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Immediate Relief & Self Treatment of Sacroiliac Joint

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Top 8 postpartum self-care products and services A postpartum doula. While it may sound strange (and is obviously a person, not a product), a postpartum doula is our Coddle Postpartum Self-Care Recovery Box. This fantastic postpartum recovery box from Coddle includes a nipple. Want some postpartum tips from real moms?

Here’s one: You don’t need to be scared — just be prepared. To help you narrow down your list, moms in the What to Expect community rounded up their lifesaving postpartum items that you might want to add to your cart before baby arrives. While you may not need. 5 Postpartum Self-Care Tips for New Moms. 1. Be intentional about getting enough sleep.

Perhaps the most important postpartum self-care tip is to prioritize sleep! Sleep when the baby sleeps! If you simply cannot take naps during the day, then schedule your (early) bedtime and stick to it!8 Postpartum Self Care Practices for the Natural Mama. ideal ingredients they give you at the hospital and soothe your sore bum and girl parts with these natural and organic products from Earth Mama Angel incorporating these self care practices into your day can help you feel better and recover.

Talk to your doctor about pain relief options and what the hospital provides, then pick up these 11 items for postpartum self-care: 1. TUCKS Pads. A Godsend. The cool, soft cloths are gentle enough to clean your delicate areas and sturdy enough to line the top of your menstrual pad (or disposable undies). In a pinch, you can. On the Move: Beyond Meds, Treatments and Self Care #ppd #postpartum #mentalhealth [ ] head over to “Beyond Medication: Other Treatments and Self Care” and if you missed Monday’s post you’ll find it How I’m doing | Weather Vane Sisterhood [ ] know, it turned out to be true.

I. Why to do self-care. During my own battle with postpartum depression – I could never look at myself in the mirror. I was embarrassed and ashamed of the pile of muck I had become. I had a ghastly image of myself in my head and I feared that if I looked at myself in the mirror I would realize it had.

More about postpartum life might also love: Get the free “mom guide” mini-series! The free mini-course includes topics such as pouring into your marriage after baby, practicing self-care after birth, staying connected with non-mom friends, and more! Click for instant subscription option & more info without leaving the pag. The postpartum phase is not the same for every mom, but most often the above-mentioned euphoria sends a new mom into caretaker action without much thought or effort. Self-care is the belief that you are worthy of a healthy and joyful life. took a long time to come in so the nurses suggested I.

Postpartum care is important for a multitude of reasons. Obtaining superior postpartum care services can protect both the new mother and the baby. These services are also vital because they help to catch problems in the early stages, before they are allowed to escalate to dangerous proportions.

List of related literature:

In incorporating the Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding as a foundational platform, BFHI aims at improving the care of pregnant women, mothers and newborn infants within health facilities that provide maternity services.

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Natural Health After Birth: The Complete Guide to Postpartum Wellness.

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NICE Clinical Guideline 37: Routine postnatal care for women and their babies.

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Beginning in the mid-1980s, postpartum mother-care services began cropping up in major cities around the country, providing in-home help with cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, looking after kids, and giving new moms nonmedical assistance and advice on such matters as breast feeding and newborn care.

“Natural Health After Birth: The Complete Guide to Postpartum Wellness” by Aviva Jill Romm
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By mid-1919 the health center offered, in addition to its postnatal services, prenatal and postpartum supervision of neighborhood mothers, and preschool and adult physical examinations.

“The Organic City: Urban Definition and Neighborhood Organization 1880-1920” by Patricia Mooney Melvin
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Routine postpartum nursing care usually includes encouraging a healthy diet, adequate fluid intake, and self-care practices such as good hygiene practices, sitz baths, showering, bathing, ambulation, and exercise.

“Transcultural Concepts in Nursing Care” by Margaret M. Andrews, Joyceen S. Boyle, Tracy Jean Carr
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The objectives of postpartal care are to: • Prevent complications of the postpartal period • Promote rapid restoration of the mother’s health to optimum level • Check the adequacy of breastfeeding • Provide family planning instructions and services • Provide basic health education to mother/family.

“A Comprehensive Textbook of Midwifery & Gynecological Nursing” by Annamma Jacob
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CNMs also provide preand postnatal care and reproductive health advice.

