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“Unfortunately, the foetus cannot be saved in an ectopic pregnancy. Treatment is usually needed to remove the pregnancy before it grows too large,” says the. Ectopic pregnancy sounds like a terribly serious condition but still too many woman are still asking if can ectopic pregnancy can saved. In fact, it could be quite risky and even undermine life if analyzed beyond the point of no return.

Can The Fetus Be Saved? Ectopic pregnancy is also known as tubal pregnancy as the fertilized egg implants outside of the womb, typically in the fallopian tube. Fallopian tubes connect the ovaries to the womb and do not provide the environment for the fetus to develop. Can a tubal pregnancy be moved into the uterus and be saved? First, a little about tubal pregnancies; they are just one form of ectopic pregnancy.

Ectopic is from the Latin “ek,” meaning out of and “topos,” meaning place. These “out of place” pregnancies occur whenever a pregnancy doesn’t implant in. Ectopic Pregnancy Treatment Options. Once the diagnosis is made there are several treatment options available.

Surgery can be done by diagnostic laparoscopy, where a laparoscope is placed through the belly button and into the abdomen under general anesthesia. If diagnosed early enough, you should always be able to save the involved fallopian tube. The procedure is done by first. The embryo that has implanted outside the womb cannot be saved and no procedure exists that could re-implant an ectopic pregnancy.

Rarely the ectopic pregnancy can develop somewhere else like. Around one in 60 to one in 80 pregnancies are ectopic – and in the vast majority the baby cannot be saved. Often a woman will only realise the pregnancy is ectopic at the first scan between six and. Ectopic Pregnancy Treatment Because a fertilized egg can’t survive outside a uterus, your doctor will need to take it out so you don’t have serious health problems. They’ll use one of two.

Woman who don’t know they are pregnant can die from an ectopic pregnancy. They are very dangerous to the health of the mother. Because the fetus is not in the womb, the Fallopian tube usually will rupture, causing internal bleeding.

If the woman cannot get immediate treatment, she can die. Emergency surgery. If the ectopic pregnancy is causing heavy bleeding, you might need emergency surgery. This can be done laparoscopically or through an abdominal incision (laparotomy). In some cases, the fallopian tube can be saved.

Typically, however, a ruptured tube must be removed.

List of related literature:

If it is determined that you have an ectopic pregnancy (usually diagnosed through ultrasound and blood tests), there is, unfortunately, no way to save the pregnancy.

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An ectopic pregnancy can be a lifethreatening emergency.

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An ectopic pregnancy with tubal rupture is considered a gynaecological emergency.

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Ectopic pregnancies can 97% be medical emergencies if the fertilized egg continues to 50% 2% grow and ruptures the fallopian tube; the resulting hemorrhage releases a large volume of blood into the abdominal cavity.

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More recently, it has been used as a primary treatment in cases where the pregnancy is diagnosed early and tubal rupture has not occurred, or when the pregnancy is not in a common location, such as when the pregnancy occurs in the cornua of the uterus or the cervix.

“Porth's Pathophysiology: Concepts of Altered Health States” by Sheila Grossman
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Rarely the ectopic pregnancy is located in the abdomen (1% of ectopic pregnancies); in this case, the pregnancy may be salvageable.

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Ectopic pregnancies are usually medical emergencies.

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Persistent ectopic pregnancy.

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Unless a pretrip ultrasound examination has verified an intrauterine pregnancy, immediately evacuate the patient to rule out ectopic pregnancy.

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Ectopic pregnancy occurs about once in every 200 pregnancies.

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  • Is there any chances of happening again ectopic pregnancy after this procedure??? Please reply sir because next week is my operation for ectopic pregnancy

  • I had 2 ectopic prenancies and 5 miscarriages and 1 who were born alive then died after 7 days. I almost lost it but I have 1 surviving child, and she is my first pregnancy, who is giving me reasons to fight my depressions and live for her future. And now, I had symptoms of pregnancy and I’m praying to Heavenly Father that he/she will survive.

  • Im also a nurse and had experience ectopic pregnancy recently. And I stand with you. Im praying and hoping for an advance medical intervention in the future as to manage ectopic pregnancies…

  • Reason my dad is an only child. My grandmother had a double tubular ovulation and both were fertilized in the fallopian tubes. Her tubes bust and almost died.

  • Abortion is the treatment for ectopic pregnancy. These are very sad cases, there is no other way to treat an ectopic pregnancy than to end the life of the baby. You can’t just rename the procedure because you don’t like the word Abortion. This is abortion, just as it is abortion when there is any other life threatening medical issue for the baby or for the mother or both. Abortion often is the only means of ending these pregnancies to save the mother or prevent the suffering of the baby. We need to stop stigmatizing abortion and changing its meaning to suit political ends.

