Anterior Placenta and Gender Predicting Baby s Sex


Placenta position | Baby gender prediction from placenta location anterior or posterior in pregnancy

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Placental position | baby gender prediction by placental position | Aqsa Mehmood

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Placenta Positions During Pregnancy/ Baby Gender Prediction/ Anterior Placenta/ Posterior Placenta

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Placental position, baby gender prediction by placental position | my all ultrasounds | Aqsa Mehmood

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Baby gender prediction from placenta location anterior or posterior during pregnancy

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In most cases, an ultrasound can determine your baby’s sex as early as 16 weeks, and optional first trimester testing can tell you even earlier. But since an ultrasound isn’t 100 percent reliabl. The Ramzi Theory can be used to predict the fetus’s sex determination as soon as the chorionic villi begin to form, which is before the placenta is formed. That’s as early as 5 or 6 weeks’ gestation!Placenta posterior or anterior-gender prediction anju112 07/04/18 Hi ladies, Posting this out of curiosity Have you ever tried ramzi theory of gender prediction? anterior placenta-girl, that true for any of you.

Ramzi’s method is using placenta /chorionic villi location as a marker for fetal gender detection at 6 weeks gestation was found to be highly reliable. This method correctly predicts the fetus gender in 97.2% of males and 97.5% of females early in the first trimester. According to the theory, the placement of your developing placenta – which must be determined in a very precise way – can reveal your baby’s sex. If your placenta is forming on the right side of your uterus, the baby is most likely a boy, the theory claims.

If it’s forming on the left side, it’s probably a girl. Ramzi’s method is using placenta /chorionic villi location as a marker for fetal gender detection at 6 weeks gestation was found to be highly reliable. This method correctly predicts the. The Ramzi Method (or Ramzi Theory) works by figuring out which side of mom the placenta is on. If the developing placenta is on mom’s right side, then it’s more likely a boy.

If the developing placenta is on mom’s left side, then it’s more likely a girl. You may have heard that your baby’s heart rate can predict their sex as early as the first trimester. If it’s over 140 bpm, you’re having a baby girl.

Below 140 bpm, you’re carrying a boy. Our Chinese Gender Predictor tries to determine your baby’s sex based on an ancient Chinese gender chart and the Chinese lunar calendar, using your age and when you got pregnant. Legend says the chart is more than 700 years old and was discovered in a royal tomb.

There’s no scientific proof that the Chinese Gender Predictor works. I have an anterior placenta and having a boy. With both of my last 2 pregnancies had boys but placenta was in the back.

The doctor told me its just a crap shoot to where the baby implants to how and where the placenta forms.

List of related literature:

If only one placenta is seen, the next step is to identify the sex of the babies.

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At the 20-week anomaly scan it can be possible to determine the sex of the baby, depending on the baby’s position.

“Patient Centered Care in Medical Imaging and Radiotherapy E-Book” by Aarthi Ramlaul, Martin Vosper
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Around week 20, your partner has the ultrasound that can determine the sex of the baby — if you choose to find out and if the baby allows the ultrasound technician a clear view.

“Dad's Guide to Pregnancy For Dummies” by Matthew M. F. Miller, Sharon Perkins
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Assessment of fetal sex by transabdominal ultrasound is important for decision making, especially in pregnancies at risk of serious X-linked birth defects.

“Before We Are Born E-Book: Essentials of Embryology and Birth Defects” by Keith L. Moore, T. V. N. Persaud, Mark G. Torchia
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By the time of the next sonogram and knowing that now at 20 weeks it was possible for the technician to ascertain its sex, we told him to tell us everything else he saw throughout the sonogram but nothing that would indicate its gender.

“Little Kids, Big City: Tales from a Real House in New York City (with Lessons on Life and Love for Your Own Concrete Jungle)” by Alex McCord, Simon Van Kempen
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  • I’m 22 weeks and I’ve had the worst anxiety because I haven’t been able to feel him move. I’ve been so depressed because I haven’t had the flutters. But I had the bump today laying on my side. And it’s exactly that, a bump as if he’s finished moving.
    Thanks for the video!!

