Top Ten Podcasts for Fathers


Top 10 Cartoon Dads You Are Glad Are Not Yours

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How to be a Good Dad

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Father-Son Podcasting Microphone SNL

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Top 10 Best Podcasts

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Top 10 Fathers in Anime

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Top 10 Binge-Worthy Podcasts

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Top 10 Best Disney Dads of All Time

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Top 10 Podcasts for Fathers. The Dadcast. Courtesy of The Dad Cast. Self-proclaimed “Super Dads” Nick Nieblas and Shawn Warner released a series of 70 minute podcasts with a The Life of Dad Show.

Just a Catholic Dad. Beardy Dads. The Modern Dads Podcast.

Best Podcast for Dads Struggling in the 21st Century. Being a dad in this day and age has its own challenges. This podcast, by the City Dads Group – which brings fathers together in 16 cities – takes those difficulties head on, bringing in guests such as psychologists, authors, and journalists to talk about them. Another podcast for the. This podcast is a comedic take on two Midwestern fathers’ experiences, including cleaning up messes and dealing with the struggles of building swing sets for your children.

The Simple Man’s Survival Guide Podcast offers less advice and instead offers funny stories and anecdotes that may make your role of being a dad feel easier. Best Christian Father podcasts we could find (updated June 2020) Best Christian Father podcasts we could find Updated June 2020 Related podcasts: Podcasting Education Society Religion Philosophy Christianity Church Jesus Bible Gospel God Faith Bible Study Sermons Holy Catholic Self-Improvement Fathers Theology Presbyterian News. The Best Damn Guide to Men’s T-Shirts on the Internet. 10 Things Your Father Should Have Taught You About Style. If/How to Wear a Suit Without a Tie.

8 Myths of Men and people love Carlin’s, as this podcast is consistently featured in top lists. His brilliance is in connecting modern events and ways of thinking with the past, and. The podcast has done really well since it was first released in January 2016, regularly appearing in iTunes top 10 comedy podcast charts. To date, it has received 19 million monthly downloads. Well worth a listen!

10. The best podcasts of 2020 come in a range of genres, from comedy podcasts to true crime, storytelling, cooking, and even celebrity podcasts. Fifty Best Single Dads Podcasts For 2020. Latest was #018 The best dad film.

Listen online, no signup necessary. Top 10 Podcasts for Dads July 19, 2019 · “The list of podcasts below will celebrate fatherhood and give you real advice on parenting, financials and even a few health tips to be the best dad you can be!”. Top 100 US Podcasts (Apple Podcasts Top Charts) This is a list of the top 100 podcasts in the United States on Apple Podcasts (iTunes) and should be automatically updated every few days.

Keep in mind, the Apple Podcast charts have been reported to.

List of related literature:

Podcast: The Good Mother: A History of American Motherhood [55 min]

“Teaching Gender and Sex in Contemporary America” by Kristin Haltinner, Ryanne Pilgeram
from Teaching Gender and Sex in Contemporary America
by Kristin Haltinner, Ryanne Pilgeram
Springer International Publishing, 2016

“Fathers” is another.

“The Columbia History of American Poetry” by Jay Parini, Brett C. Miller
from The Columbia History of American Poetry
by Jay Parini, Brett C. Miller
Columbia University Press, 1993

Joe Kelly’s “Five Hurdles for Fathers”2 can serve as a good reminder of the major issues that interfere with positive father-daughter relationships.

“Father Hunger: Fathers, Daughters, and the Pursuit of Thinness” by Margo Maine, Craig Johnson
from Father Hunger: Fathers, Daughters, and the Pursuit of Thinness
by Margo Maine, Craig Johnson
Gürze Books, 2010

And, conversely, another big list of sons who have terrible relationships with their dads.

“The Year of Living Biblically: One Man's Humble Quest to Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible” by A. J. Jacobs
from The Year of Living Biblically: One Man’s Humble Quest to Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible
by A. J. Jacobs
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Ron and Matt Jenson, Fathers and Sons: 10 Principles to Make Your Relationship Stronger (Nashville: Broadman & Holman, 1998), 14.

