Dealing With Miscarriage within the First Trimester


Miscarriage in first trimester (Thoughts, My story,& Coping mechanisms)

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I Had A Miscarriage // Our Story, Recovery & Coping

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How can a woman cope with miscarriage?

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My Miscarriage Story | 1st Trimester

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1st Trimester Miscarriage Storytime

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Coping With Miscarriage in the First Trimester Types of First Trimester Pregnancy Loss. The term miscarriage is fairly general for the spontaneous loss of a pregnancy Signs of Early Miscarriage. Most miscarriage symptoms are not definitive indicators of pregnancy loss, but possible General.

Rely on friends and loved ones for help. As you grieve your miscarriage, you may not be able to stick with your normal schedule. Enlist the help of friends and loved ones to help you with chores.

Don’t expect your spouse or partner to cope with grief the same way you do. One of you might want to talk about the baby and express emotions, while the other might prefer to withdraw. Be open and honest with each other as you deal with your feelings. Keep a journal. Early miscarriage symptoms.

Bleeding. One of the most common early pregnancy miscarriage symptoms is vaginal bleeding. Bleeding, however, does not always mean a miscarriage. Pain and cramps. Back pain.

Reduce the Risk. You can reduce the risk of miscarriage by making sure that you’re doing everything in your power to grow a healthy baby. Kick the smoking habit, don’t consume alcohol, take your prenatal vitamins, and cut your caffeine intake down to less than 200mg per day. The falling hormone levels in your body after a miscarriage might magnify your sad feelings into full-blown depression, but this effect should fade within a few weeks.

Your feelings may range from sadness to anger to depression. You may feel as if your body failed you, especially if you had wanted the baby for a long time. Physical Recovery.

If you are pregnant after a miscarriage, or if you think you might be, you may be feeling joyful, scared, or even both. You may be wondering how careful you should be during your first trimester compared to if you hadn’t had the miscarriage. Once your pregnancy is confirmed, however, it helps to take things one step at a time—and the first step is simply. The truth is, most miscarriages are outside your control. Try not to add to your grief by blaming yourself.

You may need time to heal emotionally after you lose a baby to miscarriage. It is very. There are a number of ways this can be accomplished: Expectant management: You may choose to let nature take its course and wait until the pregnancy is naturally expelled.

Medication: If there’s no sign of your body expelling the embryo on its own, your health care practitioner might instead. Miscarriage is a word used to describe the early loss of a pregnancy before 20 weeks of pregnancy. It usually happens in the first trimester..

Unfortunately, between 10 and 15 percent of known.

List of related literature:

Practice tip: Foetal abnormality or miscarriage Prior pregnancy loss, miscarriage, foetal demise, neonatal death or genetic or chromosomal abnormality in the current or a prior pregnancy often requires professional counselling with grief counsellors, support groups, therapists, and genetic counsellors.

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Allow yourself and your partner to mourn the loss of the baby, no matter how early in the pregnancy it occurs.

“Dad's Guide to Pregnancy For Dummies” by Matthew M. F. Miller, Sharon Perkins
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• Reach out for support from other women who have experienced the loss of a baby.

“The Mother of All Pregnancy Books: An All-Canadian Guide to Conception, Birth and Everything in Between” by Ann Douglas
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Treatment to prevent miscarriage should always be mindful of the Heart and settling or calming the mind.

“Treatment of Infertility with Chinese Medicine E-Book” by Jane Lyttleton
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• Allow yourself (and your partner) to grieve the loss before becoming pregnant again.

“Maternity and Women's Health Care E-Book” by Deitra Leonard Lowdermilk, Shannon E. Perry, Mary Catherine Cashion, Kathryn Rhodes Alden
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No matter how early you were in the pregnancy, grief is a normal, healthy part of the healing process.

“The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth” by Genevieve Howland
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I know worrying will not ease me, and I remind myself that letters get so easily miscarried and tell myself throughout the day that it will all come right by and by.

“The Best American Short Stories 2019” by Anthony Doerr, Heidi Pitlor
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It will be important to find ways of managing your understandable fear that becoming pregnant again will mean you’ll miscarry again.

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Talking with another woman who has herself experienced the loss of a pregnancy can be particularly helpful.

“Child Development From Infancy to Adolescence: An Active Learning Approach” by Laura E. Levine, Joyce Munsch
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As always, turn to your partner for support (remember, you’re in this together), as well as to friends and family who’ve also suffered pregnancy losses and then went on to have healthy babies.

“What to Expect: Before You're Expecting” by Sharon Mazel, Heidi Murkoff
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  • I’m literally going through my miscarriage as I’m watching this video������… Believe it or not I just wanted to watch something on YouTube that would show me exactly what I am experiencing. I’ve been spotting and cramping all day but once the spotting turned into heavy bleeding and cramping turned into extreme pain, I knew that I was miscarrying ���� Ruby thanks for sharing your story ����

  • I just had a miscarriage this morning. How devastating this is. I just feel like I lost a piece of me I feel empty inside. So sorry for the other women who had to experience a miscarriage. ��������

  • Thank you for motivation am feeling a lot better… I got miscarriage yesterday I was only 6 week. I have never been so disappointed

  • I know how heartbreaking this is. Like you said, what is meant to be, will be. Just remember there is one more angel protecting you & loving you both. Many prayers & hugs & much love sent your way. I’m so sorry❤

  • I just lost my third pregnancy. 3 miscarriages (technically one was a chemical pregnancy), and my husband and I are starting to lose hope. We’re absolutely heartbroken and have no idea why I can’t carry a healthy pregnancy, why we keep losing these babies in the first trimester. It’s extremely hard and you are very brave for filming and posting a video for others who are struggling with you. I’m praying for you and your family, that you completely heal (even though it seems impossible), and that you keep your faith in the Lord during this challenging time. Thank you for being an advocate for other women in your shoes, it helps us feel so much less alone and hopeless.

  • I’m 2 weeks into my first pregnancy and seeing this video made me sad. I’m scared of experiencing something like this. I do have terrible horrible cramps and my abdominal pains are the worst that I’ve ever had in my life. I also am experiencing the worst back pain…I hope everything goes well with my pregnancy and there is nothing I should worry about which I already am freaking out of experiencing such.

  • I’m so sorry for your loss! I am also going through a long missed miscarriage, I was diagnosed on 4/20/20 and still hasn’t expel the pregnacy because I want to pass it naturally.

  • I lost my baby day before yesterday… it was 10 weeks pregnancy… i was losing my baby and i couldn’t do anything. It is a big trauma for me, it was my first baby and i had miscarriage… i can feel the pain when a mom losses baby… its being very hard for me to be settled mentally and emotionally…. i pray to god please dnt give this pain to any mom koz its too difficult to bear. I wanted to see my baby i wanted to play with him i wanted to live with him but i couldn’t do anything…. but yes we have to be strong cause there is Nthing else we can do and be positive ������

  • I went through an eptopic pregnancy in February of 2020. I miss being pregnant & I still grieve for my baby. I know god is in control. He has a rainbow baby in store for me.

  • Ur so strong..Thank u for sharing.Im going threw this now.lost my son n God has me holding up by a string.I feel empty n spool sad everyday.My husband and I are taking this day by day.sooo hard.

  • Thank you for sharing your story. I have a sister who just experienced a miscarriage and the man she’s “with” is not emotionally available. I’m doing everything I can to get more insight on how to help her cope with it.

  • I had my miscarriage on 07/27/2020 worst pain of my life but everything happens for a reason my baby is in heaven with my mom now!��

  • I conceived on February 14th and miscarried on March 13th. Such a painful experience physically and emotionally and mentally. I grieve for my baby everyday. I hope that you find peace ��

  • I’m so grateful for your story and your strength. I’m currently pregnant and I’m 7 weeks. I recently eerily had a similar situation where I was spotting so I went to the hospital to have it checked out. I ended up having a UTI as well and they also ended up giving me an ultrasound and I also was very anxious to see him/her because I hadn’t seen them yet. They did let me see the screen towards the end though. They also mentioned that if I didn’t come in when I did, that it most likely would’ve been fatal. I know I’m still very early but I say the same prayer to myself everyday, even prior to my hospital visit. “Thy Will be done” those are the hardest words I’ve ever had to say but I mean them from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for sharing!! God bless you guys and congrats!!

