Can a concealed Twin Be Detected by Ultrasound Imaging


Missed Twin On Ultrasound? It Can Happen My Crazy Story

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Is It Possible For Scan Not To Detect Twins? | Birth Days | Real Families

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Finding out we’re having twins at our second scan. And all of our families reactions. Surprise.

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Ultrasound Hidden twin?

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The Rare Occasion of a Hidden Twin. There are some rare exceptions. Ultrasound provides a picture of the womb, but sometimes the picture can be misleading or misinterpreted. If there is no evidence of multiples on ultrasound, chances are you are not having twins. You can usually see a baby in the uterus on an ultrasound at about six weeks gestation, so this is the earliest that you could theoretically diagnose a twin pregnancy.” While a hidden twin can.

What usually happens when a twin is hidden, according to Verywell Family, is that early ultrasounds might visualize only one embryo. A later ultrasound might reveal there actually is another baby. He says that usually, a hidden twin on an early ultrasound will be seen later on the second trimester ultrasound, like the 5-month anatomy ultrasound. Even though it is a rare phenomenon, he notes.

Hidden twins are exactly what they sound like – a twin pregnancy that goes undiscovered. Twins can be detected on an ultrasound in the first trimester — as early as 4-6 weeks after you miss your period, and their heartbeats can be found at 6-8 weeks (it’s also pretty hard to distinguish two heartbeats, and having two doesn’t always indicate twins ). At a twin ultrasound 5 weeks scan you may have a hunch that you are pregnant with twins. Maybe you know that your chances are higher due to your family history or use of fertility treatment. In either case you’re probably curious to know how early you can detect twins.

It depends on the chorionicity of your twins. Yes: Usually both twins can be examined in detail with ultrasound, but occasionally one is more difficult due to positioning. Rescanning a different day ma Read More. Who knows if here could be a hidden second baby? And if so where? And if not why not? Is there anything strange with this ultrasound? Can somebody explain what is wrong in this ultrasound.

Yes it is possible. Has NOT happend to me.but I worked with a girl who had a hidden twin her entire pregnancy she had 3 US’s throughout and they never suspected there was another one in there. The day she delivered, she had TWO healthy baby girls. Explore Multiples and More’s board “Twins Ultrasound”, followed by 952 people on Pinterest.

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List of related literature:

The membranes surrounding this twin are not visible on ultrasound examination.

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The first twin can be monitored on the CTG machine either with a scalp electrode or by abdominal ultrasound transducer, with the second being monitored by ultrasound.

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Fetal ultrasound can detect the presence of conjoined twins in almost all cases.

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This twin was the first to be tapped after ultrasound was used to identify a fluid pocket and then removed to prep the abdomen.

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Sometimes an ultrasound is a good idea in the case of suspected twins.

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If the patterns are not different, move the ultrasound until you find the second twin.

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If the second twin presents as transverse or breech, external cephalic version under ultrasound guidance may be attempted.

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In one pregnancy, a dead twin was the likely explanation of the elevated AFAFP in the other sac, but ultrasound study was insufficient to reassure the parents, who elected to abort.

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If the initial diagnosis is made very early in pregnancy, a repeat ultrasound several weeks later will confirm the presence of twins, rule out anomalies and determine chorionicity.

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Absent a provider skilled and experienced in IPV and breech extraction, vaginal delivery of the first twin followed by external version of the second is a viable alternative, using ultrasound in the delivery room to directly visualize the fetus.

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  • I have 9weeks+3 and I was already at 3 doctors,1 doctor see only 1 egg whit baby and 2 from them tell me that they see 2 eggs:1 egg whit baby and 1 empty.I just hope after 12 weeks they will see 2 babys

  • I’m 17 weeks and can’t shake the feeling. I wouldn’t put it pass the OB to miss another baby because I’ve only had one ultra sound and she only focused on the baby once she seen it, she didn’t real search around any further. I keep having these dreams that I’m feeling 2 babies move and this is a recurring dream that I just can’t shake!

