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How to Win at Child Custody Battle | Part 1

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Child caught in interstate custody battle reunites with father

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How to Win at Child Custody Battle | Part 2

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Final Divorce Court / Child Custody and Support Battle I WIN

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Winning a Custody Battle with a Narcissist

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Apparently mothers LYING to win child custody battles is okay

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Winning a Child Custody Battle Before You Begin. Before diving into a long and drawn-out child custody battle, ask yourself if it can be avoided. Preparation. Preparation. To win a custody battle, first gather evidence that you’re a good parent, like testimonies from neighbors or child care workers.

Then, assess your own weaknesses, like. Parents interested in winning custody battles should not enter a custody dispute unprepared. Parents need to provide proper documentation and prove they are the best capable to provide full-time care for the child.

Today, courts determine what is in the best interests of the children over the sex of the parent when determining who wins custody. Fathers winning custody of children. The Bottom Line of Winning a Custody Battle with a Narcissist If we boiled it all down to one basic rule: show that you’re a good parent. Show that you’re mentally, physically, and economically fit to take care of the child.

Move-away and removal cases are notoriously difficult to win no matter the circumstances. Out of all cases that are heard by family law judges, these cases are the most difficult because the judge is forced to make a decision that separates a child. Child custody battles can take years, and cost tens of thousands of dollars.

It’s even more expensive when the narcissist keeps dragging you to court to try to change the custody. Here’s how to win a custody battle when fighting is your only option! Going through a divorce is a battle on its own, but factor in children and you can have a full-blown war on your. The chances of a father to win the custody battle is very rare; however, it is not impossible.

It would help if you did not lose hope till the very last minute because although divorce in Louisiana with a. We all know that a child custody case in the Florida courts involves one of most critical issues you can face in your life. Whatever the court decides will shape and color your future as a parent, change the way your child looks at you, and the way you respond to your child. the manual entitled �Win Your Child Custody War�. These pearls of wisdom are a treasure trove of the information, advice, and warnings that everyone engaged in this war needs.

I only wish I.

List of related literature:

whaT Kinds of faTher won cUsTody?

“Mothers on Trial: The Battle for Children and Custody” by Phyllis Chesler
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If parents cannot agree on a child custody arrangement, a judge may decide custody on the basis of the best interests of the child.

“Divorce: Causes and Consequences” by Alison Clarke-Stewart, Cornelia Brentano, Professor Cornelia Brentano
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So if you think that you should have primary custody and that you can persuade the judge that it’s in the kids’ best interests, you should go ahead and ask for custody.

“The Bible and Feminism: Remapping the Field” by Yvonne Sherwood, Anna Fisk
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you award sole custody of the child?’’ and the other half ‘‘To which parent would you deny sole custody of the child?’’

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You may face the custody battle of a lifetime, and that could last until your children are adults (and persist in many ways even after your children are adults).

from “Don’t You Know Who I Am?”: How to Stay Sane in an Era of Narcissism, Entitlement, and Incivility
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Those stereotypes may help a woman win a custody battle because a judge believes women care for children well.

“Encyclopedia of Women's Health” by Sana Loue, Martha Sajatovic
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Initial consultation: A father seeks to win custody of his son.

“For Today I Am a Boy: A Novel” by Kim Fu
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A legal battle over custody or visitation greatly increases the chance that the children will be harmed in the process and increases the chance for a battle continuing between former spouses that may result in partial or full loss of a relationship between one of the parents and the children.

“Abused Men: The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence” by Philip W. Cook
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You cannot win, as these battles are generally continued until they are settled on the child’s terms.

“Inclusive Education: A Practical Guide to Supporting Diversity in the Classroom” by Tim Loreman, Joanne Deppeler, David Harvey
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Child custody decisions involve extremely weighty issues and difficult predictions.

“Ethical Reasoning for Mental Health Professionals” by Gary G. Ford, Gary George Ford
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  • The child support system is a divide-and-conquer, corrupt stone age mob like racket, private for-profit organization, stripping men apart through exorbitant amounts of child support, being set that the court believes should be set and paid no matter what the circumstances arise. New dependents, income reduction, job loss, inflation, cost of living, rent increases, ect.

    It’s about control and separation, the child is just a scapegoat, the courts uses the term “Best Interest” of the child, without any explanation of what that would be, when it’s really in the best interest of the states who get funding for collection, of child support payments.. Social Security title IV-D Act 458. While at the same time, Social Services is an child trafficking agency and everything is always hush hush. They then drive the kids to other states for “weekend trips”, it’s all a big game, with men being railroaded, women coddled by deception the child becomes fatherless and the government wins again.

  • I already won every issue I will ever have with my wife. I refused to marry. No marriage, no marital problems and it works great. I went MGTOW back in 1997.

  • dude, i have been thru this, keep these comments to urself or a friend, u dont want ur kids ever to see this video. this can be used in court or she can use this and show your kids, which will not put u in a good light. if u honestly wish ur ex to die, u are only thinking of urself, think about how terrible that would be for your kids.

  • You don’t need an attorney. Am self representing and I’ve exposed her narcissism and she is represented. Documentation is the key to exposing them

  • Interesting how nobody seems to link the increase of male suicides to this. Society has trended the outcast of male existence. Being a law school student is difficult when you read what is, versus how things really turn out. Majority rulings are factored into previous majority outcomes. Sad. Moving to Mexico is becoming more of a reality option soon.

  • Race oppresses Race, Gender oppresses Gender, Age oppresses Age, Beauty oppressed by the ugly, political stance oppresses political stance and Rich oppress the poor…but there is also..Rich oppressed by their Geed, Race’s oppressed by their fears, and my favorite “Life is oppressed by Death”..we are all oppressed by something…!

  • I’m happy for you Jimi, I’m just sorry for what your daughter has been going through… let’s all hope your ex-wife becomes a better mother.

  • Thank you for posting this. My daughter in law put a DVO on me (grandmother) and my son and now we haven’t see his five children for a year. The family court system is criminal. They do not act in the best interests of the children. My son is now a broken man.

  • If she dies soon, you will be the number 1 suspect.
    Start defending yourself by claiming to have been drunk during the production of this video evidence.

  • After appearing in family court 42 times and Child support court 7 times in 13 years about rediculous accusations I decided to give up. Everytime the accusations were proved to be lies there are no ramifications. The judge (female) believes them and take my child with no proof and a history of lies.

  • I have a 2 month old baby girl with a narc who is the only child and still lives with her mom. As of now I have only seen the baby once and have not even held her and of course i am being blamed.I filed for paternity and custody visitation here in NY. I am attending parenting classes and learning as much as I can. They are attempting to make me look irresponsible and dangerous in court and I dont even have a criminal record. I have a lawyer and we are trying to figure out the best way to approach the custody case. I feel strongly about 50/50 custody due to the toxic/ poisonous behavior my daughter will potentially under go. I know it is a long shot because of the baby’s age however Any tips on moving foward would really be appreciated!

  • Im lowkey scared to get married and start/have/love a family, just to have it taken away, and me being dragged through the dirt… to end up having no family, no social life, no job, and possibly loosing my house.

    even if i get it cleared, the damage is done, and my life is basically over…

    yeah, im scared

  • Do u have advice on fact they didn’t serve me correctly and my husband has those legal documents that were supposed to go to me so I could be aware of my court date because that’s how they got guardianship they kept my papers that were supposed to go to me so I could be aware of court dates I never got them

  • your mother must be so proud. What a bad example you are setting for the children you claim to love. I think your hatred will do you in in the long run.

