The Ten Best Games for Gifted Kids of 2020


Top 10 Best Free Games of 2020

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Child piano prodigy plays Carnegie Hall

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I Created A VR Game That Destroyed My Life

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Top 10 NEW Open World Games of 2020

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This Kid Runs So Fast, People Are Calling Him the Fastest Child in the World

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Top 15 Nintendo Switch Games for Kids | 2020

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Dune Official Trailer

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The 10 Best Electronic Toys for Kids in 2020 The right buys for all of your gifting needs. by. Taylor Clemons. The 8 Best PC Games for Kids in 2020. The 10 Best Printers of 2020. The 10 Best Free iPad Apps for Toddlers.

The 7 Best Basic Cell Phones of 2020. Lifewire. Get the Latest Tech News Delivered Every Day. In order to find the absolute best toys for kids, These are the best toys and gifts for 8-year-old boys in 2020: Advertisement Continue Reading Below The Best Board Games.

If your 10-year-old is into video games, the Nintendo Switch console is a huge hit. Consider this toy if you want to go all-out with a new video game system that offers versatile playing options. The 18 Best Toys for Gifted Children in 2020 The 15 Best Toys for 10-Year-Old Boys in 2020 The 8 Best Robot Toys of 2020 The 22 Best Gifts for 6. We found all the best-rated and most popular board games for kids on Amazon, including classics like Candy Land, Connect 4, Monopoly, Sorry!, Scrabble, Ticket to Ride, and Settlers of.

The best way to figure out the preference of the child is to consult with their parents or to find out directly from the child about the common themes he loves to talk about or watch on television. Toys for 5-Year-Old Boys FAQ Q: Why are toys important for young children? A: Little kids within the five-year-old mark are adventurous in their play. Arlington, Texas About Blog Gifted Guru is a website devoted to sharing information and resources with parents and teachers of gifted children.

Gifted educators and parents will find support, encouragement, and the occasional terrific book recommendation. Frequency 1 post / week Blog Facebook fans 5.5K ⋅ Twitter followers 6.4K ⋅. The Best Books for 12-Year-Olds of 2020. This series follows a group of gifted children as they work to solve a variety of mysteries.

The first book in the series has nearly a thousand Amazon ratings and is widely loved by kids and adult alike. The books also contain photos, brain teasers, and puzzles as the kids dive into an adventurous. The September 2020 issue of Parenting for High Potential is available now for members. Articles on two important current issues-racial justice in schools and learning and teaching from home.

National Association for Gifted Children 1331 H Street NW, Suite 1001, Washington, DC. Our 2020 holiday gift guide has a gift idea for everyone on your list. Use our interactive gift guide finder to discover the best presents for him and her, or the perfect toys for kids.

When you buy one of the best laptops for children, you need to get the best PC games for kids to go with it!PC games are great for kids. These video games are educational yet enjoyable. They help teach valuable lessons subconsciously while your child plays challenges and completes missions.

List of related literature:

See Interactive Digital Software Association (2003) “Games are positive addition to children’s lives, parents say—Data from the IDSA’s 2003 computer survey.”

“Critical Play: Radical Game Design” by Mary Flanagan
from Critical Play: Radical Game Design
by Mary Flanagan
MIT Press, 2009

In creating these lists, think about the benefits your child may be deriving from gaming.

“Pause and Reset: A Parent's Guide to Preventing and Overcoming Problems with Gaming” by Nancy M. Petry
from Pause and Reset: A Parent’s Guide to Preventing and Overcoming Problems with Gaming
by Nancy M. Petry
Oxford University Press, 2019

I include some of these games in Dr. Perlmutter’s Picks because they are useful in terms of reinforcing literacy and math skills and children seem to enjoy them, but it’s a rare child who will be happy to play these games exclusively once he sees the real thing.

“Raise a Smarter Child by Kindergarten: Raise IQ by up to 30 points and turn on your child's smart genes” by David Perlmutter, M.D., Carol Colman
from Raise a Smarter Child by Kindergarten: Raise IQ by up to 30 points and turn on your child’s smart genes
by David Perlmutter, M.D., Carol Colman
Potter/Ten Speed/Harmony/Rodale, 2008

Many are small local or regional collections that are widely scattered through the literature (SuttonSmith, Mechling, Johnson, and McMahon 1994 presents an extensive bibliography of children’s folklore, including games).

“American Folklore: An Encyclopedia” by Jan Harold Brunvand
from American Folklore: An Encyclopedia
by Jan Harold Brunvand
Taylor & Francis, 2006

For instance, numerous nonviolent and creative video games are available, and children can improve their spatial and visual-attention skills as a result of playing these games (e.g. Anderson, 2003; De Lisi & Wolford, 2002; Greenfield, DeWinstanley, Kilpatrick & Kaye, 1996).

“Child Development and Education” by Teresa M. McDevitt, Jeanne Ellis Ormrod, Glenn Cupit, Margaret Chandler, Valarie Aloa
from Child Development and Education
by Teresa M. McDevitt, Jeanne Ellis Ormrod, et. al.
Pearson Higher Education AU, 2012

This list came in handy when researchers wanted to train cognitive abilities in children but couldn’t use the age-inappropriate action games that have been tested with adults.

“Handbook of Game-Based Learning” by Jan L. Plass, Richard E. Mayer, Bruce D. Homer
from Handbook of Game-Based Learning
by Jan L. Plass, Richard E. Mayer, Bruce D. Homer
MIT Press, 2020

Gifted children prefer games of intellectual skill where new ideas and strategies can be developed and trialled (Witty and Lehman, 1936.

“Exceptionally Gifted Children” by Miraca U. M. Gross
from Exceptionally Gifted Children
by Miraca U. M. Gross
RoutledgeFalmer, 2004

We can view this list as a checklist: The stronger any game is on more of the features on the list, the better its score for learning.

“Good Video Games + Good Learning: Collected Essays on Video Games, Learning, and Literacy” by James Paul Gee
from Good Video Games + Good Learning: Collected Essays on Video Games, Learning, and Literacy
by James Paul Gee
P. Lang, 2007

As long as those choices are satisfying the core needs we’ve discussed, chances are even kids who love violent games will also enjoy these less violent, but satisfying alternatives (although they may complain at the moment of purchase).

