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Wanna know what they mean by an apron belly?

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FUPA | How To Treat, Workout, Manage, and Eliminate Pannus

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Also known as a pannus stomach or mother’s apron, apron belly occurs when the belly and fat surrounding the internal organs expands due to. An apron belly can increase the risk of certain cancers, including ovarian cancer. It has also been associated with heart disease and type 2 diabetes. As such, it can be beneficial to address your apron belly. Of course, it may also cause you emotional or physical discomfort, which can also be.

A pannus stomach is commonly referred to as an apron belly or mothers apron. The apron hanging belly is a flap of excess skin, tissue, and fat that hangs at the bottom of the abdomen. It’s not uncommon for people who are very plus size, have rapidly lost a lot of weight, or have had many babies to have a skin apron or hanging stomach. Rid yourself of a stomach apron and fat, flabby belly with sensible dietary and exercise techniques. Your apron is likely a result of omental fat deep visceral fat encased in the flap of tissue known as the omentum that covers and supports your intestines.

The stomach or mother’s apron is a fold of skin that forms after gaining too much belly fat. This fold of skin is an unsightly and embarrassing condition to suffer through, and is often the result of pregnancy. Getting rid of this flap of skin often requires surgery. Lack of muscle tone and excess weight can lead to the development of a fat apron on your body. Although you can’t target fat loss to your abdominal area, you can lose weight all over and get rid.

Women who enter a pregnancy with an apron belly or who carry their weight in their belly (as opposed to, say, in their hips and thighs) are more likely to develop a B belly. Who can legally install the apron (a homeowner, a licensed contractor, or a city crew). The width and length of the apron. The slope of the apron (water must drain into the gutter).Acceptable.

It is probably yeast although it won’t look like a vaginal yeast infection. It has nothing to do with being clean, but it does have to do with staying dry. Moisture can get trapped under there. Make sure you dry it very well after showering I have even used a hair dryer on a low setting. The sensation of bloating can cause abdominal distention, which is a visible swelling or extension of your belly.

Distention happens when.

List of related literature:

In addition to observing the position of the umbilicus, the PT may find the umbilicus to be everted (possible causes include increased abdominal pressure from ascites or a mass, or umbilical hernia) or discolored.

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Doctors can’t see that this happens, nor can they see how the stomach can start to deform as it stretches in one place and not the other because the connective tissue around the stomach has been saturated by toxins for so many years that it has started to stretch—and not uniformly.

“Medical Medium Cleanse to Heal: Healing Plans for Sufferers of Anxiety, Depression, Acne, Eczema, Lyme, Gut Problems, Brain Fog, Weight Issues, Migraines, Bloating, Vertigo, Psoriasis, Cys” by Anthony William
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Asanas that affect the navel area, increase gastric heat efficiency & stimulate digestion.

“Ayurveda: The Science of Self-healing: a Practical Guide” by Vasant Lad
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The drawing back of the abdominal region contracts the belly, tilts or tucks the pelvis, and strengthens the lower back and torso.

“Itsy Bitsy Yoga: Poses to Help Your Baby Sleep Longer, Digest Better, and Grow Stronger” by Helen Garabedian
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These folds are temporary and disappear when the stomach is distended with fluid or solid material.

“DiFiore's Atlas of Histology with Functional Correlations” by Victor P. Eroschenko, Mariano S. H. di Fiore
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When the skin below the navel is cold, the middle of the stomach is cold, and will cause swelling of the abdomen.

“Ling Shu: Or the Spiritual Pivot” by Jing-Nuan Wu
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Placing the fundic wrap too low onto the stomach or choosing the body of the stomach for the wrap 3.

“Mastery of Endoscopic and Laparoscopic Surgery” by Nathaniel J. Soper, Lee L. Swanström, Steve Eubanks
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As the stomach becomes progressively more and more empty, these constrictions begin farther and farther up the body of the stomach, gradually pinching off the food in the body of the stomach and adding this food to the chyme in the antrum.

“Guyton and Hall Textbook of Medical Physiology E-Book” by John E. Hall
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The umbilicus may be retained or reconstructed during the repair of abdominal wall abnormalities.

