Christian Readings for any Baby’s Funeral or Memorial Service


Home funeral and viewing for Nora Rose

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Baby Laura Kathryn funeral service

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Bible Verses for Grief & Condolence

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A baby’s final journey (Muslim undertaker Pt 1)

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PLEASE WATCH OUR SON’S FUNERAL | Gabriel’s Hydrocephalus Journey | Episode 94

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Comforting Funeral and Death Bible scripture verses Grief, condolences and Hope.

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31 Bible Verses For Funerals [FUNERAL SCRIPTURES] | Just Bible Verses

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This wide variety of scripture from both the Old and New Testaments is suitable to be read at your baby’s funeral or memorial service. If these scriptures don’t suit you, certainly any passage of scripture that is meaningful to you would be acceptable. Remember, anything that has special meaning to you and your family can make a service memorable. Don’t worry if your chosen reading doesn’t seem “sad” enough or if it seems out of place at a funeral. A memorial service is meant to remember and help heal those still living.

Christian funeral readings. Psalm 23 Ecclesiastes 3 Psalm 31 (note: fitting for a woman) 1 Corinthians 13 1 Thessalonians 4:13-17 The Lord’s Prayer. Jewish funeral readings. Psalm 23 Yizkor in Memory of a Mother Yizkor in Memory of a Father Yizkor in Memory of a Wife Yizkor in Memory of a Daughter Yizkor in Memory of the Dear Departed Ones.

This is a selection of poems, readings and quotes to give comfort and support to anyone who has lost a baby to stillbirth, miscarriage or any other illness. As a mother, my heart breaks when I compile this list, but we have many clients who come to us deeply bereaved and are so grateful for the information they have found on our blog, and I hope that this list of poems and quotes may not only provide some small. I prepared this sermon for use in the case of a late term still birth. It can be modified slightly to fit any infant memorial service. These are difficult situations.

Much prayer and compassion and humility are advised. Scripture: Psalms 121:1-8. Denomination: Christian Church. Funeral Readings Find the perfect funeral reading or verse for a memorial service. On this page, we provide bible verses that can be read at a Christian or Catholic funeral or memorial service, as well as readings of poetry that are appropriate for any memorial service.

There are many different styles, long and short, from funeral readings to sayings and quotes. The following are a selection of child and infant funeral poems and quotes that I like to use for a child’s funeral or memorial service. You might also want to read the four poems written by Mattie Stepanek that Jimmy Carter read in his eulogy to Mattie. Also from our readers, child funeral poems. Funerals do not have to be sad; we can be comforted with what the Bible promises.

Take time to think about Heaven, watch and listen to the video to the right, it is quite comforting. Read these fifteen comforting Bible verses for funerals. Share them with someone who might need some help finding good verses for a funeral.

Comfort: Assurance & Hope. Readings. Scripture, prayers, song lyrics and even excerpts from favourite movies and books can be included as funeral readings. Try to let the passions and interests of your loved one guide you when you are choosing memorial readings for a funeral.

Here is a selection of popular choices for funeral service readings. A Prayer for the Deceased. Sample Funeral Message for an Infant Rev. Tony Cooke. Dear Heavenly Father, We have come here this day to commit to your loving care, the spirit of _.

We have also come to show our love and support for these dear parents, _ and _, and to surround them with our love, our prayers, and our faith.

List of related literature:

Some of the inscriptions read: “Our angel, with us for a moment— with God for eternity,” “Jesus adopted our son—Mommy and Daddy love baby,” “Our treasure lies here,” and “Tread softly—a dream lies buried here.”

“Abandoned: The Untold Story of the Abortion Wars” by Monica Migliorino Miller
from Abandoned: The Untold Story of the Abortion Wars
by Monica Migliorino Miller
Saint Benedict Press, 2012

At the burial of a child, the passages from Lamentations, 1 John, and John 6, together with Psalm 23, are recommended.

“The Book of Common Prayer (Le Livre de la Priere Commune): And Administration of the Sacraments and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church (De L'Administration Des Sacrements Et Des Autres Rites El Ceremonies de L'Eglise)” by Convocation of American Churches in Euro, Church Publishing
from The Book of Common Prayer (Le Livre de la Priere Commune): And Administration of the Sacraments and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church (De L’Administration Des Sacrements Et Des Autres Rites El Ceremonies de L’Eglise)
by Convocation of American Churches in Euro, Church Publishing
Church Publishing, Incorporated, 2001

There are also resources and an outline order for the funeral of a child, thirty-eight pages of prayers, and selections of Bible readings, psalms, and canticles.

