Techniques for Effective Co-Parenting


6 Tips for Successful Co-Parenting

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Tips for Successful Co-Parenting

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How To Be A Better Co Parent

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Co-Parenting as Allies, not Adversaries | Ebony Roberts & Shaka Senghor | TEDxDetroit

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COPARENTING: Managing Conflict, Setting Boundaries, Tips for a Healthy Relationship

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Successful Co-Parenting A Child’s View

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The beautiful, hard work of co-parenting | Joel Leon

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Cohesion, which is the second construct measured by the co-parenting scale, refers to the amount of togetherness or consistency displayed in the co-parenting relationship.Consequently, this portion of the scale measures how much agreement exists across households. When there is a lot of rigidity or lack of agreement, some dysfunction may exist in the co-parenting. How to co-parent 1. Let go of the past.

You won’t be able to successfully co-parent if you have nothing but contempt for your ex. You can 2. Focus on your child. Whatever may have happened in your relationship in the past, remember, it’s in the past.

Your 3. Communicate. Good co-parenting. 10 Real Life Tips For Successful Co-Parenting 1. Practice empathy. Co-parenting your kids with your ex is no easy feat. Practicing empathy, trying to put yourself in 2. Be open and flexible with schedules.

Kids suffer when their parents. More on Co-Parenting Strategies Pick up a few organizational tips for your busy family in episode 8 of our parenting podcast. With work, school, and extracurricular activities, it can be challenging to stay on top of every commitment. Here are Learn five steps.

Five Strategies for Successful Co-Parenting After a divorce or a separation, good parenting often overlaps with being a good co-parent. Whether or not their romantic split was amiable, change. Maintaining the same bedtime, dinnertime, and homework schedule will go a long way to keeping things on as even a keep as possible. “The more stable your child’s life and routine the less separation anxiety he will suffer,” explain’s Walfish. They Understand That Communication.

One of the most basic co-parenting rules is finding an effective communication strategy that works for your family. That means being realistic about your own strengths and limitations. Top Tips for Co-Parenting Success 1. Choose to be a good co-parent. 2. R-E-S-P-E-C-T 3. Keep to a regular schedule. 4. Be flexible.

5. Talk 6. Be a team. 7. Pick your battles. 8. Honor. One of the best parenting strategies and positive parenting techniques is to teach your children to see problems as a challenge that can be overcome. Show them how to weigh their options and chose the best.

Co-parenting requires empathy, patience and open communication for success. Not an easy thing to achieve for couples who’ve encountered marital issues. However, placing.

List of related literature:

• Cooperative co-parenting is most helpful in children’s adjustment to divorce.

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Children and co-parenting after divorce.

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Positive co-parenting that is cooperative, supportive, and consistent is especially beneficial to children of SPF.

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They described the strategies stepfamily members used to interact and negotiate conflict, and all but one strategy involved communication centrally—going to counseling, holding family meetings, establishing family rules, compromising, parental dispute mediation, and/or withdrawing/leaving.

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In some instances, parents may begin with a parallel parenting plan and then, when initial post-divorce conflicts subside, transition to cooperative co-parenting.

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A second child may smile, talk to the parent, and bring a toy to the parent to engage in joint play for 30 seconds, again followed by independent play.

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As an alternative, a therapist might propose developing an alliance between the father and son by having them engage in more activities together, such as washing the car, playing catch, or doing homework together.

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• Be patient and as flexible as possible; do not expect your child(ren) to have an immediate positive relationship with the new stepparent.

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To help the new relationship develop, it may be beneficial for stepparents and children to spend time in subgroups (e.g., parents alone, children with their own parents, and children with stepparents).

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process, and the therapist should discuss co-parenting communication and problem solving to reinforce the coparenting dyad.

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  • Why does this guy seem to assume that males are not involved in their childrens upbringing? He is talking like he has some revolutionary concept, despite that being our family model since before history was even recorded. Tf is even going on at TED?

  • His daughter is a lucky woman to have a father who has allowed his life to make him into a better man rather than a bitter man. I hope she learns, like he has, that she determines her life with her choices. She writes her story like daddy has and is.

  • love your vids but off topic, should a 13 yo child see a therapist during divorce of his parents who are currently separated and seems to be having depressed moods or should it wait til divorce is final. this is my son’s school policy and current situation.

  • Co-parenting is the best option in a WORST case scenario of having children out of a relationship or marriage. It is just a positive phrase rather than ‘baby -daddy’ / sperm donor etc for singles.