    Ps. My 1st ultrasound is also on 16th too but in July, and I thought that that was also weird coincidence too ��

  • My first miscarriage was similar I loss it while using the restroom and to hear my baby hit that water and inside the toilet broke me and having to flush my baby it hurts me so much and my second miscarriage was 12/20/2019 I’m doing a balloon release on my birthday Aug 31 God bless each and everyone of you we are all sisters in this love you all

  • My sister just had a miscarriage thought he was going to be my first newhew but no ���������������������� but thank God my sister is okay����������������������������������♥️♥️♥️❣️❣️����������������������������������������������������to both of them

  • I know this is an old video, but thank you so much for sharing. I’m going through a miscarriage now. And I totally get the urge to cut your hair,I had the same urge lol

  • Watching your video has gave me a bit more comfort. I’m going through a miscarriage right now with what was supposed to be my first baby. For only god knows why he does these things, but it’s been such a hard process. I’m 7 weeks pregnant with no yolk or heartbeat just the sack. Last night I was in pain and while using the bathroom and having my body push on it’s own I felt blood come out as if my water had been broken. Pain lasted for a couple hours with heavy blood & blood clots. This morning I’m feeling a bit better. Thank you for sharing your story. Knowing I’m not alone and seeing comments on how later on people end up having their kids give me hope. Thank you ����

  • I have read the comments and I’m all really sorry for all the people that have had miscarries and I and giving you all my luck and hope and I hope one day you have your baby that’s healthy, safe and happy. Love you all and keep strong because after a storm there is always a rainbow❤️ Good luck guys!

  • It happened to me exactly the same time but without pain or any symptoms. I had a silent miscarriage ( this is how they called it ) and my body didn’t recognise that the pregnancy it’s no longer viable.
    Trying to stay positive and wait to try again, i need to have 2 months in between in order to try again.
    Love for you and your baby will come, I’m sure ��

  • You’re so brave to be speaking up about this, I had to go to the hospital by myself too and got told I had a miscarriage. This happened 1 week ago and was about 6 weeks pregnant. You’re so inspiring and so brave. So sorry for your loss❤

  • I’m so sorry for your loss…my first pregnancy was lost at 8 weeks 5 days…it was soo hard to go through but talking about it with other women that have gone through it has helped soo much! I was feeling ashamed and scared because its still a taboo topic but as I have talked to other women it has not only helped me but them to uplift eachother. God is good and he has his plans for each of us I’m sure God will bless you with many more babies to come…pray…just pray sweetheart you are not alone ����

  • i had a miscarriage on boxing day last year, found out i was most likely miscarrying on christmas day. i was 17 and most definitely the worst experience of my life.

  • Today marks 3 years since the miscarriage of my 2 baby and it’s still hard. It gets easier but the pain will always be there. But there is light at the end of the tunnel and today I’m 4 weeks away from my due date with baby number 3! Take time for yourself and let whatever emotions come let them out. I’m a nurse too and being a nurse you know the medical aspects of it and try to rationalize, but sometimes you just need to step back and let the emotions come in waves.

  • Thank you so much for creating and sharing this video. I just had an early miscarriage yesterday and we are heartbroken. The disappointment is searing because we were so elated to find out that we were pregnant. This video has made me feel less alone, so thank you so much.

  • It took me a good month to get through this video. 5 missed miscarriages, resulting in 5 D&CS, all between 8-10weeks and saw a heart beat with each little baby. It’s so hard to talk about, but I love you for doing so. Thank you. We WILL get our rainbows ❤

  • I Just had my miscarriage my twins pregnancy today on my to tesco, flooded with blood am so….. But am trying to be strong for my boys who kept screaming mummy ur leg is bleeding so sad but I just wanna share my borden ������

  • I think its is so wrong,I experienced the same thing,they gave me a tablet, and sent me the toilet and flushed away,it has effected me too

  • I lost my daughter’s twin with my first pregnancy and with my second pregnancy we lost him at 12 weeks. It is the hardest loss I’ve ever gone through, despite having lost grandparents before.

    You are incredibly candid and compassionate. Thank you. I hope you are healing with your current pregnancy.

  • Thank you for your amazing account Ruby, for all the detail and the openness. I am currently going through a 10 week miscarriage, and connecting to other women who have experienced this has been so helpful. It’s so true, only when I let friends know when was happening did they tell me about their miscarriages. It’s so common, and stories like this are so helpful and useful part of trying for a family. I have been finding it very helpful to surrender to the universe and a power far greater than my own, being part of nature’s cycles which can be beautiful and brutal. And now is a time for healing, growth and renewal. I feel hopeful for a next time though ultimately a solution for the greater good of all. Through this I have felt closer to myself, my partner and to life. And found new inner strength and felt so much love around me. Support from friends and family and sharing has been really powerful in this journey. And connecting here online. I still need to remind myself if I am being super busy to calm and be still and make sure feelings are felt and moved through. Yoga and mediation for miscarriage has helped too. I totally get the haircut thing ��Take care and lots of love. And congratulations on your little lady ☺️

  • Hi Ruby, I had a miscarriage 28/04/2020 �� I was so empty afterwards. I was 6 Weeks and 2 Days pregnant and so happy everyday. Today I am watching your video and wow it’s amazing. Your video is giving me hope again in life.❤️

  • So I am not sure how many guys have commented but I figured I would share my wife and I’s story. We had a miscarriage at 8 weeks in November 2018. My wife and I were following along with your videos at the time and then stopped watching after we miscarried. Here we are 11 months later and we are 17 weeks pregnant and had a subchorionic hemorrhage scare at 12 weeks but so far the baby is healthy and doing well. My wife struggled a ton after the miscarriage and a lot of that was due to the fact we decided not to tell people during the first pregnancy and she had nobody to talk to. This pregnancy we decided to tell people close to us right away because you are going to want to talk to people about it anyways, so why hide it. I realize this is jumbled, but I wanted to let you know I (we) feel for you and appreciate the time and effort you have put into your videos. Wishing the best for you and your husband. My wife made a page on ig called We_are_pregnant that has documented our miscarriage as well as our current pregnancy if you are interested in checking it out.

  • Going through this now I have pcos I didn’t even know I was pregnant until I was losing the baby 08/27/20 I’m still in so much pain

  • Your Miscarriage story is so similar to mine �� minus the Uti.. I just miscarried 2 weeks ago, it was my 3rd pregnancy but first miscarriage. Things happen for a reason. I left everything in Gods hands. It was very traumatic experience, and so sad, we were very happy to tell our 2 other children but never got the chance. We did a little ceremony and buried it in our garden, I didnt want to flush it in the toilet either especially since I grabbed it with my hand as it came out��. I have respect for all the women that go through this is very hard sad and painful situation. Congratulations on your rainbow baby girl ❤️ God bless

  • Thank you so much for disclosing your story. This has truly made me extremely emotional but at the same time encouraged and thankful to God. He knows best. We may not always see it that way at the moment but we have to trust Him where His ways and will cannot be traced. I too recently experienced a miscarriage I never expected. However, I know without a doubt God will bless us again with our bundles of joy������ in Jesus name. I pray for strength and patience for us all who have experienced this and are waiting on the lord to bless us with our bundles of joy������. God bless you all ladies.

  • I know this is must be so hard for you to talk about and share, but I just want to say as someone who’s going currently going through a miscarriage it’s made me feel so much less alone. Thank you so much. I really appreciate you putting this out there, best wishing and positive vibes sent your way ����

  • I am pregnant. In Pakistan doctors take all the test at 4 weeks and give you medication and injections if u have any complications. Pray for me

  • Im sorry you went through this I had a miscarriage last year and just recently had my daughter I named her ruby as well I hope your life has been good since then ♥️

  • Thank you so much for sharing your story. I just found out today I’ve miscarried at 11-12 weeks and am bleeding so much. I don’t know what to expect and I’m heart broken but your positivity has really helped me a lot so I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You seem like such a beautiful soul and amazing person. Thank you so much for making not only me, but everyone else going through this feel less alone and more understood. Praying you will be blessed with a child when the time is right. ��

  • I’m following your current pregnancy but I had to go back and watch this 1. I’ve had a mc 2 years ago my first time being pregnant. Then I got pregnant with my rainbow a month later and had a healthy pregnancy. We got pregnant in march and now I’m suppose to have my 6w ultrasound tomorrow. I’m terrified because I started brown spotting on satueday afternoon and then every day since it’s become red and heavier. And now I’m cramping a little and getting back pain. My heart is just shattered but I’m already preparing myself. It sucks because I my hubby cant go with me. I’m so sad. I know it’s a shitty time with the world on top of it. But I also wanted my kids closer together and they would have been 22 mths apart. I’m so sad. I dont wanna go through this again ❤����

  • Thank you for that video and pictures! I went to a gyn 2 days ago to confirm my pregnancy. She said there was a heartbeat allready. Today, 2 days later after seeing the heartbeat I went to pee and when I looked, there was a pink lump. I fished it out with a spoon and it felt like cervical tissue, it smelt really bad, mix of vomit and spoiled meat. I don’t have any pain, cramps or bleeding and it’s 4 hours after I found the lump. Now I don’t know if it was the embryo or is it something else. My pap smear was super painful, maybe a piece of skin came loose… I hate the not knowing. And it’s Saturday. I have to wait until Mon to call my doctor. Tomorrow is Mother’s day in my country and I planned to tell my mom… ��

  • Same exact thing happened to me, the dayu I chose to go have a check up I woke up with blood like period. miscarried that same day

  • I feel for you guys so much. That necklace part made me cry. I actually watch your weekly updates from your first pregnancy every Sunday when I turn a week. You’re always so positive/upbeat and such a loving couple. I’m currently prego with our 1st baby, who is both a rainbow/miracle bb. We had a really tough first trimester with several complications. We thought for sure we lost her a couple times but we are 24w and going strong! ��sending love your way and hoping that your �� baby comes soon. Thank you for sharing your story.

