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Telling Your Mom “I’M PREGNANT!” | Funny Reactions to Pregnancy Announcements

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You’re PREGNANT?! Funny Reactions To Pregnancy Announcements

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Here are some ways to deal with less than ideal responses from people when making your pregnancy announcement: Consider Who You Are Dealing With. Sometimes you’re dealing with people who love you and you really wanted them to be as happy as you are or at the very least supportive. True feelings will reveal themselves and maybe that’s not so bad. Starting a new journey, sometimes means removing the rusty anchors that are weighing you down.

You now have so much to look forward to! Best & Worst Reactions to my Pregnancy Announcement. Let’s talk about those friends and family reactions to my pregnancy announcement. A pregnancy announcement is usually a person’s way of sharing some very exciting news.

If they’ve included you in the list of people they want to know, hooray, you can now consider yourself an important part of their inner circle. To stay there, it’s important you react to the news in an appropriate manner. We are 16.4 weeks pregnant with bb # 2 which # 1 was only 7 mos old when we conceived. I was petrified to tell ANYONE for fear of a very negative response. We waited to tell anyone til I was 12 weeks, including our children.

We didn’t exactly get a negative reaction, but instead were not really getting much of a reaction. Just wait until you announce you’re pregnant with #3, #4, etc. Talk about unenthusiastic reactions. People are usually elated when they hear #1. And #2.

After that, you get “you do know how babies happen?” Or “did you cancel your cable or something?”. Does anyone have any family or friends that had bad/negative or even funny reactions? The first thing my MIL said when we announced our pregnancy was “Was it planned?” We had been married for a couple of years, in our late 20s and I think most friends and family found it pretty expected so her comment seemed so weird (and tacky!).

Anonymous wrote:With my first, everyone was happy about the announcement, but once we found out it was a girl and told people, DH’s grandmother left me a voicemail saying she hoped DH wasn’t too upset that it wasn’t a boy, and called him to express her sympathies that it wasn’t a boy. When we announced our second pregnancy, her immediate reaction was “I hope it’s a boy this time.”. That’s where birth announcements come in.

You may not know it yet, but come baby time your life will be a bit busy (understatement of the year). But if you take a gander at this delightful birth announcement collection we’ll let you in on a little known secret — you can mail these bad boys out without ever leaving your couch. Ive just now recently noticed that sims react differently to pregnancy announcements aka “share the news” interactions.

Anyway, I had my pregnant sim, Spring, share her pregnancy news with Night, the guy she has been woohooing a lot with aka the babies daddy but not her bf, and the reaction I. Watch these hilarious kids’ reactions to being told they’re having another sibling. SUBSCRIBE to Cosmopolitan: Cosmopolitan Of.

List of related literature:

Take their feelings into consideration when making announcements throughout the pregnancy process.

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So keep your announcement as simple, age-appropriate, and concrete as possible: “My belly is getting big.

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My announcement that I was pregnant didn’t bring the happy change in attitude toward me that I was anticipating.

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The announcement of our pregnancy, however, was met with a very different reaction.

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In August I announced my pregnancy on social media.

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For example, you might tell them, ‘I would have been so excited to have been pregnant with you!

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I think what terrified me the most was the way my inability to become pregnant had developed into community news.

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While the mother often senses she is pregnant, the announcement should be done with a personal approach.

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Announcement and realization of the pregnancy— father will exhibit excitement over the announcement of the pregnancy and is more interested in maternal changes.

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  • omg you cannot be serious. they are so rude i would not even call that a family. The dad is so freaking disrespectful. She is a pretty young girl and truely beautiful.

  • “You already got two! Why are you getting another baby, this is exasperating.. you better buy me some earplugs then” ������

    And the one with “#7” hahaha “omg omg y’all need to stop you’re like 80!” ������

  • Considering that there are no other references to pregnancy or babies on this channel, and in her videos throughout 2016 she’s still skinny and showing no bump, this is 99% likely fake.

  • I’m really sad because my mom might be having a baby. It has always been me and sister. We are 2 years apart. It feels weird and I’m going to miss the 4 of us together ����

  • i have a really funny story so my step mom got a stuffed bunny for my dad on easter and it had blue feet so my dad thought she was PREGNANT!!! with a baby boy (she was not)

  • I know this is probably fake but that is how some families function. There is a reason some people aren’t that close with their families. I have 3 brothers in the same city as me, between 10 and 20 minute drives and I see them about twice a year. My parents live in the next town over 45 minute drive and same there, I see them 2 3 times a year.