“The Oxford Guide to The Book of Common Prayer: A Worldwide Survey” by Charles Hefling, Cynthia Shattuck
from The Oxford Guide to The Book of Common Prayer: A Worldwide Survey
by Charles Hefling, Cynthia Shattuck
Oxford University Press, 2006

The prayer book we used suggested several readings for the blessing of a home, and out of these we chose two.

“The Preaching Life” by Barbara Brown Taylor
from The Preaching Life
by Barbara Brown Taylor
Cowley Publications, 1993

One of these, titled, “A Communion Prayer,” bears the poem, “O Holy Virgin Mother / Prepare my heart to hold / Your Son Divine, as you prepared / The stable dark and cold.

“History and Presence” by Robert A. Orsi
from History and Presence
by Robert A. Orsi
Harvard University Press, 2016

Members of these churches who are dying or bereaved will often wish to hear readings from the scriptures.

“Death and Bereavement Across Cultures” by Colin Murray Parkes, Pittu Laungani, Bill Young
from Death and Bereavement Across Cultures
by Colin Murray Parkes, Pittu Laungani, Bill Young
Routledge, 1997

Meaningful mementos chosen by the parents or the baby’s siblings can be placed in the casket with the infant.

“Comprehensive Neonatal Care: An Interdisciplinary Approach” by Carole Kenner, Judy Wright Lott
from Comprehensive Neonatal Care: An Interdisciplinary Approach
by Carole Kenner, Judy Wright Lott
Saunders Elsevier, 2007

• Provide the family with baby mementos and pictures to validate the reality of death.

“Maternity and Pediatric Nursing” by Susan Scott Ricci, Terri Kyle
from Maternity and Pediatric Nursing
by Susan Scott Ricci, Terri Kyle
Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2009

A friend of ours was suffering from brain cancer; her husband asked me to compose a liturgy for her funeral.

“Lament for a Son” by Nicholas Wolterstorff
from Lament for a Son
by Nicholas Wolterstorff
Eerdmans, 1987

There are many options for biblical readings in the rites.

“Historical Dictionary of Catholicism” by William J. Collinge
from Historical Dictionary of Catholicism
by William J. Collinge
Scarecrow Press, 2012

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  • Islamic TV! American s view of Royal Muslim family members home to his tomb so he got the mother in the end..upgrade to society so last laugh on you ladies..


  • Thank you for sharing this, in the last 5 years I have lost my Dad, my grandmother, my brother and just a few months ago my nephew. Only one of those people I loved so much was dying from a natural cause. The others were much to young to die and it flatly should not be gone. My life is forever changed and my heart has lost pieces that I will never get back. I know it doesn’t compare to the loss of your beautiful baby girl. But I know the pain of grief so deep it hurts to breathe sometimes. Your family’s courage to take her home and care for her as you would any other day is so inspiring. Death is scary and I think everyone has a preconceived idea in this country of what it would be like to care for your own at home. It’s too bad big funeral has become the way we grieve our loved ones. I love that you guys didn’t embalm her, but were able to take her home in her natural state. She is perfect the way she was & perfect without doing that. My heart breaks for your family & I hope you are all able to carry on. ��

  • A baby’s final journey…bring in Muslim priest..a Muslim infant can be saved.. Muhammad Al Saan.. prescription..the brothers Grimm..��‍♀️������

  • Thank you for not showing that precious baby girl. This was respectful to this sweet baby and her family. Thank you for taking the high road!

  • I’m puertoriqueña ����������������������������������she’s so beautiful angel �� my God this so hard ��������������������������������

  • What an honor to have watched this…I am speachless. My 1 month 6 day old daughter died in 1987 and I tried my best to experience her death in ways to that you have with Nora Rose. You have given Nora, yourself and wife, family and important people in life along with experiencing LIFE and DEATH as both beautiful parts of life and beyond.

  • This was well-made telling exactly what goes on. That little one may never made it to know how fortunate they were to have a family to be there at the very end.

  • Doesn’t matter where baby facing when in death that doesn’t determine babys salvation the pass over into Jesus loving arms in a instant.

  • When my Brother Died My Mother Saw Him For Only 5 seconds They Then Took him Away,They Buried him in A Cemetery And we Had No service And they Had no consideration at all Whenever we go to visit They Take us to the back where it is just him,It doesn’t hurt to show some Compassion

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  • I also had a daughter at 37weeks gestation who was still born I’m so sorry for ur loss beautiful service Laura N Indiana are at peace n flying high I’m in Sydney Australia may God continue to bless ur family love Jayne Brooks