“Glued to Games: How Video Games Draw Us In and Hold Us Spellbound: How Video Games Draw Us In and Hold Us Spellbound” by Scott Rigby, Richard M. Ryan
from Glued to Games: How Video Games Draw Us In and Hold Us Spellbound: How Video Games Draw Us In and Hold Us Spellbound
by Scott Rigby, Richard M. Ryan
ABC-CLIO, 2011

This was a straightforward way to find out which ones had recently spent a lot of time with M-rated games.

“Grand Theft Childhood: The Surprising Truth About Violent Video Games and What Parents Can Do” by Lawrence Kutner, Cheryl Olson
from Grand Theft Childhood: The Surprising Truth About Violent Video Games and What Parents Can Do
by Lawrence Kutner, Cheryl Olson
Simon & Schuster, 2008

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  • I hate when ps4 players get annoyed that games like sea of thieves are xbox exclusive but they have so much more ps4 exclusive games

  • This is only below average pianist student level, nothing to behold here. I was better than him when I was his age and I even started composing music, it’s just that my family won’t let me go outside.

  • With his understanding of music, at this age, he will be a composer no doubt in my mind AT ALL. This child may even become the greatest composer since Beethoven himself. We shall see.

  • -Super Mario Party
    -Kirby Star Allies
    -Sonic Mania
    -Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
    -Spyro Reignited trilogy
    -Rocket League
    -New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe
    -Luigi’s Mansion 3
    -Yoshi’s Crafted World
    -Mario Odyssey
    -Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

  • I kinda vagued out of the visual spectacle when Eclipse started playing. What an amazing end to a magnificent album. Oh and yeah I reckon this movie will probably be more watchable than Lynch’s version. 😉

  • Oh no you added Doki Doki literature club if you do decide to play this beware play at your own risk I would recommend watching someone else play it, I recently watched jacksepticeye play it I would recommend watching him if you are interested

  • Dont get me wrong it looks good but this Trailer looks like your average Blockbuster, which I dont think is very fitting for the work of Dennis V.

  • (I was actually expecting to see the pictured baby play Carnegie!) But what a gifted, precious young man! Every child born into the world should be taught
    St John 3:16 and what it means! God loves me so much, that He let JESUS die on a Cross for me, and rise again for me! Now I don’t have to go to hell, but I can go to HEAVEN! HALLELUJAH!
    THIS world system is shutting dowm!

  • Just buy minecraft bro
    24 euros
    Or pirate the game for free.
    Trust me youll get sick of these games real quick.
    (unless its desteny 2)

  • It just makes me wonder about these funny or trollish comments about that they shoudn’t remake the “original movie”, or are wowed that they’re making a movie “based on” the Dune2000 rts game, that these gen-x or -y guys may have played Dune2000 or have seen Lynch’s 1984 movie, but STILL haven’t read the original 1964 Dune novel!??

  • I highly recommend Warface it’s a free-to-play online FPS it was released for Microsoft Windows in 2013, Xbox 360 in 2014, PS4 and Xbox One in 2018 and Nintendo Switch in 2020 it’s a fantastic game I absolutely love playing it

  • pls stop using the hashtag my story animated or in the caption my story animated not your hastag or caption that is just wrong pls stop

  • Despite the misleading thumbnail (was expecting to see a baby playing piano), this kid is an amazing pianist! It would be a pity to see him doing anything other than being a concert pianist.

  • God The Father
    September 1, 2020 ·
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    Once again, I (Maureen) see a Great Flame that I have come to know as the Heart of God the Father. He says: “When you embrace a candidate, it is an outward sign of your approval of his agenda. Do not be tricked by political vocabulary. If the candidate proclaims to be a progressive, he is telling you to expect a loose conscience as to his concerns for the consequences of his actions. During this age when even law and order is up for grabs, you should expect a ‘progressive candidate’ to be irresponsible in bringing violent perpetrators to justice.”

    “The ‘progressive candidate’ in his leniency towards law and order will, in reality, threaten your freedoms. Take for example the term ‘sanctuary cities’. These are in fact pockets of debauchery where anything goes. No one can be safe in such an environment. All common everyday activity is given over to mob rule. Do not vote such a mentality into political power.”

    “Defunding the police, the very ones who safeguard your freedoms and protect law and order, can be likened to teenage mentality rebelling against authority. This does not protect your freedom. It jeopardizes it.”

    “Be courageous and make courageous, mature and wise decisions when you vote. Do not vote your freedoms away. Vote to protect what you have as God-given rights. I have given you My Commandments. You do not need to be led by someone who endorses disobedience to Them. Your obedience to Me should be the barometer of a wise political choice and a worthy candidate. If you think freedom to sin is what you want, you will not choose wisely.”

    Read Wisdom 6:1-11+

    Listen therefore, O kings, and understand; learn, O judges of the ends of the earth.

    Give ear, you that rule over multitudes, and boast of many nations.

    For your dominion was given you from the Lord, and your sovereignty from the Most High, who will search out your works and inquire into your plans.

    Because as servants of his kingdom you did not rule rightly, nor keep the law, nor walk according to the purpose of God, he will come upon you terribly and swiftly, because severe judgment falls on those in high places.

    For the lowliest man may be pardoned in mercy, but mighty men will be mightily tested.

    For the Lord of all will not stand in awe of any one, nor show deference to greatness; because he himself made both small and great, and he takes thought for all alike.

    But a strict inquiry is in store for the mighty.

    To you then, O monarchs, my words are directed, that you may learn wisdom and not transgress.

    For they will be made holy who observe holy things in holiness, and those who have been taught them will find a defense.

    Therefore set your desire on my words; long for them, and you will be instructed.

    + Scripture verses asked to be read by God the Father. (Please note: all Scripture given by Heaven refers to the Bible used by the visionary. Ignatius Press Holy Bible Revised Standard Version Second Catholic Edition.)

    God The Father
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    Once again, I (Maureen) see a Great Flame that I have come to know as the Heart of God the Father. He says: “Children, if you are living in Holy Love day by day, then your choices in everyday life will be simplified. Issues such as the ones being played-up in this upcoming election* will be easily determined as good for the general public or a distortion of the Truth. Some politicians regard the Truth as the enemy and a challenge to overcome. The sincere candidate for any office safeguards the Truth and lives according to honesty. This needs to be the goal of all people and all nations. To choose otherwise and to compromise the Truth is to live a dishonest life.”

