Chance of Miscarriage With Slow Fetal Heartbeat


Possible miscarriage || 8 Week Ultrasound

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Is abortion indicated if fetal heartbeat is absent in 7th week of pregnancy? Dr. Shashi Agrawal

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Missed Miscarriage ❤️ No Heartbeat at 8 weeks Pregnancy Baby Ultrasound

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Causes of multiple abortions if missing fetal heart beat was detected Dr. Shashi Agrawal

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I’m 8wks. Why was it hard to find my baby’s heartbeat by transvaginal ultrasound? Will I miscarry?

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Will the chances of miscarriage decrease after seeing my baby’s heartbeat at 6 weeks?

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In fact, studies have found that the chance of a miscarriage increases when the baby’s heart rate is less than 100 beats per minute at 6.2 weeks gestation or less than 120 beats per minute at 6.3. Women ages 40 and older are at 5 times the risk; Weeks 6 to 12. Once a pregnancy makes it to 6 weeks and has confirmed viability with a heartbeat, the risk of having a miscarriage drops to 10. Being over the age of 35 raises the risk of miscarriage after detection of heartbeat to 16% well over the 4% risk for other normal pregnancies if the mother is under 35.

Maternal age over 40. The risk of miscarriage for women over 40 after detection of heart beat is around 20%. How to Reduce Chances of Miscarriage. Risk of Miscarriage according to Fetal Heart Rate.

The risk of miscarriage at six weeks’ gestation is also based on the heart rate noted on ultrasound. The mere presence of a fetal heart rate is an encouraging sign; however, if the heart rate on ultrasound is too slow, the rate of. The risk of miscarriage increases by smoking, working outside and previous miscarriages.

After one miscarriage the risk of another one is 7%, however, the risk doubles after 3 or more miscarriages. Once a fetal heartbeat is seen, the risk of miscarriage is around 2%, but it goes up to 18% in women who have recurrent miscarriages. Miscarriage Risk by Fetal Heart Rate. A fetal heartbeat often indicates a healthy, viable pregnancy.

But a fetal heart rate that is too slow can instead signal an impending miscarriage. The chance of a first trimester miscarriage varies by fetal heart rate, according to a study of 809 pregnancies. The lower the heart rate, the higher the miscarriage risk. The lower the fetal heart rate is around 6-8 weeks, the higher the miscarriage rate can be predicted. A fetal heart rate below 70 beats per minute around 6-8 weeks usually predicts a miscarriage.

A fetal heart rate below 90 beats per minutes is associated with a 86% miscarriage rate, and a fetal heart rate below 120 bpm is associated with an approximately 50% miscarriage. Is there any “reasons for miscarriage” I can rule out once a heart beat is heard? I had a miscarriage the day after I saw my baby’s heartbeat for the first time at a little under 7 weeks.  His/her heartbeat was 101 which was a little low, but all tests came back fine.  Is there any miscarriage. After an ultrasound detects a healthy heartbeat, the risk of pregnancy loss is significantly lower. If a woman knows about the pregnancy, the.

Slow-rising levels; Confirming miscarriage; If you’re at risk for miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy, you’re more likely to have hCG levels that don’t double. conducting fetal heart.

List of related literature:

• Half of these pregnancies will eventually miscarry, but the risk is substantially lower if fetal cardiac activity is demonstrated.

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The 18-year-old woman at 37 weeks’ gestation in the first stage of labor with uterine contractions every 2–3 minutes and a partially dilated and effaced cervix received 0.2 mg methylergonovine |M. Six minutes later, the FHR fell from 150 to 70 bpm and uterine hypertonus was detected on palpation.

“Drugs in Pregnancy and Lactation: A Reference Guide to Fetal and Neonatal Risk” by Gerald G. Briggs, Roger K. Freeman, Sumner J. Yaffe
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One study showed that your risk of experiencing a miscarriage drops to less than 2% if your baby’s heartbeat is detected via ultrasound when you’re ten weeks pregnant.

“The Mother of All Pregnancy Books: An All-Canadian Guide to Conception, Birth and Everything in Between” by Ann Douglas
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The risk also increases in frequency with increasing gravidity: 6% of first or second pregnancies terminate as a miscarriage; with third and subsequent pregnancies the rate increases to 16%.

“Llewellyn-Jones Fundamentals of Obstetrics and Gynaecology E-Book” by Jeremy J N Oats, Suzanne Abraham
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After 20 weeks’ gestation the risk of fetal loss, membrane rupture, fetal bleeding or bradycardia is around 2–4%.

