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The custodial parent must comply with the visitation schedule (sometimes called a parenting plan) established by the court. This is true even if the non-custodial parent is not paying. Child support and visitation are two separate issues. However, if a father doesn’t pay, he can get in trouble with the court.

If a father neglects this financial obligation, a court could find him in. Parental rights include things such as the right to visitation, to receive information about your child’s health care, to consult with the other parent regarding the child’s education, and even to possibly receive a portion of your child’s earnings (your previous divorce decree, court order, or state statutes should outline what rights. A child visitation agreement is between two parties with the shared goal of creating a visitation schedule with their child.

The arrangement outlines each parent’s visitation rights, their duties. Child custody issues are never easy and visitation is often a primary concern of individuals going through a divorce. As an initial matter, it’s important to know your state’s child custody laws and find answers to common custody and visitation legal questions.Next, below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions regarding parental visitation rights.

And where a nonlegal parent offers to help support the children in exchange for visitation or custody rights, most courts say no. In some states, second-parent adoption may be available even if you and. The court establishes visitation rights at the time of the divorce. Yet, many non-custodial parents paying child support complain that their former spouse does not honor these. Biological parents have a right to seek child visitation or child custody.

This is true regardless of whether the child’s parents were married when the child was born. Like other child. Keep in mind that a child support order is separate from child custody and visitation, so you cannot refuse to let the other parent see the children just because he or she is not making the child support payments that the court ordered. And you cannot refuse to pay child support just because the other parent is not letting you see your children.

Failure to pay child support is a common reason a parent may deny visitation with the other parent. However, child support and child visitation are two separate matters. The court could sanction a.

List of related literature:

Conversely, a custodial parent may not interfere with the child’s visitation on the grounds that the non-custodial parent has failed to pay child support.

“Fundamentals of American Law” by Alan B. Morrison, New York University. School of Law, William J. Brennan
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Furthermore, the court automatically assigns visitation rights when levying child—support obligations.

“Doing the Best I Can: Fatherhood in the Inner City” by Kathryn Edin, Timothy J. Nelson
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Noncustodial parents have a legal right to visitation, allowing them to spend time with their child.

“Encyclopedia of New York State” by Peter Eisenstadt
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Another issue is that child support payments are not tied to child visitation.

“The Role of the Father in Child Development” by Michael E. Lamb
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The state supreme court held that the state statute granting visitation rights to “any parent” at “any time” (Wash.

“Modern Family Law: Cases and Materials” by D. Kelly Weisberg
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Most courts will not relieve a parent of his or her obligation to supply child support solely on the basis that the custodial parent had denied that parent his or her court-ordered visitation rights.

“Introduction to Law for Paralegals: A Critical Thinking Approach” by Katherine A. Currier, Thomas E. Eimermann
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When gaining parental rights through the court, the father needs to prove his degree of attachment and commitment to the child.

“Inclusive Primary Teaching: A critical approach to equality and special educational needs and disability” by Janet Goepel, Helen Childerhouse, Sheila Sharpe
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State court decisions hold that noncompliance with visitation orders does not affect the child support obligation.

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Child support is increased, his pay is garnished, and her custody/visitation order is amended.

“The Military Divorce Handbook: A Practical Guide to Representing Military Personnel and Their Families” by Mark E. Sullivan, American Bar Association. Section of Family Law
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The Court observed: “When an unwed father demonstrates a full commitment to the responsibilities of parenthood by coming forward to participate in the rearing of his child, his interest in personal contact with his child acquires substantial protection under the due process clause.

“Constitutional Law: Principles and Policies” by Erwin Chemerinsky
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  • why dont you talk about women abandoning their family for whomever, the women dont care for children nor can the raise healthy kids like a father can.

  • Doesn’t this go for a mother aswell? The reason why a mother is able to be a mother is because of what the father did on his part. It takes two to raise a child. Now that a mother is single and now a single parent what can she bring to the table? You just said we both shared the responsibility so now she is alone how can she play a fathers roll or provide what the father had provided? A healthy child must have both a father and a mother in their life. There fast to ask the father what can he do, This should also go for the mother aswell. A father is no less than the mother. A father loves his children just a much as a mother and will do anything for their children.

  • Thank you for your wisdom ma’am! Sincerely a concerned loving caring daddy / Papa that only wants what’s best for them! Paul Hampton.

  • My court case has just started and I currectly have set visitation 2days out of the week, can I ask for more time? Can she give me time outside of the temporary court order? I’m in Texas.

  • It’s simple, create equal parenting, eliminate child support under false pretenses and have follow up court dates. I’m for equality not here on biased agenda, nor sexist, just equal.

  • Take womens right to vote away and fire all female judges and attorneys before they collapse the usa. Only thing this woman should be running is a daycare. Dirty attorney

  • Unfortunately my ex won’t do that. My ex hasn’t done anything that was ordered. I love your advice my ex hasn’t done anything in the best interests I’m in conjugal abuse and the kids It’s difficult

  • I agree! If you can’t support your child half the time you shouldn’t have them half the time. The courts truly don’t care! 50/50 custody no child support!

  • Please anyone who can help your contribution is greatly appreciated

  • How do I do it when it comes to filling taxes����‍♂️ he lives with her but my goal is for him to live two weeks with me two weeks with her

  • Wendy, this is excellent.

    Please get licensed in MO & KS. We need you, or more like you. Here. In KC as a Metro needs attorneys JUST LIKE YOU, Ma’am.

    Like COMES NOW.

    Pro Se Litigants like myself, who persevere and less so, prevail, are few and far between, I’ve come to realize. Most give up. Hope. Regardless of gender.

    Money equals power equals threats and intimidation. Human Persons of weak will…give in. Give up. THIS. CAN. NOT. BE.

    Who does it hurt? Little Ones who know not what’s going on. At all! Only discord, mayhem, interruption and malice. In their very young lives. NONE of that is A GOOD THING®, to quote that felon, Martha Stewart. I trust she’s learnt her lessons, though they are in a different matter entirely. The notion holds true. Or Spike Lee’s “Do the Right Thing.” FOR THEM.

    Please also push in your Great State of Arizona, and everywhere else, for what Washington State has: Limited License Legal Technicians. Licensure to litigate, basically. On paper. Not in person, to “speak for,” a Litigant in Court. Merely the “leg work.” Stuff people don’t have the time, money or wherewithal to prosecute.

    Is that a threat to the money-making universe of Family Law? You better believe it is. But, if an attorney or firm thereof who stand to gain when a child stands to lose as a result of clearing Court Dockets quicker entails? Please.

    Let’s stop fooling around. WITH KIDS LIVES. Full Stop.

