The Variations Between Promote Care and Adoption


From Foster Care to Adoption (Our First Story)

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The Hidden Truth About Foster Care and Adoption

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Adoption vs Foster to Adopt vs Foster Care

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Foster Care vs Adoption: what’s the difference?

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FOSTER CARE vs. ADOPTION// What is the difference between foster care and adoption

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Foster care The difference between foster care and foster to adopt

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The Differences Between Foster Care and Adoption Permanency. State agencies don’t want children to remain in foster care indefinitely, so foster care is temporary. Parental Rights. In most cases, a child’s birth parents retain their parental rights even while their child is in foster.

Care for the child is entirely the responsibility of the adoptive parent or parents. Once a child has entered the foster care system, the biological parent does not get to select where, or with whom, the child will go. With adoption, on the other hand, placement typically involves the biological parent in some way. Once a child’s adoption has been finalized, that child is now legally and forever a part of that family. During the process, this is the sole aim of everyone involved.

The goals of reunification and permanent placement. As a foster care parent, you should keep this in mind. Adoption Adopting a child gives you full legal custody and parental rights over them without any oversight by a social. Alternative Family Services (AFS) provides thoughtful, informed foster care, adoption and mental health services throughout California’s San Francisco Bay Area and.

• Adoption is a legal process, whereas fostering is not a legal process. This is one of the main differences between adoption and fostering. • The court transfers all the parental. Foster care and guardianship are both designed to provide safe and healthy care to children if separation from the birth parent is either voluntary or involuntarily necessary. While adoption permanently severs the legal tie between birth parent and child, guardianship and foster care can allow some level of shared responsibility and parental rights.?

1. How is the foster care system (including adoption) different in the UK compared to NJ? One of the biggest differences that I’ve noticed between the UK and the US adoptive processes is the presence of private adoption. I’m not sure why, but one of the most confusing concepts to me before I entered the world of foster care was the difference between regular foster care and foster adoption (sometimes called fost-adopt for short). At first, I thought that if you were open to adopting a child through foster care. Summary of Adoption and Fostering.

Adopting is a process in which all legal rights, responsibilities and benefits connected to having a child are transferred to the adopting parents.

List of related literature:

Children adopted from foster care also are less likely to commit crimes as teens and young adults than children who remain in foster care, so adoption reduces criminal justice costs.

“The Routledge Handbook of Adoption” by Gretchen Miller Wrobel, Emily Helder, Elisha Marr
from The Routledge Handbook of Adoption
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Foster care entails varying lengths of time in which a child lives with a foster family, who are neither their birth parents nor adoptive parents.

“Social Work Perspectives on Human Behavior” by Margarete Parrish
from Social Work Perspectives on Human Behavior
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If the court agrees that the child should be adopted and the adoption agency approves the ‘match’ between the foster carers as adopters and the child, the placement becomes an adoption placement.

“A Dictionary of Social Work and Social Care” by John Harris, Vicky White
from A Dictionary of Social Work and Social Care
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However, at least initially, foster care is somewhat of a different experience from adoption because it is meant to be a temporary placement for the child while efforts are made to reunify the child with his/her parents.

“101 Careers in Social Work” by R. Hal Ritter, Jr., PhD, LPC, LMFT, Dr. Jessica A. Ritter, BSW, MSSW, PhD, Dr. Halaevalu F.O. Vakalahi, PhD, Ms. Mary Kiernan-Stern, MSW, LCSW
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All states require that prospective foster parents provide proof of sufficient income to cover their housing costs and basic expenses without relying on a foster care subsidy (although there are some exceptions for foster care involving hard-to-place children and youth with “special needs” classification).

from “When the Welfare People Come”: Race and Class in the US Child Protection System
by Don Lash
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Foster care is seen as temporary, whereas children are viewed as needing permanent homes based solely on love, not on financial gain.

“Social Policy and Social Change: Toward the Creation of Social and Economic Justice” by Jillian Jimenez
from Social Policy and Social Change: Toward the Creation of Social and Economic Justice
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Long-term foster care: different needs, different outcomes.

“Black Girls and Adolescents: Facing the Challenges: Facing the Challenges” by Catherine Fisher Collins
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Both foster care and guardianship relationships defy the traditional understanding of parentage as complete and exclusive.

