Are Frequent Braxton-Hicks Contractions Reason to be concerned


How do I tell the difference between Braxton Hicks contractions, baby movements & real contractions?

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Having frequent Braxton-Hicks contractions isn’t usually cause for concern, but you should know the difference between Braxton-Hicks and other kinds of contractions. Learn all about it here. Braxton-Hicks aren’t the only cause of abdominal pain and cramping during pregnancy. And labor isn’t the only other option.

Consider if you might be experiencing one of the following conditions. Braxton Hicks contractions are a normal part of a healthy pregnancy, and become more common in the later months. They are thought to increase the uterine blood flow and the transfer of oxygen to. They are not thought to have a role in dilating the cervix but might have some impact on the softening of the cervix. However, as Braxton Hicks contractions intensify nearer the time of delivery, the contractions are often referred to as false labor.

When this occurs, it can help the dilation and effacement process. Braxton Hicks contractions are rarely a cause for worry, so if you feel these contractions, don’t let yourself get too stressed! Unless the contractions aren’t letting up, or they’re getting more intense, frequent, or painful, you don’t need to contact your doctor. Braxton Hicks contractions may get your body ready for true labor.

They may increase blood flow to the placenta. The placenta forms during pregnancy and provides oxygen and nutrition to your unborn baby. The placenta also removes waste products from the.

Braxton Hicks usually are not even strong enough to register on the monitor. The nurse will check your cervix to see if you are dilating. If they register and your cervix is starting to change, you could possibly be in “pre-term” labor and if you are prior to the 37 th week of pregnancy there is cause for concern. Braxton Hicks contractions are annoying. That’s just the best way to describe them.

They aren’t really painful but they kind of make me have to stop whatever I’m doing and hunch over a little bit and focus on my breathing. The tightness of my abdomen just makes me feel like an overinflated beach ball. We typically do not recommend bed rest for Braxton Hicks contractions. If you are having more than 6 in an hour, we would want to evaluate you to make sure they are not mild pre-term labor contractions.

We would also be concerned if you developed bleeding. While, yes, Braxton Hicks contractions are totally normal, any changes from your regular daily pattern might indicate something to discuss with your care team. How do I know my “regular daily pattern”?

Timing contractions will help you see your contraction pattern and how it changes.

List of related literature:

Irregular uterine contractions, called “Braxton Hicks contractions,” occur normally as pregnancy progresses; however, frequent or regular contractions should not be ignored.

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Because Braxton Hicks contractions may occur and are normal in some pregnant women during pregnancy, there is no reason to notify the health care provider.

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Because Braxton Hicks contractions may occur and are normal in some pregnant women during pregnancy, there is no reason to notify the primary health care provider.

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Early in pregnancy, these sensations, termed Braxton Hicks contractions, are not noticeable.

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3 Rationale: Braxton Hicks contractions are irregular, painless contractions that may occur intermittently throughout pregnancy.

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While irregular (Braxton Hicks) contractions are common throughout the third trimester, regular contractions more frequent than five or six per hour may be a sign of preterm labor and should be assessed.

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Increased perception of Braxton Hicks contractions (irregular, mild uterine contractions that occur throughout pregnancy and become stronger in the last trimester) often makes sleep difficult at the end of pregnancy.

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Prelabor contractions, also called Braxton-Hicks contractions, may occur frequently in late pregnancy.

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Braxton Hicks contractions are irregular and painless contractions that occur intermittently throughout pregnancy.

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Prior to the onset of labour, painless irregular uterine tightenings, known as ‘Braxton Hicks’ contractions, become increasingly frequent.

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  • Mine hurt, hurt, hurt! They feel like severe menstrual cramps. Surge really bad for a few seconds, then they go away. I am really confused, but my aunt just told me to breathe in deep… it’s helpful!

