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Pregnancy myths debunked

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5 Pregnancy Myths Debunked

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Common Pregnancy Myths Debunked!

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Pregnancy Myths

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Pregnancy Myth: Bad Weather Causes Labor. Peesay M. Cord around the neck syndrome. BMC Pregnancy Childbirth. 2012;12(Suppl 1):A6. doi:10.1186/1471-2393-12-S1-A6. Blackwell SC, Refuerzo J, Chadha R, Carreno CA.

Overestimation of fetal weight by ultrasound: does it influence the likelihood of. Five Common Pregnancy Myths Disspelled 1. A woman’s weight doesn’t affect fertility. FALSE. Actually, your body mass index affects ovulation. Being overweight 2. Raising your legs or standing on your head after intimacy gives you a better chance of.

A common myth about preventing pregnancy is if you have sex while a woman is on her period, she can’t get pregnant. While it might not be a common occurrence, this is not a practical preventative method. The egg is fertilized while it is in its descent down the fallopian tube. Myths (1) Naturopathy (1) Pregnancy Safety (1) Product Safety (1) Relax (1) Tech (1) Therapy (1) Eco-friendly (2) Fears (2) Miscarriage (2) Procedures (2) Infection (3) Interventions (3) Women Empowerment (3) fertility (3) Birth Control (4) Birth Team (4) Getting Sick (4) Jobs (4) News (4) Relationships (4) Sex (4) Snacks (4) Water Birth (4) Baby Bonding (5) Family (5) Vitamins (5). “Now is not the time to start a new exercise plan,” she added.

Instead, she said to listen to your body. During pregnancy, the body is naturally more tired. Walls said to not fight the 20­-minute power nap during the day if it’s needed.

Misconceptions. 1. Second time labour will be faster. They certainly can be but do not assume this is always the case.

The first stage of labour (your first regular contractions and when you being dilating) is often quicker second time round, but remember, babies make their own rules and often break them! 2. The most common pregnancy myths are dispelled — from not eating fish to abstaining from alcohol — to reduce health complications for the mother or baby during the nine months. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

The next nine months leading up to labor is critical for an expecting mother and her baby. During the first, second, and third trimester, a woman will experience hormonal. Let’s look at some of these common and not-so-common myths.

Myth 1. She must not love her baby. Merriam Webster Dictionary defines love as “unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another.”. Common Myths Surrounding Birth Control Dispelled For You.

Unwanted pregnancy is something we get to hear about a lot. we will bust some of the common myths. Since ancient times, pregnancy and childbirth have been shrouded by old wives’ tales, myths, and superstition. From crazy cravings, to tricks to.

List of related literature:

Mama Glow debunks some of the widespread myths and misconceptions around pregnancy.

“Mama Glow” by Latham Thomas
from Mama Glow
by Latham Thomas
Hay House, 2012

Many myths and much of the misinformation related to sex and pregnancy are masked by seemingly unrelated issues.

“Maternal Child Nursing Care in Canada E-Book” by Shannon E. Perry, Marilyn J. Hockenberry, Deitra Leonard Lowdermilk, Lisa Keenan-Lindsay, David Wilson, Cheryl A. Sams
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Pregnancy myths busted.

“Child Development From Infancy to Adolescence: An Active Learning Approach” by Laura E. Levine, Joyce Munsch
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For example, one of them told me that for difficulties in urinating or for the swelling of feet in advanced pregnancy, a mixture of barley water, coconut milk and garlic was to be boiled down and drunk.

“Childbirth Across Cultures: Ideas and Practices of Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Postpartum” by Pamela Kendall Stone, Helaine Selin
from Childbirth Across Cultures: Ideas and Practices of Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Postpartum
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Fatigue, morning sickness, and preoccupation with the pregnancy itself can make a woman forgetful early in her pregnancy.

“Child Development” by Laura E. Levine, Joyce Munsch
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Folk beliefs include antojos (food cravings that can cause the infant to have a characteristic such as strawberry spots if not satisfied) and cuarentena (40-day lying-in period during which the woman rests, stays warm, avoids bathing and exercise, and eats special foods that promote warmth).

“Mosby's Pocket Guide to Cultural Health Assessment E-Book” by Carolyn D'Avanzo
from Mosby’s Pocket Guide to Cultural Health Assessment E-Book
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Old wives’ tales that do have foundation in fact have been scientifically substantiated and have become part of standard medical practice.

“What to Expect When You're Expecting 4th Edition” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
from What to Expect When You’re Expecting 4th Edition
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Here are some of the most frequent of these myths:

“Child Psychology and Development For Dummies” by Laura L. Smith, Charles H. Elliott
from Child Psychology and Development For Dummies
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In addition, some women experience positional discomfort in late pregnancy that prevents effective sleep and, therefore, increases their fatigue.

