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Although you may never get asked for it, it is best to have a notarized letter of permission to travel with your grandchildren. It is not illegal for a grandparent to transport a grandchild without a letter of permission, but the letter could be helpful in those rare cases of emergencies or if for some reason you must deal with law enforcement officials. Consent to Travel With a Grandparent Necessary Paperwork for a Trip with Nana or Papa.

Grandparents may not always know the rules about screen time and Domestic Travel. Consent forms aren’t strictly necessary for a road trip with the grandparents, but if they’re ever International Travel. U.S. Organize Travel Documents Before you hit the road, assemble all required travel documents for everyone in your group.

Ask your grandchildren’s parents to give you your grandchildren’s health insurance cards and a notarized medical release form, sometimes called a “consent to treat” form, for each grandchild. If you are traveling out of the country with a child: The child (even an infant) will need a passport. It is also a good idea to get a Limited Power of Attorney if you are traveling with your grandchildren, or if you are a single parent traveling alone with a child. Rules and regulations change on a regular basis. Ask the parents to also write a letter summarizing your travel plans and stating that you have permission to travel with the child.

Have both parents sign the letter and get it notarized. Pack up. If the party accompanying the Minor has a passport then continue reporting on him or her by documenting his or her passport number on the line labeled “U.S.

Or Foreign Passport Number (If Applicable)” along with the Passport’s “Country Of Issuance,”. Please see the Customs & Border Protection Site if you are unsure about the type of ID documents you and your family need. • Additional Useful Papers. A March 2019 report by Scott McCartney in the Wall St. Journal noted some other documents which might prove essential, depending on the destination. These include an original, raised stamp birth certificate for each minor in your party, extra passport photos on white backgrounds, plus.

Consent for Travel with Minors: If you are traveling alone with children, foreign border officials may require custody documents or notarized written consent from the other parent. Check with the embassy of your foreign destination before traveling to see what you may need. Some states now issue digital ID documents (also known as mobile driver’s licenses or mobile IDs). We cannot accept these digital IDs when you apply for your child’s U.S. passport. You must continue to submit your physical, photo ID and a photocopy of the ID.

If you do not obtain a refugee travel document before you leave the U.S., you may be unable to re-enter the United States or you may be placed in removal proceedings before an immigration judge. For information on how to apply for a refugee travel document, go to our Form I-131, Application for Travel Document page.

List of related literature:

For additional information Notarized consent from parent(s) required for consult, the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova, children under age 18 traveling alone, with one 1533 K Street, N.W., Suite 333, Washington, parent, or in someone else’s custody.

“Americans Traveling Abroad: What You Should Know Before You Go” by Gladson I. Nwanna
from Americans Traveling Abroad: What You Should Know Before You Go
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In addition there are also citizenship papers, passports, Begleitschreiben (covering letters) for traveling citizens of the canton, additions and removals from the family register, certificates of emigration and local citizenship, immigration and emigration overseas (United States and Australia), and citizen registers.

“Ancestors in German Archives” by Raymond S. Wright
from Ancestors in German Archives
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Restrictions on travel apply to all children, females of any age, and adult males (until they receive a passport after the age of 21) of citizen fathers.

“Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2007, Report” by House, Committee on Foreign Affairs, and Senate, Committee on Foreign Relations
from Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2007, Report
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Subject to the regulations obtaining in the country of issue, children may be included in the travel document of a parent or, in exceptional circumstances, of another adult refugee.

“The Rights of Refugees under International Law” by James C. Hathaway
from The Rights of Refugees under International Law
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A parent traveling alone with children should have notarized documentation authorizing him or her to travel with the children.

“Principles and Practice of Pediatric Infectious Diseases E-Book” by Sarah S. Long, Charles G. Prober, Marc Fischer
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Relatives are the persons reported in the different types of certificates (birth, marriage or death) and in the visits booking archive as parents or grandfathers of registered persons or spouses.

“MEDINFO 2007: Proceedings of the 12th World Congress on Health (Medical) Informatics” by K.A. Kuhn, J.R. Warren, T.-Y. Leong
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However, children included on a parental passport before 5 October 1998 may continue to travel abroad on that passport either until reaching the age of 16 or until the passport is submitted for an amendment.

“A Dictionary of Law” by Jonathan Law
from A Dictionary of Law
by Jonathan Law
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The child’s name, birth date, citizenship, and passport number should be included, along with the telephone number and address of the appropriate consulate or embassy in the destination country.

“The Travel and Tropical Medicine Manual E-Book” by Christopher A. Sanford, Elaine C. Jong
from The Travel and Tropical Medicine Manual E-Book
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You’ll need to bring a notarized letter from the parents authorizing medical care, copies of the children’s insurance cards, and (for some foreign destinations) documentation that you have parental permission to travel with the children.