  • I’m 35 weeks pregnant, and I’m not sure if I’m feeling Braxton Hicks or not but I’m feeling what you described the video! Tightness, my daughter feels like she wants to pop out my skin. I feel like I have to pop or push something out of me

  • My Braxton Hicks feel like a tightening and a lot of pressure in my pelvic area, I’m 27 weeks. They were very painful, I needed to take a hot shower for them to go away.

  • Man PLEASE….I’m 27 weeks & ive been walking at work all day today & they hurt so bad I had to bend over & take breaths. They lastes for a few seconds then stopped. Then started again. But of course labor is murder & Hicks has nothing on that.

  • My upper abdomen goes rock hard and it’s really uncomfortable. However it only does it every now and then. I’m 37 weeks and I think they’re Braxton? But how can I really know..

  • They arent that painful. I have had a couple already. I am 33 weeks now. I just started getting them. I only have 7-9 weeks more to go. Hopefully 7 weeks if he comes on time.

  • My belly gets really hard and it feels like my baby is tugging on my insides. I was telling my fiancé that he is either turning, balling up or pulling at the cord and to give me a minute. Also it’s hard for me to catch my breath when this happens and I get warm.

  • My wife been contracting for the past 8hours irregular 26min and she is shaking in pain that lasts about 20second. Hospital telling me to wait…… dont know what to do 4:21am

  • I’m 33 weeks and haven’t had any abdominal tightening. The only thing I get occasionally are these random what I call “period feelings” just above my bladder which aren’t contractions according to my doctor. It feels just like period bloating tbh. I was never the type to get cramps on my period either.

  • I’m 33 weeks along. After alot of walking it was like the baby forcing to me pelvis it was painful,4 to 5mins apart and lasted for 12 hours

  • My stomach turns into a tight square. �� no pain but just weird. I first got them at 29 weeks with my first daughter and like 18 weeks with my second!

  • Mines started @ 39 weeks & 2 days… I’ve been dilated 2 centimeters for days now almost a week already & still no baby yet… they feel very painful, stomach tightening, & when I walk it feels like I have a ball between my legs… also I’ve been leaking yellowish mucus.. I’m due August 15 & the pain just comes & goes so I have no idea what is even going on lol

  • I’m 31 weeks and 5 days. I don’t know if it’s a contraction/BH or if it’s my baby kicking.
    It doesn’t really hurt. Just uncomfortable

  • Just finding this video and it’s been so helpful! Thank you! My Braxton Hicks feel like a tightening/pressure in my belly (like a pressure pushing from the inside of my belly out If that makes sense). Some are painful, some are just uncomfortable. Most take my breath away!

  • Well I’m 18 weeks and 4 days today the pain I felt was like a crampy sensation and it kinda hurt but it wasn’t that painful and it was at the middle of my belly mind u this is my first child so it really feels tight kinda funny and i be like oww they hurt

  • Sometimes I get this period cramps but it’s not that serve as a period cramp no blood is associated with it but it’s also associated with lower back pain.

  • I’m 32 weeks and it feels like cramp in the front area of my belly and tightening and also like menstrual cramps in the lower part of my belly along with tightening….its painful….

  • Mine are exactly how you described yours. My lower tummy goes rock hard and then it feels like a need a wee! But they go in minutes. They are not painful just uncomfortable and I’ve been having them since around 18 weeks

  • Mine feel like my stomach is forming into a ball. I didn’t know what they were because I was expecting period cramps. So this video really helped. Thank you sm.

  • Hi so I’m about 23 weeks and I experienced my first one yesterday and the best way I can describe it is the soreness and tightness you feel after an abs work out. My stomach was just really tight. It wasn’t painful, just uncomfortable in a way.

  • I’m currently 31 weeks and I feel tightening at the top of my belly. It doesn’t hurt or anything. It tightens up and then release. Is this Braxton Hicks? I’m a FTM so I have no clue.

