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Doireann. Origin: Irish Pronunciation: Dirren, DOR-en, or Dawr-EEN Meaning: Brooding and sorrowful or fruitful and fertile Alternative Spellings & Variations: Doirean, Doreen, Daireann, Doirend Famous Namesakes: Wiccan liturgical writer Doreen Valiente, singer Doreen Taylor Peak Popularity: Doireann is an uncommon name in the U.S., but it has been gaining popularity in. Celtic baby names (a combination of Irish, Welsh, Gaelic, and Scottish names) tend to have a magical, timeless, and musical feel. More modern Celtic names. 53 rows · The Celtic culture is a fusion of Celtic symbols, gods, festivals, Druids, and Iron Age. 53 rows · 375 Celtic Baby Boy Names With Meanings Celtic baby names have their origin from.

53 rows · 216 Celtic Baby Girl Names With Meanings Celtic language is the language of the. Irish Names and Meanings. Start your journey by visiting our Irish boy names or Irish girl names pages. We have divided the pages up by letter so that you can easily find your names in Irish, Irish name pronunciation, meaning and name origin..

Or view individual name entries for popular Irish names, such as the meaning of Aiden, or find out the history and correct pronunciation of the. Unusual and exotic sounding Irish girl names.These are the popular Irish names for girls including the Gaelic origins, meanings, and spellings. You can listen to the author Frank McCourt pronounce every girls name in vivid description. This is a great way to find out how to exactly pronounce female Irish names.

These origin baby names and meanings are unique in their accord and carry the spirit of their birth places. Origins help us understand where we come from and how our ancestors and our past was. Indeed, it is a look into our family tree. Celtic Baby Names; Indian Baby Names.

India, the tiny subcontinent in Asia, is a rocket-full of names. Irish Background. As the twentieth largest island in the world with only about 6.5 million people, Ireland has a bloody history due to its two main divided parts – the Republic of Ireland with Dublin as the capital and Northern Ireland, a part that has always been under the rule of.

The 100 most popular Irish Boys Names are shown in the table below. Irish baby names evolved over the centuries based on the historical events of the time. From the time of the Celts to the Vikings, to the Gaelic classes, the Anglo-Norman invasion and the subsequent subjugation and then rebellion, the origin of Irish names can be very involved.

List of related literature:

The name Ephraim means “doubly fruitful,” but because of its sin, Ephraim will experience both a declining birthrate (vs. Ho 9:11) and an exceeding high death rate among the children that are born (vs. Ho 9:12).

“King James Version Bible Commentary” by Ed Hindson, Woodrow Kroll, Thomas Nelson
from King James Version Bible Commentary
by Ed Hindson, Woodrow Kroll, Thomas Nelson
Thomas Nelson, 2005

This One family of the name is said to in the 1890 birth index, with some 216 is due in part to the gaelic form of their descend from the MacGregors and births, primarily in Kerry, Clare, Cork, names meaning something akin to Griersons of the Clan MacAlpin of Limerick, Galway and Mayo.

“The Book of Irish Families, Great & Small” by Michael C. O'Laughlin, Irish Genealogical Foundation (US)
from The Book of Irish Families, Great & Small
by Michael C. O’Laughlin, Irish Genealogical Foundation (US)
Irish Genealogical Foundation, 2002

Hebrew parâ (AV, fruitful bough) contains a play on the name “Ephraim.”

“The Wycliffe Bible Commentary” by Charles Pfeiffer, Everett Harrison
from The Wycliffe Bible Commentary
by Charles Pfeiffer, Everett Harrison
Moody Publishers, 1962

ibath is said to have two children, Bodb and Baath, figures who do not appear in genesis and whose names are of irish origin.

“Celtic Cosmology and the Otherworld: Mythic Origins, Sovereignty and Liminality” by Sharon Paice MacLeod
from Celtic Cosmology and the Otherworld: Mythic Origins, Sovereignty and Liminality
by Sharon Paice MacLeod
McFarland, Incorporated, Publishers, 2018

The name “Ephraim” means “fruitful,” and this was a very fruitful tribe.

