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Ucc, child support case dismissed, process servers and mail. Fight or die!

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Child support, back pay & terminating rights Child Support Mediations

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Child Support Federal Court: Sue Her or Him For Identity Theft Fraud

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Lawless Family Courts: Family Court Judges Violate the Judicial Canons in Every Child Support Case!

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FATHER FILED LAWSUIT & WON. You Can Defeat Child Support in Federal And State Courts. HOORAY!

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Parents who are seeking to recover child support payments in federal court should provide evidence of the following prior to a court appearance: The parent who was obligated to pay child support willfully did not pay. The debt has been unpaid for at least a year or the parent owes at least $5,000. BACKGROUND: The Child Support Recovery Act of 1992 (CSRA) was enacted by Congress on October 25, 1992 making it a Federal crime to willfully fail to pay support for a child living in another State.

Federal child support enforcement became possible with the passage of the Child Support Recovery Act (CSRA) in 1992. The CSRA aimed to deter non-payment of State ordered support obligations through prosecution of the most egregious offenders. For one, an individual is subject to federal prosecution if he or she willfully fails to pay child support that has been ordered by a court for a child who lives in another state, or if the payment is past due for longer than 1 year or exceeds the amount of $5,000. § 664.

Collection of past-due support from Federal tax refunds § 665. Allotments from pay for child and spousal support owed by members of uniformed services on active duty § 666. Requirement of statutorily prescribed procedures to improve effectiveness of child support enforcement § 667. State guidelines for child support.

The Child Support Recovery Act of 1992 makes it a federal crime for a parent to refuse to pay child support to a parent living in another state. Congress also passed the. In Texas non-custodial parents behind more than three months in child-support payments can have court-ordered payments deducted from their wages, can have federal income tax refund checks, lottery. The federal government will intercept federal payments to pay past due child support before a non-custodial parent is entitled to payments from the federal government For example: private vendors who perform federal government work, small business loans and federal retirement benefits would be subject to intercept.

Yes, unless you are eligible for relief. If you do not owe child support but you are married to someone who owes child support, you may file an Injured Spouse Claim and Allocation – Form 8379. The Child Support Recovery Unit (CSRU) provides services to ensure families receive the child support they need in order to be able to meet the financial and health needs of their children.

List of related literature:

assignment of support rights As a condition of eligibility for public assistance (TANF), the custodial parent must agree to turn over to the State any right to child support, including arrearages, paid by the obligated parent in exchange for receipt of cash assistance or other benefits.

“A Guide to Federal Terms and Acronyms” by Don Philpott
from A Guide to Federal Terms and Acronyms
by Don Philpott
Bernan Press, 2017

We do not address civil contempt proceedings where the underlying child support payment is owed to the State, for example, for reimbursement of welfare funds paid to the parent with custody.

“Modern Family Law: Cases and Materials” by D. Kelly Weisberg
from Modern Family Law: Cases and Materials
by D. Kelly Weisberg
Wolters Kluwer, 2020

But sometimes States will use contempt orders to ensure that the custodial parent receives support payments or the government receives reimbursement.

“Civil Procedure: Cases and Problems” by Barbara Allen Babcock, Toni M. Massaro, Norman W. Spaulding
from Civil Procedure: Cases and Problems
by Barbara Allen Babcock, Toni M. Massaro, Norman W. Spaulding
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If there is such a change in financial circumstances, however, then the court usually will “wipe the slate clean” and begin again to determine a fair amount of child support.

“The Military Divorce Handbook: A Practical Guide to Representing Military Personnel and Their Families” by Mark E. Sullivan, American Bar Association. Section of Family Law
from The Military Divorce Handbook: A Practical Guide to Representing Military Personnel and Their Families
by Mark E. Sullivan, American Bar Association. Section of Family Law
American Bar Association, 2006

Some states assist in the collection of child support by requiring that the payments be made directly to the local clerk of the court.

“Introduction to Law for Paralegals: A Critical Thinking Approach” by Katherine A. Currier, Thomas E. Eimermann
from Introduction to Law for Paralegals: A Critical Thinking Approach
by Katherine A. Currier, Thomas E. Eimermann
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But the problems continue for low-income parents, because some states still base child support obligations on “imputed” incomes—assumed or fictitious income—rather than evidence of an actual ability to pay, even though ability to pay is the federal law.

“Not a Crime to Be Poor: The Criminalization of Poverty in America” by Peter Edelman
from Not a Crime to Be Poor: The Criminalization of Poverty in America
by Peter Edelman
New Press, 2017

The FFCCSOA expressly requires, as a condition of any state court’s authority to modify a child support order issued by a court of another state, that either both parties and the child have left the first state, or that both parties have filed a written consent to the second state’s jurisdiction.

“Conflict of Laws: Cases, Materials, and Problems” by Laura E. Little
from Conflict of Laws: Cases, Materials, and Problems
by Laura E. Little
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The Court of Special Appeals, relying upon the statutory language of Maryland’s Child Support Guidelines, noted that in determining a parent’s “actual income” for child support purposes, the trial court must “verify” the income with documentation of current and past actual income.

“Fader's Maryland Family Law” by Cynthia Callahan, Thomas C. Ries
from Fader’s Maryland Family Law
by Cynthia Callahan, Thomas C. Ries
LexisNexis, 2019

After the rescission, the court shall determine the amount of arrearages in the spousal support payments and order the obligor to make to the office of child support in the department of job and family services any spousal support payments that are in arrears and any future spousal support payments.

“Ohio Family Law Handbook” by Publisher's Editorial Staff
from Ohio Family Law Handbook
by Publisher’s Editorial Staff
LexisNexis, 2019

Child support is subject to local law, the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act, and the Full Faith and Credit for Child Support Orders Act.

“Litigation Services Handbook: The Role of the Financial Expert” by Roman L. Weil, Daniel G. Lentz, Elizabeth A. Evans
from Litigation Services Handbook: The Role of the Financial Expert
by Roman L. Weil, Daniel G. Lentz, Elizabeth A. Evans
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  • This skit is great.. It highlights the issue that couples face… Bottom line is only have kids after you pre-negotiate what you will offer and pay!

  • You said to reach out to you if they took your stimulus check. They took mine. I also received that stimulus intercept letter you show in this video. Thank you for all these videos on child support. God bless.