“The Single Woman's Guide to Retirement” by Jan Cullinane
from The Single Woman’s Guide to Retirement
by Jan Cullinane
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If the child is travelling with both parents, they must produce (in addition to a valid passport for the child) an unabridged birth certificate reflecting the particulars of both parents.

“Everyone’s Guide to South African Law: 4th Edition” by Adriaan Anderson
from Everyone’s Guide to South African Law: 4th Edition
by Adriaan Anderson
Penguin Random House South Africa, 2016

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  • My boyfriend lives with me I’m a citizen and he was born in Mexico but lived in the U.S for ten years speaks perfect English. He has a Michigan identity card but is a resident here in Michigan!!!! What exactly due I need for my man to come on cruise we are driving and don’t want to be upset and get denied from cruise! He said he has a social security card a identity card of Michigan

  • Hello,
    Thanks for the info. I am a United States citizen but I was not born in the United States. What other documents are accepted if I do not have a passport? My cruise line advised I could take my Certificate of Naturalization but I will like to be 100% sure this is correct.
    I am sailing in less than a month therefore applying for a passport right now wouldn’t assure me I will have it on time.
    Thanks in advance!

  • While applying for super visa for parents do we also need to show a minimum amount of savings in our bank for financial support? If yes, what is the minimum amount that we need to declare for financial support?

    Also can we apply for super visa right after getting the PR Card? Or do we have to wait for sometime before applying?

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  • Like #108, had to save this one in my favorites. Great video. Very informative. So many good tips. I never do trip insurance, but I keep hearing it is a good idea. I’m still on the fence about it, but thanks for your point of view.

  • I really enjoyed youre video. Thankyou. It helps me a lot…by the way new friend here. I hope you accept me! Im done everything friend.. I hope you do d’same.. Im waiting…

  • Wow this is very useful information. You have a nice channel here! I will be traveling to China within the next year or two to study. Ill definitely be turning on the notifications for this channel:)

  • Do i have to provide a bank statement?? And how long i should put for my parents to stay here? For example i have to put 2 weeks so it helps me to get the visa and when they come they stay as much as they want and leave after

  • Hi Tioko, thanks for sharing these useful and important information! Thanks also for the support, I have returned the favor #1098�� warmest greetings from Singapore ��

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  • Hi guys I lost my Birth Certificate and Passport a while ago I can’t locate them. I have my ID and Social in my wallet, Can I still flight from Florida To Ohio?? Please let me know

  • Ryanair has new visa section on their birding pass, it will inform you you need a visa for this trip. They do not say this when you book the flight but two days before when you have no chance of getting a visa in that time. Today me and my girlfriend were traveling to Scotland for Christmas. We checked the Scottish websites for who needs visa. Her country was not listed so we contacted the consulate and they said no not for a short trip. After the boarding pass request we went to Ryanair desk and hot the stamp then immigration all good. On boarding she was told ryanair needs a visa for you and I had to fly without her. Fucking shocking. I will never fly with these cunts again.wankers

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  • What if my children have the last name of my ex boy friend on their birth certificate, but we are not married. Do i still need a parent consent?

  • Great ❤️ but �� can the super visa be got after having visitor visa and do the parents have to submit their passport in India and or can they get it let’s say they have travelled to US and they are there and from there they want to come to Canada? What if they have USA multiple entry visa and can they come to Canada easily with that and apply for entry from USA to Canada? ��

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  • Hi sir. My daughter & her husband r canadaian citizen having own house., very good salary. Is it appropriate time in August to apply super visa for mother & grandmother. Mother has property in india but grandmother is drawing pension from Punjab Government. Both mother & grandmother have valid visitor visa till 2026. Plz advise. Thanks

  • There are state’s that issue “enhanced licences”. They act as photo ID and birth certificate proof. Though my travel agent told life would be easier at the airport, ship port, and in case of emergency to get a passport book.

  • If you fly into Vancouver Canada for an Alaska, Hawaiian Cruise you will need a Passport or Nexus card to enter Canada by air. If you fly into Seattle and drive up to Vancouver you can cross the border with Enhanced driver’s licence, passport card or a passport. As passengers embarking in Vancouver are considered to be entering U.S. jurisdiction once they board the cruise ship, you will go through U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Passengers who are disembarking in Vancouver are required to complete a declaration card and clear Canadian customs through the Canada Border Services Agency.

  • Is it Mandatory or Recommended to Notorize each document like Financial, Medical Insurance, copies of Passport etc before attaching them with Canada Super Visa application?