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The National Service Framework for Children, Young People and Maternity Services (Department of Health 2004) recommended all women to receive coordinated postnatal care according to relevant guidelines responsive to the physical, emotional and social needs of the mother and baby.

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Review instructions on self-care (e.g., breast care, fundal height, lochia, incisional or perineal care, bowel and bladder expectations, nutritional and fluid intake, activity).

“Clayton's Basic Pharmacology for Nurses” by Michelle Willihnganz, Samuel L Gurevitz, Bruce D Clayton
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  • Thank you! All of them worked on me! I’ve been struggling with SI pain after childbirth and having hypermobility syndrome, it’s stayed with me for years.

  • I have SI dysfunction. First doc posed my legs to “test” to see if I “truly” had it. The poses felt FANTASTIC!!! He told me there was nothing wrong with my SI joints and to lose some weight. �� Fast forward a year with a new doc. CT scan showed significant deterioration in both SI joints. The reason the poses felt better? I have stenosis of my L5. In my case, they canceled each other out. Sometimes it IS a zebra AND a horse.

  • I was looking in the fridge one morning felt something pop and boom hit the ground couldn’t get up my chiropractor believes it’s the SI joint couldn’t sit on the toilet or put on shoes the first 2 days scary stuff

  • hello, do you know of pelvis adjustment name that they do in some pt places when you laying face down, with left leg twisted inside and then you get press on the left side of the pelvis, which rotates pelvis to the left. what is the name? and what is the possible way to reverse it? Any information is super helpful/ thanks!!

  • Thank you! My SI has been out four days and it was unbearable. These exercises have helped a lot and were an instant relief as you say in the video.

  • You guys crack me up, keep it coming��! So I have constant pain in all joints everyday with hypermobile Ehlers Danlos syndrome. Would you still recommend these for that condition? And, my daughter who has the same condition is in her last trimester of pregnancy, ok for her too I assume? I know you can’t treat or diagnosis over the internet, I’m just talking in general.

  • What if the first exercise makes my sciatica worse? I tried it for a minute or so but started to get really bad numbness at the bottom of my foot.
    I have been trying to stretch and strengthen my glutes a lot over the past few weeks but haven’t felt any relief at all.
    Not sure what is causing my pain still…

  • I have a malformation on the L4, one side is bigger, and that is the cause of my scoliosis, is there any treatment for it? Besides surgery

  • Suffered from a fall on my knees playing basketball in 2013 and it wasn’t the fall that hurt it was the sudden twist I made soon after while trying to shake a defender. I’ve been dealing with sciatica on and off ever since. Also a consistently tight right hamstring and lower back pain. I recently went to a chiropractor back in march and pointed out to him that my right ilium was posteriorly tilted and he didn’t seem to care and focused on spinal alignments after a couple visits I decided to do more research and found out that there are procedures that help diag this problem that the chiropractor didn’t do which made me not trust him and I found in my own research that in order to fix this issue I have to strengthen my rectus femoris in order to pull my ilium anteriorly. Hopefully someone here can confirm this as I’m in the worst pain right now and I’m desperate to fix this. It feels as if my right ilium is stuck posteriorly

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  • Helped a lot! However, I did notice that the effects wore off quickly. I’m sure it’s related to my own incorrect movements afterwards. I will do the exercises hourly! Ty

  • I just started PT for back and SI joint pain. I’m supposed to do the 2nd one, but all the beds in my home are too low. Is there a way to modify it?

    There’s also another one I do where I lay on my couch, put my left on the ground, straighten my
    right leg, lean to the left and grasp the edge of the couch. Then I pull with the hand grasping the couch and push forward with my right leg and get a nice, deep stretch. Lol. I hope that made sense.

    My doctor does this crazy thing where I have to lay on a table and hold on for dear life while he yanks my leg. It felt soooo much better afterwards. I’m currently in the process of trying to find a video so I can see how it looks. Are you guys familiar with this technique? If so, you tell me what’s called?

    I know I can ask my doctor, but I don’t see him until Wednesday.

  • I was a skateboarder for 7 years and got used to leaning and balancing on one leg while I push off with the other and I’m wondering if my lower back pain could be because of this. No pain in legs or groin, just lower back, but in the center and recently on the sides of the lower back

  • If you have Ehlers-Danlos your SI joints can sublux quite frequently. Mine are always shifting out of place. Currently I have one rotated forward and one rotated backwards..