“Better Dads, Stronger Sons: How Fathers Can Guide Boys to Become Men of Character” by Rick Johnson
from Better Dads, Stronger Sons: How Fathers Can Guide Boys to Become Men of Character
by Rick Johnson
Baker Publishing Group, 2006

Fathers really matter / compiled by Glenda Banks.

“Australian National Bibliography: 1992” by National Library of Australia
from Australian National Bibliography: 1992
by National Library of Australia
National Library of Australia, 1961

No mention of dad?

“The Ten Commandments: The Significance of God's Laws in Everyday Life” by Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Stewart Vogel
from The Ten Commandments: The Significance of God’s Laws in Everyday Life
by Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Stewart Vogel
HarperCollins, 1999

As far as television dads go, you won’t find many better than Keith Mars.

“Neptune Noir: Unauthorized Investigations into Veronica Mars” by Rob Thomas
from Neptune Noir: Unauthorized Investigations into Veronica Mars
by Rob Thomas
BenBella Books, Incorporated, 2007

Psychologist Robert Clark furnished tips on ‘‘how to be a good father.’’

“On Becoming Cuban: Identity, Nationality, and Culture” by Louis A. Pérez Jr.
from On Becoming Cuban: Identity, Nationality, and Culture
by Louis A. Pérez Jr.
University of North Carolina Press, 2012

If your podcast appears on this screen, congratulations — no need to go any further in this list.

“Social Media Marketing All-in-One For Dummies” by Jan Zimmerman, Deborah Ng
from Social Media Marketing All-in-One For Dummies
by Jan Zimmerman, Deborah Ng
Wiley, 2015

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  • Here is a channel that focuses on the compelling*** interviews with modern day heroes

  • Jisso as Luna Snow ��❄️
    Junjook as Dante
    Shawn Mendez as Nero DMC 5
    Madison Beer as Kat
    Naomi Scott as Trish
    Taeyong as Hworang
    Ross Bulter as Jin Kazama
    Shirei Ohata as Asuka Kazama
    Gemma Chan as Lady DMC 5
    Xiao Wen ju as Honoka
    Justine Bitcon as Marie Rose
    Adren Cho as Kasumi
    Ryan Potter as Hayate

  • I used to love podcasts, but more recent ones seem to be filled with SJW nonsense. I can’t listen to anything without some political bullshit being self inserted into the narrative at some point.

  • Goofy is a pretty good parent. He puts in a lot of love, care and effort in to being a parent, and maintaining a healthy relationship with Max. To be honest, I think Goofy should’ve been higher on the list.

  • How is the sultan even on the honorable mentions list, he was a terrible dad, he locked his daughter up, forced her to be unhappy, etc

  • I’d love to have a top list of fictional comedy podcasts. I’m always looking for something to listen to that’s amusing or whimsical and has fictional characters/settingeither dramatized, improved, or with one talented person.

  • Spoiler alert for anyone who’s reading comments before watching the whole video. I totally agree that mufasa should be no.1 and I know I am late

  • Rex dangervest and ahri Nine Lived tailed Fox so cute hot couples in love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ love-brids Kiss me ahri Nine Lived tailed Fox so cute adorable guardians of love-brids

  • I wasn’t angry with King Triton. Ariel was an airhead and probably the most childish of the Disney princesses. Lol. “I’m 16. I’m not a child.” ��

  • I was psyched about this list (and comments) because I listen to a lot of podcasts and always like suggestions to broaden my already eclectic collection. Here are my favorites in case anyone is looking for something else to listen to:
    America Dissected
    Behind the Bastards
    Book Vs Movie Podcast
    Buffering the Vampire Slayer
    By the Book
    Can He Do That?
    Controlling Our Narrative
    Dorking Out
    Even More News
    I Hate It But I Love It
    Indirect Message
    Myths and Legends
    NoFilter with Ana Kasparian
    Passenger List
    Plumbing the Deathstar
    Pod Save America
    Political Gabfest
    Save the Cat! Podcast
    StoryGrid Editors Roundtable
    The Argument
    The Bechdel Test
    The Daily Zeitgeist
    The Damage Report
    The Edge of Sleep
    The Holderness Family Podcast
    The Magicians
    The NPR Politics Podcast
    This Is Not For You
    This Podcast Will Kill You
    This Sounds Serious
    Today, Explained
    Up First
    Worst Year Ever
    Write-Minded Podcast

