe it’s just me but my first visit to a consulting therapist for social security gave me a very basic math evaluation which I really did not do well on me cuz I’m really mad at math and when I got to court the judge said therapist wrote down that I am above average in math skills. How is it there just allowed to lie and get away with it I don’t understand.

  • Covis 19 Update Today I received notice all SSDI are suspended until further notice. Controlling weight given to the Consultative Examiner? Their office has me at 6 ft 3 when I am 6 foot even, and my BMI shows obese which is a symptom of my condition. At 6 foot 3, I am not obese according to the BMI chart. At 61 years old, by the time my case goes to a hearing, I may be close to 65 years old.

  • Is it normal for people who have SSDB get check every three years? Even though they may have a Genetic/congenital disorder and it will never get better….??

  • I have to go to one of these. Evaluations for psych analyst I was born with disabilities seizures. Neuropathy migraine headaches 2016 I got beat up into cardiac arrest death I got. Zapped back I got a broken back. I can still move my legs, but I can’t walk. I just fall down. I use a wheelchair and because my whole right side along with my lower lumbar got crushed from getting stomped on. I use a wheelchair and now I use a power chair because I’m not physically capable strong enough to use a manual wheelchair anymore. There’s some other things too, What do I do this? Psycho doctor he’s going to say that I can work. I wish I could work I can’t even use a manual wheelchair anymore and this psychologist analyst what does he want? I’m going to bring everything with me my MRI results. My prescriptions but what if the sky is just completely biased and says oh there’s nothing wrong with you get a job Now if I was capable, I would love to get a job and I also like to have a girl with kids. I can’t even drive. I have to take medtransit I don’t even want to go to this appointment. All giving me panic attacks.

  • I can assure you, if they require you to take this exam, you have already lost your case. NO ONE wins their case at this point. The only people winning cases today simply fill out the packet. The SS pulls your records and you are approved. It took me six years; of which five of those I was sent to this exam ALL DENIED. The last one? I filled out the packet and within 3 months I was approved.

  • Is it possible to get your disability discontinued if you don’t want it anymore? Does one have to go through the trial process for 9 months?

  • I’m measuring 3 weeks ahead could this be a problem such as early labour my husband is six foot and I’m five foot ten could that be a factor?

  • I had my hearing 1/27/2020 i learned that the Examiner found me credible and true to my disability, the VE stated that i could do 3 jobs so my lawyer and the Judge both question the VE and then he said I wouldnt be able to 10% of an unskilled job and would end up fired. I have Lupus Sjogrens an Fibromyalgia with damage to my nervous system which causes me to have tremors seizures loss of esophagus function an everything else that goes along with it. Now its the waiting game

  • They’re sending me for a third hearing. This after seeing their doctors. They still haven’t received or even requested my VA records. I’m so tired of this. I’m telling these dummies the truth what more do they want. This been going on since 2016. I’m very angry �������� �������� at my breaking point I don’t want to go to jail…….they pushing me

  • Physical dr also took a back X-ray on me and he had no idea why. Lol. I wish they saw me in the parking lot because one medication got me so sick and I was throwing up in the parking lot. Again both Drs I went to found me unable to work anymore and they still denied me. It’s a game for sure at times.

  • I was approved by the social security doctor he said I was unable to work but yet I got denied, now I have another appointment with another one of their doctors it sounds fair I can’t walk I’m using a walker but they denied me because they say I have a good mind smacking my head, I don’t understand what a good mind is nobody knows what I’m going through I don’t enjoy living my life like this I raised two grandsons that I would love to get out in the park with and I can’t but yeah they know my mind!

  • Thank you. I’m going for my ssd evaluation in about 6 hours and my whole life depends on this going through finally and unfortunately I can’t afford an attorney. Thank you so much for your help. You’re a saint.

    Update: I feel my eval went well. My case is both physical and mental but mainly mental. My eval was psychological. The man was very nice and didn’t make me feel stupid when I did my zoned out thing. (I have severe PTSD with what they call random flashbacks. It can literally happen mid sentence and half the time I feel like I zoned out for only a couple seconds and wouldn’t be noticable when I actually zone out for several minutes. I actually relive bad events like it’s happening presently) he said he thinks I needed to be on stronger meds than I’m on that they aren’t adquately help me at all. And said he didn’t think the PTSD only just started a couple years ago. Based on what we talked about he felt I have been dealing with this for several decades untreated. Hopefully this means everything is going to be ok. Oh and he was also concerned I don’t like to eat.

