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Live Pregnanct test!! Multiple brands!!10 DPO Faint Lines?!?!?

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Digital pregnancy tests better than traditional

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Battle of the Blye Dyes! LIVE Pregnancy Testing!

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PINK DYE vs. BLUE DYE for PREGNANCY TESTS & OPKs (which test is best!)

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Dye tests tend to be more sensitive to hCG, making them better options for earlier use. While pink dye tests win for internet popularity, they boast a similar sensitivity to blue dye options. Pink lines tend to be easier to see when testing early compared to blue lines. First Response brand pregnancy tests are considered by many to be the best and most accurate tests you can buy (the price reflects this, of course), and they use pink dye. The choice is yours, of course, but my advice would be to purchase a pink dye test. Well, according to many women who regularly do pregnancy tests because they are hoping for a baby each month, there is a large difference between pregnancy tests that use blue dye, and pregnancy tests that use pink dye.

Which one is better, and why? Of course, there are expensive and cheap pregnancy tests on the market. I don’t notice a difference between the blue and pink, but haven’t had a lot of experience with blues.

I think I took one when I got my BFP with a pink for my DD and it looked the same to me. As far as the digitals go, I think people wait to get them because they’re so much more expensive than the traditional tests and they don’t want to waste them on BFNs. Digital pregnancy tests should not be used for early testing; however, they will take the guess-work out of reading the results. They are great for “confirming” a positive result or for use after a missed period.

Pink dye pregnancy tests are better than blue dye pregnancy tests. Pink dye tests are usually easy to read and are less likely to give you a false-positive result or evaporation line. I’ve heard that blue dye can give more false positives than pink dye.

For a good quality basic test I think the tescos own is v good (I also have a digi with conception indicator which I will use to confirm pg when I’ve got a BFP (big fat positive (pregnancy test)) on another test) x. I took the Equate Early Pregnancy test (with blue dye) yesterday morning and this morning and both gave me a very strong positive result right away-within 1 minute. I thought I was pregnant but now I read that blue dye tests are not reliable. Is it right that u don’t get evap lines on tests that use pink dye?

I heard it’s only the blue dye tests that do this. Comments from original poster (3) Comments from original poster (3) Load more. Comment. If it’s pink it’s a BFP (big fat positive (pregnancy test)).

Ross says the pink dye tests are the most accurate and reliable, as well as being easier to interpret than the blue dye tests. As for which tests are the most sensitive and can give you a positive. It depends on where you are in your cycle. While digitals are easier to read, they tend to be less sensitive than pink dye tests. If you want to test before you miss your period, a pink dye test is recommended (14).

If you get a negative result but don’t really trust the test results, repeat the test.

List of related literature:

Other tests merely require urinating on a chemical-coated Stick, which changes color if the woman is pregnant.

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Some women test multiple brands to make sure that they all are positive.

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These tests usually show a color change when a particular subunit of the hormone hCG reacts with the test substances.

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The commercial kits can show a positive reaction with color change when the urinary hCG levels are >50 IU/L or with some kits >25 IU/L. The woman would be able to know about her pregnancy within 1 week of missing her period using this test.

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Safer screening test for pregnant women.

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The test is more sensitive the darker the illumination and the smaller the screen.

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If the test does not function properly, no pink lines will be visible.

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False positives are fairly common as any reducing substance can cause the color change.

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The accumulation of complexes shows up as a line of the dye at the window, indicating a positive pregnancy test.

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Testing is expensive.

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  • i took a test and i could’ve swore i saw a line but i wasn’t sure. so i waited a while and got nervous so i went back and looked and it was a pink half a line. what does that mean

  • Its not a fake line for a fake positive. It wouldn’t make a + if it weren’t’re misreading the lines..i took apart mine just to see and well it did make a positive..still i got a negative on digitals and positive on bluedye i guess I’ll wait a few days to test again i heard digitals take longer to read positive..fingers crossed

  • Wow people…. It’s not a fake line. Your positive result is simply a VERTICAL LINE. I hope you realize this by now. The horizontal fixed line is just for the benefit of seeing a PLUS SIGN if it’s positive

  • problem being the milli-International Units per milliliter (mIU/ml) sensitivity is different the line tests will be showing you a positive before the digital says Pregnant.

  • It’s the equate one step pregnancy test. Mom used this brand only and found out she was pregnant with all 9 of her kids with this test. I don’t find it faulty at all really.

  • That almost feels Fraudulent to me! That make me super irritated because alot of women rely on those tests to be accurate���� i say we call that company and seriously complain. Thats messin with alot of women’s emotions!

  • All the +/blue tests are this way, including Clear blue. I assume it’s to prevent the dye from bleeding out from negative line into the positive one.

  • wait I don’t get it because those tests are supposed to have the plastic line there? those and the equate +/tests have the plastic line

  • See mine show the same way with my daughter my test was very faint and did not show for a few house so i said no way but i was 2 months pregnant shes a year now..and now i took 5 test one negative and 4 very faint but also didnt show till later expect one showed with in the time i keep saying its evaps but id be about 11 weeks now should the line be darker…?

  • The blue dye yet devastated us last cycle. I will never test blue dye again! I had a two false positives:( it was with clear blue.

  • wow that is nuts what the heck is with that fake line?? i agree you should get more people in on this and call and complain you could be a part of a huge suit and get money for your emotional damage its caused 😉 thats what i would say, seriously hope you dont get those again, thats a mind f*^% at its finest.

  • Not to be rude with the question but how often do you and your husband do the deed. I’ve been trying to conceive for 2 years now and I have PCOS. People say don’t have sex everyday because it lessons the chance to get pregnant. No one I know is trying to conceive so just curious.

  • So I got an off brand Kroger type 2 test blue lines and they are faint. 5 days early. But took a first response and its nothing.. Do you like the first response I keep seeing different opinions on first response is it waste of money

  • I just took a rexall pregnancy test today and it’s a very very faint line. But when I took the test strip out it’s a little bit darker. I have been pregnant before I just got over a miscarriage a month ago so But I haven’t gotten my first period yet. Not sure if I’m pregnant or not

  • Hey I’ve been looking an having faint test too I see a faint line I’m 7 days til my period it comes right up I buy test everyday I feel so weird for this but hey ��

  • You should get the pack on amazon that have like 100 girl! They work well also no need to spend big bucks on those name brand ones

  • Ugh guys help! I know that blue dyes are Notorious for having those false positive faint lines, but I’ve taken 12 of them and they ALL have a faint line!! Does the world hate me or am I pregnant?!

  • This gives me hopes I took 2 pregnancy test with the 5 day sooner and it was faint but you can see the blue I took it way b4 my missed period cause my mother in las said she had a dream I was pregnant and I had already had a feeling so I took one and then the 2nd one 4 days later and it was still faint positive I’m waiting 2 weeks till I take another one ☝️ hopefully I am if only I can post my pictures of the test ������

  • I said a prayer for you that God blesses you to conceive a baby❤ I don’t know if you’re religious or not, but I just felt the need to say a prayer for you sweetheart. God’s got this!

    Don’t rule out the digital test, it’s the opposite of what you said, they’re more sensitive. Look at her video. Mine happened the same as hers. First response gave me a negative and I got my positive on a clear blue digital and I was 12 dpo.

  • My wife has faint lines in all of her test after they dried up. Is it possible for them to be evap lines on all of them? Only this cycle tho.

  • Hey girl, I am following your story! I hope you get that reassurance and it really is a positive! Also, look into early ultrasound place. ����