“The Wiersbe Bible Commentary: Old Testament” by Warren W. Wiersbe
from The Wiersbe Bible Commentary: Old Testament
by Warren W. Wiersbe
David C Cook,

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  • I named my second son Angus! My husband has some Scottish in his family tree, so he has always loved this name…but I wasn’t as sold on it when we had our first boy…but now I love it! And it goes well with his siblings names Eloise, Oliver, and Angus.

  • ha, interesting! I’m preparing for my next baby and after searching for ‘Scottish names’ your video popped up and I see you uploaded it the day I went into labour with my first baby. I think it’s sweet because I spent so much time watching your videos while I was pregnant with him searching for names and here I am again, looking for inspiration for my next. <3

  • I guessed-Hamish,Angus and Eilidh Other names-Murdo,Isla and Katie? as well as Lewis,Harris and Skye which are all Scottish islands

  • My mam’s name is Mairead. We’re from Ireland. It means pearl and is the Irish version of Margaret. I dont think its as popular here anymore though.

  • Love this ��
    But, fun fact: Clan tartans aren’t really a thing! Traditionally people wore whatever tartan was made locally, the idea of different families having their own tartan was created later to interest tourists �� I learned about it at the university of Stirling ��������������

  • I would to see an animal names list! Since you mentioned Wulfric, Wolfie is now top of my list! And My little boys middle name is Ren, spelt differently as it was in memory of my Mum Karen who passed away aged 49, just 1 month before my IVF. But I love animal names, fawn, fox etc

  • I love the name Fergus, but I think it’s too strong to use in the Midlands �� I think it’s a fantastic name though and I love the nickname Gus

  • For those that speak Irish, ao as either [eɪ] or just [i:] is actually pretty phonetic and understandable. dh as [ɣ] or unpronounced has to do with Irish lenited consonants being represented by letter-plus-h digraphs in modern Irish spelling. before they were represented by a dot diacritic placed above the letter that was being lenited. In older Irish spelling the name would have been spelled Aoḋán. And considering English’s love of removing all diacritics, Aoḋán became Aodan became Aidan/Aiden.

  • My best friend is eilidh and she was so happy when she saw you pronounced her name I also have a friend called ealish and I love it xx

  • Have you heard of the name Aila? How is it pronounced in Scotland? I’ve seen that it is of Scottish Gaelic origin (at least with this spelling it can also be spelled Ayla but that is of different origin). Would you pronounce it “ay-luh” or “eye-la” (like Isla) in Scotland? I’ve read it can be pronounced either way depending on origin, but can’t find for certain which way it’s pronounced in Scotland. Thanks!!

  • I’d love an Australian name video but it might be a bit bland… Or just very English. Maybe some Indigenous Australian names would be great? We don’t have enough appreciation for our first peoples.

  • Hey, do my name “Maria” when you get to M! Not only does it have religious roots, but I hazard a guess that there is no other name in even half as many songs.

  • A little off topic, but who thinks it’s weird to name a child a place/city name if I myself have a city name. My name is Brooklyn and I LOVE the name Cairo for a boy.

  • Bonnie!!! I named my dog Bonnie since I just think it’s the most beautiful name ever! �� ❤️❤️❤️ but also I named her after my favorite singer Bonnie Tyler lol �� my dog’s full name on all her paperwork is literally Bonnie Carrie Gray ��

  • Oh my gosh I love this list! We are Scottish living in England and have an Angus and a Brodie! We are hoping to have a third baby and this list will really help!

  • My cousin really embraces his Scottish heritage so he named all 4 of his kids with what I think are Scottish names there’s Brynn, Annakah, Caiden, and Lachlan!

  • Thank you for answering my requests for names from different cultures! I would love to hear Spanish, Mexican, and African names too!

  • My last name is Ferguson and with me and along with my three younger siblings, my dad always had said he wanted to name us Hamish Lachlan Ferguson if we were boys haha, my youngest sibling is a boy and my dad settled for his middle name being James! It would have been a very scottish name for someone not living in scotland haha!