  • I have been in this situation. 5 years ago i suffered 2 ectopic pregnancies. 1 in each tube. I had a methotrexate injection on the first one and expectant management on the second one. It is now 2018 and trying for our �� ��. I am nervous about another pregnancy however i cannot think negative as this will not help getting pregnant

  • I am anti-abortion (after having two myself many years ago and then having such intense feelings about it because I am Christian) I doubt I’ll ever forgive myself. BUT my sister nearly died from ectopic she has drains and everything coming out of her after a surgery we thought she would die in and I think she had to have a blood transfusion. It wasn’t pretty at ALL. It was a good few hours of surgery like from 7pm to 12am. Or thereabouts. We thought it was taking so long Cos she had died or something. It was terrifying.

    I have read though somewhere about case/s where someone said this was possible re-implantation? But now that you have explained it I’m seriously doubting my sources. And even as a Christianwouldn’t GOD put the pregnancy IN the uterus if it was meant to be?

    So many questions….

  • So there are no procedures that can move a tubal baby to the uterus? Why I ask because there is a bill in Oklohoma trying to outlaw abortions which I am against abortions, but I believe they need to leave how doctors treat ectopic pregnancy alone, but they are saying it is possible to move baby from tube to uterus and was wondering if this is true or not?

  • I’m not disappointed In this channel. I love watching the videos and learning along the way. What I am disappointed in is the comments. Like wow we have people starting arguments with other people over situations that they couldn’t possibly understand then we have the idiots that make comments about a doctors very educated and very valid opinion on the topic…… clearly people dont listen when she says be kind in the comments.

  • I love how you call out the BS in our society
    I love your channel super informative

    do you know if there are residual impacts of being a premmie baby that would be present into the late teens
    cause i am a 1 month early preemie that took forever to come out sorry mom and actualy had to be takn out with that vacum tool that goes on the babys head

  • I have so much to say about this….but I’ll just say this, Georgie….you’re an idiot! As a mother of 4, who also has had 2 ectopic pregnancies, you’re making women feel like they purposely chose to kill their babies. That’s how what she said made me feel!? Anybody else with me in that? Like we decided to terminate our pregnancies just for shits and giggles? Trust me, it’s not fun in any way, shape or form. I was devastated twice! I had to choose my life and being here for my healthy and alive children and 2 pregnancies that weren’t viable and would’ve KILLED ME had I tried to continue on with them!

  • I am recovering from nearly dying when my tubal pregnancy ruptured and caused severe internal bleeding. (I lost three liters of blood and was in cardiac shock when they got me to the hospital.) I suspected my pregnancy was ectopic but carried on despite pain, and nearly paid with my life. My doctor said that a tubal pregnancy cannot be transplanted to the uterus nor can the fetus survive even if the mother decides to risk her life, like me, and carry a tubal pregnancy. They saved my life by an emergency surgery which I suppose some would consider abortion. I would like to know about the other options in my case.

  • What Ohio pushed for is not only Extremely dangerous, it is also insane.
    Someone who I went to college with literally died due to complications with an ectopic pregnancy a couple of years ago

  • My sister miscarried at 10 weeks and it was discovered that the child was in her fallopian tube. They had to do an emergency surgery because the child had grown so much that the moment they touched the tube, it split. My sister had no choice in where the child implanted and to this day feels guilty that she miscarried, even though it was not her fault. She is deeply religious and even she know that an ectopic pregnancy cannot be reimplanted.

  • its been a year since i had an ectopic pregnancy a year ago an i’ve been scared to try again an to see you have a pregnancy after makes me have so much hope!

  • Christina Ortiz, please spend less time bullying on the internet and more time focusing on your school work. Improving your grammar is obviously essential. 

  • … Cant people nowadays have kids without posting pictures and videos everyday? I’m s glad my mother is doesn’t have the mind of a teenager.

  • Ok. Not every ectopic pregnancy is tubal. Some abdominal ectopics have successfully been carried to term. Further, successful reimplantations have been performed once or twice. However, they are not funded so you hear very little about them. What is so evil about trying to save both, with a priority of the mother’s life? So disappointed in this channel and these comments.

  • Thank you so much!!!! I was so happy to find out I was pregnant again and I found out it was an ectopic pregnancy I was so sad to terminate it to save my life I was so devistated!!!!! But happy I am alive for my baby that I have

  • I feel so very sorry for Americans. I feel like your education system has failed you. Much of the world knows these things because it’s just part of our education and knowledge base. Is it possible that religion in schools has halted your learning of science?