  • Uuugggghhh����������that’s it i watched enough of this sh!t i’ll never get in a relationship with female and i’m going to live a single life��

  • You can’t have your parents take care of your other kids when you should be taking care of them. And you shouldn’t be scared to tell your parents that your pregnant. Sure they were mad that you kept the secret from them but in the end they are happy that they are going to have another grandchild

  • I’m the oldest of 8 and cried happy tears every time I learned I’d get to be a big sister to another lil bean. Can’t imagine reacting like some of these kids…��✌��

  • She should of gotten the memo by now… 5 kids and her parents still helping her?? Smh I hope she goes through with law school…

  • The first one video was so funny you know why 2 of the kids or teens are so not happy cause they want love like a baby iam not judging telling da truth

  • If i was going to have another sibling I would be like “keep that thing away from me I’m not coming near it,thanks for coming to my tedtalk.”

  • These kids should be grateful to be getting a sibling. I’d kill to be a big brother. But I don’t think it’s happening since I’ll be 14 next month oh well.

  • I don’t think it’s fake but even if it is, let me remind all that some of us didn’t have on-camera “Full House” childhoods, or at least, we had the “behind the scenes” Full House experience. You know, the one where Danny and Joey are taking shots, Laurie is putting her daughter’s Bribe money in a jar and Jodi Sweetin is shooting heroin in a bathroom. My neighbour came over and told my dad he was going to have his 6th grandchild. My dad said, “I still have 0 and I hope it stays that way.” I also told my parents that my ex wife and I had an abortion clinic picked out just in case. (I live in a liberal blue state where we have the right to all types of abortion up to partial birth.) Who WOULDN’T sleep with her? Damn she’s hot as hell and if Dude is gay, then she still get him hard.

  • I will gladly take any of the baby’s from kids who don’t want them. I cant tell you how many times I’ve cried myself to sleep wishing for a baby sibling

  • this is real my husband used to be friends with her. but he is no longer friends with her because of the 25 year old shane. you dont chose a man over the well being of your children.

  • I am So glad my daughter took it so Well and was a pictures perfect big sister to her Baby bother. But they are only two years apart so

  • why do people hate so much have other brothers or sisters? (like, i kinda can understand the little ones, but the teens and etc… why?)

  • Okay, what the fuck? She is a fucking 40 year old, with 5 fucking kids! And she still RELYING on her AGING parents? She needs to grow the fuck up and learn how to take care of her own kids.

  • I call fake video… if this was real then the daughter took that very well for what her parents said… plus brother and sister couldn’t stop laughing. Fake…
    If not fake… girl… drop those loser parents of yours

  • When my mom told my sister she was pregnant, she broke down crying. When my mom announced it to me I got sad and said “you wont love me anymore” (I was only 4 at the time)

  • she has 5 kids? and shes 40? no you should take care of your own kids not rely on your parents to do it for you!! you are 40 for crying out loud! get your life together…

  • The older kids might react the way they does because they probably have to share everything with each other. Imagine they don’t have their own room and now ANOTHER child is introduced that is going to take up what little space they had.

  • OH MY GOSH!!! Her dad was being a complete A-hole!!! Her mom was a jerk! Grandma was mean and the kids were laughing as if it was ok to be so cruel!!! EXTREMELY TOXIC FAMILY

  • I remember when my mom told me and my sister that she was pregnant with our brother I was ecstatic but my sister on the other hand was about to jump out the window lol

  • I Don’t Know If This Is Fake, However I Do Know That This Sometimes Happens In Real Life ; The Family Members Aren’t Thrilled For A Myriad Of Reasons……. This Can & Does Cause A Huge Rift In The Family…….

  • 0:00 I bet their upset because they are going through a hard time in their life and feel like the addition will just make the already hard situation worse.

  • This fucking hurt so much. if i’m their daughter i’m gonna slap their face lol. the grandpa was so disrespectful insulting her daughter infront of others. that fuckin hurts so much as hell Useless parents

  • I always worry when the older kids get upset that it might be an indication the mother is a nightmare when pregnant or already puts too much responsibility for their siblings on to them.