  • I’m 25 weeks Thursday and I found another baby in my 3 D and I been feeling like I’m having twins since I found out and in my first first ultrasound I seen another sac they said it was nothing and I have my 3D ultrasound and I showed a few people and they see the other baby but my doctor say it’s just one and I know I just know it is twins God keeps giving g signs I just now it my I’m been saying in pregnant with twins since I got pregnant and my mother is never wrong just saying lol

  • At my 8 week ultrasound it was just one baby. But the heartbeat wasn’t strong so I went back 2 weeks later…and BAM, 10 weeks pregnant with di/di twins.
    I’m 30 weeks pregnant with them now

  • I had twins that were back to back didn’t know I was having twins until I gave birth they were full term 7 lbs 4oz and 7 lbs 14oz and I had 6 ultrasounds done because I gained so much weight so good luck

  • I`d still have said two,but then i was HUGE with my 2nd pregnancy! Like you Sarah,i just seemed to discover i was expecting,then my body popped! We were away at 3 months,and i had people coming up asking if i was ok,and how many DAYS i had left!LOL.Sign of a healthy baby..oh and i`m still not sure if it`ll be boy/girl…Hmmmm:)xx

  • found you and subbed. When I had Ash (25 years ago) there was nothing given to me at all, until I had her, then they gave me a bag of information to take home…by then I knew what I needed to know LOL Great updates…that did look like another baby shape to me.. I always wanted 4 but it wasn’t meant to be (endometriosis) looking forward to all your updates and going on your pregnancy journey with you guys love and hugs xoox

  • So exciting Sarah,and for sure i can see what you are?:) x Double trouble,and twice the joy?:) Hope you`ll find out next time xo

  • hi Sarah, I was just on ur live, I’ve bee put In timeout 2wise & now been blocked, I never said anything to be timed out or blocked, its not rocket science to see who has done this! mummy of boys needs to grow up after all she’s supposed to be the adult, have a good nite & yes I think u are having twins too x

  • What is your baby move is how a steel shot ultrasound but it was taking it my baby will it be like in the air but not on it was like there was a shadow behind ultrasound and I have the same feeling that you have but this was my first ultrasound of my 4 pregnancy 10 week 6 day at that time first ultrasound pregnancy none of them or any other were look similar could be in and I feel the same way that you feel like there might be twins if you are getting your dream come true

  • Don’t think I will ever get over how amazing pregnancy is, enjoying following your journey & am intrigued to find out if you are carrying more than one:) You are looking well Sarah, your hair looks fab so shiny xx

  • Doctor said they heart beats with a droppler i go in for an ultrasound they said there is only one but then again im gaining tremendouz amount of weight compare to my single baby
    .. being feeling movements and kicks since begining of pregnancy could there be a hidden twin?

  • You don’t get a pregnancy book here in the states, what happens here is you find an OB/Midwife depending on which you want to go with and depending on who your insurance covers and then that OB/midwife see’s you through your whole pregnancy and all of your records are kept on the computer at their office and then when you go into labor you just head to the hospital and they admit you and that’s pretty much it. Although at your first appointment you usually do end up with a goodie bag full of samples of pre natal vitamins and various baby products and then some info brochures…. That’s how its done here in Utah anyway.

  • I’m 28 weeks with triplets and at our first ultrasound we saw 2, then right before they would normally end it, baby C popped in! We did IVF and transferred 2 embryos, but they’re tri -tri so it’s possible we conceived during our transfer cycle! God’s proof miracles are happening every day!

  • I had an ultrasound done at 7 weeks and it showed 1 baby. BUT I look like I’m 5 months pregnant. I feel like I’m growing every single week. I’m only 9 weeks as of today.

  • The Hilarious Gales on YouTube did IVF and put 2 embryos in and on the 1st ultrasound it looked like only one baby made it. But when she went back a couple weeks later, the other baby made it too! So cool, they have been trying to have a baby for 12yrs!