  • wow bombshell sign her rights way like give the kids a way wtf is wrong with this woman…and this is way people should try to date people they can relate too

  • Yes I how you doing Chris my name is Patrick I’ve been having a problems it’s about child support but the problem is the child support don’t call me from the mother it’s about my son when it was in high school he was locked up cuz he have a fight in school after 1 to put them out did charge me first of all $7,000 for child support and then after when I stop paying this charge me another $7,000 that’s mean $14,000 I’ve been paying that money who know I have $3,000 left I have to pay them they take my first stimulus check lost every money I make in a tax return they took it so please I need help with this thing for me I don’t call. Child support who’s my son was leaving with me not with the mother so I don’t know what’s going on with those people in Pennsylvania I live in Poconos Pennsylvania so I need help with this kiss please my name is Patrick jeanty

  • Wow what a example of being a man it’s always the women getting everything but this dude what was he thinking marrying this chick but we all men had made many bad decisions

  • I can and will serve process ANYWHERE even at your job, (in most cases and as a last resort). And IF I can show you are indeed avoiding, obstructing or refusing service of process I can very easily sign an affidavit of complaint, have that presented to the judge. If he/she (judge) determines that the evidence, facts and circumstances are met then if she/he decides to sign the affidavit, it then becomes a warrant. At which time a deputy or constable will then execute the warrant and you will then be placed under arrest at which time I will simply serve you process either while you are in jail or in court. Many states have such state statutes. Also the mere fact that you refused a certified letter COULD be considered a refusal of process, (depending on laws in your state.) With all do respect your advice could possibly result in misdemeanor criminal charges for those that follow your advice. Besides a real man will not run and hide like a coward, a real man stands up and defends himself and/or face the consequences of his actions. So to ALL those that decide this guy knows what he is talking about, you had BEST consult an ATTORNEY before following ANY of this BS. In fact we are all “NATURAL beings or citizens”, so that in reality makes no difference. And yes as soon as you have sex you, in fact did sign a contract to be responsible for YOUR actions. (IMHO anyway). Simply put, be a man and take responsibility for your own actions. ANYTHING less automatically pulls your “man card.” And do not take your anger out on the process server, why? Do you assault the USPS for delivering mail you may not want or like? Yep, it really is B.S to do that. OH yea, it is also possible that they (Plaintiffs or attorneys) as a last resort do a service by publication. That means it will run in several news papers for approximately 30 days, so now everyone that reads the paper now knows your business. IF after that you still refuse to show up for court, then the plaintiff can very easily be awarded a default judgement giving them EVERYTHING they were petitioning for and YOU could still have to pay all atty fee’s, court cost and filing fee’s. Oh it gets even better if you don’t comply with the courts order. TRUST me, ALWAYS seek legal advise from an ATTORNEY before acting on your own or following advise from a you-tuber. (Yes I am including myself) Not meaning to be argumentative, I just want to help others in avoiding a much bigger potential problem. “Now LET THE HATE and THREATS BEGAN”. Yea I know it is coming and for nothing more than trying to help people in not making their lives more difficult and painful than it needs to be. smh. Peace, Love and only TRUE Happiness to everyone.

  • I’ve had two attorneys hang up on me after asking them about child support and my rights. One said he wasn’t going to touch that and the other said I wasn’t going anywhere with that. Both hung up on me

  • A father that clearly cares about his kids, reasonable. A mother giving up her rights and quibbling over $25. If that was reversed she’d have taken him for everything

  • Yes guys! You’d likely relate to my experience!
    Fathers should be awarded 50/50 & that doesn’t happen! After a year of filing for my fathering rights, that fcuked up feminist court still wouldn’t give my kids or me, our rights to shared care & living with their dad anything more than the occasional day visits! The ex was seen by the court as “The primary care giver!” & she spouted that regularly, as she thought she was untouchable!
    My kids eventually had to leave their mother of their own accord, or repeatedly run away, to come live with me! This resulted in that femtard magistrate finally recognized my youngest daughter’s rights, by stating, “She’s voting with her feet, so we’ll give her shared care!”
    Child support is still taking my money unjustly, as described in this reply to another guy who asked “Why do you still pay, when they’re now with you too?”
    I answered: Good question,  thanks for asking. Prepare for a detailed answer, as this is for all the guys!
    It’s simply because I earn more than her! They admitted that & I have it all recorded for proof!
    I explained to child support, I have greater expenses than the ex, as I’m supporting my youngest equally, plus my older two unemployed daughters, one full time, the other 2/3rds of the time, (as she chooses to spend 1 out of 3 weeks with her mum). I’ve asked why are the older two both unjustifiably included in the last letter demanding for child support,  seeing they’re adults, over 18 years old & should now be exempt? It seems your organization of abuse of men, hasn’t even got any idea what they’re even doing! They’ve given no explanation yet!
    I also asked why there is any child support for the youngest 11yr old, when she has court ordered equal shared care of 1 week with each parent?! It should be nil! They’ve offered no explanation of that either, except that I earn more! I protested this! Here’s how!
    I stated they have no right to argue the ex has more expenses than I, with the mortgage & private school fees, as I should be exempt, as I wanted to sell that home & home school all my daughters! I then explained my ex agreed to home school, as a reason to convince me to marry her! Clearly that was a lie & by her actions, she’s taken authority for that house, so she should take financial responsibility!
    I also explained my ex wanted to keep & own the home & property, which also went against her promises to support & submit to me, as this was another lie to convince me to marry her!
    So, by taking authority to keep the house & legally kick me out of the home, which I still have my name on the mortgage & ownership deed & the feminist family court won’t order her to pay me out my share to be financially seperated, or sell it to facilitate the same! So, if she takes authority, she takes responsibility! Why are you stealing my money for her, to effectively hold me responsible for her decision?!
    They’ve offered no explanation on that either, except that it’s to support our child! I’ve correctly responded by stating that she will not use the money for out child, it will get used on herself, the mortgage & her utility bills! When she supplies me with receipts for all her expenses, only then might I consider supporting her financially, but I doubt it regarding the current situation, let alone the potential 220k profit she’s wasted with what we could have sold it for, let alone the market decline & the finances squandered on the mortgage payments to make it now an equal loss, as no capital has even been paid off yet! In fact it’s over 15k in arrears & the bank & feminist court ignores me on that, as a complete display of misandry men face in that place!
    Child supports response was that they’re necessary expenses of hers to provide a safe home for our daughter! I stated in reply, Are you implying my home is unsafe, when I’ve got irrefutable evidence of abuse at her hand! Also they’re not necessary expenses, as I am incredibly fortunate to have on offer what most will never have, as debt free living in family trust inheritances, if we returned to NZ, not to mention all the other benefits of full time stable employment & all our families are both there! IT IS NOT A NECESSARY EXPENSE! WHERE IS MY AUTHORITY AS THE PROVIDER, TO DECIDE WHERE WE’RE BEST TO LIVE! CLEARLY I HAVE NONE! SHE HAS IT ALL! THAT’S SLAVERY!
    Also I now have a rental here in Perth for my children, that’s way cheaper than that mortgage, that she took responsibility for! So again I ask, why am I being held financially responsible for her foolish choices?!?! As usual, no explanation from the female I spoke to, or any further correspondence to date!
    They have stated they have power to take my money from my bank account, or directly from my employer, or from my tax return, or from my family tax benefit (which in other words is regular family assistance benefit as a low income tax payer).
    I said if they want my money, they’ll have to take me to court, where I’ll bury them in their bullshit & hypocrisy! They replied they won’t take this matter to court, as those means to extract from my income, mean they won’t have to!
    I threatened them there will be consequences if they steal my money!
    The whole things dispicable & disgusts me to the max! Their actions have declared war on men! War by holding men responsible for women, well after she’s done with you & takes unjustified responsibility for something ( like the mortgage) at the man’s expense, even after divorce!
    This proves women need to be in obedience to men & you won’t find that in today’s gynocentric world!
    I accept & take up that challenge of war, by effectively taking up the only arms available, to fight back!
    They’re effectively limiting my earnings potential to avoid this legalized theft, to have to earn below 24k pa to avoid it, as that makes a man suffer financial hardship! They probably figure most if not all men can’t survive earning under 24k pa, but fortunately I’m a minimalist by nature, also my parents raised me that way, so I can do so quite easily!
    I am doing this to fight back at the system of financial abuse of men!
    Unfortunately seeing I’ve been a hard working loyal relyable employee, I’ve been requested to work far more than I need to, as other employees weren’t available. I’ve earned over 30k so far this financial year, and it’s not finished yet, as there’s another month to go! So child support is now hounding me for money!
    I now purposely immediately drain my bank account to near on nothing, so child support can’t take a large amount at any time, hopefully to avoid financially helping the ex to any significant degree! I’ve been monitoring my account & none has been taken yet, hopefully I’ve threatened them with action if they do so, to back off!?
    I’ve also warned child support that if necessary, I’ll quit my job & rental property, to bum an existence off mates to avoid this theft as my weapons of war to return fire & defend my & other mens rights!
    Hopefully this helps you & many men understand how & their need to fight the system of financial abuse of men!
    Update: child support has now started stealing directly from my boss, by cutting 4 cents to the dollar I earn! It’s not much, but if I still work a minimum, it reduces the unjust funds to the ex!
    Hope this helps you guys understand & avoid relationshits with women, as they’re likely to end like mine, in your financial abuse by her unearned unrightful authority & gynocentric rights!
    Cheers �� guys, Rich.��

