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Cutting out the clutter can be tricky, but it’s one of the primary reasons so many millennial parents are leaning toward the minimalist lifestyle. According to a recent poll, the average adult woman has around 120 items of clothing in her closet at any given time, but an average of 80% of those items go unworn. Minimalism is a way of lifestyle that revolves around owning less material possessions and buying less stuff.

It is in direct contrast with consumerism that actually advocates that buying and spending more will lead to more fulfillment and happiness. Recently, more and more people are discovering the joys of minimalism, which can come as a shock to many who have a notion that. Cutting out the clutter can be tricky, but it’s one of the primary reasons so many millennial parents are leaning toward the minimalist lifestyle. According to a recent poll, the average adult woman has around 120 items of clothing in her closet at any given time, but an average of 80% of those items go unworn. What makes Millennials SO motivated to keep things minimal?

What does this group do differently to implement that way of life, especially if they have children? In this episode, I answer these. Minimalism is a good match for Millennials because they have to re-prioritize. Rather than feeling overwhelmed or trapped, they are able to shift their focus to a simpler and more value-driven way of living. This is exciting and offers obtainable goals to this generation that might otherwise feel lost.

By owning less they can have more. Even when minimalist principles are adopted on a large scale, the transfer of money will still take place—money will just be spent on different things than physical possessions (you can read more here: A New Minimalist Economy). The Millennial generation is proving this to be true, spending less on possessions, but more on wellness, food, drink, and experiences.

A desire to acquire less and positively impact the environment would suggest that millennials will want smaller homes. Even parents are embracing minimalism, opting for simpler baby gear, hosting ‘no gifts please’ birthday parties, and lowering the square footage they have to clean. How embracing minimalism at home can save you money and time. a San Francisco-area based CPA and the millennial founder of YoungAndTheInvested, The Joy of Seeing My Parents. Millennials in particular are seeking out this minimalist lifestyle.

Millennialsthe 18-34 demographic make up more than a quarter of the U.S. population and the majority of the workforce. Laat ons eerlik wees millennials het ‘n slegte en grootliks onverdiende reputasie bloot omdat hulle dinge ‘n bietjie anders doen as vorige generasies. In plaas van die wit pikheining en die 2, 5 kinders, geniet hulle kleiner huise en nuwe soorte gesinsdinamika.

List of related literature:

Millennial and net gen parents have different expectations and learning styles than previous generations.

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Since embracing the principles of minimalism, I am overjoyed at some of the lessons my children have learned.

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Youth with positive self­perceptions are less materialistic, so parents who are supportive of their children and promote healthy and realistic self­esteem will have adolescents who are less consumer oriented.

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They found that more materialistic early adolescents (9-14 years old) tend to have parents who are highly materialistic.

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Also similar are our parents’ far-reaching ambitions for their children’s happiness and success, ambitions which do not offset the attitudes of modernist nihilism and deep skepticism with which they raised us.

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One explanation for Millennial preoccupation with positive attention is the result of a subtle shift in parenting style.

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Authoritative parents value both autonomous self-will and disciplined conformity from their young.

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The emergence of a digital type of home mode does not make the filmic discourse of remembered family life more self-evident.

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For the most part, the existing mainstream strategies that parents are mobilizing to structure their kids’ media ecologies, informed by our ongoing public discourse on these issues, are more than adequate in ensuring that their kids do not stray too far from home.

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With changing times and trends, parents have become productivity oriented.

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  • As an older American (64) I spend most of my time with millennials. Many work 30 plus hours per week while going to school full time. Others are working 2 or 3 jobs or starting side gigs. Yes they blow money eating out or buying coffee but who doesn’t. I do feel the tide may change with lower unemployment. To attract and keep millennials employers need to pay better and offer more benefits. They seem to have a harder time with relationships because they’re working so much. They do marry later and many are buying houses but later. Love my millennial coworkers.