    #tyvm Basquino

  • I suffered my whole life when my mom lost that custody battle, i love my dad he does nothing wrong, but I can bear life with no dad, but with no mom, i’m stuck, I loved her so much kids should get to testify in the custody battles.

  • What about it’s not in the agreement that they are following word by word that you only get a certain time and that is strictly what they follow and that is the reason why they won’t let you have more time with the child

  • I am getting ready to go to court and sought legal advice. I appreciate your advice. I was absent in my children’s lives for 3 years. I own it! There are underlying conditions. But my love has never stopped. I have my life together and pay my child support and tried to contact my children. One phone call and she blocked my contact. All I wanted was to slowly progressive get in contact. I was advised to make a call every day to try. And I am. I love my children. Divorce is tough especially when your children call you by your first name and the step dad by daddy. I went into a deep depression and withdrew contact from the entire world. The only thing that saved me was my eldest daughter and son contacting me and telling me that they love me and to get back their brothers. As of today I am perusing legal action. I haven’t smiled this much since my divorce. My attorney advised me to call every day since she won’t answer my call and try. Alienation is real and it not only affects your children. But it also affects you emotionally as well. Always remember there is a light at the end of a dark tunnel, even if you can’t see the light at the end halfway through.

  • My children are still very young. 8,6,3 and 1. It’s been two years with minimal contact between my oldest daughters. And my three year old. My son who is one I have never met.

    Their mothers have a history of tricks, manipulation and dishonesty as far as concerns my involvement with the children. They are dropped off early or on time and not picked up unless it is on her terms.

    Contact between their mothers and I are normally me being very open honest and genuine. Their responses to me are man bashing, consistent trash talking my life my wife and my ambitions.
    Meanwhile I reserve my resolve, and just dream up ways to solidify parenting time.
    I feel like ceasing contact and having minimal contact for the last two years is going to work against me. But I also feel like since this is early in my sons lives I’ll be in favor there.

    All that I am after is parenting time with less parental contact (me and mom don’t get along well) my children love me and I love them. Which would be easily displayed if they were asked or if we saw one another.

  • what if for some reason you cant see the children often as you would like? as for me i only get phone calls because i live so far away from them, how can i convince the judge that moving my children to were i live will be benefical?
    do i write and plan for education? and a plan for visiting the other parent like meeting half ways?

    im trying to get full custody but i only get phone calls and i havent seen my children in 1 year?

  • my child mother died ayear ago n her sister put my sons in her name i was out state at work i left him with his mother n then i came to take him.. his mom died from durgs n she gave to her sister n i lost my house cuz of her n now my so is with her sister she toll lies about me that i never did in my life what should i do

  • What if i was the primary care taker? She hated taking care of my daughter, she would cry with her alot so I went partime a few days a week and she worked full time.

  • What if they took off to a different state without permission or consent, I am able to see my kids, she put a restraining order on me so I won’t see my kids but I am able to see my kids, I have no court order that says I can’t see my kids, they took off without consent so I f I go to court can I make them pay transportation because they moved out of state without consent, it’s not my problem they did there action without adknowledgement, violating custody agreement threw penal code without both consent

  • I get 1 HOUR supervised a week based on false abuse charges. I payed all the bills with my military retirement and was the stay at home parent. The Narc ex wife got restraining order while I was in hospital for depression from the divorce and false abuse charges and while I was in she got a permenant restraing order. Said I was mad at her so I dropped my son on the concrete which is obviosily rediculous (no evidence). I have to pay $1,000 a month in child support and $450 for the supervised visits. It is INSANE. On top of that she tells my 6 year old daughter to be afraid of me when I never laid a hand on any of my kids ever. Never once even spanked them and I have to be supervised. The system is BROKE

  • What if I live in Australia and my kids lives in New Zealand? How the hell am I going to be able to spend more time when they are a 5 hr plane flight away? I really want to but feel like I’m hitting a brick wall

  • I understand your point.
    Although what happen when the ex moved 100 miles away from there home town with the children
    I must say it’s quite difficult to hold a great relationship being so far away. Thanks

  • Wendy did ever occur to you the system is corrupt to the core designed to support the judges, court officers, clerks pensions. Ohh I forgot to mention the filthy lawyers.. documentary “divorce corp”

  • Thanks for sharing your insight. It’s much appreciated. I just left an abusive relationship about 2 months ago and filed for divorce. I foolishly cancelled it after she begged me to and we pursued couples counseling. Nothing has improved and the fighting continues so im ready to refile. My wife is a stay at home mom, and we have a 3 year old (together) and a 9 yr old son (hers prior to us meeting). My goal is to get equal custody over both of them, both physical and legal. My lawyer had said that even though I’m not the biological father of my stepson, that the courts should rule in his best interest and Grant me rights. I’m the only father he has ever had and have been in his life since he was 4. My wife loves to threaten that I’ll never get to see him, and only get visitation for our daughter. She also threatens that I’ll be paying her lawyer fees as well. How likely is any of this? Do I have a chance in getting equal custody over both kids? Will I have to pay her legal fees? I am staying at my parents because I can’t afford paying her bills plus rent of my own.. will I have to prove abuse to get what I feel that I deserve? I just don’t know how bad this is going to get. I’m dealing with someone with a lot of cluster B personality traits here.. I’ve done everything with my kids. When I wasn’t working, I was spending time with themevery evening and every weekend for the past 2 years I’d go straight home and care for the kids while she sat in a different room on her computer and phone while drinking beer. I helped with the homework, ate with them, played, took our son to every sports practice and school event by myself, and tucked them both in at night by myself. Besides caring for our toddler during the day, I feel that ive carried the bulk of the load the past few years.
    I appreciate any advice here. Do I have a chance? Is it better to settle out of court or let a judge decide our fate? I know the second I claim abuse, she’ll cry it back.. thanks. Also, Im not wealthy, so crazy legal fees are going to be a problem.

  • I asked my sons mother and she won’t let me see him at all and only time she talk to me is to see who I’m in relationship with and when I make it about my son she cuts it off right then and there. She even told me if I didn’t marry her she would keep him from me and I’m still waiting to see him but now I have a attorney so I can’t wait to be in his life and do things. She don’t even have him doing anything or getting out at all. I offered to help with clothes and meds and she said ” I have 3 kids I been doing it all alone I’m a single married mom” but yet I offer help and she turns my offering down

  • In many situations such as mine, the child is with the mother all the time because the mother is simply alienating the father from his child, and if you make an effort to see the child, you have to deal with the abuse from that parent. This also goes for some fathers who are alienating the mother as well. I have been alienated since the child’s birth 16 years ago. And it is not getting better. That ATM CARD that gives the mother access to my money is the big problem. I have no leverage

  • I just got a letter in the mail saying I owe a yearly fee now. Of 25 bucks a year, so in total I owe fees of 100 for 4 years.
    I’m already paying monthly almost 500 bucks on CS.
    I’ve never once gotten to meet my son. She wouldn’t even give him my last name.
    Another sidenote. The CS that I’ve been paying is off what I used to make before I had my accident. I’m now on SSI because I can’t work. I have a severe TBI. The CS is just over half of my monthly income now.
    My sister has 2 kids with her ex. She’s lucky to see 100 a month from him for my nieces.
    But here I am stuck paying almost 500 a month for one kid.
    This is some bullshit.

