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Unmarried Parents and Child Support. In cases involving unmarried mothers seeking child support, the first step may be to legally establish the father’s “paternity” of the child. The father can do this voluntarily, but if he does not the mother may need to bring a lawsuit to establish paternity, which is usually done using genetic (DNA) testing. Child support, she says, is “typically a monetary payment from one parent to the primary caretaker of the child, typically the other parent, to cover the financial needs of the child. How much do the noncustodial dads you serve know about the child support system?

How much do you and your fellow staff know about the child support system? Get the Father Engagement Resources You Need. Both parents are responsible for supporting their children. Under the law, the obligee parent is presumed to be making his or her own support payments through the cost of raising the child.

How the guidelines work. To calculate the amount of support from the guidelines, you will need to know. Child support is financial support that one parent pays to the other parent in order to provide for the child’s needs. Many parents who pay this support believe that every dollar should go to tangible items related to the child, such as clothes, food and toys. The average child support payments constituted 16% of a custodial parent’s income over a year’s time; For those custodial parents who were below the poverty line, child.

The child support system exists to ensure that children receive the financial support they need throughout their childhoods. If you depend on your ex to help you pay for. If the court requires that you pay child support, you will make payments until your child reaches the age of majority or adulthood, until your child is active-duty military, or until the court declares your child emancipated. If you’re a single parent with full custody of your children, then you’re likely entitled to child support payments from the noncustodial parent. These payments, which are usually.

The most successful way to collect child support is by direct withholding from the obligated parent’s paycheck. Most child support orders require the employer to withhold the.

List of related literature:

Courts base child support amount on the relative income ofthe parents and the custodial time spent with each parent.

“Litigation Services Handbook: The Role of the Financial Expert” by Roman L. Weil, Daniel G. Lentz, David P. Hoffman
from Litigation Services Handbook: The Role of the Financial Expert
by Roman L. Weil, Daniel G. Lentz, David P. Hoffman
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Courts base child support amounts on the relative income of the parents and the custodial time spent with each parent.

“Litigation Services Handbook: The Role of the Financial Expert” by Roman L. Weil, Daniel G. Lentz, Elizabeth A. Evans
from Litigation Services Handbook: The Role of the Financial Expert
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Every state has guidelines to help the courts determine how much the child support payments should be.

“Introduction to Law for Paralegals: A Critical Thinking Approach” by Katherine A. Currier, Thomas E. Eimermann
from Introduction to Law for Paralegals: A Critical Thinking Approach
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There are many variations in how states calculate a parent’s responsibility for child support.

“Encyclopedia of Women's Health” by Sana Loue, Martha Sajatovic
from Encyclopedia of Women’s Health
by Sana Loue, Martha Sajatovic
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When the child— support enforcement agency levies an unmarried father’s financial responsibilities he may merely receive a letter in the mail that assigns a dollar amount based on his earnings or the state’s minimum monthly payment standard, whichever is greater.

“Doing the Best I Can: Fatherhood in the Inner City” by Kathryn Edin, Timothy J. Nelson
from Doing the Best I Can: Fatherhood in the Inner City
by Kathryn Edin, Timothy J. Nelson
University of California Press, 2013

Specifically, the act mandates that each state develop a child support formula to determine the minimum support a father must pay as a function of his own income and, in some states, the income of the custodial mother.

“Kids Having Kids: Economic Costs & Social Consequences of Teen Pregnancy” by Saul D. Hoffman, Rebecca A. Maynard
from Kids Having Kids: Economic Costs & Social Consequences of Teen Pregnancy
by Saul D. Hoffman, Rebecca A. Maynard
Urban Institute Press, 2008

Child support is increased, his pay is garnished, and her custody/visitation order is amended.

“The Military Divorce Handbook: A Practical Guide to Representing Military Personnel and Their Families” by Mark E. Sullivan, American Bar Association. Section of Family Law
from The Military Divorce Handbook: A Practical Guide to Representing Military Personnel and Their Families
by Mark E. Sullivan, American Bar Association. Section of Family Law
American Bar Association, 2006

Child support and the official guidelines for determining support.

