When Families Disagree About Politics


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When grandparents and their children disagree about politics, they risk family estrangement, which could result in a loss of contact with grandchildren. No matter how strong your political principles, nothing is worth losing that precious bond. Here’s how to avoid letting politics tear your family apart. ‘Do Not Vote for My Dad’: When Families Disagree on Politics Conventional wisdom has long held that the most powerful political influence on any child are the parents. New research suggests. “Previously parents were gatekeepers.

Now they have much less control.”— Chris Ojeda, assistant professor of political science at. Updated at 10 a.m. ET on March 26, 2019. Lots of American families fight, but most are unlikely to fight about politics: In a study released last month on the extent to which Americans live in.

Chris Ojeda, assistant professor of political science at the University of Te ‘Do Not Vote for My Dad’: When Families Disagree on Politics Latest News from Ghana. “Previously parents were gatekeepers. Now they have much less control.” — Chris Ojeda, assistant professor of political science at the University of Tennessee, who studies children’s political beliefs. In Her Words is available as a newsletter. Sign up here to get it delivered to your inbox.

It wasn’t your typical pre-Election Day tweet: “If [ ]. Raby said he normally ignores political posts from his family, but 13 months ago, one Facebook post in particular caught his eye. It was a Babylon Bee article that shared some ironic, made-up quotes. Politics are a tricky subject for everyone, even if you agree with the person you’re talking to—so having a discrepancy between you and someone you love can be heartbreaking. Even if you’ve spent your whole life feeling one way about politics, you may notice that, throughout college, your feelings about government and economics change.

Unless we’re planning to cut off family members who disagree with us, we must find a way to navigate a divisive two-party political system while remaining under one roof. Tegan got experience. Previously parents were gatekeepers. Now they have much less control.

Chris Ojeda, assistant professor of political science at the University.

List of related literature:

For example, a married couple may be strong Democrats, but when their son begins expressing conservative ideas and supporting Republican candidates, the parents engage him in debate without demanding that he change his views.

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My parents never expressed an interest in politics.

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In other words, there is always politics in any given family.

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But families are more complicated than politics.

“The Presidents Club: Inside the World's Most Exclusive Fraternity” by Nancy Gibbs, Michael Duffy
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But for me old family loyalties are more important than politics.

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Families may have their politics, but the peer group is definitively political.

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Politics Across Generations: Family Transmission Reexamined.

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When children and their parents are measured independently, and agreements in political views are established, it supports the inference that the family transmits politics to the children.

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Consider the family discussion about politics when the topic of whether or not a candidate voted for a certain issue arises.

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Arguably, any debate concerning the family is always tinged with political interest, since such debate is also always embedded in some notion of what counts as ‘normal’ family life.

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  • Does anyone still think theres a line of Mexican people waitng to get in this country? I live 70 miles from the border. Ive been down there. Thaeres.no line.There hasnt been one. Check it out youself before you do something stupid like build a wall.

  • Time and place for everything, the Dinner table may not be suitable for Politics. Lets eat, drink and be kind to one another, through Holidays, and Always.

  • I hate big business the same way dave hates big government. We need to take 10% of the military’s budget and put it towards education

  • Traitor Trump and his Traitor anti American TrumPutinTard Trolls are non Patriots as they back Russia, Saudi Arabia and all other dictators on this planet and not Americans… /-:

  • Canadians that are sick of this pablum can get real news stories on RT, CGTN, TRT and many others that will come up when you click on these!
    Get a real balanced picture of what is going on!

  • it’s amazing how a video can be so condescending.
    Since when has the democratic party EVER in history been advocates for equality?
    Democrats have treated racism and women like garbage…it’s the republicans that actually did anything about those things, so I guess the caring part goes to…ding ding ding…you got it!! The republicans!

    Also, just sayin…you got to come in this country LEGALLY!! What is so difficult to understand about this!

  • We all should respect the office of the President, but no one should be expected to respect the President who himself shows no respect to the office he’s holding. Capisce?

  • Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Hope you enjoy time with family and friends. Enjoy that turkey and finish off that stuffing! Much love to you all!!

  • MSNBC, Trump all the time. Give it a rest bozo’s.
    Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to all. I am a conservative but I have leftist liberals and I mean far far left liberals in my family. They already know beforehand when they come over tomorrow that there will not be one ill spoken word about anybody. There will only be Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas tidings of joy allowed. There will be Grace said before we eat. There will be hugs and a few kisses. There will be turkey and ham and all the fixin’s. There will be pumpkin and sweet potato pie. There will be water tea wine and beer. There will be the Cowboys beating the Redskins. Now there may be a problem if anybody is rooting for the Redskins at my house. Just kidding. After the game the kids can have the TV to play their games or whatever and the ones upstairs and we’ll either play dominoes or a game of pool. And womenfolk will do what the women-folk always do talk a lot about well I won’t go there. Then at the end of the evening there will be more hugs and kisses goodbye and Merry Christmas drive safe we love y’all.

  • The President should act like the part if he wants to be respected! Respect is earned, not automatically granted by ones title!!! The presidency might demand a certain level of respect by it self, but even that can be depleted!!!

  • Dave you just don’t get this one! We are talking up people like you don’t want to raise the minimum wage! Your A selfish person.

  • I’ve never seen a family with Democrat parents and Conservative children, but I’ve seen plenty of Conservative parents whose children have more liberal leaning ideals.

    I wonder why that is ��

  • I REALLY did not want Hillary to win. She supports constant war and destroying entire nations and regions. Trump pulled out of Syria (good move) and will hopefully pull out of Afghanistan soon enough. Best choices. I just don’t like Trump on ONE single international policy which is his approach to the Israel x Palestine issue. That is literally my only qualm with him. Everything else he is doing is sort of great. His approach to China is working, Iran is sort of starting to work etc…I don’t like how cozy he is to Saudi Arabia BUT I understand the need for allies there and right now the US only has the Gulf nations, Saudi Arbaia and Israel so it is important to keep close with Saudi Arabia I suppose.

  • You should get my wife and I, we voted opposite parties here in Canada and you wouldn’t think we did… cuz it’s normal to disagree!! XD
    This is not news…
    Now having a far left marrying an alt right, actually that wouldn’t be news neither, their ideologies are pretty similar XD

  • How can you possibly sit down and eat a meal with someone who constantly talks about “disappearing” you, suppressing your vote, and supports the prosecution your political leaders while holding his own, LITERALLY, above the law?

  • I would just tell them that you only get to see him several times a year, and you don’t want to spend it debating or talking about negativity. Some people are just toxic.

  • I don’t think conservatives are just about patriotism and purity, everyone wants to care for their fellow and maybe a conservative prefers equity before equality, To think liberals are doing everything because they think they are morally better and the other side is evil is quite right, also you should add the cognitive dissonance of their own ideology, liberals don’t want to know they are hypocrites, they just want to feel better by comparing the rest of the people with Hitler, why don’t you try to analyze that?

  • This woman is obviously a horrible Reporter because this family is not divide by politics they all practically said they are going to vote for Trump no matter what!!

  • Proverbs 23:9 ‘Do not speak to fools, for they will scorn your prudent words.’
    Proverbs 9:7 ‘Whoever corrects a mocker invites insults; whoever rebukes the wicked incurs abuse.’
    Proverbs 26:4 ‘Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you yourself will be just like him.’
    Matthew 7:6 ‘Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.’
    Proverbs 16:22 ‘Prudence is a fountain of life to the prudent, but folly brings punishment to fools.’

  • Omg do conservatives honestly care about about morals?

    Most conservatives don’t care about truth, listening, learning new things or understanding other perspectives. They just want to be hateful and be right.

  • It’s called equality of opportunity and NOT equality of outcome. Everyone has the same open slate in their life to make it what they want, but the outcome is not guaranteed. Not everyone starts at the same place, but if they work at making their life the BEST they can possibly make it then the outcome will be the best they can achieve. I’ve always wanted to be 7 feet tall with a 40-inch vertical jump, and the ability to hit 60% from the three-point line and be rewarded with a $40M a year basketball contract. Unfortunately, I’m 5′-9″ tall can’t jump more than 6-inches and shoot about 20% from the three point line but, I’d still take the $40M contract but nobody’s offering that. UNFAIR!!

