What to anticipate During Child Child custody Proceedings


What is a Pretrial Statement in Child Custody Court?

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What Can You Expect At A Child Custody Hearing?

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What to Do in the Days Before a Child Custody Hearing

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Five Mistakes that People Make In Child Custody Cases

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What to Expect at a Child Custody Court Hearing

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How to Prove a Parent is Unfit in a Child Custody Case

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Plan for Multiple Testimonies. During a child custody proceeding, the following parties will speak: Parents. Child (if the child is of an age to make an informed decision) Witnesses (including workers, school officials, etc.) The parties will testify about their experiences with the child and the parents. What You Must Know About Child Custody Proceedings 1. Limited Time Frame. A child custody case begins with the filing of a petition of custody.

The person being sued will receive a court summons and is usually given 20 days to respond. It typically takes three appearances, at minimum, to resolve a child custody case; perhaps more if the matter goes to. Expect to need time to prepare You most certainly do not want to walk into a courtroom for child custody proceedings without having compiled necessary documents, important information and other things you’ll need. You’ll also want to prepare to present yourself in a court-appropriate manner.

Direct questions are common during custody hearings. You can expect to be asked about what sort of custody plan you think is best. Be prepared to give clear reasons why you think a particular plan would be best for the child.

Be prepared to answer the judge’s questions. When children are involved in a divorce, one of the most contentious issues of the divorce proceedings can often be child custody. There are many different factors that play into child custody determinations, most heavily dependent on the unique relationships involved in the divorce.

While all aspects of a divorce can be extremely difficult, child custody certainly ranks. Parents in Missouri who must go through child custody proceedings might wonder what to expect. The courtroom for a child custody hearing is usually smaller than other types of courtrooms, and fewer people will be present. It is important for parents to dress appropriately for a court appearance. Custody proceedings can follow different formats depending on your personal circumstances, but all typically include a first or initial court appearance.

Sometimes this is the only appearance. In other cases, you might have to return to court again later. This can all vary from state to state and the exact nature of your custody proceedings.

Custody evaluations tend to vary by state and even by jurisdiction, but often share common components. The evaluation will almost certainly include interviews with you, your spouse and your children, and it may include interviews with those who know you and your child, such as teachers, physicians, other family members or friends. Although child custody mediation is normally voluntary, in some states, parents must complete a mandatory mediation process before a judge will issue any court orders.

In either case, the steps involved in the mediation process are the same: meet with the mediator. identify and categorize the contested issues. Child custody decisions are determined based on what is in the best interests of the child. This standard is used to guide child custody decision-making so that the child custody agreement that is reached is in the child’s best interest.

List of related literature:

Expect issues of custody, support, and authority to be either discussed or reopened.

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expectation, that the parenting coordinator will report to the court.

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She will determine whether they have discussed custody and visitation issues if they do separate.

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The Court will consider all of the testimony at trial, both from witnesses and documents, in addition to any court ordered investigations or reports when determining what is in the child’s best interest.

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Custodial and visitation arrangements for children vary and may change as the child grows.

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authorisation, custody and recording.

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Provide written reports of findings and recommendations to the court at each hearing to assure that all the relevant facts are before the court and ensure that appropriate motions are filed seeking child centered relief.

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Supervised, as the lawyers know what to ask for and have an idea what to expect.

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Find out which court will assume responsibility for common aspects of the cases, such as decisions related to the defendant’s contact with the child and his removal from the home, and pursue agreements regarding the timing of hearings.

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  • hE MURDERED THE KIDS he knows they are never coming home so it is not good that you guys think he is hiding them because he hid them in graves to ruin the mothers life.

  • We have raised our granddaughter since she was born. Her dad is in prison. Her mom is in Mexico for over a year. Her dad gets out in September.  We would like to get custody  before  he gets out. We have had her for nearly 14 years.

  • Other parent has drug abuse problem for years currently taking methadone which I’m glad she’s getting help I am her biggest supporter. My question is she’s currently in jail we have no set court agreement I feel my daughter should be with me and not the grandmother her mother.