    And to specify when I say zone out, I quite literally don’t hear anything, see anything around me at the present moment and it’s like taking the event and putting it on fast forward with all the emotions and what I saw rapid firing. Then when I do snap back in trying really hard to act like I know what’s going on when half the time I look for queues from other people how I should be reacting since I missed everything. It’s brutal. The panic attacks coming back or when it’s triggered are even worse. I’ve had people tell me it looked like I was dying. It feels that way too. Sometimes yelling hey at me or speaking a bit louder can snap me out of it but it usually just has to run its course. It like having the worst possible nightmare while you’re wide awake. And you’re always sort of in a confused blur when you do snap back.

  • I’m in my 2nd ‘go round’ trying to get SSI. I went before a judge last Sept. who, at the end of the hearing had come up with a ‘zero’ job sum for me. She interviewed me for about an hour, asked questions that were relevant and it appeared she’d read my medical record. (both physical and mental) I left with my atty., feeling as if I’d won.

    Two months later, I got a 14-page denial letter that bore NO resemblance to the hearing I’d been at, except in the most tenuous terms. Bottom line was the judge actually wrote: “That even though Miss Nash produced over 1000 pages of medical documents and Xrays, as well as psychiatric records covering over 20 years…. I AM CHOOSING NOT TO BELIEVE IT.” I was floored! This was like a worst-case nightmare scenario. I was told (wrongly) by my atty. the only way I could appeal would be on a ‘procedural’ issue.

    Needless to say, I had to start from scratch. My mental health evaluation is next Monday. Wish me luck!

  • I had an evaluation yesterday I have bipolar 2, anxiety, major depression, ptsd. I was told by the doctor that I have bipolar 1 not 2 and schizophrenia. I’m a targeted individual and i’ve been electronically harassed by perps they torment me. Why would she say schizophrenia when in fact I’m being tormented everyday I can’t leave my house because they follow me. They mess with my internet, they park near my house and use a device that I can hear them talking in my head it’s real. Ever since I subbed to a man named Richard Bruce who expose reptilians they have been attacking me helicopters flying over my house every week sometimes twice a day. My brothers have bipolar and schizophrenia. I was insulated when she mentioned me having schizophrenia. Was it wrong for me to tell her I use to be an alcoholic?

  • That’s unfair. I have four MD’s and two PhD’s who said I have a mental health problem and one SSDI contracted psychologist who said I was fine.

  • I just had appointments with consultative physical and psych Drs. The physical Dr was very sympathetic and as I was leaving she hugged me and wished me luck.

  • SS doctor spent alot of time with me and wrote alot of stuff about my conditions is that good or bad he said alot of arthritis hard to breath and joint swollen in hand he checked my knee joints they hurt he said he would report all of this to ss what do you think? And torn rotary and when he bent me side to side it hurt and cracked

  • Pre hearing, after my consultive mental exam end of last month, My ALJ judge cancelled my 2nd hearing. My attorney told me today the Judge is writing his decision. My attorney won’t say it is Favorable until she has the decision on hand, but this looks very promising since that was the second hearing to be cancelled. The first was until I went to mental exam which took 30 min or so. SSA rescheduled me for end of Jan, but that hearing cancelled as well.
    The consultive doctors report mirrored my treating physicians diagnosis and prognosis.

    Thank you for all the helpful information!

  • Consultative exams are only ordered when SSA cannot get medical records for your conditions (i.e your doctor will not send them or there are not any to get or possibly your doctor’s records are a mess.). Every request for records by SSA has a statement in it asking if your doctor is willing to perform an exam. If an exam is being ordered and you are being treated for your conditions, then your doctor is not cooperating. Be thankful at least SSA is trying to get to the bottom of what is going on with you. They pay for the exams.

  • This fits the exact experience I had when I filed for SSI. I saw IMA doctors for a physical exam as well as a psychological one, and both of them declared me capable of working, plus their reports were very given a huge amount of weight in my case compared to my GP and my therapist of 15+ years. I was able to argue this point at my hearing, and won. I found this video just now because I was looking for pointers about having to see an IMA doc as part of a continuing disability review, but I suppose it’ll be about the same. At least this time I know a great deal more about both my own condition and what the doctors are looking for.