  • Hey!! I am 29w 6d. I am just starting to get them. They feel like cramps in my lower abdomen. Like one long cramp that last for a min or two. Hope that helps someone:)

  • I’m at 25weeks and just started feeling them, definitely tightening of my entire stomach and sort of a shocked pain going down the front and underneath of my stomach. I think I caused them by walking too much this past week, stressing about preparing everything for baby’s arrival.

  • I never had them until today and I blame that on my doctor for man handling my vajayjay this morning. I was scared but this video put me at ease so thank you.

  • Thanks for explaining, I was really confused on why my bump felt really firm and hard at times, but only for a short period of time. I’m only 23 weeks but I had always thought Braxton Hicks didn’t come until later in pregnancy. For me they don’t hurt at all, at least not yet, I’ve only noticed it a couple of times in the last two weeks or so. Just wanted to say thank you for this video, I’ll try and stay even more hydrated! ��❤️

  • I experienced my first braxton hicks when I was 16 weeks pregnant, and now Im going 19 weeks. My belly feels rock hard, but will relax again after a couple of minutes. Sometimes its longer but its not painful at all. I noticed that it really happen when my bladder is full or after an orgasm. I freaked out when I first experienced it because I didn’t know if thats normal, I contacted my OB and she prescribed me with an isoxsuprine, because she thinks I might be in an early labor. �� But its just braxton hicks! Now Im at ease knowing that everything is just normal. ��

  • I’m 36 weeks pregnant and have been feeling Braxton-hicks for a few days now.. it’s like a lightening pain all across the top of my belly..

  • I’m 28 weeks and last few days I’ve had constant back ache and my stomach cramps come and it feels like if you have bad stomach and cramps hurt and make me want to go the loo �� is this BH?

  • Mine start at my abdomen and move to my lower back. And those hurt so bad, thankfully they don’t last long. Its like a strong/ short contraction.

  • I’m 32 weeks pregnant with twins and a few days ago my stomach began to feel really hard off and on randomly just how you described, but there’s no pain accompanied by it at all and I only notice the hardness when I rub or poke at my belly, are these Braxton Hicks?

  • I had to go to the hospital because I was contracting every minute so they had to give me two shots because the contractions were not stopping and I’m only 33 weeks and 4 days pregnant.

  • Oh my..they in my second trimester..feels like a.menstrual cramp..lying on my left side makes me feel better..I agree on becoming rock hard…feels like labour…

  • Started in my late second trimester and it’s tight with pressure in my chest; like I can’t breathe. Ways to relieve:
    Switch positions if laying down I’d roll to the other side, get up and wlk or put fan in my face; if trying to sleep.

  • They started mostly like menstrual cramps and are painful. I still feel them in the pelvic area. However, lately it’s like my whole stomach has been squeezing which causes shortness of breath and discomfort in my chest and throat. I feel like that’s odd. That’s why I’m here.

  • i’m 31 weeks, right now mine feel like they are in the lower part of my belly. my baby has been head down for the last 4/5 weeks and hasn’t really moved so maybe that’s why i feel them in the same spot? it doesn’t hurt but it feels like a tightening of my lower stomach and it lasts about 1-2 minutes (max) and every so often.

  • 39 weeks today and been having Braxton Hicks all evening. They are super random/ sporadic. For me I feel pressure low in my pelvis/cervix, and my belly gets tight around baby and it changes the shape of my belly.

  • I’m 34 weeks, with my first baby. Im not really sure what I’m feeling lol, but I feel like it might just be Braxton Hicks. Feels like he’s in there balling up, kind of crampy feeling, heavy feeling in my pelvis area. Also feels like I need to poop.