  • I feel like the majority of names on this series are going to have either Irish or Hebrew origins. If you look in to the most common names in the anglophone world, a strange amount of them are of Irish or Hebrew origin.

  • It would be lovely to hear some baby name nicknames… only because a lot of people I know have shortened names �� (e.g. Sadie, Maysie, Joe, Tony etc)
    Also: what about a collab with Skye Wheatley?

  • Great list! The Mairead I know pronounces it like mah-raid, and when she meets people she says like parade with an M. I think it’s lovely and she has a unique and glowing personality to carry it off.

  • Loving the Scottish accent. Born in raised in London but have Scottish heritage and am so proud of it. What part of Scotland are you from? My family is from Gretna

  • Ogilvy is a Scottish locational surname originating in 1172 from the barony of Ogilvie, located in the Scottish county of Angus. Ogilvy derives from Old Welsh words ugl (“high”) and ma (“place”). There are several variant spellings. Clan Ogilvy is a Scottish clan, of whom the Earl of Airlie is chief.
    Variant form(s): Ogilvie, Ogilvy, Ogilby, Oglesby
    Meaning: “high place”

  • can’t even pronounce the right gaelic, pure ignorance saying ‘gaylic’, which is the irish language, scots language is pronounced gahlic, same spelling

  • can English people just stop pretending they know or respect anything about Scotland because they know absolutely nothing in the slightest and just sprout false info, bye

  • I loved this! I’m half Scottish, my cousin just had a wee one and called her laoghaire (leer-y) which i think is so pretty with the l and the r sound, but I think she’ll be forever explaining how to pronounce it! Xxx

  • Claymore: How fun!

    Eilidh: YES super adorable, I love this!

    Hamish: Sooooo super cute and a great way to honor a James! My husband’s middle name is James and I’ve brought up using it so many times but I can’t ever get him on board!

    Bonnie: One of my first fave names, I’d loved it since I was about 10! <3

    Angus: Totally needs to be used more!

    Finnea: Oh how gorgeous!

    Ogilvey: Oh my goodness how fun, this is new to me!

    Ishbel: Super adorable, one of my fave Isabelle/Isabella alternatives!

    Lachlan: Crowd pleaser, and super handsome!

    Mairead: Lovely indeed!

  • just to say that scots gaelic is pronounced ‘ga-lic’ rather than ‘gaylic’ which is the irish version of the language. Also Mairead is pronounced ‘ma-rade’ or ‘my-rid’

  • My brothers name is Aidan every Aidan I’ve ever heard of has been spelt like Aiden, my parents didn’t even know that other people had the name Aidan spelt like that

  • I’m an Aidan, but the name is so common in my area that there are several other Aidans I would get confused with growing up. So nowadays I go by my initials

  • weird question… but how do you get all the info on the names you pick out like how many babies were given the name i think it’s really interesting and would like to research some names for myself x

  • Hamish MacBeth was not a dog he was the main character in a drama-comedy tv series about a policeman in the Highlands: Robert Carlyle’s breakthrough performance.

  • Hello, my middle name is Adon. I’m unhappy with your generalisation that there are ONLY two spelling. Just kidding lol I understand that it’s a very very uncommon spelling hahaha

  • My husbands Scottish and we have a Rhuaridh (Ruu-rey) and a Reuben with the middle name McIntosh, as we are descendants of Clan McIntosh. We also have a Rheign. Love LOVE Scottish names ��❤️

  • Even though I’m from Croatia I love Scotland and everything to do with it so I’m so grateful that you did this video! My personal favourites are Lachlan and Catriona��

  • I LOVE your videos SJ and have been completely obsessed since we found out we are having a Little Girl (due December!)

    I had tonnes of boys names chosen but we can’t decide on any girls names ��

    I love Darcie, Hermione, Luna, Nova & Florence but he hates all of them ��

    Any suggestions/alternatives welcome!!

  • First time having come across you, so subscribed. I live in Ayrshire.