  • If your disability doctor doesn’t cooperate, you might consider the following steps

  • I have a spy call from monday that expires monday. Its currently going torwards my break even slowly but sure, I was at 279 and had a profit yesterday but today ita at 284 and I’m still negative strike was 286. Anyways what will happen when the market opens monday? Since all the time is gone will I be able to profit if its past my strike or will they have already sold my contract? Hope u write back

  • Social Security was given the contact information of every doctor and hospital I have been too I am already getting social security and now they are saying that they have not heard from everyone on my list and they want me to contact the providers OR go see one of THEIR doctors. There is no way on God’s Green Earth that I am going to go see one of their doctors, I flat out told them that that is a conflict of interest.

  • The Social Security Administration MIS-used mine to DENY my review case. I’d had it for only 3 years before they sent me to a total JERK un-accompanied and he LIED on many of his testimonial statements about my emotional and mental state. My NEW lawyer said she would’ve sent a Nurse Practitioner along with me so he couldn’t have done something like that.

  • The alj told me that all my imaging showed and stated by the radiologist and approved by both my primary and rhumatologist that I met the listing 14.09 c 45 degree fixation or more for severe ankylosing spondylitis…my degree of fixation was between 75 and 80 BUT I was not also physically measured.
    She then said she would send me to their Dr to have the measurement done physically. I waited for months for them to set up that CE evaluation but they failed to do it. Months later a supplemental hearing is set up and I find out their Dr only reviewed my records and did not physically see or take the measurement “Phyically” or even mention the digital measurement and gave the opinion I didn’t meet that listing.
    I was very troubled when I read the exhibit file. How can he make that determination? So, at the last minute I went to a orthopedic spine specialist to have them do the measurement physicaly from a full spine cat scan I had this month. First thing I was told was I have more fusion from last mrI 8n 2016. Second thing my fixation is at least 75 degrees at most 80 and well over the blue book criteria which I insisted to sit down and read with them to make sure they understood what I needed. Then I insisted that I also needed to be measured physically. He told me the name of the instrument that they used to use for that manual measurement but that he doesn’t even own one anymore because all their measurements are only done digitally. Turns out it is more accurate then a manual which makes since. It is best standard of care to be done digitally and to also do manually becomes a less accurate redundancy. The listing says imaging AND physical measurement and I believe it needs to be changed. I believe it because this specialist told me that is what the know and why. I asked him to please write me a letter explaining everything we talked about for me to have and put it in my medical records. He did. I faxed it to my representative and asked her to include it in our evidence for my upcoming supplemental hearing. I am so disappointed that the CE made a decision without one sentence about the measurement which was why he was being consulted. All he did was give a RFC. I have one from my doctor also. Their dr thinks I need 3 minutes every 30 to move around and stretch and my dr says I need to move or sit or lay down at will.
    Point is, the ALJ told me I needed to be seen by their dr to take the measurement physicaly and it wasn’t done yet he still states with not even the word measure that I don’t meet the listing. My supplemental hearing is in 4 days on the phone and a vocational person will be in attendance. This would be unnecessary had she followed through with step 3 and had me see their Dr. I have no doubt I meet this listing. Any suggestions?

  • these are govt quangos done by unqualified people with a script. they ignore your medical history and qualified doctors. trauma from military service for special services cannot be disclosed

  • I cannot BELIEVE that a judge is allowed to give more weight to a 10 min random exam than doctors that have treated you for years!!! That is screwed up. Why do they allow this???

  • I was reevaluated last yr got re-approved was sent a letter in Sept/ Oct 2017 and it stated that I would be reevaluated within 3 years 5 months ( Mar 2018 ) later they are reevaluate in my case again nothing has changed everything is the same my question is can they do that? I have a phone interview March 13..Can anyone with information on this PLZZZZ HELP ME…I angry, frustrated,nervous cause social security is very unpredictable..So again plzzzz help.

  • I had my hearing yesterday and my attorney is optimistic. The VE said there were no jobs I can do for 2 out of 3 hypotheticals. The ALJ however said she might order a CE. My case is a migraine case, I hope the Judge will just rule fully favorable without CE. We did present records.

  • Wish I had hired you. My lawyer is a dead beat so far. I’m 100%P&T veteran which supposedly qualities me for expedited processing. My start date was 22 Nov 17. I’ve had very little contact with my attorney, been denied once, had one exam and scheduled for another next month. Nothing from my lawyer regarding what to expect from any of this. Virtually no contact just watching the months and years go by to make the most out of their 25%.

