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Here are six suggestions on how to handle your double duties as a working mom of two. Menu. Verywell Family.

Tackle the Double Duties of a Working Mom With Two Kids. Pin Flip Email Search. Search Clear GO. More in Parenting Tackle the Double Duties of a Working Mom With Two Kids Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed With 6 Strategies.

By. On Friday, my own two children were taking online classes streamed out of their school just a half-mile from home. Reporter’s Notebook: Double Duties of a Working Mom With 2 Kids | Voice of.

How Working Moms Can Manage Their Kids By. Elizabeth McGrory. How to Tackle the Double Duties of a Working Mom of Two. Medically reviewed by Carly Snyder, MD How Working Moms Can Add Exercise Into Their Busy Schedules. By Tracey Porpora, Guest Author Pros and Cons of Being a Work-at-Home Parent.

A working mom with two kids to take care of has to undergo a lot of stress. Her life both at work and at home demand a lot of perfection. To top that, people at her workplace as well as her family may not be so understanding as to know what all she has to go through day in day out.

Being a working mom with three kids can be difficult. Regardless of how many children you have, there will be challenges along the way. The first few years may be rough, but once your kids are all in school, it gets easier. How to Tackle the Double Duties of a Working Mom of Two.

Medically reviewed by Carly Snyder, MD 6 Ways to Create a. This was such an excellent post. I am a single mom of 2 kids and are beginning to work 2 jobs (again). I guess the stress associated with the change in schedule is stressing me too.

My schedule will also be the wake up at 5:30 to end my night at. Working Mom? Aim for Less Stress. When Marie gets home from her full-time job as a Seattle nurse administrator, her workday is only half over. Next up is driving her two boys to band practice, soccer, and art lessons, supervising homework, taking them to the mall for supplies—and sitting up with them all night when they’re sick.

Working mom guilt can stop you in your tracks and hijack your thoughts. But when you’re a working mom, you don’t have the time or the energy to let working mom guilt put you into a daze for long. Sometimes there is a really good reason for you to feel guilty, but other times there isn’t.

For your kids. Some stay-at-home moms feel their babies are clingier than those of working moms. There’s no question that your child will be relying on you and you alone — a habit that can be hard to kick. Adjusting to preschool is sometimes challenging for such kids.

Local mom blogs, such as Working Moms Against Guilt, are a great way to reach out to others trying to find the same work-home balance. (but not about work or the kids).

List of related literature:

In consequence, many women face the triple challenge of holding a job, rearing their children and providing the greater part of domestic work (on average in EU countries, women ensure 80% of household and child-rearing tasks).

“Starting Strong II Early Childhood Education and Care: Early Childhood Education and Care” by OECD
from Starting Strong II Early Childhood Education and Care: Early Childhood Education and Care
OECD Publishing, 2006

First, it needs to be said that for the numbers of women who work a double day—hold down a regular job in the paid work force and come home to do most of the cooking, cleaning, and child care—such juggling of diverse responsibilities could only come at the cost of supreme and unremitting effort.

“Blood Magic: The Anthropology of Menstruation” by Thomas Buckley, Alma Gottlieb
from Blood Magic: The Anthropology of Menstruation
by Thomas Buckley, Alma Gottlieb
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Mothers and fathers are about equally involved in play time, but mothers spend up to three times as much time alone with the children and continue to shoulder the major responsibility for planning, organizing, supervising, and scheduling activities.

“Encyclopedia of Women and Gender, Two-Volume Set: Sex Similarities and Differences and the Impact of Society on Gender” by Judith Worell
from Encyclopedia of Women and Gender, Two-Volume Set: Sex Similarities and Differences and the Impact of Society on Gender
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The challenge for working parents is facilitating the sharing of roles in a fair and equitable manner to relieve the double burden of domestic and employment duties (FineDavis, Fagnani, Giovannini et al2004; Evertsson 2014).

“ICGR 2019 2nd International Conference on Gender Research” by Prof. Paola Paoloni, Prof. Mauro Paoloni, Prof. Simona Arduini
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With more and more couples working full time, duties in the home should become equally divided.