    So here is one of the least used female names in the whole of Scotland (checked the national records of Scotland ) which my daughter was the first baby girl in Scotland to be blessed with such a name. Yvaine. Do you know how many times people have mis-pronounced ma wee lassies name? A mean seriously, did they know freaking watch Stardust? Obviously no then LOL. Right now as it stands according to the records in Scotland my Yvaine was the first Yvaine in Scotland year 2010 and following there after another 2 Yvaines, so far. So definitely, not a popular Scottish name but highly mis-pronounced. The meaning of the name is Shooting Star xx

  • You pronounced Eilidh perfectly the first time:) (although the ish sound is also used). It’s literally the word Ceilidh with the C removed

  • I never heard of this name until twenty-oh-one when a woman at work had a baby boy who was given this name. I pronounced it as “Eye-EE-dan” similar to the feminine name Aida (then in the forefront as a Broadway musical name). I was set straight on the pronunciation by another co-worker, who also told me that there is an actor named Aidan Quinn after I said I had never heard of anyone with this name before.

    Later in the twenty hundreds, at another job, another woman, an Irish American, gave birth to a baby boy named Patrick. The email we got said they hadn’t chosen a middle name yet. Eventually we got an email saying that the middle name is Aiden. But I read it as the more common Allen at first.

    Aiden/Aidan is actually among a group of names with the same rhyming sounds popular in the twenty hundreds, along with Braden, Hayden, Caden, and the truly gender neutral (in my observation) Jayden, along with spelling variations.

  • We have a pattern with our kids names so if we ever have another one it would have to start with an h. I’m not sure if you’ve done this but maybe do videos with names only starting with different letters in the alphabet. A-Z ��

  • Hamish in Australia there’s a famous comedy duo Hamish and Andy
    Lachlan is popular in Australia my cousin is Lachlan but my mums maiden name is Scottish that’s the link

  • I’m a Brodie, and a female. I have never met another girl Brodie its always been guys. But I was named after Brodie Castle in Scotland:)

  • I have a Gaelic (which Gaelic country is unknown) name it’s Dee and just pronounced D everyone thinks it’s short for something and it’s really rare for a boy especially in Scotland. it means “dark” which perfectly suits me because I’m generally a negative person

  • My name is Kurstie! (spelled different but pronounced the same as yours) I’m from the US and have never met another Kirstie/Kirsty/Kurstie so it’s really fun to see you and your videos and feel like I know someone else!
    (Also drives me crazy when people say my name keer-stee and sometimes I even get Curtsy ������)

  • I love you’re videos and I love you’re personality but I draw the line when I see you have a apple laptop.

    Why did you do this to me!

  • My husband has Scottish ancestry and we are wanting to give our baby boy a Scottish name. We don’t want a hugely common name. We both like the name Lachlan, but as you said it’s hugely popular in Australia. William is also a name we both like but again is hugely popular in Australia. It’s so hard to find nice and uncommon boy names that aren’t weird.

  • Kirsty and Kristy (et al) likely have the same base etymology (origin), since Hebrew and ancient Greek didn’t really have much in the way of vowel-sounds. I wasn’t until the Euro groups got ahold of the words that they added extra sounds to the words and it tended to vary for one tribe to another where the vowel went. Both “Jesus” and “Christ” are Greek name/words. If one is talking religion, His name would correctly have been Latinized from Hebrew as Ishua bin Iusef (Joshua, son of Joseph); just like Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade pointed out, the letter J is a modern invention, just like V vs U for properly spelling Tempvs 😉 So yah, basically your name means you’re a nun, “given to Christ”:D

  • You remind me a lot of Rose Williams who portrayed Princess Claude on the TV Show Reign (it’s on Netflix and I highly recommend it. It’s about Mary Queen on Scots and her time in the French Count, how she eventually went back to Scotland and everything in between).

  • Lovely name choices:)
    Mairead is prounounced ‘Myred’ or if you are very Scottish ‘Myredt’ haha.
    So funny how Eilidh is so uncommon in the rest of the UK. In Scotland it is one of the most common name around.
    Our little girl is Rose and her middle name is Jean, another very Scottish name:)

  • Lachlan has been on my list of names for years, but I recently came across a spelling of it as “Lochlan” which I think I prefer. My first boy will be Alastair, though!