  • 1996 started receiving ssdi, in 1999 they sent me in to a shrink. i get a letter every 4 years asking if anything has changed, i give a list of everything new, keep every dr visit. 2006 they sent me to a shrink. with all my ailments from 1996 to 2006, i just get letters fill it out and add the dr name address. they will send back a letter it will say you need to go, or they do not need to see you. 2010 to 2018 i just get letters saying they do not need to see me. but my alments has got 4 times longer since 1996 Jonathan has good advice

  • Yeah I been through it, it took 10 min to have to appeal she seem like she didn’t want to be their, to figure out MDD & other health issues she even changed the test cause I was struggling to make it easier for me!

  • The neurologist I was sent to did a ten minute evaluation without ever touching me while he was recording himself on his voice recorder. All he literally made me do was hop on one leg (not even both legs) a couple times and then claimed that I was about to lift 50 pounds and work a 6 hour shift without a problem. It was ridiculous.

  • I have a question. Can I apply for ssdi if I have a job and do taxes. I’m blind in one eye and have 20/100 on my good eye. I can’t read far and I get headaches when I read small print.

  • I bought a call option that is up 1600% expires 05/15. How do I go about just taking the profit without actually buying the shares? Would that mean I press the “sell” option on that specific call option I bought earlier this month? Or do I do what’s called “close out your option “ which is buying a call same date of expire after I sell my call option in the beginning? Thank you all in advance! Much love everyone stay up and stay focused!

  • I have a question I had an appointment to see the SSDI doctors But One of the doctors did not show so the secretary gave me another appointment to see that Dr.
    The following week
    With this have a negative impact on my case

    Also when I saw the doctor the first one he Saw me for 10 minutes did not do much can He really tell what I have in 10 minutes

  • Thank you..I just got a notice from SS telling me I need to have a Physical Examination from their Dr. after viewing the report from my Dr…Your video gave me some great advise.

  • Of course it’s given weight.. just to deny people. I have a question, what do you do when the judge lied on your unfavorable decision letter? He also omitted the VE testimony that there were no jobs available. He only mentioned that he stated that I can do light office work. It’s all a sham. Doctors and their oath my ass. It’s a travesty.

  • How about when the SSA does re evaluations? can they require i be seen over and over by a doctor say every 3 years. just doesnt seem fair to me and creates a hardship and hassle.

  • These people are scammers they ask you dumb question like remembering random numbers or words. Count down backwards and such. Non revel ant scammers in shady offices.

  • I am holding 200 contracts of KODK $6 that expire today 8/28. My break even is $5.47. If it is trading at $6, can I still exercise the option and buy the stock at $6?

  • The fact that I drove to the brain cancer institute in North Carolina for cerebrospinal fluid tests is enough reason to be turned down by the S.S. judge.The fact that you are capable of getting upset at all the expensive and exasperating demands of hoop jumping is also reason enough for them to deny you.The fact that I am capable of typing these facts is reason enough for them to turn you down.The fact that your disabilities are within your brain abd central nervous system unde exertion and not observable at that moment in their glorious presence is reason enough to be turned down.The fact that you are truthful and not faking a bad walking gate in their glorious presence is reason enough to turn you down.The fact that you are white is definitely another reason to turn you down.Case closed.

  • when ssi called me to remind me of my physical exam they also blind sided me with a mental examine they also wanted me to do on the same day the original letter never said this and my lawyer never got notice of that either my lawyer called the adjudicator and said that and got rescheduled pending other medical tests my question is is that good for me did ssi shoot themselves in the foot?

  • Wow I’m so glad I came across your videos. You explain things so concisely and precisely and give the right and enough information needed. Out of all the YouTube videos yours have been straight to the point and great to watch. I don’t have time for a long intro etc. Keep it up

  • So what does it mean if they do not have you see on of these consultation Drs? I’m close to my hearing and have not had to see one. First time around I did but I lost. This time I was not ordered to see one. Odd I thought

  • My doctor wasn’t concerned about it. I am measuring 3 weeks ahead and she said it was fine. But I am worried a bit. I had gestational diabetes with my son.