  • Get Some Help If you say You REALLY Love Your children sounds like she is childish from what you say about her…. Show with your actions the Love you have for your Beautifull daughters and Keep your head up!

  • This is amazing. This is what happened with me regarding custody of my youngest daughter. They pulled out the stops trying to get me to react but I was absolutely stoic. I was also representing myself but used a father’s rights advocacy paralegal to make sure I did all the legal stuff correctly.

    It was kinda funny. They tried to argue that I didn’t serve someone correctly and the judge looked at the document and, in essence, said, “Yes, he did.”

    In fact, on two separate occasions the judge threatened her ATTORNEY with contempt if she didn’t calm down. And yes, I was putting in place what my paralegal told me which is basically what you are saying. I never made eye contact with her or her attorney. As they “dug themselves in deeper, I stood there facing forward as though they were not there.

    And I got full custody.

  • Why can’t these judges get a light-bulb in their heads when the false allegations continuously surface separately? Shouldn’t that indicate that the allegations are indeed false??? Where did these judges go to law school???

  • This is a good deal funny pay me she sounds like this stupid b im trying to get rid of she is threatening me with all kinds of crap i don’t know how to handle it but she is not going to win this

  • amazing. I can’t believe I just now thought to turn to You Tube after 16 months of an ongoing custody battle with my soon the be ex narcissist. These points are all great and luckily with the advice of great friends I have done them without knowing what it was I needed to do. I can attest to the fact that the longer it goes the more likely it is that they will shoot themselves in the foot. it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life but come our day in court I think I will come out on top. I have a great attorney (my second one,don’t be afraid to fire an attorney and remember they work for YOU),supportive friends and family,what I think is a just judge,and hopefully I will have a sympathetic jury. my kids are my world. Being blindsided with divorce and lies and heightened abuse and him winning temporary primary has had me living in survival mode for too long. thanks for this video.

  • He is a double the worst thing you can do is pay your children’s parents as a narcissistic he claimed that they are and start calling them that that’s the quickest way to get your kids taken away from you you are a slime bucket sir don’t anybody take his advice that’s the worst thing you can do the course of love to give you shit anybody interested in my story it is the most damaging thing you can do in the world is that it put your kids in the hands of our system he is a stem bag don’t listen to

  • It’s about time the courts recognize how conniving and manipulative women can be.  Sure they have the children and men have the fun in producing them, but the aftereffects can be brutal for the man if the woman is a psycho.

  • Good for you Jimmy! I had some low-life owe me $750. restitution and the probation dept. let him move out of state. I was so mad and angry that I told them to just forget it. Even though I think I made a mistake by not making him pay me, I know exactly where you are coming from.

  • I am a single father. I was medically released from the army on beeing disabled. The thing is she also will not go get child support adjusted. She is holding it over my head and she might or might not make as much as me but there is a chance she makes more… I wont know because she refuses to tell me. We still have an interm court order from 7 years ago. But we literally get along great. I have him more than 50% of the time. Even tho we have a shared joint custody. I watch my son during the summer. I watch him during the winter aswell but I promised her I would never use that againts her because I’ve been bring my son to free skate while shes still working. Why not? He loves it. She doesnt have to pay a sitter when I’m already home wanting my son and finally. I get to see him as much as possible. All this time I’ve been paying her X amount. Since the beginning. She went to school. Has a great job. Since then I lost mine in the military. Vetrains afairs helps me out. And everytime I bring up can we get the child custody changed she loses her shit. Just like your ex wife does… but the thing is. Its all about my son. Even tho I might think my ex has issues and she needs to address them and still tries to control me to this day. It’s still all about my son. Because when she tries to fight with me I would never talk bad about his mother. Even if she does do this to me. I cant claime him as a dependant and 8ve been wayyy over paying on child support. Eventually when I have enough money I will get it readjusted.even if she tells our child that I’m a piece of shit. How terrible do you think that kid feels hearing that from a parent??? I talk like mommy and daddy love you both. She is a goddess in their eyes because kids want to see both parents together agreeing on things line we normally do 98% of the time. It’s just the fight she brings when I try and readjust child support. I dont care how nasty she gets my child will never see that from me. Their dad. Treating their mom with the upright lost respect. It doesnt mean I like her but my child will grow up knowing her bad words againts me were not true. They can see for themselves insted of their parents badmouthing eachother… making it worse on the kid…

  • Document what all the abuse that dark parent is putting on your child now because they can’t stand you and so they’re going to dump it on these children document what you’re putting your children in danger and is the most irresponsible selfish thing a parent can do I’m sorry you made these children with them you just put up with that there’s no such thing as co-parenting hire an attorney bulshit man you’re a fool you must be an attorney all the money you’re going to make out of these fucked-up children fuck you

  • I agree with mandatory separation before divorce cases are heard. Ireland has this system. This gives the hotheads to cool down and problems to be sorted out.

  • Woman in general can be selfish after pushing out these babies thinking that kid is only theirs. The system needs to be fix. And stop allowing man going through so much to be in their kid’s lives. Fuck out of here with that Shit.

  • It doesn’t matter they always win. They have the money, the way in, they lie about everything. I won custody but he lied so badly about his income (I was a sahm, he made over 400k a year and got his income down to 80k a year) it was almost impossible for me to keep the children. We live in a backwards world. No lawyers would help, legal aid was full… I gave up to spare my self

  • pls tell if IS APPROPRIATE to pass MMPI-2, PSI, and MCMI -3 for a custody battle for 2 year old? the expertise lasted 8 months costed 18 000 $ no mental assessment, evaluation and PTSD I had WERE NOR DOCUMENTED

  • Wtf
    Please Help me!!!!!!
    This girl is does not know the meaning of truth.
    It’s disgusting!
    She is all about what she can obtain from having a child instead wanting the blessing of being a mom!

  • Same exact thing is happening/happened to me in the USA for no physical abuse whatsoever. Near the 8 month mark of it. Still haven’t been able to get my name cleared. It’s a long hard road but your child/children are worth the pain. Prayers for families.

  • In family court the father is guilty until he is able prove himself innocent…funny but even a murderer is presumed innocent until proven guilty!!

  • My sons father who is a narc keeps threatening court. Before this video I did everything that you listed I should do… I document everything. Been seeing a therapist.I’ve reached out to lawyers but no-one will helpme without something already filed. Is this normal? I just want to be prepared and find a lawyer who has dealt with this type.

  • From what I hear this isn’t only an Australian thing, an online friend of mine actually lost both of his kids to this in the UK and if my memory serves me right, I’ve read similar stories happening in America.

  • 100% agree with you, 3 of my good mates went through the same thing, but were never violent or hurt there kids, it was the mother, not only did they get away with ruining there lives but they are struggling to even see there kids it’s horrible, At the same time I was dragged through court and painted as this violent person by the kids father, (mind you never been in a fight with anyone, n quite the opposite) wasnt til after court they found this out, and Apologised after I’ve already been punished. The System dosent work, I always tell my children that there father is a good man, as a mother it’s important for the father to be involved, regardless you don’t get along, it’s not about you and people refuse to let the past go. This is something that most mums and dads have forgotten.

