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An Overview of Miscarriage Causes Chromosomal Abnormalities. Chromosomal abnormalities in the developing fetus are the cause of about 50 percent of Congenital Abnormalities. Congenital abnormalities are birth defects that happen when a body part of the growing fetus Obesity.

Obesity is defined. Obesity is defined as a BMI greater than 30 and we all know that obesity is a serious health problem. But obesity in pregnancy can also increase your risk of pregnancy-related complications including birth defects and miscarriage. Studies have shown that miscarriage is more common in obese women than in age-matched women with a normal range BMI.

Blood clotting disorders: Some blood clotting disorders, such as systemic lupus erythematosus and antiphospholipid syndrome can cause ‘sticky blood’ and recurrent miscarriage. These rare disorders of the immune system affect the flow of blood to the placenta and may cause clots that prevent the placenta from functioning properly, depriving the baby of vital oxygen and nutrients, that may result in. Causes Most miscarriages are due to things that are out of your control. More than half happen because of problems with chromosomes, which.

A common misunderstanding is that exercise or intense workouts are causes of miscarriage. In fact, a recent survey of pregnant women found that about 27% of women deliberately avoided exercise because they were worried about this risk. A miscarriage sometimes happens when the mother has a weakness of the cervix. Doctors call this a cervical insufficiency. It means the cervix can’t hold the pregnancy.

This type of. A miscarriage, or spontaneous abortion, is an event that results in the loss of a fetus before 20 weeks of pregnancy. It typically happens during the first trimester, or first three months, of the.

Infections. Uterus or cervix infections can be dangerous to a developing baby and lead to miscarriage. Other infections that may pass to the baby or placenta can. About half of all miscarriages that occur in the first trimester are caused by chromosomal abnormalities — which might be hereditary or spontaneous — in the father’s sperm or the mother’s egg.

Chromosomes are tiny structures inside the cells of the body that carry many genes, the basic units of heredity. In fact, about 50 percent of all early pregnancy losses are due to chromosomal abnormalities. 2  However, some lifestyle choices can increase your risk of miscarriage, such as cigarette smoking and drug use.

Other less common causes of miscarriage include: 1  structural problems of the uterus or cervix.

List of related literature:

The causes of miscarriage are not entirely clear, but some may be due—at least in part—to a poor match of the genetic components (sperm and egg) at the time of conception, to the pregnant teen’s heavy use of harmful substances (alcohol, tobacco, drugs), or to serious infections during pregnancy.

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Spontaneous miscarriage occurs in 15% to 30% of all pregnancies and arises from natural causes (Uzelac & Garmel, 2007).

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Soon after the onset of symptoms of inevitable miscarriage, the miscarriage occurs either completely, when all the products of conception are expelled, or incompletely when either the pregnancy sac or the placenta remains, distending the cervical canal.

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When the third miscarriage occurs, it is important to consider the following factors: ● The underlying causes of first-trimester miscarriage are different from those responsible for mid-trimester loss.

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If this occurs before the 8th week the defective embryo, cov­ered with villi and some decidua, tends to be expelled en masse (the so­called blighted ovum), although some of the products of conception may be retained either in the cavity of the uterus or in the cervix.

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In the mother it can cause haemorrhagic stroke, eclamptic fits, renal or liver failure, or abruption, where the placenta separates from the uterus, which can result in intrauterine death of the fetus.

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Although any severe infection may lead to sporadic miscarriage, for infection to be a cause of repeated pregnancy failure it must persist in the genital tract and usually be asymptomatic.

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With widespread use of transvaginal ultrasonography, a silent miscarriage (presence of a non-viable fetus) or an anembryonic pregnancy (blighted ovum, delayed miscarriage) reflects different aspects or stages of the same clinical process.

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The World Health Organization (WHO) classes miscarriage into the following categories: ● Threatened miscarriage: a threat of miscarriage with associated vaginal bleeding, with or without lower abdominal pain, which occurs in a pregnancy of <22 weeks’ gestation.

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Where early loss of pregnancy has occurred, it must be established whether this was by spontaneous abortion (‘miscarriage’) or therapeutic termination of pregnancy (‘abortion’), and on how many occasions it occurred.

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  • Hi doctor,thank you for this precious information that i need to know,me i have a special uterus, a didelphys uterus and i did to miscareges, twins at 7 weeks and one at 11 weeks��, i did feel nothing before it was happened suddently, i asked my doctor about the structure and the ability og having a baby or i have to do a surgery to gather my uteruses, he told me uou don’ t have to do it, you’re case is less severe than the bicorne uterus and i can carry a baby normally…!!! Please doctor tell me your own opinion about it, i need your advice. Thank you so much����

  • Good morning i was soptting yesterday im 6 week but the doctor said there is no heart in the ultrasand is there anything worng with my baby?