  • This stuff honestly so disgusting. I seriously makes me never to want to have kids. Because it will allow somebody to screw my life over.

  • If child support is legal which is really the redistribution of wealth to women & the state what about pet support, a neighbor calls authorities says your not providing adequate shelter for your pet, the state takes your pet & you are ordered to appear before a judge, the judge determines your a unfit owner & puts your pet in a long term shelter to which your order to pay pet shelter cost for the expense of caring for your pet until it dies by wage garnishing. The philosophy is the same. That’s why i believe somehow child support is illegal & their has to be some sophistry argument to support this claim

  • He shoulda got rid of that evil byoetch much earlier! What woman voluntarily wants to give up parental rights just to avoid child support?

  • Note… I never said sue in federal court even though there are plenty reasons to sue her if you prove she had knowledge of her actions and intentions. But she is the least of the worries, her POT and the departments are. Again just as they do us, we can do to them. Great minds find a way to outsmart the oppressors as it is written. They are to be enslaved as we are and this is that process. Me and my brothers are working together to create our own system so saying what we cannot do is futile. They are not invincible or we might as well hang ourselves now. They are not God. They are human and man makes mistakes and have flaws. All systems can be hacked. The hacking has begun no matter what you or any person on their side thinks. We wont be stopped by the devil.

  • I am starting to see why peonage and forced labor may also tie in to removing yourself from the agency while making “earnings” as a 1099 contract worker.���� Following the yellow brick road.

  • My brother thank you for these jewels! You one of the last few real ones left! ���� I visited a few of the other channels you mentioned and they are on point. Thanks again!

  • If they violate you civil rights or fail to follow due process in their pursuit of their claim it being child support. Cant you file the claim that the violations occur while they were pursing welfair recruitment calling it child support.

  • How can I get in touch with you….???? Plz contact me at 720-269-9786 grandma of unwed us citizenship son in Utah no custody rights unless he marries the mother who is legal resident alien on a family visa

  • This is going to sound wild and random, but I actually know “Stephanie” as I had an affair with her when I exited the Marine Corps. And get this, at 1:46 where she became closed off to his words and gesture, she had a tendency of “doing that to me;” in order to manipulate me to get her way. Because you see “Stephanie,” does NOT like being challenged and/or being forced “to critically think for herself.” As a result, I ended things with her…because I’ve experienced “these types of females” growing up in South Orange County, California early on; who selfishly seek “to benefit themselves” by playing their cards a certain way. Hence, why “Stephanie” became shook, when Judge Vonda B stated “if you go to court you will definitely be paying child support.” As a result, her entire body and demeanor shifted “to alert mode,” because she realized things are NOT going “her way” to which she hoped for.

    P.S. She like most females “like smart and articulate well groomed men.” Because men who are? Are usually equated to $$$ and an abundance of opportunities, to create more money. However, most females “don’t like us” when they realize “we’re smart smart,” and can’t be played “with the mind games;” allowing them to control our day-to-day livelihoods.


    Some Random Educated Brother Who Keeps Dodging “Bad Female Bullets” As If He Is Neo In The Matrix

  • How about stalking and harassing our workplaces since they cant dip into our wallets? MY child was also violently kidnapped where do I start 1st [email protected]

  • Did he use a lawyer to do this great task??? I became homeless due to child support then lost job due to being homeless I’ve been homeless three years now and two days ago court now says I need to pay more money which I don’t have please help me…

  • hello my name is Demetrius neal I need your help asap I got a cs case in Wyoming but I stay in Texas I have been on cs since my daughter was 4 years old and now she’s 8 i have paid back pay and reg since then I don’t make much i can’t do anything to suseeed in life the ttake half my check plus I found out the don’t pay the mom till I pay the back pay do why am I paying I just need help [email protected]


  • I’ll pay for the info bro, I’ve been studying a little bit.. need to be more focused on it.. [email protected] & I can send payments of instructions on how to drive the car..