  • My baby mom won’t allow my kids to receive gift from me, she wants money only? I feel that wrong I should be able to give my kids Christmas presents instead of giving her money, how should I go about that

  • So if I have had shared legal custody since my kid was 6 months old, and the mother is unfit based on many factors, what can I do to show the court that I am the better option? I have been taking care of kids since I was a young teen and my 3 year old literally says that he does not want to go to his moms house. I have never once said anything bad about her to my son, but he has been losing his shit since he was just about a year and a half, ever time he has to go with her. To me that spells a clear problem, and even one time he came to my home with very suspicious marks that were all nearly identical and in a patter down his leg. I had this presented to the courts and I had called CYS. I was granted temporary sole custody until the matter was resolved because the judge thought the marks were suspicious too. The issue ended up getting thrown out and she still has shared custody of my son. Something like this would have stripped all my rights away but because she is the mother they basically blew it off. I’m talking about a child that wasn’t even two years old looking like he was smacked with a rod in three spots with lines seperated by only a few inches and all in the same direction. At this point I feel very let down by the courts.

  • I was the primary care giver as s stay at home dad, and she is neglecting care of the kids when they are with her. What is the best course of action to ensure the safety and custody of the kids

  • Ive been poorly treated by my childs mother and lost custody over a false claim for ovwr 8 months now. I need help getting him back in my life. I make too much for legal aid and too less for 2000 dollar retainer to keep my attourney.

  • This video shows there is a bias against fathers with the courts. Guys don’t ever marry a woman. Avoid the headache and keep your money.

  • Keep in mind that the law is a complete ass and that the courts are a lawyers’ paradise and are only for those with deep pockets and that all men are bastards and you will be just fine.

  • you joking…fathers have no rights in family court….law/court/judges are there to destroy your family……my advice no to get married its NOT worth it

  • What do you do if you work on the opposite side of the Provence, how do you transition from weekends to longer holidays instead, and what if she fights with you and threatens you with more court every time she sees you,! Is it worth getting the child so upset with having to call the police to enforce your court order, or your child to see and hear fighting every time you go see him or attempt to pick your child up! Its stressful for the father, imagine the stress on the child? Is it worth seeing the tears and the pain in the child’s heart and eyes? Why can’t the judges understand this? I know for a fact some dads stay away to avoid this situation! Its just not fair! When you love your child that much, that you stay away and just keep sending the checks and bday and christmas presents to prevent the hurt! In the mean time the mom tells the child he doesn’t care he never comes to see you? I bought him a phone to keep in touch with me, she took it away, she unfriends my parents from talking to him or deletes his messages before he sees them, she even keeps saying she wants me to sign off and let her change his name? He knows I’m his dad, I’ve had him a lot, threw summers and Holliday’s and weekends when I worked in that area! He has his own bedroom always has even now, but he’s never seen it! I can’t afford a lawyer! What can I do, all she does if fight me at every turn, I’ve only been working out of town for a year, its the best job I’ve ever had!

  • my son is going thru Hell right now. But why does a man have to be asked if he’s taking parenting class, or about how he will handle child care if he has custody… But they didn’t ask the mother the same questions

  • Mothers be warned your children will grow up to hate you if you stop them seeing their father they find out when they are adults that their fathers wanted them reached out for them tried everything and you blocked them seeing them expect some serious hate because you will get it

  • To all men fighting for custody and visitation I just want to say something. I’m a 39 year old woman. My parents separated before I turned a year old. my mum never said a negative word about my father even though he gave her quite the opportunity to. I love my dad and proud of my dad but as a child my dad wasn’t the best he wasn’t there for me he had other children with other women. I know my dad loves me and has always loved me I never doubt that. My message to you all is keep fighting keep records of every single thing and every time you did anything to try and see your child or what you did in the fight for custody of your children because they matter. Regardless of what happens one day you will see them you will have them and you will be able to show them every single thing you did. Sadly some mothers brainwash their children against the father’s I despise women that do that because they’re doing nothing more than treating their child like a weapon and a child is the Greatest Gift. if you can prove what you’ve done your child will know you’re not the bad guy but also don’t ever put down their mum in front of them or to them because they are going to have loyalty to their mum and if the mum is putting you down to them the kids are going to remember that and they’re going to respect you because no matter what you didn’t do that mum may have said you didn’t so it’s vital. Everybody needs to remember the child needs their father they need their father to know who they are what they are. Finally no matter how disheartened you get NEVER give up. If you have visitation or are meant to have them stay. Don’t let anything short of a medical emergency make you cancel. NOTHING hurts a kid more than a cancelled visit.. They will remember and it gives the mum powerful ammunition against you as an unreliable parent.

  • A man who is a fit parent should not have to prove he is fit any more than the woman should. That is gender discrimination. Parental rights have been declared a “liberty interest” by the Supreme Court in numerous decisions. That makes it a Constitutional issue. Any attempt by the court to discriminate against you because you are the
    father is a violation of your liberty rights.

    First, man up and dont let your ex wife and the corrupt, antifamily court system tell you how to parent your kids. You only need to be a fit parent, not a perfect parent.
    Second, man up and act like a real father. Your kids need you.
    Third, educate yourself about your real parental rights. Your antifamily lawyer wont tell you what your rights are. I learned that the hard way.

  • My wages are being garnished by child support. I don’t mind it. It is what it is. My problem is that after taking the mother of my kid to court for joint costudy and being granted joint costudy by the judge, the mother now is not letting me see my child on my days granted by the judge. What can I do? I haven’t seen my baby in months and it’s killing me inside.

  • I couldn’t have said it any better. 50/50 should be the standard especially since children need to have the father in their lives.