  • It can happen. I’m a twin and my parents Didn’t find out about me until a MONTH before my mother have birth lol.. I was behind my sister where they couldn’t see me. An this was back in 1992.

  • If there were two babies, your ultrasound tech would have diagnosed it at your appointment. There are cases when one twin gets missed, but it’s rare. I only see one baby.

  • My nausea and food aversions started before 5 weeks, I’ve had such intense symptoms nothing like my first baby. And before I found out I was pregnant I dreamt of twins, my sister dreamt for 2 weeks straight of twins, my uncle and husband. But I just went for my 10 week ultrasound and only one baby shows ��….. I don’t know I still have such a strong feeling that it’s twins but we’ll see!

  • This is exactly how I am feeling. My first scan was at 8 weeks and they said one baby. I saw a black spot I told the tech to zoom in she said it’s nothing. But I have gained 25 pounds and I m only 17 weeks. My sister said my stomach look big for first time pregnancy at 17 weeks. I used the doppler, we got 3 heart beats one was definitely mine. My husband and I were freaked out. I went to the OB she heard two heart beats and said its nothing. Well my anatomy scan is I 3 weeks we see. I have a gut feeling that there is a second baby. They have not done a scan since 8 weeks.

  • My story is one of the ones that will reassure you Rachel. For about two seconds during my first ultrasound, they thought the yolk sac might be a second baby. It was not.:)

  • A friend of mine was told that she was only having 1 baby. And the rdr only heard 1 heartbeat.. well she was surprised when she gave birth to a boy and a girl..

  • That is exactly what happened to me!! First scan, I asked them to check for another baby because I was so ill. They checked, only one little babe. 13 week scan I go in with my mum and I look at the screen and I see two heads and my jaw drops!!!! I wasn’t allowed to record it either which really disappointed me because it was an incredible moment and their father wasn’t there to experience it with me. I found a really good way to surprise him though that day when he got home from work to tell him.
    Had identical twin girls at 32.6 weeks, that spent 3 weeks in the nicu and are healthy 7 year olds today:)

    Congratulations!! Love your story and your girls are beautiful!!

  • Oh yes it can happen. Ob job wking 22 years all kinds of strange stories back in early 80″s ultrasounds were not done and if you had one you are told you are haveing a boy and the baby is a girl! Some people dont want to no want they are haveing i think that is gd not to no gd luck just haveing one child. ��������������������������������������������������������

  • I’m ten weeks pregnant with triplets! We had an FET and transferred TWO embryos. One embryo split into identical twins…giving us a very big surprise and an even bigger blessing. ♥️������

  • We got married in Bridal Cave!!! July 7, 1972. We haven’t been back since so it might be a little different now, but at that time there was a room outside the cave with benches for people who were waiting to be in the next group to go down into the cave. There were about 20 people sitting, waiting their turn. The Pastor announced he was going to perform our wedding and was inviting everyone to come into the cave and observe. They all sat looking at our little wedding party, not a smile on any face. They all looked angry, sad, or just plain exhausted, and not a one of them came to the wedding! We have told the story to so many and it gets funnier as the years go by.

  • I am a twin. My mom said that she was much sicker when she was pregnant with my sister than she was when she was pregnant with me and my brother.

  • Rachel it has happened.. our 2nd son was a twin. Which was missed. I found out at week 13 when I began to have cramping. This was after we had our 1st ultrasound. We delivered 1.. hope that helps. Hugs.

  • We love Hello Fresh also. We have tried new things that I would have never thought we would like. To date we have never had a Hello Fresh meal we didn’t like. I so look forward to your vlogs. You are such a cute family.

  • Are you taking the newer nausea med or taking diclegis? I’m wondering your thoughts on the newer med (sorry, can’t remember the name). 4 weeks, 2 days with baby #2 from our last embryo and am anticipating the “morning sickness” coming soon!

  • At 10 weeks only one baby. Then had to go for genetic counseling because a test came back abnormal. I then ultrasound and identical twins. I was so sick pretty much until 28 weeks. But would go through it again. They are 16 now.

