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On the bright side, favoritism shows that your child feels very close to the preferred parent. Likely, they have developed a secure attachment. Favoritism also indicates that they are maturing and able to think beyond their immediate needs.

Additionally, they probably really enjoy their one-on-one time and want to make sure it continues. A large proportion of parents consistently favor one child over another. This favoritism can manifest in different ways: more time spent with one child, more affection given, more privileges, less. How favoritism hurts “The unfavored child can feel defeated, and unmotivated, as a result of working hard to get parental affirmation and support, with no success,” says Yelena Gidenko, PhD, LPC, a.

How to Deal With Parental Favoritism as an Adult Child. Behaviors that indicate inequality among children such as unconditional approval, leniency, privileges and affection tend to breed resentment and rivalries. When accompanying animosity and feelings of rejection linger into adulthood, they can lead to depression, low self-esteem and dysfunctional relationships.

Also talk to your partner about how you want to deal with your child’s favoritism. Doing this will help you steer clear of hurt feelings. Originally published in the May 2010 issue of Parents. When favoritism is rotated from child to child, it is likely that no family member will be marred.

Children know they will have their turn to be favored, that the privilege of the position is to be shared. Children acknowledge parents’ closer ties with siblings at given ages, maybe one parent favors toddlers while another favors adolescents. Favoritism is normal but abuse is not. Mothers and fathers commonly prefer one child to another for many conscious and unconscious reasons.

Sometimes, the. In fact, when your child plays favorites, it’s a sign that he feels close to you. “He’s secure enough in your love to know that he can jilt you and still get a warm welcome back,” explains Krista. Answer: Favoritism is partiality or bias.

To show favoritism is to give preference to one person over others with equal claims. It is similar to discrimination and may be based on conditions such as social class, wealth, clothing, actions, etc. The Bible is clear that favoritism is not God’s will for our lives.

You need to use your own words but the main thing is to let her see that you are hurt but not angry or condemning of her. People respond much better if they aren’t put on the defensive. Some of you may not be able to talk reasonably with a parent, especially about favoritism, without them becoming angry or refusing to listen.

List of related literature:

The parents who help their five-year-old become the master of his jealous feelings (interceding, for example, in his overly aggressive play with his baby sister), and the parents who call their fourteen-year-old to account when she breaks curfew on a Saturday night, are both involved in limit setting.

“The Evolving Self” by Robert KEGAN
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Almost always, the sibling agrees that the parent has taken care of it.

“Attaching in Adoption: Practical Tools for Today's Parents” by Deborah D. Gray
from Attaching in Adoption: Practical Tools for Today’s Parents
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The best course of action for parents and other adults is to avoid favoritism, meet each child’s needs as an individual, and set clear, consistent family rules about which aggressive acts are not permitted.

“Encyclopedia of Family Health” by Martha Craft-Rosenberg, Shelley-Rae Pehler
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Overprotection almost always leads to some degree of favoritism, particularly if the child seems willing to accept the central position thrust upon him.

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Most parents claim that they treat their children fairly and without favoritism, but research on siblings

“Child Psychology and Development For Dummies” by Laura L. Smith, Charles H. Elliott
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The youngest sibling does best when others look out for him or her, and it is not as natural for him or her to assume leadership or to accept responsibility as it is for the eldest sibling.

“Family Therapy: Models and Techniques” by Janice M. Rasheed, Mikal Nazir Rasheed, Mikal N. Rasheed, James A. Marley
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Negotiating with parents is stronger when siblings act together rather than singly.

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The middle child needs those moments when you ask for his opinion or allow him to make choices.

“The Birth Order Book: Why You Are the Way You Are” by Kevin Leman
from The Birth Order Book: Why You Are the Way You Are
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When my older (by two years) sister was old enough to babysit and house sit, I grew to resent her, as she tried to be my “mom” (and you know how bossy teen girls can be to their younger brothers under “normal” circumstances!).

“Ten Stupid Things Men Do to Mess Up Their Lives” by Laura Schlessinger
from Ten Stupid Things Men Do to Mess Up Their Lives
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Children with damaged siblings who are designated the bearers of their parents’ destinies experience more pressure than other children because the demands placed on them are double—they must simultaneously fulfill parental aspirations and compensate for their siblings failure to do so.

“The Normal One: Life with a Difficult or Damaged Sibling” by Jeanne Safer
from The Normal One: Life with a Difficult or Damaged Sibling
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  • In my family it’s very obvious as my brother is preferred over a us (me and my sisters) during meals my mother serves food to my brother and we are expected to do our own things ( that’s completely okay only if we are treated equally) we (girl Child) are expected to serve food to our brothers and fathers, we’re expected to clean house and dishes while all the male members (BOYS) are chilling, we are expected to wash their clothes, we are expected to help them with their homework and we are expected to iron their shirts and many more and WE ARE EXPECTED TO NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT GENDER INEQUALITY ��
    Btw I’m Indian GIRL (LADKI)
    I wanna say more but my mom is here and she’s scolding me because she thinks I’m jealous of brother and father
    Also I’m misleading my younger sister to hate them as i’m teaching my younger sister about gender inequality.

  • I heard of parents who are hard on their kid’s appearance for resembling them.
    Also not here for anyone who defends favoritism, I know where you are.

  • My parents prefer my sister that is three years younger than me it is frustrating to know you are not the favorite

    like if you can relate

  • The favorite child may become narcisstic & think they are above the rules & that anyone who gets in their way is a bad “nonperson”. The unfavored is setup for low self esteem & depression.

  • Im the least favorite child while my brother gets a new iphone and new clothes and stuff and i still have the same clothes and doesn’t get attention

  • It has destroyed my childhood and my life. I don’t have a relationship with my parents and my brother who is the favourite.

    I have a resentment towards my brother and my parents

  • My dad traveled for months at time overseas with Mobil oil. My mom favors my youngest sister. She abuse me physically and mentally and spoiled my sister. I was so depressed at 12 I try to kill myself. My dad stopped me. I was sent to my grandmother for the summer. Now at age 50 my mom giving me and my sons nothing and my sister and her sons everything. I cut my sister off 5 years ago and now my mom. They are in God hands.

  • it’s been obvious so i really don’t care but yeah i just wanted to confirm it. Don’t care what your parents think about you guys. They are people you didn’t even choose to surround yourself with so you it really doesn’t matter what they think of you. They provide you shelter, so just take advantage of it and leave as soon as you can make do for yourself lol. Don’t feel so down:) (The reason i’m here is because is i hate that little punk they call my sibling.)

  • Both my parents love my brother more than me. I’ve spoken to them about this but they do not care. They blame me more for saying that. But I’ve always been abandoned and left out. I don get good things like my brother. I am so angry at my parents I curse them. Moving to peace seems the solution but it isn’t simple when You’ve had this your life.

  • If my mom thought anybody had favoritism over one kid she would fight them though I know someone who had favoritism over my little sister and this other kid (we were in foster care) and she was able to get away with murder over there but the other kid didn’t we felt so bad we wanted to adopt him but my mom got our sister back she used to be bad but my mom is strict so ye

  • My mom loves my younger brother so, so much more. Same with my dad. He’s the youngest, there’s three of us. He is such a complete asshole to everyone and he never gets punished. I try my hardest to make my mom love me and yet I never can accomplish it. My nan and aunt have always said the way she treats me compared to him is wrong and unfair. I just want to be loved the same.

  • I remember going into my room and crying in there for hours almost everyday because of my family. I was a middle child out of 3. I feel like the youngest is always favorite. It was never me, in school, in my family, nothing. One time my younger brother kicked me. My mom saw. Once I kicked him back, I got in trouble. She never apologized. That was when I was maybe 7. Another time of blatant favoritism I experienced was, my younger brother bought some things online. He had no punishment. I remember telling my parents that was unfair. If I ever did that I’d be dead. But I got sent to my room. Things that annoyed me were invalid, yet things that annoyed my older sister or younger brother was anarchy.