“Pediatric Surgery E-Book” by Arnold G. Coran, Anthony Caldamone, N. Scott Adzick, Thomas M. Krummel, Jean-Martin Laberge, Robert Shamberger
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Asanas that strengthen the navel and the digestive fire will help eliminate any toxins forming from poor digestion.

“Yoga for Your Type: An Ayurvedic Approach to Your Asana Practice” by David Frawley, Sandra Summerfield Kozak
from Yoga for Your Type: An Ayurvedic Approach to Your Asana Practice
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Kutluk Oktay, MD, FACOG is one of the world's foremost experts in fertility preservation as well as ovarian stimulation and in vitro fertilization for infertility treatments. He developed and performed the world's first ovarian transplantation procedures as well as pioneered new ovarian stimulation protocols for embryo and oocyte freezing for breast and endometrial cancer patients.

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  • I lost weight by exercising more,eating healthier,eating food that is alot lower in salt,sugar,and calories.I eliminated wheat and gluten. I have lost 19 pounds since April.I also started eating three meals a day and I have two snacks a day!

  • Thank you Josie! It is quite a breath of fresh air since I myself am a mother of four children. I have been on 20:4 intermittent fasting lifestyle for a week now and have incorporated you lower ab workouts! Thank you for sharing!

  • This is one of the best summary/demos I’ve seen. And I’ve watched quite a few because as simple as it sounds, it’s not easy to execute. Thank you so much. BTW, I’m truly stunned at all the thumbs-down. I guess haters gotta’ hate…

  • Hi Josie, I’m so glad I found your channel. I’ve been following you for only 3 weeks but am doing 2 or more of your ab workouts and arms every day since. I wanted someone who wasn’t in their 20s or 30s and had had several children:) I’m 64 (waaaa!) have always worked out, lost 12 lbs before I found you, but yeah a whole lot of mush. This quarantine was the perfect time to include strength and toning!! Enjoying your workouts. I already see a difference in both arms and abs but these abs still have a long way to go! (I’ve been sharing your channel with my friends too)

  • Woe… Finally, I can identify with someone on youtube that has had a csection. I have had four three bikini and one up and down Facts. Therefore thanks for sharing your experience, strength and hope with a girl like me. Wow Much Respect my sister. ������������❤❤❤❤❤❤.

  • Diastasis Recti…..you just need alignment NOT manipulate intra abdominal pressure. Really bad bio mechanics. Really should at least provide warnings.

  • Although I’m a game developer and play games a lot. Still have a 6 pack tho:) which is probably because I make my own food and exercise a hell of a lot.

  • I thought FUPA meant fat upper pubic area or as others put it in a more grotesque way fat upper pu**y area… from what I have seen on YouTube and google search the fupa is under the muffin top area. It’s basically the top of your vagina where you shave or get waxed. I’ve seen videos of people getting fupa Lipo becuase the fat in the area didn’t go anywhere even after losing the stomach and muffin top… oh and congratulations, you look great! The hard work paid off!!!

  • What defaq man, i eat alot and stuff and sit and do some tiny workouts like pushups for 1 year and i’m still the same weight i try eating less, i’m still the same weight, i eat less but sometime i get pizza once or twice a month and is that ruining me losing weight, i never change in weight. I know i’m 14 and should not be thinking of this but i have had the same weight for ap 2 years

  • I just went on a run and it hurt A LOT but after it felt amazing after!!!!! i’m doing it everyday and not drinking soda and eating healthyInky

  • I love Josie, so relatable! Love the transparency!! Love the personality, you look GREAT!! I have a question Josie, what all do you need to do food elimination you know what can you do to learn your body and what it takes to shrink your fupa and what it takes to lose weight because I started losing weight I just lost 19 pounds in 3 weeks but now I’m gaining it back and my intermittent fasting my stopping eating by 7 my sweet and take is like I just change just left my willpower in my self-control is waning. Please help! Thanks

  • Insulin production must be limited. That’s why keto works so well. It’s not about healthy fats. It’s about fats all together. Lard from animals is healthy for us. But when you eat a high carb meal with it that’s when it causes problems. This is why people get tired after big meals like thanksgiving. Eating a very low carb diet with these fats increases immunity from colds, certain diseases, dental health, and of course fat loss. Eat all types of fats! From plants and animals. They all have their benefits.

