Ways Kids Use Technology to Bully and Harass Others


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Not all teens use technology how it was intended, nor do they always have proper digital etiquette. Some have embraced it (intentionally or not) as another tool for bullying. Aside from cyberbullying, when a young person uses the Internet or technology to harass, threaten, humiliate, or target another person, kids are using technology in other ways. Bullying in the era of hyper-connectivity. The proliferation of edtech in schools has given students an entirely new way to connect and communicate.

Unfortunately, being able to access the internet also tempts students to peruse inappropriate content, or harass and bully their peers. Use the save feature on instant messages and take screenshots of posts or comments on social networks. Depending on the severity of the situation, report the abuse to the online platform, to school and/or the Internet Crimes Department of your local law enforcement agency. Technology has elevated bullying to terrifying levels for kids. Cyber bullying occurs when a bully uses email, websites, or text messaging to harass other people.

Cyber bullying can be done directly to an individual by sending them insults or threats via email, instant messaging, or text messaging. Using all of these technologies and websites, bullies can send insults about a classmate to numerous individuals. Online harassment is just one of the tools that a bully can use to attack victims so focusing on cyberbullying alone isn’t the answer. Since most bullying.

One way kids gather their material is to catch others in compromising photos or videos known as “blackmail moments.” Then, they post these photos and videos to Instagram. 2  Another tactic used to embarrass others is playing the “slap game.” This involves one person slapping someone while another person films the victim’s reaction. Technology misuse can include tracking devices to monitor where you go (such as putting an app on your phone to track where your phone is); listening in on your conversations; monitoring your activity on your cell phone, tablet or computer; using technology to impersonate someone; and sending harassing or threatening messages via text, email, etc.

Kids usually bully because they learn this behavior at home. It is learned behavior which can be unlearned. Some kids are just more aggressive, dominating and impulsive by nature.

It doesn’t always mean that they are bullies. Bullies dominate, blame and use others. They lack empathy and foresight and have contempt for the weak. The methods kids and teens use to cyberbully can be as varied and imaginative as the technology they have access to. they might range from sending threatening or taunting messages via email, text, social media, or IM, to breaking into your email account or stealing your online identity to hurt and humiliate.

Emotional and mental bullying works by using methods of demeaning speech and other techniques that are meant to help the bully feel superior. When bullying parents use this style of parenting, they try and motivate their children by being derisive. This can be especially damaging, since it can encourage a child to think ill of him/herself.

List of related literature:

Young bullies employ a number of electronic devices to harass their victims from afar, and these are becoming more and more ubiquitous.

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Cyberbullying through the use of cellular phones and smart phones is also common and is particularly challenging for parents and educators to monitor, because cellular phones are, by nature, more private, and are often readily accessible to the cyberbully.

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Bullying continues in a variety of settings, including schools; cyberspace via computers, cell phones, and other devices; and the workplace.

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Children themselves can engage in text bullying and use mobile phone cameras to capture violent assaults of other children for circulation.

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However, with the advent and accessibility of new forms of technology, as well as the recent popularity and increased use of social networking sites, bullying has taken on a form that presents unique challenges and problems for those attempting to work with perpetrators and victims to eliminate this behavior.

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When teens told us about being bullied, they did not focus on the technology.

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A new type of violent behaviour has developed at schools called ‘cyber mobbing’ using mobile telephones, computers, the internet and social networks such as Facebook.

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In the case of happy slapping and the text/camera phone bullying, there is clearly a link between the technology and the behavior.

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Technology devices such as computers, cell phones, tablets, or gaming devices can be used as vehicles for bullying behavior.

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  • the mentality of the liberals. no ones a loser every body wins even when they come last. what kind of society are we breeding?  Answer a society of self entitlement

  • If I was bullied and couldn’t back out of a fight, I would rather defend myself than have the bully beat me up and cause some good old internal bleeding. No way would anyone just stand there and let them beat you up, sure you may be called a “hero” but at the end the bullies won’t stop.

  • It is a very complex issue now, learning to be tolerant and respectful in these times seems impossible and heartbreaking, let’s educate ourselves from home, give love and not hate.

  • Grow thicker skin if youre actually getting bullied then beat their fucking ass but cyber bullying isnt bullying cause getting called gay online isnt bullying

  • I can relate to this so much. I’m proud of the kid. I’ve been suspended many times for self-defense and we need to change these rules

  • My first friend was black, so this hit close to the heart. I was called n-lover & bullied & even beat up for being her friend. I was only 5 or so when we met, so I didn’t understand the hate. I had to ask my mom what the n word meant. She told me it was a derogatory word used for blacks meaning dirty, stupid. If anything, that’s what racist are.
    I can’t believe how people can still be so insensitive to blacks even today.