  • I never knew what a miscarriage felt like I just had one a lot of bleeding I felt so depressed & alone. I never knew I could feel that way I’m just praying for a healthy baby soon god bless you

  • Thanks you so much for sharing. I appreciate you being vulnerable simply to help and inform others. The pictures were the most helpful. Stay optimistic what’s for us we will have.

  • I am so sorry for your loss, I am currently waiting for the baby to miscarry I went in for what was supposed to be my 11 week ultrasound to find baby had stopped growing at 7 weeks and I just started bleeding today. This is my second loss, and it keeps hiting like a ton of bricks that I lost my baby and the waiting is breaking heart the most.

  • My last period was on the 29th of March 2020, I think I was three weeks and few days pregnant so still early stage but I had all the symptoms but I didn’t do a pregnancy test yet until I wanted to be one month. Three days ago I started spotting then it became slightly more watery red blood and yesterday I passed out a clot does that mean I had a miscarriage or could be any other number of things?

  • I’ve miscarried back in 2010,I had no idea I was pregnant too I went to a doctor’s appointment. They had to perform a DNC on me cause of an infection that I had. But God is Good!

  • I’m stuck in the middle right now. I’m pregnant but cramping and bleeding.. doctors can’t confirm if I’ve miscarried so I’m just in limbo trying to stay positive surrounded by negative. I needed this video, thank you ❤️

  • I had found out I was 6 weeks pregnant and I was so excited. It wasn’t planned but there was sooo much love and happiness. Exactly a week later I had a miscarriage at 7 weeks. I will always remember the one week of happiness and I am hopeful that one day That one week will last 9 months.

  • I miscarried at home 1/7/2020 a week before my first prenatal appointment. They brought me in the day after I called to ask about the spotting. When I arrived the next day they did the ultrasound. There was nothing in my uterus. I had passed it at home. April 8, 2020 I took a pregnancy test and I am now pregnant again! Praise God. Praying everyday this baby makes it to full term.:)

    Thank you to everyone who has shared their stories, this makes me hopeful!

  • I had 3 miscarriages in 2018. My first passed at 12 weeks. My other 2 I lost shorty after I found out I was expecting. I kept asking myself why, am I being punished, why me why my baby, what did I do, what could I have done. My hope to have a baby was fading and my heart was broken each month my period started. My husband said he was done trying. I convinced him to try one more time…our miracle rainbow baby was born October 10 2019. I never felt so much anxiety or fear in my life so almost a year. May sound silly, but I look at it as God was making him extra special for me. Gods making the perfect baby for you

  • I’m sorry to hear your lost. Everything you’re describing is similar to my own miscarriage. I have seen many miscarriage videos, but this is the closest description of how my miscarriage went. I too am a negative blood type, the sac was there, and my cervix was closed until it finally opened. That experience was 2 years ago. Things will get better.

  • I had a miscarriage at 7 weeks
    My husband and i had been trying to conceive for 2 years… But GOD IS GOOD and He is a Loving Sweet Father. God will bless us at the rite time.

  • I miscarried in 2015 at 9 weeks. We didn’t find a heartbeat at my first ultrasound. I was shattered and dealt with infertility afterwards. I am now (4 years later) expecting and healthy at 10 weeks. It will get better and you will conceive again. Stay strong. It is hard but you will heal and get through it�� I promise. Thank you for sharing your story. So brave!!

  • I miscarried 3x this year and just got the courage to make a video sharing my experience that it will help other women cope with this type of loss. Thanks for sharing.

  • Miscarriages are a way of God saving men from a potential child support case being started when these women that fake their parts as a partner then end up in family courts over child support and custody battles from God fearing loving honest hardworking men.

  • I just had a miscarriage this morning. I was also alone in the hospital due to COVID-19. This is so devastating. I am devastated. Feel like a lost a piece of me. So sorry you went through this. What a horrible feeling this is. ������❤️


  • I’m so sorry you are going through this. Please know that it will get better and it is possible to have a healthy pregnancy after a miscarriage. I experienced this last year with my 1st pregnancy. I am now 6 months pregnant. I recommend talking about it with your husband as much as you both need to and give yourself time to heal. It will get better! I cant wait to watch your journey this time as well. God bless you!

  • I know your pain. I had 2 miscarriages before the birth of my rainbow babygirl this year. I pray for comfort for you and your husband.

  • I had the same symptoms pressure only at night and a day before I started bleeding I had back pain and the next night at 2 am I started bleeding it’s weird I have 2 kids already and with both I felt so connected with the whole thing from day 1 I knew my daughter was a girl and my son was a boy when people would ask me about this one I said I dk I don’t feel anything like if my heart new we only told a handful of people but I didn’t even wanna tell anyone just because I had such a bad feeling August 15 I started bleeding and new right away it was all over they couldn’t find the baby I’ve never heard of this blightended ovum now I’m scared that if I have chromosome issues but the baby was already part of our lives and now it feels like something is missing today I should of been 11 weeks and now I am here with no baby and a empty heart

  • Honestly, I’m going through a threatened miscarriage and it was so fast. Like i had what looked like old blood spotting then later that day with no pain at all, i started bleeding light pink blood then when I wiped the second time.. there was a blood clot. My doctor called me and said that it might have been the baby, since my levels were 3,000 something before yesterday which were 1,000 something. I honestly feel like its a miscarriage. Also, sorry for the tmi.

  • I hope it will be fine the next time. I had a miscarriage last week. Can’t wait to see if everything is clean and I can start over again.

  • I’m so sorry for your Loss.��
    Last week Exactly same happened to me I also loss my baby I was 11 weeks pregnant ��. And was trying to get pregnant for 5 years��.

  • Girl i started crying when i heard you said you had Bblood. I do too and I just lost mine at 8 weeks this past weekend.. ❤ all love. Sorry for your loss

  • I am so sorry for your loss. I just recently went through a miscarriage myself. Was the first time I’ve ever gotten pregnant. I’ve been married for almost 13 years and we never took any preventatives to not get pregnant. For a while I just thought maybe I wasn’t able to get pregnant. I have diabetes and I also think I may have PCOS. So when I found out I was pregnant I was shocked and of course super happy and excited. But on July 4th I experienced a miscarriage. Was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to go through. I’m heartbroken. But I’m not giving up. If I am meant to be a mom then God will bless me with a child. I believe the same for you. At least now I know that I can get pregnant and I’m just going to keep trying and keep praying. Am praying for your little miracle to happen some day too. <3

  • My wife and I had 4 miscarriages during a 3 year span. Now my wife and I are having a first in feb 2020. 21 weeks along. Keep your head up and be strong as hard as it is. Feel for you.

  • Hi Erin, so sorry for your loss, but I pass by the same experience it was sooo painful and hard but I stay strong and in my next pregnancy I used aspirin since the first day I found my self pregnant again after 3 month of loss and now I have a cute boy, stay strong and god will help you ��

  • You are so very transparent and honest! I am sure that your bravery will help many women who may not have had the support that you have had, to understand this hard trial in life. May God bless you and heal you, and your supportive husband, as well in this.

    I pray that in God’s plan and timing, you will experience the joy of a full term pregnancy and birth, of a beautiful child.

