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The Unique Struggles and Benefits Older Parents Face Financial Security. The first is financial security. Older parents who’ve waited to have children have probably spent More Time to Spend With the Kids. With financial security can come more time to spend with the kids. Those countless A.

The March of Dimes states pregnant women over the age of 35 could face potentially dangerous complications, such as gestational diabetes, preeclampsia and high blood pressure. There are also many. Change happens out of struggle and in moments of accepting responsibility for our actions.” Watching my child struggle without stepping in to fix things for him was one of the hardest parenting challenges I’ve personally experienced as a mom, even though I knew it was the best thing for him.

Parents face many challenges. When an aging parent develops dementia, it is easy for a long time companion to take advantage of the confusion that exists. The family trust will have a successor trustee appointed on it. If that.

Family commitments can also suffer when parents juggle classes and homework with their children’s school events, medical appointments and sports. Add responsibilities for elderly parents. Death, divorce, and separation rob parents of the joys of companionship and sharing of responsibilities. Here are a few single parenting issues and single parent’s struggles along with some single parenting tips and solutions to single parenting.

1. Loneliness. You have to deal with the loss of a partner and the gap they left in your life. As we get older, so do our parents and other loved ones.

Difficult as it is to consider, they may one day need our help just as we once needed theirs. The Rumor: Children should always care for. Most aging parents know just the right buttons to push to get you going. Some, enjoy the family drama.

Many seniors act out, create drama, push buttons so, that, you the adult child and family caregiver will back off. This does lead to crisis management in the future. This throws off the parent-child dynamic, and you know that kids, especially teens, are going to use this to their advantage. With regards to school, parents often feel disappointed to see their children struggling to keep up in class, and many parents report bullying and discrimination as a result of cultural differences. As parents get older, attempts to hold on to our independence can be at odds with even the most well-intentioned “suggestions” from our children.

We want to be cared about, but fear being cared.

List of related literature:

Yet although the potential for this phenomenon has increased greatly because more parents are living into old age, the experience of caring for dependent parents and children simultaneously is not typical (Martin-Matthews and Rosenthal, 1993).

“Family Ties and Aging” by Ingrid Arnet Connidis, SAGE.
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Childless older adults are now more likely to live on their own or in institutions, as compared with parents who are more likely to live with spouses or children.61 If they live at home, they are more likely to use home-help services.

“How to Be Childless: A History and Philosophy of Life Without Children” by Rachel Chrastil
from How to Be Childless: A History and Philosophy of Life Without Children
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Younger mothers appear to benefit the most, whereas older adolescents seek more autonomy in the decisions that they make as parents.

“The Development of Romantic Relationships in Adolescence” by Wyndol Furman, B. Bradford Brown, Candice Feiring, Willard W. Hartup, Carolyn Shantz, Nancy Eisenberg, Robert Emde, Lois Hoffman, Eleanor E. Maccoby, Franz J. Monks, Ross Parke, Michael Rutter, Carolyn Zahn-Waxler
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These social changes have led to a decreased ability to care for older parents at home.

“Health Care and Public Policy: An Australian Analysis” by George R. Palmer, Stephanie D. Short
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Even within families who moved from larger cities to smaller ones, the younger child who spent more years in a smaller metropolitan area tends to have greater upward income mobility than the older child who spent more years in a larger metropolitan area (Chetty and Hendren 2018).

“Handbook of Population” by Dudley L. Poston Jr.
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Older parents, on the other hand, improved the odds of being recipients of support with each additional adult child.

“Aging, Society, and the Life Course” by Leslie A. Morgan, PhD, Suzanne R. Kunkel, PhD
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With increasing life expectancy, higher costs of living, and inadequate Social Security and pensions, we can assume that the responsibility of caring for an elderly parent, for a large percentage of families, will ultimately fall on an adult child.

“Current Controversies on Family Violence” by Donileen R. Loseke, Richard J. Gelles, Mary M. Cavanaugh
from Current Controversies on Family Violence
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Young adults and the elderly tend to live as independent households more Often than they did a few decades ago, and the rise in the divorce rate has resulted in more single-parent families.

“The Canadian Encyclopedia” by James H. Marsh
from The Canadian Encyclopedia
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Similarly, while adult children still receive care from parents in various forms, they may also take on a new role as a provider of secure-base support for their parents as they grow old, or in late life.

“Handbook of Life-Span Development” by Lawerence K.W. Berg, PhD, Esq., Karen L. Fingerman, PhD, Toni C. Antonucci, PhD, Jacqui Smith, PhD, Cynthia Berg, PhD
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Similarly, some characteristics of ‘‘young unwed fathers’’ may reflect the influence of economic deprivation on family obligations, rather than the direct effect of paternal immaturity (Speak, Cameron, & Gilroy, 1997).

“The Role of the Father in Child Development” by Michael E. Lamb
from The Role of the Father in Child Development
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  • Well apart from other things this story should also have covered the situation that how this 16yr old girl was pregnant and how can her mother was so much Oky with it. Being pregnant at that age is also a life threatening condition. How can she be so cool with it. And how come this documentary didn’t paid attention to it. Both the condition were worse.

  • Help me i’m so stressed out live with my toxic lil brother and dad. My dad always let him to do anything he wants even that’s wrong, and i cant escape from this situation, it kills me slowly. It’s enough to live at hell for years.

  • I have APS. It did not turn out so well for me. Lost my daughter at 29 weeks. Had 2 other children but was on very strong blood thinners. So happy for her that it was caught before she had worse things happen.

  • it’s really an unfortunate thing to be in a country where you can’t be cured because of lack of resources and unless you have the money to save your life. My cousin went through eclampsia, the baby was saved (premature) but my cousin is in coma from day 1 of having emergency CS because of eclampsia. Until now, she is alive still in coma and does not give any response. So she never had a chance to even hold her baby girl. ������

  • I can’t move out yet cuz I’m still a college student. But if i can then I will. I’m tired understanding their toxic mind-set. I have this sister who’ve hurt me physically just because I correct her wrong behavior and the worse thing is my grandmother and uncle got angry at me and they scold me. My mom wants me to say sorry but I don’t get it, why would I say sorry if I’ve done nothing wrong. My sister hurt me and i didn’t hurt her as a payback, but why do they see it that I’m the one who did wrong? And after a month she said sorry to me through text but i didn’t accept it cuz why would a person say sorry in a text? It’s not genuine and after two days she’s acting mad again. If she really wants my forgiveness why would she act in a way that will make me mad again? Argh! She really frustrates me. And you shouldn’t expect that a person will forgive you just because you said sorry.

  • Wow that man is 40 now. How time flies. When I was younger I wondered how people could live up to their 40s, 50s, 60s. Doesn’t it get boring? Lol.

  • I’m 12, Almost thirteen. And all baby faces will understand the “try to look your age” stuff. And I HATE when we are at restaurants. And the waiter says kids menu? My dad says YES cause he thinks it’s funny. ��

  • I felt like i need my family. As sort of an anchor, but everytime i deal with my brother he finds an opportunity to betray me. I think he’s jealous of me. I never say or do anything to stress him. I got to a point that hes affecting my self confidence. I cut him off but dont feel any better, because now were all divided. It seems like my mother enjoys hearing the frustration, but doesn’t say anything. Im surrounded by succubuses, energy vampires. It seems like they’re intention is character assasination. I need to step away. Im 45, but it seems he thinks hes still allowed to bully.

  • I have a dilemma right now… My older brothers are sooo toxic. Because of pandemic, we are all in our mother’s house,we’re a broken family tho. We grew up separately but we meet up occasionally when there’s family events like birthdays or christmas. They both hate our mother so bad and no one is trying to speak up with them. I tried a little bit and I can sense that I’m also becoming the target too.