“Modern Family Law: Cases and Materials” by D. Kelly Weisberg
from Modern Family Law: Cases and Materials
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While long-term foster care provides considerable satisfactions, its ambiguous status gives rise to an element of insecurity not found in adoption.

“The Psychology of Adoption” by David M. Brodzinsky Associate Professor of Developmental and Clinical Psychology Rutgers University, Marshall D. Schechter Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine (Emeritus)
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Distinctions are also made between family foster care and institutional foster care.

“The Handbook of Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology: A Contextual Approach” by Alan Carr
from The Handbook of Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology: A Contextual Approach
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  • Thanks for watching! Do you have any questions about the difference between foster care and foster to adopt?
    To find out your next steps for a domestic infant adoption as mentioned in the video, click below:

  • Heyy, I would like for you to make a video and elaborate on point 5. I’m not sure why you didnt want to get into it, but i wanna hear it

  • We are going threw the process of getting certified for doing foster care. We have the same mindset. We r not wanting to adopt at this point. We have four of our own “bio” kids but we feel that we have more than enough love to help children while their parents get better. I love the aunt thing. How does it work with your own kids… do they see foster kids as a brother or cousin?

  • I didn’t know you adopted your eldest two. I have been thinking that when we move back to the UK I would like to foster. This was a wonderful video. #monthly

  • Thank you for the great information!!! May God continue to bless you guys. My wife and I are beginning this year as foster parents and this was very helpful

  • I met a foster family 4 yrs ago. They had 2 adorable little kiddos who were 4 months old and 2 yrs old. I became their babysitter, their photographer and their Sunday school teacher. I bonded with them so much. After 18 months in foster care, they were returned to their family on a 90 day monitored return. 3 days after that ended, 2 badly abused and neglected children were returned into care back to my friend’s home. We were in the process of becoming licensed to do foster or foster to adopt. We were open to either. It became very clear that these kids were mean to be with us. They had a baby sister born about a year after them going back into care. We got the call for her, and then a week later we got the older 2. We finalize adoption on all 3 in Jan. 2019. We look forward to doing foster care only one day but right now we are just enjoying adding 3 precious kiddos to our family, giving us a total of five daughters and one son ♡♡♡♡♡♡ the older 2 have been in foster care for over 4 yrs total and the baby has been for 17 months. We are so excited to give them closure!

  • Thank you for sharing! I’ve been thinking about opening my home to children, but I haven’t figured out if I can handle it emotionally. I know we eventually want to adopt…and we’ve been considering foster to adopt. Again thank you for sharing your raw emotions and being real about it!

  • As a foster mother of 2 beautiful girls I completely understand there has been so many days of feeling vulnerable and helpless because there wasn’t a way to take that pain away from my daughters and God willing if we can keep them how to raise them knowing they are worth more then the way they were treated… I still don’t have the answers but it was wonderful to hear I’m not alone

  • I’ve always known that I want to foster and adopt since I was like 7 or 8. I’ve also known I wanted a big family. I’m currently 16 and I can’t wait to have a family. Giving a second chance to a child of any age and whatever they’ve been through is something I can’t wait to do. I absolutely love kids and I know for a fact that this is something I really want to do. Usually when people are growing up they think about what they want to be when they grow up, but all I’ve ever wanted to do is have a family. I can’t wait to get older and have a family.

  • If your a foster parent temporarily your not the parent… Just f.y.i…. If your adopting then yes your the parent and its your sworn duty to protect and love that child.. Please dont abuse kids anyone… (No offense to any good ppl or ppl here.. Id love to save as many kids as i can one day but id NEVER hurt a parent and child relationship on false allegations… )

  • We adopted 6 out of foster care and we have 3 we birthed and we understand what you are talking about.

  • Thank you! Very helpful to know as I am single, and signing up now to adopt from foster care. Most likely a teen. I am scared and excited.

  • It’s very interesting how much room as the “foster parent” you have and don’t have. They control almost every aspect but really give the child more struggles. An hour in the car for a kid is long enough and then add another home after an hour of therapy (which can be hard). You’d think the system would try to be more understanding about the region and the child feeling more connected to their temp family. That’s very disconnected.

  • I am dealing of the havoc that happens down the road. I adopted because I wanted a daughter. And she needed a mother and father. But she did not feel the attachment to meI am a mere fixture in her life that she no longer needs. I have hope in my heart that when she has kids of her own, she will want me really WANT me. She is living with a boyfriend who she barely knew. They live with his parents and she calls his Mom, Mom. Crushes me. But she gets what she wants-freedom to do whatever. She is going down a bad path and there is nothing we can do to stop it.