  • Does it look really bad on the parent that filed then didn’t show for the status hearing then told the clerk they moved out of state and will file again in another

  • Hello this video helped a lot and helped me realize that things aren’t so bad in terms of this. I have been now separated from my soon to be ex wife, and she left after I had some challenges in the workforce, along with issues we were already having. All and all I am away from all family and lost everything my car my place( I let her off the lease and out of responsibility to ensure my son had a place to go, I was I under the impression that this was her plans) and I am here to say now that I am a new man. I have always been active in my kids life and my son is the ONLY reason why I am in Florida. I increased my income over 60 percent, managed to buy a new car and never missed any days with my son which I have 3.5 days a week( as agreed with his mother) I supply his clothes and food when he is with me and pay half the after care…. I spend all my time with our son and have proof of everything… it’s crazy I have to go through this. It’s like let me be the father you didn’t have… check out our Videos!!! I have a hearing Friday and although I don’t have counsel I feel extremely confident but I am also prepare and will
    Continue to prepare thank you I have stability and my sons best interest… the truth shall come out… #MME3

  • what makes a woman a natural parent? why does a dad have to do so many things to prove when a woman doesn’t? Sounds like your saying the woman doesn’t work at all.

  • What do you do when the mother tried telling me my daughter died in a miscarriage, and told me it for a few years.? Then finally told me she is mine but she doesnt want me in her life because her bf will get mad and leave her.? Im currently saving up to move to another to be a father how would i approach it.?

  • Ok what If a father who has been primary care giver and mother has only down horrible responsibility in the care of said child. How to deny someone when its unhealthy and unsafe for developmental, health, saftey. Mother is now seeking custody therfore she is plaintiff and i am the defendent. Fyi ur awesome and thanks.

  • I’m going through custody.. Jan is our first court date. Our 2 girls are 5years old and 4year-old. He left and moved to another state when I was pregnant with our first daughter. She was a break up baby.. I moved out to him and got pregnant with our second daughter. She was a make up baby. He doesn’t normally reach out he doesn’t try and see the girls. He has came out 3 different times requesting to see the girls. I allowed him. They don’t k ow him. He left with out even telling them goodbye this late time.. I told him I would understand if he left just say good bye. He did not. Now he’s expecting another child so his girlfriend wants the girls.. she’s never met them. My oldest has known him for less then 4months out of her life. Youngest is less then a month… He wants full custody or to take them out to his state. We had domestic violence. Only thing none of it was documented. We both say there was tho. I printed out all o could on him. He shows nothing of him having children on social media. So is there anything else I can do?

  • My naracist ex was not on drugs or alcohol, he did not believe in 50 50
    He wanted sole and he wants to be only one in control
    Judge favored his character and he managed to get me errased out of my son life
    He is the alientating parent
    He denies me all visits with excuses

  • When mgtow gains more steam, divorce laws will start to change. Men will not stand for this oppression and marginalization at the.hands of women.

  • I need a lawyer Monterey county. I am fighting custody formy 4 year old daughter ex won’t let me see my daughter even though we have court orders she agreed to.
    email me info [email protected]

  • how about this.if u have kids u cant get divorced till the kids are grown.make it a law.lets see how freely people get married then.

  • Hello so I have a daughter and her mom don want that I see her and I decided go to the court I’m Just looking for some questions what I need to do to get there on my first step

  • What if my daughter is young 2 years old and I’ve bought several flights in hopes that my ex would bring her and she always gets upset right before the flight because of things she makes up in her head about other women she’s making it difficult to have my daughter in my life we live in two different states

  • what should a father do if he wants to spend more time with his kid and has reached out multiple times but the mother has blocked him in every way, and he has no way to contact her pending a custody battle. My fiance has reached out 3 times since since we moved to see if we could take his daughter on certain dates and every single Time he has been turned Down, and as of right now the mother has blocked every one of his family members, him and I on everything, we have absolutely no way to contact her. We also know factually that the child may be unsafe due to the last time seeing her she had inner thigh bruises, dark under eyes, and was underweight. we have called CPS multiple times, and the mother as of right now has not legal rights to terminate visitation. We’re at a loss until we can go to courthouse later this month and file, we moved counties so we would have a place to live and so he could get a better job. He has been consistent in her life, only time we canceled was if I was to be gone and there would be nobody home, I would often travel with my mom and he worked 6 days a week and his boss refused to give him 2 days off because he was a manager. We also had to cancel when we first moved so we could completely figure out or living arrangement, we have 2 kids together, both are under 3, and he was settling into a new job and gaining financial stability once again so he could make sure he was able to pay his child support and not be in contempt of court. So far we have been very consistent, and we even give major notices for cancellations, especially when the other kids would be very sick and contagious. We wanted to try every other weekend at one point because I was seeking therapy for anxiety and post partum depression and because I was the stay at home parent I felt it reasonable to civilly talk about it with everyone involved, I needed some weekends to just step away and treat my mental illness, but that has since been controlled and regulated with regular support talks with an unnamed person. I just didn’t want to subject any child to my mental illness in fear of harming that child, even with my own children, they would stay with their grandma twice a month so I could treat my mental illness. I explained this in full as well as explaining that the childs father was not given an option to take a day off without getting fired. She was more concerned at the fact that she would have to cancel her date nights and the nights when she goes drinking with friends. She also has stated that my fiance has not paid child support even tho child support has explained to her where the support went and why it was a little amount (in my state at least if the father is already supporting minors they lower the support in effort to keep him above the poverty line). She also is posting on social media that Her daughter “eats a lot” but then saying she only had a banana, two jerky sticks and some chips. As if that is enough food for an underweight almost 3 year old. This person is annoyed that my fiance didn’t believe that baby was his until a DNA test was presented., once said test was shown, he owned up to it. She wants to terminate his rights, and she has made many rude remarks about my parenting to him and on social media, untrue remarks at that. Both my child are of perfect health, my son is almost 3 feet tall at age 2 and he is 34 pounds, my daughter is about 28 inches and weighs 21 pounds at one year old. my future step daughter, the child in this case, is 33 inches tall and about 20 pounds. We are genuinely worried about her, but we also can’t afford a lawyer so we feel as if we will lose.

  • What can I do to get join custody I have not be the present household for the past 1 year and 6 month! She ready doesn’t let me see my duagther and when she does she makes her time i don’t like dat! Once in a while I asked her to let me see my duagther Saturday or Sunday she saying no she going out with me! She reall does let me see her on the weekends please help me my duagther have asked me if she could live with me! What can I do please help me

  • You don’t have to prove the best interest of the child to the state. In fact it’s the states burden to prove a parent unfit using strict scrutiny due process guidelines and that parent is under no obligation to help them. Unless the state does this then they have no rights or jurisdiction to preside over anything at all much less making decisions of a childs best interest over a fit parent. People need to realize that the entire family law industry is a sham and not even fit for purpose. Learn the real law and assert your rights without compromise no matter what the family law judges & lawyers tell you about state jurisdiction in civil courts of equity. It’s all a scam.