“Obstetrics & Gynaecology: An Evidence-based Text for MRCOG, Third Edition” by David M. Luesley, Mark Kilby
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One study showed that your risk of experiencing a miscarriage drops to less than 2 per cent if your baby’s heartbeat is detected via ultrasound when you’re 10 weeks pregnant.

“The Mother of All Pregnancy Books: An All-Canadian Guide to Conception, Birth and Everything In Between” by Ann Douglas
from The Mother of All Pregnancy Books: An All-Canadian Guide to Conception, Birth and Everything In Between
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Those with pre-existing arrhythmias are at higher risk of adverse cardiac events during pregnancy.

“Oxford Textbook of Obstetrics and Gynaecology” by Sabaratnam Arulkumaran, William Ledger, Stergios Doumouchtsis, Lynette Denny
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If either the uterus is less than 24 cm in size or fetal heart tones are absent, the pregnancy is probably too early to be viable, and treatment is directed solely at the mother.

“Rosen's Emergency Medicine Concepts and Clinical Practice, 2-Volume Set,Expert Consult Premium Edition Enhanced Online Features and Print,7: Rosen's Emergency Medicine Concepts and Clinical Practice, 2-Volume Set” by John A. Marx, Robert S. Hockberger, Ron M. Walls, James Adams
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An increased fetal heart rate (greater than 160 beats/min) after 22 weeks is of concern.72 The mother may be treated with antithyroid drugs, if she is not already being treated, to maintain the fetal heart rate around 140.

“Maternal, Fetal, & Neonatal Physiology4: Maternal, Fetal, & Neonatal Physiology” by Susan Tucker Blackburn
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The reported fetal risk of embryopathy varies widely but probably averages 6%.

“Braunwald's Heart Disease E-Book: A Textbook of Cardiovascular Medicine” by Robert O. Bonow, Douglas L. Mann, Douglas P. Zipes, Peter Libby
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  • Oh Krista I am praying so hard for you and Shadd…praying there will be a heartbeat next week…just know you are loved by us all.❤

  • I was first time pregnant and had miscarriage in 9 weeks 4 days before. I am on bed rest now. I can understand the feeling and pain you are going through. Hope you don’t face what I am going through emotionally ����

  • I when thru the same situation the lady in the video when thru I lost my baby 8weeks and 5 days on November 2,2019 on my birthday the doctor told me they couldn’t find the baby heartbeat I cry everyday cause dats was my first child

  • hi, in ultra sound 8 weeks pregency has detected and there is no heart beat seen. what does it indicate? is it normal if there is no heart in 8 weeks.

  • We saw a heartbeat at Wk6, but no more at Wk 7. It was unexpected, since we are both healthy -active sporty couple. We were sad but not devastated, the same way we were not making a big fuzz when found out we are pregnant. If the kiddo decided to leave, there is nothing we can do but hope for the next one to stay with us! Can’ t wait to try conceiving again:)

  • Does it happen that heart beats of the baby in 6th week of pregnancy and not detected in 7th week.Is there any possibility of heart beats back

  • I am 8 weeks 4 days pregnant and found no heart beat. Is there any hope?? Doc said to visit radiologist for final check. Please advice.

  • I just went to my dr. Apt today. Im supposed to be 7 wks 5 dys. They only saw a sac n it was blurry. So she said it was a threatening misscarriage. Last apt i saw a perfectly round sac and a fetus measuring 6 wks 1 dy. N a flicker like a heart beat. Tomorrow i am scheduled to radiology and following an OB apt for results.

  • This year in Germany they decided to ban ultrasonic baby-watching, see, “Deutschland verbietet “Baby-Watching”: Ist Ultraschall in der Schwangerschaft gefährlich?” (Germany bans “baby watching”: Is ultrasound dangerous during pregnancy?). Although the manufacturers of ultrasonic machines say there is no danger the health authority says no, it has to be stopped.