  • I’ve heard that adopting through foster care doesn’t always work out (by that I mean you aren’t always able to have the right to adopt a certain child) did you ever have a problem with that? I also would like to know if you have any biological kids? I have a 2 year old but felt inspired to adopt. If anyone has advice on things to be aware of when doing something like that.

  • I have a biological son and am 21yrs old. I hope that when I’m about 25-27yrs old, I can start fostering as well. My question is, if you have any biological children, how would you bring up the idea of having foster siblings? I would want to foster kids between 6-9yrs old so my son would be close to their age & I know they’re less likely to be adopted if older. Also, how difficult is it to foster adopt an older child? I’ve tried finding things on it, but all I can find are babies or teens but nothing about 6-10yr olds.

  • I am curious to know if you actively bridge with bio parents?
    I do believe each foster home or adoptive home has to balance what is best for their family and the foster children that come into our lives. That looks different in each situation.
    For us, we started as kinship. I actually quit my job to get these two kids on stable ground. The intent was to foster them until the parents could take them back. Things didn’t work out for reunification. So our intent changed to adopt these kids and close our home.
    I was not 100% ready to close our home but my husband was. At the last minute my husband came to me and said that if I really wanted to keep our home open then he would agree to it. And we would just do emergency, short term placements.
    Our first two placements came a couple weeks apart. Both 2 year old boys. One was supposed to be here for the weekend, the other was going to be a couple months.
    Nearly two years later, one went home, the other (who had a sibling join us 8 months earlier) went to adoptive homes with their siblings.
    We started with the approach, which we are always verbally open about with the kids, that our role/job is to help these kids get to their forever homes. Some times that is with their bio parents some times it is not. But either way we work on building relationships.
    One of our little guys and his sisters just spent a week end with us because mom had a legit emergency. We sent that child home to mom with a very clear message that we are still here to support mom and the kids.
    In December when we started moving our 3 foster children to their forever homes I was ok with the idea of closing our home. I even went back to work. This time it was my husband who wasn’t ready. He asked for a break so we could emotionally process the transitions. But less than a month in he was already saying that he does not like this life with out foster kids, without bio parents to mentor and with me being employed. He says he will support my decision either way. Because I have always worked until we started fostering.
    But each day that goes by the more I am convinced that he is right. We currently have our 3 kids plus ond foster child. But we recently agreed to take 3 siblings. Which will for sure mean me not working. My only reservation is that we are not interested in adoption. We want reunification. But until we are more informed about the case we dont know if reunification is the plan. But for us, supporting the parents is just as important as supporting the kids.

  • #7… listen to the Holy Spirit!!!! Thank you for that. And, thank you for this video!!! So much valuable information here. Looking forward to seeing more.

  • My wife and I were lured into a foster to adopt situation, from an abusive parent that was to sever their rights. 6 months later the parent admitted they had no intention into letting us adopt the child and they were just scamming us into paying for the child’s raising as long as she could get us to. CPS and the child’s lawyer advised her how to do it and took active part in lying to us. The CPS agent shout be put in jail and the lawyer disbarred. They have decided returning the child to the physically abuse mother is in the child’s best interest. The child was originally taken away from her for beating him and leaving him all day in dirty diapers while she got high. The faster CPS Tex’s goes away, the better.

  • I’m only 17 but once I get done with college and get a stable income I want to adopt a kid or a group of bio siblings. I help my mom&stepdad with my 1 year old sister and while doing that I’ve realized just how much I want kids, I’m willing to work through anything with them and give them the best lives possible (even though I haven’t met them yet lol). My mom is my whole world, she’s helped me through so much, and I want to do the same for my future kids.

  • This is totally something my boyfriend an I want to do…. its strange but great that he’s interested in this he’s such a big teddy bear with a big heart❤

  • My husband and I are starting the state adoption path and I would love to find out more about how you’ve handled the trauma… its honestly the most terrifying part of adopting kids that have been through the foster care system and I just want to make sure I am as prepared as possible… thanks & love the video!

  • You are getting paid to participate in a very corrupt system that is a child exploitation racket. If you have been doing this for a while then you realize that most of these children weren’t ripped away from parents who abused them.