  • What do you do if the non custodial parent tries to start arguments and force the mother to speak with him when she only wants to communicate by text. How do you document this?

    For example my sister will ask her ex to spend time with their children then it turns into an argument about how she wouldn’t have to do this of they we’re together. Then he bombards her with texts calling her names and she gets so upset she stops responding and then he says she’s alienating him from their child.

  • I am fighting for custody of my grandson. His mom died March 29th and they lived with me. The father had liberal visitation and never tried to see the child. He also never give a dime in child support. The child is scared to death he will be taken from the only home he has ever known. Can the father win?

  • child support wants me to prove that my child lives with me and he is only 2…but I’m not on his birth certificate…I managed to get him under my health insurance…but I don’t have school records and he hasn’t been to the doctor on my insurance yet…Can’t find the receipts for all the stuff I buy him daily…idk what to do

  • I mean considering my daughters bio father isn’t around im sure shes going to call my boyfriend dad since he actually acts like one haha

  • My ex only abuses others. He is a covert narc and will stop at nothing to lie and record etc.. he has already went to the police and it fell through. He loves the courts and has out lawyered me! A very dangerous man

  • this actually happened before, but the mother was the one that had someone take the children. The mother had them held at a “safe house” in a different state. Not only were the girls separated from the custodial father, but the mother only saw them a few times over the course of several years……recently they were found and reunified with their dad, but oh my GOD…..the damage it caused to the girls and to their father is permanent….I can’t imagine how a parent must feel in a situation like this…it’s disgusting display of narcissitic behavior.

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  • Is the custodial parent responsible for taking kids to the doctor and dentist. She is getting all appointments sent to her and is not notifying me.

  • Be a women. Im joking just my experience my ex is a heroin addict ive never used and work she has full custody she has no home lives at her parents I have my own place. I pay alot each month and half the time I’m hearing she spent it on her hair or clothes. Shit is a joke boston court system is a joke.

  • Hi. I appreciate your videos, they help a lot. I don’t have thousands of dollars for a custody lawyer and my child’s father is not responsible with her at all. He drinks and drugs and he talks to her like she is an adult. She is 6 and he has left her home alone! So how would I mention this in court?

  • Could you please tell me if an order is written where the mother is ordered to do a 5 screen drug test NO earlier than 4 hours before pickup and she fails the marijuana one, does she still get to take the kids?

  • Where is a guardian ad litem on the case the judge doesn’t look at anything the guardian ad litem goes before a judge and says which parent she thinks should get the Kid and the judge says are you sure and she says yes so they sign the paperwork and me and my ex were off I got the kid so when is the judge hear anything this is what I want to know cuz I never even got to speak to a judge

  • Why is all this advice always about unfit mothers or taking custody from mothers? I was screwed by my abusive ex who used the system against me when my son and I were moving out of state. My ex actually lied for months about being ok with it, and instead used a number of tricks and lies to get our son so he wouldn’t have to pay child custody.

  • What if i never singe at waver but he in her coustdy but i dont think its in her name i was in.my time going by with out my boy. his name is ameir����������������������������������need help don’t no what to do plz how can i start on geting him…plz help me

  • How about When your mother leaves the children alone from about 6 to 7 hours once every two weeks or once a week father has police report stating that the chosen one I’m home alone in the adult supervision 13-year-old daughter 10-year-old,son five-year-old son and a two-year-old son

  • I was not able to get him tested yet he has not only history of drug and alcohol abuse that resulted in termination of his parental rights by the State to his first two children but also I proved his now drug and alcohol no one test him bcs he is tribal with 1 mil annual income in bias court and yes history of violent criminal domestic violence. So it goes case by case.

  • If you are 13 or 14 in the state of Georgia and your mom has had full custody of you for the whole time after the divorce (11 years) and you want to move in with your dad, but your dad got a DUI can you still move in with him?