  • Madam,Now My married life 12 iui failure., I had took 6 months took 6 months uterine tb medicine.then laproscopy.and concieved but not fetal pole,heartbeat. Then ivf beta comes.but next week beta fall down.after 2 months normally pregnancy comes but not fetal pole no heartbeat. Now my next ivf.concieved2 babybut after 8 weeks one baby heartbeat stopped and 9 week 5 days the other baby heartbeat gone.I am very shocked.please suggest me

  • At 15 weeks my twins has no heartbeat. I was in and out of hospital because I had hyperemisis and lost 20 pounds. So Saturday I went in to hospital to fix my iv and they kept me in because I was was roaming around doctor said it was about 530pm. And by 10:45pm they had already done the droppler and ultrasound and they didn’t say nothing until dr came in and said there was no heartbeat on either one. I cried I was alone dr said it was okay to call husband over. We fought for second ultrasound and we saw no movement so they started a procedure to start delivering. It happened 4/12/20 on Easter a day without my girls at home and a day without my twins. �������� �� I don’t understand why? But God sure knows why ��

  • Same boat, Im at 10 weeks but the size of the baby is just 5 weeks and no heartbeat too. Im feeling so numb and so sad right now. I had same time last year at ectopic pregnancy and this time this situation. Im just praying as well it will come naturally. I will be going back to my ob after 2 weeks. It is so sad but i wont lose hope and stay strong. God has better plans for us.��❤

  • Hi I am in the same situation doc said I have 5 wks blighted ovum and she said repeat ultrasound after 10 days plzzz pray for me is there any purson have a same situation?

  • Same as me I lost my baby second time,last time it was 16 weeks and this time it was only 13 weeks and my baby stopped growing after 8 weeks and no heartbeat,I don’t know what’s went wrong

  • I just found out today for the first time at 8 weeks I am pregnant with identical twins and there was no heartbeat in both of them. I’m so heartbroken.

  • I’ve been spotting pink and red on and off Experience when I wipe blood and clots. I went in may 6 for ultrasound they saw a sack saying I had to been 5 weeks I go back next Tuesday for a radiology ultrasound to hear a heart beat also I was drawn blood they said my level was normal then dropped idk what’s really going on I still take tests that reads positive

  • Only yesterday my 8 month pregnant aunts baby passed. He was to be born at the end of this month but competely and unexpectedly died.

  • I’m 8 weeks pregnant and the doctor couldn’t find the heartbeat and told me to wait for 10 days.. I’m still waiting now.. i could feel you so deeply in my heart how hard it would be to wait for the next ultrasound ������

  • I am sorry for your loss a few months ago and I congratulate you on your current pregnancy!:)

    I am in a very similar situation to you. I fell pregnant in June, miscarried at 6 weeks but had no idea baby had demised until I had a massive bleed at 8 weeks. It was a very hard time.

    However my partner and I didn’t give up hope and I am currently 7wk5days �� the best of luck to both of us ❤️

  • I went to the doctor today she said it’s just the back of the baby she see to heartbeat nothing i will be going back 15 days from today am scard

  • I understand your pain I’m pregnant 8 weeks and no heartbeat my heart is broken my doctor give me 2 weeks to do normal abortion at home I’m crying everyday and every night

  • they did the same to me but not heart beat found. when ten days ago my baby of 7w3d have a strong heartbeat of 155 BPM. Tomorrow I’m gonna get a second opinion I’m still in shock, and praying for my baby to be alive.

  • I am gng through Same situation…7 weeks pregnant no heartbeat..doc suggested D n C
    But i am waiting for one more week plz i need ur prayers

  • I had my first ultrasound on the 24th of July, it was supposed to be a good news but it turns out that my baby had no cardiac activity or should i say the heartbeat stopped. It shows also that the embryo did not grow. I’m 10 weeks pregnant but it stopped growing on 6th week and 2 days. I never experience symptoms of misssed miscarriage only then I knew that the baby had no heartbeat.
    I will have another scheduled ultrasound to confirm on August 1.
    Its really devastating. Both emotionally, physical and pyschological.
    Am looking forward for a miracle. ❣️
    Let us all be strong.

  • Hi madam my wife prgant before 4 month that babay problm.heart problm. That’s way so dnc
    Again after two prgananat i make scan same problem. Heart beat what I will do dr i toomuch afread now pleas help me

  • I m 7weeks pregnant right now. In 6weeks scan there was heart beat Bt Nw there is no heart beat seen. Doctor is Tllng to wait for week for natural abortion if it dint hppnd then she hs prescribed me a tablet to take and told to come for cleaning. Wht is done in it after that wht hppn

  • I was having a chemical pregnancy the first time i remember it was before christmas and i didn’t want christmas but now i am having 2 children and i am pregnant my 3rd,keep praying br strong dont3 loose your faith!!!after a storm always it comes a rainbow����

  • I am 41 years old, me and my husband went to ob today and go through transvaginal ultrasound and i am 8w2d pregnant but no heartbeat and no body movement but they asked me to repeat the ultrasound after a week. I’m still hopeful yet depressed. Please pray for me… thanks!