  • I hope you all enjoy this brand new series! Any feedback on how you think it could be improved please let me know. And if you want to help choose which name gets covered next week please support on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/nameexplain

  • Thanks for making a video about my name, in your first first name video series.

    And yes I picked this name because it means fiery, and starts with an A.
    Most people I met spelled my name as Aiden.
    I did knew a young woman named Aidan too

  • When I first started social media I went by Aidyn Thai. I really liked the name combo and thought it was a bold choice bc I’m a lady. It was less popular for girls in 2008.

  • I feel so silly! I thought “goodness Iona is so pretty!” And was about to add it to my list of baby names… but then I realized you can’t have a sibset of Fiona (my daughter’s name) and Iona ��

  • That’s in interesting thing… are cute names, childlike names, often longer than their originals… it’s true in part in Spanish… Luis/Luisito…

  • I went to school for many years (from grade school through highschool) with a boy named Patrick. He would use 2 nicknames and change it every year. So one year he would be called Pat and the next he would be called Rick. I think it may have been our senior year that his name (that year it was Rick) was written on the blackboard in a list of A students I think. But his surname was on the board as well. Shaw. He was rickshaw!

  • I used to have two kids named Aiden with an E and Aidyn with a Y. They were both boys in 3rd grade while I was in 1st I believe. Also, MY NAME’S NOT RIIIIIIIIIIICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aidy Bryant is a long time cast member on the American TV show Saturday Night Live. Her full name is Aidan Mackenzy Bryant.

  • Patrick: “There’s two spellings to Aiden”

    White™ moms: deep breath

    I can’t think of any others

  • My family has an Aidan (Dad’s side) and Ayden (Mom’s side) of course this fits right in with the 3 Johns, 4 Roberts, 3 Patricias, 4 Marys and two each David, Wesley, Marcy, Steven, etc. To balance this we have Chelby, Miriael, Mirissa, Jace and Loren. No Patricks, sorry.

  • I AM SOOOO HAPPY YOU DID THIS! Thank you! Thank you for filling my request! I expecting my first son and so excited I could use one of these as I’m obsessed with Scotland.

  • I didn’t know the name Aidan existed until I saw this video in my subscription feed LOL. It makes a bit more sense if you consider the fact that English is my second language (as you can see from my youtube username which is not in English) and so I guess I don’t really know popular English names.

  • As I work in childcare would you like my opinion on names? well for me it depends on 1. If I looked after a child with that name 2. How many I know 3. What they were like. As for Aiden eh looked after too many when I look after a lot. Get sick of it

  • No. No. There are many variations to Aidan especially in American English. I was an primary/elementary teacher and Aidan was extremely popular, but spelled in various ways: Aydan, Aydyn, Aiden, Aedyn, and etc.

  • You are definitely pronouncing Eilidh correctly! I obviously have a C at the start but am K-Lee! I never thought of Eilidh being a name too! So pretty!

  • My middle name is Maisie and I’ve only ever heard the meaning ‘Margaret’ (I’m named after my nanna) so it was so nice to find out that it has another meaning! Also a cool coincidence that I was born in June so pearl is my birthstone as well! ❤️

  • I’m Scottish, my mums name is Eilidh, my dogs name is Bonnie, my cousins name is Hamish and I want to name my future child Ruairidh:)

  • If we’re feeling Irish, could you do a video on the name Saoirse? It sounds nothing like it looks to this English speaker, but I think it’s a rather pretty name. Stay well out there everybody, and Jesus Christ be with you friends.��

  • Yes you pronounced Eilidh right!! My cousin is from Scotland this is her name! So beautiful. Im gonna throw Claymore on my boy list as well. I love Scottish names, my husband is Harrison and his brother is Angus. I wish i had a cool name like them. Lol so jelly.