  • I’ve had two tubal pregnancy. Dec2018 & March2019.
    Surgery was done for my first one. & the 2nd was treated with that med you mentioned in the video. I’m so scared. Looking for comfort but no peace given. I don’t know if it’s science or God.

  • First of all Congratulations for your Baby girl!  I’m very happy for you! About 3 years ago I had an ectopic pregnancy and my left  tube was taken. Since that I’m scared I’ll never be able to have a baby and this really puts me down. Thank you so much for sharing your story as it gives me hope. Have you had any treatment or tests after your ectopic pregnancy?

  • I seriously do not understand how in 2020 people are not allowed to make decisions about THEIR OWN BODIES!!! Blows my mind that there are any laws about any of this bullshit! Who let the crazies out???

  • Maybe these people should pass bills that help children go off to college. Why don’t these people ever focus on the babies and children already living in this country? Makes me question their morals and ethics.

  • I’m surprised one can pass laws even if it does not make logical sense!

    I wished you had discussed the challenges with hypothetical reimplantation of ectopic pregnancies. I had watched you touched on the subject briefly on your react video of Strange Pregnancies (the one with ectopic pregnancy). It would help explain to viewers not familiar with the subject on how it is currently not possible to reimplant.

    Unfortunately, for all of Dr Google’s knowledge, the one thing it fails to do is teach people how to do a dispassionate risk-benefit analysis. Medicine isn’t entirely risk-free, nor do benefits come without cost. There is also the consideration that if a procedure/treatment fails, then what is the blowback (medically, not legally). What you feel ought to be done or right by your beliefs and what can possibly be done safely and within reasonable chances of success are two very different things altogether.

  • Okay first thing I agree doctors that do not wish to try to wait to see if an ectopic pregnancy might have been misdiagnosed, or understandably refuse to try to move it to the uterus, (we know it can’t work though) & should not be charged with any crime. For one we already know it cannot be successfully moved like that. Also the patient can just go and ask a different doctor if that one isn’t meeting what she wants to do. No reason for that doctor to have to go to jail or face citation, just because they aren’t doing what they don’t believe is safe. It’s not like they were trying to force any decisions on the mother, otherwise that would be a problem. So I agree with you there. But I do think ectopic pregnancies are looked at with too much fear. This leads to false diagnosis which can lead to unnecessary fetal demise or deformities. Like in this sad article…
    Including stress and emotional pain for the mother. I do believe it should be researched and looked at very carefully before it is diagnosed and even then it should be watched for a bit because sometimes, rarely, they do end up finding out it’s a misdiagnosis, & they are in the uterus where they belong. I know it’s not common. But the mother has the right to choose if she wants to take that risk to wait and see. Also, I do not like the term abortion for when it does have to end with The Unborn fetus being terminated & called abortion, because if all evidence shows it is definitely in the fallopian tube, hasn’t moved, and there is no other choice, and they’ve done everything they could realistically & safely of course, and the mother wishes to take care of this health issue safely, & humanly as possible, is completely between mother and Dr. I wish they would make sure and let the world know that it is completely different from abortion or purposeful termination of The Unborn fetus. They are completely different things, it is a very sad situation when someone has an ectopic pregnancy. They should not have to be added on with her emotional distress of people saying they had an abortion electively. So many people actually think this though, and say this to the people that have had the situation happen to them. I’ve seen it myself, and it is awful for them. I know you are not saying that, and I’m SO glad you’re not. I’m hoping of course with all your knowledge, you’re against unnecessary reproductive “choice” of elective termination of an unborn fetus (baby) that is not ectopic of course. I mean surely you definitely value life, you have four kids of your own. So I’m very glad you are hopefully pro-life? But anyways that is not the same as what I talked about for ectopic pregnancy of course. Just like you said, us in the pro-life crowd agree, that ectopic pregnancy ending in fetal demise is completely different than elective abortion. So, Thank you for your take on all this, we appreciate it. You are very great at these. Hope you Have a great day. God bless!:)

  • To the nay-sayers: Don’t you all realize that if procedures such as these HAD been performed successfully that there would be papers on it? Do you really believe a scientist would miss the opportunity to publish and get the credit for such a miraculous procedure? Surely without engaging in any other facet of this you would be able to see the logical fallacy there.

  • I was small like that with my first and am still fairly small with my second, no worries! Looking great:-) will you be staying home with baby?

  • It IS abortion and ThAT is OK! Abortion is healthcare! Get politics out of our vaginal. I went through it and there are a slew of other life saving reasons people have them in addition to practical reasons.

  • It’s simple people, when a pregnancy isn’t viable or presents a risk to the mom’s life, it isn’t an abortion, you aren’t doing anything wrong by terminating it. The moms health is always priority because if she dies during the pregnency the baby does too. And this is comming from a pro lifer.

