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Top 100 Baby Names Girls France 2011.

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Top 100 French Names for Babies Popular French Baby Names for Girls. Here are some popular and unique French baby names for girls along with their Aimée. Peak Popularity: Aimee was fairly popular in the United States in the 1970s and 80s.

In 1976, it reached a rank Antoinette. Peak Popularit. Best 100 French Baby Names: 30 Unique French Baby Boy Names: 1. Algernon: This is a dapper and distinguished name from the French origin which means moustached man.

Its sophisticated meaning will make your baby boy a gentleman with the needed class. 2. Audric: This falls in the list of modern French baby boy names which means the old and wise rule. A list of Popular French Names, Top 100 French Names for Boys and Girls. Baby names from all over the world: Baby Names Advisor: Browse by Origin: Browse by Alphabet: Baby Boy Names: Baby Girl Names Popular French Baby Names. View also: French Girl Names.

With that in mind I have hand-selected an incredible list of French names that are sure to delight you and possibly even make it to your short list. Just remember that at Top 100 Baby Names Search we have provided you with dozens of great French boys names and so much more. Our motto is “Great Baby Names for Your Consideration!”.

Get inspiration for baby names with our most popular French girl names that are trending now. View the latest boy and girl French names at Mom365. Also here’s our list of the top 100 names. 100 French Last Names or Family Names with Meanings.

The following traditional and classic old French surnames with their meanings can inspire you to select the perfect surname for your family or get ready for the naming ceremony for your baby. The French are well known for gourmet food, fine wine and the Eiffel Tower, but what about baby names? When it comes to baby names, the country of France has some great ones to share. French Names like Juliette, Andre and Saville are all well known ones. Search more French Baby Names below and find some ideal picks for your new baby.

The names. 102 rows · Top 100 names from around the world + Penpal Statistics @ Students of the World. Making up the rest of the top ten for girls were the more French sounding Chloé, Alice, Léa, Manon. Lina and Mila were also in the top 10 showing how the French are in favour of simple names.

53 rows · French-speaking parents believe that the names influence a child’s development and.

List of related literature:

My babies are Eponine and Azelma.

“Les Miserables” by Victor Hugo, Tim Kelly
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Tulard, Jean, and Garros, Louis.

“Napoleon: The Path to Power 1769 1799” by Philip Dwyer
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Most of them have French Christian names.

“From The Holy Mountain: A Jou” by William Dalrymple
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For the list translated, see Marie-Hélène Huet,

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But there are a thousand such endearing names throughout France.

“The Henry Miller Reader” by Henry Miller, Lawrence Durrell
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Now Bruce Lansky rates nearly 2,000 names to help parents pick one that will give their baby a head start in life.

“Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn: The Complete Guide” by Janet Walley, Penny Simkin, Ann Keppler, Janelle Durham, April Bolding
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For comparison, the category “graveurs sur métaux’ lists about 500 names and ‘graveurs sur acier et en taille-douce’ has 145.

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  • Collette Estelle nicolette Danielle audette Michelle, florette, lizette Audrine marriette Rielle Brielle Celine Melanie Annette Carolyn Noelle and Simone to name a few were very popular with French Canadians

  • Thank you so much for this videos! French names are such a blind spot for me and there were so many beautiful discoveries on this list.

  • Marcel is from The Originals his name is Marcellus but goes by Marcel he was raised by Nicklaus brother figure for klaus’s daughter hope

  • I’ve found a new favorite boy name: Bastien! I am American so I would end up saying it as Bash-tin, but it is so much prettier the way y’all would say it. I also love the name Marielle (ooh I just remembered that my family of having the first daughter have some sort of Marie in the name so that would work!)

  • I’m half French, my dad is called Olivier. And interestingly my British mum is called Isabella which is super popular now. In the 1950s when she was born it was quite uncommon and she used to get teased a lot!

  • SJ you are delightful & I love your positive vibes ❤.So I need your opinionI have 3 daughters namedIsabella Blossom,Amelia rose & Angelina lilly & expecting our 4th baby girl,loving Maeva Bluebell what do you think?I would appreciate your opinion since you have amazing taste ❤

  • Loved this video and every single name on the list!! We also live Amelie, Lisette, and Lausanne for girls, and Luc, Louis, and Jacques for boys. We live in a heavily French influenced area of the US, so many of the names on this list are common for us. I’d love to see more country themed lists! Can’t wait!

