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If you have a prenatal blood test (NIPT), you may be able to find out your baby’s sex as early as 11 weeks of pregnancy. Ultrasounds may reveal sex organs by 14 weeks, but they aren’t considered fully accurate until 18 weeks. If you have CVS at 10 weeks, the results will reveal your baby’s sex by 12 weeks. Some people claim they can predict the baby’s sex by the way you’re carrying, but, again, there is no scientific proof that this is true. Still others use a “pendulum test” in which an object is.

But in general, most of the low-tech methods to influence a baby’s sex seem harmless, even if they don’t work, Frieder says. “It gives couples something to do while they are waiting to get. Originated from Qing Dynasty (1644 1911 AD), the Chinese Gender Chart or Birth Chart is widely used to predict baby’s sex. It is based on two elements: the mother-to-be’s lunar conception month and Chinese lunar age when the baby is conceived. Morning sickness may be a predictor of baby’s gender.

Many women claim that they feel much sicker when they are pregnant with a girl than with a boy. And, research tends to support this claim as well. Several studies have found that women who had hyperemesis gravidarum (or extreme morning sickness) were more likely to be pregnant with girls. The Baby Gender Calculator is based on the ancient Chinese Pregnancy Calendar which is said to be able to predict whether you will have a boy or a girl based on the mother’s age and month of conception.

Find out your baby’s gender with the Baby Gender Predictor now!Our Chinese Gender Predictor tries to determine your baby’s sex based on an ancient Chinese gender chart and the Chinese lunar calendar, using your age and when you got pregnant. Legend says the chart is more than 700 years old and was discovered in a royal tomb.

There’s no scientific proof that the Chinese Gender Predictor works. ‘Sexy Baby’ Clip: Young Girls Discuss Porn. More. Documentary looks at how technology and pornography are shaping the sexual identity of young girls. 3:00 | 10/16/12.

Read Full Story. The short answer is no — there’s not much the average couple can do to affect a baby’s sex. While old wives’ tales suggest that a woman’s diet or sexual position during conception can affect a baby’s sex, these theories remain unproved. But you may be wondering if there’s anything, short of noninvasive prenatal testing and prenatal diagnostic tests like CVS and amnio, that can clue you in to your baby-to-be’s sex.

The answer is yes — and no. Findings from numerous studies yield clues that can point to an increased probability of which gender you’re carrying.

List of related literature:

Although your baby’s sex is determined at conception, male and female babies appear the same until the embryo is about nine weeks old.

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Usually, the genitals can be seen and the sex surmised, although with less than 100 per cent reliability and depending on baby’s co-operation (if you’d like to keep the sex a surprise until delivery, make sure you let the doctor or technician know this in advance).

“What to Expect When You're Expecting 4th Edition” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
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A sperm contains an X or a Y chromosome, so the male determines the sex of the baby.

“Mosby's Essential Sciences for Therapeutic Massage E-Book: Anatomy, Physiology, Biomechanics, and Pathology” by Sandy Fritz, Luke Fritz
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For many contemporary parents, the twenty-week sonogram signals the start of real shopping and gift showers, focused on the child’s revealed sex.

“Pink and Blue: Telling the Boys from the Girls in America” by Jo B. Paoletti
from Pink and Blue: Telling the Boys from the Girls in America
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But in its rarity it has something to teach all of us, about how to think about the genetics of sex, and about the correspondence between our chromosomes—the readout from a fetal chromosome screen that will tell you, Tada!, your baby is a girl or a boy—and our brains and our bodies.

“Woman: An Intimate Geography” by Natalie Angier
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Many parents want to learn the sex of the baby as soon as possible rather than wait until birth.

“Mosby's Pocket Guide to Cultural Health Assessment E-Book” by Carolyn D'Avanzo
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Contrary to the belief held by many people that the woman determines the sex of the child (women are sometimes even blamed for the child having the “wrong” sex), it is actually the father’s sperm that determines the child’s sex.

“Human Development” by D. A. Louw
from Human Development
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And for some parents, it is during the middle trimester of the pregnancy that they begin to think about how they want to raise that boy or girl child.

“Exploring the Dimensions of Human Sexuality” by Jerrold S. Greenberg, Clint E. Bruess, Sarah C. Conklin
from Exploring the Dimensions of Human Sexuality
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Now right at the beginning, when the baby is inside the mother and still very tiny, it has the equipment to make both types of sexual organs.

“Families and how to Survive Them” by A. C. Robin Skynner, John Cleese
from Families and how to Survive Them
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At the 20-week anomaly scan it can be possible to determine the sex of the baby, depending on the baby’s position.

“Patient Centered Care in Medical Imaging and Radiotherapy E-Book” by Aarthi Ramlaul, Martin Vosper
from Patient Centered Care in Medical Imaging and Radiotherapy E-Book
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  • These people are aware that in the past there was a hgih prasentege off birthe raleted deths that why wee invented ways to prevent it

  • Gender preference doesn’t compare to the love a parent should have for their child. Male or female. I tried for 6 years to get pregnant, I’m 7 days away from my gender scan and as long as it’s healthy and here come Nov 28th. That’s more than we ever hoped for after so long and being diagnosed “infertile” in 2016.

  • had babies three different ways,…c section, “regular”( with no pain meds) and induced because I’d been pregnant for 42 weeks and was starting to get kidney stones.

    May oldest was born “the regular way” ( and I regret no having any pain medication…24 hours was an awful long time for that), my “middle kid” was born via a c-section( not going to get into the why’s and wherefore’s of how that happened), any my little guy was born so quickly after I was induced that he was born with a caul( considered rare I was told…he was born with the membranes around him still intact))

    I can’t speak for anyone else, but there was no such things as a “normal” birth for me, each was different.

  • I can see wanting to have a different setting for a birth but going out 100 miles away from a hospital is stupid. It’s not only putting the baby in danger but the mother as well. Anything could happen, too much bleeding or shoulder dystocia. That’s why you need an emergency medical team nearby.

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