“Managing Cultural Differences” by Robert T. Moran, Neil Remington Abramson, Sarah V. Moran
from Managing Cultural Differences
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According to Cunningham et al. (2005), working mothers in the United Kingdom strive to separate home and work as a strategy that enables the balancing of their caring and providing roles.

“International Encyclopedia of Housing and Home” by Susan J. Smith
from International Encyclopedia of Housing and Home
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Another creative solution could be for the children to offer to help the mother for a while in a task, then have quality time together after that.

“Being Genuine: Stop Being Nice, Start Being Real” by Thomas d'Ansembourg
from Being Genuine: Stop Being Nice, Start Being Real
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Three fourths of the dual-earner parents we interviewed worked separate shifts.

“Handbook of Family Communication” by Anita L. Vangelisti
from Handbook of Family Communication
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It is a cooperative economic unit The father does one set of tasks; the mother another; the children still a third, with the sons and daughters serving apprenticeship to their father and mother respectively.

“Let Us Now Praise Famous Men” by James Agee, Walker Evans
from Let Us Now Praise Famous Men
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Women continue to bear the double or even triple burden constituted by their new roles in society and at the work place, combined with their old roles at home, towards the husband, the children and sometimes relatives such as fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and even cousins.

“The Hidden Face of Eve: Women in the Arab World, Second Edition” by Nawal El Saadawi, Nawāl Saʻdāwī, Sherif Hetata
from The Hidden Face of Eve: Women in the Arab World, Second Edition
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  • I also have three kiddos at home! Though, mine are a bit older now, so that helps a little, but I also homeschool, so I am fairly busy during the day. The main thing I’ve found that helps is getting up early so I can have extra time to get my quiet time, reading, workout, and some work done before they need me. My boys know I won’t answer school questions until 9 a.m., so they are welcome to start early, but I’m unavailable.

  • Amazing mom of three kids. Enjoy the journey and GOD bless you and your family. I’ve enjoyed all of your helpful tips and tricks for business or YouTube. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • How do you tackle cleaning and grocery shopping? I find myself exhausted a lot and I only have one 11 month old and working from home.

  • Thus video is very amusing! I laughed everytime you guys changed pose for each tips til i dont really listen to what you were saying just because you guys are beuatiful and so cute! Subscribe right away

  • I’m going to school for medical billing and worried that I can’t get anything done I have a 11 month old and a 2 and half year old thank you this video helped a lot

  • I’m a 2 under 2 mom
    And my goal is to stay at home with my children and work from home. Baby girl is super adorable, total doll baby’s I have so many projects and ideas and I’m feeling like I just split hairs and so now my focus is to find focus and stay put so I can see more traction/growth but I get so excited to move on to another project. So yea idk. Thx for the vid

  • They made his name Joseph just so he can say “Joseph Joseph Joseph Joseph” whenever I hear his name once, I gotta hear it again in the same tone ����

  • Omg. So beautiful. You really inspire me. I have one child but seeing this encourages me that i can still be active with other children.

  • Favorite video of yours! �� Your little ones are adorable! I completely agree with your tip about NOT multitasking. I used to try to work on my computer while caring for the children, and it took me all day to do a small amount of work, and my children were not getting my full attention at any time my laptop was open. So not worth it. ��

  • You’re children are beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your tips, they were really helpful! By the way I so agree with you on not multi-tasking. I tried to do a work-from-home job while taking care of my kiddos and it would leave us all frustrated and it was too chaotic.

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if the carnivore diet ✨ would help.
    Let food be thy medicine.
    There are so many people reporting to have healed from mental and physical problems (me too).
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    Just eat beef drink water.

  • OMG best video yet! Love you, loved it, love EVERYTHING! Your little angels are so AMAZING! I only have 1 child for now, but she is a HUGE handful. I have had 2 nannies quit on me due to her unique character, so working and being a mom is extra exhausting. I hope I can make it work! thanks for the video.

  • arrg, I have to deal with the daughter of a person who had BPD and I believe she has it as well. Difficult people to deal with “from the outside”

  • Wow! how so adoreable kids, they’ll help you in your business, especially the baby, captivating! Looks will be your right hand; the kids are lucky, they got a pretty mom.