  • The first ones are so mature and you can see the dissapointment on their faces, like “omg you re so stupid can t you see we have problems being three already”. They are really thinking about the future problems, I am so sorry for them. Because of the egoism of the parents some children don t have children, cause they have to struggle financially. My mom wanted another child and I normally want 2 children, but I always knew that if my mom would make another one I won t do 2 children anymore, maybe just one, to give him everything. This is how parents influence our lives…

  • After child #2 there shouldn’t be any reason to have more children, that’s ridiculous! Are they that bored with their already boring life that they need to add another kid?

  • People in the comments are either little kids or mentally ill people. OBVIOUSLY this is fake. I mean a lot of you idiots are actually asking if this is real or not. Jesus Christ! I hope an asteroid wipes us out.

    Video Category: ENTERTAINMENT
    Channel Description: “PG rated entertainment”

  • These are the worst parents I’ve ever seen they can’t even be happy for the daughter because they don’t wanna be called grandma and grandpa? Omg I feel so bad for her and the Siblings weren’t much of a help they should be a ashamed of them selves! My grandpa wasn’t happy that my mom my was pregnant but when I was born my grandpa could never be more happy that I was in this world. Those parents are so disgusting if they were my parents I would be so upset ����������������

  • I think my mom is trying to get pregnant and I’ve been the only child for so many years and I don’t want my mom to have another baby because I found out what she was trying to do and now I hate her�� and I will hate that baby too ��im a teenager.����������������������������������������

    My mom is 35 or 36 years old her boyfriend is 40 or 41 or 42 years old.

    I will file for adoption and I want to be adopted with another family and I am not living with my dad because of other problems in the family.

  • I would be mad if my parents had another kid cuz then I’ll end up having to take care of another kid that I didn’t even make because I’m the oldest. ��

  • I had a breakdown at 9 years old when my mom told me she was pregnant. I have an older brother and didn’t really want a younger sibling. Now I would die for my younger bro lol

  • Seroiusly F* these people Why did you even record this sh*, cant you just help her instead!!, Such rude family, and the dad saying “the worst Christmas ever”, and that guy recording straight to her face, that girl who keeps laughing, fuc* disgusting persons, I hope this is fake if not Goodluck for your baby!

    Sorry late

  • Honestly I feel bad for the first one. One of them looks like a teen and will probably have to partially take care of the baby that probably wasn’t planned. Why would you make shirts?

  • Was it me or did anyone hear her say to her son when he asked how is she going to support them? Oh that’s easy, Financial aid. You beyotch, those poor kids. You are ignorant and stupid. Its obvious her mother is not doing well. Get off your fat ass and take care of your shit.

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  • When older ones have a breakdown, you know you fucked up. My favourite is the three girls who all give her the death stare, throw the onesie down and leave the room. I can only hope that they cussed her out afterwards. This is is the only redeeming factor of having lives posted to the Internet; I want to a reaction video when the newest accident sees its “welcoming committee”.

  • Well,after the parents said”who is the father ” i started to understand the reason they refused and rude to her…. guess she is not even be dissapionted in the same way if my daughter said that bullshit before married.. poor girl..

  • I feel so bad for her. I just want to give her a big hug and tell her everything will be okay and I don’t even know her or the baby’s father.

  • You can do anything to better your life for you and ur kids if you just dedicate yourself and do time management. Having kids doesnt mean ur doomed.

  • I found out my mom was having her 4th kid and I cried. I never thought I’d have another baby sibling, March can’t come fast enough.

  • “And buy me some earplugs, too!”
    Seriously out of the mouths of babes.
    My four year old nephew strings together sentences like the first little boy in this video, and I’ve no idea how/where he learned those words. Like, dang kid. I know you’re talking better than I did at 4! LOL

  • This is from my sister: “I told my mother to “send it back”… but only if it was a sister.:) Fortunately she had a boy. Dad kind of wanted another girl, but when I decked a girl in preschool (a full left-hook to the face) and slammed her against a wall like they were hockey boards, he was glad I had a brother instead and never questioned why I had/have no girls for friends. lol.”

  • Can’t blame the parents… it’s just another mouth to feed that she clearly can’t support and is depending and expecting her parents to take care of her expenses? pfft.

  • All of these comments are pissing me off, like you guys don’t understand how life is sometimes. Sometimes birth control doesn’t work or it’s too late. She may have a had a rough life so stop acting like you understand and can judge her

  • My older sister (3 at the time) was excited that my mom was having a baby but she wanted a brother. She was told over the phone that I was a girl and she threw the phone on the ground and stormed to her room.

    Thankfully 7 years later when our little sister was born she had a better way of reacting when she once again didn’t get the brother she wanted ��