  • My lower abdomen is usually hard. A doctor once told me smthing like fibroid. Can I exercise to flatten my tummy under such condition?

  • I have been enjoying your videos. But I have to say this one is my absolute favorite so far. Thank you for making this. To see another woman who has also had as many c-sections and has had such great response to lifestyle changes is really motivating for me. You look fantastic! Have you considered derma rolling? God bless!

  • Worse advice!!! You got it backwards it’s low carb and high fat and high protein that will rid ur Tommy 10 times faster. Eating high cards will ensure you get and stay fat!

  • I’m so glad I found you! I love your enthusiasm and I’m so surprised your in your 40s!! You look absolutely amazing! I also like that your videos are shorter Becuase us busy moms have kids bugging us For attention! I was embarrassed about my stretch marks even though nobody sees them. I gained more weight in my second pregnancy and i hated the loose skin, but after seeing this video and seeing how you have a good attitude about how you look and not going for a tummy tuck I think I can have the same attitude and not worry about it.

  • On top of the fupa I have diastasis (3/4 finger gap). Are your exercises diastasis safe? Or could you address that in a different video? Thx

  • I’ll take that any day versus my fupa. I’ve been doing intermittent fasting for 5 weeks. It’s going down some I had two c-sections

  • hey Josie have you ever did the vacuum exercises I tried it my stomach wasn’t budging lol i’m just trying to shrink my fupa I never had a 6pack i’m not trying for that I love your videos I do the stationary bike then I do your ab workout love it. love the 80’s video lol

  • Wow I’ve just found your workouts and I am so inspired!! I thought you were 30ish & you’re 47! Thanks for sharing such great workouts and with such a good energy! I’ll be joining in with all of them. Thank you ⭐️��

  • this is known as UDDIYANA BANDHA [ RAISING OF DIAPHRAGM ] in YOGA. practice it every morning empty stomach to see the desired results. it’s not only going to burn extra fat but also going to balance your metabolism. very good for heart, lungs, kidneys, adrenals and reproductive system.

  • Ever since I`ve started out this particular diet weight I have burned 17 pounds. It may nothing short of a miracle. This diet weight gets results truly quick and I like it so much. There is really a significant difference on how my top fits right now as compared Six days ago. Find a right weight is not easy, you can discover by Google. Guide’s name is Peyton Huno†az
    good luck

  • Thank you for this video,because I was considering getting a tummy tuck and I’m really scared to have that kind of surgery,I really appreciate your authenticity God Bless You!

  • Amazing to see this. This is actually a Yoga posture called “Udiyan Bandh” in Sanskrit language (India). It is a very effective method.
    Only point I want to add is that your stomach and bowel must be empty to do this effectively.

  • Good morning Queen, I am 60 year,s old, needing to lose weight and, I am so glad I found you,
    thank you for this inspiration. Love you take care.

  • Thanks for your inspirational content I like your channel and its been really helpful. I figured to share with everyone that helps me in reducing my belly and I hope it can help others.

  • Hiii! I’m a new subscriber…. Thank you for sharing so much! I’ll be doing your arm workout. Yay!.. I too, have 4 kids (25, 18, 14 and 11. Also, 5 and 1 yo gd) and 4 Cs. Except, I chose to have a tummy tuck… Anyhow, you look great and your skin…MY GOSH! THANK YOU❤

  • You’re so so sweet and true. You’re one of the rarest to make me feel like you’re one of us who struggle for a better body and not one of these muscly-super-tight-body goddesses that makes me despair. And it’s simply a joy working with you. Thank you for making me believe and accept my imperfections.

  • I’ve had my FUPA since I was a kid, played sports, still had it when I became an adult, had 3 c-sections, lost a lot of weight, and still have it:(

  • You are truly beautiful & such a beautiful inspiration to all…you’ve worked really hard to achieve your makeover…thank you so very much for sharing your workouts

  • I think Fuba comes with C section I had two virginal births I had no Fuba until I had a c section 2018 and then boom i got a large Fuba ��

  • I just walked daily and ate healthy. Once I hit 30 I was over 200 lbs. Now I’m 172.6 lbs. I’m 5’11 and 36. If I can do it anyone could.