  • I feel100% OK if I’m not running around, but if I continue to run for a few days the stiffness gradually creeps in until the I feel a pang of pain with each stride. Destroyed my soccer game.

  • It was too painful for me to do any of these exercises. The only time I’m not hurting is when I’m sitting down with the infected leg propped up, and even then it’s still hurting

  • I just got back from the chiropractor after a BRUTAL weekend with a crooked hip. It was pushed back on the left, and forward on right, giving me serious pain in the lower-back area. It felt better immediately after the adjustment. I also did some “hang from a strong door” stretches over the weekend, and those helped out pretty nicely.

  • I think I have this, I just did the one thing where you sit on a chair and raise your knee up while putting pressure on top and I got instant relief for a few minutes. But that pain is just the tip of the ice burg, I have painful joints all over and three herniated discs to boot, C4-C5, L4-L5 and L5-SI. I’ve also been having numbness go to my right big toe from the pain in the SI joint and numbness in both feet too on the bottoms at times. Thank you for this video, I loved the instant, brief relief.

  • When I get ready to start my menstrual cycle i get inflammation and I feel several bulging muscles. I injured it lifting something heavy and felt something snap

  • First and foremost, if the muscles of the hamstrings are tight, coulc.it/painfix they are more susceptible to tearing. No matter if you’re an elite athlete, stay-at-home-mom or average Joe, a muscle tear in the back of your legs can take months to heal and recover from making life very challenging.

  • Thanks for this the isometric in a chair brings some relief. However any moves that bring the knee on the affected side close to the chest are too painful due to hip pain (diagnosed as FAI cam). The SI joint pain has gotten worse since the FAI pain started to get bad about a year and a half ago the two are undoubtedly connected. I’m working with a PT (remotely, currently) but still experience a ton of FAI pain particularly after walking or going for short hikes. Do you have any recommendations for combo FAI/SI pain? Thank you!

  • I did these exercises & felt fine doing them. The next day I woke up in complete pain. Could that still be an SI joint problem or is it likely to be something else?

  • I have been in pain for MONTHS. I haven’t been able to lay on my back without back pain. Standing up hurt. As I was watching this video I was crying in pain from my back. I finally got in the sit position and tried these stretches. I am shocked how instantly this worked. I cannot believe pushing on my knee is all I needed to relieve some of this terrible back pain that I thought for so long was sciatica. I’m beginning to think I have SI pain. Who knows, these stretches worked so much better than I could have ever imagined. All this just to say thank you for posting this video. You have saved me pain today.

  • I went to a physio and they told me it was SI strain, but the at home exercises they gave me were rubbish. These exercises were magic!

  • I’m going to try these exercises but was hoping to find a belt recommendation as well. I believe I have SI pain from moderately severe adolescent scoliosis but I’m afraid my spine looks too much like a dollar sign to chiros. I swear their eyes light up when I mention it.

  • I just want to say that finding this video was a GOD send. The first exercise was extremely helpful, the others were just as helpful. I just had hip replacement surgery on the 12th of November 2019, ( I’m 39 by the way ) and I’m still popping Ibuprofen and Tylenol like tic tacs. I had severe arthritis in my hip due to a work related injury that went ignored for at least a year before surgery, but after the surgery is when the pain moved to my SI joint. I’m scheduled for an MRI, but after research, I’ve found that an MRI isn’t helpful in seeing issues with the SI joint. So I plan to use these helpful exercises everyday until my doctors decide what to do next. Thank you so much for all you do, I’ve finally found something that works!!! You guys are the best!