    Whew that’s more than I realized! What a nerd I am! But hey, feel free to tell me all your favorites, too!:)

  • To all those joe rogan cock suckers. Who gives a shit if this list doesnt have JRE. Everyone knows joe Rogan experience. We looking for new pods to listen too.

  • You put MARLIN ahead of Mr Incredible? My god, I’ve never seen an overprotective whiny dick in my life. I loved how Bob always wanted his kids to succeed first and let them be free spirits.

  • Man this list is making me wish my dad was like these dads, look love my dad but he’s nothing like these dads, he’s not bad… but not all that great or that supportive

  • Can watch mojo make a video about watch mojo and how it has become watch mojo or whatever the fuck I am sayin ����. Come on we all will see ir

  • Has anyone ever even head of these so called bing-worthy podcasts? This list is lame they might as well have Conan O Brien’s podcast as number one, because is not like Joe Rogan even exists.

  • Dear internet…
    You can’t include 10000000 podcasts on a top 10 list. There’s no best podcast, since it is subjective and if you truly believe your fav is the best, then it is

  • my dad isn’t as bad as these. because he never ever ever EVER yelled or punished me. heck, he spoiled me. but i was tooken away from him. so my grandparents took custody of me

  • What a freaking garbage! Wasted 10 minutes that will not get back. This is so far the worse list of podcast ever! Don’t waste people time on this dum nonsense. Every single thing u suggested is for people that don’t want to use their brain. Ur chanel should not exist, you want to make people stupid just like u!

  • Is this list supposed to contain rated G podcasts? Where is Joe Rogan? Where is Chip Chipperson? Where are the podcasts from Compound Media, GAS Digital and Riotcast? Where is the comedy? Hmmm…maybe there will be a part two. Thanks:)

  • I honestly think randy is the best father in South Park outside of tokens dad. Kyles dad isn’t shit, butters parents are abusive, Kenny’s parents are abusive, tweaks parents drug him. Randy isn’t perfect but at least he does things with the right intention for his children even if it always isn’t the right thing. Watch mojo quit disrespecting randy

  • 10. Gepetto
    9. King Triton
    8. Zeus
    7. Fa zhou (Mulans dad. Idk how to spell it )
    6. Maurice
    5. Goofy
    4. Pongo
    3. Mr incredible
    2. Marlin
    1. Mufasa

  • figured Mufasa would be #1 not to mention the only dad to die in their movie……i keep forgetting but disney actually made Triton/Posidieon’s personality very similar to his greek myth personality while Zeus……well he was a little TOO much father of the year attitude wise lol….doesn’t mean we don’t love him

  • Some people may not agree with this opinion, but what about rigby’s dad in regular show? That guy kept shouting at rigby and downright ignoring rigby

  • While everyone is getting angry at jre not being in the listl, I am here sitting misfits is the most chill podcast out there. They smoke weed and talk about smoking weed

  • it s so weird that feelings that should be expresed naturally are now considered worthy of being listened to by others, without even ofering something else.

  • Been subscribed to this channel for a couple years now and between all the stupid lists and dumb errors and horrible pronunciations and obvious bias towards certain choices I’m fi ally done with this channel and unsubscribing for good. Yall have had at least 2 episodes on podcasts that I’ve seen and not one even mentions jre. Its hands down the #1 podcast in the world and least bias and covers a wide range of topics and has every kind of guest you can think of. Honestly dont know who makes these lists or approves but you guys are a joke.

  • About Clannad (I really don’t like that show to) are usually think about this piece of writing advice. Good characters can carry a bad plot, but bad characters cannot carry a good one.