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COLOR Baby Names

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100 RARE & NEW BABY BOY NAMES 2020! | Cool + Unique Boy Baby Names I Love But Wont Be Using!

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Unusual and Rare Colour Baby Names for boys and girls | SJ STRUM Color Name List

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100 Color Baby Names Adam. Peak Popularity: Adam is a popular boy name in the U.S. It ranked number 18 in 1983 and 1984.

It was number 78 in Alani. Famous Namesakes: TV personality Alani Nicole “La La” Anthony. Peak Popularity: Alani was uncommon before 2003, Alba. Peak Popularity: Alba was.

Baby names inspired by colors. By Evonne Lack | November 29, 2018. Photo credit: Thinkstock. IN THIS ARTICLE.

Baby boy names; Baby girl names; Unisex baby names; Color your child’s world with one of these creative names inspired by all the hues of the rainbow. You can even be extra cute and deck out the nursery in the same shade. Hey, you only. To get started, we have 100 baby names that mean blue to help you out. 50 Baby Names That Mean Blue for Girls.

1. Aoko. This is the name of an evergreen tree that is blue. It also means one who is outside.

2. Charaya. This pretty name is for someone who is a blue and pink color. 3. Jaylin. This name works for baby boys or girls. Our list of 100 baby names that should be on everyone’s list this year includes more choices than in the past of names that are obscure and surprising.

That’s because there are so many more unusual baby names coming into widespread use and baby namers have become a lot more adventurous.. Expectant parents do not need to be told to move beyond Jennifer and Jason. Taya — A rare name of Japanese origin meaning “young; valley field,” this sweet moniker only made it onto the top 1,000 baby girls’ names twice in recent years, (#981 in 2015 and #945 in.

Looking for baby name ideas, advice, meanings, and popularity? You’ll find everything you need below – including a list of the top 100 baby names, our helpful Baby Names Finder, forums where you can bat around name ideas, and much more. So we’ve done the hard work for you—giving you 100 color combinations inspired by nature, food and drink, travel, and everyday items. But before we go into the designer-approved color combinations you should use, let’s cover the basic color combinations most designers use. Baby Names.

From Avery to Zephyr, Nameberry is the complete guide to thousands of amazing baby names. Here you’ll find the world’s biggest baby name database, the most creative lists of names for girls and boys, the friendliest forums, and the best ideas and expert advice on naming your baby in 2020. Baby Names and Meanings. Choosing the right baby name is one of the most important things you’ll do as a parent. BabyNames.com has been a trusted source of names for over twenty years.

Find out the name meanings for your entire family, and friends too![ Read: Baby Boy Names By Syllable] 10. Lexus: Lexus, the luxury division of Toyota, the Japanese auto brand, is popular among the elite. But the name is popular with the masses.

This unisex name entered the top 100 baby name list in the year 2014. Shorten it to Lexie for a cutesy nickname. 11.


List of related literature:


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Ask the child to name the colors that he chose.

“Slow and Steady Get Me Ready” by June Oberlander
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Color names: A set of names that represent more than 200 colors, such as red, lightslategray, and fuchsia.

“Beginning HTML and CSS” by Rob Larsen
from Beginning HTML and CSS
by Rob Larsen
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King and Yellow Libellee (yellow), Helios (orange), Amanda and Monalisa (white), Azula and Jupiter (purple), Visa and Symphonia (red), Bounty and Jessica (pink), Goldfinger and Aladdin (yellow), Mandarine and Bambi (orange), Sylvia (white) Purple Sensation (purple), Flamboya and Granada (red), Alysia and Rebecca

“Flower Crops: Cultivation and Management” by A. K. Singh
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344 suggesis that there are some So usable colour-names tor the whole ot colour-space.

“Color and Meaning: Art, Science, and Symbolism” by John Gage
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Kutluk Oktay, MD, FACOG is one of the world's foremost experts in fertility preservation as well as ovarian stimulation and in vitro fertilization for infertility treatments. He developed and performed the world's first ovarian transplantation procedures as well as pioneered new ovarian stimulation protocols for embryo and oocyte freezing for breast and endometrial cancer patients.

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  • I always love your name choices! ❤️ Lately as far as color names I’ve been really loving the name Crimson/Krymson. I think it’s pretty gender neutral but I quite like it for a girl as a modern version of, Scarlett.
    Oh I’ve also been loving the name, Ivory. How gorgeous is that?!

  • Yes!!!! I love, love, love this trend! I’m hoping for a baby in 2020, and we certainly will be following this muted color trend. My husband and I love the name “Gray” as a boys middle name. We already have a daughter, Violet (18 months). �� Thanks for a great video and awesome research, SJ. Lots of love from (north) Florida. Xx ��

  • I think you haven’t heard these names

    For girls: Aloïsia, Inaaya, Amyra, Aayat, Humaira, Xari, Vanya, Zaina, Posie, Nairobi, Rabia, Gul,Sanya, Jannat

    For boys: Cassius, Xander, Ranger, Zealand, Cadiz, Aseem, Izzin, Ehan, Hyzin,Bentlee

  • Heidi can you please do a list of Harry Potter inspired baby names list? and also animal inspired baby names too? I can’t wait for next Sunday it’s my favorite day of the week because of your videos:)

  • SJ I need your help!!! My husband and I are expecting a little baby due in December. We’ve been talking about names and in the case of a boy he will only accept the names of his brothers: Ivan or Jan. (He is from Kurdistan, Syria) could you maybe make a video on middle eastern/(sounding )names. I’ve also always liked the names Adam or Noah. However now that I have gotten older, I have met people that ruined these names for me �� I like short masculine names for a boy but I also believe your baby becomes what you name it so the meaning is important to me. I really hope you can help me because I am starting to get nervous. Hahaha

  • Some of my favorite color names are Crimson and you could nickname her Crim, Mauve, Scarlet, Violet, and Rose. I don’t know if you’d consider this a color name, but I’d associate it with a red flower for Christmas and I really love the name Pointsettia and you could just call her Settia or Settie which I think is super cute. I love the name Jasper, and I have a second cousin with that name! Topaz is my birthstone and I associate that name from the book ‘I Capture the Castle’ by Dodie Smith because of the character named Topaz. Another cute color name I love is Ebony, but I don’t think I’d use it because my cousin’s dog is named Ebony and if you have twin girls I think the names Ebony and Ivory would be super cute together.