  • If this was my family… I’d assume the Turkey was infected with Ebola.


    “We’re a family but we bottomline agree with each other.”

  • “Let’s build a wall on our southern border!” The smoking hot journalist here with the masters degree from an ivy league school is from…Venezuala

  • I’m the sane liberal of my family, my sister’s husbands are die hard trump fanatics who swayed them. My nieces and nephews are progressives which is good except 1, but I’ll be arguing hard most likely like always, I have excedrin ready for that day for the headache I’ll endure

  • I spent some time with my evangelical, Trump supporting brother and sister-in-law last winter when our mother was sick. I kept my mouth shut even when sister-in-law expressed her dismay at her children’s lack of racism. Nine months later I could not keep my mouth shut ever again. Fortunately, we will not see each other this holiday season. Trump supporters are monster supporters.

  • omgosh I can’t even do it… lol not even going to thanksgiving. my trump supporting family is way to much for me. They also have that hate filled tone that drives me nuts and if you don’t you will be singled out bullied by remarks. why subject myself to that type of situation? I wasn’t brought up that way and how we got here is beyond me.

  • Yeah, because Thanksgiving and Christmas aren’t stressful enough when you cram your whole extended family together in a room. Unless it’s after a funeral, then everyone is happy to see each other.

  • from first hand experience, the government is very inefficient and is mostly praised by the people that work for it because of the cushy job.. that benefits about 3% of the population

  • Prayer for someone if I don’t like an actor’s views or singers views I simply do what I call not pay them to entertain me and I don’t go to the movies and I don’t watch their movies on prime or Netflix.

    As far as their wealth I feel no compulsion to feel jealous. They may have been in the right place at the right time born to the right parents to get a break but that’s not my business.

    I consider performing on a basketball court of football field and training and acting in front of cameras and blue screens to be very hard work. Singing and keeping schedules and book thinks that is very hard work those people work very hard for what they are and if people want to pay them for it that’s their business. But don’t say that those people don’t work for their money they work very hard to earn what they earn and it takes a lot to come up act and put a film or sing and put yourself out on stage that is extremely hard work.

  • First of all you crazy witch, I don’t have to respect anyone just because they are the president, lets get that straight. Second you clearly are under read and have no idea how brainwashed you are by the society you live in.

  • How about my favorite line to break up someone’s whine: ask them ‘what you would like me to do about it’. Generally works about like accurately lobbing a smoke bomb.

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  • Trump did not help veterans! The VA is worse than every since Trump put that corrupt fool in charge. Trump is also using the military as political pawns at the boarder even Mattis said the troops have no reason to be, and no authority at the boarder. People need to check their informant sources. Go to official government ran website, trump appointed the heads of all government agencies. If you dont trust the news, check the official website instead. No more excuses everyone knows Trump is a ignorant, liar who doesn’t care. If one where to write a list of all the morally wrong, and illegal activities of this administration it would take days.

  • how are you telling people you are tired of the hate but you still gonna vote in 2020 for someone who campaign on hateful rhetoric? give me a brake, you don’t even know what you want.

  • 6:48 this guy is a fool. Without social security and medicare most seniors would be impoverished and unable to obtain medical care. These are tremendous programs that are politically untouchable.

  • I think this is a good discussion. I like Dave, but I also think you can clearly see the age divide. Dave instantly goes for the Capitalism is good argument, while his daughter starts with empathy. I think our system is good, but I think there are plenty of ways we can help people who need it. Also I do disagree with Dave on social programs don’t help poor at all. A social program wont’ make you rich but I work with a few charities and food pantries, food stamps, social security disability, and utility support do all help a lot of people be stable until they can get things together to climb out. Social programs are not all evil, the rich are not all evil. If we could agree on that I think we could talk more.