  • The two types of cases that can be heard by a federal court are:
    1. Cases involving claims that a federal law has been violated, which are called ”federal question” cases, and

    2. Cases involving claims between citizens of different states and in which damages in excess of $75,000 are claimed, which are called ”diversity of citizenship” cases.

     Please I encourage you all to know the law before repeating anecdotal phrases. Domestic relation is not listed.

  • The narrator never mentioned exactly what the conflict of interest is, nor how it affects custody decisions. But I’ll tell you. The judge gets a matching 1% of the child support that he orders to be paid. That matching percentage comes out of the Social Security Fund. So, for example, the judge orders you to pay $1200 per month, he gets $12 into his account every month. It may not sound like much, but over the course of lets say 10 years of child support, he is receiving $1440 + interest. Multiply that by however many different child custody cases he decides, we are talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    What is particularly evil about this is:
    1. It is in the judge’s best interest to award sole custody to one parent. This is NEVER in the best interest of the child, as every child does best when both parents are fully involved in their life. It is NEVER in the best interest of the non-custodial parent, as parental alienation occurs more often than you know.
    2. It is in the judge’s best interest to award custody to the parent who makes the least amount of money. Then he can award the highest amount of money, and get the highest matching percentage to go into his retirement account. This is particularly a men’s rights issue, because a very, very high percentage of fathers earn more than mothers. So de facto, if you are a man, you will have your children taken away and your kids’ mother will get sole custody, simply to make the judge wealthy. It doesn’t matter if she is in a vegetative state (coma), or if she is a drug addict, or even if she abuses the children. The judge simply looks at one thing, what will profit the judge most.
    3. Children, when up to toddlers, rely on the mother almost exclusively. However, when children begin to develop, the father is crucial in every single aspect of the childrens’ lives. There are so many natural psychological things that do not develop when a father is not involved, like empathy, respect, etc., that are crucial for the well being as the children become adults.

    If you ever wonder why mothers receive sole child custody in over 90% of contested cases, this is why. It is not only evil what these judges are doing, it is self-serving, destructive. It defies the meaning of justice. It is pure corruption. It’s not just the judges who are corrupt, it is everyone involved in the scam. The Guardian ad Litem knows what is going on, and they are receiving kickbacks as well, probably from the judges indirectly.

    The right thing to do, is to have an impartial jury determine custody, but then divorce rates would drop tremendously when women are not winning the divorce lottery and without incentive, women might actually have to suffer consequences for filing for divorce if they lost custody or if they were forced to share custody.

    Family Court Judges are ALL CORRUPT. They think nobody will find out about this scam they have going on, that it is their little secret.

  • The two types of cases that can be heard by a federal court are:
    1. Cases involving claims that a federal law has been violated, which are called ”federal question” cases, and

    2. Cases involving claims between citizens of different states and in which damages in excess of $75,000 are claimed, which are called ”diversity of citizenship” cases.

    The fact that you can bring these types of lawsuits in federal court does not mean that you must bring them in federal court. You may be able to file certain types of cases in either federal or state court.

    Please I encourage you all to know the law before repeating anecdotal phrases. Domestic relation is not listed.

  • You know this is pure fiction when the mediator doesn’t question why the mother doesn’t have full (or any) custody. In what world does a parent get to walk away from back child support? There must be thousands of men sitting in jail right now for back child support. I wonder what the difference is?

  • I asked my ex, “how does me giving the children’s inheritance to a lawyer help the kids.”. I did not realize there’s kick backs! How right I was.!
    According to my family Christian customs men don’t pay child support.

  • Hey everyone!!!
    I have a number of complaints in court currently, one is suing two sheriff’s deputies under 1983, for a traffic stop in Walmart parking lot on live PD…
    This is actually my first of many cases, I’m pro se and know nothing really about the process outside what I’m finding out as I go…
    As of today the defense motion for summary judgment because my main focus was obtaining the body cams and TV footage because it spoken for itself capturing the deputies perjury to their response to my complaint, but because we dealing with criminals you can’t depend on them to honor truth one bit, body cams we’re destroyed and livePD attorney lied to me on getting me footage to just pulling all footage and deny me anything…
    Add probably the many mistakes of not being a lawyer, my case is dead in the water…
    As of recently I found the very basic fact one must argue in any case… And I know this is going to help everyone, it’s SUBJECT MATTER JURISDICTION…
    Without subject matter jurisdiction the actor has violated your due process, and in Federal court all you need to prove is one acted outside jurisdiction…
    So, I’m giving out this information to everyone, free, not charge because it’s about a team of father’s sticking it to demons, I may not get there but damn it someone else will…
    If those you are suing never had subject matter jurisdiction then you got them and you focus on this fact in your case, and 90%of state crimes are victimless in a quasi jurisdiction without authority because it’s built for waive due process and jury trial unless you consent…
    So hopefully my error can make the difference, I still have appeals, and subject matter jurisdiction can be brought up at anytime, so hopefully I still have a chance in this case, if not I have 2others plus 4 other case on the clock to file, and yes when you fight back they attack, in my case they were very stupid giving me multiple opportunities to sue, but since my first complaint they no where to be found because fighting back works… And everyone here keep up the work… I will stay posted…

  • Angel I’m just now seeing your video you forgot about your drug driver friend in Louisiana But as like you I am also a secured party / Creditor

  • Hey sir I wish I could get your help I’m 14000 in debt in the court is threating to arrest me but I am unemployed and its difficult to find a job.

  • That’s what I’m going to say when they try to order me to pay College I’m going to let him know I’m not paying college divorced parents should not have to pay for college if married parents don’t have to be forced to pay

  • The saddest part of all this, is the mother’s request to just sign over rights and not be around… She was already so absent… They will see this in the future, and feel hurt…

  • This is exactly the fucking problem. We should be working together for the same goal instead of trying to undermine and attack each other.
    The System is fucking us while these bitches are getting their nails done and eating lobster on our money��.
    Why can’t we all just work together to tell this government”Let my people go”.
    Both of you are killing me, for real.