  • When I was pregnant with my twins, 42 years ago (!!!!!!), my Dr “thought” he detected 2 heartbeats. Said he would do a sonogram the following month. I told the Dr “don’t even say there are 2”. At my 4 month check up, he checked further, said it was only 1 baby. Whew!! Fast forward to delivery day, by the way, went to full term, I gave birth, naturally, to a 5 lb baby girl, breech. Yes, breech. Suddenly, what I thought was delivering the placenta, a 5 lb baby boy appeared!!! 42 years later, I’m still laughing. I was the talk of the maternity ward!! They have brought so much joy to our family.

  • Really enjoyed watching you guys. The ball cap is neat, cause I’m visiting Rockford, Illinois with my sons 45 mins from Chicago. Yes junebug hair wow out no doubt Lol! My neighbor daughter thought she was having twins both girls until delivery day and the Dr had a surprise their was a tiny baby boy hide under the grils so two was twins and the boy wasn’t. And he was the littlest but gain weight frist and got to go home frist..

  • It happened to my niece, they found out there were 2 after already having an ultrasound saying there was only one! She ended up having fraternal boy/girl twins. She thought something was wrong bc on her home doppler she would get a heart beat lose it and move around then pick up a heart beat again but it would be no where near the same rate as the first time. That prompted her dr to do another ultrasound before 20 weeks and that’s when they found baby B!

  • My theory is sickness gets worse with each pregnancy. I had identical twins and then a singleton pregnancy and I was much sicker with my singleton. So dont base the theory of having twins off that. HCG level is a good indicator after a visual confirmation ultrasound.

  • I have close friends that are identical twins & nobody knew that their mom was pregnant with 2 until she actually gave birth to the 1st baby because the 2nd baby had been hiding behind the 1st the entire pregnancy.

  • A couple at my church had IVF and two embryos transferred…they had hoped for twins as they were the only two embryos that had survived the process…they had an internal scan at ivf clinic at 7 weeks that confirmed all was looking good, one heart beat, they were elated that they were going to have a baby….at the standard (for UK) 12 weeks scan they found out there were two after all! They never found out gender as one of the twins was always blocking the view of the other!

  • I found out at 12 week ultrasound I was having twins… At 20 weeks they said one twin was hiding… I had 1 baby at 37 weeks there was never a second baby!!!

  • Back in 1984 I was scanned at 12 weeks they saw 1 baby. At 16 weeks I was scanned and there were two babies.
    Sadly at 22 weeks the smaller twin died and was absorbed into the placenta. I didn’t find out until October 1988 what had happened in the first pregnancy. They tried to tell me it was a mistake there was only one baby.
    Years later I went to a Christian conference and named that baby Sam. Finally healing

  • Sarah you might want to put this channel on your main channel because when you put in simply sarah a bunch of channels with that name, you were like 20 down so maybe people arent finding it.

  • I had hyper-emesis with all 3 of my children. Two boys and a girl. The boys were first and then I had our daughter. With my first pregnancy they thought it was twins because I was so sick. It got better with each pregnancy after that. We never had twins though. You just never know. Looking forward to seeing the results of your next ultrasound. You are all so sweet! God bless.

  • Rach.. i can almost guarantee it, you’re are not carrying twins… but anything is possible. Unless a “miracle happens” I remember someone saying �� You guys are the best, you have no idea how watching your channel can brighten mine and others day. �� thank you!

  • Their mother is very dry and cold acting. I feel the most for her poor daughter. Why do people put themselves into these situations?