“Health Promotion Throughout the Life Span E-Book” by Carole Lium Edelman, Carol Lynn Mandle, Elizabeth C. Kudzma
from Health Promotion Throughout the Life Span E-Book
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False, so-called hysterical pregnancies do exist, but although they result in various physical manifestations, including bloated abdomens, none result in childbirth.

“Eve's Herbs: A History of Contraception and Abortion in the West” by John M. Riddle
from Eve’s Herbs: A History of Contraception and Abortion in the West
by John M. Riddle
Harvard University Press, 1997

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  • My mum is a midwife and she says that sometimes it’s more common. Ladies seam to give birth on full moon nights. (But not as a concrete rule.) It’s happend almost every full moon. (If they’re ready to pop or course) It’s a joke with the midwifery community

  • don’t sleep during eclipse
    don’t chop of cut anything during eclipse bcoz it may cause cut any body part of the baby inside the womb

  • 0:39 “Fish is a staple of a healthy diet” WOW WOW WOW.

    Contrary to the slick advertisements of the fish industry, or the
    misinformed American doctors who only receive around THREE HOURS of
    nutrition information during their eight-year medical programs, fish is not a health food. And neither is fish oil! When you add mercury, dioxin and PCBs to the mix, fish meat is the most contaminated food product available.

    Claims about omega fatty acids being found solely in fish are
    absolute lies. Some fish have omegas because they’ve eaten algae/seaweed
    or consumed other fish who have already eaten algae/seaweed. Every
    vitamin, mineral and nutrient comes from the earth in the form of
    fruits, vegetables (sea or land), nuts, seeds, grains and legumes.
    Animal products only contain trace amounts of vitamins, minerals and
    nutrients because animals eat plants (sea or land). Meat is, at best, a
    secondary source of essential elements.
    If someone told you to smoke cigarettes because they contain trace
    amounts of omegas or calcium (they do not), would you do it? Of course
    not. Yet those who consume animal-based foods engage in exactly this
    kind of behavior by eating meat, cheese, milk and eggs, putting these
    deadly products into their bodies on the pretense of obtaining trace
    amounts of secondary nutrients! As the great philosopher Pythagoras
    said, “Men dig their graves with their own teeth, and die more by those
    instruments than by all weapons of their enemies.”

  • My mom addicted to eating dark chocolate when she was pregnant with me and now I’m obsessed with dark chocolate. Wonder if it’s related.

  • hi..I have missed my prieod last 6 week but still m not pregnant I hv checked urine or blood test that’s is 2.18 my beta test plz tell me m pregnant or nt

  • Uhhhh you can get Omega 3 from plants too without the mercury problem. 1 tablespoon of ground flax seed alone contains your daily requirements for omega 3. The oceans are also very over fished…. did you know that for every pound of fish caught for human consumption there are 4 pounds of by kill? That is other kinds of fish and marine life including whales and dolphins that are caught and killed as a result and tossed overboard. I think we can find much better ways to get omega 3 don’t you? Also omega 3 doesn’t come from fish, it first comes from plants and moves up the food chain.

  • This episode brought up a question I’ve always wondered about. Up to the age of 9, my straight hair started to turn curly and I was just wondering, does our genes actually evolve along time and if so, how much does it evolve and to what extend can these genes actually evolve into? This question was also triggered by my 5 year old niece who is starting to take on different physical traits as she gets older. Would love to hear your thoughts on this! As always, keep up the GREAT work guys, and gals!

  • But today’s fatty fish contain more omega 6 than omega 3 due the pellets the fish are fed with do not contain omega 3 (surprise surprise most fish you eat is not caught in the wild). Omega 6 creates inflammation. Also look at the tests done on fish, it always exceeds the limits of harmful environmental toxins.

    Coffee has the highest amount of the carcinogen Acrylamide so no, that’s not good stuff to build a baby from. At early stages in pregnancy even 1 glass of alcohol can permenently damage the brain of the fetus, look it up.

    So no, you shouldn’t be lazy. Unless you want a stupid baby with illnesses you should be very picky with what you consume.

  • Another thing though not mentioned here, pregnant ladies, stay away to the furthest distance from any cats no matter how cute they might be because they may be carrying toxoplasma.

  • Oh goodie fish well time to pack my fishing pole I’ll be heading to the river
    Getting myself some yummy catfish
    Funny how science proves these myths and you got non meat eaters saying its false
    Well if you don’t like it then don’t eat it
    As for the rest of us meat eaters on this planet that’s for us to use the info
    There are more fish that are not in the sea that are not grown on a farm
    Get out in nature go fishing and catch your own meal fresh salmon caught yourself is great!