  • I’m praying for you and your baby. They couldn’t find the heartbeat with my last one, and my hormone levels tested as dropping. 3 weeks later with no miscarriage, they found the heartbeat and I was a month further along then we thought. He is 13 now.

  • Hi I am so sorry for what you going through. I am 6 weeks pregnant and the doctor couldn’t find my baby’s heartbeat either idk maybe it’s too early. But I was just wondering of you had any signs (symptoms) of miscarriage.

  • my second baby after 11 years im 35 years old now yesterday did the scan doc said no heartbeat and embryo is very small im almost 8 weeks, and adviced me to do scan in two days, im living in Rome but a gynecologist friend from india told me to do another scan in a week and hcg day after tomorrow and take atleast two weeks to see the actual results,

  • Thank you I’m going through the same yesterday I found out that neither “baby” had a heart beat so they gave me two options of waiting it out or going in to get a d&c my heart is broke!! I just dont know how to feel I’m upset after 7 years I thought I finally got a happy story here

  • Same here., i think i am 8 weeks pregnant and we just went to doctor for the first time to check my baby. But the doctor said that there’s an embryo on my uterus but they cant detect my baby’s heartbeat �� This is our first baby and i am 37 years old. I am scared and broken-hearted����

  • I went through the exact same thing at 8weeks! Then I had a second mc less then 6months later (the 2nd one was not in the womb). I never thought I’d be able to recover, but God is a healer n I hope he blesses everyone one of us with our hearts desires

  • I want to give you the biggest hug. Having two angel babies in heaven-this video resonates. Thank for being so brave and sharing such raw emotion. I love you guys!

  • Thinking of you and your beautiful family. ♥️♥️♥️ praying hard for you all! I know how hard this is please reach out if you guys need anything at all.

  • My condolences.. My sister had experienced a no heartbeat for her 5th month baby. She was advised by her doctor to take some medicines that would make her cervix in tact or to hold the baby etc.. not really sure about its term. It miraculously brought the baby’s heartbeat after a week. Today, I have a strong and a jolly nephew. I guess what I’m saying is, we can ask for cure first before taking it off… ��

  • My wife is also 10 weeks and 4 days today. She first had a tvs at 6 weeks and 3 days and boy! There was a strong heartbeat at 121 bpm, we were so happy. But now, the doctor had a tvs again and it said that it had no heartbeat. I was crying so is my wife because how can a healthy heartbeat be gone in just 4 weeks pass? The doctor told us to wait for a month until the next tvs because they said, a miracle could happen. Please pray for my wife. This is our first pregnancy.

  • I am so hoping all will be ok. I am so so sorry that you were alone for this, I know that Shadd will feel bad about that too. Prayers for you all.

  • I just found out today after knowing I was pregnant for 8 weeks and accepting it in the last four… and actually getting excited about it. Words can explain how crazy it is to go from happily pregnant to a missed miscarriage. ��

  • same thing happened to me today…..but the GP sad just go to the hospital to confirms this…so we will tell us tomorrow, but i am ready fo th worst…

  • This is hard. Waiting and not knowing. I’m so sorry that you’re going through this and I’m praying that you will feel God’s peace in your heart. You’re not alone. Bless you so very much ��

  • Krista, Shadd & Family,
    I pray that all will be well at your next ultrasound. My heart is breaking for you right now as my husband & I have been there too. We have two children ages (13 & 8) however they are both rainbow babies. We have had our share of children (seven total) that were too good for this Earth.
    I will keep you all in my prayers. Please take time for yourself and all of us that love you and your family will be here when you are ready. Sending loving thoughts and prayers to you x

  • Same with me sister. Lost my baby last year 13 sept 2019, 12w with no heartbeat.. now with my second pregnancy, 7w & hopefully my baby will survive until delivery. Pray for me and my baby

  • madam meri age 32 hai. aur mai jab bhi tala bhuna bahar ka khana. khata hu.ya jis din beer pita hu uske dusre din meri heartbeat miss hone lagti hai. aur jab mai vo sab khana band kar deta hu to normal ho jata hu. aur mai jab bhi aalu ki sabji ghehu ki roti ke sath khata hu to mera bp bad jata hu. doctar sahiba bataye mujhe kya hua hai. aur ab mujhe kya karna chahiye. mam ho sake to mere whatsapp par reply kar dijiye. mai bhut dar rha hu ki aage kya hone vala hai 7007546198

  • I just had my first ultrasound yesterday and I’m supposed to be about 9 weeks 6 days and the baby was measuring at 9 weeks 4 days and they couldn’t see or hear the heartbeat. I’m really scared because this is mine and my husbands first baby and I don’t wanna lose it but I’m going to be going somewhere else to get a second opinion. I’m just hoping they were wrong or the baby was hiding the heartbeat or something….