    “The Truth is always the embrace of My Commandments. Do not challenge this Truth by Satan’s suggestions. You will be given opportunities to bring others into the Truth either by example or by distributing these Messages.** Pray for those who are so ambitious they embrace liberalism. This only impresses those who are already compromising the Truth. Some try to make the word conservative a negative word. In My Eyes a conservative is one who is not fooled by rhetoric.”

    Read 2 Timothy 1:13-14+

    Follow the pattern of the sound words which you have heard from me, in the faith and love which are in Christ Jesus; guard the truth that has been entrusted to you by the Holy Spirit who dwells within us.

    + Scripture verses asked to be read by God the Father. (Please note: all Scripture given by Heaven refers to the Bible used by the visionary. Ignatius Press Holy Bible Revised Standard Version Second Catholic Edition.)

    * U.S.A. Presidential Election on November 3, 2020.

    ** The Messages of Holy and Divine Love given by Heaven to the American Visionary, Maureen Sweeney-Kyle.

    God The Father
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    Once again, I (Maureen) see a Great Flame that I have come to know as the Heart of God the Father. He says: “During these tenuous times, I urge all of my children to pray for the conscience of this country.* People of power are trying to erase concern for others and to change the heart of this nation into a nation which does not see the consequences of their actions. People think by pursuing unwarranted violent protests they are changing the nation for the better. In fact, they are being led by evil to choose violence over law and order. These protests are politically motivated. While the protesters think they are helping others, they do not look ahead to see the long-term effects of such social disorder. This disorder lays the way for a leader who on the outside may seem to be the solution but has a hidden agenda of evil once he attains power. Still others may seek office but are only puppets of evil control.”

    “Pray, children, that the heart of this nation receives spiritual insight as to what and who is inspiring this unprecedented violence. This is a call to recognize the Truth of who is instigating all this disorder.”

    Read 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12+

    The coming of the lawless one by the activity of Satan will be with all power and with pretended signs and wonders, and with all wicked deception for those who are to perish, because they refused to love the Truth and so be saved. Therefore, God sends upon them a strong delusion, to make them believe what is false, so that all may be condemned who did not believe the Truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

    + Scripture verses asked to be read by God the Father. (Please note: all Scripture given by Heaven refers to the Bible used by the visionary. Ignatius Press Holy Bible Revised Standard Version Second Catholic Edition.)

    * U.S.A.

    God The Father
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    Once again, I (Maureen) see a Great Flame that I have come to know as the Heart of God the Father. He says: “Children, always pray for Truth to be the victory in any election. This can only be possible if throughout life each candidate would live out his life as a soldier of Truth. Conflict is the bad fruit of war between the legitimate and the non-legitimate.”

    “Once again, I address those who do battle with words. The term ‘racism’ has been puffed up into instant conflict even violence. The differences between races can only be resolved peacefully to be long-lasting. Violence must not beget more violence. I support peaceful protests. These days, it is in vogue to look for an opportunity to state any position with violence. Do not allow yourselves to be manipulated into conflict by those who use the media to incite riots and weaken your nation.* Society must not be war mongers, but based upon peace the civilized sign of Truth. In the end, riots bear the fruit of lack of security and loss of a positive, civilized identity. While there are differences amongst people and nations, please allow Me to be part of the solution through Holy Love. This is the path to dignity and peace.”

    Read Hebrews 12:14+

    Strive for peace with all men, and for the holiness without which no one will see the Lord.

    + Scripture verses asked to be read by God the Father. (Please note: all Scripture given by Heaven refers to the Bible used by the visionary. Ignatius Press Holy Bible Revised Standard Version Second Catholic Edition.)

    * U.S.A.

    Sent from my iPad

  • That sure was a lackluster applause by the “elite” Carnegie Hall audience! If I had been there he would have gotten a standing ovation!

  • Watched Timothy Chamelet in “The king” recently and fell in love with his acting skills. Then saw this awesome trailer. Then realised he was starring. Then proceeded to get chills because Dune is that one book you always hear about but I never read and Now I’m going to because this looks AMAZING

  • Nintendo should of Copyrighted their open world blueprint because all of these look like a copy and paste of ZELDA: Breath of the Wild.

  • am I the only one already imagining how terrifying the God-Emperor Leto II could be if Villeneuve decided to go on with future movies?

  • When you do these lists, could you leave the titles of the games up? Sometimes there’ll be one that I’m not too interested in, so I start paying attention to something else, or perhaps I’m cooking or something, and I’ll miss the name of the game, and then I have to go back and find the title.

  • These are all Nintendo games apart from Spyro and Rocket league meaning they are all expensive and not really hard to discover as a parent. Good cheap kid friendly games that are best played together are things like Overcooked, Snipperclips, Nidhogg2 and Lovers in a dangerous Spacetime. You also left out Zelda. Everyone loves Zelda. Good video but again the list is nothing new.

  • sick of only 1 computer games i will not buy a xbox if my achis do not all link i just want a game profile to link over all then i am happy to play others

  • To Alpaca nerdYT below this. It’s a gift from God. Not everyone can be a musician. His parents don’t have to cultivate his talent they just need to let him go with it.

  • Good list. I would also recommend Yoku’s Island Express (fun and adorable) and Scribblenauts. Scribblenauts is a really neat series that encourages creativity and problem solving. And these games can be found at a low price for parents who can’t afford $60 games

  • I’m sorry if this sounds racist, but is there some sort of special magical gene within Chinese people? It just seems like you see so many of these absolutely brilliantly talented Chinese kids, far more than any other race, it’s just unbelievable, and I’m jealous as all hell! I’ve been playing piano for 41 years, ever since I was 10, and I couldn’t play 1/10 as well is this little kid, it just boggles my mind, they’re just born with this immense talent….it’s no surprise my favourite musician of all time is Lang Lang!

  • Everytime I think what going on in boys mind. Bc they know they like you but they want to bully you or gossip about and stuff but actually they like u like ����

  • Destiny 2 used to be paid… I got it when it was payed but the fans didn’t like it so bungie brought the price down to 15 and then down to free

  • This comment section is a ridiculous hybrid of people complaining about game delays and praising developers for doing so.

    The reality is in this current environment where information is readily available (you are literally watching a video about game coming up this year); game developers have learned that they can no longer rush a game through development (which is what they want to do) and make a quick cash grab based solely on hype and blanketed advertisement. It is too easy for consumers to do a quick search and watch a couple reviews or read a couple articles and see that a game is getting slaughtered by “critics” and fanboys and decide not to make a purchase. It just too easy to pick to spend money on another title with such an abundance of choices available. Add to that the fact that games offer so much content and immersion that consumers no longer need to purchase very many titles in general to feel like they have “enough” to fill their schedules.