  • P,A,S happend to my dad from is privious marriage over 20 years ago and it worked but pnly with his oldest chiled and is other chiled didnt listen to his mother and regurly visist my dad and i dont call im my step brother i call him my brother that bond will never break

  • When I was like around 15, I used to think that “ok, I’m gonna get married at 26, have a loving wife, 2 or 3 kids and then live my life happily”. But growing up, I’ve realized that the world is much more cruel than I thought. Those so called “feminists” are corrupting the minds of girls from a young age that all men are the same and all they do is rape, steal, kill, abuse and just want to dominate them. Even though those fake feminists might be only a small portion, they’re quickly corrupting the thinking of young girls. Feminism is not coming out on top of the other gender. It’s having the same privileges as the other(same jobs, same salaries, same treatment).

    But if you think about it, men and women are not really equal. Just how people say that different persons have their own strengths and weaknesses, men and women are strong in their particular fields.
    For example, a man can lift heavy objects but a woman can’t do that as easily as a man does. In the same way a woman experiences immense pain when giving birth but if that same pain was given to a man, it’s impossible for him to bear that pain.

  • This is so true. They use police as pawns in their custody dispute battles. Even their lawyers are secretly advising them to do this.
    Unfortunately, police can’t turn around and go, “you’re making this up, Karen. Fuck you.” Then next minute, Karen winds up seriously assaulted or murdered. Imagine those headlines.
    Police have to take action on those claims regardless its true or not.
    People who make up claims for their selfish needs are manipulative and fucked in the head.

  • Use of perjury in a weaponized legal system is common and increasing. Vindictive ex wives are sometimes coached in the use of perjury by unscrupulous lawyers, and by feminist advocates who are experienced in “gaming” the system. Family Courts have become a slaughterhouse for fathers. Efforts to reform the system to make proceedings in the best interests of the child, are stymied by the Canadian Bar Association, who benefit from highly adversarial custody battles. Men should work together to end these miscarriages of justice, to put the best interests of the child first, and to purge the legal system of feminist biases. There’s no better example of feminist hypocrasy than their lack of concern for the harm being done to children, by their war on masculinity.

  • Damn straight bros, Today I just won my divorce/custody battle, I have primary physical custody and she’s order to pay childsupport!!

  • My daughter’s dad lied about me. Claimed I assaulted and stalks him and also has made several allegations of abuse and neglect. Gag orders. I lost my daughter 5 years ago.

  • You should watch how you wish death on someone, no matter how evil you think she is. I don’t think God looks kindly on that whatsoever. Forgiveness is the only way to truly be free of her, as long as you hate her she will always be a part of you and your life.

  • I think trust in a relationship is overrated. night calls, i would ask and he would just wave off those calls as unimportant. At a time i could take no more of his lies, i decided i deserve to know what was going on. A friend of mine referred me to this great ethical hacking team( [email protected] ) who helped clone his cellphone without having to touch the device. My husband was a cheating Narcissist and I’m glad i found out all his secrets and infidelity and how he planned on using this pandemic to get back to me. I got access to his Facebook, iMessage, GPS location, WhatsApp, Call Logs and Text Messages (both deleted and incoming ones) with a remote link to a programmed App on my phone. I’m here in Florida and able to access my husband’s phone…even while he was away in Canada cheating on me. Thanks to Cyberhackingsage, now i have enough evidence to have custody of my kids. If you need help or that little bit of closure, i advice you get in touch with them Via Gmail ( [email protected] )Or Text and WhatsApp them on +15713758467…thank me later.

  • I’ve had to remove the name of the friend I’m referring to in this video to avoid any legal ramifications. I wish I could defend him, but Australia’s legal system doesn’t leave a lot of room for that.
    I intend to make more videos about this topic, because it is much worse than I’ve laid out in this video. One day, I hope to be able to defend more people from [redacted].

  • Ironically, I think this woman is the most qualified person to ever be a mother.

    (Please don’t make me the father, I have anger issues.)

  • Don’t tell them to do audio or video unless the other person knows they’re being recorded dingbat they can get in trouble then it cannot even be used as evidence

  • If you ever wanted a story that literally follows line by line everything you’re saying in this video, I’m a 12 yr military member in Canada who’s going through all this… except I actually have physical proof of it all being lies and the judges here literally ignored the evidence and said they didnt’ believe it, even though it was unmistakeabley factual… if you’re interested in this and would like to help me get my story some exposure and maybe a solution I would love to help your channel grow with a story that literally would make your heartbreak…

    I’ll be watching more of these videos as they are outstandingly accurate… Thanks

  • Don’t just be outraged, do something. Write to your local politicians, mens and womens and childrens organisations, someone in the media

  • Im in the process of going to court with my narcissist ex wife.  We had a court date on last month.  Both our attorneys and the gal came to a settlement agreement.  However my ex has decided she does want to honor the agreement and instead wants keep alienating me from my children.  Now her own lawyer (LMAO!!!!!!) has fired her for being too uncooperative and she doesn’t have any representation.  We are scheduled for next month for follow up on the settlement agreement….Which my ex must have forgotten that the case was on going???!!!   On top of this my lawyer (who was originally done with the case because of the settlement) has agreed to go back to court with me for no charge.  Instead he is going to bring contempt charges against her for not honoring the settlement and he is going to ask for full custody.  This has been a long 6 year battle that I pray ends real soon!!!

  • Question: while my “darling wife” is in bed with another man in another country and I’m caring for both our daughters, and she expresses regret of leaving them, what sort of communication should I maintain with her (texts mainly) in regards to letting her speak with our kids? I dont want to do anything illegal and withhold pare tal rights but I want my kids to be safe from her manipulative love/emotional abuse….gosh darn this make me so mad that people are this way!!!!
    Thanks for your video it’s really helpful and encouraging.

  • I support child birth to be tied to a license. Many girls (intentionally not saying woman) are not ready to be mothers. They see the child as a burden or sometimes even worse, as a tool… disgusting. And the one that will suffer the most is the children.

  • This also happened to my uncle. But in the end, I think he’s better off not seeing his daughters. His ex, their mother, made them complete vultures. Whenever he does see them, they just ask him for money. And he’s such a great guy, this ruined him.

  • My step dad’s the narcissist of the story here. I’m 15… I don’t know what to do. I can’t really do anything because he always rants about my mom to my grandmother(my mom’s side) but he always acts so innocent in front of me. He brainwashes my mom’s relatives even her parents… I seriously don’t know what to do….

  • “Shoot themselves in the foot”..LMAO she just use that line on me after I used it on her. Hysterical she is digging her own hole big-time one she won’t be able to crawl out of the even on all fours

  • On a side note, i’d be curious to know how the fuck the alienating parent explains to his/her kid once the kid is 18 and free to see and discuss with the other parent.