  • Iv done all that. Iv got court orders but six years later still not seeing my son. Because baby Mum will not allow contact. I have struggled to earn enough money to my head above water. What should I do?

  • I believe firmly that our sons has to be taught the same way as our daughters! Divorce is a reality!!!The findings is that the mothers usually thinks that the father does not know how to do the finer things that mothers do including those who don`t look after their children because of their personality traits. I have found women that have children where in their marriage they do nothing but manipulate the other parents to do everything so that she or he can be self centred to their own needs or was brought not do chores or responsibilities.Later in life when they have to do responsibilities, they`e at a complete loss because of spoiling. I feel that if you never had any responsibilities when you were single because your parents took on that which should have been shared then marriage would have been a breeze.Also there is also mothers who use the child as leverage for something she wants! Its amazing how a couple when they have their babies that they say “we” are having a baby but when it comes to divorce suddenly its my children.Parents who don`t show any gripes with each other is the ones whose lives are happy and they also save that money to use for their childrens than giving to lawyers which is a necessary thing because they can`t behave as adults!!!

  • I appreciate your advice and hopefully i can get somewhere so that i can finally have overnights and standard visitation.  My daughter is a beautiful 3 year old girl who is just such a joy to be around but ever since her birth i was kept away and I was the one to initially file for parenting time and to get my name on the birth certificate.  I pay support and I drive 115 miles round trip one day a week ( hour to and from ) to see my daughter for 2 hours as my ex states she needs to sleep and refuses to drive to my house.  I am a firefighter so I work 24 hrs on and 48 hrs off and I recently hired a new lawyer to help me with coming to an agreement.  I am not a criminal and do not have any addictions and or alcohol problems.

  • How exactly does this help a father ENFORCE a parenting plan? Seems more like what to do to get paternal parenting time. BTW, nice job showing that judges ARE BIASED, unlike what you claim in one of your other videos. Suggesting that dads take parenting classes but not moms? Proves it right there. On a side note, I do enjoy watching your videos. #censurejudgepahl

  • First, let me start by saying the devil is always in the details and logistics. But I agree with what you’re saying in principle, there should be a baseline and then every situation is evaluated on its own merits.

    However, under a 50/50 arrangement how would you propose dealing with things like paying for school uniforms or supplies, if the child is playing sports and has to pay a fee to be on the team, etc.? I’d think this would have to be covered in the custody agreement that one parent pays and the other parent is obligated to reimburse or something like that. It wouldn’t be fair for either parent to have to shoulder 100% of those types of expenses. One parent may want the child in a private school while the other is happy to have the child attending a public school (or may be all that that parent can afford). I don’t think it’s in the child’s best interest to go to one school for ½ the month with one parent and then go to a different school for the ½ month with the other parent.

    Of course, then there’s the “who pays for health insurance for the kids” situation.

    When it comes to alimony, I don’t think there should ever be alimony except under very extenuating circumstances and even then, limited to a specific period of time. For example, let’s say one of the spouses is in a car accident (before the split), becomes demonstrably physically disabled and unable to work (at least in the short-term), and the other spouse dumps the marriage. In that case, the spouse may need some assistance while transitioning to other options. I don’t know statistically how long it takes on average to get on Social Security disability but let’s be generous and say that’s a year. So then maybe alimony is in place for a year. It’s only there as transition assistance due to a situation that is not the fault of the spouse receiving the assistance.

    Likewise, I do not think spouses or children are “entitled” to the “lifestyle to which they’ve become accustomed.” Obviously the children’s basic needs must be met by the parents. But just because daddy is a millionaire doesn’t mean 16-year-old Chad is entitled to drive a Maserati to school or live in a megamansion or go to Bora Bora for Spring Break. There’s undoubtedly some % above poverty line that is considered a reasonable standard of living that both parents would be equally required at minimum to provide. If the wealthier parent CHOSE to do more than that (like buy the kid a Maserati and pay for the insurance), that’s fine, but it wouldn’t be legally required.

  • In other videos you claim fathers have the same chance of getting parental rights as mothers. In this video you admit fathers have to prove and convince the judge that they are good parents if they want more time with their kids. When was the last time a mother had to prove she could support the family in order to get custody? Fathers do not have the same rights as mothers. You should be more honest about men’s chances of getting custody.

  • It’s Sad that one would need to prove to a Judge to then give you permission to be a father and spend time with your own children.And if you don’t cower to the judge and beg and plea he can easily take your father’s rights away just based on what the judge feels with no real evidence of bad fatherhood or an exaggeration of a few mistakes done by the father if any.

  • Need help getting off child support go to Amen Osiris Rick W youtube to show you guys and give you an OVERSTANDING on how to get off that bullshit

  • Title 18 USC ss 241 n 242.. you better read that or you won’t retire in peace you are gonna get liened laughing now but he who laughs first never laughs last..your time is people Hate Trump don’t you for exposing your LAW IF THE MERCHANT TACTICS..TREASON IS A SERIOUS CRIME.. REMEMBER THE HOLYCAUST

  • A father is a legal fiction.a corporation..look up legal definition of father…A legal father is an obligor that’s obligated by a Contract to Pa-rent..A father has no rights unless you reserve your rights under UCC 1308 what the child support system and any other separate n pruvate govt agency is operating under… it including our de facto courtrooms…And Child support Court is a de facto color of law courtroom in the executive branch of govt..That has no judicial power..see the separation of powers in the Constitution to enforce anything but title IV a loans and title IV d the collections of those loans to sorry bitches on welfare..Limited JURISDICTION..Child support is voluntary for the Government needs the Consent of the people to govern them..You are committing Fraud in your video by misleading opinionated people are dillusional..Challenging the Subject Matter Jurisdiction of the IV D collection agency limited JURISDiCTION is the first defense in any de facto court that’s not even a real court..A validation of debt affidavit Affidavit notice and demand of undertaking..Affidavit Notice of Special appearance..Affidavit of notification of rights. COMMERCIAL LIENS ON YOUR PROPERTY WILL STOP THE MADNESS..Don’t glorify the FRAUD..PROCEDURE AND STATUTES ARE NOT LAW..