  • My obgyn told me All deli meat has to be cooked to steamed before consumption, cheese as long as it says pasturize that includes goat cheese it’s safe, sushi is allowed as long is does not contain raw fish, as for fish I was told no exotic fish like sword, ahi tuna, or albacore tuna. For caffeine it can’t be no more then a can of say Dr.pepper. Sex is ok, the male has to keep his weight off the female. Exercise is awesome as long as you can speak a full sentence without gasping for air.

  • Fish is NOT a staple of a healthy diet. A whole foods vegan diet can provide all the nutrients humans need without the nasty toxins in animal foods such as saturated fat, cholesterol, and a host of diseases. Fish are currently worst than ever to eat as a result of the pollution in our oceans. It is also not environmentally wise to eat, as most of our fisheries are reaching collapse. And finally, it is unnecessary to cause the suffering of fish who are sentient creatures. Not only do the fish actually consumed get harmed, but a lot of unwanted fish are caught as bycatch. For these reasons, people should also not eat hot dogs, eggs, and chicken. Trace, I think you might be misunderstanding what exactly constitutes a healthy diet, as animal products are in no way nutritiously advantageous to plant foods. Pregnant women who want to give birth to healthy and vibrant babies should eat whole foods plant based diets.

  • UHM…. No, fish is DEFINITELY NOT healthy. Lol, Seeker. Check your facts!
    ALL animal products, including all types of meat (yes fish is meat) is just BAD for you. They cause most of our common diseases, heart disease on the top. A #plantbased diet is what everyone should be eating, if we were to listen to our bodies and what science says about nutriotion. #vegan

  • Fish flesh isn’t a “staple” for a healthy diet. The beneficial nutrients fish flesh is known for can be found in many plant foods.
    Fish flesh may have health benefits for humans, but the health benefits can be obtained elsewhere. Eating fish and other animals is unnecessary, thus unethical. When I was pregnant, I got my omega 3’s from plant foods, giving my body what it needs without participating in unnecessary harm to sentient beings.

  • Norwegian salmon is actually considered one of the most toxic foods on earth. There are enough documentaries (many on youtube) to back that up. Shouldn’t you people have all the scientific data in, if you are making such a video?!

  • The most popular snack in Israel is Bamba. Made out of peanuts, and is recommended as first solid food.My mother who was a nurse in Israel for 8yr did not come across peanut allergy (she read about in textbook for school, but thought it was a joke) Didn’t know peanut allergy existed until I moved to Canada.

  • in my country it’s believed that if you look at cute stuff or good looking people and things your baby is going to be cute and good looking….and the other way around

  • 3 pregnancies, the last 1 with twins, and I never had morning sickness. Thank God! My nephew’s poor mom vommited the entire time, including on the way to the hospital for delivery ��.

  • flax seeds are a much better source of healthy omega fatty acids than fish. no mercury, no saturated fats, plus it has fiber and other vitamins.

  • I love how many whiny vegans there are in the comment section yelling about a science based video. Sorry you have to hear it guys, but yup, delicious animal flesh has health benefits. Get over it.

  • the alcohol comment..i CANNOT believe you said that!!!!!!! yes small amounts are probably okay, but “if you slip up its okay”?? wtf: P sounds like your talking to an alcoholic, its okay if you binge sometimes..??????????????????????????????????

  • The second one was true!! I was born late and I was a first child! I have a little sister that was born on time!! Lol I believe the second one������

  • i have eatten sushi.. and i am preggers the kid is healthy. I found a white paper on sushi eatten by pregant women and the health benifits out weigh the possible issues. just be picky and go to a good sushi place

  • A friend was talking to neighbors, and they said something we’d never heard before. They said something about pregnant women spoiling meat. My friend said they said something about the neighbor’s friend (when they were 17) told her to stay away from the hogs because she would spoil the meat. Could you debunk that? Never heard that till tonight.

  • Very interesting! I had always heard soft cheeses were bad also. If you do a follow up, I’d love to hear that covered:) Subscribed!

  • Pregnant male? I guess it worked out for him, but if you aren’t ready to give up that key element of being able to give birth then maybe you really weren’t born in the wrong body. You shouldn’t feel pressured to get a sex change because you identify more with the opposite gender.

  • lol, thats it? you americans are so lucky…. you should look into asian old wives tales when it comes to pregnancy… to name a few
    after you gave birth. you must not drink water(only red date water) you cant bath for a month, no ventilation for 2 months, blah blah blah

  • I came across this pregnant lady (I was serving food) and she said she could not eat gluten, egg yolks, dairy, meat, beans and some fruits. Such an facepalm moment right there.

  • Datapoint of one, but my mother ate all of the peanut butter before my old sister was born. All nuts, lethal.
    Me, no nuts, no allergy.
    Like I say, one control, one test. Not a study.