  • In the second exercise are we also stretching the psoas muscle? Because when the leg is hanging at the side it is almost the same exercise as stretching the psoas muscle in which we let the leg hang at the end of the bed instead of the side of the bed

  • I am only 12 and have a SI joint disfunction. I searched things and some only made it worse. Sorry to my sister who has the same thing as me but worse and it was said it will never fix. I was early and started training and stretches in the first 3-4 days and it is starting to feel better but, I felt like my life was shattered after I had to stop gymnastics after that. But, looking at my sister who had worse and was continuing to train even though it was painful made me feel better. ( sorry if there is any spelling errors )

  • I fell on my butt on hard concrete 3 weeks ago. I am in so much after in my every activity siting, standing, walking and even sleeping plz doctors I know it is the si joint pain now but even if I do the exercise I felt it getting worse I did the knee to shoulder exercise and after that my pain even got worse now I am in so much pain plz reply PLEASE REPLY TO MY COMMENT I AM IN REALLY BAD PAIN. I NEED YOUR HELP

  • Now that I’m reaching 30 I’m getting more joint problems. I am having a flare of what I think is SI joint dysfunction it’s been a week with little pain then 3 days ago I started having really bad throbbing burning pain in that area. I finally put on my tens unit which helped I haven’t been to a doctor yet but god this SI pain hurts!

  • I like the other video about self-mobilizing the pelvis. I think it’s important to do that reset thing after you hang your leg off the side of the bench. Where you squeeze your knees together, hands between your knees, 5 seconds, 3 times (sometimes you get a click)

  • Got a severe back ache during virus lockdown….your videos helped a lot to diagnose n pain relief…this wa SI joints pain….thax a ton..from India

  • Thanks, I had tried these exercises to no relief. I could feel the tension of the stretches,but it just felt like it was almost getting it, but not really. I laid on my problem side (left side) and did adductor pulse lifts with my problem side and finally got some relief. My theory is that the adductors gave my sacrum room to readjust. Could this be true or is this sounding like it is a different issue than SI? Thank you for the exercises.

  • Have had pain for a week straight now (lifted something with proper mechanics so didn’t understand why I hurt). Have been heating/icing/using ibuprofen and pain patches. Did these exercises and felt more relief in 5 minutes than anything else has given me! Its funny you mention the issue for pregnancy; I made the comment that I was walking like I was pregnant again just to try and ease the pain. Thank you both so much!!!!!

  • Is it safe to do these stretches after hip pinning and rod? It’s been a year since I’ve had the pinning surgery. If any one know please let me know.

  • Most people don’t realize how time-conditioned they’ve become by having control over their visual experience on the internet having the ability to just click through, click out, etc, so that now, waiting 5 minutes for people to set up their presentations is like, “Oh my God, I have to wait 5 minutes to get the information!!” We can thank the Internet for the high level of impatience all around the culture. The next time you see that “idiot” weaving in and out of traffic endangering everyone’s lives in his path to save 60 seconds on his destination, just say, “Thank you Internet.” (just trying to raise the consciousness level here) Incidentally, I thought the information was well worth waiting 5 minutes for.

  • Ok there is NO WAY NO WAY!! I can do any of those right now!! I cant even put pressure on my leg to even WALK!! I can barely sit on the toilet!! When I am finally able to get onto the toilet, I cant hardly get off the pain in my sacroiliac is to tremendous at the moment!! I need releif right now! What exercise is there for immediate releif!! Pain medication has NOT even phased this pain! Relaxers nope, anti inflammatory medications either!! NOTHING HAS HELPED!! dont want to go to ER I’D come home still in pain and with the COVID19! Gonna have to keep looking online for immediate releif,the exercises you did show would be great if not for being in this much pain! I cant even roll over with out screaming! GOD I NEED SOME RELEIF!! heat or ice IDK! ps. I have fractured my Sacroiliac a yr ago!

  • you guys have helped me get thru a lot of pain. but i have one that no one has helped yet. diagnosed SI pain. quite nasty. however, 90% of the problem is transitioning from sitting to standing. if it weren’t for that i could soldier thru it. i have tried your (and other) suggestions. none of them make it worse, but none of them fix that specific issue either. when i stand i get about half way up and kerpow. it’s scary and exhausting. any help you may offer would be appreciated. thx

  • Hi it’s me Crock-Pot girl �� another post pardon idea is making meals in your Crock-Pot and putting them in the freezer. You both are going to be so tired and breast feeding make you hungry. Well it did for me anyways. It just would be nice to have a good meal you can put in the microwave. I’ve had 3 children and I can say it helped me alot.

  • Make sure to ask the hospital for a belly band to help with the pain when your uterus shrinks back to normal size. It’s absolutely amazing!!! Also, I have the same diaper bag but in red������

  • Aww you are well prepared for your special little darling Emma. Your video is most helpful to all mothers out there, you are a true inspiration��!