  • I want to name my future daughter Maisie. Also its kinda funny that my brothers name is on this list. His name is Ainsley, although he got the name from my dad who’s name is Ainsworth and my dads uncle is named Ashworth. So his name was just a tradition

  • my name is Aidan and I know too many other people named Aidan. very popular amongst boys my age. my bestfriend since kindergarten is also named Aidan

  • Since we’re obviously in the context of names anyway, it’s probably fair to describe a diminutive as a “cuter” or more familiar version of a name (familiar as opposed to formal). in the greater scope, though, it’s generally a specific form of a root word (or the suffix, prefix, etc. you use to form it) that carries the meaning of it being smaller or less important or formal. Examples include: -ette in French, as in the borrowed word ‘cigarette,’ meaning a small cigar, or names like Antoinette; -ito and -ita in Spanish, as in names like Juanita and words like ‘taquito,’ a small rolled tortilla filled with meat (which is similar to a small traditional taco remember that QU’s usually make a K sound in Spanish, so taco -> taquito); and -y, -er, and -le in English, as in Billy, tenner (as slang for a 10-pound note), or dimple (a small dip). Oh, and those of you who know some German have probably learned how Mädchen, the word for girl, is a neutral-gender word rather than feminine it’s because -chen is a diminutive (das Mädchen comes from die Magd, a word for a maid) and diminutive nouns in standard German are always neutral regardless of meaning or the gender of the root.

  • Hamish
    Drew for a girl
    Morven Evander
    Maisie Calanthe
    Brody Rhodes
    Bentley Cassius Cashmere Teff
    Arrow Renata Calandras
    Ainsley Rosalyn Scarlett Faith Pendents
    Iona and Skye

  • bruh I like this guy who’s name is Aidan and freaked out when I found this in my subscription box
    I take it as a sign.
    Edit: got his phone number. Texted him and he acted cold.:/

  • Lachlan is third on my list ❤️
    My favorite combination is Lachlan Jude ❤️
    Scottish names are some of my favorites, I love Angus “Gus”

  • Who is this guy? He looks like Patrick, but very realistic. And he’s more animated. I’m not sure if I can get used to this new character.

  • Aww my daughter is Bonnie �� I love it we called her Bonnie Gene which I still love (she’s 4 now) I would be a little bit disappointed if it became popular though! Xxx

  • Neat! I think in the states the “en” spelling is more popular.
    I think the lighting on your glasses lenses is a wee bit distracting, but love the video!

  • “Things aren’t spelled the way they sound”… In that way, Irish is just like English, I guess…
    Anyway, I like this series already! Maybe a thing to add in the rest of the series: variations of the name in other languages?
    Keep up the good work, Patrick!:D

  • I find it interesting that you mentioned the spelling with an A being more common than that with an E. I know quite a few Aidens all with that spelling and not a single one with the other. I wonder if this is a difference between the US and UK, just a coincidence, or something else entirely.

  • Watched most of your videos while pregnant and had my baby 22nd of June… a little girl Florence Elowen Anne!! Not as out their as some of your suggests but that my partners veto powers:/

  • Fun series. You did slip and say surname when you meant first name, but as this appears to be non-scripted, it’s totally understandable. I’m glad to see you Brits stick with traditional spellings and you didn’t throw in Aydin, Ayeden, Aydun, etc into the spelling mix.

  • I love you so so much ❤️❤️❤️ thanks for this SJ I feel so lucky to have teamed up with you. The most genuine soul and I ADORE your videos�� loads of love xxxxx

  • Named our son Evander �� He is just over a year now. Currently pregnant with baby #3 and we are waiting to find out when baby is born what they will be since we currently have a girl and boy. No idea what we will name this baby and definitely already feeling the pressure! ��

  • Evander is a Greek name meaning good man <3

    Kelso is so fun!

    I adore Marsaili with this spelling, so lovely!

    I know someone with daughters named Iona, Asa, & Docia!

    I know quite a few Maisies/Maisys over here in the US!

  • Irish Baby names:

    Kiara ( Kiara means Dark Hiared and Bright)

    Kion ( Kion means Warrior)

    Merida ( Merida is another Variant of Mary means Bitter)

    Lennox and Malcolm ( it’s the Characters from the Book Mcbeth).