  • My parents favored my younger sister and when others found there way of escapeing i found a girl and she sees how in fair they are and she is my escape i love her and my parents see that and try and say she is trying to keep me away from them but i am keeping away from them they dont understand that

  • im a good kid and i do what im suppose to my brother has ruined my life yet my mother decides to keep letting him back in yesterday was my fucking birthday he overdosed after my party went to the hospital and came back the next day digging threw the trash lookin for his weed which is illegal in my state and then he gets treated so much better than me from my mom then he goes and overdoses again a week later and im left there alone doing nothing and me and my dad get yelled at when we even mention him getting out of the house hes been doing this for about like 14 years btw

  • The amount of energy I take every day to think of an intersting subject to talk to my dad so that he would be a little bit interested in what I say is absurd… He’s a very intellectual doctor that read book like all the time.. And I’ve alway looked up to him.. I’m a pharmacy student and I read all his fav authors and try my best to talk to him about his fav books and about medical stuff, or even absurd stuff that makes him laugh like ytb videos… Its so hard to always activally try to impress him..like i ask a question and he legit call my brother’s name and strike a convo with him asking him what I said or wanna know his opinion on the matter and not even me… The one who actually said the damn thing and actually knows alot about it.. Its so hurtful and honestly insulting… Whwnver they’re together they’re talking non stop… And whenever I’m with him he’s silent and me trying to make him speak.. I’m so tired of this but I know it wouldn’t stop cuz he’s my father… Its not like I could just forget him or break up with him….

  • That Women Is So Rude Criticized That One Girl But It’s Just Pretend Acting See How Obnoxious People Like Herself Did To That Girl It Still Not Right ����

  • So my mom thinks my sister has depression (when she doesn’t show any signs Of it) but then there is me who cries at least twice a day and whenever I try to tell my mom about it she makes up excuses and makes it feel like it’s my fault.

  • My mum thinks my younger sister is better than me because I’m grown I g up and becoming a bit attitudey and rude:(�� and she drinks and smokes ��������

  • I have two sisters. I am the youngest. As per our culture, it is the youngest boy who has to take care of the parents in their old age. I and my wife were working abroad. We had a good life. When my parents became old, they told us that they want us to come back and stay with them. Since we didn’t have a child at that time, we decided to go back to my parents as per their wish. Lots of my friends had told me at that time not to do so. But me and my wife decided to do as my parent’s wish. So we left everything and went back to them. first week was fine. from the second week, they started controlling us. They started treating us bad. My parents (both mother and father) loves my sisters than me. Mom try not to show it but my dad, shows it in his actions. He always insults and abuse me in front of my sisters and their family. Gradually all my niece started treating us like crap. When they abuse us, my parents and my sisters laughs at us. after another few years, God blessed us with a son. As any father, I too became protective about my son. One day one of my sister abused my 2 year old son and I told my sister to keep away from my son. My sister made it a big deal and told my father that she will not visit them as long as we are staying with them. My father immediately asked us to leave the house. We left my parent’s house that same night. Today I don’t keep in touch with my parents. I have never back answered my parents till date. I have always obeyed and respected them. Did everything they have asked me to do. If there is nothing wrong with me, why would they treat me this way. It hurts so much.

  • lol just now I was talking to my mom and she was fucking screaming at me then my brother (who is my twin) walked up to her and said the same exact fucking thing and she was super calm and suuuuuper nice. WHY

  • Extreme. Had my pulse racing towards the end dude. That’s a dark journey you took me on and I have seen AAA horror and atmospheric titles that only raise a yawn. Well made indeed!

  • Everytime i say something example like “mom can you please braid my hair” then she says ” just sleep
    But if my sister ask to braid her she always says to her

    Can you imagine that you worked for your parents to love you but they just prefer my sibling instead of us both������������������ and they expect me to love them much

  • My sister hits me she gets away with me then one day i hit her im in trouble and my parents said fuck you explain? Everytime I just go into my room and destroy everything and think to my self Will I grow up to suicide because i cant take this anymore once i grow up im moving out im done with my parents they hurt my feelings too they compare my sister to me saying OH LOOK SHE HAS MORE STUFF THAN YOU BECAUSE OF HER GOOD GRADES WHY CANT YOU BE LIKE HER Then im like I got better grades she almost failed istep and yet she still got a pc but when i pass i get nothing like what the fuck

  • In this case I think mine prefer me, I’m watching this as to see why my brother is so mean to me and my parents, and, here lately he’s been crying because of either me (something I accidentally said) and bc of my parents.

  • What a stupid video. It never fades and never gets better and you can’t stop feeling badly about it and no, you
    It does not make it “quiet the noise” by accepting that “this is all they can give me”
    You really are a fool. And your “expertise” is trite and laughable and pathetic. What are your credentials btw? Looked you up seems you’re “Certified Professional Coactive Coach (CPCC)”. Hahahaha. No degree whatsoever. Not a medical doctor, not a Ph.D., not even a masters in social work. Hahahah. Oh man. What a joke. Really, this is by far the most laughable “quick fix” to a lifelong pain for many; just accept that this is the extent of love that your parents are capable of offering YOU as opposed to what they offer your sibling. Just accept the limitation”. I accept that you are a something even below a quack because you don’t even have the credentials to be a quack. Go away

  • I do everything in my house and my brother do nothing except playing games all the day and he also hurts me telling lies and the result my mom loves him more����

  • my mom never listens to me don’t remember the first time where she doesn’t blame me for anything that i didn’t do and believes my brother instead i always get hurt instead of him

  • My mom just doesn’t care when my OLDER brother keeps annoying me and insulting me so I hit him (not hard ok) instead of say what I always what to say to him Then he try’s to break my fingers yet my mother forced her anger on to me more I’m

  • This is my momjust accurate and all. Out of me and my brother she favors my sister. Whenever we used to go shopping together she’d buy me and my brother a shirt and jeans while she’s shopping three whole bags for my sister and trying stuff on her and looking her in the mirror and saying this and that-

  • “The moment you show favoritism towards one child, the unfavorable child begins to lose trust” �� SOOO TRUE!! �� I feel like I have no one I can trust because of this. Unfavored kids always feel like they are unwanted in life

  • My mother was the unfavored child, now she does the same thing to me and my oldest sister by favoring my youngest sister curse passed on, spot on but she can’t see what she is doing…

  • borned from a chinese family, ur mom or grandma literally everyone respect boys. All the women has to deal with suicidial thoughts. including kids below 10

  • well,my mom passed away she was the best i miss u mommy but…i have the best dad in the world and my sisters hate me except two of them unfortunatly i dont know why they hate me…maybe its because im the worst person ever and maybe also because im from a different dad i miss u mommy!

  • I have 2 siblings I am the youngest and I never was the favorite. I was maybe the 2nd favorite when I was in elementary school till high school but that all changed once I went to college. My brother had always been #1 till today and my sister use to be the least favorite but then moved up in rank once she went to college and developed depression. My sister is 27 years old and she behaves like a 15 year old and my mom and dad (esp mom) let her get away with everything even when she stole their credit cards. My mom even told me she pushes me to the side to aid my sister. That is confirmed favoritism in my opinion.

  • I don’t even like labels a Good kid a Bad kid. Even like a kid better than another one it’s horrible. It’s for can’t find it in your heart to like and love all the kids the same you either need only one child or no children at all.

  • We all know why we are here. It’s hurts when my parents always prefer my elder brother over me. Over the years I have seen this and kept silent. But I made a promise to myself that I will rise above all this. I will be someone they will only dream of becoming. Maybe this is what they meant by rejection makes you stronger. To all the others.. Stay strong keep fighting.

  • My mum prefers my sister they are watching movies together right now and there’s me stuck in my room I wash my own clothes keep my room clean and my sister dose nothing like that I just don’t get it. ����

  • Well in our fucked up society our parents actually like the younger children more than u and when u did nothing wrong but ur younger sibilings started annoying and ur him/her and ur telling to shut the fuck up and then ur younger bro/sis cries and ur parents defend them and u get punished

  • I’m a girl so I get mistreated than my brothers and my parents hit me and I’m the oldest I’m also in an Islamic family so it’s even worse ��

  • I’m the youngest child all my mom does is just ignore me and get mad at me when I’m not doing anything! But with my older siblings she dosent ignore them at all and gives them more attention!!

  • I know I’m late. My mom doesn’t have a favorite, but more or less it’s me. But she treats us all the same. Plus I’m my step dad’s, favorite. And he tried helping with my low self-esteem. He says I’m pretty and Beautiful. But my step brother gets angry. So he calls me a father crybaby. And gets in trouble. But all the girls iny family are the favorite. But my little three years old brother. My littlest brother, is love a lot. But she loves us all. My step dad just favors the girls, in my family. More then the boys. Harsher on the boys but the girls he’s soft. And I hate it. Hoesntly treat us the same. My little sister, gets away with stuff. But oh well

  • Can even talk to my parent and I notice myself developing anger issues and I don’t have any friends, I can’t talk to anyone and I slowly falling apart. I’m angry all the time and I don’t know what to do.