  • I live in Ohio. I can’t stand that my body parts are a topic of people that have no idea or business talking about them..or what a women can or can’t do with her own body! How our reproduction organs became a topic for politics and stuff is beyond me. I makes me feel like I have no say or be will judged for being a women. ☹️

  • The mother’s will die by ignoring an ectopic pregnancy and the embryo dies then too. Usually the mother has other children that need their mother the Catholic Church has no business getting in the middle of this. But in the past they believed the mother should die, I always believed that the Catholic Church’s stand on birth control is totally wrong too. I was born and raised Catholic but I never believed a bunch of weird men who call themself priests about human reproduction. I don’t like abortion for birth control but I don’t think a ten year old should have a baby who has been impregnated by some man. To me there are different circumstances and you have to weigh the differences.

  • The fact that this bill even got this far is proof of how far detached from reality politicians are. Anyone with 2 brain cells can google ectopic pregnancies and know that this was impossible. It further shows how they are trying to strong arm their way back into women’s wombs and strip our rights back to when we were nothing but property. This should be between a woman, her doctor, and her God.

  • I’m from Ohio and I am appalled by a law that says a doctor should attempt to reimplant an ectopic pregnancy a procedure that CAN’T be done

  • My pregnancy was deemed life threatening by my Obgyn and needed a DNC done which the morning of was decided I need to go under due to server vomiting. In the preparation for operation room I was asked by the nurse in charge what is the purpose for getting the DNC then once I told her that I have uncontrollable vomiting she told me “but the baby has heart beat, you shouldn’t do this if baby is ok and has a heart beat. Honey everybody throws up in pregnancy” I was too weak at that moment to stand up for myself or even give her more info and I was afraid for my life thinking this operation won’t happen! 3 months after (after full recovery) I was faced with friends judging me that wether I made the right choice or not! No one bothered to ask how I was doing while pregnant, how my digestion system was shutting down because I couldn’t keep anything down even with the medication given to me through the PICC line while my third hospitalization. I truly take it to heart every time MDJ says be kind! Please be kind because you might not know what is the person going through with their pregnancy.

  • This isnt a situation where the mother kills her child for selfish reasons so I still hate that this happens, I wish u could put it in the uterus, but I know that’s not possible and the treatment your doctor sees fit is what you should do..I’m a pro-lifer

  • I live in Ohio and had an ectopic pregnancy in 2013. This is total proof that politicians shouldn’t put themselves into WOMEN’S health. People literally asked me why I didn’t reimplant the embryo after the announcement of this bill. I was blindsided. I had to go through the trauma of defending myself against a medical practice that doesnt exist!

  • This is a country that charges $3000 per pregnancy. Geez wait that makes sense. Every miscarriage or abortion is the loss of the 3 grand to hospital and state wow lobbiest at work. Freaking monsters.

  • If it were possible I’d be pissed haha and that medication sucks but the doctors that delt with me were pretty clear haha and I trusted them.

  • “If it ain’t your body, don’t force your opinion on it.”
    “Stop snooping into other people’s lives.”
    “You aren’t the one who’s taking care of the child.”

  • Ohio had some truly bizarre things happen in the last few years. This bill and all the language, was to make ending pregnancy for any reason. I live in Ohio and they have been trying to push this into law for years. Now they have. I’m terrified for my daughters.

  • Having experienced a pregnancy in the Pouch of Douglas, I had so much internal bleeding that it was no time to decide on a definitely non viable pregnancy or my life. 45mins from diagnosis at 10weeks pregnant to emergency surgery. I’m bloody thankful that this Dr knew the signs even before he did the ultrasound to confirm. He saved my life and he had under 1hr to do it.

  • Thank you so much for sharing your story about your previous ectopic pregnancy. My husband and I are going through the same thing right now. We were lucky enough to conceive on the very first try and then we found out it was ectopic. I feel so devastated and worried that I’ll never be able to have a baby, but seeing success stories like yours gives me hope. I know these vlogs are older and you now have your beautiful baby, so congratulations and thank you again. Take care

  • Good video. Good message. I love that your video encourages healthcare consumers to empower themselves by finding credible information to make decisions that are safe and realistic.

  • What this lady is saying is that A. At the moment an ectopic pregnancy can not be saved and carried to term, hopefully in the future it can but right now it cannot and last but not LEAST B. The medical procedure to save the mothers life who has an ectopic pregnancy is not and should not be called an abortion. It is a life saving procedure for the mother its intent is not to first kill the baby (as it is in abortion) but to SAVE the mother.