    Until then keep being the beautiful transparent honest women, we have come to love and adore. Sincerely,Linda DeCandido������������

  • I just came across your video. I am so sorry. Miscarriages are absolutely awful. I found out I was pregnant after 5 years of trying in September 2017. 2 days after finding out we were expecting I found out they baby didn’t have a heartbeat and was having a miscarriage. I was broken. Exactly a year later I found out I was pregnant again and they day I got a positive pregnancy test I started bleeding and went to the hospital (I was away on a trip) and they said I was having another miscarriage. I wish I could say it gets easier but it doesn’t. I’m sorry so many women have to go through this terrible situation. ��

  • I am so sorry you went through this. I know how hard this experience can be. I went through a miscarriage with our first pregnancy at 10 weeks. Since then, I have had 3 healthy beautiful children. We didn’t know during my 2nd full term pregnancy, but because our baby struggled some after birth we found out we had blood incompatibility. Thankfully our second son is fine. With our third full term pregnancy our baby also had blood incompatibility and since my body had already made antibodies against him he struggled almost at birth. Thankfully he is doing great and is almost 2 years old. All that to say, yes loss is so hard and nothing will replace your baby in heaven. But, there is always hope! Praying for y’all.

  • Hi Erin, I’m 9 weeks 3 days pregnant and have started spotting I have got a scan for tomorrow I havent got any cramping im so scared my heart goes out to you ❤ I should find out tomorrow if im having a miscarriage ����x

  • I’m so sorry for your loss. I’ve done IVF 4 times and miscarried twice after so much effort to get pregnant so I totally understand your pain. 5 months after miscarriage, my hcg test was still positive because there were some tissues left in my uterus. I had to do surgery to remove those a few weeks ago. It took me that long to get over the last miscarriage. We did tell the story to my family and some of our friends but nobody can really help to make the pain go away but just ourselves. Whenever you feel sad, look at your beautiful son. I’m sure his smile will warm your heart.

  • I had a missed miscarriage in April at 8 weeks and I didn’t pass them naturally, so I needed to get a D&C. One day I’ll have a rainbow baby. I know how this feels. So sorry, mama ��

  • I’m so sorry, it just happened to me too exactly the same I’m Anegative too, but is not because of that is for other things just God knows ����the shoot Rho(D) inmonoglobulina we have to take it at 28 weeks pregnant or at the moment we give birth in case our body create antibodies! I was sad for many days im still! I was thinking that I will never can have a child cuz of my blood type, but the doctor says is not like that, the difference is that always we have to be checking our pregnancy’s and take the vacuna just if we create antibodies all the time in all the pregnancies! Send you so many lights and good vibes! I’m gonna try again don’t give up! Is Gods plans only he knows ����♥️ (sorry for my English cuz I’m Hispanic)

  • Never think that you will lose hope, everything in this life needs trust in God. In your own work, in your private life, in your own relationships, you just need to be patient and strong to get what you want. may god bless you and your husband..��

  • Needed to watch and hear this video, miscarriages hurt like hell! You never expect to hear the doctor day your baby stopped growing or your levels decreased. Knowing that you’re loosing your child is so difficult. But you can try again never loose hope or faith. I will never forget my loss. It will make me stronger, I am ready to start trying again. So happy for you and your family! God Bless.❤️��

  • I’m so sorry. I’m going through this right now. Miscarried at 11 weeks. Covid just makes a difficult situation so much harder. Thank you for sharing, you are so not alone, I didn’t realize how common this is. I’m also rh(-A), which can make things difficult. That being said, lots of people are and go on to have healthy babies. ❤️ stay strong.

  • Have never seen your channel before, but obviously I found you while searching for miscarriage videos. I went for my 11 week check up a week ago and found out my baby’s heart had stopped beating. I am so broken right now. I’ve never lost a baby this far into pregnancy before and it hurts pretty bad! I got the terrible news at a routine appointment that my husband wasn’t allowed to go to and my doctor is an hours drive from my house. It was the worst possible series of events. I chose to use medication at home to induce the miscarriage because my body hadn’t picked up on the fact that my baby had passed a week before my appointment. I started the medicine Friday night after putting my kids to bed. By 4am I had passed baby and placenta. I was able to catch baby and we chose to bury her as a family under my favorite plant! We have 6 kids. We have been blessed beyond measure! We weren’t planning on a 7th but God sent her none the less and we were absolutely thrilled! I don’t know what God has in store for us, it right now I am broken!!

  • Heart goes out to you, I currently am in limbo because my fetal heartbeat is 75 beats at 6-7 weeks…. the scariest wait of my life for my next ultra sound so i am here for you.

  • I can feel your pain I am going through same can’t sleep as thinking about my baby tomorrow morning going for scan as I am bleeding since 10 days and lost all hopes I have fist miscarriage in my life and might be it’s difficult because I never hade any experience but since 10 days watching video and crying nothing more I can do

  • Thank you so much for sharing your story. I have recently miscarried my baby at 10+3 weeks, just a few days after seeing our healthy baby on ultrasound, and I’m broken. I have two older children but this baby I have lost was such a miracle and blessing to me. Miscarriage seems to be so taboo. Nobody wants to talks about it.

  • I just had a miscarriage on the 19th of may 2020. 8weeks 6days pregnant I lost my baby. I feel so bad for you. I feel like you did. The hope. Have you heard of
    love you.

  • My mama had a miscarriage at 15 she died around 3 years ago I don’t want y’all to be feeling bad for me but I jus wanted to say this

  • I’m so sorry Erin �� I suffered a miscarriage in 2015. It was something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. I was able to get pregnant 4 months later and had my 2nd boy January 2016, he is a happy healthy child that has been going through the terrible 2’s for almost 3 years now lol. There’s hope, everything happens for a reason (sorry if that sound cliche but it’s true). I’m praying for you guys! Praying you heal from this loss and praying you get your beautiful rainbow baby! ❤️

  • I had a miscarriage and then a subchorionic hemorrhage with my second pregnancy…I was just as terrified as you. luckily mine worked out and I’m 17weeks now. but my bleed lasted for 4 weeks and it was so scary. so sorry what you went though but you are for sure not alone

  • Erin, my heart goes out to you and your husband. My husband and I experienced two losses before we were able to have a healthy pregnancy. It is a very sad, scary, and lonely time. Turn to each other for love and support and please know there are brighter days ahead for you and your husband. My girls are now 23 and 21. Heal your mind and body and try again. God will bless you again. XOXO

  • I feel your pain. I went through a similar experience in 2006. The only difference is they had to give me medication to force my body to go into labor to remove the fetus. It was the worst experience to go through knowing your baby is already gone but still inside you…. stay strong Erin. Stay positive. And talk about it to other women like you and I who understand. I tried to talk to friends and family who never had a miscarriage and they made me feel like I was over reacting. So I learned that finding a community of women who have gone through what I have gone through was essential. Thank you for sharing your story. I know this video will help other women going through the same. You’re a strong woman and you will have your family one day. �� hugs and prayers to you and your husband.

  • Thank you for sharing. I found out at 7 weeks 5 days that I was having a miscarriage/there was no heartbeat after finding a heartbeat a few days prior. That was last Saturday. Still bleeding… this is torture but I am glad to be able to see this video for some sense of comfort.

  • From personal experience DELETE the app you might not like it but I helps i promise. I had a miscarriage at 16 weeks so I understand and I’m sorry that this happened to you. Prayers for you♥️

  • I’m so sorry for everything you went through. I had a still birth at 23 weeks in January. Watching stories of other women on YouTube really helped me cope.. and when they cried I was crying while watching too. Thank you for sharing your story. Best wishes

  • Hugs ��to you and your husband. I cried continuously for months after my miscarriage….for what could have been. I had an 11 week miscarriage also 22 years ago and it had very similar physical symptoms / experiences like you have described of how you passed your baby. I got pregnant again and have a 21 year old son. You will heal emotionally and physically, you will never forget….good things will come to you ��

  • I’m so sorry for your lost and my prayers are with you and your husband. I just had a miscarriage 4 days ago and I know exactly how you feel. My husband and I are devastated. I was in limbo as well, I started spotting April 24th and it continued for weeks. I had 3 Sonograms and my baby had a heartbeat of 155 and everything was okay. Literally a week later, the baby had no heartbeat and had passed. I was beyond broken and still am but listening to your story and being able to relate is comforting. Sending you love from Jersey ❤️. Thank you for sharing your story.

  • I’m so sorry�� I went through it between my second and third child. It’s so difficult and only someone who’s gone through it truly understands what your going through�� It does gets easier with time but you truly never forget it.