  • I have a older sister who thinks I’m the favorite of the family ( this was due to all attention to me because I had surgeries and special doctor appointment).

    And on top of that my parents were divorced. So my sister has my dad convinced I was spoiled by my mom.

    You can imagine how board I was when my dad took my sister cloth shopping.

  • My brother is always the favourited one. Our grandparents, our parents, our relatives, everyone loves him more than me. They gives him all the attention, all the love, and gives him the best. Although I’m a girl, my mother would still force me to wear the clothes that my brother wore. I never got new clothes, never wore a dress, I’ve only wore my brother’s clothes. I do all the chores and my brother would just sit there playing video games and watching tv. However, everybody loves him more. My mother would blame me for everything, even if it’s my brother that did those mistakes. I don’t feel any love and I can’t do this anymore. I’m still sleeping in the living room and I never got my own room. Sometimes i would really want to die. I would wonder the point of living. Please, tell me what I should do

  • I went through this, except my sibling seen the favoritism instead of acting like it never existed. My mother and I talked about it, and she started to see how rude she was…. She blamed the surgery on her ovariess aftermath, not because our looks. We get along fine now, it’s toning down a lot than it did

  • The day my mom told that my brother was the “perfect son” was the day I hit rock bottom and now I have trust issues added to my ADHD and OCD and stuff. No matter how nice someone would be, I still would have no faith in them because my own blood and family never preferred me in the first place.

  • Mum, you think I don’t share my feelings with anyone and I’m crying all the time for no reason. I’m your daughter, not competitor. Shouldn’t every parent want their child to be better than them? Why don’t you ever try being comforting me and maybe I will stop. I try keep my patience and you DELIBERATELY destroy it for your pleasure and laugh/gossip with others. It’s sad that I am writing this comment to random people instead to the one that created me. Why did you create me just to treat me like a doll that has no emotions? It’s because of you, I have trust issues and I am forced to love you. You laugh at my existence, I don’t want you to die because I’m not a coward like you that wanted me to get out of this ages ago. The game started and trust me, I will end it. I pray one day the damage you’ve done to me will be shown one day. Have fun with my brother and carry one gossiping because watch when I am deprived from your life.

    The story:
    My existence isn’t a joke. My mum loves my older brother more and I’m 12 while he’s 20. Big age difference, yet she defends him, agrees with him on things that are so wrong, blackmail me, gossip about me, compete with me and wants the best for him! It’s like I’m a spare child that is only needed when used sometimes. The two of them sometimes even gangs up on meit’s unbelievable. I’m not clearing my history, let her see what damage she’s done to me. I have had enough I try to forgive her and love her but she can’t even put an effort to do the same! ☹️

    Edit: she saw this video and laughed along with my brother.

  • I fucking do everything they tell me to do but years ago I ask for a ingame currency and they just reply with “is your money in the bank account mines is” then sta no cuz u don’t have a fucking bank account so they say no but my sister who is younger then me got literally got 1600 ingame currency because they fucking lost 12 teeth BUT THATS HER FAULT SHE NEVER BRUSHES HER TEETH AND THEY ACT LIKE THEY LOVE ME AND MY SISTER AND MY BROTHER THE SAME BUT THEY DONT IM GONNA FUCKING KILL THEM RIGHT NOW BECAISE I FUCKING HATE THEM

  • my little brother is the favorite child anything he wants parents get it for him he isnt even working yet nd they brought him a car but told me why have a car if you aint working then flipped it nd brought him one smh then they wonder why I dont be around them or talk to them like why should I

  • You want to say that accept the reality. If your mom loves you less then its her fault not mine.
    When i admit my mom will never love me then i am not going fight for her attention.
    Never dreams of impossible things. Desire and hope are the two solo reasons of depression.

  • What can i do if i became a half aunt at **? (Can’t tell u how old i am) What if my mom spends more time with my neice? What should i do then

  • Hi mom and dad,
    I know you love my sister more than me,,,,, shes far more talented, smart, physically better, and I’m just here like “I droo piktchur.” I’m still your daughter though, and i feel like you should spend more time with treating me better and not making me feel like a worthless piece of crap.
    You daughter.

  • My mum lets my brother do things and get away with it, but if I do it I get yelled at because I’m older. It’s not fair. I don’t know what to do. If I hit him I’ll get grounded, if I yell at him I’ll get grounded basically if I try to fight back I’ll get told off

  • As a young kid I realized that when my mom dies ill be all alone (dad was never realy in the picture) so me a five year old had the genius idea to stay with my mom so if she would die from let’s say a car crash I would too. But my grandparents wanted me to sleep over and my mom wanted to do things with her friends but I would refuse because I was scared to lose her. But it was seen as problematic behavior and multiple people got realy angry.

    Over the years I’ve obviously stopped this I’m still scared to an extent but not like back then.

    I think this might have been the start of becoming the less loved twin.

  • I just don’t understand it I have tried everything to make my mum love me as much as she loves my sister. I had perfect grades, got accepted to the best schools in the country, was always organised, went to the gym to have a perfect appearance, did all the cleaning in the house and always listened to my mum when she needed me etc., however every time it comes down to me and my sister she chooses her. For example my sister and my mum have the same humour so every time we are together it is just them talking and me listening. I am so tired of feeling left out and unloved so what do I do??

  • My best friend is a middle child and the least favorite and the oldest is the second favorite the youngest child gets an apple product every year (she has gotten: iPod, iphone, two iPads, and airpods)this year she got a macbook while the two other children when the were that age got much much cheaper things (I will edit in more of the story later)

  • Oldest: what you doing?
    Youngest: oh i am cleaning the floor can’t you see?
    Oldest: i got you milk
    Youngest: Wow! Thanks!
    Oldest: drink it all up
    Youngest: *Throws up* UHH!! WHAT IS THIS!?
    Oldest: Thats what you get for being a bitch
    Youngest: *crying silently*
    Oldest: You slut grow up!
    Youngest: *hits her with the mop*
    Oldest: *Falls down* F*CK YOU BITCH!
    Oldest: Oh so you’re talking to me like that?
    Youngest: *remain silent*
    Oldest: THATS IT! COME HERE!
    Youngest: *runs and break the things*
    Oldest: *falls over*
    Mom: WHO THE F*CK DID THIS!!??

  • My brother is 31 still living at home with my mom and I. Smokes weed, doesn’t have a job, invites people we don’t want in our house, doesn’t help with bills test she still treats him like a king.
    I help my mom at work, clean the house, take care of her help with bills. Yet she treats me like crap.

  • I was born the youngest, an accident, never wanted, the “Tailee of the Snowpiercer”. I was treated like a stowaway my whole life, still am. My older sisters can do no wrong, but I get bitched at for what happened years ago. I hate my family and plan to earn/save enough money to move away at least 1,000 miles and change my name.

  • Am I not enough?………I don’t feel loved….Rn I am crying in my bed, while everyone else is playing a game. They probably don’t care I left….Once I left, my older sister snickers, and I doubt anyone cares, sometimes I go to bed thinking my birth is a mistake….I this normal? Please help..

  • Its really sad and the reality is that they do it unintentionally.
    But it hurts a lot, they don’t have any clue what they are doing to their neglected child.
    My younger brother is always preferred over me.
    He hasn’t even passed his school, droped school, dropped college, sitting at home playing useless game 24hr, get his food in the room, even has a room where I don’t have my personal room. I am not even allowed to sit at his room, they study table is in his room and even after during my exams I am not allowed to go and study there, because that disturbes his game!
    I sleep and study and do everything in my living room.
    He gets everything what do ever he wants.
    He always causes financial losses, by getting in scams or being robbed. He even does have an I phone but me here using 4 years old MI mobile.
    My parents are partial to the maximum extent. And sadly I can’t do anything to stop feeling bad… Or to make them realize what are they doing….
    Whenever I tell them that they are literally being partial to me and always prefer my brother.
    They deny they don’t even realize. I don’t know what in the world would ever make them realize one day.
    I feel neglected every single day from the smallest to the biggest things.
    They just treat him like a King that doesn’t even do anything. He has all the luxury in the house.