    One of my older brother’s partner is also a narc. She’s two faced because when my bro is off work and alone with us with my nephew, she has a confident aura without respecting personal boundaries and not doing housework. But when bro’ s in the house she’s acting nice and hardworking and always play the victim. I can read that she also uses my nephew to get what she wants urgh ��

    All in all their are 3 Narcs in our house right now and I feel I want to vomit �� Its also hard ‘coz I can’ t cut them off…

  • I have too much toxic family
    My parents destroyed my childhood and feeling emotion
    They manipulate me very much
    They always take my happiness from me
    And my siblings also help them
    I am least priority in this family
    They tortured me very much
    Problem is that when I tell this matter to anyone people also make fun of me and don’t give sympathy and support
    I feel very lonely
    Every time they do something that all my friends and relatives left me alone

  • My whole family is toxic and yet I still live under their roof because I still haven’t graduated college. I need to be free and out from their lives.

  • Whoever is reading this, I’m your girl for advice, spill the beans if you want to, we don’t know each other so……? What’s wrong?

  • My mom till this day she keeps telling me negative, insulting stuff that makes me sad and down to the point that all i want is to cry and feel not loved by her.

    I have step brother and sister and so from my point of view since they were born she put them 1st, laugh with them,joke around with them, buys them stuff and not STRICT on them. But when shes around me its not like that at all. Maybe when shes looks at me she sees my dad and hate me for it.
    My mom has done lots of things to me even hitting on me, suddenly pulling my hair inside the car just because i answered her back while we were arguing about something. Funny thing is she never admit she did so. She just care about herself, talk about herself, she dont like me wearing or using her stuff. Even shopping with her is like shopping with a sgranger.
    Sometimes I just envy my step siblings

  • How to remove toxic people when it’s you’re mom even tho it hurts im really tired. I cannot leave the house im a minor and now we have pandemic I can’t im so drain��������

  • Your better off cutting ties with everyone that shares the same last name as you. Blood family is toxic. They will always be the most toxic, manipulative, selfish people you’ll interact with. You cant choose the family your born into, But you can choose your real family. Family is not blood. Its Bond.

  • I know the fact that my mother loves me a lot. But the thing is if things don’t work the way she wants she starts abusing and comparing me with the neighbors children. It’s ok because most of the women do that to vent out their emotions. But in my case it is going up a little bit. My mother has Vitamin D deficiency and low BP too so, my maternal side blame me for her condition. I just passed 12th and percentage is not goodm So I am very afraid that if I don’t get a regular college how will be I able to tackle this situation.

  • Some of my Family Members try to control me but speaking about thing s that aren’t true to manipulate me. I just want to move away it this point:(

  • this woman seems to be very angry at children raised by older parents.

    Could it be she was actually jealous of her younger sister, who obviously had a more privileged childhood than her? (taking a stab in the dark…I have no idea why she is so passionate and angry with these women ��)

  • This quarantine has been hell on earth for me! Stuck with these awful entities 24/7. I contemplated even killing myself just anything to get away from them. They force me to stay in the house and completely destroying any good energy I manage to build up. They love embarrassing me and shaming me, and yelling for no reason and I hope that they receive all the shit they put me through but 10x worse.

  • It’s hard to avoid toxic siblings, when you live with them. I think most of my problems are due to my older sister. No matter what I say, it’s not valid.

  • I admire the analogy you made with the poison ivy. However I feel like I touch the poison ivy, clean it and recover, and then go back. It’s a cycle.

  • Its worse when you have a child-like voice. Im 20 and people still think im 12. At least I can eat of the kids menu and get a meal with dessert and drink for cheap

  • My mother lives in a victimhood, my both brothers regularly fighting with my mother, they break remotes, cups, chairs, shout, daily… They don’t relax for more than 1 hr…
    I m dropper and preparing for exam, I m continuesly failing from 4 years now.. Now I want to kill my self and I can not go out, I m not able to study… Its too much now.. And my father is narcissist who continuesly blames my mother and us.
    That we are failures, we are just for money..
    I am just going to end this.
    I can’t live more
    Sorry god.

  • It’s hard for me but my family is toxic and I want to leave but I don’t know why I still want to stay i hate my family they never give me a break I even said I have depression they don’t care I feel like im useless games are my happiness but my family takes it away I feel the world is unfair I just want to be alone with my games if I can just do it but my family controls me way too much

    Thank you for listening how I feel

  • I used to wonder why some people choose to live out in the boonies in the middle of nowhere and not talk to people. Now as an adult I understand

  • I cut my brother off because he has a very narcissistic attitude & a sociopath. He’s very strange and constantly wants his way (which I don’t understand). Even when I’m talking to someone about a certain subject he gets upset and wants his way. I cut him off completely and I just moved on with my life. He has internal problems he has to deal with I know nothing about. We had our last fall out because I wouldn’t tell him how much I paid to have my sink fixed ����‍♂️ (yes this is true). I feel a lot more better than I’ve felt in a while.

  • Having hard time dealing with my uncle his so you should do this do that do the chores even is not paying the bills in the house he is just like an empty can making all the noises sometimes he makes us feel we are the problem but in reality we are the ones who is helping my other uncle paying the bills in the house

  • I have a lot of toxic family members they take a lot of advantage cause I’m a part time worker and college. It’s best to avoid them.

  • I had a baby face and everyone underestimated my age until I got piercings and tattoos and dyed hair now people actually get it right ��

  • My nickname is (Miguel), im 13 years old, my brother is toxic, my sister and my other big brother doesnt even talk to my toxic brother, and i thought, “im not going to help my toxic brother, even if he begs to me, ill only help my big brother and my sister and my mother”…

    I just want to live a happy life with my family but this “toxic idiot brother” keeps getting in the way.

    Just please, end this.

  • I’m having to deal with them whilst in lockdown, having no friends (support system) and no job is tough but i keep praying for positive change!

  • Doing things like removing yourself from the environment, preventing, distancing yourself from future potential toxicity is looked down as THE MOST selfish thing by my parents/siblings. So, when I stay quite with an intention to keep the situation neutral they still see it as something negative… I swear I just dont know what to do coz they have this POV that I’m this disobedient child who’s always sensitive when they dont even look at the way they treat me ya know… Sometimes all I want to hear them say is “I’m sorry”… I’m just waiting to get out the house.. I pray it happens soon. I pray.

  • I have a family member I no longer speak with because of their toxic and abusive behavior, but now I am no longer in touch with my young nieces because I decided not to associate with this family member anymore…�� which is very unfortunate.

  • Thank you for this. I’m living with my husband and his in-laws. It’s been two years and I’ve been having more and more bad interactions with my dad-in-law. He’s an uncensored Archie Bunker and recently said some homophobic stuff towards what I bought my hubby (that hubby wanted) that made me super angry. I want to move, but was pressured into signing the lease renewal for another year. Hubby and I are definitely moving next year, but I’m going to try to use your suggestions to survive until next August.

  • Can you explain “toxic” people? What about those who are trying to change? Who have trauma and who hate the way they react or respond. Practice makes perfect, but only when you are taught the right way. Some toxic people don’t realize how they come across. Or is it more the “broken”?

    Can you please define “toxic” vs. “broken who has created walls and defenses they need (and want to) stop. They want to learn better ways to cope and/or respond.