  • The narcissist I’m dealing with on this custody battle is also taking me to court for a lawsuit of $11,000 knowing that I do not have it when we were together I was a stay at home mom we bought a vehicle it’s titled to both of our names he is cosigner I am main owner but our names are on the title
    he wants to sue me for the value of the car because he paid it off how do I deal with this how can I use this against him in the child custody case or can I

  • Thank you!!! I’m 1.5 yrs in a custody battle w/ a narc. Filed on me in court when our special needs son was 6 days old��
    Didn’t give me a chance to co-parent because it wasn’t about that. I have done almost everything you suggested minus hire a therapist. I think I will get what is due to me������������ thank you for a great video

  • You’re completely off when you say you must get an attorney, Pro se is the only way to file constitutional motions, a lawyer is in the system and in bed with the courts. They will not over step their grounds and will not file motions that although may be correct and direct to constitutional law, may also piss off the judge. This guy is way off, a therapist is not going to have your back unless you pay them off good. Now that’s good advice, now forget everything this young man just said because it is weak advice and would have you in a battle for years going that route

  • How does anyone live the high life off of $2100 a month?! Especially in CA. That’s for 2 girls. In CA! Doesn’t matter what you say she did or didn’t do with the money, (based on what you have said & supposedly done both of you are irresponsible with money, clearly.) what does matter is what the courts say. That’s just how our country works (right now) and how the state of California works. BUT $2,100 a month for two female children is not that much. It’s a shame you admitted in this video you posted for the world to see that you’re hiding money. That mistake is something that will effect your children in so many ways. I’m glad you’re happy but I don’t think you will be for long because this much detail in your video was a mistake. Unfortunately once again you are bringing harm unto yourself. Think about removing this video and reposting a different one that simply states that you’re happy with the outcome of your most recent court visit. Just think about. It would be nice for drama to leave you alone for a while but you have to stop sending out those invitations.

  • With the assumption that HER COUNSEL
    watches this video, I am sure that you MEANT to say
    that you are totally open and honest about your earnings.

  • My ex-husband’s new wife is verbally abusive to our 12 year old son. Looks like there are no legal options to get it to stop. I’m in florida

  • this happened to me im a woman its been 5 years my kids arent safe ya i hit rock bottom, also woman who lie should be punished harshly because then truthful allegations arent believed i have a photo of sexual abuse verified by forennsic police lawyer said not to say ill look bad

  • A lot of fathers around the world have committed suicide or given up completely because of things like this.

    Congratulations to you. I know that feeling of anger and frustration when you have to go through being treated like, you are not human and don’t deserve fair treatment with your kids. some people in the comment section don’t understand that you really loved your kids, don’t understand how hard it was for you to go through all that loneliness and sadness missing your kids etc…why? because they have never experienced it before. All the ones saying good on ya, are the ones in some shape or form have seen or experienced what you went and are going through. keep your head up and make things happen in the future.

  • Z notice not once did he say anything about protecting the children it’s not about you anymore it’s not about you being right and getting custody it’s about protecting your children the only way that’s going to happen sir is by making sure you don’t leave them in any custody arrangement with them you got it quit talking about what they can do to protect themselves what about their child for God’s sake notice not once he said anyting about what the children are going to go through during all this nightmare hire an attorney bullshit bullshit bullshit what do you think we’re do you think that person who is there truly a narcissist or abusing where or what do you think they’re going to do to the kids when you’re not around when they hate you so much in the way they’re going to get back what do they love those kids and totally they’ll be a much better parent when you’re around there raising them together you could protect them trust me don’t dump your baggage of your immature decision to have children with a person like this and you get sick of letting you leave that person and you dump your crappy baggage on your children don’t anybody think for one second that you’re going to do anything for right for your kids by leaving them trust me it ain’t going to

  • Thank you! yes, hire an attorney. Judges don’t care about facts if you can’t present them as a lawyer would. They won’t care if you act like a lawyer wannabe. Learned it the hard way but had no choice. I got custody but he got 50% legal. Abuse is escalating again and I am giving a shot to a redo with a lawyer. Hope ill have the money. Goid luck ladies and gentlemen in a battle with one of those.

  • no point in hiring a lawyer in Canada, the judges are under orders that the woman must win, family law is a shakedown run by the law society. dont believe me, stats show 97 1/2% woman gets coustdy weather you have a lawyer or not. The judge is the only narcissit you have to deal with, thats why they wanted the job and did what ever was nessary to get it

  • Yeah and you’re leaving it up to the family court system and you’re putting your children in their hands and you’re trussing a system who only requires a car seat for you to walk out of the hospital with them or refuses to make any kind of law for parents weather just having children or divorcing to go through psychological testing to determine determine because otherwise then the family court system would disintegrate anybody was making money off of traumatized children and they threw the family court system who who thrives on that that’s where our government who thrives on our children from the minute they walk out of the hospital demanding they have a carseat so they live longer with fucked-up parents how about the man that there is some testing and parents are emotionally ready and responsible for their children and if they’re not at the first moment the children are put into loving caring responsible people’s homes raise app that would just ruin the whole system anybody was making money off of traumatize children who it starts a minute they let them walk out the door no requirement for nothing no responsibility no baggage reclaim know nothing except for a car seat and the laws get stricter and stricter and stricter for car seats so we can keep these children

  • its a dirty shame & disgrace to see how comments only come from retired judges and family lawyers. During their time in court they keep sucking up money and don’t speak out the truth… ah ah ah. Only family court Judges are protected and never heard off when they Judges do the wrong thing.. This doen’t happen in any other courts…..

  • I am so sorry that this happened. I was raised by a single teenage Father in the late 70’s and of course my Mother wasn’t ever required to pay anything to him. However, the Women that God, or Science, or Whatever you believe that came into my life to fill that void would be the finest Women and help me understand things as I grew and perhaps matured…we can only hope. Your Special Someone is in wonderful hands for your courage to go against the Whiteous(I made this up to slam my Seattle homeland because I’m tired of their bias/PC/SJW Narrative and Bring the TJW’s hope (Truth in Justice Warriors) hope that balance, equality, and TRUTH might still have a place in LAW. I can only hope things have improved since this post. Sending FanBoy Admiration but REAL RESPECT. -CY

  • 3yrs ago I was able to get 48% custody. My ex soon after divorce changed her profession and became a Social Worker in same County as I live. ����Brainwashed my 14yr old daughter, by degrading me and making her feel guilty in liking my now Wife, Stepmother. Police came to see about child abuse. Got served for court for custody again and she got full custody of daughter over lies. Have second hearing in couple months. Will be talking to GAL for custody who she works with.

  • Unless you are a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist DO NOT TRY TO CALL THE EX A NARCISSIST. Judges have zero sympathy for someone throwing terminology around without having the education to diagnose someone. Doesn’t matter if it’s true or not.

  • As a well known divorce and child custody lawyer, I agree with much of what you stated. It is critical to not only find the right attorney, but also make sure to listen to, and follow their advice. Nice work, Matt.

  • How do you pay something you can’t afford and try to fix it between you two when all they want is money! Like let’s say you have made everything possible for them helped them then they manipulated you twisted your personal life by emails control media control ect and then pushed you away after they broke it off they tried to steal from Friends family ect! And all you wanted was peace! You’re stuck in the meantime with a area monopoly controlling how much your allowed to make and are not able to afford even the simplest of bills! Scrutinized by the system and the end of a barrel daily looks nice but you choice to deny it and go on! What about those poor people without a way that’s condemned and put down / seeking a way even though your not stable and are not going to get ahead due to literal predicaments stopping you physically and financially no way of going back to school and affording anything having to use a down town library to use the internet ect: those cases I’m not so sure are feasible to approach!