  • My child was adopted by her grandmother and I never gave up parental rights she just lied and said I was unfit mother and I was neglectful and I didn’t have a way to take care of my child I don’t see how when I have bought my baby clothes shoes diapers baby bed stroller milk bottles milk I used to do this all the time is neglectful or unfit mother I might not have everything together as a mother like I’m still working on my GED and I don’t have a job right now but that shouldn’t be a right to take away my child and adopt her

  • My daughter was ripped away from me in the hospital when she was 4 days old,the hospital drugged me so i was lathargic aka not n my right state of mind from being purposely drugged by the nurses. In the 72 hours later i had court,the judge ordered visitation and mental health,i did everything i was told to do,was lied on repeadly aka slandered,harraseed everyweek with mail stating we plan to terminate your rights,and also the paper work would say “we don’t want to really terminate your rights”…… multiple games were played on me at the court hearings, multiple games were played on me during visitation,im not a drug addict nor suffur horrific mental health problems that would stop me from being a great mother that i am, I had a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE child advocate or aka cyf appointed child services lawyer…..who worked against me,cyf kept harassing me with paper work sent in my mail every week saying we plan to terminate your rights,after years of this harassment,i couldn’t take it anymore,the pain was too much to handle,so i walked away,it killed me and still does,at the time,it felt like it was thebest thing to do for me because i was extremely torn down from IT ALL……that does not make me a bad mother nor bad person,as a human we can only take so much,and btw im talented singer, and still til this day i struggle with should i fight for my music career to be able to have the money to get her back or try nd fight for her back with no money??? Please please help me

  • The custody hearing is as much of a dog and pony show as the child support hearing where the lawyers refer to the hearing officer as Judge and Your Honor. The child I pay an on going ransom for was alienated from me for the first 5 years of his life before I was served to go to court, I was sending money to the child’s mother, but she wanted to get it in writing that she had full custody, so the clerks told her that she needed to prove DNA, so after 2 and half years of total alienation, I received a phone call from the mother, she asked me if I wanted to visit Nick, I said I sure, I then asked, “does Nick have a bike?” she said no, I said, “don’t say anything to Nick, I will surprise him with a new bike”. After visiting with Nick for about 30 minutes, Court Process Server Steven Collins corners me in the mother’s townhouse, threatens me with being arrested if I don’t appear in court. I appear in court with a lawyer;  Mike Schmitt walks me right into a Title IV-D contract. Then Law Guardian Ella Van Loon suggest that I start out with 6 chaperoned visits, which was not necessary, this was to create an illusion that I was unfit, no evidence, no trial, just her bull-sh-t recommendations. Then she recommends 6 hours on Saturday and says Deanne is willing to let you see Nick for 2 hours on Christmas. And in six months I could have sleep overs with the child.  No holidays were written in this piece of garbage court order. And the language states, “if agreeable by both parties”  I was right back to being alienated. Fighting this in these kangaroo courts is not going to get me far. I filed a Petition in 2016 regarding the alienation, the first thing the referee wanted to do was appoint a law guardian; it is the law guardian who staged this for me to lose. I just did not bother with it. My entire case is a joke.


    Come out from her oh My people and let Me be your God

  • And what happens when I do all this but the woman lies about the fathers. Nothing cuz the legal system is biased towards mothers and always has been. I been fighting to see my son for three years

  • I’m giving up parental rights over my children bc their father is a manipulative sociopath and has turned them against me. Cant take it anymore no more fight in me

  • I am a Father in California terminating my parental rights because Judges here don’t enforce Fathers rights. During my custody battle, I was forced to defend myself agains my ex-wives false allegations in Criminal Court. She put my 9 year old, whom she had been priming up for years, on the witness stand against me. They lost and the DA tried the case again and lost again. If this doesn’t prove child abuse, spousal abuse, financial abuse, judicial abuse, slander, etc. than I don’t know what does. After this and completing the Mediators unwarranted list of ransom Santa Cruz judges only taunted me and never enforced ANY of the orders with regard to Mother or reuniting children with their father. California is Bastarding children by the thousands to protect a few abused women who have the right and programs to leave said abuser at ANY time. Governor Reagan passed the NO FAULT Divorce law in 72′ so why do the Courts incentivies Mothers to play victim? Money! 50 Billion a year generated by Family Court as well as the incarceration and disarming of American Men. Attorney’s, Judges, DAs, Clerks, etc. all know that they are participating in corruption. They are EVIL and will be delt with accordingly when the true day of judgement comes. This I have Faith in not reuniting with my 4 children who have been poisoned by a sick mother since birth.

  • Here are some of the things you should know bout family law. 1. There is no such thing as “Family Law”! 2. This false law violates the constitution of the United States of America! 3. The guardian ad lidam is a monetary thief for the judge in a municipality! 4. All state laws must not interfere with the constitution of the United States of America! 5. This video was designed to manipulate you into thinking that you have no rights and it is in itself a violation against humanity. 6. This video was made by an illegal agency from a foreign country (A.B.A.

  • So question my rights were terminated some was lies some was truth i have proof of lies but only truth i had one dirty test but that happen after they stop my unsupervised visits and was already looking for termination but wouldnt tell me why so can one dirty test amd arrest be reason to terminate

  • would that record be kept in the file In regards to a probate guardianship case in which the mothers fostor parents have kept him from me and i was in jail, no attempt has been made other than by me to contact him

  • Hi, my Name is Pam and my husband fathered a child outside of our relationship. When I found out about it, the child was just born early and weighting only 3 pounds. The DCFS took the baby from the hospital, because the mothers herion an other drugs in her system, was also in the child’s system. We went to court and my husband is the father. So I helped him get his daughter out of foster care. But shortly afterwards I found out I don’t have any rights to her, even though we are taking care of her. I want to adopt her but. The mom only lost custody not her parental rights. And since all of this she has been arrested on a felony drug charge. I need to know how to get her rights removed, so I can adopt her. Thanks so much

  • I have a question. I have a friend that jail for the next 5 years she and her baby daddy wants to give me custody of their unborn child. In flordia how and what do I need ahe is due in 4 months. I live i. TEXAS they are in flordia. Help. No money to spend om adoption.

  • Read this book: Father and Child Reunion by Warren Farrell, Ph.D. It is a terrific book on the importance of fathers being in their children’s lives. There is a lot of info about the imbalance of parenting in marital breakdowns and how it should change. This book is way ahead of its time as it was written in 2000 with study after study showing how men are disadvantaged by women and the court system. This should be a must read for every man, especially if he is going through a marital breakdown and fighting for custody.