  • My parents use me as show off(my grades/awards etc) for our family and friends. I’ll choose colleges in a few months and they told me that I couldn’t go anywhere and that the only way they could “afford me” was if I go to the nearest by chance one of my favourites college and according to them that is the best option because im gonna be able to come home whenever I want.They have always been really strict n when I leave the house they call me at least 4 times. They are old-fashioned.they think that because I’m a woman I’m unable to take care of myself. I have never had something to own.Ive never had my own room, or cloths or anything. I couldn’t wait to go to college but now damn I feel like I can’t. I wanna do soooooo many things and I feel like I can’t.

  • i have a mom who hurts me to death and she acts like i am the one who hurts her these days my brother hurts me physically and i told why she didn’t say anything to him abt what he does so she hollers at me i can’t wait to leave them but i m still a college student nd i am so ambitious i wanna stay strong

  • I have a brother that didn’t treat me well in the past, later he came back in my life because it was something he needed me for in a situation a new women but still he never really kept a positive relationship with me everytime he calls me which isn’t a lot its always him screaming at me about his life and how he is fed up its all about him never is it hi how are you is your life going well…never has he cared to ask me about my health or my life, so one day I lost it and I blew at him and told him off about the past and the now, I feel bad because he is my brother but its never a positive loving conversation and I can’t do it anymore, is it still normal though to miss him he is the only sibling I have left but its such a negative relationship….

  • The worst of all is, moving away from a certain toxic person results in the way where the whole family thinks that you have attitude problem even though u haven’t even stood up for yourself or said a word that hurts them..

  • My identical twin great nieces both have Turner Syndrome. Both have different sets of problems makes it more difficult. They were the tiniest children I have ever, seen for their ages that is, standing more than a foot shorter than my grandson who is six months younger.. Now that they are on growth hormones they have both grown tremendously. They have the behavior problems that are often associated with the syndrome too but are learning coping mechanisms. One also has a kidney problem. There are many potential problems associated with this syndrome. The family and the girls just have to take it as it comes. For now, they are beautiful little girls and are doing really well.

  • honestly its terrible that america doesn’t provide subsidised health care. apparently shaun’s life doesn’t matter in the eyes of the government because he doesn’t have the money to pay. so sad.

  • There was a time when i tried to change them, but i just end hurting myself. I realized they will be toxic always and they just try to find new ways how to put you down. I realized that life has too much to offer and don’t waste your energy to these kind of people.

  • So, take care of yourself (exercise, sleep enough, eat right) seek counseling, avoid further contact with toxic peeps and surround ourselves with non toxic peeps. Set boundaries for ourselves to avoid further toxic people….Got it!

  • My grandma’s a narcissistic and sadistic verbal abuser, so this was incredibly useful. Thanks for the steps, I’m not going to be interacting with her any more, peace

  • I have an older sister who emotionally abused me and all her younger siblings for years growing up.. She’s the most toxic person in my life at the moment and can’t wait until she moves away.. Being away from her always feels like a relief even if it’s for a few minutes.

  • Seeing so many people here
    It makes me feel a bit less lonely in these issues
    But I sincerely hope u all can lead a better life soon, away from your toxic family…

  • How do I deal with a person who hurts me and act like I hurt her. It’s my mum. She’s always like that and I’m getting sick of it already.

  • I can’t stand my Fahrer. He’s the worst and only causes Problems. I dont want him any near me! I want him to leave and never ever come back

  • As if a toxic person would go to therapy with the family.
    They are bullies to the core and don’t want to cooperate.
    Abuse and discord is their power base.

  • i dont know what to do though if i talk back at my mom saying to stop because shes talking bad about me at my oldest brother he threatens me last time he throws a tv remote at me he keeps saying try me try me and cussing at me then he start to get physical but i cant really do anything once he left the room my mom blames me i keep avoiding him but he will just approach me i just hope it will gets better sooner or later and he will try to malipulate me to do things for me its rare of me to say no because he will say im useless and he start to compare me to my cousin saying she does better so i just have to do what he wants.

  • Sir could u plz help me out
    M a teen n m living with my toxic parents, brother n a grandma n my family is so strict that they do not even permit me to step out of the house and all they spread in the house is negativity, they mostly fight amongst themselves and against me as well and then all of a sudden they all bind up into a team against me and torture me all the way
    M a student currently n whenever I have exams coming near they start creating a hell in the house n leave me with no circumstances to study and they never treat me as their daughter but always as an enemy who’s staying in their house, Infact I don’t even wanna stay with them, I asked them several times to let me go n live at my maternal granny’s house for few weeks but they harshly denied that too and then they act as if they’re doing a favour on me by letting me stay in their house and make me feel all low all the time
    Mu younger brother harasses me all the time by hitting me, abusing me, teasing me and then goes n scream to my parents that I hit him and starts shouting and my parents n grandma all take his side n treat me as a criminal who hit or abuse their son and I’ve often heard them talk amongst each other to stay away from me, saying that m a psycho and a really evil person
    They neither let me focus on my career nor do they let me live a carefree life coz when I pause studying they r like why the heck r u not studying, stop making a joke of ur life and when I start studying they do not even let me study like they give me work to do or start an argument with me or such
    And they always doubt me for doing some illegal work like having a boyfriend or doing some dirty stuff, they never trust me and also my brother adds fuel to the fire by guiding them wrong by telling them false that I myself chatting with someone or watching some dirty stuff even when he knows that m not and my parents believe him and then start hitting me n giving me lectures…
    What do I do now??? I can’t even live a peaceful life now and because of the quarantine there are no schools or tuition classes going on so I can’t escape out of the house and other than that I do not have the permission to go out
    N my exams r coming soon n I need to focus on my studies but they’re not letting the atmosphere in the house be calm n nor r they letting me live at my maternal granny’s house for some weeks
    Also I don’t have any friends so all alone at home with everyone against me, I can just sob and get frustrated in the mind…
    Please help me sir

  • Ignore them stay away from them act like your always busy,they will eventually get the hint.pray to God to remove them from your life,you don’t need people like that in your life even if its your family.they can be the devil in disguise. Just pray for them that’s all you can do..

  • I feel my mother is very toxic and only uses me when she needs me. She only talks to 3 out of 5 kids. I’m one of them purely because I let her get away with soo much. It takes a massive toll on me but I am use to allowing her to do this, then going home to reconnect my feelings the right way. I feel she only has time for me when she isn’t talking to my sister then as soon as she starts talking to my sister again. I don’t hear from her at all. I have 3 kids and they don’t even really know who she is. She doesn’t visit us only to drop off stuff and then leaves again. I prefer to spend quality time with people and all she wants to do is talk about how poor she is but she lives a very conformable lifestyle. It’s very frustrating when I have such a loving relationship with my mother in law

  • I think it’s fine like one of my friends are 40 years apart, and they have the best relationship. But, only if it’s actually for love. And over 18.

  • @ 5:42 “We want to create positive, inspiring, uplifting affirming relationships in our life”.

    I try to find this situation, but the few family relations I have, and other people I’m around are quite negative.
    They are dismissive of what I say or offer, also controlling at times (sometimes in ridiculous ways).

    I try to impart wisdom to them. Mainly, that they should not automatically defer to “authority”, and those with titles,
    degrees, etc. Like so many, they don’t question things; they believe, and follow what they’ve been taught and told.

  • I’m in a 20year age gap and I can’t be any happier my husband is everything to me and vise versa. ❤️
    I just love you guys so much I wish for one day to meet you guys. God Bless you’re amazing beautiful relationship!❤️

  • Yeah, I think its important just to realize what I’m ok with and what is not ok for me. I still love my sister, I’m not angry at her, and I dont blame her. I just want space so she can be free to figure her own stuff out and I can be free from the weekly stomach aches and lost sleep I get for 3 days at a time everytime we fight over something controlling, and fragile. I dont deserve to be treated this way by anybody ever. So in moving out of the apartment. I hope that she finds her way with god and I’ll find mine.