  • Lying seems to work for my wife but if it were me I’m sure I would feel uncomfortable like I might be found out. Fortunately or unfortunately I can’t lie, I tell too much of the truth even. I’m a HFA (Aspergers) I feel like I’m going lose partial custody of my kids from her lying, and it’s killing me. I hope the judge can see through the lies or tell that my truth sounds more logical. My kids are my life and all my love. She’s using them as a weapon.

  • Why not take that money and you pay for things put the money in a separate bank account and pay for camp ect when your daughter turns 18 hand her the money for schooling or what ever is left over make a spread sheet everything in everything out

  • Exactly my ex. I just completed 6 months of supervised visits and they say its for 10 yrs. But its all lies no evidence i wonder why is the law so blind. Well she broke the court order she wanted me to call her and we are on s strict court order the judge told me to report her if she did this and the same to her. Also denied repirt cards Nd an email to my friend telling her sge wants me to feel her pain. I havent gone back to court working on getting a place to live but if there’s anything i can do could someone plz give any advice

  • Well this means you voted for donald for no reason. You get all that tax money back and wont even need it since your court fees are going to be over. Clear your head before you vote 2020

  • To be honest I haven’t really enjoyed your content lately but I’m still a subscriber for some reason, however, I am genuinely happy that you won this battle if all the things you say about your ex are true.

  • What a great video! Under my circumstance, I allowed the person inside and then reacted to everything that was being said. DetroitC-CHANGE H-HOPE A-ALL D-DADS

  • My ex has taken my son from my home where I provided everything I could everything that they both needed and more, and she left without a word and took my son to be homeless she went to a homeless shelter. And alienated me from my son before she was kicked out and then had to come back to me. After about two weeks 3 weeks being back I thought everything was going okay then we started kind of getting into arguments over nothing because she was saying she wasn’t happy and I was trying but I was working to support them. And I’m not going to lie when we get into arguments and she would push my buttons I was mean I would say things that were fuked up to her and I would be a dick but I never laid a hand on her and I never did anything besides talk to her in a negative way and never in front of my son but when she would pick on me I would you know let it get to me and I would get what I would say I guess verbally abusive but was never physical and it was only after being provoked I never just woke up and was mean to her anyways she took off with my son again and left to go to a different town she’s been alienating him from me again she started sleeping with another man and she’s let him into my son’s life which I’m sure is confusing for my infant child and I’ve been calling and polite and tried to respect what she’s doing and just tried to be a part of my son’s life and let her live her own but she refuses she says I can see my son and then I drive out there and she yells at me and hangs up ignores me and won’t let me see my son. I haven’t made anything up about her or lied but I’ve been doing everything I can to try to make sure that she’s exposed for what she is I mean I’m just short of getting on Facebook and posting all the things she’s done and thinking about posting my recordings that I have of her and phone calls where she’s just nasty and fucking mean and I’m seriously just wanting to do anything I can to make her suffer the way she’s making me suffer I would never keep her from my son even after all of this but sometimes I think that I’m sick because I want to see her suffer the way she’s making me suffer does that make me a narcissist is that possible¿ sorry for the long response but I just wanted to be sure to explain the situation as well as possible

  • I’m dealing with a narcissist for 6 years Even though I broke up with him 6years ago before my child was Even born. I left because I didn’t want to raise a child in the toxic environment and I just just knew he wasn’t any good for our life. I left him but he has still had so much control over my life and I didn’t even realize it until now. but I walked on egg shells for 6 years to get along with him out of fear that he would bring me to court to get my child because I know how convincing he is and how well he plays the good guy (he fooled me after all). well one day I didn’t feel like kissing his ass and now I regret it soooo much because he’s coming for my son just to get back at me or to keep this sick control he has over me. watching this video only made me panick more until I got to the last minute. then I was at ease. I really hope your right and I make it out of this. if I don’t I don’t know how I will ever forgive myself for not kissing his ass and ultimately putting my sons happy childhood in danger of a narcissist who is only trying to take him to get to me. I don’t know how anyone can just hand there kid over to unsafe people. and it sucks that so many woman lie about there exes to keep there children from them cause it makes it harder for the woman who are really abused.

  • Hi, i am in the middle of divorce. He has got 50% of parenting time and my baby is crying like hell whenever she has to go to him. and she did not go to bath room for 3/4 days when shes with him. and she even told me that she did not eat well so that she does not need to go to bath room. She has been neglected by him since she was born. how do I prove that he is ignoring my baby. I am not there to protect her. I am worried. do you have any suggestion?

  • My eldest sister had two children, my oldest nephew in 2013 and my other nephew in 2016, when she gave birth to my oldest nephew Cohen, she was with a horrid guy who was really shady so then a lot of stuff happened due my sister being an improper mother, my mom and dad fought for custody of my nephew Cohen (this is about 2014) and won, and now at this point, we had 4 girls (including me) and my parents and now my nephew so a lot of people in our house. Fast forward to 2018 (other nephew carter is born etc, my sister and Boyfriend and nephew moved into our house) her boyfriend got her hooked on meth and heroin. They did it in our house. BY HER 2 YEAR OLD SON, but at this point we didn’t know. We couldn’t see our nephew (even though we’re in the same household). And then they ended up stealing more than 55$ from me, stealing phones and tablets and jewelry and money from my family. And then they move out with carter, and we find out what happened, today. She still does drugs. And she still has custody of my nephew. I feel horrible because I’m too young to fight for custody and my family is struggling with financial stuff. So now I can’t see him. I want to fight for him. But I can’t.

    (There is more to this. But I didn’t want to take up ur time.)

  • This little boy has ni clue. Attorney’s may do more harm than good. Most just want the fught and $ to go on till you’re broke. Beware!!

  • Hi. I need help because where I come from I never got. Now my son is 15 and we both need each other in a never ending cycle of NARC abuse. I’m OK but ik that he is not please help us with suggestions in e-mail ASAP. Ty

  • my ex is a recovered drug addict as of 1year. however he is still in the rehabilitation center. he left me and our son for another woman with more money than me. at the time my son was 5mnths. he is 7months now.
    my question is, can he still get jointed custody if he has been battling drugs for 30yrs? he repeatedly goes in and out of read, falling back on the same old habits using again. will this work in my favor being that I want sole and full custody please? I just want to thank you in advance

  • This is hilarious to watch. How can you speak about the mother of your children like that? What a pitiful-baby-ego-having-insecure-little man.

  • how do you get a lawyer when your child is being destroyed, the laws in your state about emotional abuse etc are very vague, you’ve contacted every agency possible and are falling through every crack in every system, I have no money, he has it all by filing fraudulent court documents in child support court, he has a never ending source of funds and I’ve been yelling from the rooftops for 4 years, meanwhile doing every parenting thing that needs to be done, I’m disabled, am trapped in a state 9 hours away from family/friends/support sytem. I have tried legal aid, 10 times, they just keep saying they can’t help, the domestic abuse agencies can’t help, the child’s advocacy can’t help. I’m terrified of this man and his lawyer than knowingly and willing files fraudulent documents with the court. My son is extremely gifted and is being forced to now attend a school that’s a 4 hour commute for me, in a grade that’s so far below his tested verified abilities. His dad refuses to engage him in any type of social activities or pay for the ones I sign him up for.l We are both being abused in everyway and can get NO HELP… my child who was aged 6-8 in math and science in his early 2’s that attended 2 years of preschool is being forced to sit and listen to circles and squares, because his dad is a control freak and doesn’t want to drive further than 10 miles from his house. We are in desperate need of help. My son is now in intensive behavior therapy, his counselors calles cps, after I went there and they refuse to open a file… the county where his dad lives refused to intervene after he cause bone contusion bruising on my child documented by a hospital. How the heck with this much stuff & I have tons of recordings as well, and he’s been in contempt of court multiple times, I just don’t have a lawyer, am terrified of him and since I’m the only one doing actual parenting not just “fun” parenting and being disabled etc I don’t hae the time and resouces to bother filing against him without a lawyer. How do I begin to get help when I’ve been everywhere and denied?