    It’s like that with GTA6. Why would Rockstar want to rush the game out the door when GTA5 is still being played and enjoyed by millions and immensely profitable? Don’t complain about a company that actually does it right: The don’t pound the market with mediocre titles and trying to make a quick buck through some loot boxes when they know you won’t be playing it a couple weeks from now when you figure out the game isn’t really all that great (insert comment about EA here). They are deliberate and meticulous with their releases and every title offers revolutionary leaps forward in gaming. You are definitely getting your moneys worth. They deserve the record-breaking sales and subscription fees and all the revenue streams and success for what they provide.

  • Ok, so while is trailer is epic, it really doesn’t showcase the phenomenal score Hans Zimmer arranged in the exclusive teaser made for Tenet screenings. WB Canada uploaded that teaser (in french dub) which showcases the absolutely enthralling score:

  • I think that Cyberpunk has been hyped so much and the expectations are so high that there’s no way it can measure up and will ultimately be a disappointment.

  • Where does this movie take place? Is it a sequel, prequel or “movie to the books”?
    I don’t know shit about the books or the franchise so feel free to tell me.

  • Cyberpunk, Gods & Monsters, & Watchdogs look to be the only 3 games I’ll be getting. Those 3 games will keep me busy for a year or so. They look to be amazing!

  • little devil inside little devil inside little devil inside little devil inside little devil inside little devil inside little devil inside little devil inside little devil inside little devil inside little devil inside little devil inside little devil inside little devil inside little devil inside little devil inside little devil inside little devil inside little devil inside little devil inside little devil inside little devil inside little devil inside little devil inside little devil inside little devil inside little devil inside little devil inside little devil inside little devil inside

  • Nice video and very informative and very entertaining and very satisfaction.

    Read Isaiah New Testament and Exsodous it will gives you stability and confidence I didn’t try to convert you.

  • i crave open world games that are more revolved around creatures. also more games where you can play as a creature (not counting aliens.)

  • 3:12 by the time she just casually said “I wish I could push him out of a window” you can tell that off camera she is definitely contemplating a murder.

  • While the game sounds interesting, “The Ghost of Tsushima” sounds kinda weird because… well, the Mongol occupation of Tsushima only lasted for about 2 weeks in the first invasion and slightly more than 2 months during the second invasion. That’s pretty short.

  • I understand the necessity for Hollywood to always show faces, but Chani’s Desert discipline would never allow her to expose her full face and lose moisture. Read the Words.

  • started lessons at 4 1/2, Carnegie Hall at 6, which means he’s been playing for… 1 1/2 year?..????????..?????????????????..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m so bored watching this trailer. It looks like the biggest flop of the year. It looks like a film i have watched before but with a different title. It’s such a cliché type film at this point. Why are they keeping on making the same old films over and over. Hollywood please start making good and new films. Please stop using old ideas with new names and cast and another thing, WTF is Timothee Chalamet doing in this film. Really. Are you doing this now in 2020. It can’t get worse

  • Fortnite was good in season 0 to season 8 but then because it was updated so much it started dying, because it didn’t have blood and proper graphics a lot of kids to the age of 5 to 11 started playing, that made it super cringe, and for the people that still play fortnite and think the updates are good just look at the robots that shot rockets and the water filled map and the 1 million different items, I know a lot of people will say “ YeAH bUT a loT oF thINgs haS BEen taKeN Out” that’s not the point there are still way to many things and they just keep adding more, however if you still like the game then fine but understand and listen to people’s opinions on the game. Btw idc about spelling and all that

  • Anyone know the game that had the graphics style of no more heroes and story based around an increase in terrorism due to the creation of a highway that connected the entire world?
    It kind of has cult following doubt I’m going to find it though..

  • i came here to find a game becauze i was bored af and saw every game almost every person knows whats the point of making a video when u can simply google it and find them under 10 sec

  • How about make up game that’s based around Greece and Rome and apology how about that I should make you more piss piss off tell me your name

    Darkest Desire, a FNAF: Help Wanted song by Dawko and Dheusta

  • 7:55 “there’s plenty of games out there that can make you feel like an unstoppable power house but none have done so the same way as warframe.”

    Doom: am I a joke to you?


  • These stories get me a little bit choked up. Yes people, you can start to teach your kids amazing things even when they’re two or three years old. Often times that is the best time to start,, of course,, in the right measure. At this young age the human brain is like a sponge for information, and tends to imprint what is a strong foundation within that field of endeavor.

  • I got my 7 year old a switch put up for Christmas. I found a website that monitors stock and it alerted me when one was available. I immediately pounced on it. It took me 2 months to get at the 299.99 price. Any recommendations for a small kid who gets frustrated easily are very much appreciated. Games for the whole family are a must for us as well.

    We have an xbox one and he mainly plays minecraft in creative. I tried to get him into minecraft dungeons but he said it was too scary. He likes the android version of Animal Crossing so that’s on the list for sure.

    I have gamed my whole life since Atari 2600. My problem is I have played mostly PC titles since 1996. Also, the games I play are not at all appropriate for a sheltered 7 year old. Trying to be a cool Dad and really want to share this hobby with him. The video was very helpful but open to other suggestions or agreement of stuff in the video. Thanks!

  • What about Blue Protocol, I know that itll first be released or is released in Japan but hopefully itll be available here in the West. It is a VERY HIGHLY anticipated anime styled Openworld MMORPG.

  • I never cared for Dune as a story, but I love everything Denis has done this far, aside from Blade Runner. I am betting on his genius to make this enjoyable, despite the horrendous casting of this insipid Chalamet.

  • PINNED COMMENT: Because there are so many good games on the Nintendo Switch that I think kids will enjoy I will extend the list for even more games beyond just the video.
    This includes
    Rayman Legends A wacky 2D Platformer. One of my personal favorites actually
    Any of the Lego Games The only reason I didnt include this in the video is because first and foremost you should go with Minecraft, but these are good too, and has stories based off popular movies such as Star Wars.
    Overcooked This is a really fun cooperative game
    Skylanders Skylanders has been around for a while now, but not only is the game fun for kids, but its also based around toy figures. Can be a money pit, but kids do enjoy it
    Zelda Breath of the Wild it has a big open world with lots of things to discover. Older kids may enjoy this.
    Starlink Starlink is kind of similar to the old Star Fox games where you fly your ship in space. In fact Star Fox is in the Nintendo Switch version.