  • Hey Heidi!! I was just sitting here after reading about how Canada is doing with cvd (didnt want to spell it, maybe my comment would get blocked lol) and I thought about you guys and how you were doing? I went through this whole process of trying to remember your channel name and to my surprise, you have pivoted the channel. I saw you kinda pivoting a while back and Im glad you found a niche on youtube. I wish you continued success.

  • I’m pregnant with baby no2, I’m in search of baby names that start with letter I since my 1st baby’s name is Ira. I feel like I’ll settle for Ivory.

    Btw could you do Swahili inspired names like,
    Zuri meaning Good/Beautiful
    Pendo meaning Love
    Imani meaning Faith
    Amani meaning Peace
    Maua meaning flower
    Wema meaning Good
    I’m Kenyan btw, Here we speak a lot of Swahili that’s why. New subscriber btw. I’m in love with your channel already

  • I really like ivory for a girl name. For a middle name you can do Elizabeth. I think it looks so beautiful together, Ivory Elizabeth. I think I have another girl name to add to my favorites list for girls names.

  • I want all of my kids to have babynames with a color (second name). Names I love are:

    Blue i am in love with this name.

    Lilah Dutch for lilac is lila, i love the extra h, sounds like Lyla. could be a nickname for Delilah.

    Olivia from olive.

    Violet used to love this, from american horror story. not gonna use this one.

    Carmine a friend of mine has this as a last name so i won’t be using this one.

    Ember from Amber and also a fire. I love this one, a friend of mine (male) has Ember as a third name.

    Sienna i really love this one. Sierra too, but Sienna just a little more.

    Grey such a cool name. some people think of Christian Grey, but i don’t care hahah. i love this one. Could be a nickname for Greyson

    Esmee my name, comes from Esmeralda, comes from Emerald. I feel like that counts as a color haha, just like Ruby.

  • I had two dogs that had color names. My little brindle mix was named Hazel and she was such a sweetheart. The other was Denim because he was born with blue eyes but later changed to like a golden yellow. He was solid white so I guess later it had another meaning as well. Because denim is made from sturdy cotton. And he sure was a strong and noble dog.

  • My sister’s favorite is Onyx & Goldie, mine is Lavender & Navy. I also like (and think would fit in) Saffron, Sorrel, Blanca, and maybe Merlot could be considered. Great choices SJ!

  • My name is Scarlett (not very unusualbut the spelling is)
    My fave girl colour name is Indigo �� my bbf’s cousin is called Indigo-Skye and she has 2 twin sisters called Ivy-Rose and Florence-Leota! Her mum uses such cute names!

  • Peridot is a August birth stone I love my birth I love navy onyx for girls lavender is Ron gf on Harry Potter and a friend of matilda
    Love the name glodie

  • I LOVE Ash, its one of the few that my partner has ever suggested and I adore it so so much! I’m only 19, so not planning any babies of my own any time soon, but Ash will definitely be up there when I do! And as gorgeous as it is, I could never use Fawn because that’s my Brownie Leader name �� Lily has always been both mine and my partner’s favourite baby girl name, but Billie is my top choice for boys and I could never have both, so Lilac would be a wonderful alternative! Moss just reminds me of the IT Crowd!

  • I am so so thankful for this!!
    I had 3 miscarriages last year and I’m 36 weeks pregnant with our rainbow baby. We don’t know the gender and these names are beautiful ��

  • Magenta makes me think of the pink puppy on Blue’s Clues, as well as Rocky Horror Picture Show and the girl from Sky High, who can morph into a guinea pig.

  • Obviously my name is Bianca which is the Italian word for white. I also really like Blanca which then would be white in Spanish.
    If you are quite daring I really like Indigo (nickname Indi)!

  • Adriel is one of my favorites!!! Makaio!! so close to my fav name Makai/Mekhai!!!������Zorikai! Elikai! i love kai ending names! plz do more!����
    Ario, Castiel, Conan, Elko, Greyan, Ezio, Styles, Odin, Arceus, and Novis are PRICELESS!!!!! GORGEOUS!!!!! ��������������������

  • Peridot is a August birth stone I love my birth I love navy onyx for girls lavender is Ron gf on Harry Potter and a friend of matilda
    Love the name Goldie I love the name Neela it like Mila I got it form Er it means dark blue and Myrtle from Harry Potter I love that name

  • I’m surprised Iris isn’t on the list! It’s the most colourful name ever! ��
    Iris is the goddess of the rainbow so great for a rainbow baby girl or if you love colour!:)

  • how about a Time or Mystical/Ethereal related name list & by the way all 3 of those words i just used could be names in my opinion. =)

  • Magenta and Mahogany
    Magnolia and Melody Gross
    Marigold and Marisol
    Freya and Finley
    Lionel and Lourdes
    Liberty ��
    Libra ♎️
    Molly and Hannah
    Mona Hues
    Oakland Pierce Mendez
    ���� Dominican Matteo Granville
    Cobalt Dynasty Republican
    Crimson Moss and Cressida Regina Willa-Deena Holland Stilton
    Chiara Olivine
    Axis Ronaldo Joplin
    Amethyst Dusk and Amanda Meadow Winery
    Aeron Rhys Carys
    Jeremy Kyle
    Jewel ��

  • Really don’t like cobalt at all sorry SJ! Onyx is a pokemon as well so that would always be what I associate it as. There is a character in Matilda called Lavender and she was sweet. I thought Peridot was the birthstone for August? I do like neon though ��

  • Did you know that Ash’s name in Japanese is Satoshi? When they dubbed it in English, they changed the human characters’ names, so Satoshi became Ash, Hikari became Dawn, etc. (and by “etc” I mean “those are pretty much the only ones I remember off the top of my head”)

  • I love love Ash and Gray for middle names. Orion is my go to name, boy or girl. I also love the names Varick and Trioan for girls (nicknames Ricky and Troy.)

  • Yay, I was one who suggested this video thank you for sharing your ideas SJ! I had Navy and Lavender on my list already, I love Olivene! Could you please put the name titles on the screen as I love to see how to spell or how you would spell the lovely names you pick xxx

  • My rainbow baby’s name is Esca I wanted a nature name in a way spiritually close for me Mother Nature. I also love the name that is so precious for rainbow baby girl Ori means my light

  • What lovely names ❤ my fave was Myrtle. It’s one of my fave essential oils lols. What lipstick and blusher are you wearing pls SJ? I’m looking for some new inspiration xx

  • omg with the intro music my abuelita was like Andrea mija apaga la novela! that is please turn off the novela in spanish and abuelita is grandma…

  • Sooooo many good names on this list. I have to watch the video a few times. A name came up to me just now and it is Ozion, samilar to the name you mentioned Ozias. Just want to put it here.