  • I love how you explained this perfect! Amazing! I really love the idea of being a minemalist, I’m definitely apart of this but didn’t even know what it was called! Buying things that I don’t need is a no for me. I appreciate this! ��

  • Go girl! Millennials need more support and encouragement to manage and overcome the “pyramid scheme” they were born into. Namaste;)

  • Great video! Your voice is so soothing. I have been stepping back and really minding my purchases and with staying home more these days I am starting to realize A LOT of things that I bought in the past are just nonsense right now.

  • I’m Gen X. I LIKE milennials. You are some of the SMARTEST, most hardworking people I have ever met. Don’t let the jackasses get you down!

  • Millenials have to be more selfish now in this day and age cause the earlier genx and fat-ass boomer generation don’t care as they have everything they need and can easily look down on us and judge and say whatever the hell they like as they are living in luxury, so easy to open your big mouth and judge when your not the one constantly being stepped on in a financial ditch.

  • Truth be told your now better off to stay out of debt and avoid college considering wages are so low. I mean what good is it to be buried in debt with a degree when employers refuse to pay a living wage?

  • Because in 1989 California had a Republican governor. In 2013 California had a Democrat as a governor and we had a Democrat in the White House. That’s why.

  • We have definitely been decluttering and trying to have a more minimalistic lifestyle. It’s just such a waste to buy things you really don’t need!

  • One of the biggest fallacies our species seems to perpetuate is that other generations are inherently different from our own, and not that their circumstances are different.

  • Great video! Thanks for sharing! We’ve more or less have adopted a minimalist lifestyle over the past 6 years. We made a decision to live more simply and intentionally when we bought our small farm. Less clutter mean less stress and leaves room for more creativity!

  • The MOST Toxic Millennial Myth: “That there are actually OFFICIAL defined years for this generation.”…..I’ve only seen this for Boomers (1946-64). The term “Millennial” means someone who “became of age” at the turn of the new millennium, which actually started in 2001 (not 2000). So a “true” Millennial can only be born 1983 or later.

  • Boomers: Why aren’t you going to college?
    Boomers after you went to college:Look at all this debt! Explain yourself.
    Boomers: In my day you had to work for things millenials are lazy
    Millenial: works 48 hours a week to pay for his college and still has to find a second job.

  • I enjoy and wait for every new video. Well done! I wish you a millions followers as it is a so positive and helpful! I surprised that someone posted dislikes… I like your videos very much!

  • There are actually two ways to cancel student loan debt permanent disability and death. If more of my generation were willing to do what was necessary, something might change. It’s all fun and games until Congressmen start losing their grandkids.

  • The way to address this problem is to get some experience of the job, keep learning where the demands are and emigrate to the countries that pay more eg Australia, Canada, some other country that is growing.

    Leave the earlier generations to fix the problems their policies have created.

  • I don’t spend and it’s been hard to live pay check to pay check and it’s been hard to live on my own and be independent. People are actually suffering and I wish I had 3 jobs at the same time. Not even sure what’s open now.

  • Well Latinos are poor because they are a brand new generation. They just started immigrating 30 years ago. We can’t expect them to surpass whites. Whites have been here generations if not centuries. There’s no way they can compete to that. Wait a century and will see if the Latino community will surpass whites cuz the latino children will become more successful than there parents. Plus statistics state that Latinos are more successful than any other minority in the US. Google it

  • This is all the net result of high rent and real estate which affects literally everything. BAN ALL FOREIGN INVESTMENT AND IT ALL GOES AWAY ITS THAT SIMPLE.