  • This kid at 4: cud play piano great
    Me at 4: if i ate sum glowstick liquid…will i glow and have skin that glows in the dark?

    (this actually happened… no cap i did but then i got scared i might die so i put hand sanitizer, Lysol, and soap in my mouth and spatted it out. it prob killed most of my brain cells)

  • Bro, thanks so much this has helped loads, just brought my 4 year old daughter a Nintendo Switch Lite, she is easily scared and won’t understand complex games, these are great and have brought me back so many great childhood games, can’t wait for her to enjoy them!

  • “Nobody would set the latency to 20/20 after year 2005… Where’s the Tokyo’s Natural Park at nights?! Still a sandbox, huh?!” ����������������

  • then how tf u gonna make this video but in jail like such a makeup!!!!!
    u guys really need to stop lying that this is real but i love ur videos

  • I bought Mindcraft for my 6 years daughter after reading so many good things about it but sadly she doesn’t like to play since it’s always dark. Anyone who knows about this game can tell me how to switch the screen from dark to daytime. I know answer must be very simple but I m not a gamer.

  • A “Dune” without Patrick Stewart and Sting? It will be a readjustment. As long as they have a flying fat man, I guess I might be okay with it. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

  • What are some that have already been released.

    Games I own and beat.
    Days gone
    Last of us 2
    God of War 2
    Horizon zero dawn still playing.

  • Csgo isn’t free dumbasses
    Edit: and while Destiny 2 is free to play, if you want to do anything you pretty much have to have the dlcs and they’re like 60 to 120 usd a piece.

  • 1. 0:40 Hearthstone
    2. 1:25 World of Tanks
    3. 2:15 Call of Duty Warzone
    4. 3:15 Dauntless
    5. 4:07 Brawlhalla
    6. 5:00 Counter-Strile: Global Offensive
    7. 5:50 Path of Exile
    8. 6:48 Apex Legends
    9. 7:43 Warframe
    Honorable Mentions: 8:49 Tetris 99, Doki Doki Literature Club & Planetside 2
    10. 9:42 Destiny 2

  • The only people who should be having kids are those willing to prioritize their child’s education! Children of a culture that values education & disciplined practice always prosper!