  • What should you do when the mother is an addict? And she’s been one for years but has never gotten caught for it to show history? How do you prove substance abuse when their is hardly ever any evidence? All we have one her is proof of her inability to stay in one place, (child has been bounced from home to home school to school) She was charged in 2017 for paraphernalia and illegal substance. But we need more proof? Bcuz it is a closed case and won’t hold in court. All our witnesses are being subjected to “hear-say”. What else can we do?? We have a GAL that was just assigned to our case

  • OMG i am a Dad but koo koo Moms will use all your strategies to hurt the Dad…and Yes Moms lie…so thanks…Combine Tactics With lies And you get Child Support from Dad…Great.

  • What if a parent was arrested with a large amount of drugs and money with three of her four children? Two of them being under the age of four at the time. If she manages to get off with a cop out guilty plea of disorderly conduct. There also being two male adults in the vehicle who take the charges so she doesn’t get in trouble, even though she knew exactly what was in the her vehicle. It all being less than a year ago, what are my odds of winning a custody battle and getting my 2 children from her? Even though acs were extremely bias and never even officially took them from her and assisted in her actually keeping the two toddlers in her home.

  • I have a 2 years old and her father was never on the picture until our child was 8 months old. He neglected our child from day one that’s why he wasn’t in the picture. Now his parents are getting involved and they want to take my child away and lying saying that I am a bad mother… he also kipnapped my child. I don’t know anything about my daughter. And another thing he say he didn’t wanted to be in the life of a child that was born out of wedlock. I have 3 other kids as well. Today I have to go to court. What can I do in this case..

  • This woman is disgusting giving advice on how to stop dad’s seeing their kids u should be ashamed of your self for destroying family’s

  • Hello I have a question can you do a video on starting the visitation process once you’re established as the non custodial parent? Thanks:))

  • Are text messages ammissable in court? And how serious do they take them?. my sons father is drinking heavily while caring for our 3 year old. He is driving with no license with our child in his truck and just got a DUI, he has failed to pass his breathalyzers with probation.. I am also recovering addict but haven’t used is years but I am on methadone maintenance program, I have no legal problems what so ever.. is there a way that I can put in place that he has to take breathalyzers every hour or so while my son is in his care?

  • I’m going threw a custody battle,
    The mom buys drugs by sending e-Transfer money to a known drug dealer.
    How can I prove it with out saying I have access to her email account..

  • Hey Ms. Herron, what if my child is registered under my husbands last name (not the father of my child). Can my childs real dad take me to custody? I have been keeping my ex boyfriend away from my son, because he does marijuana, crystal meth, drinks and smokes. And to me all of that is harmful for my son. He also has no attempts to try and solve this the best manner possible, he just wants to argue about things. And when he does want to try and work things out for the best of my child, he always contacts me from 11pm-4 am….this is very overwhelming and i don’t know what to do.

  • I need a help,if you could please help me out with it. So my best friend she is on a verge of divorce,her husband is a narcissist and curses her and puts her through mental pressures and pains and they have a 6 years old kid who needs special care,they are over 10 years in this marriage,and she is the housewife and he is the one who works,as she couldn’t take it she and her son stayed apart from him for a time being and still his behaviour seems to worsen and made her want a divorce,but she is scared about the child custody,her child loves her and stays with her but she is scared about him getting the custody as he was the one providing economically. What are your views? Please.

  • I just lost custody. If you are woman. Just continuously be vindictive about everything to induce anger. Call the police all the time. Then use the text messages to show instability.

  • I feel, law should be changed, full custody of son should go to Father and daughter to mother.
    I know some may don’t agree with this segregation on basis of gender.
    But the reason why I am bringing this point is. At present the law is bais against father and There is big money game with current law, big money transfer from men to woman in the name of child support. To avoid this, law should be changed so that Father’s will have sons and mother will have daughters and whoever having custody will bare the children expenses. If both the parties agrees to have custody vice-vera mutually, then that’s their choice. But if both parents, struggle to get custody of their kids and don’t agree with each other. Then the basic rule should apply, sons will be in fathers custody and daughters for mother. This will give fair custody for father, else the laws are going to favour only women.
    Basically sons need more attention from Father, a male role model. And also the woman will be forced to give the man fair access/visiting rights to his daughter because in turn she gets access to her son else the man will reciprocate to the woman in same way she did. At present the law are against men/father, most of the time custody the goes to mom without any reason, this solution will give equal rights to fathers.

