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If you are beyond week 37 of your pregnancy and your baby is transverse, your doctor may want to do an external cephalic version to coax your baby into a more optimal position. External cephalic. Your transverse lying baby will often turn once the first twin is born as there is more space for your baby to move. If this doesn’t occur naturally, the second twin will generally be able to be turned, so that it can be born vaginally, in either a head-first or breech position. on Turning a Transverse (or Breech) Baby.

Sticky post. Many pregnant moms become distressed when they find out baby is transverse or breech; often with just weeks left before their estimated due date (EDD). This puts a spin on things because if baby doesn’t turn ‘in time’ a care provider will often recommend that the woman have a cesarean birth.

If the transverse position has been detected in the early stages or before the baby has settled down, there are some ways through which the baby can be turned. However, these are performed only on the doctor’s advice, based on your medical condition. Of course, if the head moves laterally, Ruiz says the baby will move into a transverse lie, and you’ll end up with a cesarean section. In a normal shaped uterus, the forces of uterine contractions. The baby will stay transverse when the pelvic inlet (brim) is not symmetrical or the lower uterine segment (the lower part of the womb where the head would normally settle) is not symmetrical.

Crossing our legs, holding toddlers on our favorite hip, a fall, etc. can put a twist in the lower uterine segment. A transverse lie is a position in which the baby lies sideways. This makes a vaginal pregnancy impossible.

In most of the cases, a C-section is recommended. If a transverse lie position is diagnosed late during the pregnancy, the chances of the baby staying in. The baby is born very quickly once they start. When you hear the suction going, the baby will be out in a minute or so.

Most of the time is spent closing the incision, but you’re so interested in your baby that you really don’t notice much. You have the option of being asleep if you want. Other than that you get a spinal block and a catheter.

Here are some tips that can help you turn your breech or transverse baby to a heads-down or normal position. Walking: This is the most easy and convenient exercise that you can indulge in during. Turn a Breech baby with Pre and Postnatal expert Lorraine Scapens shows you exercises that you can do at home to help you.

List of related literature:

It may not be hard to turn the transverse baby if the mother is not in labor or is in early labor, but if labor is advanced, a cesarean is likely to be necessary.

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If the first baby is vertex and the second baby is breech, your caregiver may attempt to turn the second baby after the vaginal birth of the first, or the second baby may be born in the breech presentation.

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The options are limited to making every effort to help the baby turn, to birth the baby in the breech position, or to resort to a surgical birth.

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If your baby is in a breech position, your provider may be able to use a process called external cephalic version to manually turn your baby to a head-down position about three or four weeks before your due date.

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Transverse babies often shift to cephalic in late pregnancy.

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In one case-controlled study, breech-delivered infants were compared with cephalic-delivered infants (matched for sex, birth weight, gestational age, maternal age, parity, and year of delivery) at 4 to 10 years of age.

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If it is transverse, the doctor may attempt external version to bring the fetus into a longitudinal position.

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In addition to abdominal delivery and total breech extraction, there is the option of external cephalic version (i.e., attempting to turn a nonvertex fetus to vertex by abdominal manipulation).

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If the second twin presents as transverse or breech, external cephalic version under ultrasound guidance may be attempted.

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It may occur if the muscle is torn due to excessive traction or twisting during the birth of the anterior shoulder of a fetus with a cephalic presentation, or during rotation of the shoulders when the fetus is being born by vaginal breech or caesarean section.

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  • Went in to be induced today & found out baby is transverse with head on left side so we went home. Should I sleep on my left side? Do I have enough time to try??

  • helo, im 32 weeks pregnant and baby is in transverse, also 2 loops of cord has been surrounded baby’s neck.. can i try the exercise to get the baby’s head down..

  • Hi dear, I’m 26 weeks and found that my baby’s head is on my right side and legs are at left.. I mostly sleep on my left side.. which side should I sleep and should I start doing these exercises or wait for another ultrasound at 30-32 weeks? Thanks for help.

  • Hello, am on my 39 weeks today and I learned that my baby is breeched. It was head down on my previous appointment at 38 weeks. The doctor adviced me to do CS on Monday and kind of worried. Will my baby will be OK? Can I just do this exercise? I need your prayers.

  • I m ninth month fifteen days I feel my baby is trasverese position and sometimes breech position…. If I would do what u said will my baby turn

  • Omg I’m dying of cuteness at Brayden and how excited he is to be big brother! What a cutie!!! He is going to be an awesome big brother!!! ������

  • Baby’s head keeps digging into my right hip (oblique position) and it HURTS so bad!! I couldn’t figure out which side to sleep on to encourage vertex position until I watched this video when I slept on my right side, last night, she moved! Hooray! Now I will keep away from forward flexed hips to hopefully keep her there (and hopefully get that head to engage so I can go into labor!)
    Thanks so much for this concise and informative video!!

  • This has been most helpful! My baby was on a cephalic position at 34weeks but turned Frank Breech on my 37th week. My OB was already telling me to prepare for CS but I insisted to have another ultrasound a week after bec I’m really trying to have a normal delivery. Now, baby’s position is back in cephalic! I did most of the exercises here but I felt baby moved on the 2nd exercise. I don’t care now if my ribs hurt because of all the kicking, I’m just happy he turned head down. Thank you!

