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Nearly Free Summer Activities For Kids

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Try these free summer activities with your kids

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Summer is in full-swing around here, and if your house is anything like mine, a bit of affordable (or free!) entertainment is in order! To help bust summer boredom, I’m bringing you a list of some of our favorite Fun, Cheap, and even FREE summer activities for kids!Set up a mud kitchen in your backyard and let gets get messy and creative with pretend kitchen play outdoors! Set up a “mud cafe,” practice pouring and measuring skills, and get lots of sensory play.

Perfect for toddlers through elementary school, so this will keep kids busy summer after summer. 1. Go on a nature walk. Take the time to explore the animals and surroundings.

Stop and smell the roses and listen to all the sounds of nature that you’ll hear as well. 2. Water bead play. Everyone loves playing with water beads. SUMMER THEME Make summer theme slimes, bubbles, playdough, pinecone crafts, and much more with this FREE Summer Activities Mini Pack. Use these printable summer STEM.

Then go out for a much-needed date night, doing free activities like stargazing, going to an outdoor concert or having a picnic. 42. One-on-one Kid Dates: Take each of your kids out for a. Fishing is a classic free summer activity for kids.

Brush up on the basics at, teach the proper techniques to your young angler, and find a place to cast off. Not only are local parks and playgrounds, with their trails, open space and play equipment; a wonderful setting, many also have great free summer programs for kids as well. So. These easy boredom busters will have the kids smiling, laughing, and busy having fun until school starts again! It’s time to load up on more creative, fun and frugal kid entertainment ideas.

Here we go! Frugal Summer Fun Ideas Get Creative! Check out these 40+ Fun Crafts for Kids!It doesn’t HAVE to be anything fancy but these are some fun ideas and free printables that can help motivate you and your kids to make a super fun summer bucket list!

Free Summer Fun Pack. If you are tired of your kids looking at a screen or being in the hot summer sun, bring them inside for some arts and crafts. There are plenty of easy-to-make recipes like make-your-own funny.

List of related literature:

If you have kids, take them to the beach and do some “research” or build a sandbox.

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Summer Bridge Activities” are an easy, effective, and fun way to keep your child’s mind sharp all summer long.

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Swim: Most children love to swim; drop them off at the local pool for the afternoon along with some buddies.

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Sign up neighborhood children for a summer read-a-thon that benefits the library or an after-school literacy program.

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The Donahues send out a free monthly newsletter recommending outdoor places to visit and let kids play.

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Playing in the pool, going on hikes, building sand castles, or frolicking in the lake is the ultimate in fun for kids.

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Invite children to add their own pictures that show different types of weather.

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Take the children out to the park, zoo, or playground.

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Summer Bridge il’tctiiirities® are an easy, effective and fun way to keep your child‘s mind sharp all summer long.

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Entertain the children with indoor play areas, arcade games, and other activities.

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  • Welcome back I have missed your videos!! Such fun stuff thanks for sharing. We make a summer fun list of about 20-25 things we can try to do over the summer to beat the heat and have fun. We also do a Christmas in July day where we bake, listen to Christmas music, play games and have fun food. We’re also doing a “before screen time” chart and reading log.

  • I like that journal/ question book. We do a question of the day at supper and a Bible verse of the day. I could use some more question ideas!

  • To keep my kids busy in the summer we do lots of outdoor time. We live in an area with a TON of parks and we love exploring different ones. We also do lots of arts and crafts, utilize our zoo and science center memberships, and they’re still young enough to like helping around the house so I use that to my advantage. ����

  • I love your channel. I was already planning a trip to Ollie’s and I have to go, LOL! These games do look fun and I would love to have the poke-out game. We do different things to promote retention during the Summer. I have several years worth of Summer Bridge activities that I bought at Ollie’s, and we do several pages a day. This week we are going to Vacation Bible School at my mom’s church. We do this every year and love it.