  • Some of these have really helped! I have a lot of pain around the back of my knee. Thankyou for the help! I will try do this every few hours

  • These tips were great. Especially get out haha its very important to have some time to breathe and relax even if its just stepping outside for fresh air. New subscriber here

  • If anyone is interested, I have created a video on my channel to help cure your sciatic pain. Please check it out. It has helped me significantly and I am certain it will help you too. Thanks and happy healing!

  • They worked. Then I hoovered and mopped and I was crippled for a few weeks under a hot water bottle on my butt three time a day. So I had a paid cleaner clean my house. But due to this lockdown. I do little bit and rest my back and belly as I have umbilical cord hernia pain. I find being on my tummy on a rolled pillow under my tummy muscles push my hernia back in. Thank you both your exercises really stopped the pains. As long as I don’t Hoover and mop.����

  • Making use of it finally takes away the nasty feeling of sciatica pain and the pressure it gives on my back. Browsing the net is an excellent approach to know more about the 4SciaticaPainCure.blogspot.com back pain guideline. With this, you can sleep in different positions. Helps my hip pain and it`s comfy.

  • My sciatica is from rushing around at work and having a firm/ muscular backside and not enough space/ movement for nerves, also a lack of daily stretching. If you can feel the trapped sciatic nerve like I can in buttocks you can massage it back over a day or so. It will be quite uncomfortable and sore but it will get better. Do when standing with knees bent or kneeling and not when sitting. Buttock muscles need to be relaxed/ loose when massaging. Use your knuckles in the area around you feel the trapped nerve, DO ON BUTTOCK MUSCLES ONLY NOT THE LOWER BACK. Gently press and with knuckles massage upper and side of buttocks so you can feel nerve being ushered back into place. Do for say 10 mins at a time. It may initially feel sore but the pain will subside in combination with squats and gentle stretches that work best for you. This was how a chiropractor fixed my sciatica initially and I use this method which works. Avoid rushing or turning quickly, this is what causes the discomfort for me.

  • 1:27 1) lay on a couple pillows: either vertical or horizontal, under the pelvis (good if you have a hard time straightening back when standing) ; next, remove the pillows ; next to elbows (if that hurts, go back down); next press-up 3:17 but keep the pelvis on the floor ; frequency: every 1-2 hours or 5-6 times a day
    4:19 2) banana: lay on stomach with legs to side like a banana-shape; usually if pain is R, hips shift L, feet and shoulders R
    6:16 3) towel underneath pelvis ; next to elbows
    7:01 4) lay on stomach with one leg bent ; not-as-high press-up
    7:55 5) lay on back with pillows beneath upper spine; raise legs and move to sides 7:43 Brian Mulligan technique ( https://youtu.be/GWkpcWnb1KI), maybe Robin McKenzie ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BXDe5fcp7I) too; a more advanced tip
    8:45 6) lay on side with pillows below ankle and foot ; good for sleeping
    9:48 7) head, knee, toe: 2 seconds up, 2 seconds down 9:18 1-2x/day (not too much) “sciatic nerve flossing” “nerves aren’t like muscles, if you stretch them it becomes very uncomfortable”

  • I sometimes feel almost crippled by the pain after an impact accident about twenty years ago. I’ll give these exercises a whirl and let you know the results. Watch this space.

  • Omg I spent weeks with excruciating pain in my leg, I just tried the exercise and it instantly feels better! Thanks so much for this video!!!

  • I’m not kidding ya my back is fucking breaking, so we are still in sync �� dunno what I’m gonna do if it goes again cos I ain’t allowed sick days ������

  • Is there anything you can recommend for someone with back pain as well as sciatica? I have trouble doing these exercises with my bad back.

  • So happy to see that you are staying safe and healthy during this special time in your life and hope everything is going well for you during your pregnancy and hope your unborn baby is healthy and growing and my thoughts and prayers are with you for a safe and healthy pregnancy especially during Covid-19 and God bless you and your unborn baby and stay safe and healthy. Love you, Matthew Carrubba from Oklahoma

  • Happy to stumble on this video. Did harvest a nice amount of garlic and the left side was on pain. This stretches did help. Thank you. Peace.