  • Words….
    Words do nothing to describe what I feel. They don’t make the words for the hollowness inside me. That’s why when someone dies and we try to use words they just feel cheap and cliché….
    It’s hard to find any good words to say because the last 10 months of Nora’s life was anything but “good”….
    I can use the word “horrible”, because I can’t think of a single thing worse then putting my daughter in the ground here today.
    The last 9 months have been hard, but this last month has been hell. It’s like I’ve been given a death sentence. A part of me died with her the first time her heart stopped. As I begged God over and over to not take my baby.
    And I’ve been living a nightmare this past month knowing it was going to stop a second time…. And I had to choose how and decide when….
    Most people don’t ever see anyone die, let alone their own child…. I had to see it twice….
    I’m hurt, afraid, regretful, tired, numb and angry all at once and it’s overwhelming. I hate seeing Lauren and Kennedy fight through the pain of a broken heart and knowing there is absolutely nothing I can do to put it back together.
    It. should. not. have. went. like. this…. Not like this. It’s not fair. And I just can’t understand.
    I don’t know….
    I. Don’t. Know.
    But it’s the first thing I’m gonna find out when it’s my turn….
    The main words that come to my mind in this moment are….
    It sucks. It. Sucks….
    Knowing and watching your child’s life here on Earth come to an end is torture. All our hopes, all our dreams and the life we had planned with Nora is gone…. And knowing her short time here will be boiled down to a few pictures and videos and fading memories and… some words… SUCKS…
    We don’t need to put on fake smiles and pretend like it’s all gonna be okay. Because it’s not. And I never fully will be “okay”….
    It’s alright to feel sad…
    It’s alright to be sad…
    I won’t run from the sadness….
    The world will move on but I won’t.
    I will miss my baby girl each and every day for the rest of my life…
    But God gave me what I asked for.
    I asked him to give me Nora’s pain, give me her suffering.
    And he did…
    She’s no longer in pain or suffering.
    I am….
    With my Moms recent death and now Nora’s it has really hammered home how short life is. And I’m through wasting it. There’s so much more than working my life away. Or being worried about petty problems. The best things in life money can’t buy anyways….
    I get comfort knowing Nora got to skip the test of life and go straight to heaven.
    I get comfort because I know she is with God
    I don’t just say that to make myself or others feel better I BELIEVE IT.
    My head knows this…
    I just wish I could make my heart understand it….
    Nora’s story, however short it was, has inspired life, hope, and taught so many SO much….
    At the very least her death has increased my faith, because one day I know I MUST pass the test of life, so I can go home to my sweet baby Nora Rose.
    So until we meet again, THE BEST words I can think of are…
    Daddy loves you.

    I was kind of nervous doing the home viewing but now I’m so so thankful for these memorial memories. With friends and family surrounding Nora all day in our home. Home, the place we have been blessed to have many happy memories together. I want to spread the word on how meaningful this home wake has been. Some people said they didn’t even know having a home viewing was an option and they should. Everyone, especially grieving parents should know that they have this option. Losing your child is not easy and having them taken away for two days while they “prepare” them could not be easy. Having to see my baby in a cold, unfamiliar funeral home wouldn’t be easy. It’s not difficult to have a home funeral or viewing, you just can’t overthink it, it’s simple from a technical standpoint. The only difficult parts comes from the heart.

    I feel like everyone who has given us so much love, prayer and support through Nora’s page deserve to be a part of this day. Also without all of the GoFundMe support, and support from our family, Church and friends, a lot of what was done to make her wake/funeral so special would not have been possible.
    Thank you to all who took the time to stop by and pay respect to our daughter at her viewing and funeral. It means so much to us. It was as perfect as a funeral can possibly be. God bless and keep you all.
    With love,
    The Akins Family

    P.S…. we found out about an hour before she was buried that she will SAVE eleven lives, not two!!! She’s my hero, forever.
    My wife and I and Kennedy were praying over Nora at home and we asked for a sign that she was okay. Moments later our smoke detector went off. We weren’t cooking anything. It has never done that. Five minutes later while Lauren and Kennedy were showering it did it again. Nora is in heaven and she is good!!! And we have gotten other signs as well. God knew we needed it and he provided ��

    Link to Nora’s obituary

    Link to Nora’s Jams
    (the CD I had made to remember her by)

    Link to the home funeral alliance.
    They were so helpful in giving us the advice and confidence it takes to bring a loved one home.

  • you are such a perfect angle flying above youre big smile’s saying mummy daddy i love you loads is beautiful,the rose garden is so lucky to have such a perfect angle shedding these most wonderfull smile’s all over the sky’re baby girl will always be with you each and everyday. the love you have and the bond is amazing.i am so sorry you lost youre angle. this is so lovely to see the love to be with nora hold her and kiss her is just amazing i done this with my son and i got told that i was (disgraceful) but none knows this feeling untill they’ve done this and lost a child.youre video is amazing to i am sending so much love and hugs to you in peace sweet baby nora my all angle’s hold you close and love you always.xx