  • Thanks for the video content! Forgive me for chiming in, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you tried Chireetler Dread Free Rule (do a google search)? It is a smashing one of a kind guide for learning effective self defence moves minus the headache. Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my buddy at very last got great success with it.

  • They could easily interrogate witnesses but then those students parents will complain. Because parents are to busy working to grow a brain.

  • And they wonder why kids bring guns to school.

    If someone defending himself/herself, that person should never be punished. The person that started the fight (the bully) should be the only one being punished. Punishing people for defending themselves needs to be outlawed.

  • In kindergarden i was little and i was picked alot what my mom has said and this one time a guy broke my nose and puched me in the stomack and didnt get in trouble while i got in trouble for telling my mom about this i cant remeber this happening but my mom tolled me everything.

  • Self defense is better than dying
    Get banned from education forever
    Live a happy life with family and stuff
    Dont worry about your future, because the future might be the end of the world and that would be a waste.

  • Ok I got bullied like a lot and this group of Twats came and started beating me up but a teacher was right there doing nothing so I snapped and kicked them in the balls and ran away that’s when the teacher came running after me let’s just say I got in loads of trouble

  • Oh I get it if “any” kind of violence occurs and anyone is involved you get in trouble. Ok a person pulls a knife on me and tries to kill me and I disarm him or her and defend myself and I get suspended that really makes a lot of sense to suspend me because someone assaulted me with a knife with the intention to kill me and I felt it necessary to defend myself. That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

  • Aww my heart hurts for the children in this world who get bullied no child should ever feel like they don’t matter especially to the point they take their life love each other be nice to each other one smile and conversation could change a life. God bless Everyone������

  • Hacker guy: I’m Santa Claus! Do u wanna be my bff?
    Me: WTH (what the heck) WHO R U?! That’s I’m telling my mom u weirdo. Santa doesn’t even exist!!!! And NOOOOOOOOOOOO I don’t wanna be ur bff! U creep! Never in a million years!

  • yall people talking about ‘oh i got bullied on club penguin’ or roblox or minecraft its not funny if ur joking. people actually die because of cyberbullying.

  • Same, this happened to me today. My friends and students, parents supported me about me. This is stupid suspension doesn’t work I’ve never been suspended and today I found out from school.

  • At my school we loose privileges if we accumulate 2 or more suspension days and and a fight is 3-5, So if i’m getting choked unconscious I have to actually let them choke me half to death to avoid loosing prom, winter formal, homecoming, senior banquet, being able to play sports, and do other extra circulars! You also loose your parking pass

  • We were going over policies when I was in eighth grade a few years ago, and a teacher said if you are cornered and jumped in the bathroom and you fight back though you won’t be legally in trouble you will still be suspended for fighting. Even the SRO refused to follow that policy. ����‍♀️����‍♀️

  • The schools definition of mutual combat is stupid! Mutual combat is when 2 people CONSENT and WILLINGLY engage in a fight!! I’m pretty sure if someone lunges at me I didn’t consent to it

  • Same thing at my school. I was walking in and this kid jumped me. And I just pushed him off me. I pushed him off because he was gripped on to my neck. And I still got in trouble for defending. You probably won’t read this but, if let’s say some one attacks you are you just gonna take it to get beat up?

  • This made me cry every time it happened ��no one should ever treat anyone like that that is so messed up that is disrespectful and not appropriate behavior

  • I’d been suspended from school for this so many times it’s not funny.

    One time, another student grabbed my hand and wouldn’t let go, so I took a sharpened pencil and stabbed his hand with it.

  • Some of this happens to people,don’t bully anyone treat people how you want to be treated. Try to ignore by sutting our laptops turn off your phone or iPad together we can stop all kinds of bullying.

  • Yeah I don’t think when some ones attacking you it’s that easy to just get up and tell a teacher…. no wonder bullying is such a big problem

  • Students should be allowed to defend themselves! They should only get punished if they go overboard and cause more harm than necessary.

  • See this is really why you should treat people how you want to be treated and if you are people like that why other actors but if you were like that in reality I’m sorry but that wrong I know there actors*

  • I know a guy who bit off the ends of his glasses frames so the wire is sticking out, and carries a nail clipper with a blade for cleaning under your nails that he can make look and act like a knife. He can’t get in trouble for these things, but if he never needs a weapon he has one.

  • I was also received a 1 day suspense for self defence.The kid bullies me and my friends and when he tried to get physical I reacted and defended myself and my friends

  • Yea some kid shoved me and kept pushing me so I pushed back and hit him in the jaw (mind you I’m 12) I get ssspended for 4 days wtf

  • Defend yorself at school anywhere,if you dont you are a whimp and a virus,dont hear your mom,i go to taekwondo ok,so i know whats right and wrong.