  • Can an option be exercised otm? Or if it’s otm at 4 pm est the contract is voided even if say the stock dropped ah to 44 $ just wondering if I held one close and at 4pm stock is at 45.5 then after hours it went to 43, could I still be assigned? I thought not since you can’t trade options after 4 pm

  • My disability attorneys told me that social security will get all of mine medical records surgery 7 Days in ICU all the x-rays all cats cans 80 pages from the time I arrived until the time I left…My question is why wouldn’t they send them to the doctor? I make copies of everything that I get…

  • Whats the likelihood of being exercised and having to buy the stock (in selling puts sitauation)? Seems with covered calls, even when price goes way way over strike no one exercises…is it the same thing with selling puts? Say I sell 1 TSLA put w/275 strike and collect 3$ premium… no buyer of the put would exercise at 272 or over, but even if it goes down to 260 wouldn’t they just re-sell their put rather than the hassle and costs for them exercising? Read its very rare people exercise???? I have a feeling this can’t be answered but how low percentage wise would it have to go below strike price for assignment and you having to buy the stock??

  • I applied for disability because of neck pain. They are now sending me for a Psychological exam. Why? I take pills for anxiety but that is not what I filled disability for.

  • Hello
    I have an SSi Docter appointment coming up but my sisters have taking me out of town and I won’t be back for that doctor appointment can I reschedule?


  • Excellent video however I do have one question…how do you exit the trade before expiration? reason being I would prefer take a small premium profit before expiration seems like a safe way not letting the trade expire with the risk of going below the strike price.

  • Hi!
    was about to be given an offer to a different place or location I did not apply to, but I could not respond immediately they advised to go and think about it and they will call me to get the final answer. But three days passed no call. Did i make a mistake? Should i call and tell them my decision after three days despite them not calling?

  • I’m a doctor who does consultative evaluations. Personally, I don’t care one way or another I get paid per patient, not based on my decisions. Here are my tips, and things I’ve learned:
    1. If you can put your problem in one sentence, you probably have a serious disability. If you have a laundry list, you don’t.
    2. Drama is counterproductive. Give the facts, don’t exaggerate.
    3. It is VERY DIFFICULT to fool an experienced physician (I began examining patients in 1976).
    Faking anything on the exam will REALLY HURT your claim. Honesty is the best policy.
    4. Don’t talk about your MRIs, or diagnoses. You are there to determine YOUR disabilities, not your MRI’s disabilities. Explain what problem you have, and how it adversely affects your life.
    I.e. “I have low back pain, my back is often stiff, I can’t tie my shoes, and it’s difficult to walk up a flight of stairs”, not “I have three herniated discs on my MRI”.

  • I am a consultative physician and have performed Social Security disability exams for many years as part of my medical practice. In my opinion, every claimant should be ready to answer the most important question the physician is going to ask. That question is, “What is the main problem that is causing you to be disabled?” If you have to stop and ponder the question, that is not a good answer. If you answer is “Everything,” that is a terrible answer and probably the worst answer on the planet (answering “everything” is almost as bad an answering “nothing”). If you answer starts out with a laundry list of complains, you have just told the doctor that the potentially worse item on your list is roughly as disabling as the least impressive item on the list (and laundry lists almost always contain not-very-impressive items that are usually not disabling). If a claimant has more that one condition the he or she believes are disabling, start out by listing the worst one first.
    A good answer is “back pain.” If you talk about your back pain and don’t even mention your high blood pressure or your diabetes until the doctor asks about them, you have just told the doctor that your back pain problem is so much worse than your mere-nuisance-level diabetes and high blood pressure. And, bring a list of all your medications or all of your pill bottles (even the empty ones you are supposed to be taking but can’t afford). That tells the doctor that you care enough about your claim and the doctor’s time to spend a few minutes trying to think of things that will made the examining doctor’s task easier which will make you a more “legitimate” claimant in the doctor’s eyes (and, believe me, examining physicians see a ton of not-very-legitimate claimants).

  • thanx jonathan let me ask if my liver numbers improved before i get a decision from my consultative will that effect my case

  • Thank you for all the helpful videos you have on your channel. After almost 2 years waiting I had my hearing on the 28th. Lawyer said would roughly be 30-40 minutes. Literally I was in and out in 20 min and had won my case. Now the next steps ����‍♀️ thanks again

  • gah I knew I should have given a copy of my 19 page neuropsych and QEEG to my psych eval. i told him about some of it, showed him a image form it as I had a copy on my phone, but forgot to get a copy printed (dont have a printer). he mentioned “oh hmm they didnt send me a copy of that” couldnt afford the $1.90/page rate at kinkos either

  • i just want to say because yer able to walk from a car to the exam building that doesnt mean your not disabled and because your able to bend down and get back up again that also doesnt mean your not disabled if these so called doctors cant let the medical records speak for themselves than there is something wrong with this whole system i had mine 3 days ago spent a total of two and a half hrs exrays blood test and 45 minutes with the actual doctor which i understand is a good thing that means he was reading and writing and discussing he liked the fact i had medical records with me very strong records i have a slew of problems stage 4 cirossis being the main he seemed to think i was legitamatly sick. but i wanted to be honest and he ask if i smoke and i told him yes am i screwd?