  • My parents love my younger sibling. Like at the point where I get in trouble for doing nothing. She’s two years younger than me and she’s the favorite. I get in trouble for doing something my sister doesn’t like. I won’t give her the blanket I’m using. I tell her to stop. I get in trouble by telling my sister to stop annoying me because she’s younger than me and I can deal with it myself. And if I lay a finger on her she screams and I get in trouble. She also has this thing where when she gets hurt she says ow. Show also admit she only does that so I get in trouble because I’m scary. I just wish my parents loved me as much as my sister,

  • I’m a twin. My dad loved my sister alot more because she was a tomboy and I was a girly girl. I haven’t seen him in alot of years but now our fashion has kinda become similar stil different but similar.

    Anyways. Either because of how my dad expressed the fact that he loved her more or because it’s actually how it is I feel like other people love my sister better too.

    My mom. Family, random people just baislicly everyone.

    I feel like my mom just enjoys being around my sister more and when I join them, it becomes less fun for them.

    Also my sister is the twin my mom chose the name for. I’m the twin my dad chose the name for. My sister is apparently like my mom and I’ve always been compared to my aunt. I probably just reminded her of my afwul dad but that not how she wants to say that. I’ve hated my name ever since I found out my dad chose it.

    My grandpa has had a hard time accepting the fact that we have grown up and the fact that we don’t play or jump in puddles (Idk) anymore. This also make some upset since I feel like I was better when I was younger.

    Random people always talk to me about my sister and like thats fine and all but if thats all your going to talk to me about then plz don’t. I’m here too.

    It honestly makes me an even worse person because I don’t do stuf because I know I’ll be worse or bad or whatever.

  • Sad how you have to compete for something you should naturally get, I’ve always tried to convince myself that mom loves us equally but it’s just not the case, I constantly tried wholeheartedly to believe that there wasn’t a favorite and least favorite but I constantly got disappointed. The way mom speaks to me, looks at me, doesn’t smile at me, doesn’t acknowledge whatever the fuck I do is really heart breaking. I’m literally the only person who loves and appreciate her but she doesn’t do that to me. My siblings always talk shit about her behind her back. I’m not the smart one or the boy in the family that’s why I’m just a big disappointment, even though I do whatever the fuck she ask me to do even if I was sick to my bones, I’m literally constantly pushing myself to study because of the college loans, I know my sister is smart and got her scholarship to study for free but for God’s sake we study the same major. I hate how mom loves her and listens to her I hate everything, I know my comment is all over the place but I’m devastated

  • My sister has always been a failure her entire life. She is a poor student, untalented and doesn’t even have common manners. My mother has all her expectations are from me and whenever there is something to give, she gives it to my sister. I am one of the best students at school. I am so popular, so well mannered and so studious but she never pressurized her. She forces me to study hard and win scholarships, its been 2 years I couldn’t go to park and play any sport. I can’t stop crying while writing this, I cry in front of her she has absolutely no reaction. I might die soon if this continues

  • I grew like this, my brother was the favorite, even now, my brother got kids, and dont talk to my mom frequently not my day because personal problems with his wife, and my mom always ask for my borther’s kids but never for my daughter, I remember i told a thousand times to my mom when i was in high school, my brother was in the university and i learned how to use CAD software in high school and my mom said you know how to do that because you dedicate time but brother sleeps and he knows as well, I was the small in the family I did my own savings and purchased the first computer for my family, my mom was surprised but not too much, in the university i studied the same career as my brother i got better grades that my brother i was almost the first one compare to the other students, and my mom says your brother sleeps all day and he passes, you study every day, that is why you are doing great, I was kayak class when I was a teenager because my brother enrolled too, after he couldn’t go anymore I had to leave as well. I feel proud about my brother he started working in apple, and i started working in small companies and built my own business, my country enter in dictatorship so I had move to the USA and built a new company manufacturing as well and we are selling 300000 $ per year with just 1.5 years that opened the company, I am doing really good, i think this preference towards my brother and many more histories like these. I realized and accepted that is what it is and gave me strengths to be the best every day, work really hard and be really smart, i forgot to add my dad has the same preference with my brother, i recommend to all the people with the same problem, use all sad and fucking negative energies, convert into positive and mentALIZED, FOR YOUR SELF, AND SAY I AM UNSTOPPABLE, I AM THE BEST, NOBODY IS GOING TO CHANGE OR PUT NEGATIVE ENERGY IN MY MIND, I KNOW MY CAPABILITIES, IM NOT SCARE TO FAIL, DONT SETTLE, WORK HARD AND PUT GOALS IN LIFE, IS NOT GOING TO BE EASY BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE, WORK 10000%, IF YOU WANT TO BE ATHLETE SPORTS BUSINESS, WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO, YOU CAN DO IT, IT IS POSSIBLE, EVERYTIME YOU RECEIVE SOMETHING NEGATIVE TURN IN FORCE PASSION AND STRENGTHS TO WORK HARDER AND HARDER, GOD BLESS YOU

  • My dad loves my sibling more, I hav a Psychology background still it kills me and she was given more preference in attention and her education they never took time to know my interest or Encouraged me to pursue wht I want, It breaks me, I still m trying to figure out How I can handle this better, I have tried to deny it but Have faced it so often that the blatant truth

  • I was always just tolerated in my house. My sister was loved at every turn. My sister got a prom dress and got to shop for clothes for fun. I had to buy my own clothes fromage 13. I’m sure they only had enough love for one of us.

  • My parents suck, I always make my parents happy, do something to make them laugh, but they love my sister, not me, my sister is a very bad girl, she is younger than me but she has the power to beat me up, I am more powerful than her I could give her serious injuries but I remember, my sister was beating me, and I slapped her, my dad almost kicked me out of the house, my sister fights with my mom, it’s okay, but when I argue with Mom, she just starts blaming me how I ruined her life, I didn’t did anything to you mom, but I am always the criminal to them, every time I argue, I am the one who has to stop first, it’s very sad I am facing this kind of behavior since my childhood, I loved my mom more than anything, but she hates me, I am sad.

  • My mother has a favorite too. She always favors my sister
    Really breaks my personality growing up it’s hard knowing we are the same came from her…
    That’s why growing up i build a wall between them I choose to get away from them until now.

  • The key is to work on reducing the yearning feeling of wanting contact with the parent by reminding yourself they do not have the same yearning feeling like you do and accept this

  • They could of chosen it, there is no way of know. Learn to love yourself more, place boundaries so ur not constantly rejected and hurt. Ask yourself what you previously done changed things? Eg ask for more attention, asked them why, it will never change, therefore you are the one that needs to change by placing boundaries for yourself and loving yourself more than you mother or father

  • I feel Corrina is wrong in my case….
    My brother gets what I did’t get when I was of his age…..
    I am the Eldest of my house…
    I really hate myself to be born to my parents…

  • Please stop saying the middle one never gets no attention my brother is the middle child and he gets all the attention in the world. I as the youngest sibling I told my mother once that I was about to jump out of the window she said I then do it my brother said I’m so weird m mom started hugging him and almost crying

  • He also hurts me. I’ve got bruises from him but my mum just says “Oh well!” But if he gets a bruise from me it’s “ Oh! Come here! Poor little boy. Amber why did you hit my brother”

  • (Keep in mind I’m 12, my brother is 10.) My brother being my Mom’s favorite and me being my Dad’s favorite has always been a kind of joke in my family, and I’m okay with it. But now, my brother is doing the same level math as me (algebra 1) and many “more successful” things than me. He gets everything, compared to myself and cousins from my grandpa. He has a tendency to cry whenever he doesn’t get his way. I have emotions too, but I hide them. My family thinks all the problems will be solved if everyone treats my brother better, because they think he’s the only one who gets hurt. It really hurts me that he’s obviously favored. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Should I just cry as a first response to anything??

  • I wish they would do one on School Bullying, because Kids have been bullied before and after school, either if it’s on the playground or in classrooms, and they’ve been bullied not by their fellow classmates, but by their school teachers too.

  • my mom favors my cousin she always compares her to me i’m sorry i’m a bitch either way I never really like and loved my mom she never was their for me it was always my dad.