  • Why on Earth do people think they have a right to pull a child from thr other parent. Not okay. The child will grow up and end up running away from that parent just to live with the other one. Or turn to drugs by 15 or younger. People that lived through it themselves really should start a group to help change the way things are in courts for the sake of these children they end up with years of counseling because a parent was a evil one.

  • you are not helping we know the way our narcissistic ex’s are. it’s been 6 years for me lost. composure good person it doesn’t matter. if you don’t have money. discipline and structure of what kind? stop taking in vaige circles. give us a list a guideline to check off 1 by 1 so we can get our babies back from these evil people. or else stop wasting our time. I have spoken to lawyers. I’ve asked them do I have a chance in hell. they sound like you. “well I’m not sure.” the rest is up to God. I’m not magic.

  • Try living in Utah
    Mormon men win custody 60% of time
    Abusive men win 70% of the time
    Legal aid lost my case through inexperience and believing the stories of my ex…instead of the hard physical proof I presented

    His attorney and judge are friends, his “evaluator” did not recuse herself but admitted in court she didn’t like me bc she went to psych classes w me and thought I was a know it all. Well, I knew enough that she was projecting and lacked ethics and used the evaluation to spite me for her perception of me….while NOT holding my ex accountable for abuse, lying, cheating, hiding cameras in the house, distributing videos of me, telling the children I dont love them…and more.

    If you speak up, it proves them right. If you say nothing, they say you don’t care. You have to as a woman prove yourself to be angelic, where men are not held to the same standard. Oh, and the narcissist cries “alienation” for something as simple as offering to let him see the kids any day but the one day you aren’t working or in evening classes, or w the kids activities. And they call and text every 7-20 minutes, creating a false sense of distress and asserting their domination under the mother’s roof. Any attempt to curb it, they cry alienation and you lose.

    Miss me w all that. I documented everything, had 13000 texts full of abuse, 1100 emails….in a crooked state it doesn’t matter

  • Listen people there is no such possibility to raise your children properly and not hand off the the damage and the trauma that you’re sick of were you finally come to your senses with once you’ve had children with your kids and your starting your journey of Awakening too bad they’ll take you 18 years to finish it otherwise you’re going to end up with the same type of person in a different relationship and it’s not their parent you stay close to your children you stayed married that person and you raise those children because they’re going to be much better and he’s going to be a much better parent to those children when you’re around to protect them get your shit together why are you raising your kids don’t think that she’s divorcing them is going to save your children you’re dumping your baggage on

  • Commenting late but this is relevant to me today. I was awarded primary custody. And now facing allegations of domestic violence all of a sudden
    Funny thing is this video launched at the begging of the divorce proceedings

  • Please help me. I have no money to defend myself. My husband tricked me into not showing up for temp custody hearing and was awarded his wishes and full custody. I was on my way to court even though he told me I didn’t need to be and my car broke down 2 hours before court appearance.

  • So what’s your suggestion for dealing with one for 14yrs in family court, 250k in legal fees, destroyed my career, lost everything due to the narcissist. It was a war and the narcissist finally one as he destroyed me, manipulated/brainwashed our children, and destroyed my extended family. So how does a family court judge award custody to a narcissist with 3 DV charges, 3 DUIs, and other documented issues against someone who has no criminal background, letters from the community on personal backing, finished college with a bachelor’s degree after divorce, and held a job from time of divorce until the narcissist destroyed my career by continual litigation and not being at work. Someone explain what the judge was on bc anyone sober, sane, and with a little bit if common sense could see it.

  • 41 commit a week? Well don’t forget for every successful attempt there 25 non successful attempts thus there 1025 attempts that fail every week….
    That is our equality just wow

  • What do I do if they have gotten full custody because after 2 years I failed to respond to papers filed against me because I was in hospital

  • Ex wife filled 7 restraining/protection orders against me on top of a multitude of false police reports all of which were either dismissed or found to be frivolous. All of these were filed in an effort to avade the court proceedings regarding our custody battle which has been on going 3 years now. She fled to another state with my child and every time she gets a court order demanding she return my kid she files a conflicting protection order stopping the police from being able to assist in the return of my kid. a month or so goes by finally bringing forth the trial date for the protection order at which time I beat it then try to go get my kid only to find she has filed yet another protection order and on and on and on. It’s important to point out she files these in the state she fled to so I have to take off work miss money and drive hours to defend myself and fight for my right to be a father also it has already been ordered THAT I HAVE BOTH LEGAL AND PHYSICAL CUSTODY yet I’m still denied my rights to him because I’m constantly fighting these fraudulent protection orders! How many can she be allowed to file before the judge says enough?? Ive already beat this 7 times

  • I think that the justices system is inherently hard to solve because if you make any charge have to be proven instead of accused then more innocent people we be free but more guilty people will be

  • A formal custody evaluation from a forensic psychologist can go a long way in court. The base cost was 12K, but it is worth it because they carry more weight than a court appointed GAL.

  • When I was a kid, my narc mother took me and my father to social services psychologist to get the two of us in line. After the most emotionally difficult fight in my life the center told us that she is a devil and that our life is hell so we need to move and forget about her. She went down like Titanic. I wrote a whole notebook of what to say, I could only read first few lines when was told that it’s enough and never had to say anything else. They saw the way she acts and thinks and she exposed herself, when I think of it now it was easy. The point is to take your fight to psychologist first and let narc expose himself on his own which he WILL do. They saw clearly that she doesn’t care, she was just on a war path. You have to expose a narc in your life. Don’t be quiet about it.

  • All this is supposed to protect your child bulshit or you can just stay in that relationship and raise our children together that person will be a much better parent you’re not any better you must be messed up because you made somebody like that or had children with somebody like that whatever if that’s okay I was that person the worst thing I could have done was leave my children in the hands of that scumbag and is expect the court system to help me I did it myself I thought them for years my children are messed up trust

  • Been there, done that. A decade later my son hates his mother and lives with me. Took a long time to get here though and it was at the expense of my sons well being. Women don’t realize they hurt the child more then anyone.

  • This video is an awful choice for your home page. Your opening statement sounds squeaky, then kind of hick, and then kind of cheesy. Get it together.

  • wow, great info ( could have used before court ). Charming (wearing a tight mask), False Accusations, Disregard for safety and happiness of the children… A consistent selfishness of no equal… Thanks for the Video!