  • Welp, i can’t leave now. Plus, I have tiger parents and am only 12 years old. I’m the youngest which makes me the target for abuse and toxicity

  • Boundaries and distance…. My narcissistic mother pulled my last straw last summer, so now I cautiously decide when to visit my parents. I had also been helping them with house bills for many years, whereas my 5 other siblings never had to, so I closed my bank account and got a new cellphone number. My parents are struggling to pay their mortgage and are constantly asking for vacation money, and I just leave it for my siblings to solve. I’m done being the good daughter (or should I say the family Cinderella).

  • (I will try to keep it short) so i feel lost. I am so happy and thankful for my life outside of my house and i can get along with my mom (most of the times), but sometimes she just changes and idk i just get this uncomfortable feeling from her. She acts childish and acts a bit drunk and when i confront her it is my problem and i am the one who can’t accept her for who she is.. (is it really my fault??) And one time i changed the radio stadion and didn’t know she was listening and she got so mad and yelled at me, said i that i don’t think of others, that i am the problem and i tried to ask her why she was yelling (3 times) but she would not respond (4 time she did respond) and she said i don’t know actually.. and my father.. i don’t know were to start. When i was 5 he said he would send me to boarding school l, he drinks his emotions away, said that i was expensive, i was the problem we used to have money problems (now we don’t). (He said more things but to much to type). I just don’t know what to do, because i don’t want to lose my friends and life outside of the place were i live and i also have a lot of stress because i have a bit of money for collage on a bank account (i have a few years till collage) ans have no idea how i am going to pay for collage, medication (adhd) etc. I just feel lost and don’t know what to do with this situation (sorry for the long comment and if it is a bit confusing�� but my therapist doesn’t help a lot)

  • Guess what… 24 *7 in my house with parents and sibling always eager to beat me up…being born in regular indian families sucks

  • Unfortunately with toxic people I find that unless I’m very “48 laws of power” with them, they perceive my kindness and try to cheap shot me when I open up. I’ve found the only reasonable way through is to be superficially polite and come across as sincere but in my heart to shut things down and never let them close enough to hurt me. It’s unfortunate but there’s no way around it.

  • I have able bodied adult male relatives that live in the same house. They wont work or clean after themselves or contribute to any bills they move ppl in they feel entitled to my money and all my resources and become petty if they are ever told no. They call family members to say how horrible I am when I finally get fed up with being used. They even say you think it’s yours because you paid for it. And the older women in the family say well they need help and I should keep helping them and putting up with all the chaos because they’re family. Mind you they wont take them in and put up with their mess either. I’m ready to move but the family says if I dont keep helping and doing more I’m selfish. These males throw tantrums like children stomping through the house and slamming doors if I don’t loan them money for them to buy stuff to smoke or alchohol. They say what 27yr old should have to provide anything for themselves?

  • For financial reasons, I have to move back into the family nest, but now that I’m older and mature I am now ready to use my intelligence, imagination, and my individuality to keep me sane and just go with the flow. An important philosophy my neighbor said to me, let it roll off your back, and always remind yourself that they don’t know you like you know yourself.

  • Can someone please explain what this is exactly bc i related it to being possibly verbally abusive sarcastic and rude but not entirely sure.
    This is examples of how my dad acts (not always he has good qualities too but a lot of time he does this stuff too)
    Hes rude sarcastic impatient and hurtful sometimes here are examples: (theres wayyy more these are just ones i can remember right now)
    Example: My mom asking him to help me put up wall decor for me one night and him insinuating to her that shes stupid for saying that (not in those words but may as well have been with his sarcastic rude tone) whenever he is about to have to go to bed for work (then proceeds to watch t v. for a while before even going to bed)
    Example: him calling me a professional student a while back in front of one of our family gatherings(im graduating in December from college and its only taking me about a year longer or yr and a half longer bc of changing my major and dropping classes bc of depression hitting me real bad and being in a toxic relationship for a while but still not too much longer)
    Another: my mom asking him a question and him being perfectly nice and in a good mood before and he just snaps bc of a question doesnt even matter what the question is like it could even be where’s the remote and hel get pissed off bc shes disturbing his t.v. show or just whatever hes doing like one time he asked her where the shoulder pad thing for the seatbelt was and he got pissed off
    Another example: him making a pissed off face and/or pausing the shoe whenever her and i are having a very small conversation while we are watching a show on t.v. even if we barely do it bc God forbid we mess up any show he watches. (At other family houses this id normal thing we do and if we need to pause it that’s fine bc t.v.s not going anywhere)(All he ever wants to do is watch t.v. eat crap and go fishing or hang with his buddies if he’s not working)
    Another example: him making off the wall sarcastic rude and hurtful comments towards literally any family member that would embarrass them in front of the entire family and him not caring at all
    Another: one time he was getting impatient with everyone when we were about to eat and kept making ugly sarcastic and rude comments like getting upset bc my mom was in the restroom and saying something like yall might as well eat no telling how long shes gonna be but in a much ruder manner and i said we dont have anywhere to be and said something like u live here. (Bc we had other family members over too but the thing is my memaw which is HIS mother was ALSO not ready to eat. Think she was in restroom or something too) and he was NOT referring to his mom.
    Another: him being perfectly happy and fine until my mom asks him a simple question and he snaps for literally no reason
    Another: commenting on the way my family like aunts and uncles raises their kids (in front of them sometimes especially with the rude off the wall random comments)
    Another: him commenting on everything he does not agree with every time he sees a person or a person comes up in a conversation such as he doesn’t agree with being gay so every time a gay person comes up in the conversation thats all hel talk about (hel do it respectfully but still theres obviously other qualities about a person other than them being gay) hel be like yeh they were nice but i dont agree with their lifestyle EVERY time and same thing when he sees a tatoo on a famous person on t.v. hes like i hope you never get tatoos  alot of times he sees it especially if its very visible tatoos like neck tattoos
    Another: me calling out him being disrespectful to my mom and him calling me ungrateful (having nothing to do with him being disrespectful and i am grateful so it really pissed me off)
    Also hes extremely judgemental
    And also basically he expects you to submit and respect him but its perfectly fine if he doesnt respect you and if u call him out hel get pissed off and sometimes throw a small tantrum like say something under his breath get up from his chair hes glued to watching t.v. violently close the recliner and storm to the other room (mainly if its my mom standing up for herself or arguing back with him)
    The worst part is my mom stayed with him bc shes too sick to work a 40 hr job and she gets mad at me when i see him being ugly to her and point it out. My nana told me to just apologize to her (my mom) about telling her my dad is basically verbally abusing her which i did apologize. My nana said since its been so long theyve been together and my mom decided to stay for me and my brother that she cannot handle me pointing out my dad being so ugly to her bc shes not emotionally stable from the about 30 years of verbal abuse and bc me and her fighting is like her fighting with her best friend bc my mom and i are close. We’re also very conservative and dont take til death do us part lightly. Super christian family especially my mom. What happened was we went crabbing and i had shorts on and a sweater before we left and i went to ask my mom if it was gonna be cold so i could change into pants if i needed to and i walk in the other room and my dad is there saying uh uh go put on some pants ur gonna freeze (in a rude way ofcourse i dont think he meant to be rude this time but it came out as rude) then we left and she asked him something about where the seatbelt pad is to protect you from cutting urself on it and he got pissed. Then we got to the place we were crabbing and i told my mom i was cold so she went to ask him if we had anything in the truck i assume then they both come back and i try to ask my mom without him hearing if he had coveralls and hes nosy so he said HUH and my mom told him what i said and he told her in a rude tone no we dont have any coveralls all we have is what we got and then he made an off the wall rude comment about me wanting to wear shorts and i told him no what happened was is that i went to ask mom if it was cold so i could go get pants out of my car (i didnt have the right kind inside my room to wear they were in my car before we left) but u didnt know that so you told me in a rude way to get pants on when i was already gonna do that anyway and then we got here and she went to ask u for coveralls bc i was still cold and she told me no but u are nosy so u had to know what was going on and then you told her in a rude way that we dont have any and then u made a rude comment about me wanting to wear shorts whenever that wad not the case and then after i told him that he told me i wad being ungrateful (bc obviously pointing out someone being disrespectful is the same as me being ungrateful sarcasm intended) and thats how i ended up fighting with my mom but it wasnt just that it was the buildup of all the years of him being rude to her but like i said earlier my nana explained she cant emotionally handle fighting with me too bc she (my mom) doesnt want me to realize hes being mean bc she cant take it and she already knows hes like that and chose to stay so i ended up apologizing to both of them bc i did say a few things i didnt mean but he IS disrespectful to her ALOT! She doesnt deserve how my dad treats her and i use to give him the benefit of the doubt and just relate it to mood swings but now i can tell its not. He also had treatment for hepatitis C bc he got shot when he was young and found out later he had it and after treatment it made his bad qualities soooo much worse So what exactly do i name what he is doing? It was kind of hard to explain without ppl being able to see his tone and facial expressions bc those are THE MAIN parts of how he is so rude all the time (along with the uncalled for unfunny rude sarcasm) oh and my entire family is sarcastic but in like a funny way but his is usually directed to hurt and not make you laugh bc its like he just doesnt care about the other opinions of our family because theyre not conservative or christian enough (we are all christians but he is like stricter but its in a like backwood baptist preacher kind of way like you repsect me but i can treat u like crap and its okay) (no offense to backwood baptists preachers that dont act like that it just seemed like a good way to explain it with how strict some of those kind of preachers and churches are or atleast how i think they may be from how ive heard ppl talking about them before they may be more respectful than my dad tho is the only thing idk im nondenominational Christian. He has a lot of good qualities and hes very caring and giving but his bad qualities are starting to outshine the good. Sometimes i would just ask him in a normal voice why are u yelling when hed do stuff and stay calm but i kind of have lost my control but maybe i can start doing stuff like that again when he directs stuff towards me and just walk away when hes being ugly to my mom like my nana and aunt told me to do. Idk. What do i call this and how do i handle it?