  • We were blessed with our first official foster child a few weeks ago, she is 20 months and will most likely be with us for 9-12 months (at least). We are in love, but the paper work to get licensed was crazy!!! But the thing you said that rung truest for me was ‘not everyone will be excited for you’. It is shocking and painful. 2 separate ppl I love have been very critical, and not because they think we wouldn’t give a child a good home, but because of the ‘drama’ we are ‘inviting’ into our lives, and the fact that we have ‘enough’ to take care of with our other 3 children. We are talking about a HUMAN CHILD that has just had their world turned upside down and had been living through horrible things. My husband and I are adults. Whatever pain or hardship for us that comes with this journey will be worth it to give this child the love and stability she deserves while her parents get their lives together. If the parents don’t make the necessary changes, we get to add a beautiful daughter to our family forever. How anyone can see that as bad is beyond me.

  • Really LOVE your straightforward but loving presentation about adoption, we are just now starting the process and are curious how hard it is to adopt out of state through foster program, do you happen to know?

  • Bless your soul my dear sister.
    You have a very good heart. I pray that The Heavenly FATHER gives you an unlimited abundance of strength in your spirit. I lost my godson to the system 8y ago. I pray that he has someone like you.
    Keep protecting the children. Especially from the system’s evil ways.

  • Parent of 4 and thinking about foster/adoption and this post strangely gave me comfort.  One thing I missed was the “I’d do it again and again” and/or “its 1000 times worth it” but pretty sure I saw that in your eyes…Hope so.  Stay strong, if we continue through this journey, have a feeling I’ll be viewing more.  Thanks for sharing.

  • I like your channel. I just started a channel as well and would like for you to check it out. I go over the foster care process for potential and new foster parents. It will evolve into more. Check it out!

  • Also, if you ever run into into a billy like that you need to seek a supervisor or even higher.. I gave only been bullied by one worker and I let that teeny bopper know real quick that wasn’t gonna fly with me. I had a written apology in my mailbox three days later. Foster homes are needed they will not let workers bully you like that.

  • I have so many family issues as a former foster youth, but it gives me so much joy to see that there are people who foster-to-adopt who genuinely love the kids.

  • If I was unable to have children naturally due to my disability, my hubby and I always talked about adopting!! It’s such a wonderful thing to do. #YTA

  • I love your channel! You have a beautiful family! And I love your mission to bring back realness to social media! Thanks for sharing your story!

  • I have someone that I am very closed to and want them to adopt me. We have thought and talked about it for a while and both agree to it… Should I do a surprise adoption thing for my 18th birthday??(just turned 16 the 15th October)

  • We don’t foster but we have friends who do. It’s SO hard on both the children and adoptive families. I’ll never understand a mother that doesn’t love their child. But I see it over and over. It’s such a shame.

  • You hit the nail on the head! The thing about traumasoooo true. Smells, TV shows, food, music can all be triggers. I am on the middle journey of our adoption. Daughter decided to move out the day after she turned 18 and moved in with a boyfriend and his family. Crushed me.

  • I say to you, If I could pick a foster mother within this whole wide world.. For sure it would be you. Oh how my �� goes out to you and that lil baby. Just be confident in these few words. A great white throne judgement shall come, upon all those that choose wickedness instead of Love. Peace be unto you and even your whole household.

  • OMG!!! Thank you SO much for sharing this! I didn’t catch your name, sorry! It is 2am Central Time and I have been browsing internet videos about teenage adoption.

    I have been a foster mother to the same girl 4 times over the last 8 years. She is now fifteen and a half.
    My partner and I we’re ready to Foster to adopt her. she recently told me that she doesn’t want me to do that because she’s waiting on her biological family to come get her and take her home.
    the sad part about all this is all of those family members have signed over their rights to her and nobody is coming for her, correction… Nobody she wants is coming for her.
    I am heartbroken! I am angry! As her “Mama” I just want the best for her and I want her to come home!
    I do not want to see her continuously disappointed by the people who were supposed to love her….her “family”… It breaks my heart cuz they do it over and over again!
    Because she is a teenager she gets to make a choice and I am so frustrated with the system that agrees that a 15 year old child gets the right to choose life altering decisions! she should be in a home environment learning how to be a normal teenager with a normal teenage problems NOT getting to choose whatever she feels like because her frontal lobe hasn’t even developed yet to make healthy choices and reasoning!
    I hate being powerless! I hate being heartbroken! I hate that my daughter will be raised in the system because they won’t send her here because she doesn’t want to come at this moment!
    I’m so grateful that you posted this to show the other side of the system and Foster Care.
    Thank you for listening! ����

  • People like you are the reason the corrupt lying DCFS system exist u are such a liar anyone watching this video this person is not who you think fake

  • I’m just starting the foster care program did the background check, now the home inspection is next week. classes start soon I have to drive 80 miles each way for three Saturdays to get and finish classes…I’m also over 60 no kids, big home alone and lonely…so, this is why I’m starting this it’s selfish but I’m alone and need and want someone in my life so maybe I can help a child and help myself thanks for listening…maryanne

  • Great video, thank you ����
    Do you know if a child is in foster care in another state it’s possible for a friend of the family (me) to foster? Parents still haven’t lost rights but I’m already in love. Mom refused rehab, dads in jail. I’m over 2k miles away.

  • keep you head up, my wife and I are unable to have kids and we are going through the adoption process right now. My heart goes out to you.

  • Hi there, I’m a foster mom as well. I understand your pain, but I think we do have to remember that so many of these parents were mistreated as children themselves. Many also are mentally ill and should never have had children to begin with. We just have to do our best to love these children and be all that we can for them.

  • Yes girl!!!! We just got our license in June of last year and actually in May of last year and got our first placement 2 weeks after that and our kiddo was immediately a ward of the state because both of his parents passed so we put in our intent to adopt and he does have another family member out there who possibly may get him but we definitely want to adopt him and we’re also fostering at the same time and it’s different and no one will really understand what the difference is we are not trying to take anyone’s kid that comes into our home and we want kids to come into our home and to be reunified and be able to go back to a better place but if that can’t happen if they don’t fit into our family we hope they can find an adoptive family and if they do we would adopt all that we can handle

  • This is the first video I’ve seen of yours but can I just say how blown away I am that people with hearts like yours actually exist??? I’m slowly coming to the decision I want to be a foster parent when I’m older. Do you think its possible to foster as a single parent or might that be too challenging? Of course there are many circumstances that could depend on but I would really love your thoughts and any tips!! Also side note you are GLOWING. Im an artist and I feel the need to use your face as reference in a future painting, hope you don’t find that weird haha

  • And cps also lies and listens to other people’s lies to take kids away cps took my two older kids away over lies that my grandpa said because he didn’t like hispanics and my two older kids were half white and Hispanic and cps put them up for adoption because I didn’t get support from there father when fighting for them I couldn’t do it alone because i was young i was 19 years old when my oldest daughter was born and I was 20 years old when my oldest son was born and I didn’t know what to do to fight so I got a legal aid lawyer biggest mistake of my life because all they did was believe the lies as well I loved my children then and I still love them and it’s killing me because I don’t have them my oldest daughter just turned 18 years old and I still don’t know where she is thinks to cps they took them out of a loving �� home and placed them with strangers my kids were never neglected �� or abused in any way but due to lies cps took them away and placed them for adoption cps don’t know nothing about investigating and they have is a bunch of wet behind the ear fresh out of college kids with no children of their own being social workers and trying to tell parents how to raise kids when theses social workers don’t even know what it’s like to be a parent

  • I’m on the male side of this experience. I had a friend who fostered the children of a drug addict. Name the hurt, abuse, neglect, not showing up for months, calling up and saying she’d show and not, showing up and being her rotten self so the foster mother had to be the “bad guy” and calm them down after she left etc. I was happy and relieved when that creature O.D’ed and died. That makes me a lousy Christian but a MUCH better man. I can deal with that at least for now.

  • You are amazing. Although no child should ever, ever feel that kind of hurt and the person causing that cruel pain is evil the child you are hurting for, the child you are fostering/adopting is blessed to have you. I hope and pray the pain ends quickly and you and your family are soon able to live wonderful, happy lives.

  • Most parents who have a child with needs don’t know what an IEP or a 504 is when their children begin school. You are not alone. The only problem with advertising that it is free is you want the right kind of people adopting chidren for the right reasons.

  • Thank you so much for your honesty. We are thinking about becoming foster parents. New sub here… praying for you, you are doing a great thing for these children.