  • This is lovely. Thank you for tackling this theme so sensitively. We lost our daughter, Emmeline, last year. She was stillborn when I was 6 months pregnant. I’m now pregnant with our rainbow baby boy and am back on your channel hunting for the perfect name! ����

  • I’m pregnant right now and I pick for a girl name Evelyn Lilah ( in Greek in means lilac) but a boys name we haven’t got one ����‍♀️

  • SJ-
    I want to let you know that this video has come 2 months after my miscarriage. The week after it happened, I was so devastated. I had to continue going to the doctor for about 5 weeks for bloodwork and a shot. The first couple weeks of July were okay, and then things started going downhill. My heart sinks again every Sunday, which would have been my changeover day to a new week milestone. I lost my baby and suddenly a bunch of family and friends are announcing, with joy, that they have an addition on the way. I want to be happy for them, and I know I am, but I am struggling to find that joy because it reminds me of what I lost. My announcement was 2 weeks away. I was so excited. And just like that it was torn away and my heart was shattered.

    Thank you so much for sharing about your loss and for linking resources which I am finding the need for more as time passes… I thought time would help. I am both eager and terrified for the next time I see 2 lines. The fear of another miscarriage, but also an increased chance for it to happen because we discovered I have a uterine abnormality which piled onto everything. So many questions, all seemingly unanswered as I try to find my way through the dark.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • Your videos are so helpful! I’m not expecting a kid or anything but I’m currently going through the process of changing my own name (long story) but I’m having a really hard time choosing or finding one that suits me

  • I have way too many color names on my list, and my youngest has Violet as a middle name <3

    Azul: SO cool!

    Lavender: A fave of mine for sure, there are multiple literary associations too!

    Onyx: So fun and cool, Nyx or even Nick could be a nickname option!

    Olivine: OH how gorgeous!

    Navy: One of those few names I love equally for a boy and a girl! So sweet!

    Goldie: I think it’s cute for a nickname!

    Cobalt: Great way to get to the nickname Coby!

    Mulberry: Oh my goodness how cute! Cranberry is one of my GP names haha

    Neon: Ooooh super cool!

    Myrtle: Sooooo cute I’d love to see it come back!

    I have Cerulean as a middle name on my short list for boys (sir-OO-lee-in).

  • I would love a Harry Potter themed list, I’ve always loved the constellation theme that Sirius’ family followed. I plan to name a daughter after a constellation.

    I actually really like Aerial for a boy, I heard it in an anime movie and fell in love with it but it’s to associated with the Disney Mermaid for my husband, which the ‘female’ version of the name is Arielle. I’m gonna use it as a middle name instead.

    My name is Nichelle, I really like having an unusual name. I’ve gotten to a point in my life that I dont correct people anymore, most the time I’m called Michelle or Nicole. I just find it interesting the names people come up with, over the years I’ve also been called Natasha, Natalie, Noel, Nadelle, Rachelle. I honestly will answer to anything, lol.

  • hello my name is Iris Dawnmy mother got 2 miscarriage before me, by the time i was born my mother saw a rainbow outside the window after a drizzled so they named me Iris which is rainbow in greek mythology and because its early morning at that time they got my second name Dawn.. i always watch your videos bcos i myself have a baby boy name Julijo (silent J pronounce as Julio) Sebastian and he is 2 mos old now..
    Love from the philippines ��

  • Pretty pretty please. I’ve watched several but don’t recall if you’ve done baby names based on letter but could you do a baby names video for boy and girl names that start with the letter V? Thank you! Maybe do the whole alphabet A-Z ��

  • I’m struggling to find a name for my rainbow baby girl. I wanted something that meant “song in the night”. In Hebrew Shira means song but I wanted to smooth it out. Ideas?

  • Golden
    Joseph Pascal Royce
    Matthew and Emily
    Mallory Arlen
    Adeliza Harkin
    Aurora and Emmett
    Corden and Christian ✝️ Patchouli
    Clover and Saffron
    Heather Algernon Rosebay

  • I was just thinking you could do a metals name list, like gold/silver/rose gold name list. Names inspired by materials like that. Is that crazy ��

  • Olive is my top baby name! We discussed Olive Zinnia could open up the nickname “Oz” or “Ozzie” if we tried hard enough! Not pregnant now… I hope I still love it as much in 5+ years when I get pregnant! I keep cycling through baby names that I love for a year and then it starts losing the spark in my mind. For some reason I always go towards color names though, Scarlet, Violet, Forrest, and now Olive! And my SO is “Hunter”

  • Remember a few others I like, Coral, Plum, Jet, Roux (which are of course crossover for nature names and such). I met a Sapphire just the other day (which I love for a middle since it’s my birthstone)!

  • I had a huge crush on the name Lilac for a long time! I wanted her nn to be Lila but my brother in law used Lyla for his daughter. Now my color name crush is Gray for a boy. I’m not big on any of the full names for Gray but I think it is so handsome on its own ��

  • New Names I’ve Never Seen Before-
    Purdue (nickname Dewy)
    Denim (LOVE this one)

    Rella (from Cinderella)
    Landrea (Landry & Andrea)
    Flair (obsessed!! Close to Blair but so different)

  • In cycle 3 Trying for our rainbow baby I we lost ours 22 of April 2018 at 5 months 2 days but we look at it that the same baby will comeback again ��

  • I’ve never heard of rainbow baby’s, I had a miscarriage when I was 15, I had the implant in my arm, but I fell pregnant because my dentist gave me antibiotics which I didn’t realise it would affect my implant and my dentist didn’t know I had the implant so he didn’t warn me… I fell pregnant and didn’t know. When I was around a month pregnant I miscarried. I didn’t know what was happening, sorry if this is triggering anyone. I had been drinking the night before, I couldn’t get drunk for some reason… anyway the next day was a bit traumatic, my bf at the time kicked me off the mates sofa we were sleeping on because I wouldn’t sleep with him because my stomach was killing me, so I had to sleep on the cold floor. The next day when I got home he broke up with me and I felt this weight in between my legs, I went to the toilet and there was a lot of blood… I screamed and then fainted, I woke up in the bath and my mum had put the shower on, I got myself cleaned up and went down stairs, my mum had a bloody towel and a cup of tea waiting for me down stairs, she asked me why I hadn’t told her I was pregnant, I was in complete denial and got really angry… she asked me what I wanted to do with what was left and I just told her to get rid of it… it’s my biggest regret trust me. It’s really hard for me to go back to that place, I’ve known I was going to be a mummy when I was 6. So I had my names picked out, I had Noah picked out for a boy, I always wanted a boy so that’s what I chose for my miscarriage. But when I was 18 I had my little boy Jackson. Who I like to say picked his own name, Jackson bio dad and I struggled to agree on a name, so I had a list, Jackson wasn’t on it. I read all the names and then stared saying random ones to see what one the baby responded too, so when I said Jackson, he kicked so hard I jumped up, and I said “okay…” I went on saying more names, nothing. Then I said Jackson again and got another massive kick and whenever I said “Jackson “ to someone when they asked if I had any ideas he kicked, you could say it’s all a coincidence. But I don’t believe so because of how often it happen, my younger cousin is called heather, she was lucky to be alive when she was born, her mum ( my auntie) was older when she had her, I think she was maybe at least over 35, but they had to get her out by c section like the earliest they could, she was in the hospital for 4 months and when she came home she was smaller than all of my baby dolls and their clothes where to big for her, she’s huge now! So tall. I talk about my miscarriage to friends, because I was so young and I didn’t know I was pregnant, I felt like at the time I hadn’t lost anything because I didn’t know, but the aftermath, going to the drs making sure there wasn’t anything left to get an infection. That was hard. Then having the panic that I couldn’t have children because I did want them eventually. I feel that loss everyday Jackson could have had an older brother, Noah ❤️ I obviously don’t know if it was a boy or girl, I just went with what I thought of, my child father isn’t in his life but I have an amazing partner who has raised him since he was a month old. He’s nearly five and when he is old enough to understand we will tell him everything he needs to know and make it an open discussion throughout

  • A few names that also could fit on this list are:
    Nicholemeans victory
    Jubileemeans joy or celebration
    Theodoremeans gift
    Ashermeans blessed or happiness

  • Please do southern or preppy names! My husband hates all of my choices and said they sound fairytale BUT I’m now adding lavender to my list so maybe he’s right ahhaha

  • Love these!! My favorite on the list was Airian ❤️ My favorite name not on this list is Hussein, I think the two of these would be a great sibling pair, if your going for rhymes/very similar endings ��

  • So nice to know that people are starting to move towards names like this, I’m an ivory and never have meant or known of any other ivory’s for the past 22 years so super lovely x

  • I adorrree Fawn!!! <3 Also Lilac, Ocean and Olive! <3 which are all on my list! (Ocean for a boy and Olive and Lilac for girls)
    I actually know/knew a girly named Ivory! (Ivory Rose)
    Such a fun list!

  • I have Talitha Fern on my short list, definitely a muted color name! I adooooore Lavender I could totally use it if I hadn’t already used Violet! Same for Lilac <3 My daughter Keturah Violet has a baby doll named Lilac! I know many Hunters, and I have a friend with 6 children, one of them being a girl called Emerald Hudson Joy! I have Olive on my short list as Lucinda Olive but then my sister used Oliver as a middle and my friend named her dog Olive! Ivory makes a great alternative to Avery and Ivy! Ocean is my fave O name for a boy and one I could happily use in a heartbeat if I could ever get my husband on board! I love it because of the song Oceans by Hillsong United.

  • This video is bomb! U r so talented in finding unique and powerful names!
    I put some on my list��
    Yes!! I would love to see a Harry Potter name list!!!

  • Indigo is great. Cordovan is really cool, you also can get the nicknames Cor or Cory:)  Viridian sounds cool and dark, it kind of reminds me of the name Rhydian:) My favourite color names are Greene and Cyan for boys:) 
    Lilac is really pretty, i love it! Crimson is cool, but i think i’d prefer it on a boy. Ivory is great, i like it:)

  • I love your videos. I wanted to name my future daughter Candice Eden, or Candice Emerald. My name is Esthefani, and my husbands name is Gustavo. I wanted something that match. I would love if you could let me know if it goes with our aesthetics or if you have better suggestions. I would love your opinion.

  • Due baby number 2 in February 2020.
    They will be either Daisy Delilah or Jake William, depending on the gender ��
    Our first son is Charlie Clifford ��

  • My favorite boy names are

  • I’m 21 weeks pregnant and we found out we are having a girl! We picked the name Estelle from one of your videos, and we love it! She’s coming around the holidays, so the meaning ‘Star’ fit perfectly. Plus I loved the idea of her having the nicknames Elle or Stella. Her full name is Estelle Kay. ♥️Thanks SJ, I love your videos! ♥️

  • Two names I always thought were cute names were Pastel and Paisley. I just learned that Paisley isn’t a color but a design or fabric, but I still think it is a great unisex name. I read that Paisley is popular as a girl’s name but there wasn’t any boys associated with it.

  • Hello SJ! I really enjoy your videos, especially the ones about gentle parenting techniques. I would love to see one about sleep training and bedtime routines for toddlers. I don’t have children myself, but I’m a private nanny with a special interests in parenting methods. Many of my friends with young children struggle to get their little ones to sleep and it can be very frustrating. Thank you for sharing your wisdom! ��

  • I love Goldie �� I have only met one little girl with that name. I worked as a school teacher and have had a couple girls named Navy here in the US

  • I feel like anyone who has experienced fertility difficulties or the loss of a child has struggled to get back to a feeling of calm. I came across a name today that relates to this and I figured you might love it. The name is Eunoia (yew-noy-ah). It’s of Greek origin and it means “a pure mind or feeling of good will; a good spirit” or more directly, it means “beautiful thinking”

  • Suggestion: for your next video it would be really helpful to see the names in text on the screen like your others. Could you add them to this description box please?