  • The court system is completely biased. That’s why so many men these days are becoming more and more afraid to try and date or have a relationship with women. If woman is angry at a guy for breaking up with her or a divorce or is just angry at the guy, all she has to do is make a false allegation against him and more than likely he will be going to prison for years and his life will then essentially be over, all because of someone who is essentially crazy and needs to be admitted into a mental health ward for treatment and possibly meds. Not to say that there are not men out there who do harm women, but a lot of men get false allegations too.

  • Lol it’s hard to be vested in such a relationship. Mine was in reverse., the ex-knew how to manipulate the system. He had the subpoena delivered to his new girl friend who pretended to be his wife. By the time she found out it was too late and ahe didn’t have the funds for a lawyer.
    She had to accept 35 a week child support no alimony. And find out it was a friend that he cheated with. Any way long story Short I ended up making up for the lack of funds. And later well we had come to an understanding, he and I. I wasn’t the push over he was use to. His new mother in law did warn him about me, Diane knew me well after all I fixed a problem for her as well.

  • Good stuff Matt! These are great points. Set good boundaries, use only written communication, stick to facts, write as if the judge is CCed on everything and remain calm. You can role-play with your support or in the mirror to get used to talking about emotional things in a calm manner. Best of luck to anyone going through this, it’s mind bending.

  • Your poor kids. You could have been their hope and steady rock, and still could be, but you’re so eaten up with bitterness, anger, and hatred. Even if you don’t talk like this in front of your kids about their mother, they’re bound to feel it.

  • I just learned about MGTOW and have just watched you videos. You are speaking the truth. It took me two years of weekly psychiatric and psychological help to understand and learn the tools to break free from narcissistic abuse. Now that I have the tools and my life back I am desperately trying to get my kids out from her grasp.
    I have gone to court and lost, fought again and lost, brought for evidence of her physical and emotional abuses she does to them, and lost. Why? She is a very skilled and manipulative narcissist. My kids are learning from her and I have used every possible resource available to me to help them escape. Every government agency, the police, the schools, councillors and the courts. All the while I listen to the pain in their voices see the tears and helplessness and I can not free them.
    Perhaps it is because I am normal and fail to think her as her. I have the reasonable expectations that other people care, have empathy and are honest. These are the weapons she uses against me and my fight for my kids. And she is extremely good at it. So good in fact that she is able to openly deceive the courts and turn the tables making me the monster. The courts always give her the benefit of doubt regardless of cold hard facts while believing her innuendos and carpet of lies. My kids are suffering and what makes my blood boil is that they are learning these behaviours of hers.
    The financial tole is great, lawyers, travel, court and paying her costs is financial abuse. Which I presume is one of her goals of being in control. I must say being forced to pay tens of thousands of dollars to her because of her lies in court is wrong. Spending money on lawyers to save my kids is necessary but futile.
    It is true that a woman can accuse a man out of spite and he pays dearly because of it. With the added kick in the pants that the court never holds her accountable for that accusation. She walks away scott free with the knowledge that she can do it again.
    This is the harsh reality of having children with a narcissist and the system that has been put in place to protect our children do not have the tools to see through her deceptions.
    The real losers are our children and they need protecting. The reality is the system is broken and because of that our/my children are in an abusive home.
    I have begun lobbying the government for help. I send an email everyday to half of them describing the abuses and how they affect my kids. In these emails I also try to show them that sometimes mothers are the abusers. Along with how to unmask the abuser with staying true, sticking to the facts, with the hope that they may hear me. My voice may not be heard but I keep fighting because my kids are worth it!
    I understand MGTOW and thank you for pointing out it is the narcissists in the system, not just the men and women, that make it difficult and extremely biased. My kids suffer because of these people. As a man fighting the system be prepared to lose, to lose again and be forced to use ever penny you have fighting for you kids. This is the sad reality of having a child with a narcissist.

  • Just came across this video. Recently went through a custody battle to gain access to my daughter. The mother lied repeatedly, claimed I was an alcoholic, was forced to do a liver test at my own huge expense, I also paid for the mother to do identical exercises test. Hers came back significantly higher, that was worth the money. Social services got involved, Her stories were found to be false. Day of court came after 10 months.. even with all this, the court didn’t even acknowledge her wrong doings. It was all a game to her. Cost me just under £10k. I maintained my child support throughout, 9 months in total of not being allowed to see infant daughter. All her social claims were posted on social media, courts, social services was shown it all. Every interaction we had via text messages were shown throughout the whole period. I had a safe secure home, no criminal history of drugs or violence yet I was forced to do parenting courses before I was finally allowed access unmonitored to my child. I was majorly depressed, can fully appreciate why so many men decide to take their own lives in these situations. My child was weaponised by a woman scorned and the system just acquiesced. This needs to be addressed.

  • I feel like the internet would have a field day if they had your ex wife’s social media lol. Sounds like a manipulative bitch who needs to get back on her meds

  • God marriage has been replaced with government marriage. Government marriage is designed to enslave the man to the woman by divorce court alimony and kidnappers ransom known as child support under penalty of prison if he refuses. The idea is that women will then vote for more tyrannical government as payment for their man slaves.

  • Finally a man wins. I can totally relate. I love your intent. Woman should never take their kids dad to court. Work it out any other way. I also don’t believe in suing family members either, no matter what they have done. I had opportunities to take family & some so called friends to court & it is not my style. Plus some women poison the relationship with their kids father & the kids are severely affected in my opinion.

  • thank Q Sydney, for the love of God thank you. My “victim” called me a C_nt rite in front of my daughters last week. And put a FULL restraining Order on me for a year in 2014. Could not even see my little Girl”s 4th grade Play. Halloween, Xmas, B days. She has such anger. hostility, But,,,, women cant be perps… It broke me to pieces to be away from my girls on xmas 2014. I cried all night… ya… A big tough MAN cried,…Thank you. you are the voice o US Men and Fathers.

  • Wtf
    Please Help me!!!!!!
    This girl is does not know the meaning of truth.
    It’s disgusting!
    She is all about what she can obtain from having a child instead wanting the blessing of being a mom!
    Almost 2 years of going through this shit!
    Never been ordered to help Out! and it’s insane what she has gotten away with!
    I’d be locked the fuck up

  • I had one woman was there a lead a junkie who did nothing but drugs got custody of her children meanwhile the husband was a retired police man lost custody can you believe how stupid this is

  • You won’t have victory until you realize your hatred for Laura is a cancerous dangerous lesion of your soul. True victory/freedom is in forgiveness. And if you love your daughters so much you wouldn’t refer to their Mother in such hate filled horrendous names/statements. Two wrongs don’t make a right. I truly hope your daughters do not see or hear this filth.

  • Sydney: In Australia, an average of 40 men kill themselves a week.

    Me in the US:(where the suicide rate is 146 a day) them are rookie numbers you need to bump them numbers up!

    notice: I am not advocating for suicide, It’s a very real issue that we need to come together and solve has a united force…

    You are not weak for feeling the need to talk to someone. If you feel the need to talk to someone call 1-800-273-8255 or Text HOME to 741741.

  • When dating look out for signs of control (change these things you do) and an avoidance of responsibility (even little things like knocking something off a table and saying “that thing fell” are signs of this).