  • I was working for the same organization in 2017 for $22 an hour but the company was only providing me about 6.5 hours of work. It was not a good fit at the time for the company or for me. I only worked there for 5 months and we mutually agreed to part away. Now I applied for another job opening as an Administrative Assistant II again with another site of the same company. I have a rehire status and I already went to interview 1 & 2. They will do my background check on Monday and the offer of 36K is contingent on that. 40 hours per week from 8:45AM to 5:45PM. They require me to wear many hats and also meet with mental health, and drug users and risky neighborhoods for the social crisis work they offer, plus all the office work. I did the math and an hour is about $3.50 less than last time. They already told me I will be very busy and They need me to start right away because the most recent admin got promoted after 7 years. I already know is gonna be a lot of work and I wanted to go up to 38K instead of 36K. It does not seem much $3.50 extra an hour to get from $18.50 to $22 an hour, but it does make a difference when it comes to my financial situation. I wish I knew how to negotiate this???

  • The ce social security sent me to for physical said less then sed work, I was honest and he put limitations about same as my dr. My ce for mental said I could work around people and be ok then closed with can not work with others, so crazy they went off drs doctors that didn’t see me at all now to wait for a hearing how can they go against my dr and there’s?

  • Great video!!! I really thank you for all the knowledge you put out here. Its the best I’ve seen so far on youtube:)). My question is do you have to purchase the stock at 45 (sold put @ strike 45) in any case? or only if the buyer had bought the put from you at 45 $ and decided to exercise it?

  • The ALJ in my case was under remand order to obtain additional evidence via consultative medical exam. When he sent the letter to me notifying me that an appointment for such would be set up, I wrote back saying I would undergo the exam only if the doctor was trained in disorders of the spine. The ALJ ever set the appointment. Then he wrote an unfavorable determination saying that I did not follow through on medical treatment, and had no objective basis for the degree of pain I was reporting. Now I am appealing to the 9th court of appeals, pro se. The ALJ also made other errors.

  • Why is SSA sending me to two separate evaluations on two consecutive days?

    My treating doctors and hospital have been real morons I hope these Consultative SSA doctors merely have 20/20 vision to see I clearly meet a List Item (and a Grid Rule) –

    Edit I see now looking at the letters, one is for physical and one for psychological I have some psych problems, not enough to be “disabling” -?, I have definite physical issues, but who knows? if the head doc can add to the case, OK. Many of the doctors I encounter should have learned to program computers or to work in an office away from dealing with people –

  • Great tips, Andrew. How can an executive measure fit when you’re being hired to develop and implement the “how to” metrics you mention in your video? Thanks.

  • @ 2:12 “this gives me the “right” to go long shares at $45??? Didn’t you sell a put @$45? So you have the obligation to sell [email protected], but its trading at $43 so who would let that exercise, its out of the money at expiration? It also seems as if you are saying that selling a put makes you long the underlying stock?

  • If you have Medical Evidence Records that are less than two years old, then ordering a CE exam isn’t likely depending on the condition for the claim and the level of detail the Doctor provided in the records.

  • How about a fractured spinal column in three places, diabetes, Barrett syndrome, chronic pain, sleep apnea, irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis, anemia, etc. Then being denied because they say I can work. I appeal, win my case, then find I am allowed to work and earn $1200 a month.

  • I am going for a medical examination 10/16/19. I suffer from Crohn’s Disease which causes terrible inflammation and embarrassing bathroom issues. How can I explain my symptoms. I had a psy evaluation a month ago.

  • I just had my psychological evaluation a week ago. The evaluation was only 10-15 minutes long. How can anyone diagnose you during that time? ��

  • My C.E lasted from 9:30 am to 11:30. The Dr was Dry as expected but covered everything. Apon leaving the Dr asked me ‘ if I had ever been diagnosed with Scoliosis’? Scoliosis is not one of my issues. Made no sense.