  • Don Mofield.

    Owner of Mofield Floorings.

    Don: I’m going to buy you a new car.

    Guy: thank you so much Mark.

    Me: who the fuck is Mark?

  • so cute!!!! you are so smart! Verdi like our famous italian musician Giuseppe Verdi ❤️❤️❤️ what a coincidence. btw she s so cute❤️ all those beautiful kids ❤️❤️

  • Oh wow, Gillian, I watched plenty of your videos, I thought that you were a woman with no kids at all… who is really building her business well… but also has plenty time to do so…I could not possibly imagine that you have 3 kids, wow! I respect you so much. My baby is 7 months old as well, so I really know what it means… oh or maybe not, as you are killing it with 3 of them…All my respect is yours. Aaaaand this tips are really helpful, thank you! You are amazing! Sending You lots of love. I don’t usually comment, but this touched me now.

  • This is the most cliche thing to say to anyone, but understand many more are like you. I try and talk to people and keep my book open with them regarding what i feel. Reason I do that is I hope it can instill some confidence and assurance for themselves. Hope you’re well!! I’m borderline and what has helped me tremendously is the discovery of my love for painting. Put your mood on the canvas to show the world your horror. Funny thing about the horror on the canvas is often times the painting or drawing will provoke thought and a smile begins to form on the person viewing your art. You at that point have affected a person in a very personal manner nobody else can know, because nobody else created that painting except you.

  • Beautiful children and mama. Don’t multitask is such an important thing. Even without kids, we get more quality done if staying with one thing at the time. Thank you for your informative videos.

  • They all have your eyes! Beautiful blue eyes �� Thank you for sharing this! I don’t have kids, but I struggle with distractions so this was great!

  • Awesome video! I totally agree with you on multitasking. Any time I tried it in the past, it ended up taking twice as long. Your kids are adorable ��

  • Gillian, i follow you for some months now but this is my first comment!! Your kids made me melt!!!!!!!!!!! honesty.. all 3 of them a re so cute that i barelly paied attention to you!!! I’m a mom of 2 kids at the moment and this viedo is really helpfull!!

    P.S. i hope youtube won’t block your comments because of the kids…

  • Your schedule is the perfect path for a hard working mum from home. Love the idea of sharing sitting with another work from home mum. I wish I had connected with u 10 years ago.

  • My psychiatrist told me I had BPD once, so I kept going back even though I’ve never had symptoms. Long story short, I stopped going because he looked at me weird one time and now I hate his fuc☆ing guts. ��

  • I don’t know how you have enough energy to do all that, if you have any tips let me know! I am a working mom of 1 and 1 on the way and I never have enough energy it seems like. Your a boss mom for sure!! Love your videos��

  • 1 in 100? Well fuck this isn’t even a disorder then. We all are just… unstable. That actually makes me feel better about this weight

  • Husband or other Mom’s helping is cheating. The reality is working at home with kids is pretty much impossible. The only people that can pull it off are getting some kind of help grandparents, husband, friend, day care or whatever.

  • OMG this is one of the most adorable videos I’ve seen in awhile. Your kids are cute and have the prettiest eyes just like their momma.

  • Istarted my small youtbe channel, but barely have time to do the video, without editing it. don’t know about you mamma’s but for me is so hard to have a time for myself in this area, stay all day at home with my 1 year baby boy, taking care everything at house, cleaning, making the food, cleaning again, because who has a child knows about the mess with the kids������.

    Anyway really hope to find more time to making a difference.

    Your videos are really so inteligent and inspired me a lot.

  • The sentimental shit did irk me on some level. It cant be undercover boss without multiple employees with sob story. In the process showcasing the bosses generosity, while also giving the company’s image a boost.