  • I have lots of loose skin n im.petute n small elsewhere since the bby. The pooch flaps over pubic bone i hte it wat do i do to redyce its sizw.

  • Ummm…a fupa is a fatty upper PUBIC area. It is not a pannus. A pannus is the hanging lower belly “apron” you are referring to. A fupa would be below that, in front of the pubic bone. A person can have both a pannus and fupa.

  • You must be from Chicago?! Lol Garretts Popcorn & Harold’s. Only the chi has good food like that. On the other hand, I’ve come to accept The fact that I have a FUPA ��

  • 47?…..”you ain’t gotta liiiee Craig”����.��…you look amazing����������…thank you so much for sharing. You are an inspiration!

  • Some good pointers, but you don’t actually seem to know what a FUPA is. Your belly is not your upper pubic area. Your upper pubic area is between your stomach and your pubic region. So, unless you somehow have developed your stomach directly above your pubic area, you should probably add some suggestions on concentrating directly in the area needed. The tips you gave are, in fact, good but a bit too general to specifically treat a FUPA situation. j/s

  • Thank u for this video. I am 47 also and used to extremely fit. I miss it and need to stop dropping fitness when something needs to drop.

  • This maybe a really dumb question, but how do I know how much calories I burn per day. Do I just say on my fitness pal I’m very active or do nothing. Is there a way to really know.

  • I delivered baby before 2 months but my lactation is very slow… Many times I didn’t feed my baby bcz of no lactation… What can I do for that?? I m also ceserean..

  • Hey bright side, I was trying this excercises from yesterday and today i can’t do it because my belly really hurts when doing crunches and leg raises��

  • Hello
    I really appreciate your channel. You look absolutely FANTASTIC!
    Have you ever thought about getting a fascia blaster to address the fupa? I have seen some very impressive before and after pictures with women that have used it. The fascia blaster addresses the connective tissue changes the behavior of loose skin

  • talks directly to the bigger lady about fat, uses classroom experiment to explain nothing while almost hitting the other lady in the face with flailing arms… perfect

  • My dear those are two different people. Is it money u want or what? Let ur first aim be to help the public. Have a conscience ok

  • Glad I found your channel, we got the age and c-sections in common. I do karate and I still have a little FUPA, I am ready to see what happens. Mine is small, I want it gone.

  • But the thing is I eat a lot less the a usual 14, year old would. I eat around 1600 calories on average every day, but if I eat less, won’t that make me even more skinnier. Cause im trying to gain weight and muscles at the same time. I don’t know this is what I think. Someone pls reply and help me.

  • I have this same exact problem. I have had it since my kids and I hate it. I’m disgusted with my belly. Embarrassed to even wear a bathing suit. I just can’t afford the surgery right now. Who’s doing your surgery and where? If it to much to ask don’t worry but how much is the cost of your surgery.

  • Perfect. It worked.
    I have always had an athletic body thanks to good genes which all seemed to have left me in literally 4 months after my 53rd birthday. I mean it.
    So I will dedicate 5 minutes x2 per day to get rid of that little pocket that is quite invisible to everyone else around me. Cheers!

  • I love you cause your honest and real that’s why I watch your channel and also you have an amazing stomach for having four children some people don’t have any children and it doesn’t even look as good as your

  • in our culture we wrap our bellies after having a baby. we do that for at LEAST a month. and we eat only warm, bland foods (no salt) for the first month to cleanse our body too. only boiled chicken, warm water and hot rice.

  • I was convinced I have a tumor. But I don’t. I had no idea why that part of me is so bad. Thank you so much for being such an inspiration and sharing so much

  • Wow! You look great! I’m inspired! You should check out a video on bubzbeauty channel entitled “I tried dermarolling my saggy skin and this happened “ ( astonishing results). This lady had saggy skin from her pregnancies, and dermarolling helped a lot. You will be amazed. Bet it will help you with the last little bit you’re trying to get rid of

  • You just plain gorgeous on all levels..congrats to YOU ������..I make me just feel I just can do this..I’m little older new 55 and MoMA to 3 adult Kings 36 n 32 n one grand 14..so, thank you soooooo much.