  • I didn’t get much out of this video other than its made to make you feel guilty for getting a divorce. I’m the type of parent that is trying to figure out the best way to take care of my children and help them be happy despite the separation. Being amicable with your former spouse can go a long way to make them feel secure. The video doesn’t explain how to help the children it only points out how they feel and how they are getting cheated.

  • Ok so you cant get resentful with a co parent and each of you will always be online with any form of punishment. This is bs i have 4 children and my wife did not always agree with my form or punishment. I feel this new concept is like lets never be married and have a kid. Why would any man want this burden women reach some stage and want a kid but most men do not really care if they have a kid or not.

  • feminist drivel…strong fathers and both parents raising the children together in the same place as a family is what’s best for a child regardless of race or gender….

  • I never loved my daughters father, I was 19 and he was 25, I made a mistake but my daughter has made me an ambitious and dedicated women. I feel her father is not ready to be a parent even now with him being 31.

  • This is inspiring. I love the affirmations at the end. Every child deserves love and every parent deserves the chance to provide for love. Shaka and Ebony seem to be coparenting at the highest levels possible. As a parent I could use some tips from
    Shaka & Ebony!!

  • Divorce happens. But two people who care anything about the kids will keep the process peaceful and cooperate for the children’s sakes.

  • thank you for doing this! unfortunatly so many alienating parents don’t care, and are aware of these feelings:( Please keep going and keep making these videos!!!

  • In our China, people always call the phenomenon that fathers do not participate in their child’s raising, education, activities and so forth as” widowed raising pattern”. Hope we can change that!

  • Do some you even understand the meaning of marriage. Marriage is the sole example of how God loves us. Unless there is infidelity or abuse no one should get divorce. So many people get divorce because they are not happy or not in love with their spouse anymore. They let outside influence enter their marriage. Remember Jesus told husbands to love their wives as he loved the church. He didn’t get a good deal with the church but he loved them anyways and was committed. Wives respect and honor your husband. Put God first always in your marriage. People let the devil enter their marriage because everyone has their own desires not Gods

  • i finf myself in a verry difficult position of being the pearent who has the kids all but 2 days every 2 weeks with my new partner being the man of my dreams and the girls adore him deeply at times more than there other dayd.but im the one who thinks they know best becouse my ex was never involved with any pearental desicion so i did the best i could but that was to go hippie ans do homeschooling much to every ones discust and now i have a surportive partner and send the girls off to dad healthy and they come back ill becouse he dosnt belive in fresh fruit and veggies much how can i not want to tell him to do better and feed them healthy….i truley think he is wrong to not agree to make them fresh healthy meals for the short time he is with them becouse there body is paying for it…i feel he is being lazy and selfing by giveing them junk that makes them ill….becouse its hard to say no to treats and junk when you 7 and 9 we are trying to teach them that if they dont like to be sick insist they are offerd better food…they shouldnt be forced to get sick just becouse he didnt feel like going shoping.

  • There is certainly some validity to all of this and as a child of divorce, I have experience. However, I see so many people blaming the parents divorce for their own shortcomings and failures later in life, and that’s nonsense. Many people come from a horrible childhood and become great success stories as adults. It seems to me that too many people point fingers at their parents and blame them for their own failures and our society has created this victim mentality and given people a pass for their failures because of their upbringing. I think these people are just screw ups and they conveniently use this excuse to explain it. Nope. Quit playing the victim and take control and responsibility for your own actions

  • My boo
    They dreams
    I come from the hood

    This isn’t serious.

    Get him out.

    Also, funny how he confirms the saying “once you go black, you’re a single mom”.

  • Well, unfortunately there is no way she could cover this topic in 3 minutes but I think that she definitely had excellent points. Everything she said is important. I am a divorced mother sharing our children’s time and it has been a hell of a struggle but we are coming to a point of respect after some years. I will be starting my own YouTube show on this very topic actually… 

  • I understand what it’s like to go back and forth. From one house to another. I just want to stay in ONE house, why does that have to be so hard? And what does that have to do with the amount of love that child has for a parent?

  • My dad definitely did a lot of these things really well, and now I have a wonderful relationship with him, and I genuinely appreciate his graciousness with my mum. My mum had a lot of difficulty with it and it tends to hurt.

  • OH my God, YOU are such a blessing to me and other women going through this very difficult situation. I am having such a hard time to enjoy myself when my baby girl is not around

  • great information as majority of the people get divorce without thinking about the feeling of children.
    This will be a child’s greatest need because their self-concept is very likely in a fragile and formative stage, especially if they are at a young age. They will try to gain approval because their sense of belonging to the family has been shattered. Children also tend to personalize things and blame themselves. If mom and dad are fighting and divorcing, they personalize it. They think, “If we didn’t make so much noise. If we didn’t need shoes…” They need acceptance. They need to know that they are important, that they are a priority. They will try to gain approval because their sense of belonging to the family has been shattered.