  • If a person has 4 year old proof of one of the parents abusing the other threatening with a gun and there was cps involvement, despite it being old, do you think there is a chance the judge will consider that

  • I need help… I’m not interested in ruining my ex’s life, I’m desperately trying to keep my 9 year old son SAFE. I’m in Utah and desperate. He’s abusive, he hurt me and tore my life to shreds and I’ve never been able to fully recover. I moved states (from Idaho) to get away from him because he was stalking me. He’s emotionally abusive, controlling, has major meth use problems, has been in trouble numerous times for meth and hasn’t hardly been in his life. I already have sole custody (both) and a protection order, but he’s taking me to court to try to get it dropped. I’m terrified. I’m not even being dramatic; this is very, very real. I feel like we need to move to China and hide for the rest of our lives. I can’t get away from him. His entire family has huge criminal records, including felonies and I’m desperately trying to protect my son from all of this. I’m so, so scared. I feel like my life is being ripped from me… my son is my whole world and he’s a really, really good kid with a brilliant mind and beautiful heart… I’m trying to keep it that way!!! This “man” is narcissistic and has psychotic episodes, well documented, which I have no access to. I don’t know where to turn I need real help. My son can’t be put thru what he will put him thru. I’m praying, I can’t sleep, I’m shaking, i’m so scared I’m sick. I can’t afford to pay for a lawyer, but my son can’t afford me not having one!!! Legal aid won’t help me I don’t know what to do!!!!!

  • I’m a adoptive mother and I’m taking the biological parent back to court to modify the visit to video from in person. This man have mental illness and not respecting to adoption agreements. He’s making the visit a nightmare can you give me any pointers please. Thanks!!

  • You have great videos, but this one was almost entirely related to drug use. I thought you had many more options. Drugs and abuse are obvious, give us something hard to figure out because I my ex wife is doing everything wrong, but she is not using drugs and she is not abusive. I need to pin her on something. I know you have more experience, please share it.

  • My daughter’s mother has been keeping my child from me for the past 5+ months, how do I get split year custody where my daughter lives with me half the year and her mother half the year or I keep her a whole school year and she goes to her mother for the breaks etc.. what should I do?

  • Anyone have success protecting their child from an alcoholic parent? I have heard of a test PEth but met with a lawyer who had never heard of it. How do you order this test (tests for chronic heavy alcohol use) and get it to be admissable to court?

  • Someone help me.. I don’t know what to do. I am guardian shipped, but I don’t want to be anymore by the lady I live with. She won’t revoke anything for me to leave and I’ve asked others to help but they always say make the best. I’m way over my breaking point.. I’ve ran away before but that changed nothing when I said why I did. I need help! everything in life is going okay besides home life..

  • I have a questions guys I’m married to a u.s citizen here in America and our child is u.s citizen too but I’m not i came here as fiance visa. Until now almost 2 years of getting married he still didn’t adjust my status (AOS) I only have marriage certificate and that’s all I have nothing. Our relationship is not really good I’m like a prisoner in the house I’m not allowed to go outside or to open the door if he’s not around he just hide us here most of the time (is this normal here in America?) I’m not allowed to have friends,he is abusive verbally,belittling me, and since I got here we just have 6 times of sex until this year I gave up already about our intimacy problem. And when we have fight he always bring up the divorce and he said he will keep our daughter because she is a u.s citizen and I’m not and he will send me home to my country.. so guys in my case I have no idea what’s gonna happen to me and to my daughter please I need advice.thank you

  • i got help through this amazing lady + 1 404 796 9258 who found a way to get evidence about my ex doings and finally i was awarded justice, got full custody of my daughter