  • We keep our kids busy over the summer by trying to do an outside outing every day. We also do more walking to do errands which takes more time than taking the car. lol. We don’t do anything different indoors really.

  • We had to do a chore in the morning, had to play outside for at least 2 hours, and also kept up with the suggested reading list from school.

  • Great ideas! I have a “bored jar” for the kiddos, full of ideas if they get bored. We also have a pretty structured schedule… seems to help. ��

  • Love the video! I love planning and making lists I usually make a list of activities we love and then we pick a few days out of the each week to do them. We live about 4 minutes from a state park so we go there and fish or just walk around and they do have a playground, but we usually don’t play there. We play board and card games, camp, watch movies, do crafts and my son loves playing his xbox so he gets time for that. We also love swimming and he really loves his trampoline.

  • We’re doing a little summer school. My oldest wants to finish his reading work. My preschooler is in speech therapy so we do a lot of practicing letter sounds and phonics but in a fun way. I need to look into some of those games. We have an Ollie’s about 30 minutes away I just never go there. Every other store I need is in the opposite direction. Lol My hair dryer I’ve had for probably 8 years went out while we were at Disney World. We stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge but had a night at Pop Century to end the week. AKL had a full sized hair dryer in the room. Pop had a small, travel sized one. I found it interesting that they were different. I bought a Conair from Target when we got home. It was on sale and works great.

  • Summer at our house means visiting family in the US since we live in Mexico. So for us going to Target and Chic Fil A are some of our favorite summer activities in addition to a ton of swimming. This year I am super excited we will be staying with my mom for a month so we are getting library cards for my girls libraries aren’t the same here so we are so excited�� I will look for some
    Of the games you suggested my girls love Disney they will love it!

  • Great video, Ive been waiting to see a gift/toy/game helpful advice video. You, know I love your ideas.��. Thats awesome you had a great vacation (in Aug I’ll be taking a trip down to Disney)��And for me to enter to win a prize what I do with my kids during the summertime is Monday day is movie day (lazy day), Tuesday is take out/go out day (where we go out and do something at a park, friends house etc (free places). Wednesday day is water day where we play or stay outside in the pool or the beach near water ��, Thursday is craft dayhands on making stuff and Friday is do whatever ��. Cant wait to see your next video, you’re so good at this!!

  • My daughter has a list of activities we do for summer. ( Park, beach, outdoor concerts, etc) We do 1 a day then she has chores and 30 minutes of education time. She must also spend at least an hour outside before any screen time happens.

  • When my daughters were younger, we sent them to the open playground, or sent them to day camp.

    Then they became camp counselors themselves, with a few sleepovers. They loved the weekly themes.

    P.s. love your shirt. What brand is it? Maybe u should spell out Ollie’s on the screen.

    They have Lucky Poke on Amazon.

  • It’s so cool that you steer your kids away from screen time. You inspire me! I let my girls go buck wild with their phones, video games, etc until about noon in the summer (I also have a 4 mo. old baby so I’m really tired lol). Than they have to play outside or do some fun craft/art stuff or games. Their summer is only 2 months long and we have 2 trips we’re taking so it’s going to fly by. We live near the beach too so that’s a big part of summer. ��⛱️

  • Becky great ideas as usual!! I love the lucky poke game!!! We don’t get advent calendars but have always loved the idea. We homeschool year round but take vacation days a lot and we listen to books on audible like my side of the mountain, Rascal, Pollyanna while we lay in big hammocks under our shady trees. We also swim in our pool and hunt lizards etc and draw in our nature journal and rent or buy one new movie a week also play a lot of basketball �� in our driveway! Love the laid back feel of summer even full time homeschooling

  • Thank you for the giveaway! We don’t celebrate traditional holidays, so this would be PERFECT for my kiddos!

    I try to have fun activity books, board games, and outdoor toys for the kids to play with to help keep them occupied. I’ll admit it’s hard to reign in screen time for everyone, but I’m trying to do better ��