  • Corina, Geneva, Esme and Jules aren’t french girl names at all! I’m french and I never heard these names. there are so many pretty French names: Adèle, Camille, Léa, Emeline, Eloïse, Jade, Léonie, Manon, Salomé, Victoire, Louise, Lucile 😉

  • In France Solene, Marielle, Benoît (Olivier) and Etienne its not good names, it’s for grand mother and grand father, it’s not good popular from us �� Estee not exist in France, the very good name in France are: Emma, Louise, Agathe, Mia, Giulia/Julia, Chloe, Thaïs, Alice, Valentine for girl and for Boys: Gabriel, Raphaël, Liam, Louis, Noam, Enzo, Gabin, Lissandro, Eden and Tiago

  • Can you do a video for the new 1000 list if it or when it comes out? I’m from America and I love seeing the difference in the 1000 names in the USA and UK. ��

  • Hi! I’m french and Corina is not a french name but Corinne yes. Geneva is not french too. Jules is a french name but for boys. And Lizette is in french language but it’s totally not used in my country, i think it’s more canadian (Québec). So the only one correct is Margot it’s typically french and very fashionable here. Well have a nice day:)

  • My absolute favourite French names are both girl names and they are Antoinette and Fabienne. I just love how they roll off the tongue and just flow.

  • I’m french, my name is Lilou and I didn’t expect to find my name in this list AT ALL! Thank you ❤️ I also love my name haha I think it fits me well
    And you are right, it was a nickname for Liliane, Eline, Eloïse…
    My parents found it in the film « the fifth element » since the main character is named Leeloo (althought they chose a french writing)
    However, my little brother doesn’t have a french name: his name is a word in english which is: Swan ��

  • I’m aware this name is not totally French, but I’ve pretty much decided on a girl name for when I have kids. I’ve decided on Madeline, pronounced Mad-Uh-Line. It goes with a lot of middle names and has tons of different nicknames too:)

  • I know at least 1 person with each of the names! So interesting to see other people’s take on them and i was having a chuckle imagining my friends.

  • I know a little girl who’s name is ‘Leciel’ which translates to ‘the sky’
    She always gets compliments on it rightfully so because it’s so pretty!

  • Benoit is a very very popular last name in the USA in Mississippi we are very close to New Orleans so I think that’s where it may have origy

  • You dont have a good prononciation of Leandre and maeva if you want a french prononciation its more like léandr-Eu not leandr-É, its an french E not english one like [œ].
    But for Maeva its more like Ma-É-va like the prononciation exactly how you say the E in Leandre.

  • I live in France and Solène is really popular! My best friend is called Solenne which is a bit different.
    For Léandre though, you don’t pronounce the “E” on the end!
    Etienne is my best friend and is really known but not particularly popular!

  • Hi so basically I’m new in your channel
    I actually discovered it because I love watching video of Americans reacting to french foods, names…
    So I’m french and I’ve always lived in Paris
    And i want to be as constructive as possible so I’m gonna talk about each name you said:
    1) Corina, so in fact in france it’s not very common (when I searched it on a french website about the first name it even says there is no one named like this in 2010,2009…), it’s more « Corinne » in france
    2) Geneva, I’ve never heard of this name before (just like corena) and I don’t think there is a name similar in french (when I searched it on a french website about the first name it even says there is no result at all for this name), but btw it seems to be an Italian name (I think)
    3) Jules (the [s] isn’t pronounced btw), idk about it in the USA but in france it’s only a name for a boy, it’s in fact the most popular name of the last years but for a boy, for a girl it’s more Julie, Juliette or Julia (but it’s Spanish)
    4) Lizette, so it’s a bit known in france but it’s considered as an old name, and it’s more written with an s and in 2010 there was only 8 baby named lisette (sorry I don’t have more recent but it’s barely the same every year since a lot of time) and the average of the people named lisette is 69 years old (as you see it’s more an old-fashioned name)
    5) Margot, it’s a very common name in france, there is actually 2 spelling: margaux (ranked 20 in 2018) and Margot (ranked 38 in 2018)
    I personally know a lot of Margot and Margaux
    6) esme, I’ve never heard this name before
    7) Juliette, very common, very beautiful, I know many Juliette
    8) claire, also very common and beautiful, it’s very sweet I think, and I know many claire too
    9) Delphine, it was more common in the 80’s, the average of the Delphine is 40yo and in 2010 there was only about 65 Delphine and I know one
    10) Josephine, I think it’s gorgeous too and for an American it will be perfect but unfortunately in france it’s also considered as an old one, there were a lot of Josephine in the early 20th century (1900-1910/20) but now there was 360 Josephine in 2010 and the average of the Josephine is 60yo

  • Hi! I love your selection! It’s a good selection of fairly trendy names here in France. Léandre isn’t actually pronounded Léandréé but Léandr, the e is mute:)
    Gread video and channel:)

  • My best friend is French, her name is Luel and her siblings are, girls: Elvie, Amalie ( which is French for Emily ), and Soleil ( which is French for sun) and her brother is called Atraou. I love French names❤️xx

  • Can you Czech baby name vlog? I’m half Czech I love the names for girls Anezka, Beta, Eliska, Viera, and Kryssa. For boys Miklos, Filip, Dominik, and Lukas,

  • I loved this list; I’m going through a phase of French/Italian names at the minute. One of my current favourite French names is Oceane (pronounced Oh-See-En).

    Solene, Olivier and Maeva are stunning!!

    I’ve been liking the idea of Estee and Lilou as twins, nicknamed Star and Lily so cute.