  • What does it mean anterior planctea what is the mean of anterior wall upper mid segment please explain me in my altrasound this line have i read plzz explain

  • It’s totally depends on posterior right or left.. if posterior right then only you can predict a baby boy.. or if it’s anterior right then you can predict to be a baby boy.. n vice versa.. any way.. this doesn’t matter it’s a boy or a girl jo v h hamare bachhe hain..n both has equal rights.. n a couple love equal to their child.. so no matter it’s a baby boy or a baby girl.. koi correct predict nhi kr Sakta.. sab Bhagwan ki den h chahe beta ho ya beti.. jinko bacche nhi hote unse poocho kya beta ya kya beti kuch v ho Insan usi me khush hota h

  • I’m 22 weeks and that’s exactly what I thought when I felt my baby boy. I felt him at 22 weeks and I wasn’t 100% sure. It didn’t feel like the fluttering, bubble, gas everyone is talking about. It literally feels like a teeny kick/bump inside ur cushioned belly. At first I thought it was my heartbeat that you can feel in ur tummy but it was too irregular to be my heartbeat. It’s still too subtle to constantly feel it without concentrating on it but I can’t wait to actually see this kid kick and I know it’s a kick!

  • This is wrong in my case..When I was pregnant my placenta was posterior..and I have a beautiful daughter…so dnt believe on this kind of nonsense

  • I had a posterior with my first and I had a girl and now anterior and is a boy I don’t think placenta position really determines the gender

  • It’s nothing to do with the position of placenta with gender… Stop making such bullshit videos… Ppl should stop encouraging such videos

  • Could you please tell which medication did you take during pregnancy? I m taking methydopa and does not seem to work. please reply. thank you.

  • Totally agree with how it feels! I explain it like it feels like random “boops”. I’m almost 20 weeks now and just found out I have an anterior placenta so this was super helpful. Can’t wait to feel baby more in the weeks to come ��

  • I am 20 weeks with an anterior placenta and my biggest problem has been the excruciating pain on my right rib radiating towards my back. I think that’s her favorite spot since I can feel a little bump by my rib and when I stretch or move positions baby just “unclicks”, I can feel her,and I’m pain free.

  • Please reply…..placenta -is posterior with grade ll lll maturity. Edge well away from os. Retro Placental area Shows prominent vessels. Retroplacental myometrial thickness is maintained. 34 week pregnant aaya ente scan report aanu ith. Onn clear aakki tharumo e problem

  • Ooooo when you said right before the rumble! Thank you I think I feel that often…. And I’m not sure what that is….. This had helped me
    I’m almost 19 weeks… And I feel like so upsetting because I feel like something is wrong but I think your explanation has helped me…the heartbeat and the right before rumble

  • I’m 36 week 1days pregnant and I have an antrarior placenta but I don’t know my baby’s gender and my baby’s heart beat 133 bpm plz can you tell me boy or girl plz

  • 20 week baby heart beat 150 bpn Doctor ne bola baby girl hogi.. kye ye sach hain plz koyi bataw�� bt Doctor confidence de kar nehi bola…

  • I wasn’t told nothing I read in my notes that I had anterior placenta. I started to feel so anxious when I was 21 weeks and felt nothing. I’m now 23 weeks and I just read in my notes

  • Pregnant with my first.. have anterior placenta.. currently 15 weeks. call me crazy but I can feel the baby.. excaclty the same as you described I felt three flicks.. and the rumble as the baby move it is so settle but still noticeable. I am so in tune with my body maybe that’s why, but the feelings are so alien and new ����‍♀️ so I hope it’s the baby ����

  • Meri beti k time mera plecenta anterior tha grade 1 es Baar pregnant hu posterior not low lying grade 0/maturity ply……….mujhe bataaiye mere kya hoga bohot presaan hu Phli merii beti h or mere sasural walo Ko ab beta chaiye

  • Boy left side zayada hota hai ya left side plz reply Kyun ke mujhe dr bata nahi rahi hain mujhe baby ki shopping karni hai plz reply me plz

  • Jillian you told me that it’s a baby boy if I have a anterior placenta I m 21 weeks pregnant then I hope so that I will become a mother of a baby boy

  • Njan 36 wk preg aanu.. adyathe normal delivery ayirunnu posterior placenta kooduthal time pain undaya prasaviche.. epo posteriorplacenta thanneyanu.. kuduthal time vedhana undakumoo.. veetupanikal okke cheyyunnund…

  • I’m 24 weeks 4 days with my 3rd baby, and I have an anterior placenta. I feel my baby kick and flip all the time. Was everyone else’s delivery normal? I’ve read it could block the cervix and lead to a c-section!? �� this is the first time I’ve had this…..