“Mom's House, Dad's House” by Isolina Ricci
from Mom’s House, Dad’s House
by Isolina Ricci
Touchstone, 1997

Most states have laws that correlate parenting time with money—the “dollars for minutes” game—so fathers jockey for joint custody as much to pay less support as to have more time with the children.

“Divorce and Family Mediation: Models, Techniques, and Applications” by Jay Folberg, Ann Milne, Peter Salem
from Divorce and Family Mediation: Models, Techniques, and Applications
by Jay Folberg, Ann Milne, Peter Salem
Guilford Publications, 2004

Most research on compliance with child support orders has focused on fathers because they are most often the paying parent.

“Divorce: Causes and Consequences” by Alison Clarke-Stewart, Cornelia Brentano, Professor Cornelia Brentano
from Divorce: Causes and Consequences
by Alison Clarke-Stewart, Cornelia Brentano, Professor Cornelia Brentano
Yale University Press, 2006

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  • RED PILL your sons before the age of 14, setup observational lessons like watching behavioral change of girls around money, let him know he is the prize, he has the choice.

  • If the mother lives with a man the biological father should not have to pay. If the father who has custody and lives with a woman then the biological mother should not have to pay. It is bullshit to give more incomes to a couple home who both has income coming in. Or the fact the new man refuses to pay for the whole package deal. Don’t date a man with children or a woman with children if you are not willing to financially support them. Stop giving greedy hogs more. Real step moms and dads do not demand support from the ex they take on that responsibilty.

  • My wifeof 11 years left 3 months ago
    We were having troubles for about a year
    She was neglecting me and spending too much time with her sister and i was neglecting her and drinking to much,
    I still loved her and still cry everyday,
    My son is in my custody 100% and she doesnt want to see either of us so theres no communication,
    Ive been speaking with a beautiful kind hearted understanding girl for the last month but i feel bad i still cry over my ex,
    Any advice on how to purge these feelings?

  • Divorce destroys children. Period. And the damage and scars continue to hurt and damage their lives and those they do or will later love forever.

  • They feel privileged and entitled to the good father’s money and increases because they live vicariously through their children. It’s females that didn’t have their fathers and jealous because their children HAVE THEIR FATHERS ����‍♂️����‍♂️����

  • “Why are men so afraid of commitment?”
    This video answers that question. Share this video everywhere on the internet where women are asking that question.

  • I believe that if you pay your kids to clean the house is teaching them to be maids and cleaners.
    You can suggest to do cleaning together and afterwards ask them to play the piano for a money reward.
    That’s the way you teach a child to focus on it’s virtue, call it “piano” it that’s his call.
    The reward most be more time with you, more affection and show the money��Great

    I am a woman, and love your channel

  • I know many Mom’s who keep popping kids out with diff. men each year. Most don’t even TAKE CARE OF the kids. They refuse to work, they fuck anything that moves to keep committing child support and welfare fraud. Or, the kids are living with grandma!! We need to report each mom that acts like a HOMELESS MAN who gets a free house because they have a fucking vaginal canal a child comes out of. Men deserve rights too… where are our free lawyers for being the other HALF of the child’s DNA. I guess we are supposed to teach our children that men are paychecks. For a second or third generation? Really?

  • Legally obligated to children….you stupid bitch even says IN THE TITLE 4 LITERATURE produced by the government that it’s NOT intended for any individual entitlement….what a piece of shit. Amd why do they always say “for families”?? Families are MORE than a woman and her kids! They include father’s too. Just because a man has sex with a woman consensually doesn’t mean he owes her all his money for the rest of his fucking life. child support is a violation of our constitutional rights. I’m not saying not to raise your children, all I’m saying is there was no third-party there when you were making them, there is no third party in the room when they were being born, so why the fuk is there a third party now telling me how to raise my kids at how much money I need to be paying. It’s my god-given inalienable right to raise my children as I see fit.

  • Ain’t no woman imposing her beliefs on a man. The state imposes its beliefs on men. Women lack the physical strength to accomplish any type of personal solution. They have to cry wolf and seek big brother. Ex-wifes aren’t the issue. Beta men are. Those that worship the Vagina. But all is good when they themselves face the trial by fire. Pain is the great teacher. The rite of passage from boyhood to manhood. It seeks us all

  • Don’t have nothing to do with a “tough shell” Men just do what they’re supposed to do NO CRYING. Most these females just want a payday whether he is in the home or not.