  • I dunno if it is rude to say this, but the existence of this bill is such an American thing. It serves the intension of some greedy people and yet some people would be dumb enough to think it should be something that they should believe in.

  • This is so horrible. I suffered from an ectopic pregnancy in March of 2020. My first pregnancy after trying for 9 months with my husband. It ruptured when baby was 8 weeks, with massive internal bleeding. i needed 3 litres of blood during surgery and almost didn’t make it. It was so so terrifying and i felt and still feel so guilty about not being able to save the baby. I know it’s not possible. We shouldn’t have to deal with crazy people like this. I am now 6w4d pregnant with my second baby, and I found out it’s in the uterus this time.

  • pls. help…i have a displaced iud…and having bleeding right now…i am pregnant now and it is ectopic.the doctor told me to removed the bb as soon as possible but i did not come back to the doctor again..

  • Here a slew of OTHER life saving reasons people have abortions.

  • Years ago I had an ectopic pregnancy that went undiagnosed until it ruptured my fallopian tube. The baby of course was not viable and I had to be rushed into surgery to stop the internal bleeding. This stupid bill is life threatening to women, some of which already have young children at home that need them and depend on them. I can’t wrap my brain around how stupid this is. ����

  • Look at it this way, this bill is criminalising lifesaving treatment of people with uterine systems. Imagine if someone tried to criminalise lifesaving treatment of people with testicles, e.g. the removal of a cancerous testicle on the grounds that it contained sacred seed that was predestined to become a baby. You wouldn’t get away with it. Why? Because the owner of the testicle is, in the eyes of such lawmakers at least, MALE, and thus not a functional vessel. This is about criminalising healthcare of women for women’s sake, rather than for the sake of a baby who CANNOT survive. It’s women’s bodies being legally owned by seed depositors and their advocates, on the grounds that the seed in the woman, once it is a baby, is half the seed depositors and therefore the vessel the baby depends on is not fully the woman’s own until the baby is born. Look, if you’re coming at this from a sanctity of life and God perspective, Jesus hasn’t come back yet. So sometimes nature goes a bit wrong, as in ectopic pregnancies. The maximum number of lives treatment for an ectopic pregnancy can save is one, and the only type of life that treatment can save is life that can survive independently, on its own fully-developed life-support systems. Therefore treatment of an ectopic pregnancy isn’t about destroying one life but about SAVING one life, and NOT treating ectopic pregnancy is about destroying TWO lives. If your stance is pro-life, you should be pro-treatment of ectopic pregnancy. If you’re only pro BABY-life, then a) this baby is not going to survive whichever way you look at it, and b) you are not looking at the world through God’s eyes because he’s not just pro-the-lives-of-babies; he’s pro-the-lives-of-adults and pro-the-lives-of-women, too. When Jesus comes back he will make everything ok, even if the ectopic baby DOES die this side of eternity. If you have faith in him, have faith in this, too.

  • Damn nothing like a group that a law primarily doesn’t effect be like “ok cool, we know that finding out you have a unviable pregnancy is traumatizing, BUT just to make sure let’s stick that back in so you can have some more and new trauma! Cuz we live in a nation that has available and accessible mental health resources” ����

  • Just now watching this video. I’m personally pro-life (I believe life is sacred and ought to be protected if possible), though I think abortion shouldn’t be illegal. Instead, I like encouraging people to use whatever form of birth control works best for them. I support affordable childcare. I support anything that can give people resources to take care of a young child. Anyways, despite being personally pro-life, I understand the science behind ectopic pregnancies. Ectopic pregnancies are really tough and the fetus will not survive either way. The pregnant patient, however, WILL DIE if the needed treatment is not given.

    Even my seriously pro-life best friend who herself is currently 7 months pregnant and loves to discuss this matter with people understands that patients NEED treatment in the case of ectopic pregnancies because they are fatal.

  • As someone who had to endure an Ectopic Pregnancy, these people should go to hell!
    It was horrible, and I was in so much pain (not being able to walk -pain). I would give anything to spare other women from having to experiencing it, but that’s not an option. What is an option is to make it as safe and comfortable for the women, who experience it. This involves qualified doctors and nurses, who express sympathy, not blame or shame.
    In my case, there were two options:
    1. I had it removed
    2. It wasn’t removed and we would both die
    There is no happy ending, only a safe one, and it should be available to women all over the world without blame and shame.

  • I completely understand your frustration. Just the pure idea that without education and experience in a certain feild you can tell people what to do is ridiculous. I would not take your advice about electric wires in my house because you’re a doctor, not an electritian and I don’t want my house to burn. Similarily I would not take an electritian’s opinion about my potential pregnancy because I don’t want to die.