  • Omg this helped so much, I’m 28weeks nd started having contraction like pains nd panicked thinking I’m going into labour but the way u explained I feel pains nd tummy tightening on the right side only which explains baby movement. Thnk u so much

  • I’m on my 36weeks, Atm I’m having Braxton Hicks, and i can feel her pushing down, it gives me cramps on my hips and legs.. and my mucus plug are gone,am i going to labor early? my due is on Aug. and it’s only july 15th ��

  • 30 weeks and mine are usually early in the morning when I have to pee really bad but I can’t move until they go away or if I’ve been relaxing after a full meal, belly just tightens and I can’t move but it’s not necessarily painful

  • Ow thankyou I just had one it hurt on my left lower side of my tummy it hurt so bad felt worse than period cramps I couldn’t breathe and it last for a little while especially coming from a C section mommy who never experienced labour so I had to come here due July 2020��

  • I am 29 weeks and 4 days pregnant. He measures a week and 3 days ahead. For the past week every other day I get a crampy feeling that lasts for around 30-45 sec.(it feels like the cramp is right under my belly button or on one side of my belly )….idk if it’s Braxton Hicks or if it’s from him moving. Help plz!! These pains are very spontaneous and not regular

  • I am having braxton hicks contractions every 5 minutes for the last 8 hours and I have 33 weeks so I am wondering when they are going to stop is after 4 am and i just want to sleep �� but with this pain how

  • Imma first time mom and I get Braxton Hicks almost every morning lol. Mine don’t hurt or feel like menstrual cramp but my stomach gets really hard and tight like what you said. At first it made me nervous but now I think it’s pretty cool once I learned what it was lol.

  • okay, so what happens if they are regular? do you have kids?have you had them before and they do hurt and yes some women do think it is labour

  • I had none with pregnancy #1. #2 I had one 45 minute episode at week 30 and one 10 minute episode at 36 weeks. Just felt like tightening in my under belly. Thanks for sharing ♥️

  • I am just 26 weeks and experienced cramping in my lower tummy and in my lower back which shot down through my legs. My baby was moving around too, but I didn’t feel a tightness in my belly, perhaps I was too focused on my cramps?? Is that normal?? It happened twice today only..

  • im so confused. im a ftm. i had a very easy pregnancy physically and haven’t felt anything out of the ordinary up until now. im 39 weeks and started to feel tightening and my belly would just go hard and I’ll have lower back pain just like when u get cramps at the same time. but it doesn’t really hurt or bother me.

  • Thanks for posting this! Totally helpful. I literally have only 4 dau4s before my due date and I’m just now starting to feel braxton hicks. You’re right!! Water literally makes it go away

  • Yes I do feel tightening of my stomach. Probably that’s Braxton hicks.. but my concern is than I’m feeling like when my baby is moving hard something pushing very hard to my cervix too.. is that Braxton hicks also? Something like needle pushing downwards.

  • I thought it was my baby lifting her butt or head lol but yes it feels like a knee is at the top of my stomach on both sides. Really hard too! Started in my second trimester I’m 8 months now

  • Mine are painful and comes about 3-5 apart and last for about 30-40 seconds for about 2-3 hours then get farther apart but still very painful they randomly they stop and start again the next day ugh day 3 of this I’m 34 weeks and 4 days

  • Thank you so much I didnt know what a Braxton hicks was but I notice in the mid or upper part of my stomach it would be a cramp or just a real bad pain and my stomach goes rock hard. Mine started in my third trimester 36-37 weeks I’m currently 38 today. Should I start calculating them on a app for contractions or counting and monitoring them???

  • Thanks for this! I didnt know that im having Braxton Hicks right now for the past few days. Currently on 25 week 6 days and it feels crazy tightening like period cramps. Hard to sit down, hard to lie down, hard to get up. Especially when my bladder is full, so hard for me to get up. Cant even stand up straight! Thanks for sharing this ❤️

  • I’m currently 39 weeks pregnant and I don’t know if I’m having Braxton Hicks, it just feels super tight on the top of my belly like if my daughter is stretching but it’s followed by a feeling of cramping like if she’s just pushing down. Would that be a Braxton hick?

  • Braxton Hicks are sometimes painful. I’m 37 weeks today with baby#2 and I feel baby balling up, contractions, cramping in my lower left side, baby dropping and turning his head and shoulders. It all hurts.