  • Shout outs to real loving and non abusive foster parents… So scary that kids are moved from parents who just need some help and placed with ppl who abuse and sexually assault kids and get wayyyy worse then they would of with their parents.. If a child is truly abused by parents like sick physically or mental abuse they should be removed… Not removed on false allegations or just bc of housing

  • Hi! My husband and I are en asking on this adoption adventure and we are evenly scared/ nervous/ excited!! Thank you for this video. I didn’t think about school stuff at all.

  • It takes a special kind of person to commit to fostering children, children do not always appreciate, they expect, thats the number one lesson to someone considering fostering children…..i am very grateful that i had 3 natural children and one i helped raise….he was killed at a young age and ill never regret having him as one of mine……

  • you are so brave! I wanted to be a foster mom but cant because I wouldnt do well when the child goes home ( if they do). you are so awesome for doing this! <3

  • When I fostered, there was no cab service. It sucked so much, and it didn’t help that I had to be in the same room with their bio fam. California needs to step up its game.

  • I was a non-offending parent. It took 2 years to get my case closed. The Gal and case worker were removed from my case because of false allegations. I was not notified when my child was removed. I had to go find where my child was.

  • i wanted to say thank you. i am in the opposite side you are. i was struggling very bad during the birth of my first child. i had alot of work to do to get my little girl back. she has been home almost a year now with my family. we are expecting another child now. i have a very strong connection to my daughters foster mom. she was my guardian angel and she is my babies other mommy. they are my childs God Parents. these beautiful people helped save my childs life from termoil. i can never thank them enough. my child blessed me and blessed her foster family with the all our ‘firsts’ of being parents and mothers. my littler girl still sees them. she goes to spends the night and for special things i feel they want her there for. they dont always ask for it but i know how it feels as a mother to not have your child with you for things and they love my baby so much and she is so deserving of their love i try to share those moments. i wanted to be able to adopt or foster to give back for the experience i have had with my childs foster parents. i have always wanted to adopt (my fiance is adopted from paraguay), foster care came to mind after my experiences. this would be way down the road..10 years at the least. could you talk about the difference in being with teenagers and younger children? i have always been drawn to older kids bc of the stigma that they have and the lack of people willing to open their homes to them. i woild like to understand why this is and what has been your experience.

  • I think foster adopting is the most selfless and selfish thing you can do. It’s amazing to me that you can do this I have seen the heart break first hand choosing this path is HARD

  • You believe way too many lies to begin with, Do some better research on why each and every child you have is with you and really do the research from a biased standpoint investigate and see for real what the other side story truthfully is.

  • You are an amazing mom, an amazing person, and thank you so much for sharing this. I hope to one day become a foster mom, and I appreciate people who talk about both the good and then bad from all sides. Thanks so much for sharing <3

  • everything happens exactly how it is supposed to. They are not being rejected their biological mom is giving what she knows how much love and god bless you.

  • The world needs more people like you! Your heart is so big! I pray blessings upon blessings for you and your family in Jesus name!

    I was that kid you’re taking about. My biological mom is a drug addict/alcoholic so is my dad. If it wasn’t for my aunt/uncle who adopted me who knowns where I’d be today. Thank you for people like you who put their feeelings aside and foster/adopt! You’re a role model!
    I’ve wanted to foster care but everyone I tried to look into it there’s not enough info. I think I read that you have can only have 2 kids per room is that right?

  • I LOVE how you’ve set boundaries and explained the process in a realistic way! I too hope to foster parent but don’t plan on adopting. Your more blunt viewpoint was very helpful to hear the realities of that difference! Thank you!

  • Well, these kids pray at night for a miracle, then you happened! You are just a messenger of God! its ur purpose, you are doing a Godly thing, the Santa of souls

  • I am a foster kid myself, and I think that it’s great that you act like an Aunt and not a mom. I’m definitely and older foster kid, so when people try to be like my mom, it just doesn’t work because I have a mom and I love her and she will always be my one and only mom. It just bugs me when people expect me to come into some strangers home and just instantly love them like their family.

  • You dont choose when the court let’s them go back for another time after being removed twice and having the rights taken from older children.