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  • One thing I’ll never get is why they talk about the child like he doesnt know what they are talking about. It’s sad that the parents dont know what to do for their own children. At least your hear making everything better supernanny

  • I like your family vlogs. Do not take these two questions as being critical. You actually made me laugh, but I wanted to know why or what I was misperceiving. Do you love air-conditioning or is it considerably colder in MN now than it is in the hellishly hot northeast of our nation? I ask because your son seemed to have blankets piled atop him in his bassinet and your daughter appeared to have blankets thrown over her in the carseat. I laughed because I’d rather be cold than hot, so would have the a/c on a lot. Then, do they get breakfast with their friends at daycare/preschool at little highchairs or around a wee table so that they get mealtimes that are not rushed and on the run? I ask this knowing how all but impossible it is for busy adults to eat nutritionally, even in terms of how fast they scarf something down that their body cannot assimilate properly. Or even worrying about them developing civilized table habits? I am not saying this applies to you and your children more than anyone. My babies are grown now. But, I worry, as we all do about things that can create later eating disorders or that allow our children to feel really disadvantaged when in the company of those having a sitdown mealtime. I realize you are showing us a snapshot of one day and we see little of your real life. But you appear to be busy with smarts and a grip on your life, so I’m interested in how you see all this affecting the kids.

  • i live with someone with bpd right now and i am longing for the day i can cut her out of my life for good and never ever talk or see her again and be happy and blissful, i promise i won’t miss her, going FULL no contact, i hope it’s one day soon. sorry not sorry. i pray to god i never meet another bpd/narc ever again in my life. only happy peaceful cheerful people please god.

  • Thanks for the tips. My kids are grown but I definitely had to give them undivided attention and then focused on work without interruption

  • 1% comment: “u kill my father Prepare to die”

    Me: the whAt how come a son is bigger than the father and how come The son Just yeet/eat The dad D:

  • I just wanted to thank you for this video.
    My mother struggles with this, and it’s nice having a video to not just explain, but show empathy and understanding towards those struggling with this condition. I just found looking into this that there isn’t a lot of people talking about it, and definitely not enough talking about it with this level of understanding.
    So thank you. It really means a lot.

  • me: is the meg really died and don’t take pics near it
    also me:AHHHHHH oh bro a prank
    me: time for scene 7\10 now welp cya

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  • 야 저거 노잼이야 알고 있지 당연히 알고 있지 누구인지 알아 보겠니 아니 아무 말도 필요 없다고 생각해 봤어 그랬어 정말로 미안해 하게 생겼네 괜찮으니까 아무 말도 하지 마 내가네 곁에서 아름답게 씻겨 줄게 그렇구나 오해해서 미안해 뭐가 또 미안해 괜찮으니까 못 생각 좀 하지 마 그래도 될까 그놈 사이좋게 지내는 것도 이제야 있어 버려 뭐야 맛있는 거 많이 주어서 아님 아무 말도 안 했어 그래 그래 비밀로 얘기해 줘서 정말로 고맙다고 미리 생각해 봤는데 이게 무슨 얘기니 내가 지금 너에 대해서 묻고 있잖아 아 이렇게 고생이 많을 수 있는 몰랐어 나한테 뭐 부탁한게 있어 아니 하나도 필요 없는 바보구나 뭐 그렇지 않아도 지금 점점 고민하고 있어 고민하고 있다고 나에 대해서 어떻게 고민했는데 그건 사이좋게 지내는 것도 마찬가지여서 완전 맛있을걸 누가 그래 똑똑하니까 네가 나보다 더 똑똑한니까 그러지 클로 할까 느낌으로 말하는게 좋지 않을까 괜찮아 무엇이든 만들어도 괜찮으니까 척척 외로울 수도 있단다 아 그래 그래 너도 이제 하에 그리고 미안했어 정말로 고마워 이렇게 신기한 줄 몰랐어 나도 그럴 줄 몰랐어 하지만 어쩔 수 없는 걸 이제야 이별인걸 그게 무슨 소리야 안타까운 상관으로 말하지 않았어 아니 잠깐만 주위를 둘러보면 내가 들어 질 때까지 내가 돌아갈 때까지 잠깐만 여기 있어 줄래 그래 내가 부탁한 약속 꼭 기억해 그런데 전화로 하니까 완전 슬퍼 괜찮아 무엇이든 얘기하니까 그런데 넌 마지막 선물까지 다 잊어버렸니 아니 그러기는 것일지도 몰라 그러게 친구가 웃는게 다 슬퍼 하는 것 같기도 해 너도 그런 느낌이 많이 들지 나도 그래 뭐 해 지금 나한테 뭐라고 대답했는지 모르겠지만 넌 지금 나한테 대해서 먹고 있어 웃고 있었고 그래 웃고 있었고 또 하나의 모습을 하고 있다고 그랬지 하지만 사람들과는 이별이 끝이 아냐 그럼 뭔데 스스로 잘 살펴봐 올리기테니까 있잖아 맛있는 거 많이 주웠어 아니