  • اسلام علیکم ورحمتہ اللہْ صرف خدمت خلق کے لیے عرض کرتا ھو کہ اگر کسی کو شاٹیکا ری عرق نساہ(کمر سے ٹانگ کی طرف درد) کا مرض ھے تو مجھ سے دم کروا لے إن شاءالله فوری اللہ شفا دے گا 2 منٹ میی 03074402804

  • I have got Sciatica at the moment but found instant relief and improvement after doing this exercise twice. Ok TRY THIS. Loose clothing and need a cushion for your head. Find soft flooring/ exercise mat or rug. Slowly get on your knees 6 inches apart. Next lean forward slowly and put Upper body weight on your ELBOWS. Put cushion where your head hangs down and clasp hands for stability if required. Now keep Upper body parallel to ground, let lower back just sink down naturally with gravity. Find a comfortable position. After a minute you will feel your upper body muscles loosen and drop in fact all your back will attain a good posture and lower back has far less weight to carry, weight being taken away from the back. Move lower back around, left right and forward back to loosen and feel relief. Hold this for a while. When ready return back to kneeling SLOWLY. I HOPE THIS WORKS FOR YOU TOO. Repeat as required. If this does not work or severe pain you may need to rest your lower back completely, and seek professional advise.

  • I have occaissional sciatica and lower back pain. I can feel the nerve being trapped between muscles in my buttocks. To reduce sciatica I recommend daily stretching but dont over do it or can pull a muscle. Best with loose clothing. First to help you with back pain try ways to increase your arm and upper body strength, this will help you pull you up if in trouble. If you are in trouble and cannot get up be patient, get help, think, and use obstacles around you to help you push up by retaining posture eg kitchen worktop, chairs etc. Daily stretch: Squat and then spread your knees apart slowly, bounce a little in position. I find this helps your nerves in back to find their way back into place. It also stretches thighs, buttocks and helps posture. You will feel better.

  • I love these guys. I’m lying on the 2 pillows from the first exercise. I feel great relief already. I might go to sleep like this ��

  • This video is amazing!! I’m a lifeguard and love to workout multiple times a day. I was in a bunch of pain and this kept me from doing what I love but I feel better already!

  • Gentlemen, thanks for all the tips! Great information.
    Next time I have sciatic pain, I’ll try some of your methods to see which one works for me.
    I’m glad I found your channel!

  • What do I do if none of these work for me? I’m 24 years old and have been unable to stand up straight, walk short distances and find a position of comfort. I’ve tried every stretch possible and it never gives me any alleviation. I’m an athlete in fantastic help, please advise.

  • Hey Bob and Brad I can’t even get into bed let alone do the silly exercises laying on my stomach I don’t know maybe you think people don’t really have a sciatica problem but if you truly have a sciatica problem you can’t do that crap wake up find out what you’re dealing with before you start telling people how to get rid of their pain. And if you can’t tell I’m in a hell of a lot of pain

  • Iv had two back surgeries. And fused I have a lot of nerve pain. Right now I’m in pain in lower back and right leg.what can I do.im on pain medication but still hurting.

  • Honestly your exercises help alot and I had to a exercise where to bend slightly my leg and put the other leg folded on the side on my other leg and it eased my pain.

  • Suffering from excruciating sciatic nerve pain every morning for 4 days straight. Tried to book for an appointment to a private therapy clinic but it required me to have diagnostics first & bec of the pandemic, it would take me another day or so to see a doctor to have proper assessment before undergoing the therapy. It means I’d be experiencing another morning w/ breathtaking severe sciatic nerve pain! Then I found this video here in youtube yesterday! Did these exercises before getting up this morning and praise God… severe excruciating pain is gone! I’m able to move now & do my chores w/ extra care on my lower back. Will continue to do these exercises as I still do feel very mild pain just now. Thank you very much, Bob & Brad for sharing your expertise as you’re helping a lot of people w/ this problem. More power to both of you!