  • #5 we only care about ourselves.
    Yeah, I care only about myself and my parents and my pets. That is normal. Whenever people claim they “care so much” about something bad happening to some people they do not even know (like a disaster), they are pretending (often without even realising it themselves), because it is socially acceptable. That is not how human mind works. You do not care about every random person, even if you WANT to care about them. Stop lying to yourself and to others

  • ‘The mainstream media shames millennials’

    well who funds the mainstream media? The major companies fund it. The ones who are taking advantage of millennials are the same companies who support that box sayin we are the issue when they are the source of our problems

    Food grows from the ground

    We were taught to get jobs working for these companies

    We weren’t taught the basics like how to grow food or build a dwelling

    They make it illegal to build something affordable and therefore we cannot live within our means

    Walmart, banks, and government buildings

    That’s the nice buildings

    Everybody around it is starving

    Yet it’s our fault

  • I remember when I was in college and a coworker caught me in a dark corner eating out of a can of beans. He laughed at me and reminded me that I could eat with the light on since I wasn’t paying the light bill. I guess I hadn’t realized… lol.

  • People at 40 today still have student debt! There is no need to go even down to millenials. The situation is terrible for the past 20 years

  • If ‘millenials’ aren’t judging their own job worth by the amount of time they sit at their desks and they are automating many of the tasks they do, why are they at work for over 40 hours a week on a regular basis? What is so different about the US to the UK that people need to do more than a 37.5-40 hr week every week?

  • Cue conservatives crying: “this is race baiting this is fake news” i havent even read the comments section but i know thats what theyre saying

  • My boss once told me that our generation wants everything handed to us. It was so unfair and so not true! I was so pissed because I’m ready to work really hard and the life is super difficult and I see it and I’m sometimes just scared and devastated because of how complicated everything is.

  • Millenials want to rent? I day please do. That means I’ll just be making more money with my investment properties and the easier it will be to acquire more since they cant or wont buy there own property. Lol!

  • how ridiculous is this fight, who works the hardest. I make it my goal to work the least as possible and and at the same time not be an asshole to the people around me, the planet and the animals.

  • Thank you! This is a great video! My children are millenials and it’s always made me angry how much flack they get just because of that. They work hard and are not all the negative stereotypes that are out there about millenials.

  • You are so inspiring, I love minimalism, subscribed to your channel. You are touching such an important topic. I will be very thankful if you check out my rhyming fairytales channel (^_^) I am always ready for collaborations and friendships. Simplicity is our everything)

  • I remember in India, not too long ago, the Finance Minister blamed Millennials and young people for the death of the automotive industry because we’re buying fewer cars. Sorry, but we’re not obligated to buy your shit if we can’t afford and don’t even want to spend on it in the first place. Most people my age now ride Motorbikes and Scooters with most cars either being family cars, hand-me-downs, or, in rare instances, purchases from rich, relatively privileged kids. Add to that, the city in which I live (Mumbai) is investing heavily in improving public transportation.

  • My dad was going to university when he was 20ish (back in 80’s) and he could work a part time job and pay for his classes. He was so confused as to why I was working and not able to pay for university and would yell at me for not managing my money right… Yeah because I can pay for $10k when I make around 1k a month and I still have to pay all my bills.

  • Go girl! Millennials need more support and encouragement to manage and overcome the “pyramid scheme” they were born into. Namaste;)

  • Hold on kids. When we boomers start dying off you’ll inherit our wealth. My husband and I are consumed with collecting and preserving wealth to pass along to our one millennial and one Gen Z daughters. We are terrified of what the world will look like when our children are our age, late fifties, early sixties.

  • This video is so on point! It reminded me how I got so upset by that speech from Simon Sinek as well when we spent literally 20 minutes saying how millennials are entitled to everything

  • I am definitely a minimal minimalist.. I totally agree! I just recently bought a house and want to have the least amount of things as possible in my home. lol. ��

  • This video made me wonder: At what age, did I stop being the cause of the nation’s downward spiral? I think for Gen X it was somewhere in our mid-30s….but that was only due to the discovery of the Millennials. Honestly, I have friends with Millenial kids who are complaining about the non-existent participation trophies their kids didn’t receive when they were going through school.
    Make you wonder how much of our world view is based upon an imagined, media driven point of view.