  • hey entrepreneurs in cars i dont mean to be disrespectful. you seem to be very informed and wise. how did you end up divorced, was your relationship strategy faulty.

  • As difficult as it is to get past the bitterness, hurt, yeah all that divorce stuff, the children are the  most important even more so than when the family was intact.  If a third party is needed to help the family get to a good place, hit it and quickly as possible.  Damn, then the new significant other comes into play…………yeah, it is all about the kids, you will need to find a way………..and if you love your children enough, you will find it.

  • Richard, I love your ideas about encouraging kids to be creative problem solvers and negotiating the value of the solution.

    My parents did something similar and I learned that if you want to get paid, you have to deliver value and results. We flipped houses when I was a kid (long before the term “flipping” was a thing). They made me what amounted to a sub-contractor; I’d get one or more pieces of the job to figure out and execute. As an example, I tore off and re-roofed a two-story house when I was 13. Hired a couple friends to help me out, and paid them out of the “fee” that my parents paid me. Hauled the trash to the landfill in an old Ford pickup, even though I didn’t even have a permit let alone a license (this was the late 1970’s, so that sort of thing was easier to pull off than it is now).

    It taught me to a.) figure out a way to get something done, b.) manage the job and the people and process, c.) take risks (within reason), and d.) accomplishing a,b&c is a massive rush that will propel you through your next success.

    Been doing it ever since. I’m thankful for such a rare and valuable experience.

  • What do you say about people who had terrible parents that still try to make the kids feel guilty after they grow up?

    Terrible terrible religious toxic bags of abusive garbage… What do you think the kids of such parents should do to function properly? It seems like you have some wisdom in life, I would really appreciate it if you could give me some input on this…

  • If a custodial parent wants to refuse visitation to a non-custodial parent, I believe they should forfeit their right to any financial support and it should automatically warrant a parental alienation case which is an actual, factual crime against children.

  • Keeping things simple with the ex only works if your ex is reasonable. We have it in our agreement to review custody every year, but my ex has made it clear that I will have to take her to court to get any change. That’s not what the spirit of the agreement was, but she’s made it clear she doesn’t want me to get more time regardless of what the children want.

  • how about the woman taking responsibility for the kid. instead of just the father. and it’s even more hypocritical now because many women have good jobs and make money and yet they expect everything to be paid for by the man.

  • System for the single parent. When the wife gets married the income should be reduced. Mothers like to control and brain wash the kids.

  • Thanks for the tips.  I would like to recommend this book that has enhanced my life.  Worked for me.  A guide to the guide good life by William B Irvine.  Has some great stoic advice on how to live a better life.  Just wanted to give something back maybe it will help you like it did for me.  Have a great day dude.

  • If there is no money judgement in the clerk’s office then there is no judgement. It’s has nothing to do with the child it’s All about the 66% federal funding the county gets from every judgement so every family court judge has a financial interest

  • Thank you Rich for your videos. It has helped me more than all the therapy session and life coaching over the years. I have taken may pages of notes and will be implementing your advise as I work to become a better dad to my children and continue daily at bettering myself. I appreciate you.
    Scott-Atanta Georgia.

  • Why are guys intimidated by women with skills. In 18 years of marriage I have never given my husband a “Honey do list”. I figure if it is a priority to me I better do it and not burden him with it but the same for him.

    So I paint the house, drill holes in the wall, use hammers and nails around the house etc. but I grew up on a farm and had to do a mandatory shop class due to the rural community we were in, but he does not like it.

    He says I make him look bad to other guys and I am like what guy would not want a girl that would do some if the home improvement projects for him….There are things I can’t do that are beyond my ability and that he is just better at but why should I have to wait for him to have time to do things I can do myself?

  • I never had a dad (which i dont blame for anything im not broken nor a victim) but watching your videos fills me in on everything i missed out on.

    You got any recommendations for books or other people to look into to learn more stuff from men that would make great fathers, as you would.

  • PLEASE do a video that involves the greatness and fun part that woman are able to provide…

    I gladly explain why.