  • Do i need to submit sny income proof or other docs from my parents for supervisa as they are dependent on me financially… please clarify

  • Just a quick share of my last experience. Oct 2018, Carnival Victory out of Miami. I live in Calif. So I leave the house, Doh, forgot Passport, I turn around and rush back to house. grab PP, head back to airport. Off I go. get to Florida and realized I had grabbed my cancelled PP. I had just renewed last year.:( But I go to port anyway hoping? I get there and try everything to no avail. Side note, I did not have Birth cert. Tried contacting Calif. County I was born in… they were not able to fax it in a timely manner. I did not have family or friends close to my home to get PP info, So no go. I do question U.S. Customs and Homeland for not being able to verify me through there computers there at the terminal. With my driver license and cancelled passport. I also have a history with carnival, 27 cruises. I cruised with Princess last year, Princess allows you to enter your PP info online prior to your cruise. Princess let me on board without my PP. I went to U.S. Customs after the Princess cruise and they pulled me up on there computer and verified me. So in the end? no cruise for me. Yes as a seasoned cruiser? I have forgot my PP twice. Learning the hard way sometimes.

  • Thanks for uploading. Could you recommend some insurance companies for the super visa? I am looking for the most affordable insurance.

  • Processing time keeps changing depending on the VAS workload and it is specific to their country. Visitor visa can be extended for an additional fees if you would like to stay longer.

  • Thank you, Sal, I have been on 4 cruises & have no Pass Port. Most cruisers call me a liar, & putting people at risk by showing up with birth certificate & photo i.d. I think it is called a closed loop cruise. from a local port & back to the same port. I tell people that because they may not like cruising, & will no longer need a passport. Not to misled them.

  • Hi sir I have one question regarding parent visa. Can I am able to apply parent visa from India because I want to go Cananda with my mother, she totally dependent on me so please guide me how I do this??

  • Buddy you didn’t mention about visitor visa and pr visa of parents??? Just you mentioned about super visa… THIS IS NOT DONE… share entire information

  • awesome video…. could you please tell me once file is in the pool… like mine got into pool yesterday…and I have 447 points so in how many days it will be picked up???

  • when you post videos, please ensure that you answer questions which is in comment section. or else please dont put them in suspense.. if you cant answer all then atleast you can answer randomly.. (no harsh feeling).

  • Not related to this video. Dream Abroad Based on your research which cities in Canada hold good opportunities for Property Management career in Canada?

    Thanks in Advance!!

  • Suppose we (myself, wife n one child) got PR to migrate Canada, Is it necessary that all three should go together migrate to Canada or one me (father) can go alone n get PR card then written back to home country and apply for supervisa for parents and migrate back to Canada with the whole family with parents? What will you suggest… Which approach will be economical and time saving Alongwith PR validity existence?

  • Also I want to know, after I migrate to Canada with my wife n child, my parents will be alone with my younger sister. She works whole day. In such situation, someone should be there to do all the paperwork n medical exams, etc in home country? So in situation when can I go back to home country to do all paperwork,etc for my parents n will it b better to come along with parents to Canada or should I come to Canada leaving my wife n child before leaving home country for first time?


  • I dint get the poont of medical coverage of $100000. Is it that i have to take a medical coverage for my parents? Or it should bs my medical coverage? If it is to be taken for my parents then is it for both mother and father or each? And what will be the insurance cost of it?

  • Dear Sheetanshu
    Please make a video on how a husband can be the only applicant in express entry of Canada ( spouse won’t accompany initially) and sponsor his wife afterwards.
    Especially focussing on all documentation required for it.
    Thanks in advance

  • My parents traveled with us since we were young children. As we became difficult teenagers they let us bring a friend and as young adults they included our boyfriends. We all have wonderful memories and deeply enriched lives thanks to my parents. As married adults with children we have continued to travel all over the world with all 3 generations. Travel in all seasons of life has been fantastic. Our children are young adults now and my parents are 90 & unable to travel now. We all have such a strong bond across the generations because of the memories & experiences we share. Looking forward to showing our future expanded family the world and making more memories. My husband & I just took our first trip alone in 30 years to Spain & Portugal. We channeled every family member with love & laughter the entire 2 weeks. We had a great time with the advice we learned from your videos!

  • Help please! My wife is a permanent resident her foreign passport still hasn’t arrrived. The cruise leaves and returns to a us city. Can she get on the cruise if she just has her permanent resident card?

  • I have an Enhanced license from michigan. We’re sailing out of Miami on a Norwegian Cruise ship and going to Belize and costa maya. I still need a passport?