  • THE Dayton Family Courts Magistrates Greg Scott and Nicole Xarhoulacos allowed MCCSEA attorney Joseph Rusch enter a motion to dismiss a fraudulent claim of non payment for child support in which the Court allowed an unqualified Mary Kay Trower to receive free legal aid in which she obtained orders of support and garnishment of my disability for 13 years without EVER having an order of an attempt to cover up the crime on May 21, 2015,by an order signed by Judge Anthony Capizi, in re: JC No. G 1996-5878 OJ filed Juvenile Division Clerk 15 Jun 5 @AM 10:30.. And in furtherance of the covering up for this crime, the Notice of Appealable Order were mailed to my mother {known deceased by papers I filled } who wasn’t a party in the preceding, Myself and Joseph RuschSupport Enforcement Agency Citizen Review Board N.Paul/mrg. Ihave been trying to redress this egregious criminal enterprise with law enforcement, the Chief Inspector of Ohio Child Support Enforcement, and Governor John Kasich. I’ve tried getting the Dayton Daily News, WHIO, WDTN-TV, WKEF ABC 22 Dayton, Dayton Local, The White House, President President Donald J. Trump, and the Ohio Office of the Inspector General, The FBI, the Ohio Senate Republicans, Ohio House GOP. I’ve finally resolved to telling 5 people to tell 5 people EVERYONE PLEASE tell 5 people to tell 5 people Governor John Kasich, do you see how long Ive been fighting this? As long as I wait for my money from these criminals is how long I will be running a counter to your getting elected to ANY OFFICE! If you’re not helping me I’m going to make sure at least 5 people tell 5 people to tell 5 people about how you turned your back on a 3rd generation military vet on the verge of starvation and homelessness, nearly paralyzed, unable to afford medical care. I’m going copy and paste this all over everything I find your names on.

  • Thank you for telling the truth… it’s disgusting. I am a victim of a false protection order that included my daughter when I was the in home parent because I run a home based business. I owned the house and they took me out of my own house. My civil rights were stolen and all.lawyers I interviews were in on it. Such scum bags our system is beyond corrupt!

  • shalam ahch all praise Yah….glad to see you got your status corrected. my walk was definitely similar to yours. need some advice but I see you busy. once you get a chance shoot me an email at [email protected]….

  • Study to show your self approved.. Research Research Research study study study.. gotta stand on that square… I appreciate all the knowledge you bringing forth.. what’s done in the dark will always be brought to the light..

  • There is no requirement that the plaintiff sue in federal court because state courts have concurrent jurisdiction. In our federal system of government, state as well as federal courts have jurisdiction over suits brought pursuant to 42 U. S. C. §1983.
    a party in state court may move  venue to federal court. 28 U.S.C. section 1441. Monroe v. Pape, 365 U.S. 167, 183 (1961)(exhaustion of judicial remedies is not a prerequisite); Patsy v. Florida Board of Regents, 457 U.S. 496, 501 (1982)(exhaustion of administrative remedies is not a prerequisite). See,Younger v. Harris, 401 U.S. 37 (1971).

  • Who is this person? He is literally blowing it out his posterior. Ah… he’s a fathers rights fellow. There is no conflict of interest. If this guy is correct then all judges would be conflicted out because state funds flow to all courts, and cops, and even assigned counsel. And while this person is entitled to his opinion, he is not entitled to his own “facts.”

  • Folks stuck under that system ask yourself one question. What would happen if everyone in the country started throwing suits in federal court prose on the same day? Think about that

  • Yah the mediater is trying to help the women with suggesting he go lower. If that were a man shed try to convince the girl to make him even pay medical insurance. Ha double standards.

  • if you need help getting the word out, i will help you put a package together that they can buy. i can build you a website to promote the information. if you would like, send me an email at [email protected] sell the info and set up a website that they can pay for the information.

  • I had a judge tell me that it doesn’t matter if I’m a good father or not, if he doesn’t see any money then I’m going to jail… wtf?

  • The problem is, other judges protect both the system and these judge violators. So how can we bring these violating judges to justice?

  • She’s a horrible excuse for a mother. I guarantee she will end up cutting those kids out of her life. I’m glad they have a loving and responsible father.

  • I’m not sure I understand why the children’s health insurance isn’t split in half and each parent is responsible for half of the cost.

  • I appreciate all your hard work, as well as the hard work of everyone who is working hard to educate the masses. I am having a. Bit of trouble understanding process for becoming secured? If I could get pointed in the right direction I’d really appreciate it. Thanks again for your time.

  • I’m not against paying for my children, I am against how I’m treated and how they have ruined my life to gain my hard earned money

  • I have a friend if mines that came to my office and she was getting Divorced and the court granted the ex husband her kids she is a heart breaking I’m trying to find help her anybody please help

  • MGTOW DON’T marry don’t date don’t cohabitation common law marriage and marritrous relationships.
    If we stop participating in the system you are outside the perview of the court

  • We know the purpose of the COL form, but in my case the sending of the COL worked and they backed off. The COL form never would’ve been put in rotation if it had no power. It’s about understanding the power of paper not about lawsuits.

  • Great for you my friend..I can only imagine how good you must feel now..this shit is a real life nightmare..makes me wanna off myself sometimes,,but the thought of seeing my daughter again one day,even if it’s from behind bars,keeps me going.. I’ve been looking at all this stuff for years and all I’ve gotten out of it is way more flusterated and more confused as to what is really the right next step is back to jail..last time I lost everything me and my daughter had..I’ve rebuilt and will rebuild again but I really wanna wish you guys that still hold on to hope the best of luck and thanks for the video

  • Sometimes I ask myself, these court officers whom use intimidation on non suspecting non custodial parents! How, they get up in the morning. Go to work in these filthy corrupt courts knowing they took an oath to protect and defend the US Constitution yet violate these rights of non custodial parents! WoW! Put these sons of bitches together with the judges, clerks, lawyers and hang them!

  • Yeah family you on they helmet and I know it you just asking for proof that’s it and they can’t provide it like the child support people �� presumptions you cold family we up tho

  • how and where do you start for this paper work you explain im a young man who wants to be unplugged from this gov any kinda help is appropriated

  • I really want do same like that because my husband have a lot of money but my child support I have a little money not fair to me ��I live in Philadelphia, please help me how to do that

  • I have a federal case pending with relation to the US Constitution with respect to religious freedoms and my state passed its own as the federal government law with respect to the practices thereof. My case is still pending. The state attorney general’s only defense is 11th amendment immunity and rooker feldman…lol they didn’t challenge jurisdiction because they are operating under 42 USC ss666. Lol which is a federal statute. The state admitted they are operating under color of law via attorney general’s. I made sure i pointed that out; they waive immunity via federal funding and using arbitration proceedings. Gettem……

  • It is a sham against men, I remember my brother being harassed and insulted by cps, they tried to take his kids away, and were accusing him of hitting his exwife, it was never true.