  • Yeah, I started working and got my first car in 2007. Had to pay $4.50/gal and saw so many people lose their homes are be “stuck” in their home because they couldn’t afford to leave homes that they had outgrown. I NEVER want to be put in that situation. You’ll excuse me if I don’t rush into a loan that I clearly can’t afford cough cough with horrible terms so that I get foreclosed on later �� I’ll wait till I have 50% down thanks #SetGoals #AchieveThem

  • I’m a Millennial loving BB. It’s Gen-X I hate. They’re so painfully morose. They say BBs destroyed everything. We had it ‘easy’. We had nothing to fear or worry about. We were sexually irresponsible. Yada, yada, yada… As I sit in my little 2 bedroom apartment (the biggest thing I ever owned) they insist on having a McMansion with a home theatrette, then complain how the are so stretched to afford it. Yes, we did it all, and had it all. And worse; we’re going to leave it all to our millennial Grandchildren (who apparently are just as bad as us) and stick it to Gen-X.

  • A different definition of how to work?!?! That says all I need to hear! Your student loan debt is your problem! You should have not made that mistake! If you take a loan pay the damn thing back.

  • i actually respect dave ramsey…my parents keep suggesting i look into homeowning, but i agree with ramsey that paying in cash is better if you can, of course. we did buy my husband’s car and my engagement ring on credit, but have now paid both off and it feels awesome knowing the cc companies can’t come for us now ���� now just to tackle those student loans ����

  • Excellent video. Love your consistency. I like the distinction between the minimalist lifestyle by necessity versus choice. I love the framework that this is a way of thinking in which you value people over things. That’s true.

  • OMG! hell-YES x7 times! My parents think i’m lazy because i do freelance work but it’s simply NOT worth to work 40h/week to get paid the same amount i get for working 40h/month as a freelancer. why would i be stupid if i can’t afford the house/kids anyways? and i STILL get tired just not exhausted.

  • Those complaining “millennials killed…” are kinda like the wagon wheel industry when they invented cars. They had two choices:

    A. Figure out how to make car tires, or
    B. Whine that nobody wants to buy your wagon wheels anymore.

  • Oh, we’re the “entitled ones”, yet these whiny industries are acting like we owe them our money/business??? Ummm…last I checked, if you want someone to buy from you, you have to show them up front what’s in it for them AND that you’re better than your competition.

  • as a member of gen-z I’m just waiting for the tables to turn on us. It’s almost scary seeing how the media talks about millennials but they way that people in that generation have delt with this treatement has at least given me a good example of how to deal with it.

  • If boomers want millennials to buy their houses, they could start by quitting their jobs and letting the millennials move up into a higher pay bracket. Anyway, give it another 10 years, they’ll start dying off, then we’ll hear about how it’s all our fault we let the pension system collapse or some shit like that.

  • Those Millennials who are worse off than their parents have only themselves to blame. Their life plan is to stay on welfare while playing Xbox in their mommy’s basement.

  • It truly does baffle me about the trophy thing. We were children when it really was implemented. Even if you wanna argue that we needed them, that was their parenting now teaching not working correctly to help understand losing. And that only is if you do wanna argue it’s because of millenials. Even if we were part of the equation, we arent the only part of the equation.

  • Millienials also don’t have their priorities right! Now they’re spending all there cash on top of the rate cars, traveling and partying way into their 20s. Years ago people were settling done in their late teens, early 20s! You can have it all.

  • im looking to buy a home within the next six months and there are so few availble homes in my area and they are way overpriced. so even with some wiggle room its still hard to buy a home

  • Eventually there will be a bailout of all these defaulting student loans!

    Everyone in America will feel the brunt of higher taxes! There is no free lunch!

    Meanwhile the national debt will continue to expand to the eventuall point of a total breakdown in America and then the rest of the world!

    Welcome the the biggest, darkest, longest economic depression and social upheaval in modern history!