  • I have an anterior placenta and I haven’t been able to feel I’m until 30 weeks. I had a posterior with my daughter and I felt her at 15 weeks. Huge difference for me.

  • Enikku 36 weaks. Anterir, cephalic presentatiion,, spine right. Edge 6.7 from internal os. What is the meaning. Please reoly. Boy or girl on the basis of rumsy theory

  • This is pretty accurate, and reassuring:) I’m 20 wks with #2 with anterior placenta, but my first baby it was on the back, posterior? With #1 I felt baby at 16wks and it was like flutters, or little bubbles several times a day. With this baby I’ve felt the odd ‘thump’ or flick once or twice a day since 18wks. It’s quite different.

  • Sounds comforting…I am a little bit worried on the complications of anterior placenta like blocking the cervix. But I feel so happy and comforted…thanks for sharing,hoping to hear more vlogs from you.

  • Hi friends.. Pls tell me… Enaku cephalic presentation with longitudinal lie. Fetal spine right anterior. Placenta fundal posterior. Fetal heart rate 143bpm. I’m in 36 week. Which baby boy r girl? plz tell me.

  • thank you for this! I am 22 weeks anterior placenta and have felt the same things tiny “bumps” occasionally. glad someone made a video for us anterior placenta gals:)

  • Omg yes! The rumble but not rumble feeling. I’m never able to explain it to ppl. They always ask me and I’ll say ‘I think so” because I was always waiting for the flutters

  • I just found out that I have an anterior placenta (at 22w). I was shocked because I felt my little one around 15w or so. It does explain why I only feel her fairly low. I also told my little sister it feels like a flick on the inside.

  • M having Anterior placenta… more chances of a baby boy or girl?? Please tell… or gender of the baby is nothing related with placenta?

  • This was literally the best explanation I have ever heard. You hit it right on the nail with the “bump/thump” feeling because that’s exactly what I feel. Never got the feather feeling or bubble feeling. I think doctors should surely give moms to be with anterior placenta more info and explanation because people always asking me if I felt my baby move when I didn’t just added so much worry. If I had the info and explanation at the time I would of been more confident in those earlier weeks. Thanks again

  • Thank you so much for the video! I’m 17 weeks today.. And found about the anterior placement of the placenta.. Was anxious about when would I finally get to feel the baby move.. Your video really helped! Thanks again! ��
    Lots of love to you both and the baby! �� ��

  • I’m on baby #6 and have an anterior placenta I started feeling movement at 9 weeks pregnant. I’m now 37 weeks baby moves so much that I can’t sleep at night…movements are somewhat different than posterior placenta placement. The only difference is the feeling from the outside of my belly…….can’t feel much detail but definitely can feel ��

  • Wow thank you for this! 26 weeks and this is exactly how I feel. Was starting to question myself until I watched this and read all the comments

  • Hi…me now 5 month pregnant and…report is placenta….posterior in position and maturity grade, 0… Now this baby boy or girl.. Pls reply….

  • Is anomaly scan and ultrasound same. I am in 20 week of pregnancy and I found anomaly scan beyond my budget and ultrasound is cheap. Can i do normal ultrasound, will ultrasound give me the same report as anomaly. Plz reply i am so confused.

  • My last pregnancy I had an anterior placenta, but I never felt my daughter move. But I also had a placental abruption at 18 weeks, as well. After that I was monitored very heavily twice a week until I delivered at 39 weeks.

  • Thanks for this video. I am 22 weeks now with an anterior placenta. I was so confused why I wasn’t feeling the flutters or bubble sensations earlier. Now I have been feeling the thumping for about 3 weeks. No one mentioned I might have one; I happened to read about it somewhere online.

  • Thank you thank you thank you for sharing. I am 24weeks and have finally felt the baby’s movement.
    Accurate representation thank you as I would have been searching all night. ��❤️����

  • I’ve never not been induced so for me it’s pretty normal just faster delivery babies are smaller than most my biggest baby was 5pds 11 oz

  • Chechi oru doubt…scaning reportile picturil placenta position left anenkil actual position ryt ayirikumo…arkelum ariyumo pls clarify..

  • Im 35 weeks with an anterior placenta…I had one with my 3 year old as well, and she was perfect. Compared to my oldest 2 children who had “normal” placentas, there is no comparable difference EXCEPT that people trying to feel the baby move will have a harder time feeling movements/it will take longer to feel from the outside. ��

  • This is my 2nd pregnancy and I just went to my 20 week ultrasound and found our I have an anterior placenta. This time around is different, but I’ve been able to feel my son since I was about 15/16 weeks, and my husband was able to feel him move for the first time last week!

