7 Strategies for a much safer C-Section


Tips for a cesarean section recovery aka c-section

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What is the recovery time after c-section delivery?

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7 Tips for a Safer C-Section For a Planned Cesarean, Wash Your Body Before Giving Birth. Use antibacterial soap, as it can reduce the amount of Stay Warm. Getting cold either before or during surgery can increase the likelihood of infection.

When you’re waiting Use Clippers, Not Razors. One of. My C-Section Recovery Experience: 7 Things I Wish I Knew Worried about the aftermath of a cesarean section? Follow these C-section recovery tips from a real-life mom, who underwent the surgery for.

3 C-Section Recovery Tips to Develop Better Overall Habits. After the initial recovery, continuing to develop good habits will be key in making your body strong and healthy again. Tip #23: Restore Your Core.

Pregnancy, labor, and abdominal surgery can all mess with your core muscles. If you do opt for a C-section, either by choice or medical reasons, we do have some helpful tips so that your C-section can go as smoothly as possible. Previous Next.

Written by Miss Vanda. Home / Cesarean Delivery / 5 tips for a safer C-section; childbirth pregnant mums caesarean choice mums-to-be. C-section tips for dads and partners. Find out how you can help your partner recover after having a c-section, including tips from other dads. Breastfeeding after a c-section.

Find out what you can do to establish breastfeeding after a c-section, including positions to make breastfeeding more comfortable. Coping with emotions after a c-section. Women may take longer to recover from a cesarean delivery, or C-section, compared with a vaginal birth.

In this article, we look at what to expect in the days, weeks, and months after cesarean. “Remember that your body doesn’t know you have a C-section scheduled,” Consumer Safety’s health and nutrition investigator, Sydney Ziverts, tells Romper. “Since you could go into labor at any time. About a third of births are via C-section. Use these articles to become familiar with the procedure, whether you’re planning one or not.

6 Tips for Faster Recovery After a Cesarean Section. 7 Tips for a Safer C-Section Surgery. Medically reviewed by Anita Sadaty, MD. One of the most challenging parts of post-C-section life is turning over in bed, or leaving bed.

If you have, say, t-shirt material PJs on flannel sheets, you will be bummed. A smooth, silky nightie or pajama bottoms, though, on regular sheets = ahhhh, so much better. 5. Move Around—Slowly. 7. Plan for Extra Support at Home. One of the top tips for cesarean birth is to arrange extra help for when you and the baby come home.

All new Moms need additional support after the birth of a baby from household chores (meal preparation, laundry and dishes), to childcare for older kids, to practical help like feeding, bathing, and soothing the baby.

List of related literature:

F. Prevention of bleeding (guideline 17): breastfeed; assess fundus and massage as needed; expel clots if present once fundus is firm; assess bladder and encourage voiding; allow placenta to separate naturally.

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In fact, the stress of labour can be effectively reduced by the use of regional (epidural) anaesthesia, using slow incremental top-ups of low-dose Marcaine to avoid any sudden changes in blood pressure, and vaginal delivery avoids both the increased haemorrhage and infection risk of caesarean section.

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epidural, spinal anesthesia safe choices for relieving pain.

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Another way to avoid unnecessary C-sections is to talk with your healthcare provider.

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These include longer, more difficult labors, increased risk of injury to your vagina, bladder, and rectum, and an increased risk of C-section.

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To limit your chances of developing perineal pain, tears, and incontinence in a vaginal birth, use side-lying or hands-and-knees position during the second stage of labor (pushing phase), don’t hold your breath or strain for prolonged times, and avoid an episiotomy and forceps delivery.

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Mode of Birth: the Evidence The evidence regarding the safest mode for breech babies to be born has been somewhat controversial and misleading, with the randomized multicentre Term Breech Trial conducted by Hannah et al. (2000) concluding the safest way to give birth was by planned caesarean section.

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Compared with vaginal delivery, cesarean section (C-section) is known to modify a newborn’s first bacterial community by preventing normal exposure to the vaginal microbiome and to increase levels of stress hormone at birth [14, 15].

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IV/C 37,39 Avoid mental and physical stress; consider epidural.

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Preparation for natural childbirth (birth without regional or systemic analgesic drugs) and for vaginal birth after a previous cesarean section can reduce maternal anxiety and the rates of operative delivery and associated complications.”

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  • I’m cryiiiiiing! Goodness.. u.u trying to have all that emotional out now.. and i feel im a lil bit too late but I’m waiting for my labor soon.. u.u Thank u so so much and God bless you! ����

  • The reason I disliked this video is because I knew all of that before watching. I did lots of reading and interviewed midwives in my area. I was hoping this would help since I want a VBAC. I chose to transfer to our mother-baby friendly hospital after 22 hours in labor at home. My midwife found that I was only 2 cm dilated. I didn’t want to wait and see what would happen. On the epidural, I somewhat rested and was able to have painless cervical exams. By the fifth exam, I was 7 cm, 44 hours in labor, baby’s head was swollen and hadn’t descended, so we had to go to the OR. Now, I have to wait 9 months until I can get pregnant again. I really wanted a vaginal birth at home for all it’s benefits. I agree that a childbirth class will be helpful since I didn’t know how to cope with my intense contractions. That said, prepare for the unexpected (e.g. have a hospital bag, have a backup in your birth team, research recovery for both deliveries). You never know what might happen.

  • 14% is actually on the higher end of ideal (WHO states an ideal C section rate is between 10-15% but this includes all types of mothers and all types of scenarios). I actually would have thought midwives would have C section rates of less than 5% because they take on low risk patients and low risk patients are less likely to need a C section in the first place.