  • I just miscarriage yesterday after 7 1/2 weeks pregnant. This video helped me through the loss of my baby. I’m still very sad but hopeful that I can try to have a baby again.

  • So sorry, thank you for sharing this. Not being able to talk about the loss has made many women suffer in silence, thank you for your bravery ❤️

  • its ok erin. you will have a baby soon. you need to relax, go have some drinks and get busy w/hubby. i have 3 kids and they all were conceived w/a bottle of vodka lol!! dont be hard on yourself. just let it go…

  • Erin, thank you for sharing your brave, vulnerable, & heartbreaking journey. I can’t imagine the pain and loss that you & your family are feeling through this unprecedented time, let alone at any given time. My thoughts and prayers for peace are with you and your loved ones as you begin your path toward healing. Sending you all the love ❤️ & light your way. Keep the faith. And know above all, you are not alone and God has a plan for not if, but when, you both will be blessed to become parents. It’s evident throughout this entire video that when the time comes, you are going to be an amazing Mother. ♥️������������

  • Oh Erin, im so very sorry hunny! My daughter is turning 25 tomorrow I’m 46, I went through two miscarriages. And for a long time I couldn’t figure out why it kept happening to me “why me” but I finally realized God had a plan for me! And he did I had i beautiful girl 25 years ago! She was the one I was meant to have! I know your hurting I’ve been there, but you will have a beautiful child, you will I just know it sweetheart! ♥️♥️��

  • I cant imagine what you are going through! I am so sorry to hear this. I am a negative blood type & also received a Rojam injection! Thinking of you ❤️

  • I just lost my baby Friday.. found out at 12 weeks 5 days my baby stopped growing at 9 weeks and heartbeat stopped. My heart aches. This was our first pregnancy. I ended up in the ER with a d&c, it was very traumatic. I passed baby at home after taking medicine then bled so much I had to be taken into the ER. I got to hold my baby and see my baby. It was amazing but heartbreaking… this video is comforting. Thank u.

  • My heart truly goes out to you!!! I’m soooo sorry. I’ve been thru a miscarriage I know exactly what you’re goin thru. I couldn’t believe it when you said you told your family right away. Sending love & good thoughts to you and your hubby!!! It’ll happen when you least expect it. I know that’s not what you want to hear. It’s easier to get pregnant if you stop thinking bout it which I know is hard but it puts less stress and pressure on you and it will happen. I’ve been where you are. ������

  • Thank you for sharing your story. My condolences to you and your husband and best wishes as you guys continue to grow your family.

  • I had a miscarriage on March 13th. I was passing clots and went to the ER and they confirmed I was having one which i knew. 2 days later I passed the baby. You just know and it’s sucks.

  • Sending you love. My mom had a miscarriage/ectopic pregnancy of twins and lost one of her ovaries and she was still able to get pregnant with me after ��

  • Awe sweet Erin I have felt your pain 23 years ago I had one and 23 years later the sadness is still there. I was told that I would never get pregnant again but now I have 3 beautiful babies. It WILL happen for you and you will be an amazing mommy. Prayers and love to you and your husband.

  • I’m so sorry you lost the first. I’ve lost one at 12 weeks. This is great that you are sharing your experience. Internet hugs you and your husband.

  • I appreciate you getting if off your chest Erin.I know women in your situation and they beat themselves up.Please don’t do that! You’re precious.Life has it’s twists and turns so do not blame yourself. Lord bless you! You will have that child in the proper time.Hugs Erin.I’ve heard this all before and my friends wife almost had a complete nervous breakdown over their situation I witnessed.They went on to have 2 precious healthy babies.The joy WILL outweigh what you went and are going through.

  • When I miscarried (2014) I continued to take pregnancy tests, and it was almost healing to see the lines fade. We went almost a full week in limbo with “slow to rise HCG levels”, and it was the mindset of “cautiously optimistic”. And to finally have an answer was almost relieving. Thankfully we never saw a heartbeat, so that helped not get so attached I think.
    I tell my friends, it’s the saddest sad I’ve ever felt, but you can heal.

  • I think it shows tremendous strength in you uploading this video and sharing your story. It’s not something discussed often, and because it is so common I think having videos like this could do the world some good. My sincere condolences to you and your husband ❤️

  • I am so sorry, Erin. I was there last summer. It is so hard & so painful. Some days will be easier than others. Mine is coming up to a year in July & I still cry over it. Just know that everything you do, you have the sweetest, most beautiful angel watching over & rooting for you!Take it day by day. I can recommend not being in your head about it. I know it’s so hard & you overthink everything during these times. I overthought so much. & I broke down so frequently. If you need anything, feel free to reach out.

  • I’m so sorry you went through this, I lost my first baby this past January at 7 weeks right before my birthday, I also decided to be open about it. I’m so thankful you decided to share this with us, loss can be so lonely even when you not alone. I had so many people reach out to me during my time to share their story and your story will also help so many others.

    I’m currently 5 weeks, now and I joined a support group in my area to help cope with pregnancy after loss because its so hard to not live in fear.

    I hope your heart heals and you are such an amazing momma.

  • I just watched this video for a second time while going through my miscarriage. I know I’ll get my rainbow baby but it’s definitely hard. Thank you for sharing.

  • I didn’t have a miscarriage but I did have an ectopic pregnancy and had to have my left tube removed. I’m now currently 34 weeks with my rainbow baby. I been following you on your journey with willow

  • I too just miscarried with our first in April. It really is such an awful experience. I had to be alone during the entire thing because of COVID. It really does change a person. We just found out we are pregnant and we decided to tell our family we are expecting that way if something does happen, we are able to rely on them. Much love to you and all of those who have experienced this!!

  • I’ve just started watching your channel. You and your husband are such beautiful people. Your son is precious. I am so sorry for this loss. I hesitate to write about my losses because there are so many stories on here and you know, I also dont want to constantly remind you…. see and then that thought stops and I am still writing. What I want to tell you is you are a wonderful mama. My first misscarraige was the darkest period in time for me. I remember when they prescribed me percocet for the pain after having a procedure at the hospital… I was angry, I mean angry seeing that they prescribe narcotics out to woman for this…. having newly realized that I had entered the 1 in 4 women statistic… I had no idea it was that common until it happened to me. Being angry in that way was like my little outlet. In reality, the medication helps woman sleep during that period, at least. I was just so angry that this emotional pain happens to woman. Ok, the brighter side… we had a little boy after the misscarraige and we can not imagine our family without him. Our first was a girl, then miscarried, than had Simon, miscarried again, then had Malachi and are pregnant now with a healthy baby so far… our last one. We found out through genetic testing of our second loss, that it’s a chromosome abnormality, trisomy 16… 30% chance with my eggs of misscarrying. It helped knowing with the second… getting an answer to the “why did this happen” to some kind of extent at all. First trimesters are hard now…first ultra sounds are the hardest for me.. got a little PTSD of that myself… lean on your support system. I believe in God and I believe there is pure joy in heaven. When I saw this video, I went oh no. It’s a journey guys… the window of reproducing is definitely a journey. I didn’t know until this pregnancy that this child will be our last. I never knew how I would know, but I just know with this one… I watchrd this video because I wanted to pray for you, and because we are finally through the first trimester and kind of knocking on wood. You two are wonderful parents blessed with huge hearts. I love how you’ve captured the magical moments and your sharing them. It reminds me of the lanterns at Jesus’s feet… and lighthouses in the bible. Many blessings and Happy Holidays. <3

  • I gave birth to my still born daughter at 38 weeks. She was beautiful and we were so close. It’s a terrible loss to lose your child

  • Just got home from the ER. Confirmed miscarriage at 10 weeks. Had some bleeding intermittently the week before but tested positive Friday and was so excited for my first pregnancy. Told my boyfriend we’re expecting yesterday on Father’s Day just to have a miscarriage the following day. Feeling like shit. Thank you for sharing.

  • I had a miscarriage 8 months ago at 5 weeks.. Now I’m pregnant going to 9 weeks and turns out I have a hematoma as well so far I haven’t had any vaginal bleeding hoping my body has absorbed the blood on it’s on.

  • I am so sorry to hear this! You are absolutely right, until I started talking about my miscarriage I felt so alone. Researching online, and talking with other women (who in turn shared their miscarriage stories) helped me so much. Its not talked about, and I love that you are doing this to help other women! Hang in there, I’ll be praying for you and your family. Also, know that if you choose to continue growing your family that its possible to have a healthy pregnancy again. My husband and I are 29 weeks pregnant with our rainbow baby, and while it’s been tough to believe this pregnancy will turn out healthy, you just have to take one day at a time. God bless you and your family!