  • This is good. Acknowledging the love that once was and allowing it to fuel the love for a shared child. It’s aspiring. Thanks for sharing. Me and my daughter’s father are in a good space now and it is nice to see other people who are in that same good space.

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  • Let’s be real if this is a white guy, people would be like “wtf is this a joke?” This whole Ted Talk is only novel because its a black man talking about parenting, which is like it or not, notoriously uncommon. This unintentionally reinforces the stereotype of black men not staying with their kids.

  • There is no such thing as “co-parenting” in a divorce situation. Divorce is the issue and it should be avoided. However the laws/courts are designed to divide families. Once the courts decide who the “primary care taker” will be then it is “over” for the other parent. Goodluck trying to parent every other weekend…

  • I have tears in my eyes. This made me cry. It breaks my heart that I had a child born out of wedlock with someone I have no feelings for and had been friends at the time co-parenting is the hardest because hes close-minded. I often wonder how my son feels and he tells me some of these things and it makes it even more painful for me.

  • #4 is a great idea. It’s like it’s a stretch, but why can’t there be a good relationship between two parents &their child. I feel like that is an easier accomplishment for someone who was never married or if they weren’t together long. But then again everyone is different. Thank you for the content, it is very helpful.

  • Awesome! Our children, regardless of their parent’s relationship status, want just five things: love, acknowledgment, inclusion, joy, & opportunities. Should it really be that hard to get out of our feelings to let them feel like their life matters too? After divorce, nothing tells our kids they are still important like truly great co-parenting.

  • I just got divorced last year and I’m barely in my 20’s. I had to watch this to remind myself what to and not to do.
    Thanks �� ‼️‼️

  • Thanks for sharing this! i recently became a single mom too and I haven’t experienced co-parenting yet but this is a good advice to practice in the future! thanks!

  • The transformation of lifestyle has changed the whole landscape of parenting. The format of co-parenting is suitable for the contemporary world. In urban areas, men and women struggle to make money to afford their housing prices and any other taxation. Both have no time to fully take care of their child. So, modern citizens should make a balance to raise babies between men and women.

  • When my parents got divorced I was four and it was my birthday they didn’t tell me my dad just packed up left and to me and my sister and my brother with him now Im Ten sitting at home crying because my dad never speaks to us at all only when he is going somewhere I have not seen my mother in 1 Year and 4 months I cat call or talk to my mom I have paranoia I only have one friend and I rarely talk with her I’m bullied at school for my hair my life my clothes my shoes my body and things happen to me that should happen years later last year in December my dad sold my dog she was the only thing that made me feel happy I have a stuffed animal from my mom but it just makes me cry because I miss my mom I have had thoughts about killing myself before I cry myself to sleep at night and when people mention my “parents” I say you mean my dad my parents are divorced and they are like omg sorry I didn’t know I pretend like it’s okay but every day I feel like I’m dying inside my dad says bad things about my mom and how she is horrible nasty mean ugly dumb and a witch and she is my mother that means I’m related to her so thats what I am i guess did I mention that my mother got married again to someone MD and my brother hate now my mom has had another child he is my half brother and I’m gonna stop writing know because I’m actually sobbing as I write this so I’m gonna stop before I dehydrate myself�� This is how my heart feels all day everyday ��

  • This is a wonderful talk. He’s such a kind, understanding person, bless him:)
    I hope I can be like this with time, as present and empathetic as he is.

  • I’m interested to see how this works financially. Like does he support his kid too, when he just picks her op once or twice a week? Does his ex get the financial benifits of legally being a single mom? And what happens once his daughter turns 18?

  • I understand all of this as my parents candy even be in the same room without arguing. Hi I’m Lucy I’m 11 years old and I have the worst life ever. My mum and dad fight approximately 5-6 hours everyday and of course they have to fight where ever I am. Today I was sat happily watching tv when my mum asked my dad a simple question and boom 2 1/2 hours of fighting but then my mum punishes me for being upset I was just sad but then my mum shouted at me for crying she called me a baby and told me to grow up. By the way 2 years ago my mum got a new boyfriend and that’s how this whole thing started. Now all she ever does is talk to Martin. My mum and dad also use me as a post lady and they say tell mummy this or ask daddy that. My dad was going to leave by the end of June but refuses to go until he gets £200,000 but we don’t have the money. My school life is no better as I feel left out and lonely. My grades are dropping too. Sorry that this is long I had to get it out:(