  • this is so useful. Remember to stay fit and strong if you’re doing weights, remember to go high reps/low weights. Legs are also best compound exercises that are safe during pregnancy walks, jogs, squats, lunges.
    you’ll be so much stronger for it during birth. Get prepared for after birth too. I got a box of the postpartum essentials for just $48.99 at nursineabox dot com
    Frankly, the others are all gift boxes priced at $80-120 with so many useless things.
    Oooh also, get resistance bands to stay in tone gals. They’re cheap and adjust to the level of resistance thats perfect for you

  • Hi! Im 36 weeks on the way of my pregnancy and I just had my ultrasound and found out that my baby’s transverse. I reach for an exercise that will turn him before my due date and I’m so gonna do this. I hope it works.:)

  • I went to see doctor on 32nd week, and they told that my baby girl is in breech position. I found this video and decided to try. I was thinking if my baby turns, I will definitely write a comment here. So I started to do the exercises from this video. Some of them I could do only for 2 weeks and the rest I did all the way. And when I went to see doctor next time at 36th week, my baby turned already. I was very happy! Thank you very much! I don’t know at which point my baby turned, but probably exercising helped!

  • Hi…I m 37weeks plus 4days..right occipito posterior position..which side do I sleep? And do I need to all the above exercises shown…pls guide

  • hlo mam my wife is in 37th month baby is still stucked in breech position should we go ahead with the exercises??
    dr has recomend the delivery aftet 11-13 days from today
    plz help we dont want to go for c section reply asap

  • This is probably the greatest video I’ve ever seen. At 30 weeks my midwife told me today he’s transverse so naturally I’m looking up ways to help flip him, and this was such a delightfully adorable video. Thank you!

  • Thank you so much for these helpful tips! I am 33 weeks and my baby was transverse. I did the exercises one night and the baby flipped! Thank you so much!

  • 31 weeks only and baby is transverse. I know i still have time but looks like i should practice. I don’t know how i will manage those positions without severe heartburn.

  • This works!! I had an inversion scheduled the day after I tried this and the baby was head down at my appt, Can’t believe these exercises worked!

  • Hey hi, I am in my 37th week now, this is my second baby, first one was emergency c section due to baby’s muconium. And now she is 2 1/2 years old and currently in my 37th week and doc told me that my baby is in occipital posterior position, can u guide me with what excerise I should do to change the baby’s position to occipital anterior position

  • Hi, looking for some advice! I am currently 34 weeks and my baby is still breech. My OB hadn’t really suggested any natural methods so I began doing my own research. The exercise on the bean bag with your hips raised sounds like a breech tilt that I’ve read so much about. But I’ve also read that you should only complete this if baby is breech. Is it because baby could flip back to breech if he is head down? Or could it cause harm? I am desperate to try anything to get him to flip. But I’m worried that maybe he has flipped and I just can’t tell and am scared to Continue the breech tilt since I’ve read not to do this if baby is head down. But if it won’t cause harm to continue this exercise, id like to keep trying to ensure I’ve done everything I can to get him to flip. I would hate to think he’s flipped and he hasn’t and I’ve avoided an exercise that could help him get there. Thank you in advance for your advice!

  • Thank you! Most of the other advice I’ve seen does not sound doable with my huge belly (36 weeks and awkward, switching between footling breech and transverse). Using a pillow under the hips sounds perfect! I’m hoping he’ll turn before the ECV scheduled for next week, since I’ve heard they can be very painful.

  • Same here I tried all can of excises for turn the baby didn’t work, 39.5 days I checked the baby head naturally was down. In hospital keep me and they induced me.

  • 10 hip circles, hip raised 3x a day 10-20 minutes with pillows put ice pack on his head, sit with hips open legs open, sleep on the right side… AVOID: slouching, don’t tilt hips, chest up, avoid laying back into a chair and closing legs.

  • Im 32 weeks and my baby is in transverse postion head on the left feet on the right ive been sleeping on the left and i cant sleep im going to start your exercises tonight but should i sleep on my right

  • Hii today is 26 weeks plus & find the baby position is in breech. We will try all your advise for sure & will keep update you as well

  • 3 days ago My baby was transverse but today during My pre natal check up My baby turn already into cephalic, thank God! Thank you for this video…:)

  • Hello ma’am, can i do these exercises as i am 28 weeks pregnent and my baby is in transverse position will it help me???? Please reply ��

  • My baby was breech two weeks ago. I have been on the ball for two weeks and have done the inversion the first week for 10-15 mins. Didn’t do the ice much, a little skeptical about that. And thank you Lord, my baby is head down today on my check up

  • You are super funny and have such a great sense of humor! Ill be 33 weeks saturday and my baby girl was breach 2 weeks ago and now she is transverse!�� i have been doing so much research and preparation to have a water birth, i really hope i can get her to go head down and stay that way!

  • Thank you so much for your video. I am from India. After I saw your video my baby in breech position turned and I delivered normal and healthy baby…. she born on 29th Feb, 2020.

  • I’m going on 3 days trying these techniques. All she did was move from my right side to the middle of my stomach. Gonna keep trying…

  • I’m not sure if my baby is breech or transverse (currently 33 weeks). Our appointment at 30 weeks, the midwife couldn’t really determine position, but heard heart beat in such a place that she seemed to think our baby was head up. Until then she had always been pretty transverse. Often feel movements/kicks in the mid-low belly, often on the side waist in the middle. My question is: If you’re not positive of baby’s position, is it safe to do these exercises “just in case” or to encourage/reinforce baby into an optimal position? If baby IS in the optimal position, would these exercises possibly flip baby into a breech position?

  • hlo mam mera 9 th month khatam ho gya hai aur baby tranverse position me hsi aur mera pehla baby 3 saal pehle opration se hua tha.?

  • Hi madam, Im in 32weeks right now and baby is in transverse position, head to the maternal left.. Also found that there r two loops of cord surrounded baby’s neck.. Is it safe to do these exercise since cord is surrounded neck? Pls do reply and help me dear.. Thank you