  • hello, my sister is 7weeks +4days. she went for vaginal scan last week, but it shows there is no pulsation. please does that mean she has lost the baby? please I need your advise. Thank you.

  • I’m thinking of you praying! I’m so sorry your going through this. I’m praying baby has a heartbeat!♡ take the family out spend time have fun get your mind off it. Wish I could give you guys comfort ��

  • I went through the same thing today that my baby has no heart beat 8weeks 4 days an I’m so devastated….but seeing someone in my same situation helps a little….

  • Feel sorry about u but in same way on 12th weeks of pregnancy there is no heart beat of my baby today i got to know its hard to describe the emotions������…

  • I was carrying ivf twin pregnancy after more than 15 years of married life. This pregnancy was very precious. Yesterday I was heart broken after the doctor tells me that they see no heartbeat for either of the babies at 9th week of pregnancy. It’s emotionally turbulent….

  • I am so scared this is my first pregnancy it was planned im 20 years old in super excited but Hope to hear my babies heartbeat wednesday ������❤��❤…*update babys heartbeat was 176* ����

  • So sorry to hear I stopped by this page going threw something very similar I did a ultra sound yesterday and we got no heart beat but my hcg levels are 42,768 that was high for a 8 week three day pregnancy. But they should have gotten a heart beat I was told. I now have to wait till Friday for new blood work and ultra praying all goes well. Sooo nervous tho. Still having all the symptoms of pregnancy I think I feel movement it may be all in my head tho.god I love my unborn so dearly already I’m praying he wont brake my heart.

  • 8 week pregnancy but not heart beat and daily show blood sports why mam plzzz reply it’s very important for me plzzzz plzzz plzzz reply me

  • 2 weeks ago I was about 11 weeks pregnant and the doctor couldn’t find the heart beat, they saw the baby 1.04 cm that should be the length of 7 weeks pregnant. So they said the baby’s died since 7 weeks and they wanted me to stay overnight to get rid of the baby, I rejected it.

    This Saturday (2 May 2020) I will meet another doctor in another clinic. Hopefully I will get a good news.

    These 2 weeks I’ve been waiting, I have had no cramping pain, no bleeding yet.

  • Just got the same news. I’m 42 years old I guess my body no longer have the strength the first time 2 weeks ago they where able to hearth his heart but very slow doctor said to come back in two weeks witch it’s today and they didn’t heard his heart at all what a sadness it’s indescribable

  • What you lady’s decision was I don’t know what to do if to wait for my body to let him go. Or take the pills they said or have the surgery. It’s so hard to accepted this I’m believer. I want to believe that God can give him his heart back but the sonogram said it doesn’t have a sound no more. Pleaseeee help me give me advise I can’t do this

  • After 5 years of marriage finally I got pregnant by IVF and now I m 7 weeks pregnant with no heartbeat don’t know why God is playing with me..I m completely broken..I m not able to come mother..

  • This is happening to me right now I’m 7 weeks pregnant cannot find the heartbeat I’ll go to doctor nextweek if she can’t find sign of life she will declare miscarriage��

  • I am so sorry you went through this, it really is heartbreaking. I’m hoping and praying for a miracle for mine. I am not convinced it’s a missed miscarriage

  • Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to our first ultrasound. To our surprise we had twins, but baby B’s heart gave out in front of us on the screen. I watched one of my babies heart beat for the last time. We aren’t sure how to feel or react. Thankfully we still have one still growing, but the pain and heartache is still there. Now I have my mind wondering if baby A will make it.

  • My girlfriend and I just experienced this yesterday, this would’ve been my first child. It didn’t really hit me till later in the day. Just can’t stop thinking about it. We’ll try again in a few months and I’m praying this doesn’t happen again.

  • Thank for this video. I just had my first ultrasound today and the doctor said there’s no heartbeat and I was provided with the same three options. I’m curious which one you end up going with, natural miscarriage, pill or surgical removal. I need to make that decision and would like to hear what you or other women had end up choosing and why. Thank you!:)

  • I went in for my first ultrasound today.. i am supposed to be 8 weeks 2 days, but baby measured at 6 weeks 1 day with no heartbeat. I am devastated. My body never gave any indication that something was wrong and I still have all the symptoms. Hardest part is they want me to come back in 1 week for another ultrasound to check for progression.. but I KNOW my dates and when I got a positive hpt and there’s no way I am off by 2 weeks…This may sound horrible but at this point I’m just ready to get this over with and move forward. Thank you for posting this video.. It helps ❤️

  • Wish all the best for you and your family Krista. Hope they get a positive heartbeat next time. Sending lots of hugs from Sally and the fur crew ������

  • Thank you for sharing. You are definitely not alone. I’ve had 2 miscarriages and I am 7 weeks pregnant now. I have my first ultrasound tomorrow and I am scared to death. Sending positive vibes to all the women out there who have lost a baby. It’s really tough but we are not alone.