  • I went to get some water at a club and some girls came up to me and were telling me that I shouldn’t be there, I’m too young etc., and after asking how old was I (and me telling them), they said, “ah yes, I remember those days when I had to lie too.” ����‍♀️
    Funnily enough now that I’m in my 20s I get carded everywhere and no one believes how old I am, but when I was 14-15 everyone thought I was around 21-22 and never believed my real age, so I was always getting into clubs, buying booze & cigs without getting carded (not only in my country but all over Europe). ��

  • Im 22 and not planning on having kids until my 30s. This makes me happy that there is no rush like my best friends think. As a woman you need to mentally and physically prepare for a child that depression after giving birth is no joke my cousin lost his mother to it❤

  • Me & my 4 yr old brother have a 10 yr age gap. I’ll be 15 on August 11th & my bro will be 5 on August 27th. Just like my dad & uncle. They have a 10 yr age gap.

  • I think in this topic it is easy to mix correlation and causation up. I could imagine that the older parents are not wiser and more calm because they had more time to learn but cuz they are more likely to be academics.

  • The answer is still the same. They still love you till the end.

    You guys are saying old people will die soon, but how did you know the young one will not die?

    Death is anytime.

  • I’m 23. Mom is 59 and Dad is 71. As a son of old parents I can say there are advantages and disadvantages. If I put in balance I would say it’s being more beneficial. I always had access to a comfy life when it comes for food, school and a lot of things, what I liked it’s my parents are beyond experienced in life and they have never been doubtful or transmit insecurity, they have always given that sense of confidence and reliability so I’ve always felt protected and feel that I can trust, also you grow between interesting topics, they have always incentivated us to read and solve our own problems. In the other hand they try to raise you in an old fashioned, sometimes narrow minded ways that just don’t function nowadays, but I didn’t feel this because my mom has always been in touch with the modern education and problems so she is always adapting and evolving. For me the conclusion is that you need 2 basic conditions for having children. The first one is to have the resources to maintain them, it sounds shallow but it’s reality, I’ve seen friends struggling to get money and that’s sad. The second is you need to feel prepared to give up a lot of aspects in your life for assuming the challenge of having babies, you need to transmit security and have no doubts because there’s no turning back and that will eventually affect your children.

  • There is a time for everything.
    I am glad I had children very young. What a time, loved it!

    And then they were grown and I was of an age when modern women finally think of having a child, before that bus has left for good.
    So I went “back to school”. I CLEPed a bunch of classes, because I had not been sitting on my brain while rearing children. They would not let me CLEP any more. And I took some required courses. That bored me to no end and I resented spending money on THAT?! I was old enough to realize it was a waste of time for me.

    So I apprenticed and learned a trade I really liked. Until my husband retired I ‘worked’ and was very content. And let me add, since I was not worrying about family or when I would have one, it was actually quite stress free.

    After that we paid cash for some acreage and together built a house that we are living in right now, and growing natural food etc..

    I considered offering weekend or week long seminars for wannabees. Teaching hands on permaculture, bread baking, milking, butter and cheese making, canning, growing and working with herbs. Farm skills. It would be fun for me, but not for my husband. So he is priority.

  • Love has no boundaries! I love u guys so much �� keep sharing your story with the world and ignore the people who have nothing good to say. They’re miserable anyway.

  • My mum was 38 when she had me. The only downside is that I won’t have as long with her, and knowing that she probably won’t be around by the time I’m 50 is upsetting.

  • I have 2 parents and they’re both kinda old and kinda young cause my Mom gave birth to me 27 and my dad 34 and I’m one of the smartest people in my class

  • im 12 with older parents but i see my parents and grand parents and great grand parents so my great greats grand parents and grand parents dont miss out on me and my siblings life

  • My father have me and my three brothers at the age of 50 after three marriages…so he always look like our grand father but he was too kind and loving… But you always feel that you are close to lose him… This fear grow with you year after year… This the bad side

  • I’m 15, my parents are 39 and 40, my dad plays basketball with me and has plenty of energy and relates to me a lot, while my mom is the one I listen to music with and she gets today’s culture sometimes even better than I do, she hangs out with a lot of people in their early 20’s and she’s even a tiktoker, like she has i think 35k followers now

  • i think it is better to older parent i know the age off the mother is quite tricky but older parent sometimes could afford invitro

  • Im going out with a guy that is 26 years older, he wants to have a relationship but im afraid of my family not liking that, also of me at my 50s changing his diepers and losing my life.
    I would give everything to like guys my age, people dont get the strugle.
    (Sorry for my english)

  • I have a Baby face,and I’m short,I’m 4ft5 Or 4ft6,And I’m 13/(14 in September)Everyone thinks I’m 10 or 8 And I’m In 6th grade going to 7th(I got held back 1st grade)14 in 7th grade,Born 2006

  • I was buying cigarettes when the cashier asks me “how old are you” and I told her that “I’m 23” but still looks at me from head to toe.

    Many thinks I’m 16

  • What is age? It’s only a number. If people have a problem, then they are the one with the problem. I am 33 years older then my husband and we have the problems you have in reverse, plus different cultrues. Married ten years and still going strong.