  • Maybe consider to sign up for LegalShield to have access to an attorney to help you navigate those issues as best as possible. Just saying…

  • Thank you for a great information, I will like to speak to you do you have an email address, I can sent you a few questions. Thank you

  • We did foster care for 10 years. After bring 17 placements into our home and adopting 5 of them, we decide it was time to end our foster care journey and focus on the challenges of raising the 8 kids in our home. It has been hard. But we stay motivated knowing God’s plan for our family is right and perfect. Now we just rely on God’s help to get us through the rest. Gods plan for families is different in each individual life. May God bless your sweet family and bless you for choosing to follow a path that is not forever one and definitely not easy. Thank you for sharing.

  • Im a Foster mom and I totally know what you mean. The other side is an experience. People never check on us. I still grieve over children who have left and SW who treat us like dirt.

  • Thank you for this video. It’s hard to adopt just one. I see the list and can’t pick just one. So I will most likely do foster care. Question: do you and your husband debate on what age, gender, ethnicity the kiddo should be? Also do you do one at a time or more than one at a time?

  • I’m 15 and I’ve wanted to be a foster carer since I was 8. I got took off my biological mum when I was 7 along with my 3 siblings. My older brother went to live with my auntie (he was 9 at the time. He’s now 17), my little brother (then 4 now 11) stayed with me and we went to live with my nan and grandad. And my little sister (then 2 now 9) went into foster care and got adopted later. They taught her how to talk and walk and shower her what love is. She later got adopted and we haven’t seen her for 6 years.
    I want to make a difference on a child’s life. I’m planning to foster 5 kids and have 1 biological child.
    It is honestly my dream in life

  • I had a teacher who worked at a Alternative school. This girl in our school had some family issues from what I know and the teacher had decided halfway through the year to try and adopt the student since she didn’t have parents and none of her extended family wanted her

  • My question is about religion/faith. Does our religion matter or play into adoption in a negative/positive way? We are very active in our faith, do you have any tips or insight into how a child would react to this?

  • Yes u r right, there r still people out there who love u unconditionally. And those who always & forever wish the best for u & ur smile.

  • Im so excited to have come across your channel!!!! Just discovered one of your videos last night, now I’m scrolling through all your videos like “Yip gotta watch that one, and that one, and that one” haha Thankyou so much for loading content like this and teaching about fostering and adoption!!!! Lisa from New Zealand x. P. S my alarm went off today at 1.27pm and I was praying for the foster kids in NZ ���� BLESS YOU AND YOUR BEAUTIFUL FAMILY x

  • I had a question im turning 21 next year and im planning on adopting either next year or in the next 2 to 3 yrs. Do you know if you have to foster first before adopting or can you adopt straight out?

  • Dont adopt if you can have kids of your own. Its no where near as enjoyable and fulfilling, Make sure your husband is actually onboard and not lying to appease you or he will start resenting the whole situation. Dont do it just so you seem like a great person to your family and friends, do it for good reasons and not selfishness. Looking from the outside in and knowing people who regretted adopting these are a few of my points

  • My parents were foster parents and they only did foster to adopt, why? They wanted to keep sibling sets who had nobody else together and provide them a new loving home. My parents took in kids who had no family who wanted them, they had no connection or chance of reconnecting with bio moms+dads. My adopted siblings were adopted at 8, 9, 12, 13 and 16. Yes they were older when they came into the home but we all instantly felt a connection, the 16 year old Trey started calling our parents Mom and Dad only a month after being with us. I also plan on foster to adopt when I’m older and graduate from college, I just want to love and provide a forever home for a child who has nothing.

  • About to go through the process this was the most helpful video I ever watched I was wondering about the adoption process through foster care like how long is it is my main question

  • Thank you for Posting this video it’s nice to know I’m not alone about my feelings and how hard it is sometimes. You’re a wonderful lady and you’re doing wonderful things for these kids keep it up from one foster/adoptive mom to another.

  • What kind of school do your children go to? I’ve never heard of anybody being able to choose teachers for their children. Is it a foster care specific thing?

    My poor little brother had a horrible first grade teacher that was really mean to him, and we weren’t even allowed to transfer him to a different one.:(

  • Thank you for sharing. My plan in the somewhat-near future is to foster to adopt, and this was very helpful. You’re a wonderful momma—sending you lots of love

  • Thank you so much for posting this video. So helpful! I do have a question… How old were you when you first started fostering?