  • “Alcohol isn’t great, but if you slip up you aren’t going to damage your baby” flat out wrong. Alcohol is a known teratogen. Since fetal alcohol syndrome can only be diagnosed by broadly defined physical features, usually accompanied by lower IQ, it is very difficult to determine cause and effect. We KNOW that in large doses it causes FAS, We do NOT know that in smaller doses it does not cause a less severe form of FAS. To know that we would have to do double blind experiments (ethically impossible), the correlational research that Trace’s assertion is based off of is not adequate grounds for risking any degree of FAS. I’d say I’m disappointed in Dnews but a lot of doctors fail to grasp this too. If a doctor tells you a bit of alcohol is fine ask them what the TD (toxic dose) is. They won’t be able to answer because it simply isn’t known. Error on the side of caution.

  • Am I the only one who, from the video thumbnail, saw a woman bending forward (to the left) with her bare arse pointing out to the right? Crazy how the brain plays dirty tricks on us.

  • Everyone who sais “i turned out fine” may could have been more intelgent, if the parents would have been not that stupid. I hate the world when i read those coments! Making babys is no gambeling “oh quitting to smoke is so hard! I just hope the best!” f**k u

  • Every medical jornal says a little wine is no problem but my idea of a little (2 glasses) and thier idea of a little maybe very different. Is there and exact amount your able drink while pregers?

  • In China, the land of tea, all preggers women do not drink tea when pregnant and when trying to get pregnant. So yeah there is something to the caffeine thing.  

  • 1. You shouldnt cut your hair/wax/thread/shave during pregnancy.
    2. You can buy 3 month old or more clothes but not newborn baby clothes before the baby is born.
    3. You have to get up and only then you can turn around while you are sleeping. Or umbilical cord wraps around baby’s head.
    4. You should not massage your belly with creams because it will hurt the baby!

  • I always feel that its all such a waste to live for a while and then spawn and die right after that. Not as bad as the praying mantis but it sucks to die during baby making. But perhaps it could be a reason why they dont accumulate much mercury which is good.

  • Also, if you’re past your due date or your labor is taking a long time, I know some midwives who have encouraged the couple and/or the person carrying the baby to go home and have sex and come back later.

  • When my mom was pregnant with me and drank beer or something, I always made her feel sick. With my 2 older siblings that wasn’t the case. I completely hate alcohol, apparently always have, and my siblings drink it like water sometimes. Does anybody know why that is?

  • I’m sorry but hotdogs are not alright in the first place, and they will definitely degrade your health and the babies, meat in general but especially that processed chemical laden shit. Mothers should really be eating whole foods plant based, fewest complications and we really need mentally and physically well functioning future humans.

  • Can lactose intolerant babies still drink mommies milk? or are they only restricted from cows milk? do all mammals have lactose in their milk or just some?

  • Alright so you have one wrong. #3 about stealing the mothers beauty, they aren’t actually stealing beauty but studies have shown that certain hormones released and absorbed when you’re having a girl, can lead to dryer skin, more breakouts, dry weak hair, etc. And in my experience, it’s definitely true, before I knew about the gender I had awful skin and hair.. while my friend who was having a boy had clearer skin and her hair has more glow to it than it did before.

  • Hi there,
    I liked the video; the only thing I wanted to comment on was your statement about sexually transmitted infections. Using the word “clean” to describe someone free of STIs puts a connotation that to have an infection someone is “dirty”. Let’s keep thoughts and behaviors on safer sex away from possible moral implications! Thanks!

  • Can pregnant women dye their hair? Dr. Wade Schwendemann, a Sharp-affiliated OBGYN, dispels common misconceptions about #pregnancy.

  • I was the first and only child my mother had, I was due on the 4th of October but was born on the 25th of September. So the myth about firstborns being late is just.. Weird

  • I avoided caffeine completely during the first trimester and halfway into the second just to be safe. It’s my first baby so maybe that’s why I’m a bit extra paranoid. That, and I’m pretty sensitive to caffeine so it don’t take much for me to feel the effects.

  • Are you supposed to get shots in order to be around a newborn baby? My best friend is going to be having her baby soon and said she received a pamphlet from the hospital stating anyone who wants contact with the baby must have a flu shot and a tdap shot. I work at a hospital and have asked multiple nurses on this and none of them have ever heard of that. I asked some co workers whose relatives have recently had babies and they said no such thing about shots was ever mentioned. Just confused and would like clarification

  • You should only advise sex in pregnancy if it’s a normal pregnancy. Women who have placenta previa or low lying placenta are often advised not to have sex as the placenta can remove from the uterine wall. I was advised this from my OB/GYN.