  • My ex is planning on moving to Georgia currently from Florida we’ve never married we been separated for nine years we have an 11 year old daughter and a 13 year old daughter who we mutually agreed that I get every other weekend and I also see them throughout the week as I coach their softball teams for the past several years I keep my kids whatever they need I give my ex whatever she needs for our kids she still has not told me that she wants to move or is moving which is in within the next two months she don’t have the audacity to tell me I’d have to hear it from my kids she had a one-night stand with a 21 year old she is 35 she ended up pregnant now they have a one year old he’s from Georgia she has no family there he’s off in Washington in school only his family is there all of our families here in Florida where we are my kids do not want to leave they want to stay with me there is no meaning on them moving she’s not moving for a job not moving for the best interest of the kids the kids want to stay with her father they call my house home like I said she’s been two three four different places since we’ve split I’m still at the same place where my kids were when we split we have a mutual agreement on how much money I get for every week or whatever she needs money for I give I also give my kids lunch money buy them school clothes shoes girly items vacations etc etc what do I need to do to stop this shouldn’t she have to give me a notice she shouldn’t be able to just take my kids and leave I am really a victim of a narcissist I am always wrong she’s always right she’s in one of those type she’s with a 22 year old guy now which my kids do not like she said they always fight it’s so pleasant when he’s not around 2 months ago they hated each other and we’re splitting up like I said my kids say they do nothing but fight they’re exactly alike now they’re back together again after he left my daughter told me that they were going to get a place in Georgia my daughter asked her with what money and her response to my daughter was oh you don’t know the money that he’s going to be making when he gets done with school hmmm gold digger… like I said this is the third guy she’s been with since we split in a relationship with. please help I have two months to help my kid get out of the situation they do not want to go there’s nothing there for them a family no friends there’s nothing there for her no job no family you just his family my kids really want to stay with me please get back with me thank you like I said I do way too much for my kids for her to think I would say goodbye to them I’m not going to let them go to wear a 21 year old will be trying to Father them he’s way too young and very immature yes she had a one night stand and yes my kids do not like him at all they also have that love hate relationship with their mother what do I do to stop this right away I need to help my kids I asked my kid I told them if I didn’t do anything I would expect them to think of me as a piece of crap father what’s that would never happen like I said I give her and my kids with everything I need I’m always early with the money we agreed on giving her every week plus more lunch money Recreation money take them on vacation by them school clothes on top of giving her the money she also asked me to split mostly everything with her which I do she really gets a lot out of me definitely more than she should I think a lot of people would hate her if she did this to me knowing the father I am to my kids please help……

  • Makes no sense if a woman is divorcing under NO FAULT. Under no fault, custody should be 50/50 and ZERO alimony or chisup. The law is broken.

  • In the old days it was whoever could show they had more money would be given for support.. But since radical feminism and Marxism overcame our society they automatically give it to the woman. Who is normally an emotional nutcase

  • Honestly in my country nobody gets married anymore and if the couple separates the children stay with the mother and never see they’re father again and that’s it. No courts, no llawyers, no bulshit.

  • The silver lining of 50/50 custody is it will help tame intimate terrorists.The court system can only allow women to take men to the cleaners so many times until this practice create an economic scarcity.

  • I’m a single father going through a middle of a child custody battle with my wife that left the state to Tennessee from Arizona this video helps thank you

  • 50/50 here in Missouri $536 a month on a temporary order absolutely ridiculous while she does nothing to better herself other than party all the tome on my money.

  • 6:18. Totally disagree, there are studies that prove single dads raising infants along with their single exes, during separation or divorce is psychologically healthier on the child’s development than only one parent. Dads can be nurturing to infants and neonatals also. Just gotta have the ex agree to give you the breast milk!

  • I spent 50k fighting for 50/50 parenting time, WHILE PAYING HER child support in a family court that favors moms in wa state. I got every other weekend and one day a week.

  • Keep a paper trail. I won full, legal and physical custody of my two kids in NY. She got supervised visitation she exercised twice. Doctor shopper. KEEP EVERYTHING. Texts, letters, emails, paperwork etc… Kids are now grown and prospering. She had another kid she gave up custody to her parents. LOSER

  • idk if you will reply to this it would mean a lot I’m a father of my beautiful 2 month baby girl the but I’m only sixteen slot of my family and friends have never been in my shoes I was just wondering if there was away you can help me one on one my situation is very complicated and wouldn’t want to discuss on live comment if not I understand

  • Single mothers are emotional pedophills, I will explain for example, single mother bring one of the guys who’s fucking her at home while the kid is inside the house most of the time kid can hear them having sex, this is worse than physical abuse, morally wrong and if you have daughter it’s even worse so many cases where boyfriend sexually abuse step kids,

  • I’m in this circumstance right now in Ohio. I have my kids 50% of the time and have been separated for a year now with the dissolution going past 90 days w/o finalizing and then converting to a divorce because she wants more money than the split on the support calculation. My pretrial starts Dec. 2nd and on the 3rd she has filed for a temporary order for child support and an appointment of a Guardian Ad Litem because she doesn’t like how I have minimalized my life down to a one bedroom apartment that I share with my two boys when I have them. We sleep Japenese style with very cushy floor beds and heated blankets. She wants them to have their own room and conventional style beds. I’ve explained to her that the one bedroom IS temporary and that the boys WILL have their own room in the next couple years. The boys are 6 & 8. Ofcourse I won’t be sharing a bedroom with two teenage boys. The divorce process is a nightmare and it pains me that I’ll be ordered to pay her child support to support her lifestlye (side note: she already receives $400 a month from baby daddy #1) even though she works 40+ hours a week as a daycare assistant to director. We also pay “0” in daycare expense. The laws need to change to 50/50 w/ No Child Support and if the mother or father can’t financially provide for their child then primary custody should be awarded to the parent that can. End of story.

  • They do not want man to educate their kids but woman and gov and the reason is to emasculate this society so political agenda and rules (most likely unconstitutional) can be forced upon people because women and their soy boys most likely won’t put any resistance to it.

  • It took my ex-wife accumulating 4 DUI’s and being found guilty of child neglect before the court finally gave me 100% physical/legal custody. It’s almost impossible for men to get fair custody. The system is broken.

  • This is so true. I can’t believe women still want full child support even though they might quote give you 50/50 close quote. That’s how you know all they care about is the money. Because why would they still need the same amount if they have the kids half the time?

  • Only half the problem is addressed here. The government has established an unholy alliance with women to fleece men of their wealth.

    The government is not interested in justice. They want your money. It’s all about the money.

    Here’s both how and why this is being done to us.
    Our Social Security is being used to fund the local municipalities, who get rewarded 66% for every dollar they extract from non custodial parents. They cut the woman in on this scam by dangling “free” money in front of them. Rare is the woman who can resist that temptation.

    The Violence Against Women Act is the legislative mechanism that authorizes the federal government to use Social Security Act (Title IV-D) funds to incentivize local “family courts” to limit fathers’ access to their children.