  • I have twins and they missed it in week 9, very fast UL and I tought then, don’t do the UL so fast you gonna find one more but of course I didn’t say that to the OB! But I new it all the time from around 6 week it was some of a instict�� I have 3 singelpregnancy before the twins so it was so different from the singel one. In week 12 they found the second one and today I have two girls and they are 4 years old today! Happy for you here from Finland! Hoping you guys is pregnant with twis again �� ❤️ from Melinda

  • We found out at our 11week ultrasound we are having twins and we had had 2 ultrasounds before that. We went in for our 11week appointment. They started off with the ultrasound on the belly and for some reason there was 3 blobs (which we now know were two heads and one belly.) And the doc was like, “I’m going to do a vaginal ultrasound just to see if we have twins.” And of course we were like “What? Okay.” And then clear as day, there’s two little bodies. One had been hiding perfectly behind the other for the belly ultrasounds. I guess I should also mention our girls are mono di, so it wasn’t blatantly two seperate “sacs”. The wall between them is so thin looking early on, there was no blatant sign of twins to go searching for another baby until there were more body parts seen.

  • You were on an antiemetic with the twins and it helped lessen your nausea. Since you have not been able to get the meds this pregnancy, it’s natural you’re feeling way sicker. So excited for y’all.

  • My sister in law was really sick, had an ultrasound at 8 weeks and they only saw one baby. At 20 weeks they saw 2 babies. Now I have wonderful 8 month old twin niece and nephew so yes it does happen!

  • Wowee there are some beautiful homes in your estate! American houses are like elephants, they’re just soooo biiig!Tho living on the lake like that i’d want all the views i could get too! I’d love to try hellofresh here but zomg so expensive here and they charge extra to deliver to our nearest town which is 2 hrs away!:( I’m so excited for the next scan, fingers crossed they let you film in there and everything goes well. (and no 2nd baby, Brads face said it all while you were talking haha)

  • My Brother and sister in law had twins… they didn’t catch the 2nd baby until she was 7months. So it’s possible to miss! My brother was conferenced in because he was on his tour in Iraq at the time, and that’s when they found baby #2 on the ultrasound!

  • 28 years ago my mom didn’t have an ultrasound, but her whole pregnancy they thought it was just one. After she gave birth to me baby a, they then found another heartbeat and realized there was 2. Baby b was born breach as well!�� if your first ultrasound was 30 seconds they could definitely miss that!!��

  • Loved this your so informative and I have rare blood I can save anyone in the world with my blood but if I had a problem and needed blood I’d have a less than 3 percent crazy I’m loving your channel and your updates and I know u up late doing this coz was 12 when finished live haha dedication take care can’t wait for next update x

  • My best friend growing up was a surprise twin. Her mom thought she was only having 1… then surprise!!! Two came out at delivery time. Apparently my friend hid behind her twin brother the whole time.

  • YES Rachel a MISSED fetus is common especially if it’s high up in the uterus or behind the other baby. Definitely speak up about how your morning (all day) sickness is worse than with the twins.

  • Yes twins get missed often early on in pregnancy. I personally know of 2 people who had this happen at the 8 week scan. (No it wasnt at the same clinic).

  • My cousin had one around 9-10 weeks and then found out at 20ish weeks that one was hiding. I didn’t know that still happened but it totally does ��

  • Sorry i late watching this hun
    Yes it dose look like in the 1st baby scan there is 2 in there
    But siad got all the booklets the the booklet she had to fill in with her family history God she had to find out information abrout are
    biological father what she hated but had to find out of he had any illness etc but she had to do it with all the family so she had no choice her dickhead boyfriend had to do the same tho

    Love this hun z

  • My husband and i are pregnant for the 3rd time. My husband is saying he reckons it will be twins. We had a scan at 6 weeks and there was only 1. Im almost 10 weeks now, we go for our next scan between 11 -14 weeks. Where we shall see if there is still 1 baby haha. I’ve heard some people dont find out until anywhere between, 18-30 weeks!!! Also I am a twin, My mum is a twin and my grandad from my father’s side is a twin. My husband has twins in his family also.�� so we shall see haha.

  • I was much sicker with my singletons than my twins… My first baby was IVF.. then 2 sets of twins conceived naturally.. I always say… guess all those prayers paid off in God’s timing ��

  • Yes it happens all the time. I know girl went had one early and said one. The next they told her twins and at 20 week she found out she was having three. So yeah it happens all the time

  • It had happen to my brother and his wife they got a surprise at 10-11 weeks there baby girl made her self know after Hiding be hide her brother

  • On my 9 week ultrasound they only saw one baby. When we had our 12 week ultrasound we found out we were having twins!!! We have identical twin boys!!