  • Magenta is one of my favourites but I feel like it’s too out there One of the ladies I work with is named Coral which I like. Her sister is called Barbara which always makes me laugh, Coral and Barbara sound so different to each other style wise

  • a couple more suggestions:

    • Mary (wished for child)
    • Isaac (laughter; in the bible he is the son of sarah, who had him after suffering infertility)
    • Ruth (friend)
    • Jonas (sign from God, peaceful being)
    • Althea (healing)
    • Theodore (gift)
    • Hana (the grace of God, happiness, to glow)
    • Bennett (blessed)
    • Evelyn (wished for child)
    • Noah (repose, rest, tranquility)
    • Amara (eternal)
    • Jude (praised, patron saint of desperate causes)
    • Joseph/Josephine (shall grow)

  • Our Rainbow baby is named Callum, it means ‘little dove.’ A dove is a beautiful symbol of hope and I kept going back to the Bible story of Noah sending out a dove after the flood & God’s promise symbolized in a rainbow. We miss his big sister Letty who was stillborn. Prayers for all the families who have lost a pregnancy, baby, or child.

  • Yes!!!!! Finally! My last name is White and in obsessed with the idea of a color first name as well!

    My favorites:

  • I also have other favorite baby names that I think would be good for this year that are:
    Thomason Henrique

  • Color names (not all muted)

  • A bit off topic BUT I’m obsessed with your beautiful pink top!! Where is it from? I named my baby Alice Evelina last year. I had never heard of the name Evelina until watching your channel. My husband wanted Evelyn but I talked him into Evelina, which I thought went better w/her first name. I also love the name Everina. I read that Mary Shelley, the author, had a baby named Clara Everina..so pretty!!

  • I’ve only heard of Peach/Peaches in pop culture but its cute. I like Peach better. I almost with there was another more formal name you could tie it too that was their actual name that Peach could be the nick name.

  • Haysen, Greyan, Lucan, and Laker were my faves!! I LOVE the names Grayson and Luca, so Greyan and Lucan are a cool, less common twist!

  • You look AMAZINGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Indigo: Yeah this name is SO cool, Iggy could be a cute NN too!!

    Burgundy: I think of Rrrrroonnnnn Burgundy haha

    Cordovan: WOW gorgeous name, this is brilliant!! It’s similar to Donovan!!

    Navy: This is one of those very rare names I enjoy equally on a boy and a girl, I think it’s adorable!!

    Silver: If Sylvester’s a name, why not Silver? LOVE the sound of it, it just SOUNDS like how it looks if that makes sense!!

    Viridian: YES this is brilliant too! I think Vermillion and Obsidian would be great too!!

    Ash: WOW another name I legit love on a boy and a girl!! Like legit if I didn’t have TWO people, actually 3 now that I think about it but 2 that you know, ruin it for me, I’d happilly use it!!

    Jasper: One of my all time fave boy names <3

    Malachite: Well, this is amazing!!!!!!

    Lilac: I’d honestly use this in a heartbeat if I could use Violet!!!!! <3 <3

    Topaz: I think I’d like this better on a boy. I once met a little girl with Mayan heritage whose middle name was Topacio, which is the Spanish form of topaz:) (toh-PAH-see-oh)

    Crimson: I think I’d like this more on a boy too!!

    Saffron: This is new to my top 50, I adooore it!! It’s so classy and I think of the gorgeous actress Saffron Burrows.

    Coral: I love the color and the sea associations, I’ve never actually cared for the sound so I kinda prefer to see this as a middle name. Ryane had a Coral in her grade in Illinois.

    Mazarine: Oh this is gorgeous!!!!! <3

    Ivory: I do prefer this for a girl, but this is somehow ANOTHER one of those rare names I enjoy for a boy and a girl, I think this is SO underrated!! Gorgeous <3

    Amethyst: The sound of it has always just been ok for me, but the color and just general look of purple amethysts are just incredible, and I love green amethysts too (I have a green amethyst ring)!! I think of Iggy Azalea now with this as a name since that’s her birth name.

    Magenta: Love the sound of this, and Madge could be a cute NN!! OH MY GOODNESS, I legit typed that before you mentioned it hahaha

  • One of favourite girl names that I will hopefully use in the future is Violet, if I had a baby girl right this second that would be her name.

  • Love these. It made me think of Peridot for a girl. It’s a gemstone I know ��, but with such a lovely green colour. And she could be called Peri or Dot/Doti! I absolutely love Dot and I know you do too ��

  • One of my name crushes at the moment is Genevieve it means ‘woman of the family’ which would be lovely for a first daughter or an only daughter. Plus I always associate it with the dog in the Madeleine books who saved Madeleine from drowning in the river I think this would be a lovely rainbow baby name because baby loss can be so hard you can feel like you’re drowning in it, but then your rainbow baby rescues you ☺️

  • There are. Not too many boys color names I like but I really like Sterling. For girls I like Ebony, Ginger, Henna, Ivory, Jade, and Sienna.

  • Love the video! I’m not sure if you’ve ever come across the girl’s name Xana before but it’s one of my favourite hidden gems.
    The name comes from a character found in Asturian mythology. Always female, she is a creature of extraordinary beauty believed to live in fountains, rivers, waterfalls or forested regions with pure water. ✨

  • I’m not a ‘commenter’ but just wanted to say what a lovely video. I’m currently pregnant with our rainbow baby due on Boxing Day �� xx

  • I had a missed miscarriage too before my daughter was born. Her daddy is greek Cypriot. We named her Elenithe greek version of Helen which means light x

  • I always loved Fern and Lilac. They’ve been favourites of mine since I was a girl. My daughter’s name is Victoria Winter and I’m surprised how quickly Winter has risen (my daughter is 5.5 years old) since she was born.

  • Ash It’s kinda cute but wouldn’t use
    Fawni would use that as a middle name like Aurelia Fawn
    3. Greyson is one of my fave names
    4. Lavender is so artsy and cool but i wouldn’t use that. I prefer Lilac
    5. Moss.. no but Hunter Yess
    6. Olive I don’t think I’d use, I hate Olives
    7. Ivory has been on my list for a few months and so haS IVY
    8. Peaches That is so cute, wouldn’t use but cute
    9. Ocean hmmm nope

  • I uploaded a name video as well! Ozias, Makaio, Elikai and Zephan are so awesome. Alistair are Castiel are so classy. I talked about those names on my channel recently: )

  • I like Alistair, Milias, and Riddle! And I actually knew a girl named Tabor and I actually really like Oslie for a girl:) Ok here’s my unique boys names…wouldn’t be surprised if I got some of a past list of yours lol
    Audric (old)
    Emrys (immortal)
    Escott (from the cottage near the stream)
    Irving (from Scotland)
    Kobe (turtle)
    Reeves (servant)