  • I love the advice you received on social media. It’s going to be harder than you think but enjoy your next pregnancy! I regret not taking any baby bump pics or surprising my husband with my positive pregnancy test. I had 3 prior losses and it was constant worry. As much as I wanted to enjoy it I couldn’t get over the fear. I am now 26 weeks with my rainbow baby and regret not enjoying every minute!

  • Thank u so much for this video it comforts me so much!! I want to scream and say the most horrible things but watching u helped me so much to make it thru today

  • I’m so sorry this happened to you. My daughter lost her first baby this past October at about 8wks. She spotted on and off for about 10 days before she started cramping and lost the baby. All of her ultrasound pics were looking okay and she too was in limbo for a while. She ended up getting pregnant again in December and is now 24wks pregnant with her rainbow baby boy. She still told everyone in our family right away. As with the first one she didn’t announce on social media until she was about 13 weeks. It took her 4 months to get pregnant the the first time but only a month to get pregnant this time. Just know that that there is nothing you did to cause this. This happens in about 25% pregnancies. My daughter went over and over in her head about what she could have done but there is nothing that she could have done differently. When she first got pregnant this time we were all anxious and still are to some degree even though the baby’s anatomy scan was great and all the genetic testing has come back low risk. That’s because when you have a miscarriage or some type of loss you come to realize that nothing is promised. Things can go wrong no matter how far you are along in your pregnancy. So, she has decided to just enjoy this pregnancy and be thankful and we are just all praying that everything continues to go smoothly and that she carries this baby full term and gets to bring home a health baby boy this time.
    Oh, as a side note. She did have a small incidence of spotting early in this pregnancy as well but it turned out that everything was fine and she hasn’t had any since. I will keep you in my prayers! And I’m sending lots of love, hugs and sticky baby dust from Maryland!

  • i’m 15 and definitely not having a baby anytime soon, but i have been watching pregnancy related videos all day. i guess i just want to educate and prepare myself for things like these. my heart breaks everytime i see one of these videos. i have no idea how hard it must be to lose a baby �� thank you for sharing your story. stay strong ♡

  • Currently crying my eyes out, I recently miscarried at 10 weeks. I’m scared to try to conceive again. I feel responsible and don’t know what to do. I feel alone because I have no one to talk to about this.

  • I took my test this year on May 5, positive asf, now the doctors don’t know if I’m having a miscarriage or a ectopic pregnancy ��

  • I think it’s completely reasonable to not share these things with people when it’s so early. I personally would only share with my mom probably sister and a best friend, not anyone beyond that. It just makes it more difficult on you to have to explain it to others

  • This is one story that I can feel for so much. Me and my husband went through a miscarriage in Dec 2019. Went through a D&C. My baby was measuring 6 weeks when I was 9 weeks, because the baby stopped growing and I had major bleeding within the sac. Waited a month for my menstrual to get back to normal. And now I was blessed to get pregnant again so soon in just two short months. I am 6 weeks pregnant and due October 31rst. I am beyond blessed… to hear your story I can just feel for you. I pray for your rainbow baby every day along with mine and for every woman who is going through these things ��♥️

  • Bless your heart ♥️. I totally understand you Hi miscarriage three babies already. My husband and I we have been trying for 12 years to have a baby. I am so grateful the Lord blessed me and my husband with a wonderful doctors they find out that I have a big fibroid. So I had my surgery 2 weeks ago. I’m still recovering will take about six weeks to feel better and we will try to do a IUI. My hope is in the Lord there by next year I’ll have a baby. Thank you for sharing your story may the Lord bless you and your family.

  • Dear Erin,
    This video made me cry together with you while I’m going through this pain at the moment as well… few days ago I found out I had a missed misscarege, and now I’m waiting for a D and C procedure…. it truly sucks to experience this kind of pain, but all I can say and agree with you is ” it wasn’t meant to happen now”,but I’m sure we will have our rainbow baby soon. Stay strong and I hope one day to see a video of you and the little miracle baby �� ❤ �� ��

  • Hi.. i just miscarried my baby boy at 9 1/2 weeks. Wasn’t planned, but the moment i knew he was there i fell in love. I have had 2 successful pregnancies. Everyone around me tells me I can try again. But im still in so much pain. Your video has helped me vent. My hisband is hurting but i know it doesnt hurt as much as it did to me. I was in so much pain when my baby passed and i went through it alone.

  • I feel so horrible for you i hope one day you can have a kid and that the best thing ever happens to you i get it it’s hard to lose something that precious

    God will protect the bud that was made to bloom in heaven

  • I had my first pregnancy and first miscarriage a few days ago. My husband and I had new healthy insurance and a new doctor who unfortunately was very rude and gave us almost no information or compassion and actually asked me while I was crying if I need time to compose myself. We found a better doctor and are schedule to see him in two weeks to figure out when we can try again. I just want to say thank you. It gives me hope to see someone had the same feelings as me.

  • I’m so sorry love!!it’s crazy I had miscarriage, when you find out your pregnant and then that baby is gone.I know that feeling all to well..I got pregnant again last year,I started to bleed really bad went to the emergency room.I started to think here we go again:((..The dr told me that I’m having a Ectopic pregnancy, and that they were going to give me Methotrexate,that stops the cells from growing and allows your body to absorb the pregnancy. Well I decided I’m going to wait to see my ob,thank god I did!!because sometimes when your having a girl the baby implants upper left by your tube and then moves down..I’m happy to say my little girl Faith is almost 6 months on the 12 th and thank god i didn’t take that injection because it’s hard to say this but she wouldn’t be here today:(…I believe you will have another one sweetie but also it’s ok to love the one who got wings early…love watching your little boy he is adorable:)

  • Thank you for this video, and I’m so sorry for your loss.. I found out Thursday I lost my little baby. Its An incredibly hard thing to process… This video has helped me. It reminds me I’m not alone and that it is okay and normal to feel what I’m feeling… Thank you.

  • I followed your first pregnancy when I was pregnant…. I ended up losing my pregnant and could no longer follow your channel because it hurt too badly. Now a year later I came back and said you had a loss, and I’m so heart broken.

  • I am praying for you and your husband. I went through this and it was awful. It has been 7 years of still trying and there are no words to get through this. It isn’t Cliché to say or think it may not have been meant to be. You will heal and get through this. Wrapping hugs and sending love to you. You are not alone.

  • I’m so sorry for your loss �� But Thank you! Thank you for this video �� Miscarriage is not something women talk about openly but I do think it helps us to cope with it, so thank you for being so brave and sharing your story ��

  • Dear gingy pants, I want to thank you for your transparency to share such a close, intimate, misunderstood, and very heartbreaking event. It takes strength to talk about the deep and hidden things that occur regarding losing the life of a child. It’s even more painstaking when you will never know how that baby looks, acts, smells, talks, laughs, smiles, etc. Because you never got to hold the child let alone see the child grow in your womb. The what could be will always be just that. I have experienced two miscarriages, one after the other. I was by myself and there was no one that could really relate, my husband couldn’t, my older sisters who had already had bunches of children couldn’, my mother couldn’t. I was the odd ball because it seemed like I was the only one experiencing this. Fast forward I have finally conceived and began carrying my third child, the most popular question that individuals ask me is if this is my first baby. Often times, I don’t know how to answer them because technically no, it’s not. Everytime I’m asked that I’m forced to make a decision to outwardly acknowledge that I have conceived three children but two of them did not survive, that I have experienced the tragedy of miscarriage which is much more than experiencing a chromosomal abnormality or a blighted ovum. The fact is that there was life growing inside of me and the evidence was there but now gone. It was tough going through it but Jesus is still healing me. On that note I hope that you allow Him to heal you too. Stay strong.

  • i went to the bathroom, and i had pretty much the same clot fall out of me and i bled for a about an hour. Im am/was/not sure seven weeks pregnant. All my pregnancy symptoms went away after, i dont feel like throwing up anymore, and my back hurts a little. I dont have insurance and visits range from 375-450, ahcccs is taking long because they could not confirm my identity and im so hurt because i just want to know if i have my baby or not. I feel so stupid and im so sad and i dont know how to ask for help and im quite frankly heartbroken and not feeling good at all, im so overwhelmed

  • I just came across this video as I was watching your week by week with your first pregnancy. I am so sorry to hear this Happened to you �� I’m 24wks pregnant with my rainbow baby… I lost a baby at 13wks Oct 31st last year. I too turned to other woman’s stories to heal. Jst knw ur video has helped someone else & ur definately not alone. Lots of love & positive thoughts/energy from New Zealand xx your a lovely soul!!