  • cinnamon

    c̈́͆̆̾̔͑̽ͧ̈̒̒͛̋̇̀҉̩͓̺͔̬͇̘̳͚̲͙̤̱̳̣̝ͅi̶͐̔̾̋̔̾ͩ̐̚̕͞҉͇̹̭͖̝͍̺̪̪̘͓n̢͙̤̠̙͙̮̞̪͕͎̖̦̭̗͇̣ͨ̓̈ͣ̾́̓͒̉͝͠n̵̥͓̙͙̮͓̯͓͔̮͎̳̳̻ͤ̑̋ͨͪ͟ͅâ̴̡̙̭̭̪͉̦̥͓̻̖̥̯̼͍̞͙ͫͣ̔̆͂̎̊͛̇̈̇̑ͨ́̚͢m̶̸̲̰̲̦͖͇̥͕̟͕̹̺̓ͦͮͨ́̎ͧͪͥ̿̿̈́͛͂͝͝͝ͅo̸̡͉̤͉ͥ̌͂̌͜͝ͅn̷̷̛̯̣̠̖͉͇ͣ̈́ͤ̂̏ͨ̈́̈́͢͢ ̧̢̯̲̦̯̭̱͓̭͔̣̼ͬ͂̓̎̈́̽͋̀͜͜l̵͇̜̘̮̩̫̯͐ͭͬ͑̒ͫ̊͛̌̈́ͧ̌̎͊̉͜͟i̸̛̟͓͔̜̳̱̞͎͈͉͖̳̓ͧ́̑̂ͅṉ̡͓̺̺̹̤͉͈̹͓̱̪͕̼̹̯ͥͭ̎̉̌̌̍̇̒ͣ̀ͧ̕͢͝n̷̷ͪ̆ͫ̋̉ͬ̽̌ͭ́͏͉̼̰̱̠â̛̓͗̎͋̈́ͯ̄̌̍ͣ̿̒͋̚͘͠͏̞͚̺̼͍̥̠̣̦͉͎̥̣̖̗͕͘ͅm̄͐͒͑̓̽̃̊̏͆ͬ҉̸̶͔̜̯͇̗o͔̩̝̳͖̙͉̟͊̉ͨͯ͆͐͊ͫͤ͐͌ͭ̀͟͞n̡̦̼͇͖̟͙͍̼̙̫̪͔͉̥͆ͥ̿́̇ͭ̍ͤ͊ͩ̋ͣ̂͜͝͝ ̲̲̲̩͉͇͎̖̘̣̻͙̻͖͉͊͑́̅͒ͬ͗̏̿ͥͭͥ̐̊̑̚͢͠ļ̪̝̩̗̟̹̥̣̟͓͔ͯ̍ͫ̃ͥ͛̉̈ͭ́ì̸̤̥͉̙̬͕͙̗̙̜̰̬ͥ̿̏̿̓͆̿̿̑ͭͪ͊̓̓̆̏͛͑́͡ç̿̀̇ͧͧ҉͞҉̨̗͓̳̱̻̙̰̬k̴̨̘̬̣̱̫̗ͮ̇ͫ̂͑̄̈́͌̃͒ͣ͋ͫͧ̇͆ͣ̚̚ä̶̡̭̝̼̺̬͙̘̰̹͉͓̮͊̇͠m̸̛̬͇̟̖̬̤̃̀͛ͧ̉ͤͮ̊̑̏̊̌̽̾͌ͨͦ͞o̠͉͚͔͎̤̾̄͌ͭ̑͌ͥ͂ͪ͂̍ͭ̾́̈̀̅̅́͜͠n̡̛̈́̓̂̃ͩͩ͏̧̹͎̪̲̩̥̬̹̖̟͔̠̰͚͉̯͎̹ ̶̶̬̭̪̤͓͉̙͓͚̒͆͛̓ͧ͌͋̈́̉̂ͮ̌̎̚̚͢͢ͅp̷̡͇̬̮̞̟̺̣̭̟̣ͪ̓̍ͧ̎̔̀o̸̸̺͉̫̙̪̱̜̯̘̦͉͊ͫͥ̒̍̿̑͊̈́͌͐͒͋̊͐̌͑͛͘͞k̨̧̝͖͔͍̳͈̠̜͍̻̥̠̜ͤͯ̆ͬͨͭͪ̆͂ͪ̀͡ȩ̵̲͙̩̺̯̺̼̺̲̲̲͕ͥ̇́ͨ̌ͧͭ̔̿ͫ̌̅͢͠͠ͅm̶̢̨̫̰̲̜ͩͧͥ͆ͨ̈́̇̔ͫ͆̎ͬͧ̅̈́̌͞o̵̝̳̗̫͇͉͎̺͉̞̳̺͉͇̣̅̀ͨ̾͊͂͞ņ̦̬̖̥̫̟̤̥͍̫̈́͗ͣ͐̔̈́̏͌ͦͯ͆͒ͬ͑̋̕ ̨͊ͮͦ̓̔͆̔̋ͦͪͥ̒̏̀ͥͪ̐̊̅҉̸̧̬̲̝̹͎̘͔̩̖̝p͚͉̟͖͈̠͍̫̠̫̖͚̠̬̃̏ͨͬͧ̎̏ͮͫ̃͑̏͟e̴͕̰̠̙̺̪̒ͦ̾̈́̄̆̓͑̀̏͐̿͗͘͜͟ę͖͙̥͉͚̫̠̠͇̺̼̐ͥͥͫ̀̋͘͟͟͟p̨̘̫̫͈̻̟͕̤̦̜͍̟͉͍͇̤͑ͬ͛ͧͤ̕ͅe̵̡̮͕͓̥̗̯̥̭̹͇̺̪̠̞̖̘̣͔͒ͩ̒͒̒̕̕ë̷̘̫͉̻͓̥̱̟̩͙̫̰͍͈̱͎̬͙̓̓̾ͪ̎̽ͥ̋̏ͬ͌ͤ͛ͨͭ̚͟m̢̽̋ͨ͂͌͒̓̋̓̃̑ͨ͢͝҉̩̝̟͖̪͖̖͇̞̬͍̭̭͔͎̗͍o̸͔͕̻͎͇̱̣̹̭͙ͣͮͪͫ́͆́͡ͅͅnͭ̋̀ͨ͋̀̿̽̒̔̈́̄͋͂ͮ̚͏̶̡̺̭̟̖̭̩̖̦̯͠ ̷̡̠͇̪̠̰̞͔͚̼ͨ̊͒̎ͨ͌̇ͦ̄̀͟m̡͖͖̙̩̙̞̲̃̓͗̐̍ͦ̿̒ͬ͗̃̈́ͬ̈͑̀͝͡ơ̧̢̢͚͇̮̙̮̽̉̒̓͒͘n̶̨͍͙͇̪̼̖̦̞̤ͮͫ̅ͧͨͨͯ̈́̒̑͒̑͐͜͠m̷̡̟͍̙̠̬͎̮̰͈̠̪͉͉̣̫ͯ͑͊ͤ̒̆͗ͭ̓͆̎̈ͥ͐͆͊ͨ͗̚͘͜͢ͅo̓ͩ̂̋͌̅̎̓ͬ͑̓̑̀҉̰̹͕͍n̨̼̬̞̟̙̞̺̺̠̱͇͔͓̘̦̤͔͐̍͆̑̐͊͆ͬ͑ͧ̕ ̸̸͈͇̻͙͖̥̗̜̤͓̤͍͎͂̀̇p̸̨̳̰̻͕̙͉̥̲͕̒͐́͌́ͯͬ̒̀̀̚͟ͅo̶̷̴̟̞̭̱̮̗͇̫̝̺ͯ̾͆ͧ͋ͩ̇͒̿̓ͧ͂ͮͨ̓ͬͪ̀o̞̭̬̫͖̫͚̒̇̃ͨͪ̈́̍̈́ṗ̨̢̥̯̫̲̭̀̊̈̐͑ͨ̒͆ͥ̀͢͡k̴̞̗̂ͪ́ͬ̆̓̒̔̅͆ͭ͂ͦ̈̀͜ͅa͋̊̊͌̅̃ͯͧͬͪ̇̑͌ͭ́͆̋͏҉̝͙̫̙̮̠͚͇̥͍̜͝p̷̡̝̥̙̟̫̤̪̝͖̼͓̙͉̙͉̓͌ͩ͌ͩ͂̇͗ͦ͋́͝ͅō̵̸̵̺͈͙̲̪̭̗̰͇̘̞͇̲͚̪̼̞̞͇͋͆̂ͣ̐́ͨͧ̈́̀̓̿̀̚͠ò̸̢̧͍̼̞͇̗̟͚̺ͣ̅̂̏̃̓̉̀ͯ̏̄͛ͩͮ͐̔͟p̸̤̭̪̩̮̺͙͔̙͎̒̄̈̽̐͛͟ͅaͩ̀͛̄̆̑͐̓ͭ̍ͭͪ̄͏̻̯̣̮̼̰̲̭̹͈̕͞͞i̛̗̩͚̖̜̙̥͉̩̮̗̙̭͓̬̒̇ͯ̅̉͌̌̑ͨ̿͜nͧ̎̓ͯͨͥͣ̉̿̚҉̴̴̤̫̹͖͈̝̝̜̞̻́ͅeͬ̈́͆̈́ͦ̊̋҉̸̢̦̙̰̪̤͟ ̵̪̖̟̺̝͇̰ͧ͒ͥ̓̓̓ͪ͗̂͋̌͒ͦ͝p̲̮̹̩̱̪̻̘̘̲ͨ́̄̓̒̽̽̀͆ͧ̄̄ͩ̀͠͝o̸͙̱̗̼̠̽ͭ̆͂ͥͪ̉͛ͯ͆̊͜õ̶̦͔̪͔̫̻̥̇̈́̽ͪ̔ͬͦ͜p̧̯̯̦̜͔͕͔̬̖̫̣̼͎͍̗̔͆̈́̂̔͆͒͠ḫ̡̡͚͕͍̮̻̲͍̰̩̫͇̗̰͔̓̅̽̒ͦ̿ͬ̇ͣ͒̕͠ͅͅô̸̧̡͓͈̝̰̅̐ͮ̽̅͢͞o̶ͫ̎̋ͦͧ͐̂̂҉̸̭͉͓̻̦̪͈̳͔̭̝̫̪̝̩̩̖̘p̛̊̐̍͟҉̸̶̜̙̫̤̞̬̺ ̏̃̇̈̔͐̅ͨ͜͏̡͎̪̱̙̬͙̮͔͙̰͖̗̙́ͅs͐͗ͦͨ҉̴͎̙̘̩̘̼̭͓͔̤̜̮ͅͅͅͅj̷̓̈́̋̐ͤ̂́̍́ͤ̿͒ͭ͆͋̕͞҉̠͍͓͖̥̹̻͈̗̠̲̥̪̬̰̯̗y̡̭̩̯̙̦͈̪̱̱̤͇̣̖̺̪̭̎̈͒̾͂̌̓́͑̎ͪ͗̏̇̽ͣ́͜e͛̍̏ͬ̔̽̑͋̚͏̜͈̩̞̠̤͇̮̟̱̱́ư̶̪͚͉͉͙̙͔̫͔̭̼̭̎̈͗́̿̔ͪ̒̀͜c̃͑̐̈̆ͭͣ̎ͫ͒̅͋́͒̀͝͏̴̗̫̪̠̪̙͟ų̪̩͕̗̗̩͉̠̹͔̰͙͕̦̭͔̗͒ͤͬ̏͐̋̏ͫ̾̾ͧ͐͑̀͊͛̍͝w̉̂̅ͮ̆ͨͤ̚҉̵̢̢̼͎̖̦̞j̸̴̸̤͔̺̟̭̇̓̃͐͒̔̏ͫ͌̐̓̓ͯͪ͒͝j͑͂͂ͩͬ̊ͧ̇̽̅̊ͣͬ҉̷̷̧̣̘̮̰͍̠̥̲͇̜͍̥̞̲̠͚̜̳͡ͅe̙̗̯͍̳̗͎̻̥͕̟͇̟̞̦͒͂ͨ̔͒͋́̚n̸͚͍̤̰̠̤͖̪̪̭͍̱̤͓̠̘̄ͪ̆̉̀͂̔̔̉͐͞͠͠d̨̡͎̙̺̜͍̙̜̝̱̘̘̲̬̠̙̱ͮ̇ͫͧ̿̀̓̉̉̉͛̈͒j̶̡̦̼̤̭͖̬̗̻̯̠̣ͮ̄̔ͤ̋͊ͪ̽͗͞c̙̘̩̖̝̲̦͔̻̣͚͍͚̦͈̙̖̬̝̊̅ͣ̉ͨͩ̆́̓̄̅́͢͡͝h̺̰̗̮̲̱͍̻͚̘̦̬̩̝͍͎͈̣͑̎̅̀ͮ͑̉ͮͥ̂́́̚͡s̨̝̦̪̪͍̩̫͖̝͚͍̺̲̩̞̹̾̄̽̂̄͋̄͋̉̔̆̍ͥ̏̅͌ͨ̓̚͠ű̏ͣͯ͊̒͏̬̪͔̦̗̝̣̺͕̟̣̕̕͜͟ų̢̡̳͇̣̮̦̪̬̥̻̠̜̲̗̗̺̝͔͛ͮ́̄͐̎̎̀̂̚ͅs̨͛͛̈́̾ͫ͋͋́́͐̇͗ͫ̔ͮ҉҉̶̗̤̝͙̪̙̙͔̺͔͡u̸̴̴̢̙̠͚̝̭̥̬͊̐́̀̋͗̀̾͗̇ͭ̒̐͛̏̚͟d̷̛͉̻͕̜͚͛͑ͭ̒̃̔̿ͨ̑̎͑̓͗͘͡ͅư̸͔̘͙͙̙̟̼͇̻̤̦͈̟̞̬̲̟͊̄ͧ͒ͯ̓ͫ̊́̚͘͠ͅh̷̲͓͈͚̟͉̟̏̽̿̾ͣ͋͒ͣ̎́͜͠d̷̩̠̱̬͒̽͆ͬ̽̽͛̔̀͂̈̽̃̾̽́̇̈̀͘h̴̡̛͕̺̗͉̫̩̩͈̤̥̺͇̖̜̞̣̙ͧ̌̄͗̅̾̄͂̾͢j̷̯͖͇͉̰̗̟͈̝ͥ͊́͆̄̉̆ͨ̄̆̄̔̃̐̈́̀ĕ̲͈̩͖͚͕̲̜͚̙̮̏̊͛̃ͨͪ̓̅̿ͬ͗ͪ͘͘̕͢j̅̒ͬ̅͌̈́͊̋̔̐̄͗̽͏̡͎͈͇̺͓̮̱͔̭͈͉̮̟d̨̯̠̞̞ͩ͋̄͂̔̃͋ͤͪ̓̕͠ĵ̶̛̮̮͉̩̱̫̯̀̀̅͡x̸̧̜̪͈̭͎̜̥̻̤͈̅̓̏̎̆͗̾̌͆̇̈͡͠j̷͓̩̺͍̼̽͋̾ͬ̇͗̈̽ͤ͟͜͠c̸̫̼̻̯̺͙̦̞̜̋̔͛ͫͤͮ͆ͦͣ̿̅̑̋͑͘ͅj̶̢̙͎̫̬̲̞̭͙̖̙̭̇ͪ̊͐ͨ͌̓͌͐ͮͦ̍ͯͤ͂̀̀jͭ͊͐ͯ́̏͐̐̽ͩ҉͏̡̟̘̱̺̬͙̻̦̗̻̖̤̠̠̝̹̮̰̗͜͢c̛͍̬̝̣͇̫̜̤̤̗͎̫͔̣͈͓̟̭̓͒ͥ͋̋͋̔ͨ̑ͭ̐̅ͯ̇̾̌͢͠h̛̎̋͂̂ͭ̏ͧ͂̽͒̉̾ͩ̚̚͏̢̭͉̞̗̺̩͙̮̠͚̦̖̖͚͖͕̳ͅx̛̼̬̹̓̓̑̀ͦ͒͋͗̍̈̚͜͠͞͝ͅh̴̷̢̞̦͎̯̺̘̣̦̣̳͚͆̏̅ͤ̀̀̅ͭ͒ͤ̓͆͆̽̃͌̚͞͡h̷̼̹̣̞̰͔̠̿̅̑̔̀͒̄͘̕s̵̵̩̺̹̺̪̫͕̈́̋̄́ͯ̍ͥ̊̍ͬͭͮ̏h̉̊́͐ͣ̎ͥ͏̹̜̘̻̜̗̠̘̭̩͖͔̩̙̟͓͚͠͠͞s̶̨͉̤̲̝͔̹͎̱̘̓̐̓̓̓̈͒͒̀ͪ͋͑͑ͬ͑͘͢h̴̸̢̩̱̻͕̝̪̱̘͓̮͔̻̟̭̉̄ͣͥ́̌ͫw͐̑ͩ̉͒͒ͬ͐ͮ̇ͧͬ̆͆͛͒͌͒͘͘͢͏̬̥̰̺̳͖̻̭̬̝̪ͅj̴̨̧͕̩͕̳̳̣̯̦͓̜ͧ͌͑ͮ̒̅̂͑ͭ͐̃̆̑̓ë̴̢̧̡͖̫̭̤͖̠̥͙̭́ͬ̉͒̓͋ͬ̈́͛̅͌̋͆ͣ̉͆͗̒j̻̺͖͚̝̪͈̻̖̞̹̈́ͥ̉ͨ̍ͧ͡͠͠j̸̧̢̩̙̠̟̺͙͖͕̹̦̥̩̻̼̐̀ͬ̃̂̅̉ͮ̏ͅd̵̸̝̼̪͍̤̖̪͓͖̱̫͖̝̣̬̺̔̍̇ͣͪ̽ͮͫ͑̐̏̀͟͜j̴̵ͪ̀͌̈͗̒͟͏͍͎̘̻̮̟̗̼͉̠̪͔̬̬ͅc̶̵͎͓̫̬̩̥̣̳͇̤̬̠̙̳̃̑̿͆̓̒̇̓̀̚̕͝j͒͋͛ͪ͗͊̒̈́҉̶̞̳̱̪̬̱̫͖̗̫͟͟͝d̡̓̏ͣ͌̓̈̓̋̔҉̬̜̣̦̬͍̞̜͙̰̝̖̠̜͈̞̱͈͔͢͟͡j̧̞͕̻͎̹̙̩̯̞̤̘̳̖̻̰ͧͣ̃ͮͬͤ̽ͫ̉̊̑ͧ̃͊͢eͦ̈́ͬ̐̚. dune boi