  • I had my first Braxton hicks contraction last night. Lasted about a minute. It just felt like a tightening in my stomach. Not really painful. FTM 24+5.

  • So it’s fine to have tightening Braxton Hicks at 23 weeks?, I started getting them today. Felt like it was on and off alllll day. Just came here I was a bit worried.

  • Thank you to the people in the comments saying that they do hurt because I have been so frustrated and confused by these cramps; I know I’m not in labour because they eventually go away and my doctor said they were practice contractions but I kept hearing they weren’t supposed to hurt so I was so confused. They are worse than period cramps, or at least the ones I’ve had are.

  • Who says it doesn’t hurt? It is hurt okay �� and I am going through it now. Usually last to 1 hour. Max 6 hours. Changing the position and take a deep breath usually helps alot. Trust me, it is really pain. I can’t imagine how true labor will be. So kids please appreciate your mother.

  • I’m 36wks and a first time mom. I started Braxton-Hicks in the middle of the second trimester, but those were very light and not painful at all. Just stomach tightening on both sides of my belly and lasted 10-15 secs. It wouldn’t happen too often, but would only happen during my daily walks. But today I experienced my first intense BH contraction. It lasted about 20-30secs; it was tightening around my entire belly and this one was painful that it stopped me in my place and I just had to breath for a little. So, after reading comments and watching your video, I’m certain that it was BH and not real labor.

  • Today I’m at 23 weeks. I started feeling Braxton-Hicks today.. it didn’t hurt but I’m sure they will hurt later.. praying for a safe delivery for all Mother’s in 2020❤️

  • My and my fiance little girl was born at 36 weeks and was 6 pounds and 10 oz and 19 and a half inches long. They said it she stayed an extra month longer she would be close to 10 pounds

  • My Braxton Hicks hurt! I have them 8-12 times a day! My doctor isn’t worried. But my belly gets rock hard and I have them no closer than 30 minutes apart. Anytime, day or night. The bottom of my belly gets the period cramps. and after a few my belly is SORE like I did an intense ab workout!! I drink so much water and pee every hour. Help me ������ 36w2d

  • I’m confused right now and scared �� I’m 18w and since last week, my belly gets hard rock, tightens but only on one side. Either lower right, upper right, lower left and so on. But while this happens, the other side of the belly remains relaxed. It’s all I feel lately, no kicks (I guess..when my belly does that, I feel something pulsing if I can say so). So is this fetal movement? The only time all my belly tightens is when I stay too much on my feet or walk too much.

  • 36 weeks in two days and the last couple of days I’ve had like the worse annoying lower back pain and mentral cramps that come and go. Some are intense and some are okay not a problem. I can’t tell if that’s Braxton Hicks or my body is actually preparing for labor in a few days? I hear woman can start laboring days before they are in active labor?

  • Thanks for the video. I’m 28 weeks and was wondering if I’ve felt them but after watching this I think it was just the baby or regular muscle tightness and not actual Braxton hicks

  • I’m currently 37 weeks and I’ve been having these weird things happen I don’t know if it’s Braxton Hicks but I just feel like everything is pushing upwards really hard which makes it kinda hard to breathe normal and I just have to breath through them. They aren’t painful just really uncomfortable. Does anyone else get these?

  • My Braxton Hicks used to feel like a stomach tightening now at 34 weeks they feel like period cramps, sometimes their stronger than others along with back pain. My midwife recc being a little less active and ensuring enough fluid intake. They eventually go away with rest.

  • contractiobs or braxton hicks…..they both hurt like a bitch i can explain feels like a car is running over my abdomen also over my back kant move ur leggs it hurts super bad

  • I just turned 35 week’s today and bwen having Braxton hick more frequently. And they do hurt �� my belly badly tightens and bad pressure down there. I was walking all day today with my two year old to get stuff down, including people that knows me at walmart told I habe badly dropped and the pain gotten worse. But once I got home It hurts less.