  • I’m so excited to be following you on your pregnancy! This is my 5th pregnancy but 3rd living baby. My eldest daughter is 15 months old and my youngest daughter is 4 months old. They’re 11 months in between and I was 3 months postpartum both times and my last one and this one was notttt planned but it’s a blessing! This baby will be 11 months apart from my last daughter as well. I’m due November 6!��

  • My cousin was told she was having a girl and a boy then the next ultrasound was told opps sorry it’s two girls so she sold all the boy stuff and when she gave birth surprise two girls and one boy… baby b and c were flipping to be in front of each other they missed it in every ultrasound and she had alot

  • I have had several friends that have worse pregnancy symptoms in their pregnancies after their first one. I don’t know if your body is thinking “this is familiar. Let me throw in extra hormones and make your symptoms worse” but it could be…

  • Twins again!! April Fools!! But… it’s always a possibility, your Mom is a twin & the mother determines “how many” babies, the dad determines the sex. It’s possible that you were so early previously, they missed it.

  • ❤️ you guys!!! Good luck with the new OB. Do the twins have a red hue in their hair? Sometimes the video shows it and sometimes it show blonde

  • I was told at my first ultrasound one baby about 6 weeks along. Then at 16 weeks I was huge, my doctor decided to recheck because he thought my dates were wrong. Ummmm nope correct dates just twin boys.

  • So is it one or two? You never confirmed there was or was not a hidden twin? What did the ultrasound tech say? I think it’s two because of the way on is facing verses the other but I am not sure.

  • I had only 1 all 3 times…. however, my midwife did tell me if she didn’t know any better she’d think it was twins…I grow big babies and apparently look like a cow��

  • It happened to a friend.. they were told 1 baby come to find out at the 22 wk ultrasound they found out it was identical good luck ☺

  • Hallelujah! The comment section is back��������. It is a toss up between Brad and Lyndle’s hair, both cute. Lyndle sure goes after her hair adornments doesn’t she? Love her two little sprouts❤️. Bear is so laid back, think he may have his Dad’s personality?

  • They would have missed one of my di di girls at 9 weeks if I wouldn’t have asked to see the yolk sac. They were completely done measuring baby a then she moved the wand reeeeally far over and revealed baby b! They are six weeks old now ��

  • With my twins the lady was pretty much finished and I joked that she should make sure that there weren’t twins in there..and she was going to show me that there weren’t…lol so..

  • I saw a video this lady had a multiple birth and was sewing her back up when he yelled out I see another hand so glad ur having another

  • This was great Sarah, very informative. I wonder if the baby is presenting small for your weeks due to a hidden twin! Your next scan should confirm that hopefully. Your looking great ❤️

  • What a sad sad household my goodness, very depressing look at. The mother needs therapy not children, the father needs to relax what a creepy man, the older children need lots of love and attention. I’m scared for this whole family. And the title is clickbait

  • This is NOT A happy household at all…I feel so badly for the older children!!! I see ABSOLUTELY NO love or nurturing just do this do that on and on it goes…������ She NEEDS to STOP with the his mine and ours!! Everything is the twins the twins the twins and I get that their newborns but seriously there are three other children that need attention and love as much as the twins do. JMO

  • They are really strict on these kids. Seems like a lot of discipline and do as I say right now versus a loving family with five kids that all need love and attention:/
    It seems like the wife has a lot of ideals about what a family should be but can’t relate it well in her actual life.

  • Gordon is highly stressed and its having a negative impact on the children which in turns creates more stress an ongoing circle. With a large family you also need to find ways for relaxation or you go crazy. No one looks happy. Sad to see.

  • Your choice to add babies, sad the other children are missing out and being made to grow up too quickly. No tenderness there all rules