  • When I was 11 we went on a ski holiday and our ski instuctor was called Iona and she explained her pronunciation like saying ‘I own… a cat’ for example I’ve never forgotten how to pronounce it now.

  • My surname is Laird. My ancestors were from Glasgow (Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire). My 3x great grandfather claimed Bruce blood but that is not confirmed… I got that from a newspaper article about him. It also stated he was a highlander (howso when he was from Lanarkshire, which is Lowlands). I found out Laird is affiliated with clan Sinclair. My favorite places in Scotland (the places I feel a connection with) are Isle of Skye, the highlands and Caithness. I love the Heilan coos!!! They are my favorite animal.

  • Mairead is the Scottish Gaelic name for Margaret which is common in Irish too.

    In Gaelic, names are pronounced differently depending on context. James is Seumas (Shay-mas) but in the vocative (addressing directly) it becomes a Sheumais (the S now silent).

  • YEEESSSS I love this!!!! My husband is second generation American but he’s grandma was born in Scotland. And he looks super Scottish. Can’t wait to see all of these vids! I love learning about names from different countries.

  • Hello, my name is Jula Haugen my hubby has Norwegian ancestry and I’m half Thai. My full name is Julatida I’m named after King Jula of Thailand. My son’s English name is Robert Bradley and his Thai name is Rachathai which means close to the king and he was a diplomat who specialized in working with westerners and he advised King Jula’s father and king Jula. king Jula’s father was the king from “Anna and the King”. My daughter’s English name is Natalie Elyse and her Thai name is Natida with the nickname of Natah. Tida means daughter of so I passed that ending from my name to hers. My full English name is Jula Joy. My platform on Instagram is getreadywithmemamma I’m a mother baby nurse turned Lactation Consultant and is love to have you featured on our website as a Mamma guru I have gurus and artists featured monthly. Also, could you please do a Southeast Asian name video I’d love that and I could feature the link on our page let me know. ����������

  • Marsali is one of my fave names! Its not used very often. I found it looking for versions of the name margery to honor a family member that passed ��

  • I know you’re doing around the world baby names, but I would love to see a “naming viewers babies” but have it be help with name regret. So basically nickname suggestions/unique nicknames for them to consider that have connection to the name they regret. Does that make sense? Feel like it would be a fun challenge!

  • I would love some Brazilian names besides Maria, Adriana, Joao, or Paulo. I see these all the time and am looking for something more unique that will celebrate my heritage.

  • Hello SJ<3 I don't know where this name would fit in your videos, but I have never seen it used anywhere. I am in love with the name "Iridessa". It's the name of the light fairy in the Tinkerbell movies and I just think it would be so cute for a little girl:)

  • I love the show outlander sooo much and I love the scottish accent. I also got really excited about the name Marsali as it’s the scottish version of my name �� (my name is Marcela, it’s a hispanic name)

  • hello sj! what do you think of the name malia? its hawaiian
    in hawaiian it means “calm or gentle waters”
    and in swahili it means “queen”

  • aah I’m an Iona! I’m 27 and still get excited when I meet another one as its so rare (outside of Scotland that is). I do think my parents knocked me and my brothers names out the park Ruaridh (similar to Rory but pronounced RU-ry) and Iona ❤️

  • I went to school with two girls called Eilidh and everyone around where I’m from in Scotland says it “ay-lay” rather than “ay-lee”

  • Aoi makes an e sound I’m Irish I’m second generation Irish and my sisters at called Aoife Ciara and Saoirse and let me tell you English people no matter how heard the try get Saoirse for some reason it’s pronounced (at least in the north west were my family is from) Seer-sher but English people always say Sur-sha oh well that’s life I guess

  • OK I never comment on videos, but I do love your baby name videos… You probably won’t read this but I’m named after a Scottish castle, my name is pronounced ‘Cul-ain’ and I often get compliments on it, I live in Wales but my dad is Scottish, I don’t know if Scottish people think of it as an odd name but I get complimented on it quite a lot where I live! �� I also have a twin brother called Bruce which is also Scottish ��

  • Here’s a wiki I use
    https://places.behindthename.com/ (I don’t use one this and use the former instead)

  • In the US I noticed Aiden becoming more popular when a character in the TV program Sex in the City named Aiden started appearing on the program.