  • French names ��
    Sylvie, Chloé, Fleur, Margaux, Louise, Léa, Cyan, Mathilde, Manon, Claudine… so pretty!

    Can you do Spanish spunky names? Or classics
    Like Lourdes, Ines, Clara, Carmen, Alma
    Nature: Luna, Alba, Flor, Sol, Mar ��

  • Go check on google translate for the pronouciation. I’m french canadian and the video have some mistake but I can’t explain how to pronouce �� #toooomuchfrench

  • And thank you. My name is Etienne. And you say it perfectly. And it isn’t a girl name lol. A feminine form does exist, Etiennette but very very very rare. Etienne comes from stephanos..stephane..estephane..estienne.. people from the city of st etienne are stephanois.

  • I’m French (but I live in Denmark) and it sounds so sweet when you pronounce these names! It almost sound better with your accent! Haha! Interesting selection, some names like Olivier are for guys born in the 80’s but it’s coming back 😉 As an addition to your list, my daughter is called Salomé, which is also a bit old but coming back in trend (and it means “peace” 😉 )

  • Marielle �� I love Etienne as well, but don’t think my OH would go for it… I do love a french name. I also loved your Scandinavian names as my greats were from Norway (although I think where they were from is now part of Sweden) xx

  • Great video! I have a blog that focus on old, classic and vintage French names: I am sure you’ll appreciate it!! ☺️

  • When I first listened to your videos I thought your name was Estée! Love your videos they are definitely going to help my husband and I choose names xx

  • I’m only half way through and I’m dreading this ending. I am loving every name. No baby on the way though.. might just have to settle on naming my new chickens Lilou and Solene ��

  • My favorite girls name is Emmeline (which i would pronounce em-e-line) which means hardworking! Currently I like Emmeline Summer Rose or Emmeline Olivia Rose as the full name

  • The country of France is full of poets. The country of power feels very good to me. Your video footage looks better than that. Friend I do not make the mistake of watching a video. For which I subscribe to the 47 channel. Hope you will subscribe to my channel as a friend. I’m from Bangladesh. I want to maintain the bond of friendship between the two countries all my life. I hope you feel grateful to subscribe to my channel. Artist Khoka Bangladesh

  • Laura, Camille, Emilie, Morgane, Lola, Rose, Louise, Eva, Sarah, Heloise, Charlene, Sofia, Victoria, Maelys, Célia, Chloé, Mathilde,…

  • Margaux is another way to spell Margot. I also really love the French name Marinette, as well as Nadja, Felice which is commonly translated into Emilie which is the long form of Emily, Manon, Wayhem, Ivan, Mylene, Mirelle, Nathanel, Luka, Mayura, Wayzz, Tikki, Plagg, Trixx, Alya, Nino, Adrien, Hugo, Juleka and there’s so many more.

  • Speaking of St. Patrick’s day and French, there is this French singer, who had a worldwide hit with born to be alive, he named Patrick and he was born in France ����

  • You saw Jules more for girls than boys? I think you went on the wrong web site! Jules is the top 10 national for boys.
    I never heard half of those names!
    You got it right for Juliette, Joséphine, Margot (but it’s usually wrote Margaux) and that‘s pretty much it ��

  • Usually French hello! girls names end with a silent e, names with finishing with an À are most likely Spanish or Italian or from somewhere else, thus it would be Corine, by the way Jules is definitely a boys name☺️

  • I have a blog on old, vintage and classic French names: For sure the best way to find beautiful and chic French names ♥️

  • Jules is for boys julie is for girls most of the time there isn t much of jules as a french girl name.the most known Jules cesar ��

  • Helpful hints: Jules is a boy’s name (never used for girls). Corina and Geneva are not French names. Margot is not the French spelling. However, Marie-France, Brigitte, Colette, Madeleine, Jacqueline, Josette, Chantal, and Michele are very French.

  • I’m changing my name to Karoliena which is my current middle name but I still want a middle name I was thinking Solène! Just sharing

  • How about doing Spanish and Italian baby names? I love these names but it was hard to find ones people can pronounce and spell but that are still unique and foreign sounding…

  • Core-ee-nah is traditional pronunciation throughout Europe. Mostly used in the Eastern/Balkan European countries. I have a Friend named Corina.

  • Etienne pronounced not French is more like et-ti-EH like the Canadian stereotype, love this list I’m from Ontario Canada and my boyfriend is québécois our children will have to have French names, his family cants even say my name Oksana even tho it’s Roxanna without the R

  • Lisette is a french canadian name for an old woman here and also, Jules is a french canadian name for an old man but it’s pronounced like J-u-l-eh!

  • I love the name Geneva it could work to honor a Virginia or good eve alternative I love the name Esme but spelled Esmay I love Margo first time I heard it was on Despicable Me and then the second time the actress Margot Robbie I love delphine because my bestfriend loves dolphins and I love Josephine for my husband grandpa Joseph

  • I know like 15 Margot’ s. One of my friends name is Margot…but it is spelled Margeaux. Also a really pretty French name is Margareet.