  • Oh Krista, I wish I was there to hold your hand and comfort you. What does God have in store for you and Shadd? He is amazing and wonderful…hang in there, we’re all sending positive vibes and love love love!

  • I am still carrying my dead fetus since 2 weeks. At 8 weeks doctor said no heart beat. After 12 years of struggle i conceived through ivf. Husband and I are totally devasted and the whole world seems gloomy to us. Waiting for the body to expel it but not happening. Will see the doctor in 2 days. Please pray for us ����

  • I just found out 3 weeks ago my baby has a heart beat today when we need it to reschedule as to the baby was still too small there was no heartbeat at 8 weeks. I am devistated and heart and wonder why this why now…?! I did not spot or bleed and everything was in perfect place. Im super hurt

  • Hi three years ago I had a miscarriage. I was 13 weeks in the report said the placenta had chronic villitis. what is it. In a way I can understand.

  • I had miscarriage at 6 weeks and 4 days 5 months ago. I bleed for a week. I’m 7 weeks pregnant today but worried sick bcos I had slight blood when I wiped today with mild cramping. I am praying that everything will be fine.

  • I am 8 weeks and 4 days pregnant they only see fluid sac but no baby inside and says you will miss carry it normally no spotting and no cramps and pains from last day still hoping there could be a miracle cause i tried 10 yrs and first time i made it through very devastated dont know what to do

  • Im so sorry for your loss but really don’t think you should of told your children so early on that they are going to have a sibling for this exact reason.

  • I had a checkup today for my 7 weeks and they said the baby is small and they couldn’t hear a heartbeat. I’m feeling defeated and tired of trying. ��

  • Miscarried in Feb 2017 and Dec. 2019 both babies stopped growing at 6 weeks. I was bleeding and went in to the ER and that’s how I found out. I am now 7 weeks and I don’t have any hope. I get an ultrasound tomorrow we will see.

  • i feel u sis������
    im 12 weeks now but the baby has no hearbeat… i just got home from the dr. i dont know what to do… plsss help������

  • Hello iam geethu. Iam 8weeks pregnant, in my scaning report no cardiac activity. Any chances to recover my doctor said me after 2 Weeks do one more scanning then we will diside what next. Please madam please replay me any possibilities to recover my baby

  • I found out 8 weeks 6 days no heartbeat the baby stopped growing at 8 weeks 2 days. I’m still holding out some hope until my body cleans out ��

  • Thanks for posting this. Im about 6 weeks pregnant. I realized it hella early. The first ultrasound was like a nugget or a dot, but I go back in two weeks when there’s supposed to be a heartbeat. Fingers crossed

  • I’m going through this I went for a scan when I was 6 week 2 days they thought I was having an ectopic everything was fine a heart beat and stuff went back 2 week later because I started bleeding and it turns out baby now has no heart beat I asked them there and then could they give me a dnc and they said no I need to wait another week and go back and see if they can find a heart beat its killing me this waiting about ��

  • Am same situation to you right now am 10 weeks and doc they don’t found heart beats
    So doc gave me medication to evacuate baby but I don’t want to take them I have no thing no bleeding no pane so am sade confused, I was thing to wait and see if pane come, today no thing too so tomorrow am going to the hospital to see
    I don’t want to accept that I lost it
    My heart is with you

  • Dr just called me today and told me my baby wasn’t growing, so I had a missed miscarriage. It is shocking because I even have baby items I purchased for my baby. My baby has no heart beat either.

  • Please I need someone to tell me the reason why 7 to 8 weeks pregnancy also have problem of heart beat.. am really confused about this

  • I’m so sorry for your loss. I go for my first ultrasound tomorrow and am fearful I will have the same results. Thank you for sharing your experience, and it’s somewhat comforting to know how common it is and how many women experience this.