  • Generally, your obligation to pay child support terminates when your parental rights are terminated and/or the child is adopted by someone else.

  • Can we hold the state accountable for homelessness cases due to child support? If they take your driver’s license put levy’s on bank accounts this ties your hands… homelessness fight back……

  • I live in Mississippi with my two girls and have not had support from their dad since 2007, and he lives in Ohio and every time state opens a new case for him for both girls they can’t seem to find him to serve him. He works construction under the table and I know I may not get anything from him for a long time, but I still want to have it on him so the girls can use it for college or a first car or something and I need help before I can’t get him on it anymore? Any suggestions or advice would be helpful

  • $450 for all 3? That’s what she REALLY wanted? She needs to learn a hard lesson that kids cost a lot of money and for me, it would have been nah fam $450 a month per child. Then again I’m a savage like that just because of her attitude and inability to understand what things cost.

  • In a divorce settlement a man was ordered to pay for college for his kid if the kid wanted to go to college after he graduated high school. The day came and the kid wanted to go to Michigan state which was out of state, it costs more money to send your kid to out of state college.
    That meant he would have to barrow 80 to 100,000 dollars from the bank to send his kid to school who would have nothing to do with his dad for the past 8 years. After telling me this I started to laugh. It made him mad and I said, the divorce decree said you have to pay for Michigan State?. No, it said I have to pay for college. I said beauty college is only five grand. The man ran it past his lawyer and purchased a beauty college seat, non refundable and presented it to his ungrateful brat of a child. I wish I could of seen the look on the little pricks face when he opened the envelope. Mommy tried to take dad to court but the case was dismissed as dad had fulfilled his obligation by paying for college.

  • The child support system is so corrupt now a days. It’s honestly sad. The courts & custodial parents are the only people that benefit. The non custodial parent always gets screwed over. They need to redo all family courts laws.

  • Hey brother I need help on becoming a secured party creditor what route and paper work do you file can you send me your email address or email @ [email protected] thanks

  • Mediation is not a child support expert need to research child support Calculator at the end of the year can write off kids Percentage of kids’ health care and daycare.

  • Your children will see this one day and know you don’t want to pay your debt. You come across as a man but,a real man supports his family..


  • Women are allergic to payments. I would have showed up with a hotter girl who will do the talking on my behalf where my numbers are set pre negotiation.

  • You from Brooklyn? Second you said once your case is in you gotta fight it out. Like child support or child custody I’m about to get my Secured Party Creditor how do I fight this? Peace and wisdom

  • You really need to stop bashing the woman in this situation. As a man that practically went through the same crap but not as bad. Some women are not mother rasing material but can figure out that the dad can do a better job. My x pays no child support see her daughter every other weekend and if there’s a problem we talk it out.

  • You are a IV-D Destroyer and I have shared you video with the brothas because you have provided a beacon of hope and facts that the IV-D crime family can be stopped. Congratulations on your victory. please allow me to interview you. bang my email ivd_destroyer @ so we can schedule a time. Thus Sayeth the Amen.

  • The COL form (deprivation of rights) does not begin any process before any court. The purpose of the COL form is to notify the other party of your rights.

  • Brother oh brother I came up this video and you dropped Jewel’s here I need a little info…my email is [email protected]…i must say I’m becoming a awake more and more mostly since I’ve been raised a Master Mason…keep these videos coming…you lite a fire under my ass

  • Hahaha… this is definitely a deadbeat human… Now we see why he is dropping her ass… in the way each side talks including the content of their words tells soooo much about how much he cares and how much she doesn’t. He wants to build the children’s character and shows that he has it, too. But I will give her one thing… she knew how to pick a good father for her offspring.

  • Should be a case number and the guys name to go with the New Jersey win.. you know like Roe V Wade… District of Columbia V Heller… they have case numbers…If there was a win, it would pave the way for future cases to be heard… setting a precedent…

  • What I don’t understand Is you tell us you got to get that ssn and birth certificate str8 but you Not going to give us the instructions it’s too much how about making a video on str8’n the ssn and certificates

  • If you’re not going to post the information online now that you have it then you’re no better than the brother that wronged you, again our people are the worst when it comes to helping our people……glad it worked out for you though ahki

  • I would appreciate help getting my stimulus check. It was intercepted by lovely nj for two weeks I missed( on paper). After we finalized our divorce payment distribution was changed from direct to payroll which delayed payments. I have proof I paid but not the time to deal with it.. Like many in this state I got steam rolled.. 23 years of employment backfired the court system wiped me out. I was ordered to pay 900 (gross) a week in child support & alimony. Its been an interesting year. She recieved 1k for our two kids, plus her 1200, along with my stimulus + my 900(657net) weekly payment,& unemployment In total it was over 5k but I’m expected to live on 300 aweek..

  • yo this dude is gay as hell you can see why this didnt work lol he not a real man because real men dont ask woman for money ya pussy

  • She is one lucky bitch it was the other way around he would’ve got screwed big-time. Sir you should’ve Took her to the cleaners and screw her big-time she would’ve did that to you. I don’t think �� States shift for someone to pay child support it’s not their business I thought this was America

  • Wow As a Mother I’m blown away by how quickly she was willing to sign over her rights. And she only sees her children once a month that’s a shame. Thank God they have their father ����

  • @angelpapi007 I could use your help… I know you are busy however if this is as legit as it seems I will be willing to send some $$$ for your time.

  • Fake, fake,fake,fake…… they both deserve an academy award for their performance. It’s fake,… Nobody rejects 900 bucks a month only making 32k a year.. this is total bullshit…

  • Codes and statutes are for the dead, the living man or woman follow the law of God first then, then the law of nature. then all other laws proceed from that point. So if you are living by statutory law, and you need that to survive then are chattel, you are property of that law you claim. Now statutes and “their law” are for them. Are you their property, have you contracted willfully with them? If you haven’t then you MUST DISPUTE THE PRESUMPTION!

  • Being a proper secured party has NOTHING to do with child support cases, process servers or he mail. There is NOTHING in the UCC relating to any of issues you have brought up.