  • Lovely list �� my rainbow baby is called Rosie Ophelia Frankie, Frankie after her big brother Franco. I love that she’ll always carry a piece of him with her x

  • Bali and Neo are already on my list! I also found that Neo means ‘gift’ in Tswana and it’s even better��Some other names that can work as rainbow names are:
    1. Juno(‘queen of heaven’ in Latin and ‘goddess of marriage and childbirth’ in Irish��)
    2. Reena(‘born again’ in Latin)
    3. Souline(‘sunshine’ in French)
    4. Suni(‘happy’ in Korean)
    5. Kaiden(‘warrior’ in Celtic and ‘companion’ in Arabic)
    6. Malakai(‘my angel’ in Hebrew)
    7. Koa(‘warrior/brave’ in Hawaiian)

  • Indigo (for a girl) because there is a book called Indigo Blue where the main character is a girl named Indigo and her sister is named Misty. Also Scarlett and Violet <3

  • Girl names I like (some r from your videos)
    Emberrly (this not a typo)
    Ellowner (elle ow ner)
    Boy names

  • My sons name is True destine!
    I named him this to hold himself up to being his true self and to hold others accountable to being true to him

  • My favorites on your list were Ozias, Caspian, and Corbin! I think if I were to have a third boy, I would go with the first name Marshall and maybe choose one of the three you mentioned as a middle name. ❤️

  • I love the name Hazel for a boys name with the nickname Haz. I’ve always thought about it as a very girly name but when I switched and thought hm I wonder how it would be as a boys name I feel like it sounds very strong cause of the Z but the l at end makes it not as harsh sounding!

    Couple of other Nature/Color names

    Apricot (Apri nickname)

  • My favorite discovery on this video was Mazarine. I love names that do have a history of use somewhere and some time but are fresh to us.

    How about Topaz Octavia?:) Seriously, though.

    I love the ones that are place AND color names Burgundy, Cordovan…

  • I really absolutely enjoyed the video and got a lot of inspiration and ideas for my new story characters in my new combined book the great battle for amarykhanta and fantastical gold rush tales. Thanks for including one of my all time favorite names Tamias, I greatly appreciate it. And I also spotted some of the names that I sent in to your instagram page a while back, that I actually forgot about. Thanks for including them also, I greatly appreciate it.����������✨����❤️������

  • I live in an area where much Spanish is spoken, so I know more people who pronounce Saul ‘Sa-ool’ than the version that rhymes with Paul. I like the name a lot, and the meaning is great for a baby who was wished for a long time.

  • I really love your videos and keep me entertained even though I’m not currently looking for baby names (that doesn’t keep me from keeping a list). ��
    Also I know that if you haven’t read Harry Potter it might be confusing but Harry never dated Lavender. It was his best friend Ron Weasly who did. Just needed to correct this, sorry..

  • not a muted tone but the name Jett like jet black is a pretty cool neutral color name. My favorite color name for a girl is Cerise with Reese as a nickname!

  • Silver’s so pretty for a girl! I have a story about two girls named Silver and Blue. And Cordovan is such an awesome name, sounds like a handsome smart guy who can kick butt. If I ever have a son I’m considering this.

  • 1. Azul Not for me.
    2. Lavender Not for me.
    3. Onyx I’ve seen this on a lot of baby name lists. Not for me.
    4. Olivine Not for me
    5. Navy I like it better for girls. So cute.
    6. Goldie Not for me.
    7. Cobalt Pronounced Coh-bahlt in the US. Not for me.
    8. Mulberry Not for me.
    9. Neon Not for me.
    10. Myrtle Not for me.

    I think it would be better if you had put the names on the screen.

  • When I saw the video title I thought what? What colour names are there? lol. But actually you’ve got some great ones (as always!) PS. hair is on point SJ! x

  • I’ve always loved names from Greek mythology like Persephone, Ariadne, Athena, Maia and Eros. They sound strong yet soft at the same time.

  • Viridiana is very popular in Mexico! I also love Carmesí (car-may-SEE), which is Spanish for “carmine”. I love Tanzy (Tanzanite is a little wacky, even for a woman who named her son Archimedes haha). I also love Heliotrope, but it’s too much for a human lol

  • Oh no…. my boyfriend is dead set on the name Cairo because he loves the game Halo and there’s something called Cairo Station in it but now I’m obsessed with Makaio and Zyro/Zairo ������

  • Forest/Woodland names please! I love Silas which is ‘God of trees/forests’ and I also really love Bramble (Bram for short) which means blackberry bush ❤

  • Anyone have first name ideas that go with Lessie as a middle name for a little girl? I love unique names, but I think since Lessie is unique, the first name should be more classic. The last name is Long.

  • How funny. I’m sat here breastfeeding my little 2 month old rainbow baby who is so unsettled after her vaccinations. Her name…Iris! �� ��xx

  • Brilliant job, SJ! I love your choices, especially Onyx & Neon. Neon is very cool; I love that it is one of the noble gases. For girls, I find Myrtle & Olivene particularly lovely. I love the name Golda & would use it in place of Goldie. For a boy, what do you think of Nile? For a girl, following on your blue theme, I like Azure or one I made up, Azurlys— which means celestial blue lily. ❤️❤️��

  • I’d love to use lavender as a name, but as everyone does they shorten names and in Scotland it would be lavey, which is a slang word for toilet:( otherwise I would use in a heartbeat. It’s absolutely gorgeous ��

  • My fiancé’s last name is White, so I kind of have to steer clear of colour names. One of his best friends has a little Ruby Green, but idk—

  • My name is Teal and when i was in kindergarten there was a boy named Grey in my class. It was odd back then but now it’s becoming popular lol

  • I had a miscarriage almost 3 years ago and we never got to know the gender of our baby. We did name the baby Shiloh. Maybe you can do a list of names for Angel Babies, if you haven’t yet.

  • These are all such beautiful names. We called our little rainbow baby girl Adora Mirabel, which means gifted wondrous beauty. Exactly what she is to us. We call her dori for short X

  • I don’t like color names much but here’s my short list

    Boz means grey in Turkish
    Konur means brown in Turkish
    Mavi loan from Arabic and means blue
    Saruhan from old Turkish saru (yellow, blonde hair) + han (king, ruler)

  • Very Cool SJ! Brilliant collection as usual:) Lavender is a beautiful idea. The meanings behind the names make them so special. We could totally see Navy rising. Godie/Goldy…so many here to watch. Thanks again for offering your inspiration!!