  • I’m currently 14 right now i slowly starting to realised that my parents and relatives are toxic their words and actions hurt me in the past and now. I feel belittled by my 9 YEAR OLD COUSIN its so frustrating whenever i talk about it they pull the shes younger than you card, they make fun of me and thinks im crazy because i have i own world and sometimes remember stuff and laugh and they think im crazy suddenly smilling like i was thinking of something funny, sorry for ranting about my life I’ve been crying a lot about how misunderstood i feel and and getting it off my shoulders is a great feeling

  • I am 48 and my love is 29. We love each other so much and we have so much fun together it’s just so wonderful. We just connected. One prob. I have trust issues. I feel like she is not so faithful and I can’t really say anything cuz she will leave. I feel trapped cuz I can’t leave cuz I’ll never get another chance at love ��

  • i am in age gap relationship also.. im 29 and he is 45..
    im confused, is your man is workaholic? is your man also dont talk so much like im so sick sometimes, i felt like he is ignoring me but if he message me he’s so sweet���� i love him so much, is a man who is 45 rs of age still womanizer?.. pls help me..

  • You two love each other and that is all that matters. Common goals and morals keep people staying together longer and happier than what “music” two people hear or candy someone eats lol ��. May Allah continue to bless your union. Ameen

  • I’m in a 20 year age gap relationship and we are going to have our first child together this October. He has two children that are in their 20s and I have an 8 year old from a previous relationship. My fiancé had a vasectomy in 1996 and the cost of reversal and the percentage of it working and the possible birth defects because of his age wasn’t something we wanted to risk. So we chose to use donor sperm. We are very happy with our choice it took a few times but finally our son will be here and so far is healthy.

  • I’m doing the same thing as you. Only, the younger is the guy. It is hard to find a mate. Almost impossible these days. When you find your mate, Sometimes it is what it is! Age Gap.

  • I don’t believe in religions because religion divide people, but I believe in love because love make people together doesn’t matter of age and raise.
    Happy for you guess, most important we are happy in what we do as long doesn’t hurt anyone else

  • Funny, she looks much more selfavare, confident and dominant then him… I’m thinking how much does this play a role in their relation

  • I think there’s no difference between an adopted child and a biological child.
    both you’ll responsible for and you’ll love and protect.

  • Typically the age of the paternal age isn’t really much of a generic risk factor. One exception is the risk of the child having schizophrenia (A Hubert et al. Encephale, 2011). That study didn’t specify an age. But I was in college a couple years after the study, my professor had specified and said at age 50 the risk increases significantly. Just something to be aware of. I loved thus video though!!

  • Theres 18 years between my partner and i, I’m older than him. but it works cos hes very serious and thinks older, whereas i behave younger, so it works lol

  • Wow, I really love you being so open about your age gap relationship. I love it! And i think our society needs to get more aware about it and respect couples with an age gap. ♥️

  • I also find you guys genuine, clean clear honest and inspiring to me!! ���� I am in the same ⛵ here, however with different dynamic’s involved.
    Please let me know your thoughts. Love from India ��

  • Please make a video on OLDAGE issue. Here, the dynamics are different of my marriage. We are 21years difference married for 10 year’s, mixed race and each provide for oneself meaning fancially not affluent, with having no kids we both on the same page.
    My issue is the Old age. My idea of our union is to be egalartrian, so why should I the younger be the only one to take care of his old age and finance’s. What makes me more sad is his nature of running away from this topic. He lives from day to day life and I need his support to look into the future as well. Please suggest

  • The argument that having kids young frees up time in your old age goes both ways… if you have kids later, you freed up most of your 20’s. It’s just a tradeoff. When do you want your kid-free time? In your 20’s or in your 60’s? I choose 20’s, personally!

  • If there is consent and no underlying sinister intentions, then I am on that boat, sailing all the way to Love Island ������
    The automatic assumptions are usually what is mentioned in the video and often people become disgusted, but there have been popular people who were in relationships with 20+ year age gaps.

  • What Do You get in life Marrying Someone who’s 58 at 28, your 28 and Marrying someone who is either going to Die in 20 yrs or not be able to Move. I’m Not Trying to Sound Cold but what is the Purpose.

  • Met my girlfriend when I was 59 and she was 30. I’m 62 and retired while she just turned 33. We are not married but still involved with each other. I’m still fit, friends say I look 45 so that is the crowd I hang around which is closer to her age friends so it works out pretty well. Keep up with current events so I blend in pretty well with the younger group and I’m still a little to active for my age group as I still do water craft (Jet Ski, cars, and so on) and activities with parents who have teen age kids. With my age group, I go out and fly a drone, attend business activities and functions, exotic car club activities and so on. The people in the older group are physically limited with conditions so it is much more difficult to plan activities where a good turnout normally happens. The conversations are more scripted on grandchildren, body ailments, military background for most men and for the woman is normally nursing, needlepoint or their pet. Other than that, this crowd is pretty boring since it’s more of the same every time so I kinda know what to expect. My girlfriend does not want to bring a child into this world with all going on today so that part works out great for us. Plus, I got a vasectomy after my second son was born 27 years ago when I was married so children will not become an issue or a for us any day in the future. Other than that, we have a great time together just being in each other’s company and do not worry or care what others think about us. Do not have that father daughter issue that you do because I’m mixed race. My father is black and Choctaw Indian, while my mother is Japanese. Her father is Tai and mother is Cambodian. So we look much different to be related so people do not inquire much at all.

  • Issues that arrived as my husband approached 60, his hearing & age related stuff, which has made it difficult for me. It didn’t dawn on me when we got married that his aging could be hard on me. He recently had a heart attack & has put off getting life insurance. Now life insurance is going to cost quite a bit.

  • I never met my husband’s parents. They died young. He is 64 & I’m 45. My dad & husband are close in age and have things in common. We’ve been married for 21 years. Since he looks younger than he is, people are surprised when they find out his age.

  • Its crazy my dad is exactly 30 yrs older than me.
    Im glad yall are happy tho, and are able to be strong whilst in a “stand out” relationship.
    Mine is too, him being black an me being white especially in the South we get A LOT of looks from everyone.

  • Lol. I guess this is call a great grandpa and niece relationship. Like a 72yr vs 27 yrs. This won’t be last, maybe 5 yrs the most.

  • Keep your love up and never turn back on awful comments! People will always talk! I am happilly in love with 24 years older gentleman and I know the best how is it. Please stay strong and remember that love wins everything! ��❤️

  • I actually have a question for you what is normal anyway. You two are a cute couple and I love watching the two of you. Please keep making videos together and you both are great dancers

  • It makes me kinda sad that at the end of the video you’re trying to convince people not to write any hateful comments, seems you must have heard a lot of judgement from others. You look great together and just the fact you’re making YouTube videos together although Larry is a bit older than the usual YouTube generation proves you’re great together despite the age gap.

  • No dopey comment here and only second comment I’ve ever made to a channel, Larry’s statement at the end bought a tear to my eye you guys deserve all the love and happiness in the world and I’m glad you found it with eachother well done.

  • Love is love!! Feel more educated on the pros and cons of mixed-age relationships after watching this. I’m in a mixed-cultural relationship (marriage) and I have almost all the same social issues as they do.

  • In my country, you can buy beer and some other alcohol at age 16. Went to buy some of that, have been asked twice if I’m already 16. I’m 22. I know it’s difficult with the masks, but it happened also before Corona. And I would say I didn’t have a baby face, I “raised” my siblings with my mom, I should look old.