  • Lady don’t have anymore kids ever. Good on you dad for being the rock for your kids. She doesn’t deserve kids or you in her life she will be old fat and alone with her fake hair and nails in 5years.

  • This Mom is a piece of work, the Dad was being more than fair with her and she kept quibblingover $25. Shes darn lucky hes even willing to accept what he did. That comes to less than 175 per child. Heck a kid eats that much a month forget about extra activities

  • See this guy trying to be fare and this bitch their mother is like trying to screw them!! This is actually what happens in real world and is so sad as hell!!!

  • LISTEN! Foolery, and wasteful comets get deleted. I can not reach everyone. I can not really email, and call people all day. You must study and find your own way. Check out Amen Osiris, theLiquidtheory, and Rick W for more precise guidance. PEace to you all!

  • This is happening to me I’ve had my son taken away from me the problem is not the welfare the problem is they gave my son turn abusive mother with a criminal history of just six months before giving him to her she was in jail assault against me and my son and she does not serve me wish I have proof of and next thing I know she’s at my son School 6 months later with child custody papers from a court she had been attending without my knowledge never was I able to bring the person that serve me to the stand question where was any of my concerns or any of the charges against her in the past taken seriously now he tells me of his abuse he takes and I can’t even see him and I know he’s being abused a child I prayed for since I was his age 5

  • would you be willing to give me direct info on filling the ucc-1 bc i have been so screwed by the Beast system im willing ro gove you my phone number or to download a video app im HUNGRY FOR THIS INFO MY CHILD IS SUFFERING WOULD YOU BE WILLING TO HELP ME!!!

  • Thanks. You left out the part where we can’t do a damn thing about it. I’ve been in court 5 fucking years simply trying to spend time with my son. I’m single with no family n I’ve spent over 15,000 and 2 lawyers, guardians, n court fee’s. All for the same outcome. I have no rights as a father. Now this is out in thee open and there’s shit we can do about. So what’s the point of the if this video? To explain how the court systems are a bunch of crooks? Yea we found that out the hard way. How is this possible is the question????

  • Correction that needs to be pinned

    The justices stated that the State may not garnish payments which are NOT earnings. I think you said the opposite by mistake.

  • Excellent family court corruption video. Here are some judge misconduct watchdog sites:
    Judicial Misconduct Community at Facebook:
    Commission on Judicial Performance Report:
    California Judicial Branch News Service:
    Family court and judge corruption videos at Sacramento Family Court News YouTube Channel:

  • They just took our two girls away yesterday of 11 years to their meth addict mother teenage girls who did not want to go with her bawling leaving the courthouse we were railroaded in court The judge would not allow us to have a lawyer b***** f**** b***** they’re out to hurt children not exactly what they did in our case tearing our family apart.

  • U mentioned returning to sender within 3 days. Were u referring to certified mail already signed for? What if the “1st class mail just sat for 2 weeks. What it a family member accidentally opened the letter?

  • Great information to know Chris, many people including myself, get confused on whether or not to sue in Federal Court or State Court. Child Support and these Hearing Officers seem to think they have immunity no matter how badly they break the law.

  • Great video…I was wondering… I’m a union pipe fitter… could I file a lawsuit… there’s much more I need discuss about my situation but don’t wanna put it on this platform. What’s best to contact you…I don’t do Facebook.

  • Way to go yahismagnified! He even has all his comments disabled on all his videos. I wonder why. Way to go and put his a$$ in check.

  • I want to give you a call to tell you that you are stupid. Unless if the funding goes to the judge directly, there is nothing to see here. Family courts have problems but this is not one of it. There are some outrageous rulings and long waiting times. Focus on that. Not this stupid conspiracy.

  • We are from NJ
    My boyfriend lawyer signed documents on his behalf without my boyfriend consent and permission.

    I took him to pick up his settlement check and the lawyer said the money went to child my boyfriend got very upset and said. I never signed a release form, we didn’t even know the lawyer give the money to child support.

    The lawyer deceived him into believing that once he signed the release form which my boyfriend made changes to and had notarized.
    The whole time the lawyer signed the settlement release form and was hoping my boyfriend was dumb enough to not find out but he did.

    Then lawyer started to be deceiving

    The lawyer said that’s not how it work you owe child so he paid it.

    This lawyer has been in trouble for document fraud, with the bar association.

  • Hey man. I appreciate the feedback. I’m actually in a really fucked up situation and you have been extremely informative. I would love some help to figure out what I can do to stop what’s happening to me. Thanks for your video it’s awesome you did this.

  • I have been on child support since 1999 and was in arrears since 2001. They charge me child support plus 6.14% interest rate. My children are 27yrs old and 24yrs old. The state has garnish checks until I start my own business, but continue to take my federal refund each year. Last year $8500 and 2019 year $9200. Arrears will be paid up but still owe interest.

  • I am a paralegal. I walked out of family court with no child support or alimony orders. The state of Utah quit my case. It ain’t rocket science. You are welcome to read how I did it. I give all my knowledge away free. I don’t want anything from you. There are many ways to do it.

  • First, notice that he’s still wearing his wedding ring, she’s not. She didn’t think they were divorcing, he did and once he confirmed it, you could see how destabilized she was. She sees the kids once a month and was ready to hand him all rights on them. She said he became “annoying”. Who wanna bet she cheated, was kicked to the curb, realized the grass wasn’t greener elsewhere and had a glimmer of hope she could come back? The husband is a wise man. A parent eager to abandon their children in order to save money and have sex on the side is trash and therefore disposable

  • Dont tell them anything dont sign anything and dont pay anything. Period. They are trained to coerce payment out of you by threatening you with jail except it is counterintuitive to lock you up and they do not have the resources to lock up even a small percentage of people who refuse to pay. You will NOT get anywhere negotiating with terrorists and that is exactly what these people are with their sign here or we sign for you enter a plea or we enter one for you mentality.

  • So are you all deadbeats that don’t provide for the child you helped create? Or just fighting to stay out of the system while providing for your babies?


  • Hi thank you very much for this video is been awesome to hear all your videos would like for you to reach out to me or how can I reach out to you please send me info not too good at this stuff would love to see if you can help me maybe starting a movement here in Southwest Florida it is time for people to know our constitutional rights and how this system has been violating are right under color of law

  • how do I get in contact with you sir? the judge in my case in Van Nuys Court and the judge named Andrea C thompson violated my due process and equal protection clause just like what you said in this video.