  • They seem to think pregnancy is like a USB stick you can unplug and plug back in in the correct place just like that. I’m sure we all wish it was that easy. It would be really nice if stuff was this easy. It isn’t. And people need to deal with reality on reality’s terms.

  • If diagnosed early enough, an injection of methotrexate to the tube can dissolve the embryo and still preserve the fallopian tube.

  • I had an ectopic pregnancy in 1990, I was told for 3 months that I was having a really hard long miscarriage. I almost died from it, but believe me if it would have been possible to have fetus reimplanted in my uterus, I really wanted that pregnancy. That would have been impossible, my emergency surgery was extremely long and difficult for my specialist ob/gyn who I went to for a second opinion, after bleeding extremely hard and passing huge blood clots and being in so much pain, I kept laying on the counter at work, groaning in pain. There is no way that the fertilized egg, which was blowing the end of my Fallopian tube into minuscule portions all through my stomach lining & blood which filled my stomach tissue, could have been saved, much less been reimplanted into my uterus! That would have been completely impossible, it wasn’t even a fetus, it was extremely difficult and heartbreaking, but Thank God, the incredible doctor saved my life and amazingly, my tube! I was able to get pregnant again 7 months later and had a healthy baby boy, who is 28 today. If not for my 2nd opinion, I would have died, 3 days before Christmas and left my husband a widower and our two very young sons motherless. This really is about saving the mother’s life, I know absolutely, because I was a young mom who’s life was saved!!

  • When i was little, everyone knew ectopic pregnancies were dangerous/impossible and had to be stopped. I remember being taught that in like 3rd grade biology. Even if you dont really know what n ectopic pregnancy is, you’d know its a pregnancy not in the uterus. Im not sure how you even diagnose it. I assume either by mother feeling pain or by ultrasound. I dunno. I dint need to know. Thats not rhe point. The point is everyone knows ectopic pregnancy means the pregnancy cant go forward. At some point the world went batshit insane.

  • My best friend had an ectopic pregnancy, which was heartbreaking, and unfortunately did not know the importance of waiting to get pg again. So K was ecstatic to find herself pregnant 6 wks later. She ended up hemorrhaging out at 38 wks from placenta percreta; she only carried pg that long because she was an olympic-caliber athlete (a 5’0″ mtn guide who regularly carried packs that were 70% of her body wgt). While her husband loves their daughter and it was a miracle she survived, at the time there is no question that, given the choice between his wife and a baby he did not know and was not bonded to (if K was a normal person whose blood pressure would have spiked at 4-5 mos., a termination/hysterectomy that saved K’s life would have been his choice).

    These are devastating personal decisions that everyone but the parents involved need to stay the fuck out of.

  • It’s amazing to me how the divide in the comments section is really clear. One side wants to listen to others, hear them out, be empathetic, share love and support. The other side is really rude, judgmental, inappropriate, and does not understand how to listen and how to be supportive. I feel like there are people from different political standings on each side. Every human being deserves to be treated with courtesy. If you can’t do that, you dont need to be with us human beings. I’m sure you’d rather be with beings who are exactly like you anyway.

  • I’m extremely pro-life but I heavily recognize the dangers of a baby outside the womb we should find a safe way to help the baby and the mom. It might take a LOOOOOONG time but it’s worth it to me to find a way to save all lives

  • This is a hard subject for me. I lost twins in an egg topic pregnancy and they couldn’t stop my bleeding. I ended up having to have a partial hysterectomy. It saved my life. I was 29 years old. This was a very hard blow but she is right. It is very dangerous and life threatening. My tubes had been tied and burned and I was that rare one who still got pregnant again.

  • I am curious as to how a physician would handle such a situation from a medical ethics standpoint: E.g. If you are practicing medicine in a jurisdiction with a law that says you have to reimplant etopic pregnancies. Are you then ethically bound to say “no, I am not doing that because that is absurd.” That seems like it would put you in a very difficult position.

  • It was such a sad time but as you stated everything youve gone through led to that little girl in your belly coming soon. Love you! Your a strong beautiful woman

  • I’m sure someone has seen the thing going around on FB of a gynecologist in Seattle speak out against the politicians saying that it’s possible when in reality it isn’t, and she had a patient that had an ectopic pregnancy that she had to remove, and called her sometime later sobbing “why didn’t you give me this option” it was heartbreaking to read. She’s actually my gynecologist and I went in for a visit sometime later, she told me she nearly lost her job as a result because of the backlash the company she works for was getting. I told her I was proud to have her as my doctor.