  • I am so sorry for the loss. I know how you feel. On March 7th this year we saw our baby and the heartbeat. I was suppose to be almost 8 weeks and dr said baby measured 5 weeks and two days later I miscarried. Praying we are both blessed soon with a healthy baby, pregnancy and delivery

  • I had a miscarriage July 16th of this year. The baby stopped growing at 6 weeks and the full miscarriage happened at 8 weeks. The people around me weren’t really supportive during it unfortunately. They kept saying “it’s common” ����‍♀️

    I got pregnant right after I got my period back and it’s beyond stressful. I always feel like it’s gonna happen again even though the baby is doing good. It really does affect how you feel about being pregnant again in the future. I hope you get your rainbow baby ����

  • I’m so sorry you are going through this… I had my m/c in June. It’s been a couple of months ago… I’m still grieving. I feel that I’m so lost and empty. We’ve been trying to get pregnant for 7 yrs. We tried everything I could. We tried IVF. We had 2 cycles. The first one failed and the second one m/c. I was so happy to get pregnant! I was not expecting to lose it… Feeling so sad. My heart breaks when I hear stories like yours… I know once you get pregnant, there’s a baby there inside of you… It’s your baby… Sorry if it seems like I’m venting. It just hurts me so bad… I’m going to have IVF #3. This time I’ll be using donor eggs. Hopefully, all of us will find comfort & be strong.

  • I’m so sorry that you went through this. And I’m so glad you shared your story. I felt really alone in a way I could never describe when I had my miscarriage last year. It was the most broken I’d ever felt. I too was on a trip with family when mine began and we went to see a doctor out there and since the miscarriage wasn’t actually confirmed and they thought it could have been an ectopic pregnancy, they didn’t let us fly home. The long drive from Colorado to California actually helped my husband and I process things and get closer. By some magical luck, I ovulated two weeks later and became pregnant again! Our son was born by a c section like you but at 35 weeks because I had vasa previa, velamentous cord insertion, an anterior placenta and for a short while he was transverse! All that bad luck, a month in the hospital and a week in the NICU later…. a perfect baby boy who has stolen our hearts. There is a light at the end of the tunnel! Don’t lose hope! Again, thanks so much for sharing your story and thank you for giving me comfort during my pregnancy by following along with yours! ❤️

  • I’m sorry for your loss ♥️�� we have lost four babies including the twin of my current baby (I’m 35 weeks pregnant) I’ve had one rainbow baby who’s now two and this baby is healthy and happy. I pray you get your rainbow baby soon ♥️��

  • So sorry for your loss. I watched your pregnancy updates every week of my first pregnancy and loved them and you so much. Sadly, my first son was stillborn at 40 weeks on his due date in July. I completely understand the devastation you’re feeling and the sentiment of wanting to be pregnant again and still emotionally expecting that baby to be there. I love how you’re using your platform to share your story and talk about it. Our culture does not allow for women to talk about these things and no one really understands why it’s so hard and devastating unless you’ve lost a baby. My midwife advised us to wait 3 months to start trying for another so we have just started this month. Maybe you and I will be pregnant together! Looking forward to watching your next journey. Keep being you <3

  • We are currently experiencing our first miscarriage at 9w2d. As soon as I found out we were pregnant, I began following your journey with your second pregnancy. I love all of your videos, and they made me so happy and hopeful while I was pregnant! However, I have had this video saved to my “watch later”, just in case we did experience loss. I am thankful to have your story to comfort me in this difficult time. I will continue to follow along with your journey and pray for your family ❤️

  • I’m so sorry for your loss I know it’s very difficult it took me two years to get pregnant and I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks then I got pregnant 2 months later and had a partial molar pregnancy and lost my baby at 12 weeks. Then 2 years later I got blessed with my rainbow baby she is now 2 years old. I got pregnant again when she was 18 months old and had another miscarriage. 2 months later I got pregnant again now I’m 29 weeks pregnant I still have anxiety but so blessed. I always think about my losses. It very hard and I still cry about my losses till this day. Thank you for sharing your story. I wish you the best.

  • I Lost my baby last year at 8 weeks��
    I know what u are going through��
    I am pregnant now with our rainbow baby at 18 weeks But its still so scary��

  • Thank you for sharing your story. I just found out today that I’ve had a miscarriage at 11-12 weeks and my heart dropped. I kept my composure at the office but now that I’m home, alone because quarantine is still a pretty big thing here in Michigan, I’m trying to hold back tears and don’t know who to talk to but your video made me feel so much less alone and like someone understands. I never even wanted or planned for kids but when I unexpectedly got pregnant during this whole covid and everything, it grew on me and I’m just so sad now.

  • You are strong ❤ I suffered a missed miscarriage back in January of this year. The hardest moment of my life and all I could do was pray for strength. I will pray for your strength and im so sorry your going through this. ❤❤

  • Thank you for sharing, I 100% agree about not talking about it especially the hardest parts. I’ve just been through the same thing and I’m still a mess. Having to wait to hear them tell you if your baby has gone is very hard because your trying to hold on to hope that it’s wrong. Then being terrified to go to the toilet because you know your are flushing your baby down the toilet �� my heart still hurts today marks a week since I lost my baby and because of lockdown I had to do it alone. So my partner is really struggling xx

  • The car conversation is so real and thank you for sharing. I had that same conversation when we miscarried in February and had the same conversation with myself when I had a early miscarriage in July. And I didn’t tell my mom about the second either. It’s so hard to see our mom’s sad. Again, I’m so sorry for your loss.

  • I miscarried at 5 weeks in my first pregnancy, I was heart broken but after watching your video my partner and I are going to try again. I’m looking forward to getting my rainbow baby

  • I feel you…. and you are not alone!
    There are more of us than we can possibly know.
    I have 4 babies in heaven.
    My last miscarriage was very similar to yours… around the same week, on vacation (3 hours fight away), didn’t tell anyone, had to find a doctor and lab… so, I know.
    Today I have my healthy 10 month old baby girl, so I appreciate even more my little angels in heaven.
    Take care of yourself! Stay strong!

  • I’m having a miscarriage right now:( I am bleeding and cramping so much. I thought it was ectopic because it was all over then one side hurt more than the other. but the doctor said it doesn’t look like it because my hcg levels have dropped drastically and nothing is on the ultrasound.

  • I love you! Im sorry you had to go through this. I have been watching your previous pregnancy videos since I found out I was pregnant in April. It’s my first baby and a boy just like you. I’ll be 31 weeks tomorrow and will be watching your update like I do every week. I’m so sorry. I pray for you guys and will continue to. Much love!! ��

  • I recently had a missed miscarriage. I went in for my first ultrasound at 8 weeks and baby measured at 6 weeks with no heartbeat. After waiting a week and checking again, there was no change. A week later I had a D&C. This video helped me a lot. I felt like I could relate to everything you were feeling. I just had my first cycle since my surgery, I also just turned 39 and as bad as we want to try again, I am afraid.

  • I am sorry about your loss. It’s hard. People expect you to be strong after a process like that. I had a miscarriage and had to go through therapy. It’s also difficult for me to talk about it with other people that’s prob why it’s not talked about much. Your body wouldn’t put you through something you can’t handle. ♥️���� you have so much support and love.

  • I’m so sorry for your loss. I as well, am going through a miscarriage as I speak. I found out the baby had no heartbeat 5 days ago at 8 weeks and 5 days. Also, through this whole pandemic, I was alone in the hospital going through everything by myself. I know what you’re going through, my heart is very much still broken, I cry everyday about losing my baby. Hope you can get through this.

  • I am so very sorry to hear about your m/c. Losing a baby is so very hard to bear… I wish there were magic words to help you to feel better… I’ve had a m/c last year and I’m still in bits. Please be kind to yourself. Don’t ever blame yourself. Take time to grieve for your child. I just wanted let you know that you’re not alone xx

  • I’m so sorry for your loss. I found out this week I had one too. I was supposed to be 10 weeks but measured at 6 weeks and no heart beat. This would have been our first. Your old vlog videos were what I watched the first couple weeks, when I was so excited but couldn’t share the news with anyone! I loved hearing about your experiences. I’m so sorry you’re going through this now. I’ve actually spent all day today have cramps and pain.. I’d just like this to be over so we can heal and move on. Sending love your way ❤️

  • Wow, I’m sorry to hear this.. I had a subchorionic hematoma at 6 1/2 weeks, most scariest thing to go through.. The bleeding ended up stopping and I’m now 13weeks. This is my first pregnancy.. I’m sorry girl.i understand the fear you felt! God bless you and your family, I pray that you continue to heal and that this story is used to help other woman.