  • Hula hooping also helps. If you get a weighted hula hoop and do it for 15 to 30 minutes a day it’ll help. I lost a few inches off my waist doing it. I’m just looking to make it tighter. Thanks for the video!

  • And what about moms who weren’t able to breast feed??? I have a hormone condition that prevented me from growing normally, so, you might want to recap this video……..

  • Serious question. When I do these, I feel my pelvic floor muscles tightening as well, and it feels uncomfortable. What can I do to fix this?

  • “mummy magic weight loss tea” is really worth drinking to get rid of baby weight, this herbal formula brings really amazing results.

  • Its 40 days after my c-section i lost my baby in 6 days���� what about breast feeding what should i do will the belly fat increase

  • I got a question rather an experiment…for heart medics…lets say if someone with high bp…worked out only the lower part of his body..increasing the muscle mass in the legs only….in a disproportionate manner to the rest of the body….would that move cause more strain on the heart to pump and supply blood?… or would it create more blood in the legs stagnation while standing?..thus decreasing bp…..other experiments would be for someone working out only the upper part of his body….and third experiment for someone gradually working out all his body….

  • You have to saltwater fast, that’s the only way you’re going to get rid of it. Go youtube snake diet, it’s free. I got rid of mine within a month, finally have abs for the first time.

  • It is possible to make my tummy flat after 4years of c section.. Can i do cycling workout…. For Me two kids both are c.section second baby is 4 yrs old

  • i actually walk 30 mins a day, do abs workout 15 mins a day, and cycle 1 hr a day and i have 1000 calorie diet and i burnt like 2 kgs in 1 week lol

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    If you don’t win, no worries. Just be sure you have your notifications turned on so you can get to my next video quickly and try again. Good luck and thanks for being a loyal subscriber…

  • Inguinal hernia is a disease due to weakness in fascia transversalis. Probably, training the transversus Abdominis muscle, is a way to prevent inguinal hernia.

  • Hey guys finally found a legit source where we can get all kinds of gears to help you achieve your dream body build I have been doing intensive exercise but in the course of it I gained less than my expected muscle weight no matter how hard I tried.
    I finally got the right plugs from a legit source online Text: +12026431409: Whatapp +12026431409 which came with a workout & diet plan for me. I grabbed the dream body I have been wanting for years in 12 weeks. Am looking forward to grow more and am positive about it.����

  • I’ve had 4 C-sections and 2 of them a year apart my fupa is driving me crazy clothes don’t fit and always have to wear clothes vthat will hide it:( sooooo really happy to have your help I was ready to give up:) you gave me hope thank you Josie

  • Like I have fat but not too much but I didt use belt after my c section and it’s being so many years I have saaged tummy….just wanted to know if i loose so fat my tummy area then is it possible my saggness will go too??????

  • Hi Man. I really love your workout routine thanks so much. I have had one Session but I’m still working out with you. Thanks for the inspiration. Love. You.

  • This is soooo encouraging US �� ❤❤❤. I AM Binge Watching your videos, as I plan my next exercise challenge… THANK you, as I become healthier during this COVID-19 quarantine❗������

  • I got mine from having 5 kids. I can’t get rid of it, whenever I work out I lose weight everywhere else first, it’s very frustrating.

  • Thanks for mentioning the inguinal hernia; I had surgery on mine last December, so I needed the encouragement! However, as we age-and I’m nearly 69-that lower abdomen seems pretty resistant to exercise. But I’ll give this a go.

  • What exactly is Custokebon Secrets? How does this thing really work? I see lots of people keep on talking about this popular lose weight methods.

  • Ive been eating a balanced high protein diet of sub 2600 calories everyday for months while working a construction job where i burn 5000+ calories per day, yet i have not seen major changes in my physique weight or measurements. Im missing something idk what

  • As someone who’s into fitness, who’s had a csection and actually got back abs this thumbnail somewhat irritates me. Why? Two different women are shown here. At least be honest if your goal is to educate and inspire.