  • I can’t find that peace I feel heartbroken every time when she choose my brother over me
    Is it good for me to treat her the way she treats me

  • After I turned 8 years old everything started to change
    You see, I have a younger brother, 2 years younger than me.
    My parents treat him better than they treat me.
    They do all these stuff to show him affection while they leave me with nothing.
    It really hurts me… I’ve been having bad thoughts.
    I really wish my parents would love me, at least show me affection..!
    As I watched this I started getting tears… idk why but something hit me on the inside.
    I used to be so much happier…

  • My parents hate me. I’m the one they always get mad at. They have no expectations for me. They love everyone. And once we were at the table and they were picking favorites and no one picked me. And I told them that and my mom laughed and went to her room….she treats my little sister like the favorite alot more now

  • I am the favorite and hate it! I try to say why aren’t you doing this for the others? Me and my other brother are favored by my mom but me a bit more. She claims she doesn’t have a favorite and it’s just because my and my bro don’t have a spouse yet but it’s not. I’m trying extra hard to show the rest I don’t want it like that. When I was a little kid I’ll admit I loved it but not into teen years and especially not that I’m a young adults. It’s not great being either one. Either you parent dislikes you or your brothers and sisters tend to. No winner

  • My mom favorites my youngest sibling and I’m the middle and he acts like he’s spoiled brat and I’m just in the background and when I’m playing a game and when one of my brothers wanna play it the other brother kicks me off and I have a dairy and I get depressed and right who’s favorite and I keep in track of who’s favorite and right now I’m just in the background

    And I this was a couple years ago cuz I saw the comments

  • Anyone notices this:

    Sis 1: why are you up this early
    ( which she means in the morning )

    Sis 2: i am cooking dinner for mom and dad

    Dinner in the morning really��

  • My little brother is my favorite to my dad and that is why I never sleep over and I just stay with my mom. And I have to be responsible for my brother and he is just being bratty running around, taking my stuff, and hitting people. How am I more mature then him but he gets all of my dad’s attention and love ����But if I do sleep over I stay with my grandma because she is very sweet and likes to go shopping with me�� but I rarely sleep over so it sucks to not be the favorite kid

  • can relate to this 100 % to my mother she rather my younger sister then me anyday I’ve made mistakes yes but that just effects how she feels about me I’m basically a slave too my sister and we’re only 2 years apart I she says the most disrespectful things to my mother and just gets away with but let me do the things she do it’s gonna be hell and honestly I feel like a mistake her sometimes I wash the tub sweep make her bed behind my little sister even tho we’re just 2 years apart and every time we argue it’s always me she thinks who starts or never looks at my side just because I’m the oldest sometimes I wish I was never born I feel like a mistake to her and she think I’m just gonna end up like my eldest sibling who she doesn’t talk to any more

  • I live in a house with my dad,mother and brother ever since I was little they favoritism my brother like he is the golden child, from them favoritism him I have developed serious anger problems, anxiety and, depression problems, I have worked 6-8 jobs my brother has never HAD a job I helped them pay bills and stuff why my brother lives at the house for free, everything that happens in the house I get blamed for, my parents spent thousands on him in college for him to drop out and still favoritism him, I need help I have serious problems including me wanting to kill myself

  • parents who do this are psychotic and mentally unbalanced. you will see a lots of articles saying that most parents have favorite kids but they don’t admit. that’s bullshit. even if they secretly have a favorite, they are psycho then.

  • My brother lies about me humiliating my dad to my friends and my parents believe him always so i keep getting scolded. My brother has became very naughty due to the fame he has over me and now does it daily so that he could have to satisfaction of seeing me get scolded

  • I’m 50. I cut my sister who pure Evil out of my lifec5 years ago. She 44 now. My mom made her executive of her will. I went over to get family pictures before my sister keeps them all and my mom went off on me. After all the help with her surgery’s ect she had the nerve to bring up how wonderful her other daughter is who never helped her and how disappointing I am. I’m cut my mom off today. 50 years of abuse is quite enough. Let her pet help her which she won’t. No matter how old you are �� never changes.

  • Of course with no doubt parents do have favourite child. It will not be known by buying dress or any other things.if there is a game she do support only for one i.e there favourite child.and I today feel bad coz I am not the one,it is my brother.��

  • My parents favoritism made feel unwanted and just a nuisance and a disappointment I try to contest against my siblings but I gave up trying and felt worthless because they made me feel worthless and I was later diagnosed with depression and hearing that made me want to change for the better I’m still trying to change it’s a long road filled with road blocks and high roads but I know I will make it.

  • I can’t get over how much time my mom has made me cried. She never trusted me. She talks about how she never wanted a fourth child (which is me) and that life would be better without me. I remember crying myself to sleep because of that. She likes my 2nd oldest brother the most. Maybe this is why I cry so easily. My mom criticized me everyday for being too over weight according to her standards, looking and dressing a certain way, and even to how I walk. I tell her everytime why my brother gets to lie and can get away with it, while I’m constantly the one who gets blamed. Even my brother lied to my mom when I was younger to get away from an accident and said it was my fault, and that day I got slapped because my mom trusted my brother more. I hit my brother, but he hits me and I get blamed. My brother hits me, and she doesn’t care. There’s more, but I’m already crying so I need to stop.

  • My mom loves my niece much more than me and I’m 11, she does everything for her but when it comes to me she will do it but yell at me for not doing it myself and I’m 11 whenever I do something she’ll find a way to be rude to be me but when my niece does something wrong she justifies it by saying she’s younger

  • Here’s a recent study that back this up:-)



  • My mom has obvious favoritism toward my younger sister, the last born. She always says “Good night sweetie, I love you,” to my sister, and then she looks up to my bed and glares at me. I honestly DO NOT KNOW WHY. She has ADHD so it makes my mom give her more attention. Also she threatens my mom saying “ I won’t take my pill unless you give me this,” and my mother gives it to her. After that, she just wants more stuff and never takes her pill on time. She is a spoiled rotten brat. Another example is that my mom recently bought a bunny for my sister, because my sister told her she would take her pill really good after that. My mom got her that, she never took her pill the next day. Also, since she go a bunny, I’m asking for a pet hamster. My mom says to me “I’m not getting anything for you,” and I go to my room and start crying. Please comment what I should do and how to cope with it. ����

  • By advertising to people that child abuse is what it looks like in the movies, IS child abuse. It’s misleading so many people. This is not what favoritism looks like. It’s a lot less obvious than this. The movies and this stupid show are saying child abuse is a stupid drunk parent, beating their child in public. They abuse their child where no one else can see it.

  • After my siblings were born I started to feel like I was there 2nd mom. I’m the one that always has to do the work and tell them what to do. Every little thing I do is a problem. My siblings don’t listen to anything, and they always get their way. I’m always the liar and the bad guy.

  • My mum doesn’t do this is public, well verbally or physically, just emotionally. In public if I’m with my older brother she’s all like “Wow that suits you” and I find something that looks really nice and she just goes “Ehh, maybe not” and at home it’s always my brother first with me just being the second child, I’ve confided in my friends about this and she makes me cry so much because she makes me feel like I’m nothing

  • My mom for sure shows favoritism between me and my twin sister. She’s allowed to hit me and call me names and I can’t defend myself or my mom will get mad. Then my mom for years would call me names like gorilla and fat and she stopped because I literally would cry for hours and I guess she started to feel bad. Didn’t mean much cuz now she just calls me a liar and fat. She always telling me I have low self esteem but who’s fault is that? I wonder. I’m surprised I haven’t literally killed myself cuz she’s made my life a living hell. She’s made it so my entire family thinks I’m a bad kid.

  • My mom and me and my brother are the least favorites. By her mother and our grandmother.

    Now she complains why we don’t visit….


  • I live in a house with my dad,mother and brother ever since I was little they favoritism my brother like he is the golden child, from them favoritism him I have developed serious anger problems, anxiety and, depression problems, I have worked 6-8 jobs my brother has never HAD a job I helped them pay bills and stuff why my brother lives at the house for free, everything that happens in the house I get blamed for, my parents spent thousands on him in college for him to drop out and still favoritism him, I need help I have serious problems including me wanting to kill myself

  • My mother favoritism my brother too this is where my anxiety, depression,and anger comes from, my brother gets everything I don’t get nothing

  • I know im late, and this video was posted 3 years ago, but whenever my my little sister does something wrong, i am the one who gets blamed. Like for example she got a bad score. My parents blame me because i did not teach her. And if my sister is sick, my parents show lots of love to her in front of my face and pretend like they dont know i am in front of them. This is so unfair and i dont know what to do. That explaines why i clicked on this video.