  • My younger brother was a rainbow baby after my mother had two miscarriages. My parents chose the names Nathaniel Grant because Nathaniel means ‘Gift Of God” & Grant means “Great” So, he was their Great Gift From God.:)

  • I’m Egyptian and I’d love to help with some Arab names because I’ve been seeing a lot more arabic names all over the world.

    Fayrouz (fay-rouz) it’s the name of a very famous singer, she made a lot of songs about love and strength. She is considered an icon.

    Amira (am-me-ra) it’s actually my mother’s name and it means princess/king’s daughter. Some people associate it with Amara which is also a very popular arabic name.

    Nader (Na-der) it’s a boy name and it means unique or rare. It’s very classic name here. It’s kinda fading away but I love it so much

  • For the longest time I thought the character Inigo Montoya was named Indigo. 
    I like Cordovan. I’ve never heard of it. Viridian sounds like an adventurous middle name to me. 

    I don’t remember a Jasper in the Bible… Malachite was a character in Sailor Moon. In the original Japanese it was a (gay) male, but in the American adaptation due to the character being gay, was made to be female. 

    I like Coral, it’s got just the right about of old lady chic. 
    When I was little I misread Magenta, I thought it was Magneta…

    I’ve thought about the possibility of using birthstones as middle names for possible children. Amethyst, for example for a February baby.

  • i like Azure better than Azul and i like Victorian Lilac as a 1st & middle name combo instead of Lavender. i like Navy for boys or girls. Indigo might be cool for a male. Royal Blue instead of Cobalt would be a great combo. Prefer Mauve instead of Mulberry for a girl. i like the name Teal instead of Neil. What do you think of names like Cerulean or Evergreen for a boy? How about Magenta for a girl? (Mag or Maggie or Gen for short). Or Crimson for a male? Olivet could be name for either a boy or girl, yes? Zahava is a Hebrew name meaning Gold and i like that a whole lot better than Goldie or Golda because the word ahava is in there which means Love, so you get 2 powerful names in 1 with Zahava. Silver, Golden or Argent (could be pronounced more English like as in Ar Gent [exudes him being a gent’ lol] instead of the french way [like they call “money”) for a male might just work. Amethyst (girl’s name) is a gem but could that possibly be a reference to a color? Raven is black, right? Onyx is not too bad in the cool dept. i like the combo Sky Blue or even hyphenated Sky-Blue so that they have to appear together or Blue-Sky. Midnight Blue? Rainbow works for color associated names and is a unisex name. Verdant is interesting for a boy. if i am getting daring Yellow sounds good to me for a girl especially after that song. or for a little bit cray cray ( crazy) how about Crayola for a girl? Don’t laugh too much it is actually growing on me. =D Iridescent or Iridescence could be a name, i suppose. Steel Blue as a combo for a boy? hmm? =)

  • We have Onyx on our baby list. We don’t know what gender the baby will be. He/she is due next month. �� We have seen a lot of synchronicity with the name Onyx.

  • I like Indigo, Jasper, Lilac, Coral,Ivory and Magenta!
    I suggest you the name Celeste! In italian it’s the color Light blue and It’s used for boys and girls! Oh and  that”s my name:P

  • It is not a rainbow name but my name is Alara which is very similar to Alora. It means unique desert flower, although it is also known as a water fairy lol

  • A color that I’ve been crushing on for a girl’s name and am surprised I’ve never heard it mentioned before is Magenta! I think it is so cute and would work perfectly for a girl and you can use the nicknames Maggie and Genny.

  • I have mild synesthesia so some of these names look really wrong to me even though I know they’re completely right haha =)  For example, “Jasper” for me (based on the letters themselves) is a very dark purple, so it doesn’t match it’s real color at all!  Haha, synesthesia makes things very interesting 😉  These are pretty fun! =D

  • Magenta is a really fun name but I would never use it. my favorite color names for girls are Celeste and Scarlett, and my favorite for boys is Jasper!

  • We loved the name Airian �� In spanish I would pronounce it like Ayereeawn. Sounds a bit like Adrian (which is my husbands favorite name.)

    Also… my name is pretty rare maybe not so modern sounding but definitely rare. Its spelled Ehija (similar to the popular male name Elijah) but pronounced (Ajah). But I haven’t found my name’s meaning anywhere, my mom dreamt it before I was born.

  • A suggestion for next week’s list: variations of traditional names. These could be used as middle names for example if you want to honour a relative, you could take their traditional name and use a more modern variation.

  • SJ help me with a name for my daughter due in June! My son’s name is Rémi Emilio. We like Olivia but it’s so overused now. We also like Avani but just can’t seem to settle on it. Thank you so much!

  • My son is a rainbow baby. His name is Ivin Red. Ivin being my husbands first name and Red because it’s the first color of the rainbow. We love how it sounds together. Another interesting thing is my husbands middle name and the name he goes by is Saul!

  • What about Blue, Violet, Indigo, Brown, Jade, Russet, Rose, Hazel, Azura, Sienna, Saffron, Ruby, Kelly, Fushia, and Viridian?
    P.S. Most of these are girls names except Brown. I do not have anything against boys, it’s just that all of these were all i could think of. Jade and Indigo can work for boys, too, though. Anyone in 2020?

  • I love Asher so much for a boy which is a play on Ash, I have Ella Grey in my notes app for a girl and I love the name Sage, which I don’t think you mentioned but such a nice muted green!

  • I absolutely love Lavender! I’m pregnant right now and am loving that smell too. My husband won’t go for it though. So sad. Haha! Thank you for the video.

  • I know brothers Navy and Cobalt (who goes by Coby).They are from a large family of artists. Some of their cousins’ names are Sage, Olive, Periwinkle (she goes by Peri but at home her family calls her Winky) and Teal. They have a dog named Indigo.

  • I’ve always loved this trend! Some names I’ve thought of are Indigo (Indie for short), Persimmon (Percy for short), and Cerulean (Lean/Linn for short). I feel like these could all suit a boy or a girl!

  • I loveeeee this girl name I made up Recently it’s I last-name So already super trendy it’s EVERDEEN Oh I love this name so much it has ever in it which Makes the perfect alternative for the very popular name Everly I got the name from 1 of my favorite movies the Hunger games the main Characters name is katniss everdeen�� thought I’d share this name to Anyone looking for a on trend Non popular name

  • I really miss the typed out names pop up on the screen when you talk about it. You have a strong beautiful accent, at times its hard for me to understand exactly what name you are saying plus its always nice to connect with names visually too. I really enjoy your videos, thanks!