  • yo can clearly see who side the judge is on the guy who payed for today cuz trust me this not free and if the mom would just act like she is on drugs or beer real bad and not no shape to be around kids the judge will let you sign them over

  • Just because kids get in the way of a single adult life. Or if the spouse is annoying. The kids are still yours. Suck it up. They are expensive and inconvenient. Should not have made puppies in the first place. It is nice to see a judge rule in the fathers favor. The mother is not always the best choice. She should pay just as much as the father and be responsible for the same bills.
    If she or he gets remarried that changes the amount in child support and you will be back in court. The new spouse income counts as your new income. This is never over.

  • So my friend can’t be on food stamp or any government assistant while fighting this? Because they stop sending him mails but when he went to go apply for food stamps they said he owed over $2,600. he can’t even get a passport to leave the country!

  • The agency sent an income withholding order to my job which my employer is complying with out of fear. They took my stimulus check, and put a restraint order on my bank account for 20k when I’m only 6k in arrears. I replied back to the agency with an affidavit stating that everything including money, child support obligations etc, are government obligations because the government took away our ability to pay for things when they took real money out of circulation. Still waiting for there respond back. The burden is on them now. Chris? Any advice on what steps I should take next if they default? I need this case dismissed without prejudice!!

  • I wana say thank you to them as well I started my journey listening to rick w and I’m from Texas and I’m a Secured Party now as well

  • He’s doing all the right things and it doesn’t seem to put him in any better position in case there was a deportation or or exploitation or of abduction of the tile that anytime back to Brazil I’m trying to make me feel wants to make it work I’m looking for Relief until he can establish his paternity rights in case something happened to the mother or if she doesn’t write down my granddaughter has no legal citizenship and because her father my son is not able to exercise his rights to paternity or a town without any legal custody of a child and I want to take a bequest loses custody legal joint legal custody until he’s able to establish that sponsor her for you to make sure that this child gets to stay in the United States

  • Thanks, for that energy promoting awareness. The videos you post explain a side of reality that most do not acknowledge that does exist. ” The world of contracts that enslaves the man”. Peace to you my Brother.

  • I need advice. I’m being put on child support by a woman I didn’t even know I had a baby with. from 9 years ago. still don’t know if it’s mine. I just received a summons for a DNA test

  • Me and my wife both had (all) our stimulus checks intercepted because of my child support case. And let’s be honest, the wanton destruction of someone’s reputation soon afterwards makes finding work near impossible. It’s beyond stupid.

  • Thank you Chris for this profound information!
    I’m $420,000 behind two cases (5) children
    Lost employment!
    Have Been homeless for 15 years
    Driver license taken
    No jail time!!
    Know one will hire me once they saw the rears…
    Survived by friends and few family members since!
    Was Taking care of my children no problem when both mother’s conspired to receive more…..
    One case single child I was paying $550 a month!
    For 4 $1,200 total $1,750.00 a month
    Both jobs I was working thought it was ridiculous and refused to garnish any further and advise me to resign and I did!
    Which afterwords I became homeless!
    In 2005 present…..
    I’m in California
    Received my stimulus check in May

  • are you kidding me?? Mediation doesn’t do child support! It works on parenting / visitation plans. all this child support bullshit does is destroy families. Take the money out of it, and come to a near 50-50 parenting plan and that is in the best interest of the children. This country desperately needs to scrap this child support bullshit. I’ve been on both ends and always screws the kids. So many kids raised by single parents is the reason our country is messed up.

  • Emma Willard your silly comment was simply deleted. No time for @holes trying to argue incessantly. Don’t like what you see. GFYS, and move along:)

  • Yo brother, I love this video! I love your spirit! You couldn’t be more correct in all the stuff you’re saying. I think one of the main problems that people have is they’re looking for some silver bullet and one size fits all process when, the way this really works is not like that all.
    We may have mutually beneficial knowledge to share with each other. I’d be grateful to talk sometime.

    Peace King, Godspeed on your journey!

  • Auctioning For Child Support. Well Damn. I wish he had heard what she said about him being annoying BEFORE he negotiated that piss poor arrangement

  • Just curious.if i was to forfiet my birth cert.wouldnt that remove me from having rights and access to the hidden things that belongs to me.. not smart in this shit.didnt even graduate

  • A trick they have is serving it to a relative. they will count that as service. If someone you live with opens your mail or signs a process service they will proceed…

  • “Didn’t happen! I did the matrix maneuver…I dipped. They couldn’t get me”. Omg that ish was fire my dude! I was dyin when I heard you say that. ��������

  • That’s not true, the stated case didnt apply the strategy that many others use especially me. There are different steps to get each jurisdiction and one cant be claimed without the main jurisdiction. Just as they get jurisdiction, you can get it over them too. We are the law not them, they have no power except what we give them or what they trick us into giving up. But you keep your ways and strategies for you and to help others and my team will use ours as it has already worked and is being stacked into the canon for the building knock down. We think and do positive not negative. Remember every past case you or I pull up dont always work for new cases regardless of stating it to judges who dont care because they are not in real courts. We here know what to hit and what to hit with and lawsuits are irrelevant to the war we fight, we take it to their partners directly. This is the new change.

  • ALL DEROGATORY COMMENTS GET DELETED…SO SEAL TEAM TECH, THAT MEANS YOU. If you do not like the info presented there are many venues to go look at. This is for whomever finds the info useful. I am here to help any person if I can. If one person can get free from this slave system that is what I aim for. Salute again to all the gods and goddesses.

  • What does it mean when you say if you have a case that hasn’t been finalized? Is that to say you still have an open case if your currently paying

  • Excellent video! We ask to shutdown DCSS (Dept. of Child Support Services).., due to
    illegal activity. We have organized Super Bowl 50 Protest, USA. Now new
    (Tears of Children: Healing and Connecting Lost Children and Parents by
    reforming and granting relief! ) REFORM &RELIEF: 
    Love you all

  • You cannot sue the mother of your child in federal court because domestic relations prevents federal actions due to custody below to the state.

  • Thank u for what u do. I would love for you to write pamphlet. Sell it cheap. I know how you feel about helping for free but its tiring. But you deserve it. Sell it for under 20 dollars. Please

  • hello angel my name is monique i too went through the paperwork with tazadak nothing i did worked the accepted for value on my credit cards nothing can u share what u did to complete the process my ucc i filed on line you can email me at [email protected] i did nothing but support him!!!