    Going through most of the videos on your channel makes me sad that you almost only post “awareness-of-woman”-stuff.
    I couldn’t find one video where you embrace the female Ying to the males Yang.The company of a woman can provide such great benefits, and I am not just talking sex here, just conversations and their view on things are totally different and give thoughts to think about. Not to mention that someone supportive will try to cheer you up if you’ve had a shitty day.That feels good, even for an alpha-male.

    Sure, you have to find a good woman first, but that is up to us man, NOT to the woman. Isn’t it a great feeling to know that we’re in charge?

    Richard, i am fully on your side when it comes to raising awareness about “draining”-types of woman that mostly want either your money, your self-esteem, or your time. Or all of it.
    Every man should be able to detect them and ultimately getting rid of them if her charactet has too much issues and she won’t be supportive in your way of life.

    Real man allow woman to become part of their journey of life. BUT, the journey comes first. Always.

    But if you find someone who supports (I am staying away from the word “Love” on purpose) you for who you are…. it can be a wonderful experience.
    So, for the whole (probably depressed with woman) man-community, PLEASE make a video on how beautifully the right female companion can bring value to your life, chargIng your energy, rather then draining it. (Don’t get me wrong, we still have to search and dig quite a bit until we find the right one.

    But as you stated so accurately, we can actually VERY early-on find those “warning signs”, that make the “next” very easy.) It’s up to us to filter, not to them. We have the Intel now.

    Cheers, John

  • More men are waking up to the fact that you can’t co parent with your illogical & irrational ex and it’s smarter to pay the support and go away. They belong to the court and her? Period

  • very good advice, few months ago I had to give some couching to a guy who was going through divorce and I gave him similar advice, strange thing is he never thought about any of this advice I gave him, I guess when you are in the middle of the problem you don’t see through the dust.

  • Richard. I just want to say thanks, man. You and your book recs have gotten me through some dark times. I am 30 and recently divorced. No kids or legal shit thanks god. I just want to say watch “AMERICAN BEAUTY” again, After getting red pilled this movie is amazing. So much sense! Greetings from Russia.

  • Tip….do not marry a woman that “needs a man” to be complete. But one that values and respects you for who you already are and where you are going and is secure in herself and can survive just fine on her own but completes you and strengthens you because of who she already is and where she is going and that you can do life with not for!

    I am already telling my 10 year old son, boy do not marry a woman who does not respect and adore you and do not marry a woman who is lazy and unwilling to have a job and help you earn funds….The days where it was a one person in come are long gone.

  • damn I wish I had someone like you in my younger years, it’s good to hear, its reafferming and I glean something from every video, 100% right my brother

  • In my state (WA) it accumulates, after a certain amount ($10k): you lose your drivers license, passport, police will come find you. I did not have to show up in court. My ex had his stimulus payment $1200 garnished. It got real.

  • We put so-called “deadbeat dads” in jail where they get “Three hots and a cot” at the taxpayers’ expense. In some cases the men have a ‘better deal’ inside jail, and they actually worry about how they’ll survive “outside of the clink” where they don’t receive consistent meals and a roof over their heads. A lot of women who try to collect child support from an impoverished man are only going to make it so that their child’s father goes back and forth between living on the streets and spending time in jail. I haven’t yet heard of a ‘panhandler’ being hauled into court or arrested for failure to pay child support, but who knows? Maybe this kind of thing actually happens in America. Whether a man lives paycheck-to-paycheck OR he lives on the street, you can’t get blood from a turnip. Again, jail is often an upgrade from living on the street begging people for change.

  • The divorced dads best tip: Do not, under any circumstance, bring a slut home around your kids. Do not, ever, let dates around your kids unless you´ve known them for years.

  • This isn’t just about men having to pay. I’m a single mother who was abused financially and emotionally and now I find myself paying child support to my abuser (who left me nothing from our marriage due to his rampant gambling). He has financial support from his family and new partner, whereas I am completely self supporting. Personal expenses like ACTUAL rent at the very least should be taken into account (not some piddly ‘self support’ amount applied across the board). My friend’s ex used to physically abuse her and she is also required to pay him child support. We both have 50/50 shared care (bullied into it) because it’s just too hard and expensive to go to court over this and no one cares about spousal abuse anyway (obviously it has NO effect children whatsoever don’t we so why not assume equal rights of access), everyone is just obsessed with 50/50 care which doesn’t always work out best for the children.