  • Im a high risk and I’m 29 weeks second pregnancy and I have these contractions symptoms but im scared to go to the hospital and have nothing��

  • I’m pregnant with my first baby ever and while I’m excited I’m also EXTREMELY nervous and a bit in the dark with everything lol. I’ve been binge watching your videos and they help me so much! PLEASE come to Virginia and be my nurse when I give birth lol!!

  • I just hade my doctors appointment and he said I’m 1cm. Open but I still don’t know if I’m giving birth ���� like the pain is every 7 min apart then it stops for A couple of hours and come back again.

  • I am 35 weeks and was walking into Walmart and I got Braxton-Hicks contractions and omg they hurt so bad but only lasted about a min or 2 then stopped and then they came back a few hrs later I guess it depends from person to person

  • I am 35 weeks pregnant and it feels like if someone is poking me on the inside with a glass or knife. Horrible feeling. It’s so uncomfortable to sleep and sit down. Never thought pregnancy would be this hard ��

  • I am 27 weeks and 4 days, today I noticed that I kept feeling menstral like cramping from this morning 8am to now 5pm lol at first I thought gas pains but as they kept occurring they got more painful and sure enough my midwife said They are Braxton Hicks. I am feeling mine in my lower back as well as lower abdomen. Good luck to all the mamas giving birth during the pandemic ������.

  • I’m 32 almost 33 weeks… I get BH when I go for a walk… my tummy gets tight and it’s like a GIANT cramp. I just breathe through them and put my feet up and they go away. #juneboy2020

  • It happens mostly when I go out for a walk, my tummy will feel tight as if the baby is turning inside. Do you think this is Braxton Hicks?

  • Mine get so tight that I can see what side baby is laying on. It’s very uncomfortable for me but ob says they are completely normal and the fact that my muscles can still tighten that much is really good

  • So helpful, and the best explanation I found yet. Especially helpful to know that a contraction will tighten the general area, versus baby moving, which will tighten just a small area. Wasn’t sure before if I was celebrating baby’s movements or BH ��.

  • i have pain/cramps feels like period cramps but im 19 weeks pregnant. I dont feel baby often so i cant really judge on that. These cramps intensify when i use the bathroom but ease off if i lie down. Not sure what to do.

  • I get this heavy pressure deep in my body like menstrual discomfort. It sort of radiates a weird muscle discomfort up into the sides of my back and I feel a little warm, a little tense and shaky but it doesn’t hurt. It just sort of feels really unique but the main symptom is just this sort of pressure as if I can feel the babies head like pressing down at least that is how I explain it. Almost like a hunger pang mixed with this weird empty pressure. It is so hard to explain lol.

  • I’m 20+ weeks (a day or two from 21 weeks) & experiencing cramping. Nurse Practitioner states that it may be due to the position of baby/growing uterus. I went in to the hospital & she suggested ibuprofen. She checked for the heartbeat & was successful. I’d like your second opinion. Please Help?

  • I’m currently 34 weeks and while I’ve had Braxton Hicks in the previous weeks that have not been painful I’m definitely feeling differently now. It’s a mixture of both. My stomach gets really tight all the way around but it also feels like period cramps. I don’t remember having Braxton Hicks at all my first pregnancy but I’m making up for it now!

  • I am 16 weeks and I feel cramps in lower abdomin or left or right of lower abdomin atleast once in a day does that mean I have Braxton hicks

  • Thank you for this. I lost a lot of sleep last night thinking I might be contracting or might be baby movement (34 weeks 4 days). Sounds like baby’s just trying to hurt mommy cause it was only the right side.

  • this was help for because I was confused about the baby balling up and Braxton hicks. my whole belly tightens up every since I’ve turned 30 weeks but not often. so those are Braxton. He sometimes tighten but it’s on one side. thank you for the clearfication.