  • My parents favour my little sister more than me. She controls everyone in house. Nobody cares about me and also my mom give me mean comments all the time about how bad i look and my mom has really bad behaviour. I go against her so she curse me and sometimes beat aswell nobody is there by my side to defend

  • bruhhh my parents just bought my younger brother a gaming computer and a desk that cost about a thousand dollars….
    when i ask for a new phone bc i have the iphone 6 that no longer updates, they say that i’m fine, and don’t need a newer one… MY PARENTS BE CHOOSING FAVORITES…. ��
    (i’m middle child, so ofc i should be used to this by now) also… i made it clear that i didn’t need the newest phone… and any phone is cheaper than the stupid gaming computer that my brother got…

  • I have the same problem. My little brother gets nothing but a stern talking to for what I got whoopings for when I was his age. What’s wrong with me?

  • If I was in this situation where I see a mother favoring one of her children over the other, oh baby I’d put her on blast. What I may say is this:
    Me: Excuse me lady. what gives you the right to favor one of your children over the other!?
    Mother: well one’s more special than the other.
    Me: THAT DOESN’T MATTER! Do you even have one brain cell in your empty head at what favoritism could do to your child!?
    Mother: I do…
    Me: NO YOU DON”T! You should love your children equally! I don’t even think you deserve to be called a mother!

  • If your going to chose favorites I would say don’t have kids because it’s not fair to the kids and it’s damaging to the kids to be playing favorites

  • Stupid experiment. If I saw this I would just roll my eyes and walk away, because it’s stupid and obvious. As others already pointed out, true favoritism is *covert*, and very hard to detect due to the abuser isolating the family from public. There is also cases where the abuser purposely favors one child simply to build resentment, and have more control over everyone.

  • My mom has a favoritism towards me. Despite all of my desperate pleas and attempts to lash out against her, she still treats my older brother like shit. It baffles me.

  • The mom/actor sounds exactly like my mom when I was younger. My older sister got all the nice and pretty clothes because according to my mom, she was beautiful and I was the fat, ugly, dumb kid.

  • 0:10 literally what scares me the most, idc really if my parents prefers my siblings, it just kinda hurts but i dont want my kids to feel that way with their grandparents. i want my kids to be loved by their grandparents and do stuff that grandparents and their grandchildren like to do, bake some cookies, play at the park, something that i’ve never experience. i want my kids to be happy unlike me.

  • So true. Also favouritism separates the favourite from their siblings who will never forgive the child for being favored. The siblings will take their anger out on the favourite and the relationship will be permanently damaged. If you’ve been a favorite, you can do everything to make it up to your siblings and it will never be enough. And it’s not your fault but you will be blamed.

  • Me too�� My mom prefer my younger half sibling and do anything to make her happy and I try to show her how much I love her but it’s not working and I would really like to know why. I wasn’t raised by her. She got a divorce with my dad and she took me to Africa to stay with my grandma because she didn’t want to take care of me and when I was 13 she came to Africa to get me and I think she did that for her benefits cause she know that I’m big and can do anything. I feel like she brought be back here to use me she’s still neglectful she doesn’t even talk to me but there’s nothing I can do. I feel emotionally abused ��. And she really doesn’t buy me stuff I want. I’ve been here for 1 Year now and she’s a nurse she gets a lot of money and she just doesn’t want to spend it on me�� MY STORY IS SAD. I CAN’T SAY ALL HERE BUT THERES MORE TO IT�� AND SHE HAS FULL CUSTODY OF ME SO I CAN’T SEE MY INNOCENT DAD

  • My mother does the same thing. Everything looks amazing on her. When I try something it is always ugly, messy or I look like I just gave birth. Sigh. Shoutout whose parents does this.

  • My mom and I are pretty much the same. We have the same eyes, skin and our middle name is Renee. She doesn’t allow me to wear crop tops in public or go outside without a bra on because she would be mad at me

  • I tell my children they are my favorite…whatever their name is as I only have 1 with that name. I have told each of them that they are more than loved, but respected for the persons that they are.

    I will say that the whole family tends to spoil the littles as a group. I purposefully however take my middles out with me for special outings often as the littles tend to take our most attention and our olders have the privilege to stay up a bit later than the middles…so each group kinda holds a special time in our routines to be the ones with focused attention. I also purposely set aside half an hour daily for tutoring each of our children, but it is often also a moment to just chat alone with mom.

  • How about kick the favoritism up a level. My mom abused me physically but never touched her miracle child my sister. Now at 50 she put my sister over her will (my sister bi-polar and has been in the mental ward 3 time at 15, 35, 39.). I got the family pictures and I’m done with both of them. My mom 71. If she needs something her miracle child can take off work and help her now. I’m know I will out live my sister who 44 due to her heart condition. If she dies I refuse to go to her funeral. Now when my mom goes I doubt I go to hers either.

  • the worst part is when you ask them if they favour your sibling and they say “yes” and give a list of reasons why. That really hurts.


    But luckily Idon’t have to deal with that, ’cause I’m an only child ����

  • Whether or not God has favorites is a tricky question because it is based upon our human understanding of favoritism, which usually means unfair treatment of anyone who is not favored. To completely understand the answer, we have to start with the truth that God is always just (Deuteronomy 32:4; Psalm 7:11). We know He loves everyone because every human being is created in His image (John 3:16; Lamentations 3:22–23; Genesis 1:26). His judgment is always right. So if He favors someone, it is the only right thing to do.

    When we think of favoritism, we imagine a place of higher status and less responsibility. But God’s favor often comes with added duties and more difficult challenges. Jesus was the embodiment of everything God favors. Many times in Scripture God calls Jesus “My Chosen One” (e.g., Isaiah 42:1; Matthew 3:17; 12:18; Luke 9:35). That title is also used to refer to Israel (Isaiah 45:4; 65:9; 1 Kings 11:13). God chose prophets and kings for His own sovereign reasons (Exodus 33:17; Daniel 10:11; 1 Samuel 2:26). God chose Solomon from all of David’s sons to become the next king (1 Chronicles 28:5–6). He gifted him in wealth, in popularity, and in wisdom (1 Kings 5:12).

    However, many of those whom God favored were persecuted and suffered hardship because of the mantle of responsibility God placed upon them. The angel Gabriel greeted Mary with these words: “Greetings, you who are highly favored! The Lord is with you” (Luke 1:28). We have no further record as to why Mary was chosen, but the result of God’s favor upon her was that she had to bear great sorrow and difficulty as the mother of the Messiah. The “sword” would “pierce her soul” (Luke 2:35). Romans 9:14–16 sums up God’s sovereign right to choose: “What then shall we say? Is God unjust? Not at all! For he says to Moses, ‘I will have mercy on whom I have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I have compassion.’ It does not, therefore, depend upon human desire or effort, but on God’s mercy.”

    So is God’s favor arbitrary? Do our choices have any impact on whether we are among His favorites? Isaiah 66:2 says, “These are the ones I look on with favor: those who are humble and contrite in spirit, and who tremble at my word.” God wants to show us all His favor, but in His sovereign knowledge, He chooses some for special assignment and blessing. When God gave Moses instructions about building the tabernacle, He named two men that He had specifically chosen to do the artistic work. “Then the Lord said to Moses, ‘See, I have chosen Bezalel son of Uri… and I have filled him with the Spirit of God, with wisdom, with understanding, with knowledge…. Moreover, I have appointed Oholiab son of Ahisamak, of the tribe of Dan, to help him” (Exodus 31:1–4, 6). Sometimes, God chooses people because He has gifted them in special ways for special service. As they fulfill the calling He placed on their lives, they find favor with Him (Exodus 33:13).

    God is not limited in His favor. He does not rank us in order of importance, nor is His favor something we must compete with one another to earn. Every child of God who comes to Him through faith in Jesus Christ has the favor of God. Psalm 5:12 says, “For you bless the righteous, O Lord; you cover him with favor as with a shield.” It is not our own righteousness that earns us favor; we are declared righteous through the cleansing of our sins by the blood of Christ (Romans 5:1; 2 Corinthians 5:21). As we grow in faith and seek to please Him, God demonstrates His favor by drawing near to us (James 4:8). He desires to bestow favor on everyone who seeks Him (Jeremiah 29:13). He grants spiritual gifts to all His children to use in His service (1 Corinthians 12:5–7; 1 Peter 4:10). Even the Lord’s discipline is a means of showing favor to His children. Hebrews 12:5–6 says, “My son, do not make light of the Lord’s discipline, and do not lose heart when he rebukes you, because the Lord disciplines the one he loves, and he chastens everyone he accepts as his son.”

    God’s favorites are His children, purchased through the blood of His Son (John 1:12). As we honor Jesus, God’s favor follows us. That favor may manifest itself through greater responsibility, blessing, or even suffering for His sake (Acts 5:41). The reward of His favor is His promise that “all things work together for the good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose” (Romans 8:28). When we are God’s favorites, we know He is always with us and will reward us for everything done for Him (Matthew 28:20; Revelation 22:12).