  • So anyway Thanks Child support for your
    (discrimination) (Financial Abuse) (Extortion) and (DETRIMENT CAUSED BY DECEPTIVE ADMINISTRATION) your doing a bang up job

  • Is the Child Support Calculations accurate? I just don’t understand why there’s a gross payment to main carer and nightly care cost. Please explain… https://childsupportaustralia.com/calculator-estimator/

  • my question is: you mentioned we should have a system that supports real users? YES well we “should” then this video is made, thank you very much, in 2018.. now how on earth and how long can this be achieved? “men” and I quote men are taking their lives because of this only reason and no one seem to care no one seem to blow the whistle and say enough is enough.. i traversed this system inside out and been dry to the bone because i am high income earner but somehow the “primary” carer manage to be on top manipulating the system to the advantage of “her” and using the children as means for that.. Is there a country on earth that does this other than australia? where is current affairs where is the news and media investigating this unfair completely bogus one-sided system and then they complain that people are avoiding tax!! hell

  • I only make $400 a week before taxes if the weather is good if it is bad then not that much, I was ordered to pay child support for a child only seen one time, After Marrying an illegal immigrant that I had no idea had been banned from the United States 14 days after married she took off and try to get her papers they denied her and she came back a few days after returning she asked me to take her to Mexico so she go to her brother’s wedding. Not long after arriving she ran off and disappeared she was pregnant at the time and that was the only reason I married her. I returned back to the state of Florida 4 1/2 years later she comes back illegally and takes me to child support court. I was only legally divorced from her 2 months prior they ordered me to pay back child support I walked out of the courtroom owing $17,000 and to pay $400 a month. She was illegal and banned from the United States and had more rights than I do as a natural born citizen. Why they didn’t arrest her on the spot is mind-boggling. They already awarded her full custody and I never even had a letter or was told of a court date or nothing I thought the child support court that I was going to was for custody but they did it without me knowing. Been a battle every since. My life is still horrible, because everytime I fall behind I go to jail and have to start over again so many times. Everytime they put me in jail I get out and am without any extra clothes, no money and homeless only to have to go back to court a few months later to either have $1200 or more or they put me back in jail to start all over again. Doesn’t make sense, oh yea they have also had my license for years even when I paid for years and years I’d argue and fight with them to release my license and they say they supposed to release them being there’s a law either can pay 4 thousand up front or for 4 months straight. After years of paying they still have a hold on my license

  • just a small story walked out of work one night was set upon by cowards woke up in the brain trauma unit
    after be placed in an induced coma for 20 days no one was ever charged as it turns out it was my ex that organized for me to be done in easier than sharing the kids i was then compensated for my injuries
    Child support then demanded that i pay $30.000 to my ex i refused and took all money from my account
    until the matter was dealt with properly through the SSAT was found i did not owe the money
    should of payed it as my oldest child found where id hidden the cash and stoll $100.000 and took it back to the mother the mother Reported it stolen police done nothing mother has not had the children now for 2 years and im still paying f-ing joke have tried talking to the wonderful people at Child support lol with no help at all thought people had rights especially people that suffer disabilities thanks to the vicious assault i endured
    what a bullshit system

  • My neighbor upstair is a single mom with 10 year old child. She has never worked and will never work in the furniture according to her. Her child is ADHD and having some sort of mental disability. She changed boyfriend frequently brought new boy friend to her place and staying together. She must have sucked the whole money out of her ex husband. No wonder why she kept dumped by boyfriends. Her 1bedroom unit is mortgage free cuz it was inherited by her father. All she does everyday is making excessive noises at home. Converting her living room into love nest, Searching for new boyfriend to suck the money again.Her child is always screaming and swearing F-words and jumping aggressively. No wonder why that child is mentally disabled growing up in that environment under sick minded single mom.

  • This is ruining people’s finances and lives. Can we start a class action like with the Robodebt debacle? How come they are all over Robodebt and they are getting refunds, but we can’t get anything done about this?

  • The current scheme is doing exactly as intended: forcibly extracting money from the man to subsidise the woman’s lifestyle with the money paid being spent on hair & nails, new shoes and holidays to Bali.