  • I also have an anterior placenta. At 17 weeks I felt my first thump but it felt more like a distant tap. I didn’t feel a kick until I was about 24 weeks but I’m 27 now and they’re getting stronger…finally I’ve been waiting! Thanks for sharing this video there’s not many out there ❤️ Best of luck!

  • nice video..good to know that anterior placenta is as common as posterior.
    I felt flutters for my first baby at 18-20weeks on the front bump/belly.
    With my second pregnancy, I can feel the flutters deep inside the tummy and at 18 weeks only when I focus and meditate.

  • Thank you so much! I’m 15 weeks and I have an anterior placenta also and this really helps me think about what to look forward to. Your explanations really were helpful!

  • Cheechii..nhn inn scan cheydhu vannit udane chechiyude vedio kananaan vannadh….enikk placenta anterior lower margin extending above the internal os..ennan kandedh….any prblm undoo…nhn endhaan cheyyendadh….

  • I’m 29 weeks, I have the same thing!
    I also don’t see my baby move.
    She moves when I’m on my side, don’t feel her much laying on my back!

  • Mam plz mujhe btade k apke c sec k baad girl k baad baby boy normel huya haii… plz plz.. am in depression apka reply mere life me khushi bhardega so plzzz mam sachi me app humse baat kare ja answer karde meine bahut hope se apko msg kiya hai.. sach me vbac k baad boy huya hai plz mam

  • Thanks mam main buht parishan thi.plz mairay leye dwa kary k Allah mujhy saleh baitha day.hammary ghar main sirf baithiya hi hay.plz plz dwa karo.

  • At 16 weeks with an anterior placents I felt fluttering first, now at 18 weeks its more frequent with that thumping and bumping feeling

  • I have an anterior placenta and didn’t feel any movement until 33 1/2 weeks. During my first birthing class at 28 weeks, the midwife asked us how often we felt our babies move, and I told her I had never felt my baby move because of my anterior placenta. She answered that my situation was not normal, that she would consider it a red light situation, and that my baby was probably dead. I left the class crying, spent two days Googling other women’s experiences with an anterior placenta, and went for an ultrasound. My doctor reassured me that every pregnancy is different, that women with anterior placentas feel movement much later, and that everyone experiences movement in different ways. At my next birthing class I told the midwife that my ultrasound confirmed that my little girl was alive and well and growing just fine. I thought that she would be happy for me, but instead of offering me kind words, she told me that she had TONS of clients with anterior placentas and that I was the only one who wasn’t able to feel kicks and punches and that she didn’t want to continue the conversation. I am so grateful for videos like yours that put women’s minds at ease by showing them that they are not alone.

  • I was induced for high blood pressure at 39 weeks and 5 days. I can’t say it was the best experience but it was my first and I had no pain relief. 6 hours later I had my son in my arms and it was truly amazing, all of the pain just went away once I held him. You can do it mumma �� whatever is safest for you and the baby.

  • Exactly thats so true i kept waiting until the 26th week of pregnancy to feel the baby kick for the first time for real… toke a while but i was calm because i thought it usually should take this long until i found out my placenta was anterior!! �� now i get it why it toke so long!!

  • How is possible.. My first scan I don’t know about placenta. But my 2 scan.. Placenta. Posterior. An 3 scan ANTERIOR….. I saw this video I checked now… I don’t believe u sir.. I don’t know what to say

  • Does it feel different on the outer belly? My stomach is harder below my belly button and i can push my hand on it and actually leave little dents in my belly and they will slowly go away. Much different than the rest of the belly. Its slightly sore but not always a bother.

  • This is my first pregnant and In The ultra sound the placenta was on top of the baby so that if she kicks me I won’t feel it because it like her kicking the placenta and so I don’t feel it much! But I felt a movement that was like a worm moving in my stomach but I haven’t felt her much I guess I have a interior placenta also! Sometimes my left side of my belly is harder and then I don’t feel it anymore! Sometimes I feel something but since it my first baby I have a hard time deciding if I’m hungry or the baby lol.

  • Thank you so much for sharing this! I have an anterior placenta as well, and I have so much anxiety because I’m always wondering if its gas or if it’s my baby. I’m almost 25 weeks and just started feeling that “balloon flicking” feeling last weekwhich btw, perfect way to explain it!! Because it’s so hard to put in words. It’s not happening all the time so I still get anxiety just wondering if the baby’s okay, but yeah it’s like a very subtle feeling! Thank you this video made me feel a lot better!