    Both I and J were used interchangeably by scribes to express the sound of both the vowel and the consonant. It wasn’t until 1524 when Gian Giorgio Trissino, an Italian Renaissance grammarian known as the father of the letter J, made a clear distinction between the two sounds.

  • All mom’s with favoritism are very rude and disrespectful! I honestly thought both girls were beautiful and if she favors one more than the other she shouldn’t have kids! That simple! I would love to adopt a kid who isn’t getting enough love and attention as they are supposed to, but I am 13.:(

  • Only way i can make her happy is with money!
    I avoid going to partys because people who are not even family get treated forst before me.

  • When your the middle child you get neglected. 2 brothers one sister. I get the least attention. wonder why RELATIONSHIPS dont work in Families. Shitty parenting. I feel like the black sheep of the family. Which means im gonna not deal with them in my future. So better off i am without them. Funny thing is they supported the 3 other kids into careers. Let me defend for myself to better my situation from a job stand point and not be able to have a career due to financial reasons. Then get treated like crap because i dont have a career i have a job.

  • It’s well made. I think the only problem is, that the steady cam provides a certain distance to the argument, that feels wrong, considering we should care for the argument that is going on. If we would have ‘followed’ one character, and maybe the untitular the argument would have been more interesting. Otherwise a great solutions with the light and sound, good as always

  • My parents letter my older sister even tho she fail her exam and tease me a lot. They still prefer her.
    When it was my sister time to take her exam they took attention to her, they help her study
    When it was my time they just put me with a teacher… I just want some family time… And when I found this her voice calms me down while I was in tears

  • What makes it worst is that I’m a girl and my “Twin” is a boy.he is the only boy out of us 4 (2 sis + me =3), He is in heaven and I cry myself to sleep everyday and still does. I remember I won a trophy for a race at my school and my dad told his friends when they visited that his “Most strongest and fastest son had won that trophy”. I was just depressed and still is as I have a big and small sister and I’m the middle with my brother

  • My dad shows favoritism towards my brother and nephew even my mom they get them everything what do i get tears and depression they used to show alot of love to me and always baby me now my older brother and nephew gets it

  • I worked at a daycare and this awful woman had two beautiful little girls. She would often drop off the youngest to us while she took the oldest on “fun days” because the youngest would just “get in the way” It was horrible. Luckily the little one was too little to know. We always made sure to give her extra love and cuddles:(

  • My dad likes my sister more. He’ll never admit it bc he doesn’t see it from my perspective. He disciplines me harsher than he does my sister. He lets things slide more often with her than he does with me. I appreciate my dad and the things he does for me but it’s built up to a point where he thinks that I should love him for the stuff he gets me. Of course I’m grateful and I appreciate him and all that he does but love doesn’t come from money

  • Dont worry to all you “black sheep”
    I have done incredible things in my life, and I have also had many down falls. When a parent has a favorite, they have a favorite. Its just simple. No need fight it or resist it. Just move on with YOUR life and never forget it. I promise, your energy will be ruined for the rest of your life. Do you and dont look back. You’ll be looked at as the badass that you are! Remember, they get more attention bc theyre…well, different..not weaker, but weaker in my case. Dont get butt hurt over it. Itll all trickle down hill, to the stream, evaporate, turn to rain, and cycle itself allll over again..much love ❤️

  • Gotta send this to my parents. The constantly treat my brother like a royalty. He sleeps in a master bedroom, has a expensive pc an iPhone X and anything he wants. My parents don’t even let me get a old crappy computer for 100 bucks.

  • Its so sad that my parents only likes my three other siblings because they always buy things for them and not including me. And they always said to me that I’m no good and I better die

  • My mom has been controling first all she wants me to do what she wants in terms of career, secondly my mom always sees my fault my mistakes, my brother lacks to help her with something she turns it too me she scolds me instead, Gosh I don’t know how to explain this, but this makes me feel bad

  • For the mom to say something like that in front of her daughter id terrible do you know how much that could affect her she would most likely feel unwanted and useless

  • My mom does thus but she doesn’t say it but like I will puck something up and she will either say no you ha r bad tastes or that would look hood on your sister plus she always buys my sister things but when I asked she just tells me I need to save money

  • I think this is really stupid… no person would talk that badly in front of everyone about one of her kids and say something like that or say things that obvious true favoritism usually has to do with stuff no one sees in public like a mom rebuking one child and letting the other child get by with stuff etc… this STILL happens to me even though I’m an adult if I say the slightest thing to upset my brother even if I have no ill motives my mom screams at me he can say nasty things about me intentionally and wn I ask if she heard what he said she’ll say “that’s between the two of you” and she never wants to get involved yet if the shoe is on the other foot she always gets involved the damage is unbelievable… i wouldn’t even give a fuck if she bought him a plane and bought me a pencil I don’t care if she treated me well and treated him super well… it just bothers me that she walks on eggshells for him and treats me like CRAP!

  • I’m a younger brother & my mother always favor him over me when i be right im more responsible & caring its just its hurts but ik its life I’m not mad or anything I just always want to move out & have time alone to myself ��

  • Me a middle child be like:
    * the youngest gets all of the attention *
    * no one cares about u*
    Your dad favorites you but has to agree with mum or else she will divorce you for favouritism
    The lil child annoys you but the mum never agrees with you and be on ur lil sibling side

    Oldest with control u

    You get nothing:(

  • I responded to someone’s comment but I couldn’t retype all of this. I’m going through the kinda same thing, like my mom always taking my older sister side and always yelling at me. I’m only 13 and my sisters 16. Not to long ago my sister left the sink running and I yelled her name she came and turned it off, so my sister is always trynna get me in trouble so I was going to tell. I was making me a sandwich and remind you there’s food in the fridge that was made days ago. So here’s something about me, the food my family cooks, I just don’t like and my tastebuds just don’t like it. I’ve realized that the things I used to eat like chicken and stuff I stopped eating it. So, she said oh if you make you a sandwich then I’m gonna tell too so. I said idc bc I am hungry, so I went outside to tell my grandparents and they just started yelling and didn’t even believe anything I said and said It’s bc I’m on my phone to much(they always say that). We go back in the house she starts saying yeah if u wanna lie Then I can too. We’re going back and forth, then she snatches my scarf off and pushed me into the sink. So,I ended up getting my scarf and hitting her with it. She gets mad and takes it back and I tried to get it back but she wouldn’t then she said keep on imma throw it in the toilet then she says say sorry, first I didn’t even do anything wrong. She ends up throwing it in the toilet I was so mad and my mom got back and every time I tell her something she never believes me. So, she ended up believing my older sister and I had to get it out the toilet and wash it off. Mom goes outside, my sister gets rlly mad and says why you Lieing on me and hit me so hard I raned and cried. I mean I can’t do anything to her bc ik that she would rlly get mad and hurt me. If I ever hit her it has to be when she’s laughing like I did when she took my scarf off. I went into the bathroom my mom knocks on the door then I tell her that she hit me. All she says is (name) keep your hands to yourself like that’s going to actually work. What she would do to me is take my phone but she won’t do the same for her. I get that she’s older but she’s still not grown it isn’t fair. Well she ended up getting her way and I was just sad bc I just feel like I’m alone.

  • Is it bad that I was the one that was the favourite… I mean I hated it because that’s just not me I don’t like attention, but my mum would always but things for me and I would always go on holidays with other family members and my sibling would never go anywhere! When I would confront them about it they would just look at me and say “that’s because you came first” nope it’s clearly not by the way she acts sometimes…
    thanks for listening to my little rant ����

  • My dad loves my sister and talks to her and calls her smart all the time even though she sucks in school. My dad barely ever talks to me and never calls me smart even though I get loads of A’s in school. I’m also older than her. When she makes a stupid joke, he laughs a ton, when I say one, he never laughs or smiles at all.