  • I totally understand your whole view about having your own children vs adoption. I was adopted myself. When my husband and I realized it would be difficult for us to get pregnant, we both wanted to go into fertility and have our own before taking the decision to adopt. We knew that if fertility didn’t work, we we would adopt, but we wanted to give treatments a chance first. There is nothing wrong with either option. To each their own. Wish you guys all the best with whichever decision you take ��

  • Well, in my case we are a gay couple ❣❣ He is 52 years old �� and I am 22 years old ���� and we have known each other since I was 16 years old and I was in my last year of high school �� We get along very well and he has really been a great support for me �������� I have to get used to his Police job ����‍♂️ since he is several hours away but when he arrives they are the best days we spent. Apart from that, to be 52 years old, it has been very well preserved, since he loves to exercise, I am a bit lazy for that but I am thin and I am 1.80 tall; unlike him who is 1.90 tall and twice as much musculature as me ���������� The funny thing is that there have been people who think that I am his son and then we laugh. It has helped me to mature a lot and see life from another point of view… I don’t know what would happen to me if he were missing one day. It is the love of my life and we hope to stay much longer together. Despite being a big guy, he has the most tender heart and feelings… Greetings from #ECUADOR��������‍♂️

  • Great video, my Gf is 33 and I’m 54 and totally get it. In the Western world is really not acceptable by Western culture and most Ppl can be really mean.
    In the Philippines culture it is more acceptable the age gap. When we are in Canada we get stares even though I look younger for my age.
    In the Philippines it’s doesn’t not happen at all, cause most couples have age gaps. What matters most is your love for one another.
    Life is too short to be worrying about what other Ppl think, but I admit it sometimes it does bother me

  • My husband and I just had our 20th wedding anniversary. We have 3 girls 18,16 and 11 years old. We have homeschooled all of them. We are of average income. My husband is the kindest father. I have watched friends have husbands their same age walk out on them leave their kids and not look back. My best friends husband died in a car accident at 35 and another died of liver disease at 33. My girls will have been loved completely as long as he is here. Life has no guarantees! I am in love with my husband and we have been through it all. A daughter who has a rare liver disease and Autism he worked and still drove 2 hours every night for 3 years to sleep in that hospital with her. I would have to go home to our other 2. She was hospitalized 69 weeks. My husband never wavered he was the most amazing support during the death of my mother 2 years ago and she was just 62 nothing is promised. Love while you can and make memories to cherish when the ride comes to its stop. He is 69 and I am 40. I was 20 and he was 49.

  • I have no idea why this was in my recommendations but I watched it anyway. It might seem strange to many people but they seem happy so good for them

  • What if you cannot cut ties with them, you cannot afford therapy and you don’t have the people you are comfortable talking it out to? What is the way out then?

  • My future man is probably like some rando who raises cattle in Montana and has like an ex wife he has sex with every week. I love you random 40 year old.

  • Yeah, my colleagues (who are aged 16 19) keep talking to me about school or college and I’m like “….. Yeaaahh, I finished all that like 10 years ago” and there faces. Pure disbelief and then pure shock when I say I’m in my late 20s… I’m older than a lot of the supervisors too:/

  • Im learning so much now, studying peoples faces, Im RBF so I always pretended to read my phone to avoid scaring people and never studied faces in school

  • The girl is super cute but I will stay if she grew her hair out she would look older. I’ve always been told growing up because I have baby face that if you style or do your hair and make up a certain way you will look older I’ve always looked so much younger with short hair but when I grow my hair out I look older I’m 21 and everyone thinks I’m like 16 and I’m not I’m almost 22 like bro

  • My toxic sibling is very harsh with me, since when I shifted to a new city with family we sleep in one room me, my other sister and her,she shouts and yell at me Everytime to shut me off and talk with a bitter tone yet abusive.It’s been 7 months I’m stuck here, I came here to move abroad for studies; because of pandamic I got stucked.She treats me in a crude and extremely cruel way,doesn’t let me stay in the room. She’s ok with my other sister but when it’s me everything turns dark.I asked her to give me shampoo in a kind tone, she replied me back with a violent tone.I ask her anything it turns out to be a nightmare,what should I do? How should I control this situation… I tried everything I stay out of the room busy with my test preparation but it’s not working I guess…

  • My ex had baby face, but actually was older than me. When we were together, people on the street always looked at us with disgust, becouse they thought that i was 20+ while he looked like he was 13-14 years old. Yeah, weird story xd

  • Oh God I’ve had this for years, charged half fare on the bus till about 21, I was scrutinised in Waitrose a year and a half ago when buying wine (I’m 45), always had that you’ll be so fortunate when you are older thing, so darn relatable. I have a sort of baby face but it’s not as round, but I have large eyes and pale skin and that contributes.

  • Bro I can’t understand people who complains about having a baby face, like it’s soooooo amazing!!! I’ve baby face and everyone thinks that I’m younger, instead of being annoyed I’m just suuuupeeer happy about that!!����

  • A year and more goes by and still no MRI…can’t imagine…family should have contributed and paid for the MRI…get creative…raise the money and get the MRI…sheesh

  • Story of my life. When I was 12 I looked 10. When I was 16 I looked 14. When I was 18 I looked 16. Now I’m 25 and totally ok with it to keep going. ��

  • If he really is 58 and she is 38, that gap is only 20. I think it is not only fine and healthy (emotionally, physically…etc…) but also a very good opportunity for both of them. The odd reaction from outsiders (witch should never be taken in consideration anyway…) is probably more from the looks of each other. Don’t take it bad but she looks 10 years younger and he looks 10 years older. And even if this would have been the case, Cherrish this love. You have been lucky to find each other in this mad world.

  • I’m in my 30’s. Hanging out with some younger cousins in their teens, people thought I was one of the teenagers, Getting asked out by much younger guys, People think I’m the younger sister (I’m actually the oldest). And yes, older generations assume I’m not familiar with things from before 2000, eg, corded telephones, life before the internet, pop culture, etc. because that was “before my time.”

  • When I drive people stare at me while I’m driving because they think I’m not old enough to drive this police officer drove past me and he had to take a second look at me one of these days I’m going to get pulled over just because I don’t look like I should be driving

  • I don’t know where to put myself. When I was 13, people thought I was 17 or 18. Now I’m 33, people are asking if I’m working or studying. They assume I’m around 25.

  • I’m 21 and people think I’m actually 13 so a lot of teens (and sadly creepy guys as my neighbor) asks me out or hit on me and I say “yeah, I’m just not working as a babysitter right now, so…” It might be a little harsh but for some reason I think it’s funny! I love surprising people with my age, when they ask me how old I am I ask how old they think I am first.

  • I get this all the time. I was at a casino and the casino worker carded me. I was playing slots and it was time to cash out. I won 20.00 the worker thought I was 16. I’m 34. Yeah…����

  • Yesterday I was renewing my license drives (I’m 29 yo) and the clerk instead of calling me by my name referred me as “little girl”….
    I’m pretty sure, Im older…

  • Also, getting hit on by people significantly older than you becomes EXTRA creepy. Like, yes, sir/ma’am, you’re in luck because I am in fact of age, but considering how old people usually think I am, I think you belong on some watchlist.

  • It’s always better to have parents. Many children in the world don’t have parents at all we must consider ourselves lucky to atleast have parents.

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  • You’re a very cool couple, accepting of others no matter their differences. BTW…I’m using your clip as potential influence. She’s 28 and I’m 53. I’m older than her parents too! I knew her mother years before I met her. But wherever we go, people know we are definitely with and attracted to each other.

  • I’m 34 and I still don’t like it! I do theatre and I talk about my kids and husband and people are like “wait, how old are you?” I’m constantly being told I look like a college student.

  • I once wasn’t into a rated R movie because I forgot my ID… I’m 26. Theo not good thing is when religious people come to my house they always ask if my parents are home. I say no and they leave me alone.