  • So, Georgi Boorman is my sister. I disagreed with her original article, most definitely. I was SO GLAD that she decided to retract her opinion on the subject of ectopic pregnancies after she had multiple physicians correct her. I was proud of her for recognizing when she was wrong and to WRITE about it. Here is her retraction:

  • I’m so I’m so confused she obviously doesn’t have a kid and she obviously is not pregnant anymore so what does this mean I really can’t even wrap my mind around it…and obviously abortion is needed to remove the fetus so what happened to her fetus???what is she trying to do what is she trying to accomplish unless there is a lot of studies and women guinea pigs with fetuses in their stomach that are not in the right place how can you really know if it can happen or not just like Ohio SMH

  • Eptopic pregnancy is very dangerous? I don’t understand why laws would make someone have more vunablerablity in an already dangerous situation.

  • I was in an emergency situation with an ectopic pregnancy in 2005 and I was devastated by how it was handled at the time. I still deal with some guilt over it.

  • OH my god!! Your so adorable!! I’m so happy and relieved to finally see another woman that has a small belly during pregnacy!! I’m 23 weeks and 3 days pregnant and people keep telling me that it doesn’t show that I’m pregnant that far along! It gets me kinda of cranky when people say that XD

  • Congratulations on such a great and informative video on such an important issue. I am also an OB-GYN in practice since 1994 and currently serve as the Physician lead for the ethics committee of a large catholic regional hospital in Northern Iowa. We are the only providers of care for a large area and as a catholic institution have faced many challenges to accommodate the needs of the community as well as following the Ethics and Religious Directives of the Church. What is interesting to me is that the Catholic directives very specifically have language that allow an ectopic pregnancy to be treated. What is called the principle of Double Effect allows doctors to terminate a nonviable pregnancy if it would be needed to save the life of the mother. The classic example would be chorioamnionitis which is an infected uterus in a pre viable pregnancy. We know that failure to evacuate the contents of the uterus will result in maternal sepsis and likely death. In this case the pregnancy will need to be terminated and the catholic guidelines will support it. Unfortunately, some small factions within the very far right of religious groups and the extreme of the prolife movement continue to traffic in some of this nonsensical ideas that are not supported by science. This is damaging and dangerous. Thanks for your willingness to tackle such a sensitive issue in a clear and informative manner.

  • Ugh:( yeah losing a baby for whatever circumstance is horrible:( my husband and I lost a baby the day before last Thanksgiving and it was really sad. We have a son already but still, whether it’s your first pregnancy, second, third and you lose it it’s hard:(

  • Don’t these idiot legislators think that if it were possible to re implant an ectopic pregnancy then OBGYNs would be doing it already? Or do they think that, like themselves, OBGYNs hate women enough to want to see them suffer pain and potential death?

  • My first pregnancy ended in stillbirth and my second in ectopic. It was the worst year of my life. I was in the worst pain I’ve ever felt (and I’ve given birth) and rushed to the hospital. I’ve since had two beautiful children, but I still get emotional thinking back to that year.
    I hope to those who have been through this, you’re getting your mental health checked just as much as your physical health. There are groups to help, and they do help a lot.
    Love you momma!! Thank you for posting this video

  • I had a multiple ectopic pregnancy and bled internally for weeks and I almost died because I turned septic and I had to have both of my tubes removed because they ruptured.

  • Thank you for posting this video. Until I saw your video, I thought it was possible to save the fetus from the ectopic pregnancy. When a person is uninformed, they can say ridiculous things and continue to spread misinformation. Btw, in the day time doctor-nurse themed soap opera “General Hospital”, they had an episode years ago where an embryo was transplanted from one person to the other. Later, it was discovered (in this particular case) that the surgery failed, but they presented this surgery like it was a normal option for saving a fetus.

  • I am personally anti-abortion but pro-choice. I unexpectedly became pregnant last year but ultimately found out it was ectopic, in my left tube. I knew there was no way it was viable, the pregnancy had to end to save my life for the daughter I do have. It was horrific to stand there and be injected with medicine that I knew was going to end my pregnancy, however I did not and do not consider it to have been an abortion. It was a life saving medical procedure. To suggest that there could have been any other outcome to this situation is so insulting to women who have been in this terrible scenario.

  • Thank you so much for this video. I had a ectopic pregnancy and it ruptured I had internal bleeding and had to have emergency surgery. It was an unknown pregnancy as I had a IUD. I’m glad you’re providing so much education on this topic. My husbands family was upset about it because they believed the pregnancy was viable and that we had essentially gotten an abortion. His mom was a bit hard and upset about it. He had to educate her about how it was not possible to save the pregnancy. The whole situation was so much to handle because it all happened so sudden. I have a chronic illness so the symptoms of pregnancy weren’t noticed because of the symptoms of my illness where very similar. The aftermath was very emotional so I really appreciate this video because you state everything so factually. I was one of those people who googled if the pregnancy could have been saved and coming across the misinformation definitely does make things feel worse. Thank you so much for this video ❤.