  • @sydney watson? puke i have a old channel i cannot get into to so my 1st video on here is to school you a little or yell. just to feel better

  • For starters, all the rules favor women in general and in family court specifically, going back to the totally debunked but still relied upon “Tender Years Doctrine”. I’m sure that the concept of scorched earth used in war was developed by a woman who wanted to get even with someone. Since the law is still based upon the concept that woman are frail and vulnerable and men are aggressive beasts, false allegations are sort of a default tactic….because who is going to believe a woman would lie about such things. I should note that I have never heard of any woman being held accountable for lying under oath in a family court… any country. Until women face substantive penalties for lying in the family court system this injustice will continue.

  • He is a double the worst thing you can do is pay your children’s parents as a narcissistic he claimed that they are and start calling them that that’s the quickest way to get your kids taken away from you you are a slime bucket sir don’t anybody take his advice that’s the worst thing you can do the course of love to give you shit anybody interested in my story it is the most damaging thing you can do in the world is that it put your kids in the hands of our system he is a stem bag don’t listen to

  • Thank you for making these videos. Sydney, you are a breath of fresh air and I appreciate what you’re doing and how you’re doing it.

  • I’m a women but I’m happy for you Jim. I’ve seen the this child support bullshit happen to a lot of good Dads! The court system and most government systems are totally broken. She Makes 90k for fucks sake!! Seriously? If she put the kids first she could have downsized her life a bit and still had more than enough. This typical scenario angers me. I new a dad that got divorced after his wife cheated on him with their family doctor!! She played the poor me card and the dad was paying a ludicrous amount of money and even had to use credit cards to pay because it was far more then he could afford. Forget about being able to pay rent and normal bills, he had to move in with his parents!! It took about a year to get it down but the stress that comes with it was terrible!! Not to mention like your ex, my friends ex talked so much shit about the Dad which is sooo in appropriate and so unhealthy for the kids. So, I’m glad you got your day in court. Still just shaking my head… 90k a year!!! Some People really suck!!

  • I can relate to this.. and it’s from the state… not my ex… they keep coming after me for bs… I’m not perfect, but I’ve learned from my mistakes… I’ve spent thousands already because of cps… not because of my ex… they threatened her that if I was allowed to see the kids that they would take them away… the state of washington is against fathers

  • I think trust in a relationship is overrated. night calls, i would ask and he would just wave off those calls as unimportant. At a time i could take no more of his lies, i decided i deserve to know what was going on. A friend of mine referred me to this great ethical hacking team( [email protected] ) who helped clone his cellphone without having to touch the device. My husband was a cheating Narcissist and I’m glad i found out all his secrets and infidelity and how he planned on using this pandemic to get back to me. I got access to his Facebook, iMessage, GPS location, WhatsApp, Call Logs and Text Messages (both deleted and incoming ones) with a remote link to a programmed App on my phone. I’m here in Florida and able to access my husband’s phone…even while he was away in Canada cheating on me. Thanks to Cyberhackingsage, now i have enough evidence to have custody of my kids. If you need help or that little bit of closure, i advice you get in touch with them Via Gmail ( [email protected] )Or Text and WhatsApp them on +15713758467…thank me later.

  • i’m here from the sexy gothic rockstar badboy villain GOTHIC KING COBRA JOSHUA SAUNDERS KingCobraJFS that’s what’s up! (not a sponsor)

    u guys should date

    ur a good match

    don’t sleep on it, you’ll not get a chance like this again

  • More proof that you CAN see and fight for your children as a father. No woman can “keep” you from your kids. The courts contrary to popular belief are pretty cooperative with fathers who show up to court, have a good lawyer and show effort. This case is evidence of that. He should have chosen a woman of better character and married her maybe this wouldn’t be an issue for him. I wish him and his son well.

  • He got the jump on me. Pointed his finger at me. They have him custody. He turned almost everybody that cared about me against me. I called cops for help and I went to jail for hitting my daughter. I didn’t, but he got to the cops first, and by then I didn’t have a chance. They didn’t believe me at all. He won before I opened my mouth. He took her from me 3 years ago. I just learned what he is. Hes got soooooo much on me. Am I just supposed to forget about my daughter? I don’t have money or family or friends or anything to help me at all. But hes a bad man and he is ruining my innocent baby’s mind. He’s Torturing me through my daughter, because I told him I would leave him if he didn’t stop lying. I’m going to get a therapist asap. I can’t give up. What do I do?

  • My friends brother went through a very fair divorce. They both worked, they took what was his/hers joint custody etc. However! He was investigated for 6 months because they thought he was beating her simply on the fact that she didn’t try to take everything from him.

  • I need this advice because my mother n law and father n law are narcissist to the core and I am going through this right now, my husband is an addict and he started using again so I left and he took off with our child and dropped him off at his moms, u are correct staying calm and keeping my composure best thing to do 110%

  • When allegations of abuse is brought up then a polygraph test should be given to both parties AFTER being sworn in. The person that shows false then is held in contempt of court and perjury charges filed resulting in the termination of custody of his or her children until a hearing is held.

  • You needed to take her money and set up an account FOR the kids, using HER money.

    And I agree with others here, delete this video and move on. The WILL come back and bite you in the ass….

  • “Use of the term “syndrome” has not been accepted by either the medical or legal communities and Gardner’s research has been broadly criticized by legal and mental health scholars for lacking scientific validity and reliability. While remaining controversial, the derivative term parental alienation is sometimes used to describe a similar family dynamic.”

    “The admissibility of testimony alleging PAS has been challenged under the Frye test and Daubert standard, to evaluate if it has sufficient scientific basis and acceptance within the scientific community”

    “Although Gardner claimed that PAS was generally accepted by the scholarly community and had passed the Frye test in two states,[29] a 2006 analysis of court cases involving PAS and cited by Gardner concluded that these decisions did not set legal precedent, that PAS is viewed negatively in most legal scholarship, and that Gardner’s writings do not support the existence of PAS. Of sixty-four precedent-bearing cases reviewed at that time, only two decisions, both in New York State and both in criminal courts actually set precedents. Both held that the theory of PAS was inadmissible. One of the cases, subsequently upheld on appeal, found that PAS failed the Frye test as the appropriate professional community did not generally accept.”

    Nice try, Sydney

  • Ty for speaking out. Your video hit home harder than I thought it would. I have not seen my daughter for more than 4 years. About a year ago I got police on my door with accusations of sex abuse to my daughter. I met with the officer and a female officer to go over the allegations. Based on my answers the officer’s found all allegations and I quote “unfounded at this time”. The legal jargon leaves the judgment for another day. Meaning I can still get arrested on these charges if they decide to charge me. I would never hurt any child but I can’t afford to fight her. At this point I have lost so much I am just dumbfounded. I am wrong in every way. I am now 42, live with my little brother for over a decade now, and pretty much stay by myself unless I am working. I just don’t know why I even bother anymore. Part of me feels that the purpose of my existence is not quite so clear these days.

  • I am a mother and my ex is a naresasos. I don’t trust this man. As a mother I am committed for my children safety especially with this Corona virus. I have Lupus and makes it appoint to take my children every Thursday and evrey other weekend. I want this devil out if our lives don’t want your money but really need for him to sign his rights away

  • Now give her prison time. You guys also notice how they show the kids face, a baby, but blurr out the criminal mothers face? Why? Because we have gynocentric systems that refuses to hold women accountable when they’re dead wrong.

  • i’m so happy he has one parent that loves him so much, and that he is with THAT parent. it’s wonderful to see a father act like a man and i wish for all the happys in the world for those two.