  • Real events in my life:
    Random man knocks on my door: “Hey, I’m your new neighbor and…uh, are your parents home?”
    Me: I own this house. I am the parent.
    Him: Oh! I’m sorry….*nervous laugh*…you just look so young!

    +*At the mall with my daughter*+
    Lady giving out free cookie samples: Oh my gosh your little sister is so cute! Would she like a cookie?!
    Me: She’s not my sister, she’s my daughter. I’m her mother.
    Cookie lady: Get out! How old are you?!
    Me: 30
    Cookie lady: oh my god I thought you were like a teenager!

    +*at an outdoor farmer’s market*+
    My daughter is running ahead of me when she suddenly trips and falls, scraping her leg. She starts to cry. Before I can even react, a hawkeyed old lady rushes over and starts to help her up. She looks at me and says angrily, “You shouldn’t let your little sister run around around like that! Where are you guy’s parents?!”
    Me: I AM the parent. That’s MY daughter!
    Old lady: looks at me like I’m lying
    My daughter, while looking at me: “mommy, my leg is bleeding!!”
    Old lady: looks embarrassed

    I literally could go on for a long time. It’s such a joke, and if I complain people think I’m “humble-bragging”. Yeah, because I so enjoy the constant disrespect and patronizing I get from people. I really enjoy old biddies thinking I’m some “scandalous” unwed teen mom. And I loooove getting repeatedly carded while out for drinks with my same-age friends. Oh man, and the “You’re lucky, you’ll appreciate that as you age” line. Classic. I’d be rich. I genuinely hate it.

  • I can sooo relate to this. I was standing next to my 15 year old daughter, 7 months pregnant and I was asked to prove I was old enough to buy a lottery ticket. ������.

    Then a colleague of mine the same age as me said I” used to wear heels when I was hour age. “ I had to be like “Ma’am we are the same age”. I have endless stories. I am 53. I should appreciate it but sometimes I’m just over it

  • If I was born in previous centuries I would get my birth certificate changed to 10 years younger. Fresh start AND would look my age ��
    Or I would say I’m 22 for a while. I’m actually 32 and sick and tired of the shocked reactions every time people find out how old I am. Every. Time.

  • I have a baby face mixed with a angry person face so basically everyone thinks I’m like a toddler whose mad that I couldn’t get more dessert

  • Omg i relate to this so hard. Im 24 and have a baby face,plus im 4’104”11 and i get it all the time that im a 12yr old or 16 and a few times at restaurants the waitress would ask if they needed a kids menu bcuz of me,or another time when yknow they have kids 12 and under get free or a discount. Well one time a lady working there didnt even ask us anything she just assumed i was 12 and let me pretty much get for free. I tried to tell my mom if we should tell her but she was like it was her fault so we might as well just take advantage of it. Also i get it all the time that ppl say that when i get older i will love it. Well right now i want to look my age bcuz sometimes its not good to look young. Especially on social media when 16yr olds think that im also 16 and try to flirt and say nasty things to me and im always like im 24 and im not a pedophile so please leave me alone or ill block u. so yeah what if it was someone else who was in my situation and took advantage of that it would really be dangerous. So yeah its kinda weird how ppl see things and how we can look older or younger then the age we are.

  • I know that feeling, bro… I turn 27 this year and the cashier in the supermarket didn’t sell me wine without passport as she didn’t believe that I’m older than 18.

  • I’m 29 and I always get told that I look 19 lol. Went back to college and they assumed I had just gotten out of high school �� however I feel like I’m beginning to see some lines under my eyes.

  • Here is the last email I got from my Dad:

    How sad.
    You have forgotten all the good times we have had.
    Your psyko realy turned against us as you pointed out would happen.

    Mom and Dad

    The only psychologist I ever went to I did not tell my Dad so he would not know I went.
    This is a manipulative email. I think based on this I may cut everything off
    completely. What do you think? Thank you for commenting.

  • People thought i was in my mid 20s when i was in my mid teens. They thought i was the older sister to my brother who is 8 year older than me. But now i’m almost 30 and i still get ID at bottle shops. Being a tall asian women, you can’t win.

  • I haven’t met other women or men like myself. I haven’t physically aged since I was 18….that was 20 years ago. It’s not really a terrible thing, except one isn’t often taken seriously or included in nostalgic conversations (as shown in the video above). My daughter is eleven and people often think we’re sisters. It sounds nice, until you’re openly laughed at trying to have a serious conversation with your child’s dentist or constantly hearing people ask your husband if your children’s “real mother” lives nearby. I’d be ecstatic if I met another “Rivendell Elf Club Member”!

  • I’m short, have a very baby face and a somewhat childlish voice. I’m 18 everybody here says how people think they’re children but like why do people think I pass fir my age? But while thinking I look like 12. It’s weird…

  • Once I went to Lotte world in Korea. I told them I was 20 but they didn’t believe. The good side they gave me teenage ticket which is cheaper than adult ticket

  • The age difference between siblings is huge. I grew up an only child. My mom got remarried when I was 17, and my stepdad’s daughters were grown and married at that time, in their late 20s, one of them with a child. While I do love them, I didn’t grow up with them or spend a lot of time with them, so they didn’t influence my development much, if at all, nor did I influence theirs. If I grew up with siblings near my age, things would be much different.

  • Don’t waist your time with this video: 2 more boomers complaining about how the youth adapted to the rigged system created by their generation. Especially this lady, she’s using the same style identity politics she claims to to dispose to make her point. One of the worst Peterson videos I’ve seen as he’s sucked in to participating with her.

  • That woman just went on a full blown rant, as if she’d bottled up all those emotions and Peterson’s stoicism made it easier for her to express herself

  • She expresses her feelings and accentuates her speech so well with her bodylanguage I could probably grasp the essence of her words even on mute. I enjoyed this and would like to see more of this duet. Love you both!

  • I have a toxic family. A toxic elder sibling. Whenever I talk about this to my parents, they just brush it off. I’ve tried talking about this with them. It’s so frustrating. In 2019, my elder sibling’s husband hit me and verbally abused me. I approached women’s organisations but I couldn’t take it further due to my aunt telling me to “think about the consequences that might affect my elder sibling”. My elder sibling is doing well in her life. She has a job, a kid, a husband and she has successfully manipulated my family members. It’s disgusting that while they care about her dignity, they seem to put mine at a stake. This is just disgusting. I don’t know what to do. I’m trying to get a job and move out. But I don’t know what good would that do.

  • My mom had my sister at 14 and my dad was 18. Then she had my brother at 16, me at 18 and my other sis at 22. It’s indeed very nice to have young energic parents, our house was always full of life.
    Also, my mom gradueted at 24 and works as an child educator. She is super creative and funny. My parents still happily married.
    Very proud of my working class family ��


  • I felt judged. ��. I actually always wanted to be a leader, I purposefully postponed family life, because I wanted to know what the world can show me. I’ve seen examples of what family life can offer, and I wanted more. They made me feel like I deny my primordial instinct of what is being human.

  • I think I have one of the younger parents among my friends, but I would say that the reason they’re so kind is because they took what they liked from their childhood and gave me that, and the took away what they didn’t. they’re kind and supportive of whatever I want, and are always willing to adapt and take in new concepts. I would say that any parent of any age can do that thought, so the best parents are truly the ones that try their best, accept their mistakes, and unconditionally love their child.

  • As a product of older parents I can say I’m so happy I had my child in later age. I was not heading to be a leader (what?), I just lived my life with less restrictions those days. Having children just tricks you into thinking that your life is fulfilled now, in fact there is not much left of the life.