  • I was just about to go to er. Just got to hotel and did these exercises. Thank god I found your channel. They worked. First time that I have not been in agony in over a week. Thank you and may god bless you. You have no idea how much you just helped me. I’m pretty certain that you have saved many lives. Thank you ��

  • I’ve been suffering with sciatic pain for 3 weeks straight now. I don’t have insurance so I have not seen a Dr. I just suffer. I can barely use the restroom, drive my car or be on my feet at work without bending over for some type relief. I’ve dealt with this off and on for 18 years since I’ve had my first child. I’m not sure what happened after having her but there are times I cannot sit, stand or lie down. I tried the very first exercise in this video today just because it’s a last resort for me since I can’t afford to see a Dr. IT WORKED!!!! I can stand straight and bend over with no sharp pains! It feels so much better and all I did was 3 minutes. This will become a daily routine for me. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!

  • This was great, I have been researching “lumbar sciatica exercises” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across Sonictoria Stupefying Smasher (do a search on google )?

    It is a good one of a kind product for discovering how to stopping your sciatica without the headache. Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my mate got cool success with it.

  • With all due respect a one minute “cure” exercise for sciatica must mean your sciatica was very mild painwise. For full-blown sciatica for me one Palexia pill and one Lyrica tablet three times a day is like a miracle cure.

  • Had by surgery 3 yrs ago haven’t been able to walk since.i have alot of pain in the lower spine.feels like IAM top heavy and can’t support myself.i have to use a walker and are bent over can’t stand straight.please help me

  • I have severe pain due to saetica, fibromyalgia, and 3 dislocated disk pinching on my nerve. Always in pain. Tried all kinds of pain meds and gels.

  • Sir, I have sciatica pain from last 3 years, heavy pain in left leg, all treatment have done but not recovered, please gide me sir please please

  • Sciatica pain is INTENSE and it used to piss me off…doctors are no help and give crap “advice” while you pay for more meds…

    It took me a while to see what was happening, but go to decompsciatica.club opened my eyes AND helped me find a better way to treat it

  • its day two since is started this exercises and i feel much better. i have pain in my both leg and after 2 days of doing this exercises(4 times doing all this exercises in this video two times each day) i feel 60-70% better.

  • Did these techniques for a week or so. Made some of the pain go away… tried the back bend again a week or so later and got a super sharp needle pain and it put me back to square one.

    Be careful with back bends, you can end up making the pain worse…

  • I’m 38 and this has been going on for 3 months now. Foot tingling CONSTANTLY and pain throughout my Entire left leg and in my left buttock. I try to avoid doctors but I think I need to go in now cause nothing gives me relief unless I sit Indian style( call it a racist term or w/e its not, but you know what I mean I bet). Or if I pick my lefg up and put it on a chair and bend forward…


  • Oh my so glad I just found this I have had sciatica now for 2 weeks it is quite horrible to have the pain has went all the way to my foot on my right leg

  • hi Bob and Brad. i just came across your video while scrolling here. I have been having this SI joint pain on my left side and it had been almost 6 months making rounds to many many doctors but all in vain. i really want to thank you for this video as I got 20% relief in just 5 minutes doing these exercise. and I am doing them from last one week and my pain has reduced almost 50%. Thanks again

  • Hi guys, I tried those exercises/stretches and I did feel a little better ‘while’ doing the stretches, but then in attempting to get back up off of the floor, all the PAIN hit again in my attempt and so I had to grab my caine before I totally fell down to the floor again. Why is this not working for me???

  • I got news for you there is no 10 minute cure for sciatica problems I have been suffering with sciatica pain off and on for 7 years. For the past 5 weeks I can’t even get out of bed it’s 3 in the morning I’m in so much pain I can’t sleep I see a chiropractor and I go to an acupuncturist the pain is so intense I don’t sleep at night I’m very uncomfortable standing sitting laying down I once went to the hospital and of course they don’t care they just want to keep you alive so they can keep selling you more drugs that’s why I don’t like them they gave me morphine and Demerol it didn’t begin to ease the pain and then they sent my ass home. If you want to be healthy stay away from a doctor I take over 30 pills a day I want you to start taking pills you can’t get off of them and they lead to more and more problems and then they want to sell you more pills it’s a billion dollar industry and they don’t give a damn if they get sued for a couple million because they’ve already made billions. You guys keep putting crap like this on the line hey we can get rid of your sciatica pain and 10 minutes that’s all hogwash

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  • Will this help backs with scoliosis and degenerative disk? Since losing my job to covid, my lower back is terrible and I cannot do anything except sit. Please help. I admire you both for all the help you give.