  • I going through it right now. My baby’s heartbeat were healthy on 28/1 but yesterday 13/2 i got a litte spotting then i go to hospital. They scan my stomach but they can’t see the baby. So they scan using the thing that inserted via vagina and see that my baby no longer got heartbeat. And i don’t know what to do. They give me two weeks for my baby loose naturally before they use other option. What should i do. Two weeks is a long time to let my baby suffer when he/she already die��I’m 12weeks along. But my baby already shrink and his/her body decrease to 7weeks.

  • I’m about 8weeks and the doctors couldn’t find a heart beat can someone help me I know this video is a little old but I’m scared and I was really excited to be pregnant. I’ve Hurd stories from friends and family but they asked me if I wanted to have a normal miscarriage at home or if I wanted them to take it out and I’m just so scared what if its just a mistake.������‍♀️

  • When i am 6 weeks pregnant there is a heartbeat but they agsin do scan in 8 weeks said no heartbeat why is that is that possible that heartbeat goes nd comes again

  • Went to the emergency room two days ago. My first ultrasound is not for another week.. but I woke up brown discharge, no cramps but something told me to go get seen anyway. I still don’t know how far along I am. But the doctor told me that I have a threatened abortion and my two babies probably won’t survive. It was the first time I knew there were two. I’m still not experiencing any pain, but I am scared and I’m trying to stay positive. But they told me there were no heartbeats. My ultrasound is in a couple days with my primary doctor. I’m hoping for the best and hopefully if you’re reading this you could send me some prayers. This is my first pregnancy and I don’t want to lose them

  • hi, in ultra sound 8 weeks pregency has detected and there is no heart beat seen. what does it indicate? is it normal if there is no heart in 8 weeks.

  • Hello ma’am.. I’m 9week pregnant, but it shows 6wk pregnant in scan and no heartbeat. Doctor suggesting for abortion.. please reply.. can I wait for few more weeks?

  • I just lost mine at 11 weeks on the dot and it’s so heartbreaking. The baby had no heartbeat when I went in for my first ultrasound and then I started bleeding for over a week. I don’t wish this upon anyone it’s horrible to lose something you never even got to meet

  • Just have my 2nd check up yesterday.. And same thing happened to me.. Im shock when doctor told us the baby has no heart beat.. Im 8 weeks pregnant.. I don’t know what should i do now.. Please anyone tell me what’s the right thing to do..

  • I had miscarriage today 23.07.2020. I was pregnant of 9 weeks bt no heartbeat found on baby till now. Atlast, I saw
    the shape of baby with tiny heart❤����infront of my eyes. I cried lot bt nthing i can do,only i can say goodbye my baby. I loved you so much����

  • I went in April 15th 2020 and was told no heartbeat and baby had stopped growing last week. There was a problem with my placenta. Never had hurt like this in my life

  • I’m so sorry Krista! I am praying for a miracle for your precious baby. I’m sorry you felt alone at your appointment. I wish I could have been there to support you. I love you! ❤️

  • I was pregnant for 8 weeks and we didn’t find a heartbeat. Later we realised the womb was collapsing and it turned out to be b/o. I had eou on 17 March 2019. Last week I found out I was 6 weeks pregnant and went for u/s but no heartbeat again. Repeating the u/s in three days. May we see light at the end of the tunnel. Hugs and kisses your way.

  • Oh Krista, I’m so sorry! My heart is hurting just watching this. I just want to give you a big hug. �� Praying there is a heartbeat at the next ultrasound. ��❤

  • I came to this video… because this happened to me today, there were no heart beat on my 1st ultrasound. My baby was too small for 9 weeks I guess the baby stop growing 2 weeks ago. I couldn’t believe it, I thought this was a nightmare and I wanted to wake up. As you, I didn’t have any symptoms of pregnancy and I didn’t really feel pregnant anyways. This HURTS so much

  • I am 7 weeks today. But had an ultrasound and no heart beat. I am devastated. Still waiting for dr. To call me. What option did you choose?

  • My wife is 8 weeks pregnant but doctor told her there is no heart beat till yet in unborn baby and prescribed some medicine for 1 week. What should I do?

  • I have also gone now through this situation and I have no heartbeat at my 7 weeks pregnancy ������what can I do I m very depressed after 7 yrs of marriage I have conceive ����

  • Same situation is with me Krista…it’s feel so bad…I m 9 week pregnant but there is no heartbeat…doctor says for DNC…I really can understand what u feel…

  • hi my wife have a7th week of pregnancy.1week before she can see baby heartbeat in her womb at home but now she can’t see. is it ok help me

  • I had today 8 weeks ultrasound and they didn’t find a heartbeat �� that’s devastating since my 4 year old was very exited about it

  • Sorry for your loss. I was told the same thing last Thursday and I couldn’t believe my ears so they wanted me to make a decision on expelling my unborn fetus. I am scheduled for the process in 4 days. I pray that the next time we’ll be blessed with a little miracle of our own. Prayers to you and your family.