  • I think every Mom loves their child equally
    There’s only this oldest, middle and youngest in the family stuff. Oldest and Middle child will proclaim that their mom don’t love them enough…TBH every moms do, They just don’t get the idea about mom prefer weaker sibling inorder to make him mature. Weaker siblings are the most unmature, fragile and likely to fail in many circumstances whereas older ones have more idea on how to tackle the situations

  • Today I asked my mom to get me something to eat because it was late and I was really hungry. She was out getting drinks with a friend. She had just gotten home so I asked her. She basically made me beg her to get it. I have a sister who’s a bit younger than me. She yes yes and told me to text her what I wanted. I texted her what I wanted. She asked me to ask my sister what she wanted. She said she didn’t want anything so I told my mom that. Then my sister said she wanted something so I said nvm she wants (what she wanted). When my mom got back she only had my sister’s food. I’m the one who wanted it in the first place so I was very disappointed. She said that her phone died so she just saw what my sister wanted and got that. The thing is, I texted her what I wanted first so she would’ve saw mine first and her’s second. My sister already ate today and I’m really hungry. You might be thinking “oh it was just a mistake”….my mom always asks me to clean the bathrooms and basically do everything else besides vaccum which she now asks me to do. (Keep in mind that I’m 16 and my sister is 13 so she is completely capable of doing things that I can do). I have cleaned the bathtub the past 5 times. The one time she asks my sister to do it, she doesn’t do it and my mom doesn’t even care. If I didn’t do it she’d take everything away from me. ( my sister has never been punished or have anything taken from her). It had been 3 days since she’d asked her to clean the bathroom and she still hadn’t done it. I said that she didn’t do it and she never has to do anything. She always acts like she can’t do it so I have to do it. Like I’m really so much older than her or something….another instance…I was at my grandmas house and I was painting my aunts nails. My mom and my sister came to pick me up and my grandma had bought me some pens that I really wanted for school. My sister saw the pens and got jealous. My mom told me I had to share the pens with her or I couldn’t have them. My aunt said that my mom always takes sides (my sister’s). My mom got mad and started arguing with her. She made me leave before I was done doing her nails. When we got in the car she yelled at me and told me it was all my fault. I was crying. My grandma came to the car to say bye and she saw that I was crying and said it wasn’t my fault. My mom started telling her about my personal life. About how I snuck out one night and about how I liked this guy that was a bit older than me. I don’t understand why she did that…if there’s anything you get from reading this. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop treating your younger child like they’re entitled to everything. Stop favoring one of your children over the other one. I have serious depression and self hatred. I’ve gotten to the point that I actually hate my mom. I can’t wait to move out and get away from her in two years. PLEASE stop favoring your kids before they resent you for the rest of their lives. I won’t come to see my mom often. Your children are going to treat you as if you’re a stranger and they won’t bring their kids to see you. I hope from this people will realize that you need to treat your kids worth respect as well or when they’re old enough you’ll lose them.

  • I have 6 siblings, and I understand that giving each child attention can be hard for my mom. But I know I’m the least favorite. If I make a joke, suddenly it not funny and my mom says, “Wow I guess you found that funny, it wasn’t even that good.” If my older brother says the same thing, it’s the funniest thing in the world. I’m always the one to blame even when my brothers do something wrong, because, “I teach them these things,” even when I do nothing like what they did. SO guess who ends up with punishment instead of them, me. I’m the only one who gets hit with belts and the only one who gets hit at all. Constantly, the best I can do is never good enough. There’s always something bothering my parents about what I do. Quarantine has made this worse, and my suicidal thoughts and depression are worse than ever. I hat it. I hat just having to talk to them because I want to cut my siblings and parents out of my life, but I can’t. I’m only 13, so theres no way I can do that.

  • My mom has a favoritism too, i hate to admit it but she likes my brother more than me she always buy him new clothes and im the only one who clean the house while my brother is just playing laptop����

  • I actually have a story surrounding this topic:

    So there’s been a time in my household when favouritism went too far. I was yelled at for basically the full day because I was trying to join in with my parents playing with my sister. My sister ended up getting me into trouble constantly so when it was night and everybody was asleep I was sat in my room feeling real upset. I just gave up and started creeping around my room with a bag, picking up clothes, my phone and it’s accessories and my laptop. I ended up sneaking out of the house using my window, sliding down the water pipe thing and walking across the field nearby to get to my friend’s house. I apologised to his parents but they forgave me after letting them know the full story. I ended up staying there with my friend for 3 or 4 days before my parents wanted me back home. I can say things haven’t changed but after watching these clips on YouTube and looking at the comment section plus my friend I know I’m not the only person affected by this. �� I now also make YouTube videos as a way to take my mind off the events.

  • I grew like this, my brother was the favorite, even now, my brother got kids, and dont talk to my mom frequently not my day because personal problems with his wife, and my mom always ask for my borther’s kids but never for my daughter, I remember i told a thousand times to my mom when i was in high school, my brother was in the university and i learned how to use CAD software in high school and my mom said you know how to do that because you dedicate time but brother sleeps and he knows as well, I was the small in the family I did my own savings and purchased the first computer for my family, my mom was surprised but not too much, in the university i studied the same career as my brother i got better grades that my brother i was almost the first one compare to the other students, and my mom says your brother sleeps all day and he passes, you study every day, that is why you are doing great, I was kayak class when I was a teenager because my brother enrolled too, after he couldn’t go anymore I had to leave as well. I feel proud about my brother he started working in apple, and i started working in small companies and built my own business, my country enter in dictatorship so I had move to the USA and built a new company manufacturing as well and we are selling 300000 $ per year with just 1.5 years that opened the company, I am doing really good, i think this preference towards my brother and many more histories like these. I realized and accepted that is what it is and gave me strengths to be the best every day, work really hard and be really smart, i forgot to add my dad has the same preference with my brother, i recommend to all the people with the same problem, use all sad and fucking negative energies, convert into positive and mentALIZED, FOR YOUR SELF, AND SAY I AM UNSTOPPABLE, I AM THE BEST, NOBODY IS GOING TO CHANGE OR PUT NEGATIVE ENERGY IN MY MIND, I KNOW MY CAPABILITIES, IM NOT SCARE TO FAIL, DONT SETTLE, WORK HARD AND PUT GOALS IN LIFE, IS NOT GOING TO BE EASY BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE, WORK 10000%, IF YOU WANT TO BE ATHLETE SPORTS BUSINESS, WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO, YOU CAN DO IT, IT IS POSSIBLE, EVERYTIME YOU RECEIVE SOMETHING NEGATIVE TURN IN FORCE PASSION AND STRENGTHS TO WORK HARDER AND HARDER, GOD BLESS YOU

  • My brother is 40 years old and still holds it against me that I was the favorite. I hated being the favorite. It ruined our relationship as siblings.

  • My family say they don’t favour, my little brother, over me but buying him a play station, Xbox, 2 AirPods, power bank, 2 tablets and 2 new phones while I get a tablet which is a hand me down from my brother which is about 7 years old and a laptop that my mom bought me which my brother ruined by pouring coke all over it (only 3 months old) and they didn’t even say anything to him instead I got in trouble. Also kicking me out of the house at my 11th birthday for a whole night (not even in the backyard but street) so they don’t have to ‘waste’ money on me. Then beat me up for stupid stuff like not washing fruit the right way and I can’t do anything about it because I live in a country where u know it doesn’t matter if parents beat up a kid. I’m pretty sure its because I’m a girl but at least my mum had the courtesy to buy me a laptop, my dad doesn’t even buy me anything or even just show genuine interest in me:( My mom is constantly calling me black and she tells me I need to wear makeup to hide my colour (I’m brown and my mum is a lighter shade of brown) even tho I’m perfectly fine with my colour

  • Excellent Joe!! Well done mate! You’re definitely going places and can’t wait to see the rest. Remember us when you’re famous! Sarah P.

  • I feel this real talk I still deal with it and I’m 25 it breaks my hear my family care more for my little brother who is 20 and they’d do anything for him but when it comes to me they don’t care at all I don’t deserve this crap that happens to me ����

  • Im the oldest i only have half siblings my mom favours my sister and is aggressive af so if im talking on the phone she will low key start talking to me at the same time so if i say something like because i feel like it to the person im on the phone with she will have a reason to yell at me and im stuck in this hell for a room with her and my sister so its non stop tourture

  • I wash the dishes
    I help with cooking
    I help with cleaning
    I take care of my younger brother

    AND MY PARENTS STILL PREFER MY LITTLE BROTHER even though he is the one that is always giving us a hard time and he never helps with anything and I really dont know what to do he is always the “nice” one and I am always the “devil” and I am always the one that has to let my little brother do everything and get all the fun and give him everything while I just sit bored watching him having fun and not allowed to get what he gets

  • Wow! This is deep. Parents really need to hear this! I know people who have gone through this. Thank you for speaking out about this problem.