  • After this remedy the moles on the stomach disappear magically and the ur skin color changes dramatically wow.. what a genius hahahahaha

  • hey Jeff a couple o pointers: first you have to relax your abdomen so the vacuum can go deeper, then I’ll do It standing and elongating the spine…grow your back, that only will activate the transverse abdominus, and as a bonus you have to do a slight forward lean (like Michael Jackson’s smooth criminal video) great videos!

  • Great video, Jeff. Suggestion it seems that you’re conscious about recording time; I get it. Nonetheless, you’re racing at the crucial end when pitching your website and the programs found in it. You might wish to work speaking as clearly as you do in the rest of each recording time. Kno’mean?

  • Need to make my bottom belly flat cuz qen i sit down its kinda fat xuz i been doing sit ups belly wwnt down plus bottom stomach is more in control like u said make sitting down makenot quite bouncy and it just been the first day and i did 300 sit ups.

  • I have truly from in love you bc are someone that I can relate too. I myself have had three C-sections with having youngest 10 months ago weighing 10 lbs almost. I get discouraged with my body, but yet I know that I’m the only one that can change. For me it’s the motivation part. I am Soo glad that I’ve came across your channel.

  • I did not understand the video. I hope one of you will help me by writing a summary of the video below my comment. Thank you to everyone who helps me

  • Thank you so much for sharing. Can you give more details of your diet and the fasting that you are doing? I am 44-years-old and had 2 c-sections, that c-section FUPA is no joke! I’ve changed my diet and lost 60 pounds but I have another 40 to go. My diet is already restricted due to my autoimmune diseases and changing my diet only for that reason is why I lost 60 pounds. I just started walking/jogging during this COVID shut down and I know I need to do more. I stumbled onto one of your videos and I just loved your realness that I had to subscribe. Honestly, during this shutdown, I do find myself eating crap that I’m not allowed to have, I can literally feel the negative reaction it causes my body; changing my food has really shown me the importance of diet. LOL. Thank you so much for your videos.

  • I noticed when I do this I can’t suck in my stomach very far if I’m focusing just on my lower abdomen. But if I just try to suck in my entire stomach, I can suck it in further. I’m curious which is better or more effective to do.

  • What procedure did you have to fix hernia? I have one, I want to get it fixed, but not sure which way I should have it fixed. What would you recommend?

  • Maaaan, heck that lil’ #FUPA/ #ExcessSkin, I’ll take/prefer that over the #Lazy/ #QuickFix/ #Fake/ #UnNatural looking way anytime. You, #goldmouth100, and even now #Sandie/ #TheSocialiteLifeTv has proven to me and many others that you can actually shrink the #AfterPregarz #Belly without #surgery/choosing the easy way. It’s hard/a challenge that I wanted to take and baebummmz, it works and if someone says or asked if I had a #TummyTuck or even #ButtImplant/etc(though I’ve always had a big butt), I would #embrace it and say “Whyyy thaaannnk youuu, but nooo, this is #AllNatural from #HardWorkOuts and eating right/ #IDidThis” but as for my #buttockses, I’m just trying to keep it toned up”. Anyway, though it’s really sad that a lot of us naturals being asked those questions, especially from those who knows you, it’s to be expected because there are #females who does get #QuickFixes/ #ItIsWhatItIs. So if I would get asked those questions, I would just take it as a #compliment-“Thaaaannk youuu!!”

  • Thank you for your honesty! Beautiful inside and out!! Love your videos. Can you share what your daily exercise and diet routines are?

  • My buddy laughed when I told them I was going to lose weight with just using Custokebon Secrets, but after I showed them awesome results right after I used it they are begging me to tell them about it. Of course I won’t tell them the details about this diet plan, hahaha

  • Thank you, Josie! You look incredible. I’ve followed your videos over the years and you always looked good!! With your before “FUPA,” you still looked like you had a strong core underneath. Have you tried dry brushing your tiny, nonexistent Fupa? I heard that really helps.