  • Wolfe Momma on youtube does irish names and history I enjoy her videos as well.
    Irish goddess names https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgq4_s88miA

  • I was told that Aiden was the Irish version of Ethan, which is the English version of the Hebrew Eitan.
    I’ve never come across any women named Aiden, but I have come across girls and women named Eden, as in the garden of Eden.

  • Maybe I’m showing my age but Evander to me reminds me of the boxer, Evander Holyfield. He got bit in the ear by Mike Tyson during his fight with him.

  • Evander and Brodie are my favourites here and I do think Kelso is also very cool.
    I can’t believe I’d never made the connection before that Drew is short for Andrew!! I have synaesthesia and I have really strong associations of colours with letters so Andrew is a green name to me and Drew is black, coming from A being green to me and D black. This can sound very odd if you haven’t heard of it before!

  • ❤️ Love this. I have a little nephew Evander and I had never heard of it before he was born but clearly it is rising in popularity!

  • I don’t know which specific vlogger but I’m welsh and have a welsh name and there are so many lovely ones with an amazing heritage so I think welsh names would be really interesting xx

  • Kelso will always make me laugh a little due to Ashton Kutcher a character in That 70’s show ��. It is a cute name though. There are sooo many Scottish names in South Australia. I love all of these. My partner is a Lachlan!

  • Interesting list, Only a few which were more unique to me (Evander and Marsali) all of the others were ones I have heard often throughout my life lol. I think Scottish names are rising in popularity a lot at the moment both at home and further away. My cousin in 15 and was the First Isla anyone around us had ever met and now it is incredibly popular. I wanted to give the top tip that Iona is one of those beautiful names which have to have the right surname. My sister went to school with an Iona Dick, say it together and you’ll see why… lol

  • I’m I going crazy or would Angus be a really cute name for a girl. A bit like Angela or something and then you could nickname her gus as well.

  • so funny my two dogs names (who are two husky sisters) are named Skye and Isla, my family and I always joke we were trend setters. Love Iona, and love Ash’s accent!

  • 1. Claymore I think this was the name of a character on a TV show in America that I have totally forgotten the name of that was about a ghost who was a captain and the landlord that owned the house this family was staying in that used to belong to the captain was named Claymore.
    2. Eilidh Not my taste.
    3. Hamish Not my taste.
    4. Bonnie Cute
    5. Angus Not my taste.
    6. Finnea Not my taste.
    7. Ogilvy Not my taste.
    8. Ishbel Not my taste.
    9. Lachlan This is a name I’ve seen multiple times on the Nameberry forums. It’s cute but I’m not sure I would use it.
    10. Mairead Not my taste.

  • When you find yourself around the world in America… PLEASE colab with RAQUEL CRUZ! She is my absolute favorite from America. She does quite a lot of research for her name’s. I think she has a real feel for what is wearable in the U.S. Some others I like but are not as mainstream. Also, our family is terribly proud of our Scottish Heritage. I think it is perfect that you started off there. Until Monday, clan Douglass signing off. ��

  • I love the name Maisie! I have it on my name list because my Nana is named Margaret so it was a win win:). I love finding names from other countries that are so adorable cause most of the time here in the US you never hear them and it makes them so much more special and unique!

  • When she mentioned Outlander, I screamed. I love the show so much(no spoilers please, I mean to watch the rest of season 5 after Finals)

  • Currently 40 weeks + 3days and patiently waiting for our baby boy. Love your videos. Our first choice for our babe is Lochlan Shepard. We will meet him first before we commit, but we both love that it means “from the land of lakes”. We are in Washington state and surrounded by lakes.:D

  • My family is Scottish, from the highlands and speak Gaelic but me and half of the fam lives in aus! My cousins pronounce mine and my cousins name Nellie as Alliay and Naily! My nans name is Malcomina and it’s my fave name ever especially in the highlands accent