  • I know my comment will likely get lost in the shuffle, but I’m really worried about this and wanted to ask someone who could verify. I’ve had the same OB with my first as I do with this baby. They preformed a cervical check on me today but when he was doing it it felt as though he circled his finger once he checked how dilated I was. Was this a membrane sweep? It didn’t exactly hurt as badly as some women tell me it would have but it was very uncomfortable. I’m desperately hoping this wasn’t the case because I don’t think I could continue using him as my OB and I’m already 37 weeks but I’m not sure. ��

  • I’m so grateful I’ve stumbled onto your channel. I am not yet pregnant but know midwife/natural birth is the way I want to go so I’m so excited to have this as a resource. Thank you, Kira, for caring enough to share!

  • Hi mam..I had c section last week… doctor advice me to ware abdomenal belt…but my family refusing to ware……

    Can I ware abdomenal belt.. please tell second opinion.

    There is no harm to stitches..if I ware abdominal belt so soon…

    N when to ware it

  • As a medical student I jst wanaa say ths vdo clears ur dout perfectly & for �� understanding u firstly read the theory of caesarian section it really helps to understand

  • Love your videos! So informative! I wish I would have found you before I had my son. I would definitely want you as my midwife for my next baby if we lived closer to you

  • GOOD GOD DON’T USE A MIDWIFE. Look at the infant mortality rates for midwives healthy kids are more likely to die with a midwife than a high-risk baby delivered by an Ob/Gyn. Can’t believe CR is promoting this insane alt-medicine snake oil.

  • Very useful and informative video.Thanks for sharing.I have also made few informative videos related to obs and gynae and would like to share with you.

  • Amazing video. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us! I wish you could travel around to help me to give birth:/
    I love your channel!
    31 weeks, I am starting the positions you suggested today! God bless.

  • Hi, I love your videos, I am 27 weeks pregnant today. Do you think its safe to have a natural delivery with fibroids? Please let me know.

  • Doing natural with a midwife, who used to be a doula, at home within the next month give or take. Watching to make sure I can stay home the whole time and have as good a birth experience as possible.

  • Hi I know it’s irrelevant here..I have itchy rashes on my belly. I believe it’s pupp.I don’t want to freak out.But can you do a exclusive video on pupp and how to manage it during final days, delivery and post partum, home remedies.I am 36 weeks along. You are really doing a great job.I love your videos.Love from India.

  • I tried to move around while I was being monitored but they kept losing the heart beat as soon as I would get outta bed then they would come in an yell at me to get into the bed and lecture me about how I doing something wrong I was a low risk pregnancy nothing wrong with me or baby this second time around I will not be bossed around

  • Had an emergency c section 14 years ago and still have trouble with muscle on right side, inside, abdomen. Why would a doctor saran wrap something? I was told that this was an old procedure done before don’t know what that meant? I had the epidural as well as 34 hours labor with 1st and only child. I could only dialate to a 9.75, naturally. Her head had crowned. Trying to work through this issue on right side. I remember a lot of tugging. I also had the bloody show, along with a team of doctors gestational diabetes, docs commented that a had the most beautiful umbilical cord so it was white with visible nutrients. I took the oxygen. Told that daughter pooped in my womb. I had a healthy 8 lbs 0.04 oz, healthy daughter, thank goodness and some kind of modified tummy tuck. Need your suggestion on what happened.�� I took no prescribed drugs ice and Bayer aspirin only or I would have thrown it up. I was told that my daughter and I had an infection. We both stayed in the hospital on Sunday 12 noon and left Friday or Saturday afternoon.

  • I had my 4th baby this morning. All the while sending so much gratitude to you. Thank you for all your videos, advice and expertise. She was born at home and is just perfect. ��������

  • O MY GOD! Why do they rip it apart with their hands? I’m mortified as I head into a scheduled
    C-section in less than 4 weeks.
    Oh my God… ����

  • Would you recommend inducing labor in case of gestational diabetes? My doctor wants to induce me at 39+3 weeks if baby doesn’t come on he’s own

  • I am on my 37weeks pregnancy and will have my schedule cesarean delivery next week. I am so nervous because this is my first ever surgery. I had a normal delivery to my 3 children, this is my 4th pregnancy and will be delivered via cesarean due to high blood pressure that I experience on my last delivery. I will be ligated after the surgery. I wanted to deliver the baby as normal since I know already the feeling, I am really scared of the risks for cesarean.

  • When I found out I was pregnant my first thought was I want a midwife/doula and I want to birth this baby naturally. Unfortunately after doing my research they’re so expensive and I’m in a very low income area also I’m high risk so I’m really scared of my biggest fear coming to light which is having a csection… I’m due January 11th so I hope things go well I just really hope things can go a little good.

  • Thank you for all your videos! However, some doctors become aggressive and defensive when I’m speaking about a birth plan and avoiding unnecessary cesarean

  • I had a csection with my fisrt baby she was 1week late 10yrs later im having anothr baby im 39yrs now and yhe doctor does not want me to go past 39weeks is this rite? I thought if baby is not in any kind of stress its good to wait till baby is ready???

  • Wow this video just shows that everything I have been saying is right yet my obgyn often makes me sound crazy I have been asking for them to recheck my iron yet they dont with my first they didnt even check when I went into labor or after so I had no idea whether to continue taking my iron after birth

  • Mam kya C-section k bad stitches niklny k bad unme pass pad sakti h or stitches niklny k bad kya krna chahiy or kya khana chahiy plz btay mam reply

  • mam plz tell me mera cezean hoya hain or baby was dead abhi 7 month hoye a to main ab kab baby lae sakti hu nd second bby norml ho sakta hain