  • In South Carolina, they provide transportation for visits, etc. as well. However, I gave never utilized this service for the foster children. The last thing a child needs when being traumatized by seeing their parents on a visit, or gaveling to leave their parents on a visit is to be put in the car with a stranger. They need a familiar face, a loving smile, and the comfort that only a caregiver can give them! I am totally against transportation services being utilized for visitation. Here in SC, foster parents pick the visitation days to their convenience. We pick the doctors, therapist, etc. perhaps this just the case with me as my foster kids’ case workers know I do 100% of everything without their help. Perhaps they realize that I don’t utilize the services and I make it easy on them so they make it easy on me. You are reimbursed/paid to foster parent these children yet you utilize all these service, so who is parenting them? Sounds like transporters and the state to me. I think it’s great you are fostering. God knows we need more good foster parents. However, I think you should reconsider who takes you FC on visits. They need a familiar face then. Every visit is traumatic fir a child no matter whether the visit went good or bad. There us sadness, confusion, anger, happiness.. it is very stressful when we as adults are bombarded with all these emotions at once…imagine how that child feels!

  • Thank you for this sweetheart, it hits home with me. When I was a teenager, my mom would come around at all hours banging and cursing me for making her seem like an inferior mother. I wasn’t placed officially for adoption, but with my grandmother who raised me. I can’t have kids naturally, but I want nothing more than to adopt one day. I want to be there to guide someone through that storm because I know the way, and there’s peace on the other side. I’ll keep you and yours in my thoughts while I wait. And don’t worry, there’s gonna be peace for you too.

  • I’ve watched this a couple of times and its been very eye opening for me. My husband and I have started the process of adoption in our area and yet ti all seems so very daunting! Thank you for this! #monthly

  • Sometimes I feel like it would be better for me to go into foster care that way I don’t have to worry about everything. But at the same time I love my mom.

  • Thank you for your honesty in this video. It’s nice to see another YouTuber willing to share the hard parts of adoption too… especially since you have so much experience! So often adoption videos are all about the warm and fuzzy parts of adoption. While adoption and foster care are beautiful, they are not easy! My husband and I adopted our daughter from Foster care this year, and it is definitely full of ups and downs! (But wouldn’t trade it for the world ♥️)

  • I was in foster care for a year when I was a teenager, very long story. I just want to say, I’m thankful for people like you with good hearts ❤️ and that truly care about the children. I stay in contact with my foster mom still to this day! I was in her care over 15 years ago. The best lady I know.

  • What if you want to temporarily put your child in fostercare until you have a better financial situation. I want to put my baby in foster care (im still pregnant with her) but I only want it temporarily until I can get a better job and get on my feet I’m almost done with college. would I be able to get custody back of her if I put her in foster care and still visited her a lot was was very involved?

  • And according to cps if you were “abused” and in foster care that you will be an abuser as well I was in foster care but not for abuse or neglect my grandpa lied about my parents because my sister was mildly mentally retarded and my grandpa treated her like as if she was a Disease and needed to be immediately squashed like a bug he didn’t want her in the family and I think it was the same for me as well because I was a little slow at learning and I had a.d.d and a.d.h.d and my sister also had a.d.h.d

  • Bless you! Bless you so much! My husband and I went through this in the not so distant past with a sibling group of 3. Thank you for loving your (foster) babies the way they deserve and verbalizing how it feels for them and as a foster mom.

  • I agree about the part that DSS or whatever its called in other states can be a bully sometimes. You have to set boundaries and stay healthy emotionally as you go through the process. My favorite sheet to re-evaluate each year is the one that asks you what you are comfortable dealing with in a child. Sometimes that changes from year to year with your family make up. When I was single, I took the worst of the worst behaviors in a kid, but that changed when I got married bc it was a different dynamic. It changed again when we had our first baby.

  • You and your husband are amazing! Thanks so much for your obedience to our heavenly Father and caring for his children, you will be rewarded. ��

  • Thank you so much for the information!! I’m about to start my journey (I plan to only foster for now as well) and this was very helpful!

  • God bless your family. It is amazing what you are doing and I just can only imagine how emotionally draining this process must be! Positive thoughts sent your way momma! ❤

  • I am a single woman with a disability hoping to adopt a child from the foster care system. I know parenting is hard in general and parenting a child with trauma can and will be harder but, I hear there are alot of positive things about foster care adoption like there is alot of support and resources available for these children and as you said you can get Medicaid and in some states but, not every state you may keep the child’s stipened which could help some when it comes to some wants and necessities for the child.