  • I thought you was about to say it was possible ��‍♀️ I had two pregnancies like this and asked if she could put the baby where it should be. She said no, I thought you were about to say it was possible. But ok I’m happy and blessed to have a child. ��

  • thank you so much for sharing your ectopic pregnancy story, i lost my right tube back in march too and i felt exactly how you did. i am still waiting for my rainbow baby. i hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy. would really love it if you made a separate video on your journey…xxx

  • The mother dies if it is not aborted. Where did you idiots get your medical degree anyway? How dare you post something like this. If this woman is not lying, she is a very unusual case. No mother should die because of this. Abortion is sometimes necessary.

  • Ectopic story begins about 11:05.  Sorry, thank you.  I’m pregnant and looking for symptoms as I’ve had a sharp pain on my left not bad but just symptom checking for ectopic.

  • I recently saw a video on FB that was about a woman that was told to end her pregnancy because some medical condition and that the pregnancy was worsening or something. She had been told if she didnt terminate it would kill them both. But she chose with her faith not to end it and she and her baby survived. Some of the info was great but at the end she had a dr quote that said “there is no such thing as a medical reason to end a pregnancy” My first thought was ectopic pregnancy. I commented back with that and was immediately attacked by people using the ohio bill to “prove” their point. I also used my friends experience dealing with heart problems discovered only because the her first pregnancy worsened them. The drs told her that because her condition was untreated, her heart couldnt handle a pregnancy and she needed to terminate, but could have kids once she was stabilized with treatment for her heart. She went on to 3 gorgeous little girls. The same people then said my friend was a murderer and that theres no way the drs could possibly know that. Nevermind the fact that by she literally flat lined and died 4 times in the 48 hrs before the termination. And that the trauma most likely caused too much damage for the fetus to be viable. People are idiots and are using this bill as a weapon to attack mothers who already fill guilt and grief for their lost child. It makes me sick. Thank you so mich for doing this video and breaking it down so us untrained people can fully understand. And you very much have a good point that this is being used to politically divide everyone and a diversion tactic.

  • It is in Chile. But under the 3 causals new law, the “abortion” can be performed, under the causal of risk of death of the mother. But they will wait till the last moment.
    Stay strong!

  • I thought that this was possible due to a college class that I took in Ohio. I would not have known that my professor was wrong were it not for this video.

  • I have said for a long time that bills need to be about just what they are trying to pass. Throwing in bull like this is such a dick move.

  • Laws like these seem to me to be less about female health and safety and more about female subjugation. Where are the laws that tell men what they can and can’t do with their bodies? You’d be hard pressed to find a woman who actually enjoys having to terminate a pregnancy. It is never a decision we make lightly as motherhood is innate in us and from the very first moment we have a connection to what is growing in us. Our bodies are not public property and so decisions regarding them so not be open for public vote.

  • I was the second child,my sis was born 6.6pounds and 20 inches and mom gained to her 24 pounds! When i was born i weighed 8.8pounds and measured 22 inches. Mom had totally gained till my birth(40weeks 3 days) only 15 pounds! I wish to you to have a pregnancy like my mother to me!! Best of luck! xx

  • Having gone through an ectopic pregnancy in a tube myself last year I’ve come to realize that the choice of what needs to be done really doesn’t come down to us. I don’t say that as something that is bad because I wouldn’t be here today if my physician would have listened to me. As the mother you automatically get attached to the potential baby and you don’t want to forcefully terminate but the truth is that your life is literally on the line. My OBGYN did give me the option to choose if I wanted them to try and save my tube or just remove it with out trying and for that I am very grateful because they did and 3 months after the surgery I was carrying our healthy little boy from the same side that I had the ectopic pregnancy.

  • I worked as a Spanish interpreter in the OB/GYN area of a clinic in Columbus, OH. Thank you for bringing attention to this important matter.

  • Doctor since I started trying to conceive for 4 years I had an ectopic pregnancy did surgery my left tube was remove and all that, my period started coming for 2 days only I haven’t done any HSG am just afraid of doing it.

  • Thanks you so much for sharing that story. My husband and I have just started trying for a baby and there are so many things to worry about (I try not to think about it and just do my best eating right etc…) it’s so reassuring to hear that others have been through hard times and still been successful in conceiving! I love your videos! xxx

  • So excited for you! I’m due in October and we have our 20 week ultrasound tomorrow!! Hoping to find out our baby’s gender.:) also I love your top/dress! Where is it from? Is it maternity?