  • I have anterior placenta, this is my second child and I think it is very different. I am currently 21 weeks and I rarely feel her move. Over the last week I’ve felt some really strong kicks randomly.

  • Yes! Balloon flicking…. Great video. I’m pregnant with my 5th, 1st time having an anterior placenta and its so much different. Your explanation is spot on!

  • I’m 18 weeks with a anterior placenta and your description helped me of so I started feeling her move after I watch the video I layed down and boom the flick or heart ❤️ beat it but I feel her and it’s amazing thank you ���� so much

  • Thank you so much for making this video. I am 14 weeks pregnant with my second baby and I instantly knew it was kicking…but when I mentioned it to my doctor she said it’s too early and with my anterior placenta I would not be able to feel it…she said “it’s probably gas”. I know it’s not gas, I feel my baby moving!! ����

  • I have an anterior placenta, sucks cause when I go get a 3D ultrasound her face is all squished cause the placenta is right in her face ��

  • I have my first baby and he was posterior.. And now Im pregnant again and she is a girl with an anterior placenta. 25 weeks preggy here.. ��

  • Plz plz plz meray is sawal ka lazmi jawab day dain main bht tense houn Mera 11 weeks 6 days ka baby Hai placenta posterior low lying reaching the Os plzzz tell me koi khatra Hai kya is main baby safe Hai na Mera plzzz reply

  • Mam mujay 21 weeks ja rha hai peragncy ko Mera wait 40 kg hai me bhat week hu or mera balood group o negative hai mam meri first peragncy hai mujay bhat dar lag rha hai ajeeb ajeeb se khawab ate hain koi problem to nhi hogi na??

  • I’m 25+4 with an anterior placenta. Whilst my peanut was low down, I felt and saw her move from 20weeks, but since she has gotten bigger the past 24 hours she has moved up and the movements are so muffled and it’s quite saddening from feeling her so much down low to now not feeling her move as vigorously, when I first felt her move it was PAINFUL! It felt like pinching and scratching, uncomfortable and painful, but once her movements became strong it felt insane! She’s now moving as I type this and it feels muffled and wiggly ��

  • OMG you are so beautiful and I can’t wait for the little one to come!! I really enjoyed watching this video and get so excited when you uploaded xx

  • I’m so happy I found your video! I’m 21 weeks with an anterior placenta and I think the heartbeat feeling is the best explanation for the kicks I feel, right now I really only feel them when I’m lying down on my side or back. Thanks a lot for making this video ��

  • Hello mam.
    Mujhy ap sy pochna hy k Mera 16 week hy or mujhy left hip wali side py bht pain hy krvat bi nhi ley sakti or utras may bi bht pain hy chalny may bi tklef hy bht eis ki waja Bata de k kiun hy eisa or plz Koi exercise Bata de k Tora raleif mill jay.plz answer jaldi dijeh ga.

  • Thanxx kat…really appreciate ur effort..
    Since its quite disturbing whn uv reached ur 24th week n cdnt feel ur baby like other people do….apt I felt my baby moving so….only concern is it is not very regular..
    Is that smth to worry or should I wait for a week or so more

  • I am 17 weeks pregnant with my first baby and I have an anterior placenta and I have been waiting to feel my baby move so much and your video really helped me feel better that I haven’t felt the movement yet I have been looking for a video like this and it helps a lot thank u for making it

  • Thank u for this. I’m 2 0 weeks tomorrow and have an anterior placenta and haven’t felt movement yet and was getting a lil worried. I felt something but wast strong enough to be sure about. This video made me feel better so thanks again!

  • I’m 25 weeks and just now have been feeling my daughter kick. I was told my placenta was in front and with being overweight it might be difficult to feel her right away but since 20 weeks, they have been recording kicks on ultrasounds and the heart monitor and asked if I felt it lol she’s been kicking on my right side though

  • Hi mam. Enikk ippo 9 month aayi. Placenta enikk thaaze aan ippol. Idhinun munbulla scaningil onnum kandillernnu. Enikk delivary date august 14 aan. Placenta ini positoin maaran chance undo? Plz reply

  • I think everyone might be different.. I have an anterior placenta this time around (2nd) but because I’ve been through pregnancy before I was so much more aware of what a movement actually felt like.. I felt baby between 12 -13 weeks and I feel like this baby is wayyyyyyy more active than her sister was In saying that, I don’t remember what the placenta positioning was for my first pregnancy but I could always feel when she had hiccups (Which was a regular thing even after she was born lol)

  • I have an anterior placenta and my midwife said it’s just like a little cushion between me and her so I will feel her later. I think I’ve felt her now, nearly 22 weeks, and the way I would describe it as a very gentle prod. Another way to compare it is similar to when your eye twitches, just like a little pulse.