  • Hugs, positive vibes and love to you. I had 3 miscarriages over the last 2 years and felt completely hopeless. I never thought I was going to be a mom. I’m now half way through my healthy pregnancy. I’ve been watching your videos every time I turned a new week. I even fast forwarded ahead to your c section video a couple of weeks ago and cried my eyes out because it was so beautiful. You are strong, bright, funny and beautiful! You have a great loving supportive husband. You will have another precious little baby ❤️ I will say lots of prayers for you guys and sending tons of baby dust ������✨��

  • Hi i would like to know long after a c section should i see my period? my baby is one year old an no period yet,i only brest feed him an i had my tube tie

  • I am so unbelievably sorry!!! Going threw a miscarriage is the absolute hardest thing ever. It makes you feel a thousand different ways. I wanted so badly to seclude myself and hide because I just felt so alone even though I had so much support. Big huge hugs your way!!! And tons of prayers ♥️

  • Best wishes on your journey Ruby ♥️ I had the same exact experience with flushing my baby down the toilet. I was broken, a part of me still is. But thanks for sharing your story. This is a topic that needs to be discussed, love to all you ladies ����������♥️

  • I miscarried in March of this year. After my d&c, we got pregnant again after my next period. Our baby on the way is doing fine and I’m 23 weeks. But during the time of the miscarriage and after, I went down a rough path. I stayed in bed depressed for a long time and did not want to leave the house. I don’t think I’ll ever be “over” the miscarriage and it bothers me that people just move on as if it never happened. I had so many breakdowns after it happened. I’m so thankful to be blessed with another baby on the way. Good luck and stay strong. Never forget.

  • I’m so sorry about your loss I’ve had 3 miscarriages in the past and have 4 healthy children today! Know nothing you did caused this. And early miscarriage usually happens for unknown reasons but in most cases happens bc there was an issue with the embryo’s chromosomes that would of resulted in a defect or deformity so your body ends up ending the pregnancy. Other then that everything the doctor told you is true. I remember going through the same exact emotions as you so know your not alone. I pray in the future you have many happy pregnancies.

  • Like you said next time enjoy it all, every min. Tell anyone and everyone and the more you you enjoy it the happier and healthy you are. Know that those you tell are they to be happy with with and also your support you is things change.

  • I’m so sorry:( I know how horrible it is.. I can’t believe that they couldn’t tell you then and there what’s going on and sent you from one test to another without providing any information, while you’re cramping and clearly going through a miscarriage.. I’m so sorry:(

  • I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s ok to cry, recovery is not a linear road. I had mine in May and am still trying for our first baby. Holding on to hope.

  • Thank you for sharing this. What you went through was so difficult, thank you for being honest. I’m going through something somewhat similar. I don’t yet know what’s going to happen. But I’m praying that God’s will happens. So grateful for people like you sharing ❤️

  • This is breaking my heart. Your weekly pregnancy journal helped me through my pregnancy. This will help someone. Praying for you and your family.

  • I had 4 miscarriages before I had my son. You can not blame yourself! What is meant to be will be! I’m sorry for your loss! You will get through it I promise!

  • I’ve watched this video several times to just hear your positive words. I had 2 missed miscarriages that resulted in having 2 DNC’s, one in 2015 and another in 2016 before getting pregnant with my son in August of 2018. Since my son was born early in April 2019 i have had 2 more that i passed naturally on my own. One at about 10 weeks in January 2020 and again in April 2020 just after my sons 1st birthday. It is very hard because my sister in law and i were a week apart and now I’m having to watch her go through her pregnancy that I should have been going through too. I’ve been trying my best to be excited for her and i am even planning her gender reveal, but at the same time i feel sad because I should have been finding out what my baby was a week after her. It’s very hard but i know all of my angels are together and i have my son out of all the heartbreak! ❤️❤️

  • Wow your so strong to tèll your story im so happy for you with the baby at the end u been a lot women u deserve all the happiness in the world ☺️

  • Sorry for ur lost I had a miscarriage 6 yrs ago n I still think about my lil one n even tho I have 2 girls now n a lil boy on the way

  • ❤️ I had two miscarriages before we had our 1st baby (I didn’t know I had a folic deficiency until I saw a specialist ). I relate so much to your feelings and I felt all the things you are. My miscarriage experience was very similar too. I got a rush and remembered those feelings listening to your story. I know these days are so lonely even with all the support in the world. Praying for you and I know bright days are coming. You and your husband try again when you are ready! We just had our 3rd baby in July and are so grateful. Love and prayers coming to you from Alabama

  • I am so sorry for your loss. Don’t blame yourself there was nothing you did wrong. We lost our first daughter at 30 weeks being pregnant. It’s awful no matter when a person looses a child it’s painful. Having our rainbow baby was a blessing and I just wanted to let you know when you do get pregnant again enjoy every moment. Take your time for both of you to heal. Xoxo

  • Thank you for sharing this!! I looked to ur videos as a guide through my pregnancy and u were very very helpful. I know it wasn’t easy making this video but you stayed strong and I just wanted to let you know ur such an inspiration. Anyway I hope god blesses you and your family. I prayed for you and I will continue to ♥️♥️ Sending you lots of love.

  • Definitely needed to watch this video…I feel so alone. Yesterday was my first ultrasound and there was no heartbeat, i was cramping and spotting. At that moment you think you’re the only one until you realize that other women are going through it too. Thank you for your video, it’s definitely helping with me and I’m sure helping others…one thing is to never blame yourself

  • I’m so sorry for your loss. Praying for you and your hubby’s healing. I had a very similar event at 10 weeks. Went to the hospital, had an internal ultrasound, was told my pregnancy was still viable and then sent home only to lose it later that evening. Like you, I also knew the exact moment when I lost my baby. It’ll take time but you’ll get through this. Praying that you will soon be blessed with a beautiful and healthy �� baby. Virtual hugs love!

  • My heart goes out to you and your family. Our first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage May 2018, so I feel your emotions. We have been blessed with our rainbow baby born 4th July via cesarean 1.5 week past due date. Don’t give up luv!

  • I am so so sorry for you guy’s loss. I started watching your videos back in January when we found out we were pregnant with our first. My next week would start on Mondays so every Sunday I would watch the next week’s video. I was so excited to see what I would be having come up next! Lol But I grew a bond with you guys watching you every week for the whole pregnancy. My daughter was actually due on September 16th but decided to come early on August 3rd. She spent the first few weeks of her life in NICU in a hospital an hour and half away. I stopped watching your videos after she was born because I felt upset that she was born so early and we weren’t sure if she was going to be ok or not. A couple weeks later I finished your videos and watched your labor and the others. I am writing this to tell you I am truly sorry for what you have had to go through. You don’t know me, and I don’t know you, but I feel as if did know each other because I watched you for 33 weeks until she was born. Give it some time, your rainbow baby will come and he/she will be beautiful ❤️

  • So sorry for your loss. I had 2 miscarriages back to back last year (at 7 and 9 weeks). My rainbow baby girl is 3 weeks old. Don’t give up or lose hope.

  • i lost my first pregnancy early on. i called out of work to deal with it and well, i got fired! one of the worst days of my life. we started trying again right away and three tries later, i got pregnant. I had him August 30th and he’s right in front of me now! honestly, i was heartbroken after my miscarriage and i didnt feel much better until after i got pregnant again. i still think about the lost pregnancy and what would have been. but then i realize i wouldnt have my son if i didnt lose the first one. as painful as it is, one day you’ll be at peace with it. and dont beat yourself up. you did NOTHING wrong. i got in a huge fight with my husband two nights before i miscarried and sometimes i think i did it to myself, but my logical brain knows that’s not true. it just happened bc thats nature’s way. you’ll be pregnant again very soon!! get your drinks in now. your friend from northern burlington county.

  • Thank you so much for posting this video! I’m only 5 weeks and started bleeding last night. Doctor won’t see me until the 21st of this month and I’m freaking out. Prayers for your family! ❤️

  • sorry 4 your loss I’m glad you’ve come to grips with everything so you can keep pushing forward As a man we dont know what strains women bodies go through mentally and physically so I salute you for being a strong black woman that overcame your adversity ��������������