  • Always looking for abs excercises other than those involving raising the legs as I have limited range of motion in my left leg. (Can’t raise it beyond 30 degrees especially if I am upright). I’ll be trying this. Thank you!!

  • Have you seen the latest videos https://youtu.be/7lZTZ4N-jIo Intermittent Fasting: How to Lose Weight and Get More Energy in 15 Days?

  • Losing weight is a challenge. but I managed to lose weight following this diet: the2weekdietnow. com (G00GLE it) I lost 12 pounds in 3 weeks.

  • Before I got a dog, I volunteered at an animal shelter and walked the dogs! Walked 2-5 for 30 minutes a few days a week, and loved it! Still do it after we got a dog.

  • What is the best product or brand to lost a lot of weight? I read a lot of superb reviews on the net about how Custokebon Secrets will help you lost crazy amounts of fat. Has any one tried this popular lose weight diet plan?

  • I wonder why everybody is confusing the FUPA for the belly. Fupa stands for “fat upper pubic area”.
    Not fat lower belly area.
    It’s the fat that’s just above the clit which makes the vagina look puffy. I like a puffy vagina so leave it alone!!

  • want good advice thanks for sharing. I followed a new method to lose weight, you can see it here: the2weekdietnow (search it on the internet)

  • I’m proud of you!
    You did an excellent job on yourself!
    Keep at itnow please share what else besides IF that worked for you-also did you do OMAD or TMAD?

  • As expert, I do believe Custokebon Secrets can be great way to lost a ton of weight. Why not give it a chance? maybe it can work for you too.

  • Hi Josie, I am so glad I came across your YouTube channel. I like how you present your video. You are very real and clear. You inspire me to get back into working out again. You represent realistic expectations to mothers who’s struggling to shrink tummy lines. Thank you.

  • You are so positive and motivating and its refreshing ��. I love that you a comfortable and satisfied with your results. Keep telling your story and congrats on your body and weight successes and many blessings ❤

  • love all your videos! this one is great! I also drink green tea, which I think shrinks my belly… it might be because i THINK it does, that it works! lol

  • Folks, here’s a correct explanation of how body fat works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eeWTqCLatQo
    After watching that, the only question you’ll have is whether Oz is an idiot or an a-hole.

  • If you care about your health, watch and gain info from an honest humble non profiting person. This man is a Low life scammer. Stealing valuable information from Dr. Berg, then cancelling his show and using his information to look smart. You’re not a doctor but thief.

  • I’ve been eating Avocados almost daily for about a year. I add walnuts, almonds, and pecans to my daily oatmeals. Have olive oil with my salads a few times a week. eat dark pure chocolate for serotonin purposes a few times a week. No fat has been melted away at all. In fact, I’ve actually been gaining weight… I even drink 64oz of water a day and haven’t had soda in over a year. The healthier I’ve been eating the more weight I’ve been putting…

  • Sit ups, crunches and strength training. I had three children all eighteen months apart and I did daily stomach exercises and weight lifting. I had a very strong stomach. Then five years after my third child was born and I had a lady say to me, “Isn’t sad that after a c-section your stomach muscles will never be strong or rock hard again.” I replied, Really I guess I did not get that memo.” So it may also be sit ups and the belief system that you can have a perfect stomach after a c-section.

  • I’ve had FUPA for a long time and I so badly want to get rid of it…. I’m pretty fit everywhere else, just that area is my biggest concern… The problem is that I want to get a surgical tuck in that area, but my doctor won’t let me @ this point due to that it might complicate things with my kidneys.. It’s loose skin that can’t be resolved such as working out..
    Also, nice that you rep the Chi ����

  • Sugar can cause body fat if you and just too much is not if you will just sugar out all your liver greats fat if it takes in too much sugar if it can handle so it can be stored for more energy later you need to start educating yourself and you call yourself a doctor

  • How do I make it so my muscle is always contracted? I can contract this muscle then I look thin. But normally it’s relaxed and I look fat, even though I don’t have a lot of fat my belly muscle just expands out making me look fat.

  • That information about good fats was so health full to know so now I need to eat more good fat to my diet everyday to melted away fats