  • Im 28 weeks with an Anterior Placenta i love this video i be so worried about not feeling my baby move i used to think about going to the hospital before this video i thought about going in but this video has really calmed me everything in this Video is spot on

  • Omg. I have the same thing going on. Literally exact same. Down to ifelt my baby for the first time the day i go to 20 weeks and i was laying on my left sode in bed. Haha

  • #Aqsa Mehmood beta meri beti ka 5 month ma ultrasound howa tu use kaha hame saaf nzr nhi araha lekin beti lagrahi hy use k bad meri beti dar gai or next nhi pocha tu kia waqi sahi kaha hoga ultrasound wali ne abi tu 9 wain strt hy ans zror dena

  • Girl hamesha postirier hoti h or boys Antirer hota h mere sath asa hua or mere jitbe relative h mene sabki reports dekhi jinki placenta postirier thi unko betiya hue jinki antirier the unko ladke hue

  • 100 /. rong infrmation srf ziyda veiws ky liy logo ko pgl bnaty pta inko khd ko kc ni Allah pak jo bi dy lrka,ya lrki zindegi syht of tandrusti wali yh syb Allah ky hT bs

  • I’m 20 weeks with my 3rd baby. my first 2 were normal placentas.i don’t feel this 3rd 1 at all which is scary because by this time with my first 2, I could SEE them moving even when wearing clothes

  • I just found out I have a anterior placenta at 24weeks I feel my bby move alot I knew there was something wrong because I felt a lot of pressure down on my private area to walk now I turn 26 weeks tomorrow and still feel the same but now I get super tired n exhausted so fast and the pain gets worse I feel my bby kicks harder now but my back hurts so bad I’m guessing everyone feels different

  • Mera first pregnancy me posterior placenta tha baby boy hua.second time anterior placenta tha baby boy hua. I have two sons one with anterior placenta and one with posterior placenta. So plzz frds don’t believe this type of fake news.

  • I have an anterior placenta but I did feel the baby move at 17 weeks 6 days I’m 24 weeks now her kicks are bigger but I didn’t find out I had an anterior placenta until I got a 3D ultrasound a couple of days ago and the placenta was right next to her face.��!!

  • Chechi ethu sariyano?enik 3 month ayi Scanning reportil Anterior placenta anu,ente first girl anu anterior ayirunnu….athulkondu chothichatha….pls reply

  • ماشا اللہ
    بہت اچھا لگا کہ آپ سوالوں کے جواب جلدی دے دیتی ہیں
    مجھے اپکی آواز بہت پسند ہے اپکی آواز(ماشا اللہ ) سننے کے لیے ویڈیو دیکھتی ہوں

  • I am 21 weeks pregnant and my usg report show that placenta posterior Matuarity grade 1st please reply me my baby gender. Fhr is 154 bt

  • I have anterior placenta but I felt the baby move from 15 weeks but it wasn’t regular or strong. I feel so sad that I might not experience and see strong movements but knowing I can feel her move every night makes it all better. I’m currently 22 weeks I still can’t feel her with my hand but I do know when she’s moving. She’s jumping up and down my bladder tho �������� I guess it’s not that bad except the fact that you can’t see very strong movement like most of the women do

  • I had hypertension starting around 30 weeks and my midwives wanted to induce me at 37 weeks too! At that point we kind of just took it day by day. I bought an at home blood pressure cuff to take my blood pressure at home in case it was a “white coat” type of hypertension it wasn’t. But taking it daily gave me peace of mind. Once I got to 37 weeks it was still mild enough that my midwife let me wait. I was able to push it to 39 weeks and then I got induced at 39 weeks and 2 days. Every case is different, but i felt I wanted to wait as long as possible to induce. The actual induction process was very simple and it was kind of nice, in a way, to know what to expect. I had the balloon and cervadil. It took about 4 hours to kick in, but then I went into labor on my own and never needed pitocin! So ignore the myths/rumors that if your induced it’s automatically going to be a c-section.