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  • I don’t even hace kids, but I think this is the most tender, motivating and stand out of fear video I have ever seen. Thank you so much Gillian!!! I really love your channel and your vibe. Greetings from Mexico! ����

  • In about 20 years when I have kids I’m going to be great with them and when everybody asked how he’s so good with your kids I’ll say Supernanny Joe����

  • Such a beautiful and inspirational family!! �� I’ve watched this same video for the third time already, to visualize and practice your tips in my own life ❤️

  • Imagine being the quite employee who doesnt complain about anything and whose actually going through worse times than any1. They wouldn’t get anything ☹

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  • A borderliner cannot break a strong mind, you just reset

    Good fellas, I had a new borderline experience.

    She is a great sweet woman with a lovely face and super boobs!

    And then suddely she got insecure because of a waitress I introduced to her at a bar.

    She exploded and she wanted to drop everything, ”take the rings back” take your keys back we are done!

    The strange thing is, I am good:-) I was love sick for say 4 days and the first day I even had flashbacks. I tought I was gonna die! Then again I like the fact that I was feeling that pain because it makes you feel alive! To build any new relation, to love any girl with humor and a relaxed mind. This current pain has to be processed and not suppressed so I have added a few liters of tears to the sea! Now the sea is a bit more salty! So fish will taste a bit more salty in supermarkets! So if your fish tase extra salty this week? It is because I cried in the sea!

    The strange thing is you feel relief! I now feel stronger, it is like she showed me how love can be. (I never really believed in love anyway.)

    But I don’t understand why I feel so focussed and happy now in like 4 days!

    I have send the boderline girl some flowers, why?

    Because I don’t feel anger towards her. It is sad that seeing a diffrent girl makes you so

    insecure that you will burn your own ship you worked so hard for. Don’t you understand that youare way better looking then the weitress? Why is your foundation build on quiksand?

  • When you finally open up to someone you care about and have managed to maintain an actual relationship with for the first time in forever, and you realise that they don’t care, don’t understand and then they leave you. That’s one of my many cycles. And on and on it goes. It’s no surprise I tried to kill myself a year ago. Convinced myself that I was doing better only to face the fact about six months later that I’ve just become a zombie empty shell of a human who doesn’t believe that love or true friendship can ever apply to me. I’m fed up of pretending to be a functional person around everyone only to come home to absolutely nothing. I look at other people’s interactions and relationships, and I try to copy them, try to figure out why exactly no one wants to be around me, even though I am fiercely loyal and caring and I’m sure I can be a really good friend, partner. What am I doing wrong? It’s all pointless, struggling with my BPD so much atm. It’s nice to see other people on here who seem to face the same daily struggles as me, but at the same time I would not wish this on my worst enemy. Sorry for the depressing comment.

  • Secondary Psychopathy according to the newest studies. This video tries to make it more quirky and childish. It’s not. And stop calling determinating traits stigma.

  • I just got diagnosed with bpd after years of therapy, inpatient hospitals, suicidal tendencies… I’m happy I can finally put a name to the mental illness I have but It’s also gotten out of control and I feel like an evil, worthless person. I don’t even know who I am anymore…. its like something is controlling my body at almost all times. I can’t form meaningful relationships and I attract some of the worst people. The worst part is nobody believes me or takes me seriously when I say I have a personality disorder so I’m just gonna keep this to myself from now on

  • I’m not diagnosed with it but I’m having suspicions that I might be. When I got tested and everything, the guy said that I’m just so depressed, it’s making me lash out and act a specific way. Now that I think about it…all the things I struggle with on a daily basis, sound more like BPD

  • I got diagnosed with BPD 2 months ago. Me and my psychologist are working on curving my impulsivity.
    Namely multiple sex partners, unprotected. And my multiple suicide attempts which landed me in the mental hospital for 3 weeks.