  • Look forward to women being paid more then men and men staying home to raise kids and women getting a taste of this………..actually that is my situation. Game on indeed.

  • Child Support Agency has no legal authority, this is why there is no signature on any CSA correspondence, it has an innocuous reference to “The Manager” or “Registrar” but never identifies the fraudulent perpetrator.
    Just today, Friday 24th Jan 20, I have been informed the ATO Commissioners are scrambling in an attempt to cover their arse for what appears to be unlawful application of section 162 of assessment and is found on Court testimony to KNOWINGLY have breeched use of the Act in what I suggest amounts to collusion in fraud with an unauthorised entity called CSA. Apparently all prosecution’s have ceased in this regard and ATO are sending out polite letters asking workers to submit tax returns.
    The filings for the High Court case is reported to be ready after 12 months of PRECISE legal writ and is to be lodge February. ATO it is rumoured will lose its privilege of Income Tax collection which is a voluntary act of worker’s and removing yourself ftom this legal doctrine will be released to the general public after finalization of hearing. CSA Officers will be subpoenard to give evidence and apparently some 3500 officers will face charges, be sanctioned and imprisoned for their partaking in criminal activity. No doubt other government and bureaucratic officialdom will be held to account.
    We are doing this action for our children, join us through Facebook ar http://www.childsupport.com.au

  • This CSA system currently is Financial Rape for the spouse having less or blocked access and earning the salary/income with the other looking to live on the higher CSA payments, not contributing economically and using Gov-Support! The system needs a serious review. The CSA needs to employ humans going forward…..instead of robots! As they act like such currently…….

  • Csa is a criminal organisation that extorts funds on the abuse of children via parental alienation. Child support agency is corrupt & committing crimes against humanity. The legislation is a hypocrisy of the family law courts and in direct contradiction!!

    The CSA rewards immortality for alienating the other parent & there are no rights for the other party, the organisation investigates itself & answers to no one!!

  • It seems to me that the parent self support amount is woeful. 25k per year. Stop and think about that. A house big enough to home the kids (3bed let’s say) costs around 2k per month in major centres of Australia. That’s 20k just in rent. The cost of food for one adult is at least 1k per month. That’s another 12k per year. Running a reliable car? About 10k per year. More if you have to finance one. The parental self support amount should be at least 42k per year, not 25!

  • My ex gets all my tax, whether im ontop of my payments or not, no matter what �� once my ex got about $4000 in my tax return, left my kids home alone & went to the casino with his cousins on a drinking & spending binge while my kids starved �� i had to drive up from the next town, 3 hours away to buy food at woolies for them �� all money should be accounted for, tracked.

  • But I earnt 50k last year and my ex still remains unemployed and didn’t earn 25k as a solo mother apparently…Centrelink gave her 25k for doing nothing again.
    She continues to change her phone number to avoid me having any contact with my son’s aged 9 and 11 years old.
    While I now have to pay $203 per week from my new casual job working 4 days per week earning $690 weekly…
    I pay rent at $390 for a 2 bed unit in Sydney…$590 is gone every week.
    This is why suicide rates are so high.
    The workforce is now a casualisation and a job can change every few months due to requirements based on Company needs!!!
    I can’t even afford to pay rent..buy food…and every other travel and utility cost involved..
    I’m going to live in the bush next week because the system is utter bullshit.
    The more I earn…the more I pay.
    Yet…she remains unemployed after 10yrs and rakes in more money based on my work ethic in order of attempting to go forward with life.
    Screw the system…
    I’m going bush..150% next week.

  • Wear a condom whiners
    You need to know life in the USA is about making lawyers ��
    Every stage of life, every job, every illness.
    My ex wanted me to abort then when I left him he wanted custody of the kids and kept going on about using them as a tax write-off when they were in my custody that’s all he cared about was money.
    He took me to court over and over over moving changing my name, allowing our son to go to school without socks
    These family law attorneys do anything to families and children to make money they’ll take any kind of money and look for any kind of dirt. Its really sick so after several courts and lawyers with his Rich family backing him I gave him custody here you take them I give up I’m done and just as my counselors predicted a year or two later he called and asked me to take them back see
    it’s much more difficult and costly to have custody
    most of these people are just self-centered assholes and sociopath who don’t give a damn about the children