  • A lot of delayed games. I guess they’re learning from recent history with all the games that were released too soon, before they’re done, ticking off their consumer base.

  • For those who are new to the Dune universe, it’s a story about various groups of people fighting over space-cocaine that lets you see the future.

    …like Burning Man, but with harder drugs and hand-to-hand combat.

  • Me at 2 yrs. old. Mozart? What’s a Mozart? Me at 6yrs old. Mozart Lisa. Does he live here in the hood with us? Parents: Never mind.��

  • Is it only me that none of this games got me excited. It feels like the same old style action games, and just slapping some cool words to pitch and hype up the same shit. This is action strategy management with rpg element open world sandbox whatever we can think of just so you buy it. Like for example the games with parkour mechanics, yea it is cool to do some nice tricks for the first few hrs of the game, where the actual world is well built and quality is good but then all gets repetative and lazy. I’ve been burnt so many times with over hyped “TRAILERS and TECH DEMOS” that have the what is shown in them worked on for 2 years and well polished then the rest of the game being done in 2 months and sometimes barely functioning at release.

  • Just how old is your is your warframe recording is? You put the year 2020 in title and put the year 2017 destiny but not the 2020 warframe.

  • I think I prefer warframe over Destiny 2 especially since warframe is completely free while a lot of stuff is locked behind a paywall in Destiny 2

  • This vid is bullshet just because someone was badly traumatized from a game doesn’t mean the creator should go to jail, it’s just like Fortnite but the creator didn’t go to jail. Plus it was from one kid, ONE KID the entire group didn’t get traumatized

  • And your friend should I be the president and should we should do you call me the guy who made a Resident evil we need that guy in your club instead of your dumb ass boys your reply

  • How adorable and talented. He should be teaching other children. He’s too into it to have some adults teach his joy away. Play on little dynamo ��

  • Why the fuck did you use gameplay footage of WoT from 2011 when it had shit graphich why not put 2020 graphich which are beautiful, no logic.

  • Hi. I am a big fan to ur vids it’s super fun to listen to them and I think it will better if I did the text down like it will be the sound and the writing.I hope that u will see my cmts ☺️

  • 10. 0:38. Hearthstones

    9. 1:27. World of tanks

    8. 2:15. Call of duty war zone

    7. 3:15. Dauntless

    6. 4:06. Brawlhalla

    5. 5:01. Counter strike

    4. 5:49. Path of exile

    3. 6:49. Apex legends

    2. 7:43. Warframe

    1. 9:39. Destiny 2

  • I bought my brother a switch and he bought one for me, i have neon yellow and purple and he got neon red and blue switch, this was super helpful as he is mentally ill he acts like a younger child and also cant get trough zelda and stuff, thanks for saving my holliday this year! These games are so much fun:D, i own luigi’s mansion, mario deluxe, smash bros, kirby and kirby! They are my personal favourites

    last time i’m very into the world of dune, made some Music inspired by that awesome story, check out if you like some Electronic Music and sci-fi:D can’t wait to see this movie!

  • “Yoshi’s crafted world for younger kids”

  • I hope this does well enough to adapt the rest of the series, if only because I DESPERATELY want to see if Hollywood can adapt God-Emperor of Dune even SLIGHTLY accurately to the book

  • Thanks for this, my 5 year old has started to ask about games etc so decided to get her a switch and this vid as helped a lot with picking games for her ��

  • How about ROBLOX? A Free Online Game.. You can change your character Buy Free If you don’t have robux You neeed robux to buy shirts and pants but search free there is some free Things

  • 10. Coin flip simulator
    9. Seems like a smart phone “game”
    8. Generic shooter
    7. looks ok (kinda weird aesthetic)
    6. LoL art Smash Bros ripoff
    5. Generic shooter
    4. Infinitely better than Diablo 3, but has some bad game design/systems
    3. Generic shooter
    2. looks interesting but “feeling like an unstoppable powerhouse” doesn’t feel fun/challenging
    1. another Halo? they stopped being any good after the 2nd one…

    The honorable mentions should’ve just been in the list imo, at the very least they seem a lot more interesting.

    The state of gaming these days…. oh well, guess it’s back to snes classic.