  • Hi sir I am 1 month 15 days pregnant and I don’t want this baby now. I want to abort this baby through natural remedies as soon as possible as me and my husband don’t want this baby right now. Please help me out ��

  • I have hashimotos with high antibodies. I am taking medication and my levels are in good range. Am I still at high risk for miscarriage because of the antibodies?

  • I had miscarriage on 21 Nov 13 weeks pregnancy I still bleeding but thr blood look like brown coffee colour 17th day is it normal

  • Thank you I had a loss 7 months ago and I feel I just got closure at age 48 it happened and it was heartbreaking and something I wish on no woman. 

  • Thanks Doc. I like your informative approach. I recently underwent a D and C after a miscarriage of 10weeks. I have heard that its good to wait for 3 cycles before getting pregnant again. Is that true? Or is it fine to just wait for a cycle and then try for another pregnancy. I have emotionally made up my mind and I am doing well after my D and C also. So, if my ready mentally and physically, waiting for 3 cycles seem a little too far and depressing.

  • i miscarried at five weeks and six days, but i am having significant bleeding and clotting, so much to the point to where i passed out on the second day of this. I thought for sure everything was done, but i went back to the doctor for an ultrasound and there is still more! I was given meds to try to help expel the remaining tissue and nothing happend. Why do i have so much tissue, clotting, and bleeding, with such an early miscarriage?!

  • Assalamualaykum doc it’s been 9yrs and always underwent miscarriages. I have marker chromosome. Doc saying when the egg will come out without having this marker chromosome then I will have a healthy baby insha Allah. But doc yet I never had any baby only miscarriage. Can I ever have a healthy baby

  • Am 6wks 4dys pregnant, I took vitamin E400ui, Vitamin C500mg and Zinc, am now having blood and slight clots. Will my baby be okay? Am very scared and Worried

  • Hello-I was recently diagnosed with hashimotos and then had a miscarriage a few days later. My endo said once my TSH and T4 are optimal I can carry to term a healthy baby. She said there was no treatment for the high antibodies and that they won’t hurt the baby or cause miscarriage. I was wondering what info you could share about this?
    I’m also hetero for Leiden V and homozygous for MTHFR C677T-my OB said there was no needed treatment or extra precaution to prevent miscarriage with these mutations since no one in my family nor myself have had clots. Do you agree? Or do you know of other actions I can take to prevent another miscarriage? Thank you,

  • I was wondering is it possible if you get diagnosed with a miscarriage and later months down the road and you hear a heartbeat can you still be pregnant?

  • I just had a miscarriage this past January and it was so disturbing. I have been going to my doctor’s office to get my pregnancy hormone levels checked. It’s at 125 now the doctor says once it’s down to zero I’ll be able to get pregnant again. It’s a horrible experience

  • Thanks doc… I was emotional yesterday… yelling and crying at high pitch….I got pink discharge and mild cramping after that.. I got scared… thank god I got ur video… I’ll sleep in peace today…

  • I was afraid I would cause a miscarriage where I worked (Alzeihmers unit) cuz I was lifting heavy, bed ridden people, i was up and down constantly changing their pants, and avoiding kicks and punches they threw at times but I’m 37 weeks now and I’ve even been hit in the stomach by two residents as well. I think my boy is just used it lol I did quit at 30 weeks though because I felt like a burden when I could no longer help toilet these people or lift them because my pubic bone pain was so bad. A few residents would get angry and try and aim for my stomach when it became more obvious I was pregnant so I decided to leave.
    I think all the walking has done me good there because he has been engaged in my pelvis since for sure week 33 but probably even before that. My cervix is thinned out and I’m 1cm dilated.
    Just wanted to let women know you’re tanks and not to baby yourself too much. Babies are actually quite good parasites:)

  • Thank you for covering myths….I have just had my 3rd miscarriage and I’m starting to go to a looney place in my brain blaming it on ridiculous things.

  • Sir iam 35 years old iam naturaly consive but 6 recrrent pregnancy loss karyotyping result female normal but (male) result 46,xy,inv(7)(p15q32) please sir solve my problem iam very eagering waiting for yor anser sir

  • I got 5 recurrent miscarriages i am 32 yr old.. i want to hve a baby i already test for apl, ana, diabetic thyroid all normal.:(