  • I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder or BPD. Sharing my story to anyone willing to listen.

  • Such a beautiful family… Verity is a lovely name, & I just �� her big blue eyes.

    You’re truly inspiring, Gillian. I couldn’t imagine having 3 kids at your young age, & being a successful business woman too. I’ve learned so much from you. I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge for free.

  • Friendly reminder: your husband doesn’t HELP you with the kids. They are his too, right? �� I guess you guys share and that’s great. But the responsibility isn’t yours alone. �� much love and thanks for the video.

  • Hi Gillian, I just smiled the whole time watching this video, I don’t even know why. I am a dad and this video went right into my core. Totally amazing what you are doing, totally amazing!!!! Love your videos

  • i was so happy to first get a name for what i felt when i got my diagnosis, i hadn’t ever heard of what it was so i was just happy to have a name. i slowly learned how negative people view the disorder. “ oh, yeah my crazy ex had that, she was absolutely bat shit!” was not exactly what i thought i would get told when i shared my diagnosis with a close friend. he slowly stoped talking to me after that. then of course trying to actually find someone who would help me without accusing me of single-handedly ruining all the good things in the world or was too scared to actually call me on my shit was damn near impossible. and when i finally did find the therapists who really clicked with me? she died. no joke, he had heart problems and had to quit working because her heart was failing for the fourth time and she wanted to spend the last bit of her time with her family. so that was rough and put me on a spiral, but i’m finally back to going to therapy but i haven’t found a good fit yet, but i’m gonna keep looking! wow that took a completely different path at the end then i thought it was going to be, but oh well

  • I don’t even know what I have now… I’m diagnosed with adhd, anxiety, depression, schizophrenia.. I could possibly have OCD.. and I relate to some of this, at this point I could be the whole alphabet

  • Sweet babies! Thank you for the video! I love your planning and organizing videos they are very informative and easy to apply tips. I saw that you are using Asana can you please make a video about it? How do you integrate planner, Asana and calendar? I am having trouble using it, deciding what goes to Asana, to the planner, especially when new task, or idea showing up! I try to keep it organized but after some time it gets quite messy 😉

  • anyone else cant find a video that encompasses everything about bpd? like all the videos on youtube show the most basic symptoms but its so much deeper than the traits in the dsm five. there are even positive traits too. we are so much deeper than the surface symptoms the outside world sees.

  • My husband works construction so he leaves way before we get up. It’s tough getting two (plus yourself) ready and out the door by yourself! Thanks for sharing! I don’t feel so alone ☺️ also, I have a question about the egg cups/frittatas that you made. Do you heat them up or eat them cold?

  • Community is everything! I have also struggled with bpd for such a long time of my life but I have been feeling a lot better these days. What helped me a lot was informing myself about the disorder and watching other people heal and recover. The great thing about YouTube is that it’s free so you can easily seek coaching and advice and don’t need to pay for it.
    Personally, I recently started watching @kathyinframe she is a model and actress and makes movies about mental health and focuses a lot on bpd. She also started giving advice to people suffering from bpd and to friends and family it feels good to see that we’re not alone in our suffering.

  • I can’t go to therapist since my parents surely wouldn’t let me. But the sad thing is that I struggle with self-image and mood swing for 1 year and a half. Even though it probably not too long but, it is devastating.

  • Emotional Dysregulations/BPD are the biggest Sine wave experiment we are into. It’s like never ending fight between giving up and not giving up.

  • I’m 15 and no one in my family or friends know what i am undergoing right now.. And i think i have this BPD but i dont have any money to find some psychiatrist and if even though i have money, my parents will just tell me that I’m acting only. So i guess i just have to keep it for myself��….. Right..

  • Out of the 6 things at the start, I can relate to them. I had a constant tug of war with emotions from ages 7 to now (im 17), I struggle with all my friendships (id get really upset at them at times for no reason very very often.), the feelinh of abandonment is the most present in me. I get so upset whenever someone unfollows me or blocks me, because i feel like they’re leaving me for good and that just really scares me. And the Impulive behaviour is also present.