  • Maybe a better term than “original birth certificate” would be “certified birth certificate”. And you might be able to get it through the county in which you live, if you still live in the county in which you were born. However, if you were not, you must get it through the county in which you were born. My county in Minnesota doesn’t have any access to the county in Virginia, where I was born.:)

  • So I have a cruise on the 20th of January and I’m 14 can I get off on the islands that the cruise is taking us to with my birth certificate?

    Plz if have info I need help I don’t wanna get stuck on a island ��

  • If you lost your birth certificate but you have state issued id would you still be able to get on the ship? (Ship is leaving and coming back to same port in florida)

  • What if my passport expires after the cruise is over? Meaning I sail in January but my passport doesn’t expire until February. Can I still use my passport or will I still need to get a new on?

  • Not all birth certificates have a raised seal like mine from New York City but have never had a problem, also as a backup I have my DD214 but that is NOT an approved document
    I have a passport card works on cruising only Not Air Travel

    My husband and I just came back from a cruise to the Bahamas from Miami. The last day we got a letter in our cabin, we were selected “randomly” for an immigration check so we had to be ready to check out 2 hours early before the other passengers. My husband has a valid green card for over 15 years, I’m an American Citizen. They took us to an area where they started checking luggages for other people, which it seem normal to me. All of the sudden one of the NCL members who works with the border patrol officers called me and said to follow him, I told him I was with my husband and they said that he will join me later. So I took my luggage thinking they were taking me to a room to check my luggage, but that DID NOT happened they took me out to the street!! Making me leave my husband behind with LIES!! 2 hours later standing outside my husband didn’t come out and couldn’t contact me. He managed to text me to let me know he was detained not knowing the reason. Whe he told me that I got freakout, he also told me the officer told him that their system wasn’t showing us as married which is a lie! Because I called directly ro the USCIS and said their system was showing us as married!
    To resume they moved him to another building where they told him he was going to be deported because he had a DUI 10 years ago( which he already resolved that with the court.) But due to the new guidelines they can deport you if you have any small criminal record within the past 10 years, he wasn’t the only one there he met two other guys one from Cuba and the other one from Haiti who were in the same situation. After 12 hours not knowing what was going on, he finally go out but they took his green card now he has to wait for a court date to see a judge who will decide if my husband can stay or be deported!!
    PLEASE CALL A LAWYER OR USCIS TO FIND OUT IF YOU ARE GOOD TO GO OUT OF THE COUNTRY BECAUSE THEY MIGHT NOT LET YOU IN!!! THE CRUISES LINES WILL NOT INFORM YOU OF THIS!! WE WERE NOT SELECTED RANDOMLY, THE LIST THEY HAD WAS DIRECTLY SELECTED FROM THE USCIS!!! My recommendation is if you are not an USA citizen don’t go out of the country, they are looking for any excuse to deport immigrants:( even if you are legally here that doesn’t guarantee the entrance to the USA.

  • Sal we are from Trinidad and booked a cruise for the caymans Belize Honduras and Mexico we have us visas uy do we need visas for the other countries

  • Hello Sal! I am going to travel to Canada and USA by Cruise on August. I live in France but I am not French. What documents I need??

  • I have a question, I just got booked on my family’s cruise, and I don’t have time to get my passport renewed. We are going on a closed cruise line, (we are leaving and coming back through Ft. Lauderdale, FL). And I have a state issued ID card, and I just got a certified, original birth certificate today through the county I was born in, however there is not a raised seal on it. There are Colorado State Seals on it, and a signature. But these seals are only printed. Is this going to work?

  • I was told that the birth certificate I provide has to have a raised seal. Is this correct. The one I have has the multicolor state seal. My cruise is in 15 days!! ������

  • Good stuff here. I’d also always recommend keeping your passport ON yourself…not in any luggage…on your way to/from the cruise. I find that easy to do w/ PortaPocket (a wearable carry case system). Maybe something you might like to know about too, Sal?

  • aren’t the birth certificates that you pay after the baby is born and sent through the mail, “original?”  I don’t think it has a raised seal on it but they are birth certificates and not photocopies…I am confused.

  • hey Sal!!! Im Going on a cruise leaving ft.lauderdale on royal caribbean going to cozumel and mexico. I’m not a citizen is my resident card ok to use. I’m afraid to have issues in mexico.


  • Okay so my mom is not a U.S. citizen but she has the “green card” I dont know much about those documents. I guess she knows what she needs to bring… is there anything else extra she needs to do?

  • My parents have a permission to stay and travel in the U.S. issued by homeland security they also have State IDS they do not have a birth certificate having said all of that can they get on board to the cruise ship?