  • Oh my gosh my beautiful Krista, I’m crying with you mama. I’m so sorry you are going through this. I’m so so sorry. I love you so much…..I know you know this, but only God knows. Leave it in His hands. ❤️
    I love you!

  • Hi ladies. Sorry to hear about your lose. That is so devastating. I’m reaching out to get others experiences. Before you found out you had miscarries would you say that any of your symptoms went away or were you still having sickness, sore breasts etc? @Skipping Dragon

  • I’m 11 weeks and 3 days I was ������������������������ for 3 days and I know I will be ������������ more tomorrow for d&c this is my first baby ������ going to heaven and I don’t know how to cope with it. I feel her pain because I went through the samething. Everything was good at first on my second appointment I ������������������. I know it’s going to take me for a long while to get through this pain. I will be praying for you���������� sorry for your lost����������������

  • I’m experiencing this right now. I went in this past a Tuesday at 8 was 3 days. And I was measuring at 6 weeks. You can see a yolk sac and fetal pole, but no heartbeat. I go back within the next 4 days. This has been the longest week of my life so far. I’m walking around with my heart in knots feeling a tremendous about of anxiety. I’m praying for the best, but also preparing myself for the worst.

  • I just have mc it should be 10w but my baby stops growing from 8w4d and there’s no longer s heartbeat. It’s really broke my heart in pieces. But i know, iam not alone. We can face this sadness and move on! ❤ wish the next babies will be grow healthy inside and out xoxo

  • I m pregnt of 7 week but no fetal heart beat n in last pregency i hd same problm then bleeding also start we go for d n c but what should i do for dis time plzzz help me out

  • I just wanted to let you know the Phillips fambam mentioned you at the very end of their live stream! Hope you’re having a good weekend! ❤

  • hi, in ultra sound 8 weeks pregency has detected and there is no heart beat seen. what does it indicate? is it normal if there is no heart in 8 weeks.

  • I just came home from an ultrasound and they said im measuring around 6 weeks when I should be around 8. I had blood drawn today and again in two days and then another ultrasound in a week. I’m so so scared. Any advice is welcome.

  • hi, in ultra sound 8 weeks pregency has detected and there is no heart beat seen. what does it indicate? is it normal if there is no heart in 8 weeks.

  • I also had miscarriage in July 2019 and also two days before i comes to know my baby is not growing at 8 week so again after 3 month silent miscarriage

  • Watching this video just breaks my heart even more becuase i can understand how you are feeling got out of the doctor at 9:30 am this morning really heartbroken because they couldnt see my baby hearbeat i am as well 9 weeks long amd 4 days i am scared i am sad i was as so exited and i just still cant bealive it i am so broken wish this wasnt true

  • So so sorry, praying next week they will hear the heartbeat �� I know the waiting and wondering is so very tough! ��������Have faith in God no matter what the outcome he loves you! ������ May he bring you peace and comfort.

  • Hii mam iam 7th week pregnancy but there is not have heartbeat. Dr said your pregnancy growth is good we can see next week.
    Pls tell me mam there is any chance to form heart beat 8th week pregnancy

  • I had an appointment at 8 weeks of pragnant. They found nothing. Did my blood test and my progesterone level is low. They suggest me to take progesterone medicine and called me after 1 week. Does progesterone really helps? I have an appointment on coming Wednesday. I am nervous

  • I am 8weeks 3days pregnant and i had my first scan on 28th dec doctor said that there is no sign of embryo no fetal development im really very much worried is there any problem please explain or can i had a hope of fetal development very soon

  • I just did my 8wks check up…no heart beat was found…I was offered medication to help me miscarry…I really don’t want to take it…I have until next Tuesday to make a decision��

  • Hi Krista how’s going? I’m 8weeks pregnant and no heartbeat. Doctor said they must to do abortion and I said I must to wait that I bleed self

  • Hi I watched your video the night before my 8 week dating scan last Friday. I was going to skip it as just wanted to see videos of what I’d get to see of my baby at 8 weeks but something made me watch it. The next day as I lay down for my scan and looked at the screen all I thought of was your video. Then the sonographer couldn’t find a heartbeat. My baby measured to my dates so it must have happened within last 24hrs. Thank you for posting as I don’t think I would have handled the situation as well as I did if I hadn’t viewed this.