  • I love the name Navy, I was so happy when you mentioned it! It’s in my top five names, however, I’ve always pictured it as a girls name and have never thought of it as a boys name, I think it’s so beautiful!

  • I don’t think Bali would be a good name for a baby in Australia. Bali is too connected to bogans in Australia. Although many other people think of Bali as a paradise, which dont get me wrong, it is, too many Australians use the country as their party getaway. Like Americans going to Cancun or Europeans going to a Greek island or Ibiza

  • It would be so cool if you did a video of names for each letter of the alphabet! I love “P” names and would love to see a video of your fave names just for that letter. Maybe others would too?!

  • Please do southern or preppy names! My husband hates all of my choices and said they sound fairytale BUT I’m now adding lavender to my list so maybe he’s right ahhaha

  • We wanted to name our boy something linked with miracle but we couldn’t find anything that really clicked but these names are beautiful and I never came across these when I was looking

  • I love the name Ivory so cute you are my favourite YouTuber I am 9 years old so I won’t have kids any time soon please can you do a pixie/fairy/elf names please like so she can see��I love you SJ

  • Thank you so much for doing this video! I have been looking for a while for rainbow-inspired names. My favourite that I’ve come across is Ingram. It’s a boy name that means angel-raven, messenger. In Norse myth, Ing is the god of peace and fertility, and Ingram is the raven messenger of Ing. Ostadar is also a cool choice for boys as its one of the only traditional masculine names that means “rainbow”.

  • Vivienne meaning life.
    Rafael/Rafaela meaning God has healed.
    Aala meaning a person who chases and heals.
    Brighid meaning strength and force, is the name of the goddess of fire, verse, intelligence, and healing.
    Emma comes from the Germanic word ermen meaning whole or universal.
    Hadashah meaning new or repaired.
    Azaba meaning restore or repair.

  • Omg thank you so much For mentioning the name I found ( Lancaster) I worked very hard finding place names for my Pinterest board and to get this name on a Platform like your is seriously so amazing����

  • One of my cousin’s is having twin baby boy and girl plus she wants to name her boy Rocco Fynian and girl Rockie Wynik OR Winver Ode and Dessa Culve ( like Culver but without the R) SOO CUTE!

  • I’d love it if you could help my husband and I come up with some beautiful names that work in both (Euro) Portuguese and English. <3 Love your channel!

  • We are trying for our rainbow baby at the moment. If I am lucky enough to have a girl, I am naming her Aurora it means “The Dawn” a new day and a new start:).

  • I watched a show with a girl named Burgundy and I always thought it was so cool.

    Silver I’ve always wanted to use it as a boys name and it’s in one of my boy combos, but I started watching 90210 and there’s a girl named Silver and it fits so well.

    Ash is one of my favourites (because of Pokémon), but when I use it I will use Ashton.

    Topaz, Crimson & Saffron are so cool sounding.

    Magenta will always be Blue’s Clues to me.

  • I wouldn’t be able to use colour names with my surname, I think it would just look like a paint sample. So annoying because so many of these names are beautiful!

  • Love your videos! You are lovely I could listen to you for hours, voice so soothing. Have you done a biblical name video? Or patriotic (American) names? ����

  • Help need a baby name that is a color that starts with S
    I already have a scarlett and saffron and might go with sapphire but sounds to close to saffron. Suggestions?!

  • Loved this video and all the lovely names <3
    Just wanted to comment that I struggle to hear you when the background music is this loud, and I also struggled to read the names and meanings with white print over your white shirt ´:)
    Don’t mean to be rude, it’s just something you might want to think about I imagine I’m not the only one…

  • If you like Lilac, an alternative might be Lila which is the German word for purple as well as “dark-haired” in Persian.

    I personally want to name a future daughter that name.

  • Such a meaningful list this one! I’ve got a request: sound of music names. The meanings and stats of the characters names as well as maybe some related ones to tie in the film but not use the children’s names.

  • Indigo is so fun. I like it as a girl though.
    Viridian is very gorgeous for a male and female! I can’t decide which I like best. The name is so big! Reminds me of Meridian. Which is equally a pretty name, in my opinion.
    Malachite is actually amazing and I can see this taking off in the future!
    Topaz is so cute. I love that! “Topaz October”!!!! Ahaha I LOVE THAT! So creative and catchy.
    Crimson is so scarlett-y it’s deadly feeling! Love it tho!
    Mazarine…wouldn’t Malachite & Mazarine be great b/g twin names!!

  • I’m really liking Goldie at the moment! Like Goldie James for a girl, but I don’t think it matches well with my other daughters name. Might use Marigold as a middle name because of it:)

  • I like all the Flower
    Names. But of course my Favorite
    Flower name is Saffron it’s so many
    Beautiful Colors.
    It’s in the Bible.
    The name Saffron means light, and salvation..it’s a fun cool name. It’s my
    Name and I love it.
    Nickname is saffy
    Saffie Safi Ronnie.
    They call me Saffron..I’ve never had a nick name.
    It’s like the lady said
    the name Saffron stands for so many
    Thing’s and I’m proud to have the greatest unique name in the world.
    I don’t know of anyone that dont like
    My name…my parents met on their
    First job working in
    Flowers after school.
    Mon loved the Colorful Saffron flowers.Dad loved
    The Rose’s his mom
    Was named Elizabeth Rose
    So I’m named Saffron Rose!!

  • Hi my boys are called Akio (Paul Lyrik) and Zade (Aaron Lukas) I changed the c to a k on lyric and Lucas as I wanted something different. Akio means little prince and Zade means warrior xxx

  • I think it’s still a good idea to type the names on the screen when you talk about them. It’s quite necessary especially when you mention a name that people have never heard of before. Please?

  • Hi! I love this video! ��
    I’m like, obsessed with colors lol
    Ummm…are there any color names that weren’t on this video that you could please do another video for?
    Do you think you can do a unisex baby names video too? ��
    Have you ever had names you’re really set on at first…but then when you do have to name someone…that name doesn’t sound right to use anymore? And those really unique names, like on babynames.com seem really beautiful…but it doesn’t tell you how to pronounce them�� And then there are those classic, trendy names I do like, but not enough to use them…what do you do in situations like that?