    This will not change unless and until VAWA IS REPEALED (with no replacement). Failing that, their gravy train will keep on rolling.
    This is why family courts continue to ignore men’s rights so willingly. They want to maximize the influx of federal TITLE IV-D money. That’s your money in THEIR pocket.
    Due process was thrown out the window with no fault divorce, leaving the courts free to lend credence to any accusation women make no matter how ludicrous or otherwise unbelievable. No proof or evidence necessary.
    Their attorneys will even coach and encourage women to make false claims.
    Why? More money, that’s why.

    Supervised visitation is another cash cow they’ve set up to drain still more money from men. Now you have to pay extra just to see your own children.

    It’s a collosal fraud, completely unlawful. (There is a hugh difference between what is “legal” as opposed to what is LAWFUL).

    Attorneys know this. Yet this farce continues because the flow of money would then dwindle, cutting off their ill gotten gains.

    Repeal VAWA. Our children are the ones most harmed by this shameful fraud.

  • The only way I got my X to come on board and agree to 50/50 (without a court battle) was for me to pay the less than 35% overnight rate. I pay 3 times as much now. I literally pay for her time and my time with them. SHe even had the audacity to try and make me pay for half the clothes ( she would be buying) after the fact. She used my time away from the kids ( I was going through horrific alienationdidn’t even know what it was until it happened and researched) as leverage. I was desperate to see my kids for more than a nail or hair appointment( I did the majority of raising btw). She completely turned them against me and would plead the line “oh I encourage the to spend time with you but they just don’t want to”. She did this even after the 50/50 agreement until I got the kids into family therapy (via lawyer I demanded the kids be appointed). The therapy helped a lot, especially when he told my kids your father is not a horrible person and he is right. They had heard just the opposite up until that point. They still needed a little coaxing so I had my x’s overnights (in our still jointly owned marital home) with her new boyfriend halted while our teenage daughters were present. This not only potentially protected them from an unknown man, whom was spending more time with my kids than I, but it made my X suddenly much more supportive in getting my kids to commit to the 50/50 schedule (I live 5 minutes away btw). Within days, my kids were finally overnighting with me in the home I had stretched myself to rent. It took almost 8 months to finally happen. This proved it was her turning them against me the whole time.

  • Look how EVIL this lady is inside and out. She doesn’t even have to look at the code she knows it by heart. SHE’S NOT HELPING THE PEOPLE HER FIRST OBLIGATION IS TO THE CORPORATION o I mean the COURTS YOUR SECOND IN LINE NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU PAY THEM. THEY ALREADY ARE CONTRACTED WITH THE CORPORATION, THAT’S HOW IT WORKS. Not a true American RIGHT THEIR, they are the U.S. LLC. FOR PROPHET CORPORATION. It sucks for about 2 3 months of depressing truth that it’s all almost a LIE

  • Please anyone help with my situation. I have 2 boys 10 and 11 they live with there mom at there grandmothers house. There are “no” custody papers. I just found out that there mother has been arrested and apparently she going to do a year. Now there grandmother where they reside is very sneaky to say the least…meaning she didn’t inform me of her daughter being incarcerated and my boys having to not tell me anything. Can i just go and get my boys and bring them to reside with me? Cause o know I’m going to have a problem with there grandmother if I decide to go and get them. Or do I have to file something before doing so?

  • great point on 50/50 with child support. I’ve been broached that topic before and never thought how we are all getting double dipped when we agree to it.

  • Like you said, the current system demonstrates that women are inadequate without the man and his money (we know it’s true) but it also demonstrates that men are unfit to raise children (completely untrue). 50/50 is reasonable

  • Young men, don’t get married. Watch his video on “best way how MGTOW men can have kids”. You will end up possibly losing your job if you go down the conventional road. Women have ALL the power int he court system.

  • So many great points. Why are we the bad guys for wanting to have our children more time? But in their mind, they rationalize in their mind and come up with BS excuses like you said…you are “abusive” “controlling”. all nonsense to justify their selfish motives to keep the kids and money.

  • 4:00 most important,, that the mother HAS TO PROVE THAT A PARENT IS UNFIT TO NOT DO 50/50. Why is it assumed, that it always has to go to the mom?

  • anything I could do?
    im a dad never married to mother of children, but I pay child support. my case is one day my kids were here living in the state, next thing I know their mom decides to up and move out of state and I still pay child support.

  • I recently met a narc who has custody of 2 beautiful girls which is why I googled this question and found your vid��Because of my awareness Ive noticed that when hes not getting validation admiration from me or if im not falling in line with his bs which i never do because im on to him.He then gets it from his children.This man is so broken I truly in my heart believe he only got custody to have continual supply at his beck and call.And they are latched onto him like glue in a very unhealthy way and he acts as if he just doesnt know why.Yeah okay��I also noticed that his girls feel as tho when hes found a new victim,for some strange reason��the girls feel the need to compete for his attn.He triangulates his little girls with his grown women victims/supply.Makes me wanna call CPS but thats not a better place for children either.Being a victim of a narc father and mother myself.Maybe God wanted me to meet him so that i can pray for the girls because of course it will never work out with me and their father.I also agree that he got custody to give the bare minimum and to receive welfare because he’s confessed his “envy” towards women because they get all the help and men dont.God bless everyone who reads this and congrats survivors…

  • Please help me find my baby boy. Take a second to click the link, read my page, and donate if you can. Any amount helps even a dollar but I understand that money is tight. If you can’t afford to donate maybe you can share the link with people who can. I really appreciate your thoughts and prayers through this struggle and If you have any questions feel free to ask. Thank you.

  • It is scary how accurate you are, on every single point. Poor nutrition, the attempts a financial exploitation, violating every court order since its creation, physical attacks, emotional abuse, not taking to extra-curricular’s, never paying $0.01 toward medical bills, the calling 9-1-1 four times in one night with different stories until they arrest me just so they can sit around and eat their donut in peace, not giving medications, filing family court proceedings due to “inability to co-parent,” and having her own attorney motion the court to withdraw because he can’t effectively communicate with his client… It is unreal, and they let it happen. I’m a custodial father and it simply shocked me that you had such difficulty winning custody. My family court is ridiculously biased. Plus the health & human services commission, attorney general, and schools. It’s a complete living nightmare. God bless you.

  • This is so true. My ex even followed me home from court and flipped me off while screaming f*** you after the judge said all contact needs to be through text only about the children. Now he has even gone as far as to move down the street from me to spy on me. I feel helpless because i have 9 more years until both kids are grown

  • I deal with ex narc who only pays child support and refuses to help with any other expenses, like haircuts, school clothes, etc.His theory is his 25% pays for everything they need. He is so stupid.

  • I just shared your video to my Facebook page Prevent PA. I made a request of those on my page and watch your numbers go up. Takes a village sister������